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  1. Thanks guys. I will do a video, but I'm a bit busy moving house, so it may be a while...
  2. Even if they were still around, I don't think they would have spares. The 1/4 scale models were a very short term venture... And very glad to know that my brain still has some recall facility!
  3. I have a vague recollection from when I was working at Grand Prix Models that Western Models made it (or made some - perhaps 4?)
  4. Ta-Daa! Only 11 years in the making, I started this in 2009 (When HL brought out the Panzer III) and got disillusioned 6 months later when they produced the StuG. The recent lockdown prompted me to revisit all the half-finished models, and this was the oldest. It's based on the HL Panzer. All the superstructure forward of the engine cover was removed, and the StuG crew compartment, gun and schurzen scratchbuilt. I also gutted the interior, stiffening the hull sideplates with 3mm styrene for full metal suspension and tracks, and fitting an aluminium plate in the front to take Mato metal gearboxes. It also has the Asiatam recoil system and the new fan powered smoker. Due to it's vintage it is still running the TK-13 main board. I also fitted a bigger speaker, moved the battery to the inside of the hull and added a charging port under one of the rear engine hatches. The left hand main engine hatch is hinged with access to volume control, off/on and smoke on/off. It's very crowded inside the hull! I also added some aftermarket (tiger) parts that were suitable, reskinned the mudguards and hinged the ends. Lots of clips and brackets were fabricated from brass, the MG shield is completely made from brass. Basic hull layout Gun location and recoil Switch panel With all the bits and pieces on it (and the lack of Zimmerit) it dates to about May 1943 production. It will get weathered slightly, I just need to find some muddy puddles. Hope you like it!
  5. My Alfa Monza body looked like it was okay - until I block sanded it and found all the depressions and local sinks. It's worth doing!
  6. Cars in 1/12, 1/24 or 1/8. The 1/24 are usually kits, some 1/12 are kits (and some scratch-built) 1/8 are Pocher or scratch-built...
  7. Will brings them to club night. Trust me, they are really really really small.....
  8. Western Models! I remember the Williams, a Brabham BT52 and a Lotus 79. Were there any more?
  9. Search evilbay for polyurethane drive belts. Mine have lasted 7 years so far. (Although I do make a point of visiting Chronos when I'm in the UK - flying Emirates economy you got (still get?) a 30kg baggage allowance, so enough for parallels, 1-2-3 blocks etc...)
  10. Dan, how did you make the form? with hand pressure, with a hammer?
  11. Lovely. Just a suggestion - put a figure with it. No-one believes how small they are...
  12. I fixed the overheating problem by using a footswitch to control the lathe - it helps considerably. I've still got the torque problem, although it has been improved by using polyurethane drive belts - the other advantage is that they don't overheat and break! I knock out a set of head bearings every couple of years, mainly due to rounding off octagonal pieces of plate to use for Pocher brake drums etc., but these are easily available (the same size as skateboard bearings) and reasonably cheap. I need a bigger lathe! I've been looking at the Emco Compact 8 - they come up for sale every now and again.
  13. Try a jewellers supplier . The thinnest fretsaw blades (8/0) are 0.16mm thick
  14. Looks great! But I’m sure if anyone had taken the fuel tank those rear light lenses would be long gone
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