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  1. It's the easiest way to make sure a manufacturer comes up with the kit/decal/etch you want of course!
  2. Nice one - looks smart like only a Hunter can.
  3. Yes please - quite a few gliders in the stash to choose from, mostly resin stuff in 1/72.
  4. My word - that looks the part to me.
  5. Would love to see it done. At least the GB helped it along a little.
  6. That's a nice looking F16 - the exhaust shot in the gallery looks very realistic indeed.
  7. Yowzer! On the list, and might remain there for a while!
  8. Murphy strikes again - deep breaths, keep calm, and carry on.
  9. I like it - it looks great. Another kit added to the 'wanted' list!
  10. That looks lovely - easy decal placement as well!
  11. Curses! Didn't know that was there, and I was in Brum on Friday.
  12. Looking good - a few decals and a bit of weathering will make it zing I reckon - almost there!
  13. ..and there has been progress, doesn't look like much though.. . A bit more colour on, and then a coat of matt varnish, from an old jar that I didn't stir properly, and so it's satin.
  14. Looking good - I didn't realise these kits were so involved. Do they do a Cyberman?
  15. Chin up - it's looking great. More wine always helps, though I tend to head straight for the whiskey.
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