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  1. Hello I have just been on the Abebooks UK website and ordered the book at £24 with free postage, which was the cheapest copy of the 9 available. Gooney Fan
  2. Good evening Another alternative could be to try a set of AIM-Transport Wings TWC72019 Argonaut engines available through Hannants. They seem to be 99% identical to the Merlins on the Lancaster B.VI GooneyFan
  3. Hello Seahawk The best book I have read is called The Deadly Duo by Charles Mendenhall which gives an comparison outline of the Mitchell and Marauder. This should give the answers. Gooney Fan
  4. Hello again suggestd I'm having difficulty in displaying the Paint conversion chart correctly on my laptop. I'm endeavouring to model a VW bus in Lufthansa colours but I do not have access to the Revell paints suggested on the instructions Can anyone suggest a Humbrol or Xtracolor alternative? Thanks again Gooney Fan
  5. I am hoping for advice in replicating the Blue and yellow paints used on Lufthansa Super Connies of the 50's. Can anybody point me to any alternative for Revell's Blue No. 52 and Yellow No. 310 in the Humbrol or Xtracolor range? Thanks Gooney Fan
  6. Hello I need to know the appropriate roundel sizes to build a 1/144 scale Handley Page HP42. Can anyone help? Gooney Fan
  7. Hello again. I have checked with a couple of Academy kits in the stash. The work involved in adapting the B-29 fin to the KC-97 fuselage is beyond my limited skills, so renders it a non-starter. Gooney Fan
  8. Thanks Mike My plan was to use a 2nd hand Academy B-29 and KC-97 to create the XC-97. Gooney Fan
  9. Hello I'm contemplating combining a Academy B-29 and KC-97 kit to recreate the prototype C-97. Does anyone have any experience in losing the tail turret from the B-29 fin? Thanks in advance Gooney Fan
  10. Hello Unfortunately I do not have access to any articles that you all have kindly referenced. Please treat my request as being finished. Gooney Fan
  11. Hello That is good news but what about the P-51B? Gooney Fan
  12. Hello Due to my impecunious state I agree with Skodadriver about the cost of the Eastern Express kits. Gooney Fan
  13. Hello Nigel Alley Cat Resin do a range of Canberra conversions if you are interested Gooney Fan
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