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  1. I had done the SS France too around about that time. I would love to do both again but I would probably need a time machine! Ray
  2. I remember building this one way back in the early 70's and enjoyed it. I know you will have fun with it Ray
  3. I may have been quiet over the last few days but there has been some progress. After skipping a few stages in the instructions, the hull has gone together. The fit was pretty good, but the bulges where the prop shafts are required a little bit of filler, as did a small section of the underside of the hull itself: The rest of my time has been taken up with paint, mask, paint, mask, paint. It is quite a complex scheme even without the black and white diagonals: There is still one round of masking to go. I am waiting for some thin (1mm and 1.5mm) Aizu masking tape to arrive as, due to a cock-up on the planning front, I have run out. I didn't get where I am today by planning well... I have started on the deck too, the main deck has been painted Revell 88 Ochre, and the superstructure has been blocked in with its appropriate grey. The four Aztec stairs have been cut off the next deck level, so I am now committed to using some etch. Talking of which, I mentioned in the initial post that I was concerned about the wavy railings at the bottom left of the fret: I had a feeling that I was going to have to cut them up to make them fit - well, after looking at the Trumpeter instructions for their 1/350 version, and then finally absorbing what the Tom's Modelworks instructions showed, I don't have to! I found that they were not railings, but they fit along the sides of the decking horizontally, not vertically! Phew. More soon, with luck. Thanks for looking, Ray
  4. Count me in on this one please. I have quite a few contenders, to say the least Ray
  5. I will have a look into that Jeff, thanks for mentioning it! Ray
  6. Quite! I have studiously ignored RR schemes in the past (too difficult!) but now have three in the pipeline/planning stage, and only the other day I found that Mark One Models do a HS.748 with the scheme too. Thanks James, so am I! I do wonder how it will go as I will be mainly brush painting the blue and red sections, but I will crack out a rattle can for the white. I thought I would just show a few comparison photographs of the 1996 and 2024 issues of the Rotodyne. Firstly, the box size has shrunk, but the Roy Cross artwork shows more of the original painting: The transfers have been redone as I mentioned earlier: The older, lighter blue transfers did seem to be pretty good. At our Model Club meeting on Tuesday, one of our members brought in a damaged old Rotodyne wearing the old transfers, but they had settled down over the raised detailing very well indeed. The plastic has changed too: It is interesting to see that the 'flash' in the wing location slot takes the same shape for both kits, whereas the bit of flash where the rotor pin will snuggle into is on the old kit, but not the new. Some of the other parts on the new issue have less flash, and ejection pin marks vary between both. The 'feel' of the new kit seems better to me, but it is still from 1959 ultimately. That is much of the charm of this model. The newer release is the darker plastic. Finally, other than cobbling together transfers, the only other concession to aftermarket is a masking set: This looks pretty comprehensive, but suffers from something that I have noticed quite a bit in the past. It is supplied in a ziplock plastic bag. Crumbs, talk about fit tolerances on models, but there is no tolerance on this! When the set is in the bag, it is in so tight it would not come out! I have noticed that with transfer sheets too. Why can't the bags be made just 1 or 2mm wider, so the things don't get damaged when you try and put them back? Whinge over, first world problems, eh? Anyway, I intend to have fun with this, and with any degree of luck will have quite a colourful addition on the display shelf at the end of it. All the best everyone with your builds, I am really looking forward to seeing some of the weird and wonderful creations Ray
  7. That is a stunning result on a fine-looking ship. Excellently presented and, as others have mentioned, that awning looks brilliant. I have this one in the stash and will be very happy if I get half as good a result. All the best, Ray
  8. Hello all. My main contribution to this Group Build will be Fairey's finest, the Rotodyne. This kit has been in my stash for quite some time, and I feel this is the right time to build it! I know it could have gone into the Classic Airfix GB, but fear not, the Vintage Classic reissue version will be appearing there too, as I just happen to have acquired that as well. This is the boxing that I will build for this GB: It cost me a bit more than the £5.97 label suggests. The parts are typical of those from 1959 - Not too bad for their age, and it has probably worn better than I have. The transfers were one of the reasons I had not built this before: The blue printed seemed to me to be way, way too light compared to the original, and I could not find any alternatives. Thus was born my idea to do it as a 'Raspberry Ripple' schemed aircraft. I was put off that too because me and masking had a bad relationship, having always thought 'that's way too difficult'. Then I did a Twin Otter with this scheme: I thought 'Aw, shucks, this