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  1. oggy4u

    1/72 Finemolds A6M Zero

    Wow , that took a long time ! Quite expensive too .
  2. Great looking kit . Should be an excellent build . Does anyone know what the difference is between the A2N3 and the A2N1 and 2 ? I believe the A2N2 had spats on the wheels .
  3. That's great that they now include the I-Go rocket . It beats trying to find it with the Hasegawa Ki-48 kit .
  4. Hopefully we will see an Do-217 M 1 or better yet an M-11 version .
  5. oggy4u

    Finemolds Ki-43I review

    However , they never did release the 1/72 A6M2 Zero as a stand alone kit . That makes me a little nervous .
  6. oggy4u

    Finemolds Ki-43I review

    Yes great review .
  7. oggy4u

    Finemolds Ki-43I review

    Thank you very much .
  8. oggy4u

    Finemolds Ki-43I review

    Hi About 30 minutes ago someone posted a review of Finemolds Nakajima Ki-42 I in 1/72 scale . It appeared then disappeared. Did the author remove it ? Alan
  9. oggy4u

    MiG-21F-13 72nd scale Modelsvit

    A MiG-21PF I believe .
  10. Yes excellent news .Thanks .
  11. Yes I wanted the 1/72 Yak-1b . I am sure it would have sold well .
  12. I don't see it . Lots of Yak-1's though .
  13. Any news about the Brengrun 1/72 Yak-1b that mentioned last year at this very show ?
  14. Italeri Hs-129B-2 1294 shows the box art of the type 103 30mm cannon . The Hs-129 gondola for the 37 mm cannon is massive . If you look at the Italeri sprues for the Hs- 129 you will see gaps for missing parts .Therefore no Italeri Hs-129B-2 with 37mm cannon has been produced .
  15. I know that Italeri have a 37mm cannon mold with a large cover for their Henschel Hs-129 . As far as I know they have never offered the Hs-129 with the 37 mm gun . I would love to see that variant .