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  1. Well done there! You got a wonderful result out of this RS kit, even with its typical fit issues. At least many of the crucial details are better than on the alternative; the old rivet-festooned Airfix kit.. Hear this mainstream kit makers? Please release a good 1/72 early P-38..
  2. Fantastic model! I'll have to get me one of these to wash away the hangover from my Italeri Kfir; that old kit is nowadays even more expensive than this gem!
  3. (edit) Yay, pics are visible now! I always liked the HD.1, I still have to get myself one someday!
  4. Dang, you just cannot go wrong with those classic jets in aggressor camo schemes. Pretty and pretty!
  5. Nice! I still have a LaGG 3 in the stash, and I might just 'steal' this winter finish from you. Looking good!
  6. The term 'boring old silver' surely doesn't apply to this model. That's some great natural metal finish there!
  7. Wow, that close-up shot is insane; hard to believe that it's a 1/72 kit. Looking forward to see more amazing builds like this!
  8. Still hunting for one of these, though I'll probably settle for an Italeri rebox. Lovely build btw!
  9. Alex, I think there is a slight problem with your reasoning. If you say that the Airfix Harrier is problematic and you also used some bad aftermarket sets, then how come your model looks so good?
  10. OK, I genuinely had to check back and forth for a sec between the pics of the original plane and the model. That weathering is totally next-level. Impressive!
  11. I have the very same kit on the bench right now getting the early 'red 56' scheme (before the MiG 17 silhouette was added). I've always been a sucker for the colourful aggressor schemes. Hoping mine will come out as nice as yours. Looking good!
  12. I would have clicked the 'Beyond awesome!' -button if there was one, so I'll just add this remark to the Like; Beyond awesome!
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