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  1. Gun metal just seems to be the right colour for a GT-R. That being said, I've got a Tamiya 1/24 kit I've already painted silver but it's getting the multi colour Axia decals once I get around to it.
  2. I then masked off the body shell to paint the window trim. With that done, final assembly only took about 30 minutes. The body was clipped and then screwed into place. Same goes for the doors. The hood has some hinges but again, just slips on I then applied the few emblems to the car. These were provided in self adhesive metal. With those on, the build was finished. Sorry for the jump and not documenting more of the build. I just found it so simple I was a bit shocked. The big holdup was getting the body painted. Back to planes for a bit and then I'll see what I want to work on next car wise. Carl
  3. I then finished the interior details. Turning back to the chassis, the front and rear suspension units were installed. Everything is pretty much a press fit or screwed together. The wheels are finished in a dark bronze and just need the tires mounted and then put into place. I test fitted the body at this point. This week we had some great weather so I took the body shell outside and spray painted it using Tamiya Gun Metal. I had tried airbrushing it but couldn't get a satisfactory finish. I didn't have a wide enough needle to deliver the amount of paint needed. The spray can worked just fine. I heated up in a bowl of hot water. This worked like a charm.
  4. It's been a long time since I updated this build. A bunch of stuff came up including a new work bench and kids staying home. Anyways, onto the progress. I finished the engine. It's really not much more detailed than a 1/24 kit so this went quickly. I then installed the engine into the chassis. The rear suspension was then built up. I took some artistic liberties and used various S sheens of black rather than the all encompassing flat black called out by the instructions. I also decided to do the brake calipers in red.
  5. Model Collect makes several walking tank style models in 1/72. They're under their Fists of War series. They're pretty much all based on German WWII armour. There are 2,4 and 6 legged ones. They might give you some ideas. Carl
  6. Thanks for the information! I've just ordered a pair of the blisters along with Graham's Dambusters conversion set. Carl
  7. Years ago I had one of the Screamin' 1/4 scale vinyl figures of Boba Fett. I used plaster and filled his legs up to the waist where the joint was. I didn't have any issues with the plaster deforming the vinyl or reacting to it otherwise so I think that would be a safe option. It certainly gave the figure enough weight to stabilize him. Hope that helps. Edit: forgot to say that if it's ABS, Tamiya make a primer in their spray cans. Carl
  8. Jon, I think trying to get anything out of Asia at the moment would be a big challenge. I'm in Canada and it's hard enough getting something from one end of the country to the other. I've built one ZM kit so far, have one underway and a bunch more in the stash. I find that as long as you do a bit of dry fitting, they'll go together ok, if a bit fiddly.
  9. Really nice engines and the IP panel looks great too. ZM have Master barrels and weighted wheels listed on their website as well as gear legs. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws17_henschel_hs129.html I'm waiting on the version with the big PaK cannon. But that may be a while longer. Carl
  10. I've got a few boxes of leftover kit parts. In fact, when I recently finished my most recent Tamiya Spitfire (my 9th) I took a pic of all the leftover sprues from them as they were piling up. : They've certainly come in handy over the years so I'm glad I have them. Carl
  11. How about an Arado Ar234 or possibly a He162? They all used the same Jumo engine so that could tie them together. Carl
  12. I've only used them on a single build. That was my Tamiya 1/32 Corsair and I don't recall any issues with them. Carl
  13. Nice to see one of these kits built. Glad to hear it's going well so far. Carl
  14. Here's the Alley cat instruction sheet for the wing panels. Everything else on the wing I filled in when I built mine. Carl
  15. The new wheels look fantastic. I much prefer those over the phone dial style. Mind you in your pic of the red Countach with the lower ride height, they don't look bad so maybe I'll just repaint mine. With regards to the ride height, the US did indeed have a minimum headlight height requirement. They also had a 5 mph bumper standard which meant US cars had a very ugly tall front bumper and little square bumpers on the rear. Carl
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