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  1. Thanks! And yes, HobbyBoss is weird; some details are simplified or even omitted (nose wheel doors, rear cockpit deck instruments, etc) while other details are overemphasised. If I'm ever building another Thunderjet I'll take the Academy or Tamiya kit!
  2. My group build entry in the Ready for Inspection section. Thanks all for the info, it really helped me with the build process!
  3. This HobbyBoss Thunderjet was entered in the FB NordicPower Group Build. KP-F was one of a few Danish F-84Gs that eventually received a camouflage pattern. Thanks for watching! Luka
  4. Great work as always! What did you use for the polished mirror surfaces on the nacelles if I may ask?
  5. Great build! This scheme surely makes the F-35 more interesting to look at. Aggressor camo schemes ftw!
  6. This Revell MiG 21F-13 was entered in the FB Conflict100 Group Build. Black 5402 was one of the few 1967 Six Day War survivors and a rare early MiG 21 type painted in the "Nile Valley" camouflage used in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Thanks for watching! Luka
  7. Beautiful deux-mille, I'd like to build this kit myself some time. Nice work!
  8. Beautiful looking model, and the Mäander camo is simply striking. Very impressive!
  9. A fantastic build which looks all the more impressive with the striking tetris camo. Very nice!
  10. What's not to like about a well-built Fokker D.XXI? Very nice! I was at the NNM at Soesterberg only yesterday, where they have a full scale replica on display. So nice to see another one on BM today!
  11. Another great Arma model, and a pleasant surprise! Looks like these are becoming the top tier kits in scale modeling nowadays.
  12. That's one cool clean Komet! Nice woodworking skills too
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