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  1. Good afternoon I have just acquired the British Warships book and the volume on HMS Victorious courtesy of Abebooks. Together with several volumes in the Anatomy of the Ship series in my possession, these books make some of armament arrangements on the KGV class easier to model. Thank you for enlightening me as to their existence. Gooney Fan
  2. Hello As I mentioned in another posting. The Heller C-121A kit is a different animal to the EC-121 kit that Heller produced. The C-121A is basically a military model based on the L-749A Constellation airliner. The aftermarket engines are for the models based on the L -1049 series Super Constellation and are not for this kit. Gooney Fan
  3. Hello The Plus Model engines are only suitable for the Super Constellation series, L-1049 onwards. The C121A user the non Turbo Compound engines of the L-749A airliner series so they are un-necessary. Gooney Fan
  4. Hi Crankycraftsman Re the large aperture in the belly. That isn't a light, it's the port for a F24 camera. Gooney Fan
  5. Hello limeypilot Please note that I specified Tamiya acrylics in my question. The Misterkit paints may be available but not from the big H and I know that they can be applied with the hairy stick. Sorry Gooney Fan
  6. Hi chris57 The instructions I refer to are for the decals released by Blackbird Models As you say the actual conversion is still in development. I'm hoping that they get the nose & tail sorted as I want to build an accurate model to add to my 1940's collection. Gooney Fan
  7. Hi chris57 The instructions on the Hannants website still illustrate the wrong nose and tail fairings. I hope that the resin parts have been corrected. Gooney Fan
  8. Hello Jack Thank you for your effort. It's much appreciated Thanks again Gooney Fan
  9. Gooney Fan

    Tamiya Panzer II F

    Hello May I second Rogers comments. I built the Tamiya Panzer II in my youth, and I enjoyed the experience. An ideal kit for your 1st steps in AFV modelling Gooney Fan
  10. Hello robertlundin Glad that I wasn't dreaming. I have purchased the A-model kit, which confirms my suspicions and also e-mailed Blackbird Models regarding the errors in the Aviation News drawings. I just hope they haven't repeated the Magna Models mistakes with their conversion. Gooney Fan
  11. Hello again This is a follow on question to my request for a Sopwith Pup reproduction kit. Can anybody give me the appropriate Tamiya Acrylic colours for recreating PC 10 and unbleached linen colours. I normally use enamels but am temporarily restricted to the Tamiya range from Hannants Thanks for your recommendations. Gooney Fan
  12. Hello Yeet If you want a civilian dedicated Ju52, kit get either one celebrating the Berlin Olympics or one which depicts Goerings personal aircraft. AFAIK all other kits are for the military Ju52's only Gooney Fan
  13. Hello I bought 2 Revell Venturas from The Works in the last year, with the intention of doing a RAF Mark II and a GR V. Unfortunately for me the AlleyCat canopy correction is unavailable for the foreseeable future. Is there a vacuum formed alternative available? Thanks Gooney Fan
  14. Hello Jure & CT7567 If Plastic-_parts can obtain one of these conversions he won't have to sacrifice his B-52G for the engines. Gooney Fan
  15. Hello I think you are getting confused with the engines. The only mark that had markedly different engines was the B-52H with the TF33 turbofan engines. All other models had the J57 turbojets. The main difference on the G & H models was the replacing of the 4 .50 machine guns with the Vulcan 20mm cannon on the G & H and the shorter fin. So your Monogram covers models B to F. without modification. Yours Gooney Fan
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