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  1. Hmm, bigger eh? How's this then? As for kippers, definitely ask for smoked ones. Much tastier.
  2. Well, step 1. Make the yarn. Boy is it hard to get enough wool from a cat. Or am I doing something wrong? I'm not sure if it's in scale or not either.
  3. Ok, I'm taking up basket weaving. Truly amazing work.
  4. Great subject. Always loved the Clunk. But I guess that comes with being Canadian. I've got a vac kit of the Canuck which supposedly has a decent set of plans in it. I could post those if it helps you out. Carl
  5. I finally got a bit of time and finished off the Jagdpanther. I made the spare tracks up. Takom includes the pins that keeps the spare tracks in place on their racks. I managed to not lose any but did snap a couple installing the tracks so I left off one pair. Otherwise they worked out ok. At this point, I attached the Jagdpanther to the railcar using the towing cables. I initially used the build on the The Modelling News website as reference for this but didn't like the way the tank sat so far back. I looke
  6. Just want to confirm this the box you're looking for: Postage is just fine with me. PM your address and I'll try to get it out to you this week. Carl
  7. I should have a spare one from my Takom kit. You can have it if you don't find any other solutions. Carl
  8. I was a bit undecided on whether to mount the periscopes or not seeing that the tank would be loaded on a railcar. In the end I decided to put them in place. I also painted the one piece barrel as a last minute thing. The 'scopes were installed into the roof and the roof onto the hull. At this point all the major assemblies are done. I then had to decide on the final paint job. I built a Meng Jagdpanther last year and didn't want this one to end up too similar it it. So if I used the two piece barrel, I w
  9. Time for a long past due update. I assembled the gun breech and barrel, leaving the barrel free so I could install the breech into the hull. The breech went in without any issues. I started painting the tools and what have you that go on the hull. These and the gun cleaning rod case were then glued to the hull. The jacking block was next.
  10. Really nice work with the soldering. My soldering skills went out the window years ago and I've never managed to get them back. Carl
  11. FG2Si

    32nd scale RAF Bombs

    Dave, PayPal is fine with me. PM me your address and I'll let you know what it costs. Carl
  12. FG2Si

    32nd scale RAF Bombs

    How many 500lb bombs do you need? I have at least 6 left over from my Tamiya Mossies if those would work for you. They're yours for the postage. Carl
  13. I've got one in the stash with some old decals so I'm happy to see the re-issue. Hopefully I'll be able to get replacement decals for mine. Carl
  14. Great to hear you got it sorted. If you want, I could scan the decals from my kit. As far as the PE sets go, I have a couple but haven't used them yet since I haven't started mine. There are some nice 3D printed upgrades on Shapeways from 308bits(?). I've used them on my 1/144 FM build. Carl
  15. Thanks Bob! Actually it's all glued in place already. I tend to paint in subassemblies and then if needed do touch ups after assembly. In fact, I just finished the second track run and it's installed in place.
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