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  1. Hello I just saw a beautiful 3D image at 360 degree on a Me163 Komet cockpit on the RAF Cosford facebook page. It is fantasting to tap you finger on screen and see all the details all around the cabin. I would like to do the same with a genuine wartime C45 beechcraft that I am restoring. How to do that ? What equipment I would need ? Is there an App that could help me ? Thanks a lot in advance Maurizio
  2. Hello, I am looking for some pictures of Indian Government Beech C18S' in charge from 1945 to 1946, with serial VT-ASR...ASP..ASZ. Thanks a lot in advance Maurizio
  3. Hello I am finishing my 1/48 scale Hawker Typhoon in the markings of Bee Beamont PR - G and would need the enlarged underwing (A type) and fuselage (C1 type) in 48 scale. They were 42 inches that in 48th scale are 2,2 cm in diameter. I have the old Aeromaster Storm in the Sky 48-372 sheet bought as a used one but the roundels are missing. Who can help please ? I also checked the web to look for a suitable decals sheet but I am not able to find one with such particular diameter. TIA Maurizio
  4. Hello everybody, Chris was so kind enough to help me with my build and also provided few great images of the planes. He kinly requested to post them to the benefit of all Britmodeller Typhoon's fan. Thank you Chris
  5. Hello Chris thanks so much for your specification. I can't find any pic of PR-S..maybe it could be the choosen one ! PR-F seems to be a good choice..there is a very good pic with many many paint touch up in the nose and fin. I was also tempted by a conversion to transform the a/c into a very early MK I with machine guns armament. I saw a profile of JG with a rank pennant but cannot find a pic of the aircraft. Was it based exclusively from reports or a pic existed ? Tia Maurizio
  6. Hello I am planning to build a car door type hawker Typhoon with PR codes from 609 sdn. I am choosing between F, G and D side code. F is really famous and the others too are cool but...I would like to know if they all ever carried underwings bombs. I would like to fit them, but am not able to find any picture of the code letter I mentioned with such external load. Only model kit's box art are really full of bombs hanging or dropping. What was the reality ? Thanks a lot in advance Maurizio
  7. Hello and thanks a lot for your kind reply. I am referring to airplane seat harness. I am restoring a ww2 c45f beechcraft and the illustrated part catalogue - at seat belts page - indicate the code I wrote. They seems to be the narrow belts instead of the standard wide ones... M
  8. Hello I would need some pictures of the us type g-1 and MD-1 seat belt harness used onboard us planes. Any help will be appreciated TIA Maurizio
  9. Hello I am completing an Airfix 1/72 B17G in dday doll markings. I noticed two antenna just in front of the windscreen and I am not able to spot their exact location. One is a mast and the other is a whip antenna. Are they one after the other or are they offset ? They seems lined with the middle frame of the windscreen. Any help will be appreciated TIA Maurizio
  10. Hello I would like to know if anyone of you can help to found some info about this specific plane, please. It is the very first one of its batch and I would need: -number of contract -approx date of production -any picture ? Tia Maurizio
  11. Hello Fernando, thanks a lot for your reply. Yes I saw that Rob Taurus are very nice and I were following one on ebay. This very morning a modeller friend at work gave me a vac one ! Probably from squadron...tomorrow I will work on it to fit in place. Today I ve been busy with the strange two green tone colour mixing... Thanks Maurizio
  12. Hello, I am building a long conversion to realize a Mk I early Martlet/G36A starting from an Hobby Boss early Wildcat in 48 scale. I have already modified the wings, all the upper and lower panelling, the gun openings, the engine, its cowl, the front fuselage and other details. Now I noticed that the windscreen got a front hole for the tube gunsight and also the two side frames. I wonder if anyone has a spare windscreen coming from the subsequent boxes with - at least - an holeless front glass. TIA all the best Maurizio
  13. Hello I am scratchbuilding a full scale P51D instrument panel and I am so curious about some features founded on two of them. I would like to know if user's manuals exist or someone can provided them. The instruments are: -AN5735-1 direction indicator -AN5730-2 remote compass indicating thanks a lot in advance and sorry for this weird question... Maurizio
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