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  1. As Graham says above. I'm no great expert on the issue, but I'm not aware of any RLM directive which supercedes using anything other than RLM70 on prop blades. Even when the colour was withdrawn from camo use, from what I've read I believe it was still specified for prop use.
  2. Nice work Jack, turned out well I reckon. The colours look good, not really seen colourcoats before (that I'm aware of). Can you explain the 'shotgun cartridge' thing.? The F-4 I built, the prop just butted up onto the end of the fuselage without issue, although it did seem a bit of a crude means of attachment...
  3. Just to add - I've now found a copy of what I assume is the box art in question here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-02358-junkers-ju88g-1-njg2--1313169 Never seen any pics of this configuration before - unless anyone else has?
  4. Difficult to comment without seeing a pic, or a link to the box art, but these were typically mounted in the rear fuselage. I doubt if there would be enough room in the nose anyway, especially with the FuG220 mountings in there as well. Either way, I'm not sure the G-1 had a shrage-musik installallation, just the cannon pod under the fuselage. Someone with more knowledge will be able to comment further..
  5. Very impressive and varied collection I'd be interested to know how you solve what I assume must be a significant storage/display problem..??
  6. Very nice, well done. Although the thread title says P1101 - is that not a P1103..?
  7. Talking of 'box sets' - Vallejo's model air 'Battle of Britain' set (71.144) might be worth a punt, especially if you decide to build others afterwards...
  8. Thanks Walter. I think F-4 to G-2 would be outwardly very similar, with only some minor details like some additional small cooling inlets on the G (which the HobbyBoss F-4 seems to have anyway). H-B also makes a G-2 kit, and I'm wondering what differences (if any) there may be in the moulds..
  9. Thanks Jack.. First time I made one of these, I wasn't sure whether the problem was me or the undercarriage at fault. Now I can say it's definitely the undercarriage
  10. Hello all. My first 'desert' themed build - a HobbyBoss 1/48 Bf109F-4 in North Africa trim. I added a spare tropical filter from a Hasegawa kit, which needed some minor mods to fit, but nothing serious. Good fun kit to build (this is the second one I've done) everything goes together well apart from the canopy, which needs a bit of work to fit flush (mine still doesn't). The undercarriage doors are also ridiculously flimsy - I accidentally broke one in half, but it repaired ok. Painted to represent 'Schwarz 2' flown by Uffz. Hans Neiderhofer of 5/JG27 based at Martuba, Libya, 1942. Decal
  11. Excellent Volker Can I ask what were the problems with the cockpit clear parts? I've got the same kit to build and I'd be interested to know...
  12. If it was a 'variation' of the original 76 colour, then that would not explain why there are examples of RLM76 being over-painted with 'RLM84'. In any case, there is no particular need to mix the colour itself, as it is readily available from several manufacturers under its '84' designation. Unless that is your preference, of course...
  13. Agreed - that seems a logical conclusion. I think for the time being I may stick with the info on LEMB. There's broad agreement on D5+AX (which seems pretty well settled) and balance of probability is leaning towards 620028 at the moment...
  14. The plaque also suggests the 88 was a 'C' though, whereas everywhere else seems to suggest a 'G'.
  15. Werdna

    Getting Started

    Mig's 'one shot' primer sounds similar. Apparently, no thinning needed, according to the bottle. But if you try to spray it neat, it won't even come out of the airbrush. 50/50 with tap water works pretty well, but I've now gone back to using Halfords 'plastic primer' rattle cans for the forseeable - I'd forgotten how good those actually are..
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