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  1. Cheers for that information Paul. That in fact was the only review I found for a write up for the Aeroclub Felixstowe. I have sorted the props and am going by Aeroclub's drawings. I will not be doing anything fancy with them either, just painting them as best I can.
  2. That is truly wonderful! Ray
  3. I have been concentrating on the engines and mounts today. Some of the white metal parts needed some filling where there were pits in the surface. I used Perfect Plastic Putty for this. The two big holes on the right of the radiator back are mounting points, but I missed the big hole on the left! I have also started to build up the engine. I have used CA to glue the white metal together, but I found out the problem with that yesterday, when I was trying to dry fit the engines again. The engine and mounts fell off into the container I was using to balance everything, and ju
  4. Ray S

    DHC Twin Otter

    I have been fortunate to fly in Twin Otters more than any other aircraft, mostly in Nepal. The most amazing flights we had were into Lukla, the gateway to the Khumbu Region, including Everest. The first time we (my brother and I) flew in, there was unbroken cloud cover and we were really surprised that they let the aircraft go. You do not want to fly into any Cumulo-granitus en-route, so everyone was rather nervous.Thankfully, most of the cloud was above the mountains, but there were rivers of cloud around lower down and in the valley. As we neared Lukla, the pilot throttled back and put the n
  5. That is very good progress on this. I thought about getting one of these when it first came out, rather a long time ago if I remember. I always liked the 'odd-looking' aircraft, and one with wings on backwards is a good place to start! Ray
  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed your progress, and you have shown that through adversity the best things turn up! I love it. Ray
  7. I have still been messing around trying to figure out how to best fit the engines and their mounts, and I think I am getting there now. First though, I thought it would be a good idea to part build and paint the engines, and also get the mounts painted too, so they had their blast of primer today: I will leave that to set overnight, then start adding paint. No matter what I tried, I still have the engines in a 'nose down' attitude when I try and dry fit them, so I am more than convinced that the angle of incidence is out on my attempt at fitting the lower wing.
  8. Very nice, and I really like the help you have had with those cutaway drawings! Ray
  9. The Ilyushin Il-62 'VC-10-alike' is next after the Twin Otter! Ray (see, I did succumb)
  10. What a fabulous result Ray. I have to admit there is something about these older kits, especially with the rivets on, they give the aircraft 'texture' and as I was brought up on rivetted Airfix kits, they do not seem right if they do not have any! Who says we do not get influenced by things in childhood... Ray
  11. Yes, what a great Group Build it has been, and a wonderful Tribute for Silver Fox. I have been amazed at the quality of the builds going on (all are such very high quality), and the huge amount of history and background we have been given by many of the contributors. An Aus/NZ II will be good, and I will happily sign up if the fates allow. Ray
  12. Hi Tim, this is another very sleek aircraft, and I really like the grey/white scheme. It will be an interesting double build with your vacform one. Ray
  13. I was going to say that! Oh, never mind - nice t-shirt! The Concordski looks great, and I am getting a liking for these Russian aircraft. Good luck with getting the revisions sorted out, I got lost quite early on. Ray
  14. That looks brilliant to me, I have to humbly admit I never knew that a Supersonic Harrier was even thought of, much to my shame. Ray
  15. What a very graceful airliner this is, and you are doing a grand job with it. It was an especially good save with the flap join lines! I really must try and use that Mr Surfacer 500 and IPA, it sounds a good combo. Weather here is dreadful chucking it down all day, but probably making up for April when we only had about 4% of our April rainfall here. Ray
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