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  1. The colours in the pdf are humbrol colours. Hth, Bill.....
  2. Updated Novo (Frog) according to Scalemates. Bill...
  3. Try searching Hannants for 1/32 Tornado decals Hth, Bill...
  4. Great job so far. Watching with interest. Regards, Bill..
  5. There is a 1/48 Re 2005 short run injection kit. It's by Flying Machines and has resin detail parts and vac canopy, a bit like an early Special Hobby kit. Bill...
  6. Microscale/Superscale liquid decal film is good. Bill...
  7. Recently purchased this kit so I will be watching with interest. Bill...
  8. Italeri reissued the esci phantoms, might be worthwhile emailing them. Bill...
  9. I'll second Ian, Galeria is my Matt varnish of choice. Bill...
  10. BillyB

    Canopy help?

    Dip the canopy in future again, it should clear up (excuse the pun) Hth, Bill...
  11. Try over coating the decals with Gloss varnish or future. Bill...
  12. Mid stone: 1part XF59, 1 part XF60, 1 part XF2 Dk earth: 1 part XF72, 1 part XF49, 1 part XF55 Hth, Bill...
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