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  1. One thing to make sure you do is not glue the internal frame parts for the outer wing sections (parts N51 and N58). Folks who have glued them to the wing halves accidentally have had issues getting thr wings onto the spars. The Barracudacast ignition detail set is for the Birdcage Corsair. The -1A kit has both versions in it. I haven't checked my -1D kits to see if they have bith as well. If you don't mind PE, there's an FAA harness in the kit too. It's a fantastic kit. My third one is currently on my bench. Carl
  2. Don't know if these are of any use but here's VR-A when she was getting serviced a couple years ago. They had her jacked up and off the landing gear.
  3. There's a video posted where the gent from Round 2 is showing a mocked up Tie Fighter in both 1/24 and 1/32 scale and asking for attendees what their preference was. The 1/32 would pair up with the existing MPC kit of Vader's Tie X1. As for the MPC Falcon, he mentioned that they're re-doing the hull sides and radar dish to make them more accurate. Carl
  4. Amazing progress on the Lancaster Peter. Thanks again for sharing it. There's a new resin cockpit that just came out for the HK 1/32 kit. https://www.robertmrozowski.com/https:/www.robertmrozowski.com/shop/1-32-scale-avro-lancaster-cockpit-kit/ It's not cheap though. Carl
  5. Looks fantastic and really bringing back the memories. Can't wait to see it running.
  6. The only problem with that is the Honda Beat already in the garage. Being a Kei car, it's about 1/2 scale already. Here it is next to our Honda Fit (Jazz)
  7. The paintwork looks fantastic. I've found one at an RC shop nearby and I'm very tempted to grab it. Not sure my wife would be happy as there's already too many in the house (not including my sons').
  8. If you're interested, on Shapeways there are a couple vendors who have the correct vertical slat grille available. Carl
  9. The Honda City Turbo does. That's on the current WR-02 chassis that Tamiya uses on these cars. The battery is now mounted longitudinally and is no longer the humpback style but it's still has a rearward bias to help it wheelie. Tamiya has also adapted many of the chassis parts into 4WD and 6WD variants.
  10. A blast down memory lane for me! The Wild Willy was my first RC car. I got it when I was 14 and painted the Jeep in a Ferris camo scheme. I lost one of the kingpins for the front arms so it ended up a three wheeler. I've wanted to get a replacement since and almost did a couple weeks ago. The last time Tamiya released the Willy's Wheeler or Honda City Turbo as they call now I picked one of those up. It's the same chassis as the Wild Willy just with smaller tires. And here's his VW bus. I've managed to get my two sons interested in the hobby and the youngest last fall help build a Clodbuster. Looking forward to seeing the body done. Carl
  11. Yeah, I haven't seen any kits for the Legendary Kaiju. There's been some pre-finished figures by Bandai but only Godzilla and Ghidorah. Still waiting for Godzilla vs Kong to be released.
  12. I had a couple of kaiju arrive in the mail yesterday. A bit simple but the price was decent enough. They'll go nicely with my Aoshima Mechagodzilla. Carl
  13. Display space is definitely an issue I'm quite aware of as I primarily build 1/32 aircraft. I've somehow managed to work around it. So far any ways. Although my wife is dreading the moment I try to find space for the 4 engine heavies I have in the stash.
  14. Here you go! So it has the radar on either side of the bridge, railings for the fore deck, platforms inside the hanger bays where the Seagull goes, some platforms by the catapults and the armoured covers for the bridge and observation deck windows if you want them closed up.
  15. Nice Eagle @Reelyator! I keep looking at them but I'm torn between them and the Discovery from 2001.
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