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  1. Hello I need to know the appropriate roundel sizes to build a 1/144 scale Handley Page HP42. Can anyone help? Gooney Fan
  2. Hello again. I have checked with a couple of Academy kits in the stash. The work involved in adapting the B-29 fin to the KC-97 fuselage is beyond my limited skills, so renders it a non-starter. Gooney Fan
  3. Thanks Mike My plan was to use a 2nd hand Academy B-29 and KC-97 to create the XC-97. Gooney Fan
  4. Hello I'm contemplating combining a Academy B-29 and KC-97 kit to recreate the prototype C-97. Does anyone have any experience in losing the tail turret from the B-29 fin? Thanks in advance Gooney Fan
  5. Hello Unfortunately I do not have access to any articles that you all have kindly referenced. Please treat my request as being finished. Gooney Fan
  6. Hello That is good news but what about the P-51B? Gooney Fan
  7. Hello Due to my impecunious state I agree with Skodadriver about the cost of the Eastern Express kits. Gooney Fan
  8. Hello Nigel Alley Cat Resin do a range of Canberra conversions if you are interested Gooney Fan
  9. Hello I have read all the comments about the oversized turbojet engines on the Roden Boeng 720 but I've read nothing about the turbofan powered 720B. Are the JT3D engines accurate for a Maersk 720B? Gooney Fan
  10. Thanks for your advice re the Viscount. I'll have to wait for Eastern Express to produce their Viscount and Dart Herald. It will give me the opportunity to boos my limited funds. Gooney Fan
  11. Thanks Jeff Your Caravelle advice has been noted. Gooney Fan
  12. Hello Has anybody got experience of the F-resin plastic Viscount 700 and the Roden Britannia kits? Gooney Fan
  13. Thanks Jeff After some confusion with the site I ordered 2 sets. Now I have to order a F-Rsin Caravelle to complete the collection, Gooney Fan
  14. Hello I am attempting to create a collection of !/144 airliners that were flying into Stansted Airport in the years 1976 to 1990. I have been stumped in finding decals for the Linjeflyg Fokker F28. Can anybody suggest a UK supplier. Thanks Gooney Fan
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