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  1. That really looks the part - great work in 1/72.
  2. My memory tells me it was a nice little kit, straightforward to build, and that I had added a little detailing on it. I'm not quite sure why it ended up on the shelf of doom, but I don't think it was anything to do with the kit.
  3. A placeholder for now - away for a couple of weeks and it needs to be rescued from deep within the shelves of doom. I'm guessing this was started about ten years ago as a quick OOB build, and we all know the rest....
  4. Wow - can't recall seeing a more realistic nose bay in a model. Off to check out the website.
  5. Looking good, and I love that exhaust - it looks fab.
  6. Will do - it's a while off though, as I am off on Tuesday until the 17th with no modelling. It is probable that the build will migrate seamlessly into the KUTA GB, unless the modelling pixies do a bit for me whilst I am away.
  7. Looks like you are having your money's worth out of this one?
  8. This is where she is at the moment. Main nacelle bits fitted on both sides, fronts still to do, canopy mould almost ready for action. Still plenty of fill, sand, fill, prime, etc, but at least it looks something like. The stand needs a bit of touching up. It's a bit of a carry over from the FROG GB, must get it out of my head!
  9. That's a great find. Looking forward to seeing the salvage operation. Of course it can only be a matter of time before Airfix re-release it now. That might make a few of us very happy.
  10. Lovely metal finish - will look great with some decals on.
  11. Older modellers!! How very dare you, harrumph, harrumph. I think you are probably right, and I can't recall seeing a wall being discussed on BM before either - at least not a real one..
  12. Trying to capture all those different shades is a challenge - looking forward to seeing how it comes out.
  13. Great work in 1/72 - it really looks the part.
  14. Looking very good - will you add a little bit of weathering or keep it pristine?
  15. Ahhhh - an Airfix red stripe box - looks lovely.
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