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  1. Need to go to the shops and get a bar of Bournville - don't know why though.....
  2. Very neat, almost seems a shame to build anything onto it! Good luck with the 1:1 stuff in February.
  3. That's a fine looking Junkers if I may say so - nice job.
  4. I don't know about the Hi-Tech kits, but I've got a very nice Aeromaster Choice issue of the F84G with resin, etch and an excellent decal sheet. I think it's got a vac canopy as well - must dig it out. The good old days when you could rock up at the tin shed in Shifnal and have a mooch - Malcolm had to stop people wandering around as he kept on getting loads of bits nicked out of boxes - mostly canopies if I remember correctly.
  5. I'm not a lady or a gent, however I would like to vote please!
  6. Nice progress - I see Heller like to issue modellers with a challenge - that Turbo logo doesn't look the easiest to pick out.
  7. Phew, that's a lot of work! Looking forward to seeing it progress.
  8. I take it you were planning the Norwegian Blue scheme?
  9. The first round of sanding back gets us here - I'll prime the patches to see what else needs doing. Once the surface is ok, I'll have a look at restoring the panel lines. Fortunately there aren't many that need attention. The underside of the nose will probably get scribed as it's taken the most filling.
  10. Good luck with it - looking forward to seeing how it pans out.
  11. Looking at the kit parts I don't think you have any choice but to fix the seam line afterwards. You could minimise it by taping the two halves up first and seeing how they fit. I don't make many cars, but if you can get the areas behind things like wheels and so on so they don't need more work it should just be a case of lots of masking, and then blending/polishing in the different paint layers - a bit like on a full-sized repair job on a car. Have you got any micromesh polishing cloth for the blending? I would try and use the same batch of paint as well. A gentle bit of
  12. A great kit - I have a part started one donated to me and it is still on the shelf of doom awaiting its turn - the KUTA GB starts soon so it may see the light of day. Mine will be a Finnish bird though.
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