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  1. Hello I would like to know if anyone of you can help to found some info about this specific plane, please. It is the very first one of its batch and I would need: -number of contract -approx date of production -any picture ? Tia Maurizio
  2. doorgunner

    Wildcat/Martlet 1/48 windscreen needed

    Hello Fernando, thanks a lot for your reply. Yes I saw that Rob Taurus are very nice and I were following one on ebay. This very morning a modeller friend at work gave me a vac one ! Probably from squadron...tomorrow I will work on it to fit in place. Today I ve been busy with the strange two green tone colour mixing... Thanks Maurizio
  3. doorgunner

    Wildcat/Martlet 1/48 windscreen needed

    Hello, I am building a long conversion to realize a Mk I early Martlet/G36A starting from an Hobby Boss early Wildcat in 48 scale. I have already modified the wings, all the upper and lower panelling, the gun openings, the engine, its cowl, the front fuselage and other details. Now I noticed that the windscreen got a front hole for the tube gunsight and also the two side frames. I wonder if anyone has a spare windscreen coming from the subsequent boxes with - at least - an holeless front glass. TIA all the best Maurizio
  4. doorgunner

    P51D instruments user's manuals needed

    Hello I am scratchbuilding a full scale P51D instrument panel and I am so curious about some features founded on two of them. I would like to know if user's manuals exist or someone can provided them. The instruments are: -AN5735-1 direction indicator -AN5730-2 remote compass indicating thanks a lot in advance and sorry for this weird question... Maurizio
  5. doorgunner

    P51D instrument placard info needed

    Hello, I am building a full scale P51D instrument panel and have a doubt regarding the canopy release warning sign that was placed in the upper panel, just under the gunsight. I have found some reproduction online and google isn't my friend this time.... I would like to know if a wartime or a genuine relic/pictures exist just to know the colours and material used. Some say it was a decals, some metal...some black with white lettering, some red, some white with red lettering. What about the font used ? Thanks so much in advance regards Maurizio
  6. doorgunner

    Hurricane Mk I 5 spoke wheels needed 1/32 scale

    Hello and thank you so much for your kind replies. I digged in my spare box and found both Tamiya spitfire hubs and two 5 spoke wheels a bit larger than the spit ones. At this point what was the measurement for overall diameter and width of the wheel please ? Maybe the ones I've found are ok !
  7. Hello, I am near completion of my Fly 1/32 Mk I Hurricane painted in finnish markings. The problem is that my example -along others- was equipped with 5 spoke wheels and the kit provides only 3 spoke ones. Where I can find decent resin/plastic wheels ? What brand makes them in 32 scale with a good detail ? TIA Ciao Maurizio
  8. Hello, I am looking for information regarding the MH819 MK IX Spitfire when it was in service with 485 Sqdn RNZAF. In particular I would need fuselage side codes and if she was wearing the Red Rose writings. TIA Ciao Maurizio
  9. doorgunner

    Spitfire Mk IX EN199 R-B info required

    Hello I am in the process of building a desert camouflaged mk IX Spitfire and would like to do EN199 as the one preserved at Malta Aviation Museum. I am looking for wartime pics of this machine when wore R-B white letters and Mary Rose writing near the windscreen. Are decals available in 32nd scale please ? Thanks a lot in advance Maurizio
  10. doorgunner

    Fly 32017 Hurricane 1/32 info needed

    Hello, I was looking for an 1/32 Mk I Hurricane and come across the fly model kit coded 32017 as a trop a/c. I knew that fly did a mk IIC kit that isn't suitable to do a BoB airplane. is this a new version ? Is it suitable for a mkI ? whee I can find a good review please ? tia Maurizio
  11. doorgunner

    B.P. Defiant L7006 PS-X wheel bay colour

    Hello and thanks a lot for your kind replies. I have already painted my model kit but I still have the opportunity to change wheel bay colour. My further question is about the gear legs. In some pics they appear with a black main leg and silver fork...in others they seems to be overall silver. Airfix suggests a black main leg and retraction rods with a silver fork and wheel hubs. Is it right ? Tia Maurizio
  12. doorgunner

    B.P. Defiant L7006 PS-X wheel bay colour

    Hello I am building the Airfix 1/48 Defiant in PS-X markings in the battle of France period. I assume that at that time her undersurfaces were white/black with undersurfaces of engine and tail boom in silver. I would like to ask if in this scheme the ailerons were reverted colours or not. And wheels bay ? Which colour was ? Half b/w ? Silver ? TIA Ciao Maurizio
  13. doorgunner

    What RAF Squadrons flew the C-45 (Expeditor)?

    Hello I come across this interesting thread and would like to ask more on KJ493. I need all is know but in particular ots RAF service, camo scheme and some pic if some exists TIA Ciao Maurizio
  14. doorgunner


    Deleted - wanted post
  15. Hello Maurizio,

    Do you have any of the 1/144 Royal Italian Navy Submarine Alagi resin kits available. If you do, what is the price of the kit and approximate cost, for sending to my address, here in the United Kingdom.


    Many thanks,

    Michael M