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  1. Yeah, I haven't seen any kits for the Legendary Kaiju. There's been some pre-finished figures by Bandai but only Godzilla and Ghidorah. Still waiting for Godzilla vs Kong to be released.
  2. I had a couple of kaiju arrive in the mail yesterday. A bit simple but the price was decent enough. They'll go nicely with my Aoshima Mechagodzilla. Carl
  3. Display space is definitely an issue I'm quite aware of as I primarily build 1/32 aircraft. I've somehow managed to work around it. So far any ways. Although my wife is dreading the moment I try to find space for the 4 engine heavies I have in the stash.
  4. Here you go! So it has the radar on either side of the bridge, railings for the fore deck, platforms inside the hanger bays where the Seagull goes, some platforms by the catapults and the armoured covers for the bridge and observation deck windows if you want them closed up.
  5. Nice Eagle @Reelyator! I keep looking at them but I'm torn between them and the Discovery from 2001.
  6. I'll try to grab some pics of it when I get home. Railings and details for the antenna if I recall.
  7. FG2Si

    US Firefly help

    Not at all. With your info, I was able to find out about the E9 and how it worked. Having just done a set of track extenders on my VC, I don't think I'd be up to doing one on both side of the tracks. It's definitely a composite hull Sherman and you can make out that there are hull length fenders but that's it. I can't tell if it has small or large hatches. Here's the pic for discussion purposes.
  8. FG2Si

    US Firefly help

    Thanks gents for your replies. @Das Abteilung, your explanation with the possibility of it having an E9 suspension makes a lot of sense. It wasn't one I was aware of and had to read up on. Carl
  9. FG2Si

    US Firefly help

    While working on the Rye Field Firefly VC kit, I read about how the US had approximately 80 Fireflies built for them based on a few Sherman hull types. On page 17 of Peter Brown's book "Sherman Firefly", there a picture of some of them parked behind a pair of M22 Locust tanks. To me, it looks like the closest one built on a composite/hybrid hull has the side fenders for an HVSS suspension. Does it then make sense that the suspension would be HVSS vs the expected VVSS bogies? I've just never heard of a hybrid hull with HVSS suspension, much less as a Firefly. Or am I
  10. Thanks for the review Mike. I'm going to have to add this to the want list. Carl
  11. There's one available in Canada but no idea on shipping to the UK. https://www.greathobbies.com/productinfo/?prod_id=BAN0200638 I order from them all the time but their warehouse is only an hour away from me. Carl
  12. @Reelyator, I watched the video and it's impressive but a bit toy like. I've got the 1/500 Yamato as well. Bandai did a PE set for it when it first came out. I was able to get one at the time.
  13. They certainly will. https://www.taghobby.com/archives/504813 Says it's 130cm long.
  14. One of the members on Large Scale Modeler is working on one. It's a 3D print so isn't perfect but a definite starting point. I'm hoping that maybe Jetmads will step in and make one. Some of us tried to convince Paul Fisher to do one before the fire destroyed his home and business.
  15. Nice to see a Clunk. I'm hoping for a 1/32 kit one day. Carl
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