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  1. Both BM and Google search yielded a several individual results of the two most prominent Wild Weasel 'Thuds' in 1/72 scale, but I couldn't get a good direct comparison between the two. Apparently the Monogram is an oldie but goodie and very accurate; its main point of criticism being the old-fashioned raised panel lines. The Trumpeter kit has more up-to-date engraved panel lines, and supposedly features a lot of detail. However, I have read about some accuracy issues, plus overdone and oversized riveting. Also, the decal colours are way off. Any Britmodellers out there who can
  2. "Das war der gro├če Augenblick der deutsche Luftwaffe!" Great looking build!
  3. Great build as always, really like this diorama setting too
  4. The great thing about these models is that you can build 1/72 kits looking like larger scale kits and save yourself the difference in space. Very impressive builds!
  5. I know the Arma kit is very good, but this is fantastic! Sharp looking build there.
  6. That's just incredibly credible.. ..and a lovely build too!
  7. After asking the BM community for painting suggestions about two years ago, this Razorback is now done. Probably could have improved it a bit more, but I'm calling this one finished. Full build vid here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDYCtyxT0Lo Enjoy! Luka
  8. Top build as always. I particularly like how the the scalloped effect on the wing edges came out.
  9. Great job on such an old kit! I recently built this kit as a III R2Z and it was a bit of a challenge to get it up to today's standards. Also like how you subtly repositioned the elevons.
  10. Nice! I see you have chosen one of the more 'modest' Diana artworks; at some point some designs were even denied for being too racy to show in public!
  11. I have to admit, that first pic had me thinking for a sec: "Nice Hind, but where's the actual model?" Nice one!
  12. Holy carp and smoky salmon, is this really 1/72? That looks fantastic!
  13. Blooie! Always loved the lavish aggressor camo schemes, but this one takes the cake. Nice!
  14. Dang, why does the Europe-1 scheme just look so frikken good.. Nice one!
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