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  1. There's a thread from BM below about the Gloy range. All the ones I have are in the tall type tins. www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235038482-gloy-paints-range/
  2. I did an Airfix Beach Buggy a while back for a Blitzbuild, but chickened out on adding the figures that came with the kit. As we are off to Mablethorpe for a quiet Christmas this year, attempting the figures should mean not many materials and tools are required. Pictures to follow when we get back to base.
  3. Yes please for this one. It's about time those Airfix Biggin Hills saw the light of day - one OOB, and the other one with a bit of fettling on it to get closer to the original.
  4. I had the same problem with some older enamels that took a while to dry, though they were from Gloy's railway colours range. I tried a thinner from Paragon Paints that was 'hotter' than the standard type of thinner and it works very well. It has to be used very, very carefully with a brush as too much thinner will melt plastic. It airbrushes beautifully, flashes off very quickly, and leaves a lovely finish on gloss and matt paint. It's also a very good brush cleaner, which gives you an idea of how powerful a solvent it is.
  5. We do love a loco build - that green is sumptuous.
  6. Well done sir - that's a tremendous build and painting job.
  7. Looking good, that's a lot of metal to hang under there.
  8. And a bit more - most of the time being spent struggling a little bit with the etch - it's fiddly. These bits on the u/c door had to be trimmed as they were too large. I had a suspicion that the kit is not quite 1/48 scale before, perhaps that's what is causing it. Some priming on flying surfaces and wheels has shown where more touch ups are required. A squirt of primer on the engine block and the cowl - more touch ups required.
  9. That looks very neat - the chequerboard looks fab.
  10. Small amounts of progress have been made. Lots of fun to be had with these older kits if you persist with them, I think. The blanking piece is in place to be able to mount the engine, fuselage halves are only taped together. The drop tank is having a piece of plastic card added to simulate the joint - overscale, but looks better than nothing being there, I think. The engine has been cut apart to get some of the etch on it. The reduction gear took some getting off - I used a razor saw in the end as using a blade was going to end in tears, for me and the engine. And the nose cowl has had the lower gills filled. The detail in the wheel wells matches up, I just need to work out what etch parts might fit in there given that I have made the layout up.
  11. We can admire someone who looks after tins of enamel properly.
  12. I think this particular KUTA just took a step in a different direction. I found this lurking in the stash; Not even sure how it got into the stash, and though it is for the HobbyBoss kit, I am sure we can make use of it. Perhaps my evil alter-ego acquired it, whilst laughing in a Machiavellian fashion.
  13. Indeed it is. Your pictures are evocative - I can smell all that timber and planking from here.
  14. I think it is - the knowledge that there is another KUTA not far away calms things down very nicely.
  15. The B-58 looks fabulous - well worth persevering with imo.
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