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  1. Jinxman

    Zvezda 1/72 109F

    The Zvezda 109 is, of course, very interesting, the cold Estrella sounds sublime though. The Cricut looks like a nice tool - how is the software for it? cheers
  2. Jinxman

    Hellenic Air Force A-7E

    Are you going for some heavy weathering on this one? I still have my old Airfix kit to make, so will be very interested in seeing this progress.
  3. A lovely set of photos there - I think my favourite is the Fw 44. Thanks for sharing these.
  4. Hi TC, I think that is great progress from the Revell spray situation. I have tried the white Action primer - this is really a great primer for the money. A little thinner/opaque than my usual Halfords primer, but gives a lovely, smooth finish. Still got a can of grey to try as well. cheers
  5. Jinxman


    Don't mind if I do sir. Is there a story behind these being there? Thanks for sharing these..
  6. Lovely stuff, must try and get the Airfix one off the shelf of doom before this hits the shelves..
  7. Jinxman

    How do I take well lit photos?

    Agree with all of the above, and if you have the facility shoot in RAW mode rather than jpeg as it will give more latitude with the processing.
  8. Great result, and splendid persistence to boot. If I could only find the same inspiration to finish my 1/24 Airfix Fw190 started in 1980, currently residing in the box of doom.
  9. Jinxman

    A Humbrol Curiosity - the paint that never was

    As a Humbrol enamel fan I have to ask if they both have that lovely, heady smell?
  10. Jinxman

    Hannants Lowestoft

    Been there once, and it had a very nice, relaxed atmosphere, with oodles of plastic and resin. I think Aviation Megastore gives it a run for it's money, and of course they have real Iskra in the showroom as well..
  11. My preference was always for silver, the period photos bear this out where they are clear enough. Perhaps even now someone can counter the Shuttleworth information though. I asked the library at Shuttleworth about 6 years ago about any information they had on the MacRobertson race and Grosvenor House and they said they had very little, especially in respect of colours applied ....
  12. With you there, though I think others have a different opinion. No bearing markers for the wings which is a shame as well. Worth getting one just for the decals...
  13. Jinxman

    U-Boat: AC-130U

    That's a mean looking machine - love the C5 getting in on the action as well.
  14. Jinxman

    Dawn Patrol at Stow Maries

    Very evocative, beautiful colours, and I can almost smell the mist. I hope you were rewarded with a bacon butty and a nice, hot cup of char?
  15. Jinxman

    1:72 Matchbox A-10A - NOT straight from the box!

    I'm guessing that would be an alcoholic beverage? It's a little early here for that, however I already like the approach on this one a lot - looking forward to seeing more progress.