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  1. I've yet to come across an 'airbrush-ready' paint which is genuinely airbrush ready in the sense that you can just pour it straight into the cup. Vallejo model air is my preference, but it generally needs thinning at around 20% in my experience. That's with a .4 needle..
  2. The crowbar has been scaled down and replaced by a bicycle tyre lever..
  3. Looks like some of his scaling up calculations might not have been quite right... Interesting colour scheme too...
  4. It's a message from the past. If you zoom in, you can read the words "RLM 84 is real"....
  5. I'm not sure what any of what you've said above has to do with the topic in question. But in reference to your quote here, I've seen you refer to this a number of times before. Can you provide a link to - or offer an example of - such an image?
  6. He didn't say it was bent. But there do appear to be bits missing...
  7. Thanks for all the kind comments. This was an enjoyable build and I may have found my new favourite scale, even though choices are inevitably a bit more limited. As for whether the colours are accurate or not, I doubt we'll ever know .
  8. Thanks Wayne. The b&w tones do seem to be within the margin of error (which I'm happy to acknowledge doesn't make the colour choices correct). I used my own mix of Vallejo for the RLM 75 (which uses medium sea grey as a starting point), with Mig's RLM74, over a lightened Vallejo RLM 76 - which was further lightened for the lower engine cover. I'm expecting a brand new, previously unseen, period colour image of Black 12 (showing it in late war greens over '84') to appear any day now.. Although if that happens, I enjoyed building the kit, so I'll just build it again
  9. Anyway, with the thread topic in mind, this is what I did with Black 12. Thanks for everyone's help with this.. The RFI is below, if anyone is interested in seeing a few more pics..
  10. Thanks George - the kit is the 'old' Hasegawa. I think Revell also reboxed it, not sure.. As for weathering, in the original pics, the aircraft still looks fairly clean, so probably didn't get much flying time, so I tried not to go overboard..
  11. Trying to think logically, what would be the benefit of the extra seat in a situation like the one illustrated above? Meanwhile, I can think of lots of disadvantages...
  12. Hi all, First completed kit from me for quite a while - and certainly the first from me in 1/32. This is Bf109K-4 'Black 12', thought to be from KG(J) 6, photographed in both colour & b&w at Prague/Ruzyne at the war's end. Pictures show the a/c in an un-typical finish (for a 'K'), with the outer landing gear covers not fitted. Colours are debatable (despite the existence of a colour pic, albeit taken from the front), but cleverer people than me have suggested that the mid-war colours of 74 & 75 were in use longer than previously thought, so I went with that. The tones seem to be a match in b&w, at least. Painted mostly with Vallejo & Mig acrylics, with a Flory wash for afters. Hope you like the pics..
  13. Agree with this. I like Vallejo and I mostly use their acrylics. Some of their RLM range seems accurate, some less so. As Troy says, closer matches are often to be found elsewhere in the range. For instance, their RLM 74 is (to me) a better RLM 70 than their RLM 70 is, if that makes sense. Consequently, their RLM 74 is no use if you were actually looking for RLM 74. With Vallejo, a decent match can usually be found elsewhere in the range, but it's a bit 'trial & error' unfortunately.
  14. In my view, the 'actual' colour itself is far more important than whether or not that colour had an official designation. Speculation or discussion is useful (and fascinating), but at the end of the day, there seems to be a lighter gray than 75 on the airframe, whether it's supposed to be there or not..
  15. As the thread starter, just to say I personally don't have any problem with the discussion broadening out into that direction (or indeed any other late war colour directions). My original questions have pretty much been answered now anyway..
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