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  1. I hate to tell you this - but the spare wheel doesnt fit unless you perform major surgery on the back of it - otherwise it stands proud by about 5-6mm. An easy way to do the seat eyelets is to cover the centre with bare metal foil, paint black and the rub the paint off the eyelets (I used my finger!). The alternative is o hand paint them all, or buy the aftermarket kit that has each one individually photetched. Here's some pictures...
  2. There's been a slight delay while I learnt to use Fusion360 (my fourth CAD program, I can nearly do without the pills now). I decided that some parts were just too difficult for me to make in brass. I have stared at the Armstrong lever arm damper for hours trying to figure it out. Anyway it seems to work in 3D! Here's the first iteration, the brass hexagons top and bottom will be added using cut down 0-80 and 00-90 hex head screws.
  3. If you think CATIA isn't user friendly, you never tried Matra-Datavision EUCLID. After nearly 30 years I still remember it's crash message "Symbolic stack dump. Logging you out. Goodbye." Added to that, all the error code descriptions were French translated to English by what must have been a Monty Python phrasebook. We learnt more by translating the French error header ourselves. I still have a French/English technical dictionary....
  4. We used to pull down pompous scientists by asking them what the speed of light is in Furlongs per Fortnight....
  5. You're well out of date. Bars are out, 1 atm. is now 100kiloPascals!
  6. Or soak it in Simple Green - it's non toxic and doesn't affect CA
  7. Jewellers sawblades go down to 0.32mm thick - once you have the sawframe, the blades are cheap as chips - designed to be throw away (about 4GBP/dozen, cheaper in bulk). Here's the frame https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eclipse-PS51-Piercing-Fixed-Frame/dp/B0043YJ0HI/ref=sr_1_22?keywords=fret+saw&qid=1641688914&sr=8-22 Buy the blades from a jewellers supplier. Vallorbe blades are a good start.
  8. I started playing with the turned finish on the Brooklands car - then discovered that the dash wasn't engine turned! I used a mill (2mm?) at a fast feed speed and got the result below. I was intending to sand it down to dull the pattern a little, but never did it.
  9. I've always thought that the meaning of the word mañana (in its tomorrow context) actually means "not today"
  10. When it come to a perfect finish, in the early days BBR (who are quite good at a gloss coat) used an old fridge with a 100w light bulb in it to cure the paint. Worked very well.
  11. I hope you drove it like you stole it....
  12. Isn't it time that someone got this transport business right? Ask ( sorry, survey) who wants to go where and when and build the system around the model that's created. The passengers are the reason for the buses - not the drivers, not the council and not any other bugger. It cannot be beyond the realms of possibility to make something work that people want. If it can't, we're in a bigger mess than I thought. Otherwise develop a matter transporter and keep everyone happy (except the transport unions).
  13. The salient point there is that you have correctly said "submerged in" rather than "submerged under". Objects could be submerged under the boat, or submerged in the boat (if it's sinking). But it's not the same place!
  14. I must admit that I didn't realise that the on-line tuition was quite that bad! In my defence, I'm printing car bodies for a mate who is creating every NZ Rally winner - and he found an Opel Corsa (not available as a kit) and a Ford Taunus estate - close enough to hack into a MkII Cortina Lotus.... My real grief is not that these guys don't draw in 1:1, it's the fact that they don't draw to any particular scale, don't tell you what it is, and then charge you for it!
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