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  1. Same here - they look very interesting. I am more of a chicken though, and so I tested my old Humbrol enamels, Klear, matt varnish and so on earlier this week. Still plenty there to trip me up though. Let's hope Murphy has a weekend off.
  2. Definitely a classic - good luck! I remember struggling with getting the tracks to stick together on this one back in the day. I bet they don't advise heating a screwdriver to melt the tracks together anymore either..
  3. Jinxman

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Greatest respect to this gentleman, and his memory, for all of his achievements.
  4. £20.25 advance order from the big H - top end of what I would like to pay, as long as there are some weapon options in there. Decal options look very good, and at least if I get one I can see how much of my wip on the old Airfix kit is mildly accurate.
  5. I see Aviation Megastore is showing them as 'expected' with a provisional price of €29.95... Hopefully there will be a decent selection of options for that kind of moolah.
  6. All ready and waiting here - I'll be plumping for the Olt.z. S.Gotthard Sachsenberg version with the funky yellow and black scheme - silly boy that I am. Early start Saturday for me, twelve hours off and then back at it early Sunday, all being well. cheers
  7. Ok, cheers - I'll get the mods to sort it out.
  8. I have just seen this on the Beeb - posting just in case offers of help to reconstruct some of the damage might be offered. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48326572
  9. That's a lovely result from a kit whose moulds are probably older than most of us - nice one.
  10. A very interesting technique - looking forward to see how it comes out. cheers
  11. Jinxman


    Really nice show - relaxed atmosphere and looked like everyone was having a good time. Well done to the organisers and everyone who put so much effort into the stands.
  12. It might be worse - you might have chosen a scheme in natural metal finish, where every imperfection would be highlighted.... Looking forward very much to seeing how you work through this. Cheers,
  13. Count me in please. I failed to finish the last one at the final hurdle, and so it's time to give it another bash. The last one was a parasol-wing jobbie, and so we'll try again with the Arma Hobby 1/72 Fokker E.V. The junior set - no time for photo-etch! I'll be going for the easy option over two days I think
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