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  1. Hello all! I have just had plenty of fun building the Airfix 1/72 Fokker Friendship. The Friendship was the first model I ever had, but it was the old Revell box-scale one. I was so impatient to build it I used sellotape - I did not know you needed glue! Well, I was only 6 at the time... Just before Christmas last year I treated myself to 9 ancient kits from KingKit, and this was one of them. I was quite surprised at the surface detailing (no knowledge of accuracy but the raised lines were very fine and no sign of the rivets Airfix became famous for). The cockpit had quite a bit in it - no inbuilt slab and stick a pilot in here but it had floor, seats, control columns and console and all. I added some tape belts and left the improvement at that. The fuselage sides were warped but went together with a bit of persuasion, as did the wings. I fitted the cockpit glass but left out the cabin windows, used rolled up paper pushed through the fuselage from one side to the other to mask them off then used some florist wire through two of the tubes and then bent to rest in holes drilled in my spray board to act as a stand for when I sprayed the plane. I used rattle cans, white primer then gloss white, then removed the tubes, masked up the white paint with tape and greetings card cellophane wrapping and used Tamiya for the silver and the grey for the wings. I masked off for the black de-icing boots and anti-glare panel. Decals were pretty good, but I did find that the cutouts for the windows did not align with the windows themselves so a little retouching on the paintwork was needed. Once all the transfers were on and sealed with satin varnish, I filled the cabin window voids with Clearfix, that dried crystal clear but I did find it awkward as the Clearfix 'strung' badly and often flopped back onto the fuselage but cleaned up with water and a cotton bud. The wings, fuselage and props went on next and the plane was done. The props! Five paints and 16 transfers in total for the two of them. Thankfully I had put enough weight into the nose (aquatic plant weights - really soft malleable stuff but great for this), but it was the nose that caused the most problems. It took a lot of filling to get it remotely respectable as it does not follow the contours of the main body. The transfers were nicely gloss and settled well over the panel lines, and seemed quite opaque. They were reluctant to release from the backing paper even with boiling water - they needed to soak for about five minutes each. It is possible that I stretched them while trying to remove them but I don't think so. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed building this. Afterwards I found on the internet all sorts of ways of improving the model, the most noticeable being the fin fillet, cutting out the missing cabin windows, detailing the undercarriage and opening up the exhausts. Never mind, this is now officially an out of the box build, except the belts! I still have two of the three options on the transfer sheet available, Turk Hava Yollari (Turkish Airlines) and Nederlandse Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Fokker Heritage Flight). Thanks for looking, Ray
  2. Ray S

    Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

    I have not had an e-mail yet, and I am a bit concerned that my Flickr photos may get lost. Does the e-mail come through on your normal e-mail or the Yahoo one that we had to have? My Yahoo one never opens and I get the message that there is a temporary problem! Yours confusedly, Ray
  3. Ray S

    Music collecting, do you buy 'Live' etc. albums?

    The very first album I ever bought was Hawkwind's 'Space Ritual' double album, it was live, and is the absolute best album I have ever bought. I saw them live at Cheltenham Town Hall soon after it was issued, and some lucky watsit fainted near the front and Stacia came down and carted him off! No, it was not me... There are some excellent other live albums, Seahawk was right about Live and Dangerous, but if I remember rightly Scott Gorham re-recorded some of his guitar work. Cheers, Ray
  4. What a brilliant result Nick. It is a fabulous ship, and the setting just lifts it beyond the 'brilliant' to exceptional. All the best, Ray
  5. Kris, that is an excellent build of a wonderful ship! As has been mentioned, you have done a great job of construction and weathering, you should be proud of your result. I hope it tempts you into a few more maritime projects - it is a fabulous world of boats out there! Ray
  6. Ray S

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Hello Steve, thanks for correcting the web address! It looks like they have a great selection of subjects there! Cheers, Ray
  7. Ray S

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Good Luck, as requested! This is a great subject, and as you said it is probably one of the most important types the RAF ever had. I will keep an eye on this one! Ray
  8. Ray S

    Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    How about the Boston (I think it is that one) the third from the left on the bottom row! Ray PS Failing that, the Comet Racer...
  9. Ray S

    1/72 scale Wildcats and Martlets

    Great start with this. I have to admit I built two in fairly short order, and struggled with the spider's web undercarriage both times, and the folded wings once! I had to build two, as on the first go I found I had either lost or never had the transparencies, so was compelled (of course) to visit my local model emporium and purchase a second. Thank goodness Airfix supplied a fully open and a fully closed canopy so I could finish both! I found it a great kit to put together, and I hope you get as much fun out of yours as I did! All the best, Ray
  10. Ray S

    Hannover CLIIIA

    Excellent job Ratch! I always though this was the best of the Airfix WW1 biplanes from their early days. You have done the lozenge superbly too. Ray
  11. Ray S

    Rough Humbrol acrylic: a work around.

    Just a quick update, I am still waiting for an update on this, but I will let you know when something happens! Ray
  12. Hello, you can count me in too please! I had great fun with the Non-Injection GB, and need some inspiration again! I feel like trying to have a go at scratch building the SS Politician which was the ship that inspired the film (and book?) Whisky Galore. I have a set of plans for it so I would have no excuse! Hope this Group Build gets through in the vote when it is time! Ray
  13. Ray S

    HMS Victory Diorama.1:72.

    Excellent work, and superbly presented. Thanks for sharing with us! Ray
  14. Ray S

    Royal Navy Colours of World War Two - The Pattern 507s, G10 and G45

    Jamie, you have been doing some serious detective work with RN paints recently! What with this and the Blues (B5 +B15 if I remember correctly), you are turning percieved thoughts upside down! About 3 hours before you posted this I ordered a lot of RN paints from you, I will stick with them for the time being! Thanks for all your great work (and your co-investigators) Ray
  15. Ray S

    # of post's doesn't change

    Hello, I think I remember reading once that the post count does not increase when you post in the 'Chat' section. Hope that helps, Ray