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  1. That would be older than I am! You win there. Thanks! Awesome! My wife had promised we could get one but that was before we had two kids and a mortgage. Guess I'm sticking with my Honda Beat.
  2. Thanks for the compliment. Luxury in a Caterham must be an oxymoron.
  3. Thanks! I'm fairly certain it's the oldest kit in my stash. Hopefully the next one won't take as long. Thanks! I'm still playing around with my photo booth but it definitely looks better than my usual RFI shots.
  4. After picking up the recent re-issue of this kit, I decided to take a closer look at the one original one in my stash from 1994 and see if I could finish it. Thankfully, most everything was still in the box. I was missing the distributor so I had to make a replacement as well as source some new seats. Hope you like it. I picked up the kit and started it shortly after it came out but mucked up some bits on it, namely the seats and one of the aluminium side panels. As a result, I shelved it and have lugged it around for the last 24 years. Here's what the contents looked like after all those years. Finishing this was a great feeling. I'm glad it was worth hauling around with me for half my life. Now back to my HK B-25s. Carl
  5. Years ago, a friend was taking an car audio installation course and they had a Koenig Specials 928 in their shop. The instructor let us take a close look at it. It had twin turbos and a supercharger crammed under the hood which had a massive bulge. The fender flares were not exactly discreet either. The hatch was filled with a custom molded subwoofer box and speakers. Completely bonkers and over the top. I agree that the stock car still looks fairly modern and is such a clean design. Carl
  6. FG2Si

    Ready Player One Movie

    Saw it in IMAX earlier this week and really enjoyed it. There's a bunch of differences from the book but they made sense to me and I think it stands well on its own. Might have to pick it up on Blu-ray when it comes out to see/find all the '80s and' 90s bits that have been slipped in. Carl
  7. They're really handy racks Mike. And yes, theyll hold other paint beans as well. I have a mix of Vallejo and Hataka in mine. I also have four of the Tamiya /Gunze sized racks and those will also take the new AK paints. Carl
  8. FG2Si

    tirydium models

    My lighting kit arrived yesterday so I'm now all set to work on my Falcon. Thanks Warren! Carl
  9. Not sure on the conversion to £, but I picked this up for $320 CAD. I have never seen one that low so couldn't help myself. Carl
  10. This arrived today : Carl
  11. FG2Si

    Nuremberg Toy Show 2018

    I had actually bought a JPE kit right before I saw the initial news of the reissue. It was $560 CAD so a bit more than the BDR. I am surprised at the significant differences between the two kits though. It's not just a paint job and stickers. The engine, brakes, wheels and tires are all different. So I wonder if they will reissue the JPE and Cycle fender editions too or just the BDR. Either way, at this point I think I'm set. Carl
  12. Nice review. I have their earlier Tank Transporter release but I'm waiting for some driver and crew figures to hopefully get released. The radiator core is to replace the original one which apparently has an accuracy issue with it. Carl
  13. FG2Si

    tirydium models

    Just need you to do a couple for the 1/72 versions. I've got the Fine Molds and a pair of Bandai ones in the stash that could use them. Carl
  14. FG2Si

    tirydium models

    I see that the Millennium Falcon lighting kits are finally back in stock so I've ordered one. So thanks for the timely thread. Carl