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  1. Hopefully these may give an idea, Tamiya paint pot on the aft barbette and that's a 12" rule on the superstructure. It also rather shows up where the aft deck is starting to lift! Compared to the 1/350 Enterprise (a big girl herself): One of the turrets compared to a 1/350 Fletcher and Liberty Ship: and, at the other extreme, one of the PE parts that I'm about to add:
  2. Cheers. I’m also building a separate layout to the one in the videos which will the same size, about 40’ * 16’ - perhaps it’s part of the reason I don’t get stuff done quickly
  3. Hopefully it'll be finished quicker as I currently have another 2 1/200 ships to do I'd rather have a clean build than a 100% accurate one (especially if that 100% takes a huge amount of work like correcting the hull) when the vast majority of people who will ever see the model at my house won't know what an Iowa class battleship is let alone what shape the hull should be...
  4. The deck level detail on the fantail is almost complete, with so many details to add, I've found you can work for a couple of hours and it hardly looks any different. Unfortunately, I've found that the deck is lifting in a couple of places so that will need to be dealt with... Catapults (one of which is complete) and the crane (complete) won't be added until I have case and no longer need to dust the model any more. For the 20mm cannons of which there are over 50 on the ship, instead of the Pontos set I'm looking at 3D printed guns and I've just ordered a set of 6 from Micro Master to have a look at - if they look as good as the Pontos versions (and I suspect they will) then, despite the extra cost I will use them as the time saving will be huge. Tonight I've made a start on the bottom level of the superstructure by adding some of the initial PE detail from the Trumpeter set.
  5. Apologies to those who are already aware of it but I came across a Korean modelling site that has 40 pages of warship models a large number of which are absolutely stunning: Obviously, none of the models shown are mine but, as they all completed models, 'Ready for Inspection' seemed like the best place to post this (mods feel free to move it if you don't agree)... https://mmzone.co.kr/album/showcase_section.php?dbname=gallerymain&section=4&start_page=0&keyword= If the link above does't work use this one and scroll down for Warships: https://mmzone.co.kr/album/showcase_main.php?dbname=gallerymain
  6. I've just applied to join the group so looking forward to see what the 100 pages of errors are especially on a ship for which so much original documentation doesn't exist anymore...
  7. Nice work, love the open doors and hatches, they give the model some 'life' even if there are no figures.
  8. Thanks, the lines should actually be a lot nicer but, like a lot of the Trumpeter 1/200 ships, unfortunately, the model hull bears little resemblance to the real thing but correcting the hull was far more work than I was prepared to do...
  9. If you'll pardon the horrendous pun, Iowa is now fully 'decked out', at least as far as the main deck level is concerned: Next job is start adding some of the low level deck details fore and aft although, as I don't yet have a case for her, I'll not be added much of the PE detail as I don't want to have to try and dust that...
  10. Stunning work, now you have to build the 1/200 Yamato to go with it to show Japanese battleship development
  11. And with a catapult and turret in place (the turret is actually turret 1 but it's the only one I've painted so far):
  12. The aft section of the wooden deck is now fitted with a few of the detail parts just placed for effect. The fit of the deck was perfect with no adjustments required.
  13. Looking forward to seeing how you get on, I am seriously tempted by this kit...
  14. No photos but I've been working on some of the smaller hatches and vents that will go on once the wooden decks are down. If I ever did another 1/200 Iowa class whilst it would take a HUGE amount of work to convert the Trumpeter Missouri, I'd love to do a modernised New Jersey. Some may have seen this before but a few years ago, I came across this stunning 'what if' model of the NJ with VLS launchers instead of the Tomahawks: http://www.dynamicdioramas.org/MODEL SOURCE/battleship/
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