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  1. The pudding stirrer gearstick certainly brought back some memories - including (almost a reflex reaction) dropping the left arm to the floor to start the thing! Did this one have the floor mounted starter button?
  2. I remember decalling all the 1/43 Vitesse 956's when they were issued. Somewhere about 37 in all.... Stunning collection though.
  3. I'll let you guess. Two current, two old. Clue - it's ANZAC day. OK I guess that you all give up. Spitfire, Avenger and two Texans....
  4. Nice work! Note that, curiously, the screen wiper is also body colour.
  5. I built my Brooklands single seater from a 70's kit. One of the mods was to take most of the tread off the tyres - which also removes the "weeping" vinyl. So far they are OK...
  6. To get rid of static I used to use a Zerostat gun when painting with enamel. With the resurgence in vinyl records they are still available!
  7. They were scratch built - brass angle and strip for the supports, and aluminium sheet for the panels. There is a build thread at https://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/rc-tanks-369/7142469-stug-iiig-build-thread-4.html
  8. Interestingly there were 3 "standards" of build for the MkII at Le Mans in 1966 - The Shelby (3 cars), Holman and Moody (3) and Alan Mann (2) cars were similar within the teams, but each team was very different, as the teams race prepared them to their own ideas. I'm sure someone else has all the details, but the main visible differences are around fuel pump positioning/number/pipework and chassis colour. (Blue for Shelby and black for H&M). Both the Trumpeter and Meng kits are based on the Shelby car. Someone in NZ had a totally correct replica built to the "exact standard u
  9. We used to have a "display only" table for such as that....
  10. This is the clearest photo I could find that almost shows the insulation
  11. There are times when it could be stowed forward. The gunners hatch was the crew access hatch, and also where shells and supplies were loaded. In those cases it would be folded forward. During transit the gunner would probably like to see where he was going, too!
  12. I liked her quote "You need a good bra for the Karussel". Great sense of humour!
  13. You didn't get a spare wheel with the Trumpeter kit because with the way they engineered the front end, there was no way it would fit unless it was about 3mm thick...
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