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  1. Culttvmanshop in the US has a couple listed on their website in stock and for sale. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/trek-kits.html Not sure if the prices are any better than what you found on eBay though. Carl
  2. FM104. I played underneath that plane as a kid when it was still mounted on a pylon by Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto. Belcher Bits does them. They came out fairly recently so should be readily available. I have them in 1/32 and they are nicely done. http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/decals/bd32.htm Carl
  3. I believe Bandai may be coming out with one but in 1/35. There's no pics or details listed yet. They're re-issuing the Burton Batmobile and the Tumbler at the same time. Carl
  4. Interesting. I just checked my pre-order and it's at $599USD so the change list have just happened. Hobbyeasy has changed their price on the kit as well. They've lowered theirs a bit. I think this is the second reduction I've seen from them. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/dqnsmkhtxe8uo2rhbfnh.html?t=1635249478?t=1635249535
  5. I believe Border are China based. My Chinese is very rusty and I've forgotten how to read most of it sadly. Their kits aren't re-pops but all original tooling. I've got their Panzer IV and Tiger 1 kits in the stash and they're both nice.
  6. As others have posted, yes you can use it on preorders. I've done it in the past with several orders from them. Also surprisingly, the air mail option is 1/3 less to Canada than the US for some reason. It's $78 US to Canada but $118 to the States.
  7. Lucky Models' has just announced their holiday sale. Use code Holiday22 and get 22% off the price. They're still offering the $20 surface shipping special too. Carl
  8. Modelcollect does some paper panzers in 1/72 that could possibly be a good base for conversions. They've also got some kits with kegs instead of tracks.
  9. It may be worth checking out Fundekals' website as their instructions are downloadable and have photos of several land based Corsairs. https://fundekals.net/1-32-scale/ They're a great read if you're Corsair fan. Carl
  10. Thanks for the peak in the box. Can't wait to see you start on it. I'm still waiting for mine but sadly Jetmads says they can't ship it as Turkish Post currently isn't shipping to Canada. So I'm in a holding pattern at the moment. It does give me time to finish my CF-18 I guess. Carl
  11. Thanks @NoSG0! A friend in the States has graciously offered to order one for me. This will go nicely with my clear Blade Runner blaster water gun. I wish I still.had my old MGC Auto9. Carl
  12. FG2Si

    Asuka Shermans

    I've built both the Asuka Firefly and the RFM one. I liked both and would have a hard time to pick one over the other. Although the working track links in the RFM are appealing and go together fairly nicely (compared to Model Kasten ones anyways). Still have to do the hybrid hull Firefly and an M4 Fay boxing. I've also got the Tamiya boxings of the Asuka kits which were a bargain when they came out. I paid about $30 CAD for each as soon as I realized whose kits were in the box. Otherwise an Asuka Sherman is anywhere from $60 to $80 CAD at my LHS. Carl
  13. One thing to make sure you do is not glue the internal frame parts for the outer wing sections (parts N51 and N58). Folks who have glued them to the wing halves accidentally have had issues getting thr wings onto the spars. The Barracudacast ignition detail set is for the Birdcage Corsair. The -1A kit has both versions in it. I haven't checked my -1D kits to see if they have bith as well. If you don't mind PE, there's an FAA harness in the kit too. It's a fantastic kit. My third one is currently on my bench. Carl
  14. Don't know if these are of any use but here's VR-A when she was getting serviced a couple years ago. They had her jacked up and off the landing gear.
  15. There's a video posted where the gent from Round 2 is showing a mocked up Tie Fighter in both 1/24 and 1/32 scale and asking for attendees what their preference was. The 1/32 would pair up with the existing MPC kit of Vader's Tie X1. As for the MPC Falcon, he mentioned that they're re-doing the hull sides and radar dish to make them more accurate. Carl
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