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  1. pdsvidioman

    Sculthorpe Skulker

    This looks good, I 'll tag along if you don't mind, Paul
  2. pdsvidioman

    Astronaut Birthdays

    Thank you Gordon for all your hard work. Very interesting and informative, Paul
  3. pdsvidioman


    That looks very nice, I wonder if they will do it in 1/72 scale, space issues !. Paul
  4. pdsvidioman

    Ray's 1/72 RAAF P-8A - 11 Squadron

    Oh this looks good, mind if I tag along, Paul
  5. pdsvidioman

    1/72 F-105F Wild Weasel M.O.H. Mission

    Very nice build, just out of interest what is the story as to the award of the MoH ?. Paul
  6. pdsvidioman

    Coming Soon - Ups and Downs

    Oh this is great. I've followed the Birthdays thread each day and was starting to panic what I was going to do after 31/12/18. Like Sleeper service, I too am guilty of not thanking you often enough, but it is appreciated. Now I get another years fix. Very many thanks, Paul
  7. pdsvidioman

    Mi-26 Halo 1/72

    This looks good, I've only now come across it. Mind if I tag along. I would have liked to have seen the first bit of the build as well. What's the manufacturer ?. Paul
  8. Agreed, a beautiful model. The hard work is very obvious. Well done !. Paul
  9. pdsvidioman

    Fairchild Argus nose art and colours?

    Now at sounds more likely, Well worked out, Paul
  10. pdsvidioman

    Fairchild Argus nose art and colours?

    It looks to me like a skeleton in a deck chair, but I could be wrong. The white lines being bones ?. Paul
  11. pdsvidioman

    New face of £50 - I've nominated Sir Frank Whittle

    Done as well
  12. pdsvidioman


    Hi, This looks great, mind if I tag along. Paul
  13. pdsvidioman

    Career ending maneouvre?

    F313, Unlucky indeed. Paul
  14. pdsvidioman

    Preliminary inquiry - correction for Academy Catalina.

    I'm very interested, I imagine once the word gets out there will be a lot of interest. As everyone say's cost is the deal breaker, but with enough buyers' it should make it more affordable.
  15. pdsvidioman

    Landing Ship Medium

    If that's Beekay's work he's got nothing to be shy about !. Great work who ever it is. Paul