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  1. I am happy to take whatever pieces you think are worth doing, those wheels look very good.
  2. And with a squirt of primer - not too bad really. Away from the bench and internet for a week - looking forward to catching up with everyone's builds soon.
  3. Here's where we got to last night. Aux doors filled with scrap sprue, and then a decent dose of filler. Still struggling to make the cockpit work - it's not going to be accurate, but better than a gaping hole. The experiment with the stretched sprue would have worked better with a thicker gauge - the second wing looks like it might work better. Cyano was used on the tailplane as the panel lines were not too deep.
  4. So quick the gallery section isn't even up and running yet! Nice one.
  5. Started early doors, couldn't wait. From 1973 this one, and decided to attempt using stretched sprue to help fill in some of the panel lines. The ones on the wings seem a lot deeper than the fuselage ones. Also blanked off the auxiliary doors so they can be filled in. There were no cockpit parts with the kit, so I've raided an Italeri Gr.5 for some bits, the seat is from spares, and the pilot is a Matchbox Bucc back-seater.
  6. Can't wait to see this one get going - good luck!
  7. They were probably Wehrmacht postmen - badge of honour to wear shorts in any weather I reckon. Looking forward to seeing it come together.
  8. Indeed - I am feeling a little guilty as I couldn't wait and took some of my Harrier pieces off the runners for a fit check. It's lovely of course. I needed the runners to stretch some sprue, Guv'nor, honest!
  9. Good question - I looked at the later release, PK-45, and the decals didn't seem to match. Then I noticed the F 273 bit on the decal sheet - it had to be Frog didn't it? And it is, I'll probably go for a mix of Matchbox and Frog stencils - though the Marines version might get a look in. One thing that will get used is the Harrier decal on the stand - there are no u/c parts in the kit so this is definitely an in-flight build.
  10. And here we are - a big thanks to @Bungled for these decals, they are much appreciated!
  11. Here's the second offering - the cute little T-2. Until the Wolfpack kit turned up it was the best choice in 1/72, and I seem to remember there might be an issue with the intakes, but who cares, it's Matchbox!
  12. Either way, it's a lovely little kit.
  13. Gotta rig - when in doubt, rig it out...
  14. Hi Mike, @Bungled has come up trumps and there is a set on the way to me as we speak - thanks for the offer. Cheers,
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