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  1. It really is quite sizable for a two seater. Here it is next to my HK Lanc.
  2. Time for an overdue update. With the fuselage closed up, I added the cockpit coaming to the front and rear 'pits. I forgot to add the HUD so I popped the front one out and added it on. I used an Eduard T-Face masking set to mask the canopy off. The inside was sprayed in dark gull grey. Italeri includes an interior frame for the opening sections so this was glued into place. I then attached the blast shield that goes between the pilot and copilot. There are supports on either side that are then added to it. I then glued on the fixed front and rear sections. At this point I noticed that the remaining bits had a warp in them. So started with the fixed centre section and glued one side on. This was the result on the unglued side. I had to carefully hold this side in place, apply cement (I used Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Dry) and hold until it set. The pilot's canopy was also warped and bulged out. I used the same approach as above and got that into place. Here's the results so far. Just need to add the co-pilot's canopy and I can start priming.
  3. I recently finished my B-24 in RCAF markings. I removed the pegs that go through the spar and just slide the wings into place. The fit is decent enough and holds together without any additional magnets or fasteners. I miscalculated on the nose weight needed (didn't get enough in) so I added more behind the engines which is just in front of the MLG. Needless to say, she's a bit heavy. Carl
  4. Thanks folks. The belts were worth the effort that's for sure. Carl
  5. Great looking project. If you're looking for droids and other bits to decorate the base, Retrokits make some in 1/72. https://retrokitonline.net/product-category/science-fiction-and-fantasy/retrosf/page/3 They even have moisture vaporators. Carl
  6. I've made some nice progress over the last day or so. Both colours are now done and the tubs joined together. I painted and glued together the shortened intake trunks. They aft of the MLG bay so you really can't see them anyways. They get attached to the MLG bay and then that's installed into the fuselage. I also assembled the nose bay but that can go in after the fuselage halves are joined together. Speaking of which, I put the cockpit in, added the engine and closed things up. You'll notice that I left off the gear legs. I figured they'd get snapped off if I left them in place so I swiped a MLG bay from another kit and only used what was required. Here's the closed up fuselage. It's starting to look like a Starfighter now.
  7. I haven't had much bench time as family are visiting but I did manage to get the first seat done. At the same time I started on the second seat while the first set up. The rear cockpit is all done now. Slow but steady progress. Carl
  8. Here's the belts as supplied by Eduard. Unlike ones from Quinta, they need assembly and the buckles are PE. They're fairly fiddly as a result. It took me almost an hour to get the first set of shoulder belts done.
  9. Thanks for the comments on the B-24, but back to our subject. It's a small update but I am making progress. Our younger cat Sunny decided to visit and make himself comfy on my bench. I do wonder that I don't have more fur in my paint jobs. The cockpit tubs have had the consoles added and the IPs installed. I need to add the seatbelts to the seats next. They're just slid in place to dry. The seatbelts are Eduard Superfabric (their term) but don't have any instructions on how to apply them. They look like Quinta's resin details so I'm going to test a couple small bits first and see what happens.
  10. Thanks folks. It's the Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J kit. It takes up a fair bit of space. This pic gives a better idea of how big it is.
  11. Well, I got sidetracked after the Caterham and finished off another build. If I hadn't been so far along, it would have been an ideal subject for this GB. With that off the bench, I can finally start back on the CF-104. To that end, I glued the front and rear fuselage halves together. I find there's less alignment issues if I do it this way. I taped the halves together to help keep them aligned. I also assembled the MLG bay. I have an Aires one but since the doors are effectively closed, I decided I'd stick with the OOB option. Lastly, I started on the cockpits, using an Eduard PE set. More soon now that I have nothing else on the bench. Carl
  12. Iconicair did resin kits of the Attacker and Spiteful in 1/32. I've got the Seafang and it's a nice kit. Carl
  13. Thanks! I'm a bit behind as I'm almost done the Tamiya Caterham on my bench and then I'll be able to start this up again. Thanks! I generally build all closed up but I did think about this pic for a possible display.
  14. I was out walking our dog this morning and saw a Citroen Traction Avant. The driver had his dog in the front passenger seat so they were checking each other out in passing. Carl
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