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  1. Thanks Dave, I need a bit of cheering up after listening to TMS this morning - good bowling, and poor batting - who would have thought it?
  2. Now in the gallery - thanks to @TonyW for the decals, @JOCKNEY for the stand idea, everyone else for their comments and interest and of course, our long-suffering hosts. Time for the workbench to move onto the ITYIWB and Blitzbuild2 GBs!
  3. Here's the Spitfire XIV & Flying Bomb - thanks to everyone for the input, decals, and @JOCKNEY & @Rabbit Leader for the hosting.
  4. ...and the outcome of that union is no doubt a B52! Both builds something to look forward to - crack on!
  5. Wait until they start talking about ten bob notes and half a crown....
  6. Very crisp and smart - I still find it difficult to get used to the shape of those wings though.
  7. I can't help it - if people keep on posting pics of those wonderful box tops I am doomed to follow. I reckon the marketing people in those days knew a thing or two..
  8. Blimey - and I thought the scribing meant it was ready for some primer! It looks great, and can't wait to see the results of the sanding.
  9. That looks very good - also surprising how large it is compared with the Vigilante. Good luck!
  10. It does look nice - I think I built a knock-off one of these - can't remember the brand name, but it looks exactly the same. It went together quite well.
  11. Another oldie, but goldie - I remember this going together quite well, even if some of the detail was a bit heavy - looking forward to seeing it come together.
  12. Being from Birmingham, we call that particular implement a screwdriver....
  13. Thanks Mike - I think the V1 will be shown its place when the Spit is about to tip it into oblivion...
  14. I like a decent SF book or film, but don't think I've ever attempted a kit. Choice is based purely on getting something finished!
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