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  1. Thanks! I'm going to stick to a mostly clean look. Maybe a light bit of weathering if I do.
  2. More progress on the decals. Stickers actually which is typical of Bandai. Whoops, wrong Strike Valkyrie. Here's the right one. I finally glued the legs and arms to the fuselage. Flipping it over, I then attached the backpack (? I never knew what they called this part). With that on, I've added the FAST packs.
  3. I'm slowly working on all the decals for the kit. There's a lot of them. Even for places you'll never see, like the vertical tails: Which then get folded over... ..and installed upside down.
  4. Here's the FAST packs after removing all the masking tape. The upper legs were next. On the Strike Valkyrie, the upper packs have one with a twin beam cannon and the other has missle launchers in the front. Hasegawa has really added quite a bit of detail into these kits. The missle pod nose even had individual missiles to be added before you close things up. You can just see them in the assembled one on the right. Here's the assembled upper boosters along with the legs/engine nacelles. A quick mock-up.
  5. I missed documenting the forward fuselage assembly but that was pretty straightforward. Same for the lower legs/engine nacelles. Here's some of the various sub-assmblies laid out. I then started on the detail painting. I'm basically following the instructions for all of this. There's also the vernier cones that need to be painted black. I used a circle template to mask those off.
  6. I then started working on making several sub-assmblies. Intakes/upper legs Lower fuselage and swing wing pivots. FAST pack armour/boosters for the legs. Leg thrusters.
  7. My bench has been jammed full of 1/32 aircraft builds (my regular choice of libation) so I decided to mix it up a bit and switch gears from 4 engine heavies. At least temporarily. I've got a few Valkyrie kits in the stash, mostly Hasegawa 1/72 kits but also a couple of their 1/48 ones. There's also the Max Factory 1/20 release that I'm hoping to start later this year. So the 1/48 Strike Valkyrie seemed like a nice warm up build for big brother. Here's the kit in question: Sprues are in two colours plus clear. Here's the blue ones which are dedicated to the Strike bits. The airframe parts are in white. I started with filling many of the ejector pin marks in the visible areas. I had to full some a couple times to get them flush. Carl
  8. The kit is definitely a great build. I just finished the Late model as well. My only real issue was the soft detail on the M35 gun barrels. I used an Aber brass barrel set and cut it down to the correct length. Carl
  9. Great looking Rex. Any plans to build Metal Gear Ray? Carl
  10. I picked this up as soon as Dana announced it. It's absolutely worth it for the details and information he's crammed into it. Carl
  11. I opened the box up and took a look. The tires are in vinyl. Hope that helps. Looks like if you leave the roof off you can do a convertible. Carl
  12. Thanks! I didn't know it had all the parts in it. I might just have to pick one up. My LHS had a couple in stock so maybe the next time I'm out there I'll grab one.
  13. Thanks! I haven't seen the Moebius kit in a while except for the Bane version or I would have bought that. The larger size would have been nice.
  14. The Gluag is my favourite Zentraedi mech but I couldn't pass on an up to date Regult kit. It's surprisingly large in 1/72. I wasn't expecting it to be as big as it is.
  15. Finally received my Regult. I also picked up the BanDai re-issued of their Batmobile kits.
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