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  1. That is very ingenious Adey! When I did mine, I was not so scientific. I built a 'crate' for cargo (I was so chuffed about getting the planking and wood effects!) and filled that with lead but it was way short, and I foolishly thought that the wheels at the back would help keep it level. So I built the rest of good ol' Bev, had fun and games with the paint (incompatabilities etc), ended up with something that looked like it was made from leather, and a tail sitter to boot! I ended up taking off the lower glazing and filling that whole interior with lead, painted it black, and no-on
  2. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on this one Adey, I built one a couple of years ago and was very impressed with it, and the amount of weight it needed to stay on it's feet! All the best my friend, Ray
  3. My preferred cars would be: Morris Minor aka Moggie Thou (it all its variations - saloon, traveller, van, pickup, etc) Morris Oxford (same style as the Moggy) Morris Oxford (the more rectangular version) No guessing I am a child of the '50s... Cheers, Ray
  4. Me! Me! I would have both. Ray
  5. Hi, there is a windshield supplied, but I was not sure if it would fit after the reprofiling that Rob S had shown. My skills would need improving to possibly correct that, but that is why we model, right? I will not go down the replacement engine route, I want to stay on a budget, so I will probably just content myself with rescribing panel lines and possibly the reprofile work. @Rob S, I will send you a PM. I am not sure if I will do this but it would be nice to be able to cut things out and have a dry fit and see how things go. Thanks for the offer .
  6. That was quite an ingenious way of solving that issue @Rob S, I may consider doing something along those lines if I can find accurate plans, and figure out how to do the glazing (there are no cockpit transfers with this option. Thanks for showing how you did it! All the best, Ray
  7. Oh goody, I will treat myself to one of these,I humbly admit I never knew they did this one before! It is the only Jag I will ever have... Ray
  8. Done! I do not know what happened to the original picture, I probably forgot to post it! Now you know what you are up against! Yours forgetfully, Ray
  9. Hello all. This will be my second entry into this GB. This one qualifies on two counts, it is for Air New Zealand, and it is Australian made by OzMods! This is what I am up against. On the whole, it looks to be a good package. It will need a fair bit of work, but should be fun! The box was nice and sturdy: The parts have a bit of flash and are also quite stained. I am not sure if it is discoloured plastic or releasing agent. I know the bits will get a bath before I start though. There is a nice selection of resin parts, and an
  10. Hello all. This will be my first subject for this Group Build. It is the Airfix Boeing 737, and I have decided to do the Australian airline Ansett's 1982 scheme as supplied in the kit. I got this cheap from Hobbycraft a few years ago. I had intended to do it in the NZ scheme, but the all-white version has won out, especially due to the colourful tail. Here are the obligatory pre-build piccies: My choice may change, it has been known to in the past! The kit itself looks fairly okay, there is
  11. It has been mentioned on here time after time that Airfix , if they (the current management) produce something in a larger scale first, they will not produce one in a smaller scale afterwards, that was all I was suggesting my friend! That is why folks have always said there will not be a 1/72 Javelin, Meteor, Sea Vixen etc. The post was meant in such a way as to give us some hope, so I promise I am not agitating for anything! I hope that clarifies the original intention, Ray
  12. It does go to show that Airfix will produce a smaller scale model of something they have done in a larger scale, even if it is a different variation. Gives us hope for a new Javelin or Chippie sometime in the future (maybe!). Ray the ever hopeful.
  13. This will be an impressive size. It is a great start, and I am looking forward to seeing this progress. All the best, Ray
  14. My current read is 'Biggles Learns to Fly' This is my 82nd book (that I remember) reading since March 2020 when our 'Lockdown' first kicked in. Ray
  15. Another of those glib phrases that seems to be common is 'the engine/cockpit/sub-assembly' is a mini-kit in its own right! The original post by @JasonC is spot on, and very interesting to read and be educated about. All the best, Ray
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