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  1. Jinxman

    USS Harry S Truman visit to UK - 6-10 Oct

    Flip - can't make it - next time maybe...
  2. Blimey - good luck with 'em!
  3. What? You mean his lumpy bottom? I reckon the splinter scheme will look fine. Looking at the decal sheet - are those yellow bands for the edge of the cowlings?
  4. Jinxman

    NATO Day 15.09.2018

    Thanks for sharing these - it is good to see the lighting and weather in Ostrava is still a challenge! Looking forward to seeing more of the Lansen..
  5. I reckon it'll look fine with a splash of primer on it - have you decided on a colour scheme yet?
  6. That is a nice looking sailplane - I have an old kit in 1/72 in the stash - I now have a colour scheme for it! ..and very nice work on the T21, it's looking great. cheers
  7. Jinxman

    RAW NEF Newbie ..... Help!

    hi Martin, Just saw this. Yes for the retina 5 - I have an old iMac, but it made quite a difference to my processing techniques as I could see more of what was going on versus what I was using before. I don't know about alternative screen technology these days though. Elements, mmm. My opinion is that Elements is a user-friendly version of Photoshop without any of the more powerful processing tools. I use Lightroom which has better RAW processing tools than Elements, or at least used to. I used Elements when I first started digital photography, and I wouldn't go back as I would lose some of the tools I can go-to in LR. Organisation is better in Elements, but I can live with this as my organisational skills are a little wayward anyway. Useful overview here; https://photographylife.com/lightroom-vs-photoshop-elements
  8. Jinxman

    KP Škoda D.1

    Yes, the compensation is a comfortable let down The window is a screensaver on the pc - never seen it on there before, I think I must have been concentrating on what was in the foreground, Struts, and various other things will be resolved tomorrow hopefully, or over the next six months given my usual build speed. cheers
  9. Jinxman

    Blitzbuild 2018 Chat

    Count me in as well please - need to try again after my effort this time went astray. Thanks Enzo for hosting. cheers
  10. Jinxman

    KP Škoda D.1

    Fiddlesticks, aargh!, pre-planning and all that, and good old Murphy shows his face again. The main struts with the kit are too short - using them would mean the wing sat on the fuselage. Some progress pics below anyway. Mark this down as a fail, but a very enjoyable one all the same. Thanks for your company - see you next time.. ..at least I have this - it won't let me down..
  11. Jinxman

    KP Škoda D.1

    ...might make it - decals drying wing to go on, and some bits to stick on..
  12. Jinxman

    KP Škoda D.1

    ...a more easily put together meal tonight - and still the whippet lurks. We do have some decals on though - they went on a treat with a bit of Microset..
  13. Jinxman

    Jet Provost WHIF

    Wow, very striking - what paint did you use for the dayglo please?