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  1. Ray S

    Bristol 192 Belvedere

    Hello Z, this is coming on a rum 'un as my Granddad used to say. You have done some fabulous work with this, and it really is making me want to get one sometime soon, and going back down memory lane! Looking forward to seeing the progress and paintwork. All the best, Ray
  2. Ray S

    RAM Models

    IPMS still list RAM Models as a trader that gives 10% discount on production of a current membership card, and they say it is correct as of August 2018. I thought they offered some good stuff and it is a shame if they are going south. Ray
  3. Ray S

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Hello Seadog, I do not do 'high tech', but I think you may have made me reconsider... Very nice work with this, and I really like the way you used your 'tree nails' - they did a cracking job keeping things in place. I think I may need to try woodworking a bit more than I do, it opens up so much in the way of modelling possibilities for us. All the best, Ray
  4. Ray S

    Oyster Regatta

    That is amazing work Kev, and really excellent sails! Ray
  5. Hello all. Last Christmas my son gave me this kit as a very nice present, and, wonder of wonders, I actually finished it within the calendar year. I normally end up putting new kits into the stash only to be discovered years later! I wanted to do something different with this model. I could not afford the photo-etch set for this one this time, so I built it entirely OOB. I did take a bit of a liberty and painted it in the 1944 scheme illustrated on the side of the box, but I am fully aware that the configuration had changed between then and 1945 which was how the model was fitted out. It's my model and I built how I want to, built how I want to, you would do to if it happened to you! You could make a song out of that methinks... Anyway, I really wanted to give Colourcoats paint a really good tryout. I had built a Short Stirling and used their Dark Green and Night Black and got on well with them, so now it was the ideal canvas to try a disruptive pattern on this, largish model. I only brush-paint (unless I use white when I upgrade to a rattle can!). I promptly went to the Soveriegn Hobbies website and downloaded their colour notes for KGV, and decided to do the disruptive option despite the fit differences. I had already completed my set of Colourcoats RN paints (two days before @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies announced his new NARN series of updated RN Colours), so I knew I probably had the right ones. I tried to follow the guide on the box for colour demarcations, but used Jamie's notes for the actual colours. I thinned the paints with Colourcoats own thinners, and they worked a treat, but oddly I found that the lightest colours covered more completely than the darker ones! I strongly suspect that was me causing that, but after a couple of coats for the light gray and light blue, and three for the dark gray and dark blue, I was well and truly happy with the results from this brand of paint. Top marks Jamie! The kit itself was great, not much flash and quite nicely detailed for me, but I have to admit that in the end I wished I had been able to get the etch to raise the bar a bit. It looked 'wrong' without any railings, and as for the cranes, well... Anyway, here is what I ended up with, one quite colourful ship, and a large one to boot! I did have to take some (more) liberties with the camouflage scheme as I could not quite figure out how the colours wrapped around athwartships (if that means side-to-side) for the for and aft superstructure colours. These models were ones that my brother and I used to drool over when we were gazing through the catalogues back in the day, and I am very glad my son treated me to this one. Thanks for looking, Ray PS - Looking at these pictures, I have realised I still need to paint the anchor 'chains'! Doh!
  6. Ray S

    1/600 HMS Fearless

    Hello Ray! Like many builds on this Group Build, this takes me back! I built mine way back in 1969 in Singapore, and thought it was an amazing ship. I particularly liked the well deck(?) where the landing craft go, so it is great to see this one come to life! It looks really good! All the best, Ray (another one!)
  7. This is fabulous news, thanks for sorting this out - although I do not doubt it would have got through in the poll! A 'Classic' GB each years would be a wonderful idea too, with maybe 1 in 5 years being an 'open' classic ie any brand. Look forward to the Frog one, I have a couple in the stash, and of course, 9 months to get a few more! Cheers, Ray von der Happybunny
  8. Hello Kevin, many thanks for taking the time to post these updates. This kit was always on my wants list, and I was inspired by a special issue magazine (Model Boats?) years ago, but never could afford it. It is now way over the £700 you paid and has not got any easier to afford! I was amazed by your use of large pins to keep things in place, a great idea. I do have a part-started wooden 'Clara May' ketch on top of my wardrobe, so this may inspire me to have another look at it. Thanks again, Ray
  9. Ray S

    WEM flaklighter 1/350

    A very interesting start there. This lighter always looked unusual when I saw it. Look forward to progress. All the best, Ray
  10. Yes please! Hope to see more, Ray
  11. Ray S

    Oyster Regatta

    I know all about the tremor Kev! Both my hands shake, in time with my heartbeat - which is erratic at the best of times! I use a fresh razor blade to trim my rigging lines, it works well for me, but I need to be careful it does not cut into the spar. Hope that helps, Ray vonshakealot
  12. Ray S

    Oyster Regatta

    That looks great Kev! Fly tying thread is great, I use Uni-Caenis thread and got it from the Glasgow Angling Centre, but cannot find it there now. It is VERY difficult to see when working with it, but it is wonderful to use. Well done on your lugger and Puffer winning gold, very worthy winners, Congratulations! Ray
  13. Ray S

    HO/OO Scammell Scarab

    Hello Heather, even more great work. Not only do you inspire us with the quality of your work, but you give us a great education too! All the best, Ray
  14. Hello Jamie, this mention of Iron Shipwrights has reminded me of something. I said in an earlier post I had built 1 resin ship (HMS Hood 1893) - I wuz wrong your Honour! How the dickens could I forget that my first one was the ISW 1/350 HMS Dreadnought! I believe it was originally made by a firm called 'Rhino', but it was a cracking kit, except for a few things. Quite a lot was imperfectly cast (if cast at all), and as for the instructions, well, the less said about them the better. ISW customer service was pretty good in a generic way - I had quite a few bits from the kit missing, I let them know about it and a week later I had a huge bag of bits come through which dealt with the problem in a somewhat 'shotgun' fashion. Loads of bits, some were the things I needed and others had nothing to do with Dreadnought. Dennis, I concur with Jamie, do check around for the quality. When ISW are good, they are very good, but it is not a given. I hope you are able to do this project and hopefully see it on here! In the meantime Jamie, thanks for this thread, it will inspire quite a few to try resin with luck! I have one or two projects to finish then I will give one of my half-dozen (or more!) resin ships in my stash a go. All the best, Ray
  15. Ray S

    Bristol 192 Belvedere

    Hello Zebra, The last time I saw one of these was in 1967 - I had been given one at Christmas '66 and thought it was a great kit, so different to all the other Airfix kits I had done until then. It is very much on my 'wants' list, and maybe Airfix will re-issue it in their Vintage Classics range. I will crib some of your amendments for future use! All the best, Ray