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  1. Interesting link. My only question would be 'what kind of nutter thinks an open cockpit is a good idea in a Russian winter'
  2. Wow - that's one hell of a job, well done. The weathering is really impressive
  3. Another gloss coat after the decals potentially for any weathering/panel line washes...followed by matt coat...
  4. Interesting. Hataka box sets seem to be readily available in the UK, even if the individual bottles aren't. What is the general consensus on the comparison between Akan and Hataka colours - in particular AMT-11 and AMT-12..??
  5. Have to say, I've not come across this issue before. I use the Halfords plastic primer (grey) routinely as a base coat and nothing's melted yet..
  6. Talking of decals, just a thought on the triple chevrons. The fact that the decal scheme shows them in white - when the photo shows them in black - does tend to call into question the veracity of the decal scheme. Unless there are other examples of white chevrons, which may be worth checking..?
  7. Most likely already factory painted in 74/5/6, is my guess. Also, the decal sheet above appears to show a 74/5/6 scheme as well..
  8. Hi Mr F - Hopefully the experts will be along shortly. However, in the meantime, I think the possibility of the mid-war 74/75/76 colours should also be considered. Mid 1941 is right about the time where the switchover from the earlier 71/02/65 patterns happened.
  9. Thanks Pete No, the canopy is straight off the sprue, masked and stuck on. It is a nice clear moulding though. I've got a Unimodel 109G-14 on the bench now, and the clear parts on that look like the kind of frosted glass you might get on bathroom windows
  10. Thanks Roman - glad to hear the colours seem reasonable Re the victory stars - these are from the AML set and they came in two pieces, a white base set, followed by a second set with red overlay. The decals were so fragile that I couldn't quite position the red overlay accurately enough before they began to disintegrate - so the fault is mine (or maybe AML's)..
  11. Finally breaking my 2020 run of Luftwaffe fighters with this 1/48 Yak-3 from Eduard. An old and extremely basic kit, but the fit is decent and it builds up fairly well. I'm still getting to grips with VVS colours so I mixed these shades from what I had available - I'd be interested in any comments on them. I think possibly the underside blue may be a little too dark, not sure. I used an AML decal set, which proved to be horribly fragile and I ended up having to use some of the Eduard stars after the AML stars disintegrated. Fortunately, I managed to get the other AML decals on without com
  12. The best 'guide' that I have found is to ask on here. Simply post up as much info as you can about the individual aircraft/variant/theatre/unit you are hoping to model and the advice will follow. It may even be on here already, so it's always worth doing a search. In the absence of any single, central resource on all WW2 subjects (I don't think there is one), there is a wealth of knowledge on here to be tapped into.
  13. Very nicely done - paintwork looks great
  14. It would not be the first time that Eduard had provided a misleading colour profile. If the only evidence for the green doors is from the Eduard profile - and the balance of other evidence shows no such colour - then I would go with the balance...
  15. My suggestion: paint the gear doors in silver. If, at some point in the future, you come across photographic evidence of the doors painted green - then simply re-paint them. In the meantime, if someone tells you the doors should be painted green, ask them for the evidence. Choose a colour and go with it, or the model will never get built
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