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  1. I will definitely buy these . I wonder if they will do special editions similar to their 1/48 kits ?
  2. Round 2 have made some nice Sci- fi models lately . The K'tinga comes to mind. It will be interesting to compared the two Razor Crest models when they come out .
  3. Ebay investigated my complaint and refunded my money after Ekatsmir couldn't provide them with a legitimate tracking number for the Ark La-11 I ordered . I think it is definitely his fault .
  4. Ekatsmir can't be trusted . Why isn't he blocked by Ebay ? Does Hobbyterra or another reliable company carry the La-9 or La-11 ?
  5. Yea , that's the guy who didn't send me my La-11 . I got my money back from Ebay , fortunately . The prices on the modelist website seem a little too good , if you know what I mean .
  6. Are there any trustworthy vendors on Ebay for the La-11 ?
  7. The picture has been removed .
  8. Does anyone know a reliable site I can order the Ark 1/48 La-11 from ? I ordered from a Russian guy in November , 2020 ( only $13 ) and it never arrived . I appealed to Ebay and I got a refund because the seller couldn't provide a convincing tracking number . So , kudos to Ebay . I am interested in the Hobbyboss La-11 too .
  9. This is an interesting development . Is there someone on this site who is planning to go to this airshow ? If so , can you take some photos of the models for sale ?
  10. I wonder if Zvesda will be doing a stretch 30 version of C-130J ?
  11. I have the Italeri F4U-5N and I was aware of the problem with the length of the nose . So , I bought the Italeri F4U-7 French Corsair which seems to have a a longer nose . My question is can I use the F4U-7 fuselage for the F4U-5N model or should I lengthen the nose with a plastic plug ?
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