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  1. Nice work Steve, it's about time I got back to my Iowa...
  2. A rather nice Type 23 build here albeit of HMS Monmouth: and a sequel here with a water base (although I know you said you weren't going to put this build on a base):
  3. Followed this one from the start on YouTube, fantastic work, I'm looking forward to seeing Bismark alongside her...
  4. Stunning isn't it. Marjin also did this: http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/cv/ijn/Amagi-700-mvg/index.htm but I suspect his latest model of HMS Victory and Le Redoutable will be even better: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=167367&start=620
  5. Hopefully I'll be back on it before long although I'm close to the point where I need to think about a case for it as I don't want to be dusting it once the PE starts going on.
  6. Not at the minute, full size modelling on the house is taking all my time just now...
  7. I know I should give them a try sometime but I've used the Tamiya acrylics for so long now and love the way that they airbrush.
  8. Also problematic for me unfortunately as I use Tamiya Acrylics which are hopeless for brushing large areas...
  9. Not tasteless at all for me, one of the best models I've ever seen is one of the USS Lexington shortly before she sank: http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/cv/cv-02/Lexington-700-mvg/index.htm
  10. I'd thought about that but, in my case, the edges of the camouflage are all dead straight and I'm pretty certain I'd not be able to paint the liquid mask on in a straight line.
  11. Not a clue, I've seen guys on You Tube glue the PE on then mask with tape and blu tack then rip it all off and none of the PE moves, my PE has a tendency to fall off if I just look at it the wrong way...
  12. Very nice work again Guy. I have the painting problem on the Iowa, in the scheme I'm doing her in, a quarter of the aft funnel is gray and the rest black but some of the PE straddles the divide between the colours...
  13. I hadn't realised that, my replacements were sent after 1 July so they must have made an exception as I was an existing customer.
  14. Thanks for that link, just ordered a copy for myself, seems a crime not to at that price...
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