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  1. Ray S

    VC-10 K2 decals

    Than you very much for those, it was really appreciated. Ray
  2. Hello all, thanks again for the kind comments. @2996 Victor, this RAAF aircraft was allocated to No 12 Local Air Supply Unit at Kiarivu Airfield, Papua New Guinea in 1945. It is option 'B' in the A02106 boxing by Airfix. As to the back story, No.12 LASU was a Transport Unit, but I cannot find too much out about it. There is something on 'Pacific Wrecks' website, but I do not know if it is this particular aircraft. It mentions A17-48 as the aircraft involved, but this one is A17-489. I would like to think this is the one as it had an interesting experience! https://pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/dh82/A17-48.html I hope that is of some use, all the best. Ray
  3. That is an excellent result, especially taking into account the tribulations that you have had with it. All the best, Ray
  4. Ray S

    VC-10 K2 decals

    Just to say I have started this project now and will be using some of the suggestions given. @Archer_VC10 has pm'd me some plans from his book, and I will try to get reasonably close to getting something VC-10 like. I also got the Ram Models markings so need to chose which of the four lovely grey machines to do. The 1000 years of Oxfordshire is looking to be the favourite at the moment. I am toying with doing a WIP for it, as that may prompt me to do it better than on my todd. I will be giving the leading edge modifications a miss (sorry!), as Hannants are out of stock. Thanks to all for the advice and offers, Ray
  5. Hello all again. At the request of @ColinChipmunkfan, here are some photographs of the civvie Tiger Moth. This was the original boxing of this new tool kit (from 2013 - crumbs, that long ago?). It shows a Tiger Moth from the Tiger Club at Headcorn Aerodrome, Ashford, Kent. I found even then it was a fragile model in its later stages, and I have to admit I was puzzled about how to fit the interplane struts. There are small pins on the struts, but relatively large rectangles for them to fit into on the wings. When I looked into the rectangles with a newly purchsed magnifier I think I saw incredibly tine holes inside the rectangular ones! Whatever the answer, the struts fitted. I did omit some bits to this kit, I did not rig the cabane struts (I followed the instructions and fitted them to the upper wing first and that left no room for access to rig), I chickened out of painting the cockpit framing, and did not rig the tail elevators, just the rudder. I corrected all those with the Aussie one. Oddly, there were no control horns on the underside of the tailplane elevators. Anyway, here is the civilian Tiger Moth for you: This one was brush painted with Humbrol 20 Crimson enamel (before I discovered thinning paint makes it work better!) and Revell 90 Silver acrylic. I cannot remember what I rigged with, I think this one was EZ-Line. In this instance, I did not drill any holes, I just used a spot of CA and soaked the end of the line in accelerator and it gripped where it touched. I then trimmed the line to just short and did the same at the final anchor point with just a hint of tension on the line. I hope this has been okay for you. All the best everyone, Ray
  6. Thank you all for the lovely replies and 'likes'. For the rigging @BigginHill, I drill blind holes in the top wing and drill all the way through the lower. I pre-fitted InfiniModel rigging thread into the blind holes in the top wing before fitting the wing, and tacked the wires securely out of the way with scraps of masking tape so they did not accidentally get glued where they shouldn't. Then it was just a case of threading the wires through the appropriate full holes and securing with some superglue (I apply it using some fishing line held in tweezers - they curve of the line is very useful for accurate spotting!) while holding the line taut. Once that has set, I reinforce the glue with a few spots more underneath prior to cleaning up. I hope that helps for you. @ColinChipmunkfan, I will take some later today and pop them on here too. There are some things I did not do with that one which I did on the RAAF version - rigging between the cabane struts, painting the cockpit glazing framing, etc. Oh yes @BigginHill, the cabane struts - I fitted them to the fuselage first (instructions say to fit them to the top wing), and then fitted the four rigging wires to the fuselage and, when set, pulled them over the bar at the top of the struts. That then was still able to fit properly to the top wing, but gives easier access - that is why I did not fit these wires to the Civvie one, as I followed the instructions... All the best everyone, and thanks for looking, liking, and the comments! Ray
  7. Hello all. I have just finished this little beauty of a kit, the Airfix 1/72 Tiger Moth. It is the second of these new toolings that I have finished, and I have enjoyed both! The kit itself is delightfully moulded, but there were some mould blemishes on one of the interplane struts, along with some flash but neither were a problem to sort out. I needed some filler between the cockpit openings but that was pretty much that. The only parts I really had problems with were the main undercarriage parts, and that is only because of my ham-fistedness. I decided to add the wheels right at the end having test fitted them, but when I did, the undercarriage disintegrated! Thankfully, ala Hot Chocolate, I put it together, again. This time though, I added the wheels first - should of (have?) done that first time. The model did get rather fragile towards the end. I brush painted with Colourcoats Foliage Green, varnished with Revell Matt varnish acrylic and rigged with InfiniModel rigging line. All in all, I loved the build. I did not add the cross-bracing between the rigging wires though. I may try that later. I also photographed this with the other one I did, from the original boxing of this new tool kit: Thanks for looking, Ray
  8. Ray S

    A riveting question...

    I think this one must be one of the most 'over-rivetted' kits (I know it is not Airfix by the way!) https://www.kitreviewsonline.de/kit-archaeologie-heute-starfix-tupolev-tu-16-im-massstab-1200/ Scroll down and you can see what I mean! It is 1/144 scale Cheers Ray whatactuallybuiltoneofthesein1970
  9. In this one @Seahawk, they are off boating and camping out with their Mother's consent! This one is new, but I picked up two more at the bookshop in Henrietta Street, Chelters yesterday (Peter Duck and the Coot Club). Good luck in your quest for the Lone Pine adventures! Ray
  10. I have just started 'Swallowdale' by Arthur Ransome. I am on a childhood revisit kick at the moment...I read quite a few of the 'Swallows and Amazons' books when I was out in Singapore, and rediscovered the joy of them when I read 'Winter Holiday' the other month. Cheers, Ray
  11. Hello Moa, those leading-edge corrugations really show very nicely indeed - they were very much worth correcting. Excellent work. Ray
  12. And there I was thinking they were interference patterns like what I was tort at skool! All the best, Ray the ever-learning
  13. You would not regret it! I use a paint pallet, stir the paint with some spare runner, let the paint drip off the runner into the pallet (I usually try and get about five to six drops off the runner), and use a dropper to pop about two or three drops of the Colourcoats naphtha thinner in, stir it and off I go. The thinner seems to evaporate quickly, so I sometimes add another drop later if I am doing quite a bit or if it is hot! This aircraft had three coats on top, two for the sky undersides. Give them a go! All the best, Ray
  14. That is a great build! It is a wonderful kit, I cannot sing its praises highly enough. Ray
  15. Jamie, you supplied the important bit - the paints! Thanks for the comment though, very much appreciated. Joachim, I know...but I am trying to pluck up courage to fit that little piece of rigging thread, but getting it to look right is tricky for me! I promise I will add a photo if it works out. Thanks everyone else for the very kind comments. Ray
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