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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Jo NZ

    Those Lockdown Blues

    The quake must have got to some UK media as we had a couple of “are you ok” messages. Felt it, but nothing stunning...
  2. Have you come across IPMS Wellington?
  3. Here's some encouragement (Friday car meet, Le Mans 2009)
  4. Re the T section - have you thought about putting two angles back to back?
  5. Remembering back a very long time (when I learned to fly) the air maps had disused airfields printed on them. Maybe try and get an out-of date one?
  6. My memory of the table lamps (40 years ago) was that they didn't interfere with the view across the table, so conversations were easy. i.e. below eye level. Stunning work as always, Hendie.
  7. I think that you may have fitted the springs upside down
  8. Dan, it is exquisite. I only wish I could build as accurately (and as fast) as you. And apologies, you might not understand this, but all those in the UK will. Trouble at t'mill? I didn't expect the S.......... woosh! Let's hope you have a comfy chair for your break. Difficult to get a clip without it being adulterated, but this will give you the idea...
  9. Jo NZ

    Lock Down.

    A place I used to work at had a mad lab technician (aren't they all?). We had a fairly large collection of chemicals. in bottles ranging from 200ml to 10 litres. They were arranged in the cupboard in alphabetical order, but he thought it looked messy with various sizes of bottles all interspersed (and especially, the biggest bottle - Acetone - on the top shelf). So like the library cleaner, he arranged them in size order, small bottles on the top shelf down to the big ones at the bottom. Chaos. We all used the cupboard and it took ages to find anything. When asked how we could easily find stuff he replied (try and imagine this in a nerd accent) "well I know where they all are, just ask me". The problem then became, instead of finding the bottle of chemicals, finding the lab technician...
  10. You're right. I ought to know, I was in the pits - at Brands as well.
  11. Agreed, they look the same type. The older model has the pressure relief valve fitted directly to the tank. In this position it can foul on the compressor when operating. Mine did, but a bit of rejigging the compressor onto the tank fixed it. The newer version looks like it's been modified to fix this problem. Otherwise it's very good, I use it with an Aztek and it copes with the large nozzles OK.
  12. Before the Tamiyas the only 1/20 grand prix cars were from Bellini, and it was a little difficult sometimes to determine which bits were to which scale...
  13. Not the Greggs we have in NZ then! Imagine a cup of hot water with scum on the top, and a darkish tinge, smelling vaguely of chicory. That's as close as I want to get to "Greggs Red Mountain" coffee. Think of Nescafe powder in big tins. It's 100 times worse.
  14. An off the cuff quote at a time of extreme stress. Go for the optimistic view
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