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  1. Thanks Rob! It was your build that got me inspired to start on mine over the summer. As for space, I was running out as well. My summer project was this modified Ikea Detolf display case. I should be able to fit the Scammell where the Hind is at the bottom.
  2. I have seen it and it's been very helpful in sorting some details out. Thanks for the tip. I'll have a go at getting it greasy.
  3. Girls und Panzer is a Japanese anime where tank combat is taught much like any other high school sport. They're only allowed to use WWII era armoured vehicles. The main premise is about a girls' high school team trying to save their school from closing by winning the annual varsity championship. Lots of liberties with realism of course but still lots of fun seeing a Tiger do a Scandinavian flick.
  4. On the Scammell, I installed the winch assembly. I then attached the string they give you for the towing cable. I found it much too short if you're going to fasten it to a load on the trailer. I looked around for some suitable replacement wire and ended up having to order it from the US.
  5. I finally got the tracks done. What I hadn't realized is that the track pads are rubber and not metal like I thought they were. Had I known that earlier, I would have painted them prior to assembly. I added more of the hull details to the Grant and then painted them. Back to the tracks, I painted the finished tracks rubber black. Rather than paint the end links, I decided to try dry brushing them instead. I then gave them a wash. Once dry, I installed the first run.
  6. Back to the Grant, I painted the road wheels using my circle template for masking. I paint them rubber black first... ...then paint the centre. The engine deck comes with some PE grilles. They get installed from underneath. I then started painting the hull. I accidentally removed too much from the upper part of one of the hull panels. I replaced with a bit of styrene sheet and sanded it to fit. I've been trying different things with the paint on the Grant. Hopefully it's doesn't end up with a monotone look.
  7. I assembled the tractor's bogies. I then went back to the rest of the chassis while they dried and started installing the drivetrain. I'm building this completely out of order which is a bad habit of mine. Sometimes it bits me in the rear but I can't help it. With the rear tires on. At this point I was really impressed by how the Scammell's suspension worked.
  8. As an FYI, here's the replacement rad next to the original kit one. I painted the LZ tires and gave them a quick weathering. They were then installed onto the trailer bogies. I was careful with the glue application so the bogies still have their full articulation. At the same time I painted the wheels, I did the tractor chassis. In following @robw_uk's build, I have found out the chassis colour is most likely wrong. There's not much I can do at this point so I'm just leaving it. Here's the rear half of the chassis.
  9. Thanks folks! I wasn't really a fan of the Grant. You can blame my two sons constantly watching Girls und Panzer and the Miniart kit for changing my viewpoint.
  10. I just clicked on the link and it said £1520 I hope you didn't pay that much!!!!! I might try and get it and the other one for my R100 ans SV2S builds in the future Odd, it came up as $20.46 CAD for me. Which is, what? A couple pence these days? Are you sure it's not showing you the Yen price?
  11. Great progress on your build Rob. @APA, thanks for all the tips and details. My own build is a bit too far along but it's still helpful. I also found the book you mentioned. HLJ says they can get it in 3-5 days from their distributor so I've gone and ordered it. Since I believe they are also the distributor, I hope that's the case. https://www.hlj.com/scammell-pioneer-sv2s-trmu-30-r100-cpraw18 Carl
  12. While this was going on, I started work on the Grant. The first bit I tried was the tracks. I wanted to see how Elle they would go together and how much hassle they would be. It turned out that with a good set of sprue nippers, assembly was reasonably quick and stress free. I ended up building sections of track while other parts dried. Breaking it up this way further helped with the monotony. The Miniart lower hull is made up of several flat plates glued together. A couple clamps to keep joints tight. The upper hull is also multiple flat panels joined together.
  13. I decided to try the working steering mod that was posted on Perth Military Modeling. Mostly this involves carefully drilling various holes in the front suspension parts. And success! One thing I dread is getting frame rails square. Thankfully this went ok and I didn't end up with a warped frame. Next up was the winch assembly. Here, I actually followed the instructions in terms of the order as many parts need to be in place for other bits to go on.
  14. Here's the ramps as a separate unit along with the bogies. I was able to not get glue on any of the pivots so the suspension has full articulation still. I then assembled the engine.
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