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  1. I have several AZ 109's in 1/72 scale, and they aren't exactly the largest kits I had on the bench. Your model somehow seems to have grown to at least 1/48 scale though. That, IMHO is a sign of great craftsmanship. I hope one day to attain this skill where I can build seemingly larger scale models but with the same amount of space as a 1/72 kit.
  2. Thanks all! The build was OK, you have to take a bit of care when assembling the wing. You get two sets of cowling flaps with this one -open for taxiing, closed for flight- and the flaps in the taxiing position are not connected, so I filled the spaces in between with thin plastic strip. Also, looking at it now, I'm not entirely sold on the propeller type included in this kit. Just about all photos of Corsair props I could find seem have a blade shape that's wider near the tip, but these ones are broader at the base. Don't know about the 4-blade type though.
  3. So it didn't become Streig's Navy Corsair OOB build after all, as I had to think way too long about the markings. Instead it became a VMF-114 machine based on Peleliu in 1944, while the airfield was still under enemy fire. In what is often described as the shortest bombing run in history, these planes took off from the runway, dropped bombs and napalm about a mile or two North of the airfield and turned back to land again, with the pilots rarely even bothering to raise their landing gear. Full build video can be viewed here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsgejUE-UhU Cheers, Luka
  4. That's a very nice looking MiG 17 there. I was wondering though, with the Airfix kit in the background; which one do you prefer? They both look equally good.
  5. Thanks! The IFF wires are present on KW-Z / L1592, which is more or less in its original state at the London Science Museum. It also sports the early 'broomstick' aerial mast. http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/mark_hayward/hurricane_mk1_l1592/images/hurricane_mk1_l1592_22_of_26.jpg Cheers, Luka
  6. Actually I don't have many Battle of Britain -era builds, but here's the Airfix Hurricane I thought I'd share on this special day. Cheers, Luka
  7. That's one tasty looking build! Love your 'Nu, pogodi!' avatar btw
  8. You also that theme playing instantly when viewing this thread?
  9. Cool build! Finished one of those myself recently (although it was the boxing from Chematic of Poland) and I was surprised how good this old kit still looks today.
  10. Great looking 104! These guys were based near my home town. How I miss that howl of the J79.. They were indeed used during the action at De Punt involving a hijacked train in 1977. Those 104's were based at Leeuwarden though.
  11. @stevehnz Luckily I haven't seen it often on kits, although I do have a Heller boxing of the Airfix P-38F/H in the stash with similar decal issues. Looks like buying that SuperScale sheet was a good move!
  12. Dang, this is the kind of finish that makes me want to buy one myself, and I'm not even into modern jets! Looking good!
  13. Thanks all! I used Vallejo Air, for the white I took their 71.279 Insignia White, while the Dark Gull Gray was a mix I made of which I don't exactly remember the recipe.. The white of the bar's corner of the stars-and-bars is supposed to touch the tip of the star. The kit's decals have the bars just stuck onto the circle, but the white should continue into the circle.
  14. The Airfix WIldcat starter set more or less out of the box, with replacement US insignia (the kit ones are wrong) and white prop cuffs. A really nicely engineered kit and a joy to build. Full pictorial build here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtxdB-vopMs
  15. Thanks for the info! Although it is not the answer I like, it is the answer I need. It seems like the top narrow-wide-narrow flaps are the ones I'm looking for, which means the kit flaps are just incorrect (which I already suspected) and the aftermarket part I have lacks those three flaps. Looks like some cowling surgery is needed either way. "Doctor Luka to the operating room.."
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