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  1. The real tricky part was the Dragon instructions. There are a number of errors and omissions in the instructions that weren't all corrected in their subsequent releases. If Revell can fix those, the kit itself goes together really well. Here's mine that I finished earlier this year. Carl
  2. Let me check the Quickboost rockets I bought for a Tamiya Mossie. They're 1/32 but I think they came with decals for the stencils. If they did, I can scan them for you if that helps. Carl
  3. Really nice work. I did a similar build a few years ago using the old Dragon 1C hybrid kit as that's all that's was available at the time. The kit actually came with the 60lb rockets in it but they were marked as not for use. The rockets themselves weren't that great so all I used were the rails themselves. I used Bison decals for the Coldstream Guards. Here's how mine turned out: Carl
  4. Picked this up at the LHS the other day. Glad to see the Vehicle Collection kits are making into Canada now. Carl
  5. Here's my first completed build of 2019. It's the original release of the Dragon Bf-110 C kit which Revell will be reissuing sometime this year. Overall, the kit went together fairly well. The nacelles are the most challenging bit of assembly and the instructions have a number of errors and omissions in them. The markings are from a Kagero book on the Battle of Britain. Paint was the new AK Real Colours lacquer. The finished model was a bit big for my light box. Carl
  6. I remember seeing the Hasegawa kit at my LHS years ago. It looked really cool but I never got around to getting one. When Planet Models released one in 1/32, I finally picked one up. It was my first all resin 1/32 kit. The gear subsequently collapsed so after reassembling it, it now sits on a stand. Carl
  7. Years ago I had the opposite problem. I bought a 1/48 Buccaneer kit from the LHS and when I picked it up it felt unusually heavy. It turned out upon opening the box that there was two complete kits inside! I still have it in the stash somewhere. Carl
  8. Ben, no worries. BNA sure has a great collection of stuff. I order from them from time to time even though they're on the opposite side of the world from me. If you really want a great kit of the shorttail GTR though, check out the Model Factory Hiro versions. They're stunning in their detail. Carl
  9. Ben, if you're still looking for a kit I have one I'll probably never build. It's the Gulf 24 car so you'll have the stock decals as well as the ones you found. Carl
  10. This website has a list of the colour call outs from the Bandai instructions translated to English. http://www.mech9.com/2015/04/112-r2-d2-r5-d4-construction-manual.html?m=1 If you scroll down a bit there's a chart with various paint lines. Hope that helps. Carl
  11. I found this at my LHS today. It's not quite a Grail kit for me but definitely one that I've kept my eye out for. It was about a 1/3 of what they go for on eBay so I'm happy. The LHS must have gotten a collection in recently as there was a number of old Otaki 1/12 car kits in for a decent price. Carl
  12. My son's have built a number of these Zvezda kits. They're nicely detailed for the scale and go together well. Sadly, they don't last long in the hands of a 5 year old. Carl
  13. I'm not sure what I was thinking but I picked up the Falken BMW M6 kit with the corresponding detail set. Looks like it should be a nice kit at least. Carl
  14. I've got the same aribrush Mike and have to agree with your review. It is a wonderful piece of equipment. I've heard that it's actually made by Iwata and is compatible with their Custom Micron line as far as parts are concerned. They certainly look similar. https://www.iwata-airbrush.com/icm-4502-custom-micron-cp2.html Carl
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