isn't so bad after all' and I was hooked. The Andover was the best view I found of a Raspberry Ripple aircraft, but I think I will need to modify the red sections with the Rotodyne. The final nail in the coffin was when I ordered a transfer sheet for a Dakota. It too had a RR scheme, and, even better, alternative options for the Royal Aircraft Establishment legend: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72084?result-token=Ce7lp The other option will be going onto my Dak sometime in the future, I just have to remember to use the right ones on this Rotodyne. The kit will be mainly built OOB, but I will make one or two minor adjustments, like maybe rivet removal, sinkhole filling and maybe rescribing. Personally, I would like to keep the rivets and raised panel lines, but it depends on the joint qualities. I have read that removing the location pins helps, especially on the fuselage. I am looking forward to building this one here, but I need to finish an EE Lightning first. Thanks for looking, and any advice or 'clanger warnings' will be greatly appreciated, I usually make a few each build Ray
  9. I will be adding a place holder for my build, but it may be a while before I start it properly, but it won't be too long after the starting whistle, with luck Ray
  10. Hello all, I forgot a couple of others. How the Dickens I could forget these, considering the subjects are my favourite aircraft, I do not know. Anyway, I will put that right now: The box says it all. I really must do the Tremblers 'K' again sometime... I can't remember when this modified Lightning came out but it was based on the original. Again alternative transfers were used. It still looks like a Lightning, and certainly brings back fond memories of building them when I were a nipper. Right, that is definitely it now, so thanks for looking, Ray
  11. I do build things that are not aircraft, a few of which are here: RMS Queen Elizabeth RMS Mauretania Beach Buggy in a scheme requested by my good lady wifey A re-pop of HMS Cossack, complete with original-style stand that Airfix originally issued it with Cutty Sark adapted to fit in with an idea from a Michael Moorcock book, 'The Ice Schooner' DUKW HM Bark Endeavour Well, you will be pleased to know that that is it for now. There is a huge selection of fabulous models being shown on here, inspiration indeed! Thanks all for sharing them Have a great GB rAY
  12. A few more (there is quite a well of subjects I must admit!) Ford Trimotor VC-10 CMkI (ish) Boeing 737 Sopwith Pup Albatros DVa North American Mitchell (complete with a wind-blown upper turret!) Non-aircraft next post Thanks for looking Ray
  13. A few 'oldies' from me: Fokker Friendship Short Stirling The box says it all Westland HAS.22 DH Heron HP42/45 Bristol Superfreighter Hannover CLIII Lockheed Shooting Star I will pop some more on in a mo Ray
  14. Thanks Cliff. I am still not sure about using the etch - I may just be selective @ArnoldAmbrose, thanks for your comments. The Tom's Modelworks etch instructions mentioned the lack of ship's boats. I will probably live with that. Thanks too for the advice about the armament. I might have a look at Micromaster and see if they do any upgrades, and if so, how much. Being on a tight budget, I will have to be careful No worries, please do. The Germans knew how to design a great looking ship back in the day. Anyway, I have now got the photographs done. First up, the box: A very dramatic view, even if no 'war' is going on around it. It is odd how Prinz Eugen was facing the other way in newer boxings. The parts look to be in pretty good condition which is how it should be after only six years since the first issue (1975 1st issue, 1981 this one): @ArnoldAmbrose, I have made a note for the shelterdeck parts as I have a history of doing the same - I built an HMS Hood (Airfix) back in 1967 and put some superstructure parts on upside down and other bits would not fit. I was only 9 then guv, honest. Tom's supply plenty of railing: There is no sheer incorporated, so I will have to see if the railings can be persuaded to go on and still keep the stanchions upright. The second fret is very finely etched, I think one or two parts may be incomplete: Those 'wavy' railings down at the bottom left/centre are what are giving me the creeps and I am trying to work out how to bend them to shape. They may be prime candidates for cutting them into sections. I noticed that the White Ensign set that I linked to previously showed them in a similar format. The instructions for the etch are, shall I say, rudimentary: Hopefully I can work out what goes where and how. That is it for now, thanks for looking and any advice or suggestions will be appreciated. This will not be a super-accurate build, but I would like to do it justice Ray
  15. Hmm, just had a look at Atlantic and Starling Models websites but there was nothing there. However, White Ensign do do something: https://www.whiteensignmodels.com/p/WEM+1600+Ultimate+Kriegsmarine+Set+3+Pocket+Battleship+Cruiser+Destroyer+PE+633/5368/ and the postage to the UK seems reasonable. Hopefully I can get that (I think that White Ensign are done by Tom's Modelworks). Ray I think I may do it without some etch and stick with the Tom's Modelworks stuff, but no railings - the Tom's stuff does not include the sheer for the deck railings, and there is quite a bit
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