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  1. Jinxman

    Blitzbuild 2018 Chat

    A rummage in the stash reveals a 1/72 KP Skoda D.1 in a placcy bag - looks like a Hannants tie-in according to the instructions, respectable mouldings, and the decals look minty which is a bonus! A one-piece parasol wing makes it a little easier, and there is minimal rigging. Choices are a NMF or overall grey/green... My partner is off for a spa/beach/horsey week on the 26th, so I shall probably go for the wuss-option of a 12 hour stint on the 26th and 27th. cheers,
  2. Jinxman

    Blitzbuild 2018 Chat

    Count me in please - just need to think about what I can build
  3. Day Jinxman


    I saw from a recent post you have a D500.  I have just bought myself one and was wondering if I could get a list of the settings you use on yours for airshow shooting, or point me in the direction of where I could find one as Im not really getting what I want from google searches.  The AF functions are mainly what have me baffled





    1. Jinxman


      hi Bruce,


      Will do - I'll get it out later and send you the info - probably easier for me to do by email. Could you forward me your address?




    2. pacificmustang


      Thanks so much Scott

      email is




  4. Jinxman

    Summer in Cornwall

    Great shots, nice selection of types, & loving the slow shutter speeds on the rotors. Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre added to my to-do list! Thanks for sharing,
  5. ...and gives me a little more time to get my Airfix one finished , (fat chance).
  6. Jinxman

    RAW NEF Newbie ..... Help!

    Hi, I would say you have chosen jpeg on the Qual button. The menu setting you have chosen has defined what the RAW setting will be if you choose RAW on the Qual button. The control panel on top of the body will confirm what the current quality setting is. I downloaded the manual and it is detailed in the Image Recording Options - page 67 onwards As usual there are too many options for most of us, which is what makes it so confusing until you have worked out what you want from the body If you want to punt me across one of the files I'll check it over for you? cheers
  7. Jinxman

    RAW NEF Newbie ..... Help!

    hi Martin, Just seen this, and my ten pence worth plus the usual caveat is; 1. You should have just one image per shot using that setting, which will be a RAW file, (the NEF part is Nikon's version of a RAW file). There should be no .jpg images present. I use lossless compressed, as I have found it makes no difference in quality for this kind of photography, but the files are roughly 25% smaller, so more shots per card. Memory cards are relatively cheap though so if you prefer the quality it is an option. 2. On the D300s you will get more shots per memory card using 12-bit, versus 14-bit, because the 14-bit images are about 1.3 times bigger. I think it lowers your fps rate down to about 2.5 using 14-bit. The quality of the 14-bit image should be better, mainly the colour definition. I haven't got a D300s to compare, but I would take a couple of comparative images on a tripod and compare the images - I'm guessing the difference would be minimal. I use 14-bit on my D500 as the buffer is monstrous. 3. A tricky one, and possibly the answer is personal preference? You need to convert a RAW file so that it can be processed. People have told me they prefer Nikon's software for converting the RAW image, but then use Adobe products for the processing. I can't be bothered with the faff, and so I just do it all in Lightroom. The caveat is that my experience has shown that when the original image captured is of good quality the processed one turns out ok as well - I think some of these slight differences in settings can make a lesser image easier to upgrade, but getting the right shot in the first place is more important. HTH, and I hope you don't mind me including an image from Totterdown using my 12 year old D2Xs . The exif data is shown in Flickr.
  8. Jinxman

    B-1A Ship #2

    I remember as a teenager being very confused about the programme being cancelled after being told how capable a delivery system it was. And then it came back, which confused me even more! Great pics, and definitely an aeroplane with presence.
  9. Jinxman

    Planes in my Town Square!

    Very nice indeed - a Blanik and a Delfin on display, what more could you ask for? Is the MPM shop still trading in Brno, from memory it had a great selection of stuff in there? cheers
  10. Jinxman

    2018 Cosford Airshow

    Yup, it did a slower fly-by, and then came back with the wings tucked back and a bit more juice on. After the Reds only the Typhoon really did anything. The single fly-bys of the Valley Hawks, the Tutors, Atlas and so on all seemed a bit pointless to me given how long they were in the air - it looked like they spent more time over Shawbury!
  11. Jinxman

    2018 Cosford Airshow

    Nice to see some of the static park airframes. I agree the show started well - it seemed to drag a little towards the end for me - perhaps it was because it had become very warm. Most of my shots look like the aircraft are melting with the haze.
  12. Jinxman

    Nimitz - Stokes Bay, June 1978

    Oh yes - he showed me a lot of the things he went to see - the access made me green with envy, the types on display were astonishing, and the PROs involved were more than accommodating. Must get the scanner wound up when I get back from a little trip to Totnes, (which happens to sit nicely with the Torbay airshow), .
  13. Jinxman

    Nimitz - Stokes Bay, June 1978

    Apologies, I have misled you! I have some Kodachrome given to me by a chap called Bryan Cox who got around quite a bit back in the day. I'm in the process of getting my scanner set up so I'll try and find his stuff and get it scanned - from memory he had some very interesting stuff. cheers
  14. Jinxman

    Chinook - Olathe, May 1982

    Do we like them? Of course - keep 'em coming!
  15. Jinxman

    Nimitz - Stokes Bay, June 1978

    Lovely stuff - I've got some Kodachrome stuff from the visit, though from memory the sun was out - must drag 'em out. What scanner & software are you using?