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  1. Ray S

    Airfix for 2019

    I for one am pleased with the new range additions. Nostalgia has an important place in my kit-buying at the moment, so I am really looking forward to the Demon, Dominie and Jetstream. I am already building a Heron, but may well treat myself to another (depending on colour scheme). The Black Widow was always a favourite when I were a nipper. The Storch was never in my stash, so that needs amending. The Concorde is just so awe-inspiring, so that will need to be obtained too. The Buccaneer is a must having read 'Buccaneer Boys', and the Black Phantom looks rather cool, so it is not just oldies I like. Great news Airfix, Thank you! Ray PS The Tiggie will probably be a 'classic' within a few months! Hope the mainplane struts fit easier than with the 1/72 version...
  2. Great start! Ray
  3. Ray S

    18th Century 28 Foot Longboat

    Hello Kev, I have got the Artesania Latina Titanic's Lifeboat part-started, but it has stalled (can a rowboat stall?), and with luck you will be able to show me what needs to be done! I came to grief when it came to the planking... Look forward to picking up a few hints and tips during this! All the best, Ray
  4. Ray S

    1/600 Carley Floats

    Hello all! Well, I ordered the Carley Floats from Shapeways, and found that they look pretty good to me! I ordered the 10ft x 5ft floats and ended up with 84 of them. I hope they are the right size, but even if they are not, they look a whole lot better than the ones Airfix/MisterCraft produced. I also ordered a set of ship's boats for the Cossack while I was about it, and they look pretty neat too: They need to be exposed to U/V light, so I have put them on my windowsill and am hoping there is enough getting through the glass - my photochromic sunglasses darken off in there so hopefully it is enough. I have also washed the parts to get rid of 'waxy' residue that the manufacturers say may well be left. I should have enough floats to last for quite a while now! Cheers, Ray
  5. Ray S

    Hello from Berkshire,UK

    Welcome! You will find this a great place to get ideas. Look forward to seeing what you do! All the best, Ray
  6. Ray S

    Airfix Advent Calender - it’s back for 2018

    Nice! Ray
  7. A very nice start on this one Warren. I have to agree about the Dragon instructions. They could really do with clarifying somewhat. Looking forward to seeing this progress. Ray
  8. Ray S

    1/600 Carley Floats

    Thanks for that @Niall, the parts looked pretty good to me! I am certainly minded to get one of these sets. All I need to do is try and work out which size was used... That is a thought @Seahawk, maybe I will try that as a last resort. I may well treat myself to a Belfast in the near future. That would give me 64 floats for other uses... Thanks for the replies, Ray
  9. Ray S

    1/600 Carley Floats

    Hello all. For my sins, I picked up a copy of the Mistercraft 1/600 Tribal Class Destroyer - HMS Eskimo - the other month. It had featured in a recent Airfix Magazine, and they had said it was an old Airfix re-issue. The runner layout looked to be quite different to the images I have seen of the old Airfix Cossack, so my opinion is that it may well be a copy. Well, the moulding was terrible the scuttles actually PROTRUDED from the hull(!), there was flash in abundance, and the parts looked nothing like the instruction guide. The painting instructions look very professional (drawing-wise), and I think they copied verbatim the Colourcoats guide for HMS Eskimo on the Sovereign Hobbies website. I hope @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies is aware of that! Anyway, after overcoming my shock/horror on seeing the kit, I thought it would be a good one to hone my 'repairing' skills. I drilled out the scuttles, opened the hawse-holes, replaced deck splinter shields, rebuilt the masts with brass rod, replaced the breakwater, and have used my White Ensign etch details (from three separate sets). But... The Carley Floats are unusable! I have some spares from another Airfix 1/600 kit, but do not want to sell that one short (it is a MUCH better kit than this one), so I have been looking for some aftermarket. White Ensign have done some white metal ones, but there is an option or two on Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/G43H3MLSF/1-600-rn-ww2-10ft-x-5ft-carley-floats-84 There was another set of a different float size too, but you get the gist. The thing is, I get rather confused with the various qualities of 3D print materials, and, basically, is the "3D printed in matte translucent plastic that showcases incredibly fine and intricate details." the decent type of material? I know it needs to be cleaned well, and needs to be exposed to U/V light to cure, and to have acrylic paint instead of enamel. 84 floats would be more than enough for me. For the record, I am thoroughly enjoying amending this model and trying to get it looking presentable, and I will put in RFI when it is complete. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. All the best everyone, Ray
  10. Ray S

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Steve, in the interests of honesty, I have to admit that the last sentence there is one that finally sank into my brain! I actually remembered that you had mentioned this some time ago earlier in your build, and I promptly heated the brass rod to very hot when I soldered a pair of 1/600 masts for my highly detailed Mistercraft HMS Eskimo! Thank you very much for mentioning little details like this, it really helps us mere mortals with our modelling! All the best, Ray
  11. Eyup lad, you were lucky, ah remember t'days when t'catalogue came out chiseled on slate lad! Ray theancientone
  12. Ray S

    seeking information

    Hello triggerrigger, Pop it into the Ready for Inspection area of the AFV Section. Look forward to seeing it! All the best, Ray
  13. Ray S

    AMP& MikroMir News, questions, wishes, and more ...

    I hope you can get these sorted, the Hastings is top of my wants list, and I know you have put quite a bit of work into it so far! Hope all goes well, Ray
  14. Ray S

    New Ship Related Releases

    Combrig have released about a dozen 1/700 resin destroyers from the 1893 - 1900 timescale. Hopefully the link will work: http://combrig-models.com/ The range is for : Havoc 1893 Spitfire 1895 Hornet 1893 Violet 1898 Hasty 1896 Zebra 1900 Ardent 1895 Hunter 1895 Albatross 1900 Decoy 1895 Hardy 1895 Foam 1896 Starling Models have a number of them listed as available now too! Cheers, Ray
  15. Ray S

    Trainers GB (finally legal!)

    Hello, can you add me to the list please? I have a number of aircraft that would be suitable for this GB. Many thanks, Ray