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  1. In addition to a Skua and Magister already in my stash, at my Club Model Show last weekend I managed to get a Novo Javelin and Lightning. Both seem to be early Novo as there is little to no flash! Transfers will be binned, and I have Modeldecal and Xtradecal transfers to go on them. I am really looking forward to this GB starting! Cheers, Ray
  2. Steve, what a great result! I am looking forward to the final updates back in WIP to see how you finished her off! Ray
  3. Oh, yes! One bloke had the right idea - he fell ill, collapsed and Stacia got off the stage, picked him up and carried him off! Wonder what happened to him? Ray
  4. My first single was 'Part of the Union' by the Strawbs. The first album was 'Space Ritual' by Hawkwind - it is still my favourite album ever. I saw them at Cheltenham Town Hall soon after buying the album, and that was my best concert ever too. Ray
  5. @Pandoa, I was very happy with the camo - I had been wanting something along these lines for ages, but always thought I did not have the skills! My son bought me the kit a couple of Christmases ago, and I thought it would be a good reason to try it out! The Colourcoats paints worked very well, I brush-painted the whole ship as I do not have an airbrush. Last Christmas my son also gave me the Revell 1/144 Flower Class Corvette, so I can see if I have improved when I get around to doing that one. Many thanks for the comment, Ray
  6. Excellent work Jeff! I had great fun building the Airfix Manxman a few years ago, and remember how it went together. You have done a cracking job, and she looks quite different in her disguise (as she should have done!). All the best, Ray
  7. What a reference Mr General Sir! Thank you for taking the time to show this, it was very educational. All the best, Ray
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. The next ones I do will be done slightly differently again. I am going to try:- spray Tamiya Primer, pick out various panels etc with Revell Gloss Black and browns, then spray Tamiya Silver leaf from the can over that. I found out the hard way not to spray Tamiya over Humbrol enamels, although it did look good if you wanted the model to look like it was made from (fake) leather! Basically I am still experimenting, but there are plenty of colourful (Lightning) reasons out there. Thanks again all, it is very much appreciated. Ray
  9. The second kit I did was the Sword 1/72 F3. It was interesting building the Sword kit alongside the Airfix one, and I must say the experience was just as enjoyable. Taking into account the extra cleaning up, removal of ejection towers and remembering the etch on the Sword kit, it again went together well. I had built a Sword T4 Trainer a few years ago too (the too shiny one with the Metalizer paint) so I knew what to expect. I did not use too much filler on this one, but the important thing was the paint job, and I tried the second new technique. I sprayed it with Tamiya primer, then picked out various panels with Revell Gloss Black acrylic by brush painting, then brush painted their Silver acrylic and gave the airframe two coats. This then left a nice difference in the silver finish for the panels, and looked much better to my eye than the Airfix one above. The effect is subtle and can be seen in different lights. I finished this one as an aircraft from 226OCU, 2T Squadron 1973. The major markings came from the Xtradecal X72097 sheet, and the rest from Sword's own transfers and they all bedded down well. Oh yes, I did have one two disasters with this. I lost the etch blade aerial on the cockpit canopy, so scratchbuilt one (crumbs, that was difficult!), but worse was that when I was attaching something with CA towards the end (I think it was one of the missile pylons), the part fell out of the tweezers and landed on the wing. The glue left a really black mark on the silver finish. This was the first time I had used Gorilla CA Gel. I have always used other CA, and that had not marked the paint at all previously. Live and learn... I have every intention of doing more colourful Lightnings (I have another 5 1/72 ones in the stash and 2 x 1/48) and these little experiments have given me the confidence to continue! Thanks for looking, all the best, Ray
  10. Hello all! Over the years, I have tried many times to produce a model of an EE Lightning which had a decent silver finish. I had tried Humbrol Metalcote spray, Mr Metalizer paint, acrylic and enamel by brush, but never had much success. The Metalcote finished without a gloss effect and appeared to be grainy The Metalizer, after buffing up, was WAY to shiny (mind you, it did look like metal and you could also use the plane as a mirror but it lost the scale effect). I decided I was going to do a parallel build and use two new techniques (to me) and see how things got on. First up is the 1/72 Airfix F6, and is finished in 74 Squadron markings from 1970 in Singapore at RAF Tengah. This is the one plane I have really wanted to do but, due to the poor finishes in the past, never got round to. It is important to me because of a bit of my history. I was in Singapore, and also in the Scouts. We had a weekend camp over at Tengah, and one of our treats was to go onto the base and ogle their Lightnings. The ground crew that took us round said we could clamber into the cockpit if we wanted to, as long as we did not touch any controls. So we took the opportunity! That sealed my love of the Lightning that has stayed with me to this day. The kit went together pretty well, much better than my F2A I had done a few years ago, and the only issue I had was having to pare away a little bit of the cockpit tub front. I was very much aware of how much needed removing for the cockpit and exhausts modules, but I think I had a good kit this time as very little needed to go. As I do not have an airbrush, I sprayed from the tin some Tamiya primer, and then, after masking off the tail, used another can of Tamiya Bare Metal Silver spray. The result was pretty good to me and it gave a nice, even covering which was well suitable to put the transfers on, which settled like a dream. I picked out a few panels with Revell Silver acrylic with a wide, flat brush to give some differentiation to the surface and ended up with this: I was very pleased with this one for its finish, and also the build process as it was a credit to Airfix. All the best, Ray
  11. How about another set of EE/BAC Lightning stencils - but have three sets for all silver aircraft! The current transfer sets have options for Silver/Camo, Dark Green, or Grey. Now, I know I prefer to have Silver Lightnings in my collection, and would rather buy one set for three models, rather than three sets for three models and six others not used. I am aware that this does nothing for Hannants' sales, but I can hope! It is just a thought, Ray
  12. Ah well, never mind... Thanks for confirming though! I will still get the 100/200 and live in hope. Ray
  13. One of these would be nice please! It looks the same type of aircraft to me, but I may be wrong... Cheers, Ray
  14. Ray S

    “Battle Damage”

    It could even have been Standard 8! Ray
  15. I wonder if he is going to produce a 1:1 version too, he has quite a few others in his collection I think! It would be something interesting in real life! Otherwise, a very interesting choice, and bold. Ray
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