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  1. Not far from being finished now. Insignia masks seemed to have worked well, gloss coat and panel line wash on. A few more ancillaries to go on (morane antenna, undercarriage legs, etc), followed by a bit of weathering and a flat coat and we're almost there...
  2. Difficult session with the airbrush earlier - not sure if it's the weather, humidity, or just general incompetence. Wouldn't spray for much more than 15-20 seconds at a time without the paint drying on the needle. But we got there in the end. Sorry this is a poor pic, it doesn't show much - if any - contrast between the RLM82 and 83 greens, but there really is one The leading edge camo demarcation was done courtesy of some 50p 'wavy' scissors from the local needlwork shop. I think I've got the level wrong (ie it's slightly too high up, but I'm not doing it again. I'm also not precisely following the box scheme on this - instead I'm trying to do something a bit more reminiscent of the operational 'H' models. Won't be using decals on this either - going to be using Montex paint masks for the numbers and insignia (for the first time). What could go wrong...
  3. No probs. Just so you're aware though, I will be tapping you in the next few weeks for some D-9 paint schemes...
  4. Some progress. The kit seems to be behaving itself, with only some minor filling along some sections of the wing roots.. Close-up doesn't really show it, but the RLM76 is now on and I've also decided to paint the RVD band, rather than wrestle with the kit transfer. Upper surface camo next...
  5. Tank - of course it's ridiculous! I think you may have missed the attempt at slapstick humour in that comment (hence the 'winking smiley) - and I've no doubt you're correct about the paint. The variations in paint schemes is, in particular, what interests me about these late war aircraft. Thanks for the tip on the article - I'll see if I can track one down..
  6. Fortunately, my 109F-4 just sits on a shelf, so doesn't need any fuel..
  7. Will be following this... I built the F-4 version of this kit a few months ago. The 'thing' between the wings - is also present on the F-4 and I've no idea what it is either. But whatever it is/was, it prevented the fuselage/wing joins from fitting correctly, so I removed it and then everything fitted fine. It doesn't seem to serve a purpose and can't be seen anyway. The fit on mine was pretty good, apart from the canopy, which needed some trimming.
  8. I can imagine - two teams of ground crew, each carrying tins of whatever paint was left in the stores.....
  9. Thanks Mike - I found your RFI thread previously and that was a superb build. My take is likely to be 'similar' but not necessarily identical. Having said that, if mine turns out anywhere near as good as yours, I'll be very happy
  10. Talking of payday - Hannants has a minimum order value, so you'll probably need to add another item or two to qualify for free postage....
  11. PMask does a set for the Hobby Boss Bf109F-4 - and I'm willing to bet that will be a near-as-dammit fit on the G-2 as well. You won't need the lower quarterlight panels, but the rest should be near-enough. In stock at Hannants, part no pk48061
  12. Very interesting, thanks It sounds like the JG301 bands will be going on after all. Because, why not Thanks for everyone's replies. I realise this is contentious, subjective and that there is likely to be no definitive answer - unless someone digs up previously unseen colour pics of these a/c on the airfield. I'm also sensitive to the previous threads on the topic and I didn't want to start that debate all over again.
  13. I only use clamps for closing gaps that would rather stay open. If there is no gap, then a strip of masking tape over the join is usually enough until dry. I'd agree with the above, just go with another kit...
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