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  1. I see the balkenkreuz in the above pic. I also see the shape of the rear quarter window. But I don't see any numbers. But I've only had two cups of coffee this morning so far, so there's still time.. Edit: Actually, I do see a '3' - I was looking on the wrong side of the cross(!)
  2. Thanks Unfortunately no build thread, but there is a guy on YT (plasmo) who built one using a similar (but much better) finish than mine. His airbrush skills are more or less at jedi levels though, which mine clearly aren't
  3. Close up, at low pressure with lots of practice I think I mentioned in the thread that working out how to follow a pattern is critical, so lot of practice drawing shapes on paper first..
  4. Many of the in-service 219s had a 'reverse' mottle scheme of RLM76 or '84' over a base of RLM75. Techniques to achieve this at scale are many and varied, but I built one of these a few weeks ago and the RFI thread will be on here somewhere, I'm not at home at the moment and not sure how to link to it from my phone unfortunately.
  5. Great work! Is it possible that the model looks better than the real thing?
  6. Thanks Jack I haven't rectified the scoop - and I don't believe there's an aftermarket replacement for it either. Not sure how Eduard managed it, but the shape is effectively a mirror image of what it should be..
  7. Thanks Bertie Not built that many of these, to be honest, maybe 3 or 4, but enough to know that I prefer the Hobbyboss kit over this one. I don't think there is a perfect 190D out there in 1/48, but this definitely ain't it Thanks Andy I don't think there's any difference in the 'new' boxing, compared to the old. Still has the separate wing root gun covers (which don't fit) and the same issues with the wing underside to fuselage fit, not to mention the 'upside down and back to front' supercharger scoop.
  8. Hi all This is Eduard's 'problematic' 1/48 D-9 kit. Fortunately, this is my last one I have, so I don't have to build any more of them . Finished in the markings of 'Black 12' 500658 from KG(J) 27 - an ex Bomber unit whose pilots were re-mustered into a fighter wing at the end of the war. According to records, this aircraft was lost in combat with P-51s on 1st April 1945. No photos exist of 500658, but I've tried to model it on other D-9s from the 500 series, and there is evidence of the green/white checker band on other KG(J) 27 aircraft, including 109s and 190As. Painted with a mix of Vallejo and Mig, using some old Montex masks from the spares box and kit decals for the octane and glycol stencils. Painting/masking the checker strip was fun! Anyway, hope you like the pics..
  9. I suspect it's more to do with the sheer number of colours and revisions that the RLM went through, from Spain, through to pre-war and through WW2. I have the book and it seems well-researched and credible, - but I wouldn't call it 'definitive', because there seems to be so much that remains unexplained.
  10. Hoverboard would have been easier I think NASM's 219 was painted in sections, with the wings dismounted, before being built up. Maybe Heinkel did the same..?
  11. That 'T' looks great - looking forward to seeing that on here I've had this build planned for a while, so whenever I was building something else and had a bit of paint left over in the airbrush, I would practice some '219' camo patterns. And some of the results were pretty shocking. I thought everything would be ok once I got the hang of spraying close up at low pressure, but like I said earlier, the real issue for me was knowing a) how to start the pattern and b) spray it in short strokes, 'tree branch' style, rather than try to achieve everything in one long, continuous line. At the end of the day, the poor fellas spraying these things would only have been able to spray lines within reach.
  12. Thanks all for the kind comments Thanks Jack. I did this with a 0.4 Sparmax, after lots of experimenting with paint mixes, pressure etc. I tried using my 0.2 H&S initially (which you'd think might be more suitable), but ironically, I just couldn't get anything right with it. So with the 0.4 I ended up with a mix of about 50% thinners and a pressure around 8-10psi, spraying quite close to the surface. I got the kind of 'cloudy' look by just dusting over the upper surfaces from more of a distance with the same mix, but at a higher pressure, which takes the edge off the colour contrast quite a bit (it also helps make some of the airbrushing errors look a little less apparent ). Believe it or not, the hardest thing was working out the pattern - and how to approach it. Lots of practice drawing curly shapes with a pencil and paper helped me to finally work out how to approach it - a single wavy line on each major section, then another at a different angle, and so on. And then just start joining in the gaps until you get the look you want. I've seen builds on YT (Plasmo, I think) where he uses a 0.2 and gets a really tight pattern, but that's a bit beyond me at the moment..
  13. Hi all This is Tamiya's rather nice 1/48 He 219 - my first Tamiya kit for a while, and what a pleasure it was to build. No fit issues anywhere, and no problems that weren't of my own making. The decals were the only headache, being nowhere near as co-operative as the rest of the kit. Built OOB and finished in the markings of 'G9+TH' of 1./NJG 1, discovered at Westerland Sylt in April 1945. The majority of He219s were finished in various types of 'wellenmuster' camo pattern, typically of RLM76 or '84' over a base of RLM75. The pics of G9+TH show quite a lot of reflection, so do not show any detail of the upper surface pattern, so my pattern here is a guess. I'll let others judge whether it works or not This particular 219 was found with props removed, so again, I'm guessing with the colours here. Previous builds have finished the spinners in either RLM70, or black with a spiral - so I did mine in white with a spiral just to be different.. Anyway, on to the pics...
  14. Really enjoying this thread, and the work is excellent Re: the gun barrels - I'm pretty sure the guns were removed upon capture, so in principle, this Ta152 would not have had any by the time it was repainted. There's a pic on p2 which seems to show the wing with the gun ports covered over.
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