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  1. The Tamiya canopy is a slightly different shape where it meets the fuselage so a bit of work will be needed to make it fit. I used one on my Revell kit which I converted to a V. I may have the original Revell canopy somewhere. I can take a look if you'd like. Carl
  2. My wife forbid me from getting the Lego Falcon as she said it was too big for our house. However, she was fine with the Bandai PG Falcon. So I bought two to go with my Fine Molds one... Carl
  3. Another option is to have the wings folded and the gun bays open. There's a thread on either LSP or LSM where there's a couple pics of armourers reloading a Hellcat with the wings folded. Carl
  4. I finally got a Jager to add to my collection of Zoids kits. Kotobukiya is re-issuing the Red Sabre later this year so once that's out, I'll have most of the ones I want.
  5. Thanks! I usually use commercially available masks. I have ordered custom sized ones depending on the project. Primarily I'm using ones from Maketar and occasionally those from Montex. Carl
  6. Here's the mixes I use for spraying roundels and codes Dull Roundel Red – 75% flat Red (XF-7 ), 25% Hull Red (XF-9) Dull Roundel Blue – 95% flat Blue (XF-8), 5% flat Black (XF-1) Yellow – Flat Yellow (XF-3) with a tiny amount of flat Red (XF-7) Painted onto some of my models: I generally mask and spray all large markings when possible so if you're trying to match decals, you may need to tweak them slightly. Hope that helps, Carl
  7. Very nice build. Must get to mine some day. Carl
  8. They did a limited issue of the ISD in clear last year. It came with Model Graphix magazine which had an article on lighting it.
  9. The PCM kit is still available from Kitlinx. They are the company that bought Pacific Coast Models. https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=PCM32015&title=British-Spitfire-MK.XIVc Of course there's the caveat that shipping overseas may get expensive.
  10. The Parts Box makes a couple SR20 engines. They're Australian and BNA has a couple of them in stock. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-cars-motorcycles-detail-up-sets-the-parts-box-tpb-1206?zenid=3ec3a663463d0b5de459bba2c1014e51 Hope that helps, Carl
  11. Fantastic Plastic makes a resin kit of the SHIELD helicarrier: https://fantastic-plastic.com/shield-helicarrier---catalog.html You might be able to convert one of the recent kits of the P.1000 Ratte kits into a land based carrier. http://www.modelcollect.com/german-wwii-p1000-land-battleship-gneisenau Carl
  12. The real tricky part was the Dragon instructions. There are a number of errors and omissions in the instructions that weren't all corrected in their subsequent releases. If Revell can fix those, the kit itself goes together really well. Here's mine that I finished earlier this year. Carl
  13. Let me check the Quickboost rockets I bought for a Tamiya Mossie. They're 1/32 but I think they came with decals for the stencils. If they did, I can scan them for you if that helps. Carl
  14. Really nice work. I did a similar build a few years ago using the old Dragon 1C hybrid kit as that's all that's was available at the time. The kit actually came with the 60lb rockets in it but they were marked as not for use. The rockets themselves weren't that great so all I used were the rails themselves. I used Bison decals for the Coldstream Guards. Here's how mine turned out: Carl
  15. Picked this up at the LHS the other day. Glad to see the Vehicle Collection kits are making into Canada now. Carl
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