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  1. For an excellent set of videos covering the Monogram model have a look here: John
  2. As and when Tier 4 comes to an end...
  3. Thank you all for the comments, they are much appreciated. The base is tile grout with dried soil sprinkled over the top and sprayed with Tamiya acrylics. John
  4. Thanks again Roger, photos received. They reveal a couple of details missed by Pontos so I may have a go at adding them although as a couple of the internal braces broke off during the last fold of the crane, mine is never going to completely accurate...
  5. A straightforward, out of the box, build of the 1/35 Tamiya Sd.Kfz.222. The original plan was to add a figure but I've got bored with armoured vehicles so it is likely to stay as it is...
  6. From the Trumpeter kit from a few years ago. A fun little project but it's not particularly accurate as the PE is from the spares box with a couple of L'Arsenal resin figures on the bridge. Water is tile grout sanded smooth and painted with Tamiya acrylics.
  7. Insomnia has hit overnight so I figured I'd put my waking hours to good use. I've always figured that the aft crane and catapults were likely to be the hardest part of the build so I figured I may as well bite the bullet and get the crane done. Four hours and a lot of swearing later, it is done. I've not used all the Pontos parts, some of the internal bracing is missing either because I couldn't get it installed properly or because a couple of its came lose when I closed it up and there was no way to get them back in again. It is far from perfect but, overall, I'm happy with it...
  8. Yes, Iowa is slightly longer than Hood. I started the Iowa 4 years ago However progress over the last couple of months hasn't been bad.
  9. Looks great, brave man masking round all that PE - I'm going to have to do the same for my Iowa build and I'm not looking forward to it.
  10. I used to think the Enterprise was a monster of a kit...
  11. I've got Hornet to build, once the Iowa and Hood are done, love what you are doing with yours.
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