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  1. Hi, can't help with the printing, but happy to share some costs if you do get it to casting stage - I'll PM you. Same here with the primer - I only move onto the Mr.Surfacer when the Halford's stuff has done its job.
  2. Thumbs up from me as well - heavy duty stuff and expertly undertaken - nice one.
  3. That yellow has gone on well - what paint is it please?
  4. The process of cleaning up the castings progresses - there are always things that a coat of paint shows up. There are a couple of areas to amend - the number plate area needs flattening out, there needs to be a touch more flare above the wheel arches, and the shut lines are being reduced in width. The interior looks good - I have tacked the front coaming in place so I can work out the layout for the roll-cage.
  5. Blimey! If it rains for the next 40 days solid I reckon you might know something we don't..
  6. A squirt of Halford's primer gets us going - I'll give it half a day to harden on the radiator before progressing. The shutlines need toning down to my eye, and there is one pin hole on the whole lot, so I am pleased with that. The body looks accurate from what I have seen of photos. These beauties turned up from Gemini Model Cars - lovely stuff. They are Alfa wheels, but they look like the ones used by the Ravaglia in '94, so they'll do me. Certainly better than they would have looked using the missing photo-etch from the kit. Thanks to David for getting them across s
  7. Mouth wide open at all that resin - . Good luck with her.
  8. New Street by any chance? - (it always was a bit of a grubby place? ) What year would it be?
  9. That looks lovely - can't help with the instructions, but some nice images that may help here; https://www.ultimatecarpage.com/cg/625/Ferrari-712-Can-Am.html ..and the contact details for the owner of the company is on their website here; https://www.mamodels.com/contact-us/ HTH
  10. That looks like some very nice resin to me - I notice no rigging diagrams though? If you need some pictures/references just lmk! If a Rareplane Gotha lands on my doorstep I'll have to fortify my resolve with a bottle of Corryvreckan - and we all know where that path leads.
  11. You have the stash that keeps on giving - what a collection of vehicles here and on your other builds!
  12. Now that's a great thread - I haven't got the E&T resin to hand but those Jupiters look the part.
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