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  1. That scheme really suits it. Just noticed the Frog stand as well - I can't recall ever seeing that shape in the kits I had, not that I ever had many Frog kits.
  2. Lovely finish - that really looks the part.
  3. I can only advise - take your time, it's a slow process. If you nick a part or damage it slightly a rub down with micro mesh, 3600 - 4000 - 8000 - 12000, and then some Tamiya polishing paste on denim will sort it out. And a dip in Klear will make it shine as well. Other manufacturers products work just as well as the ones mentioned. Good luck!
  4. That looks very good - you are making it all look effortless!
  5. Great idea re. the sails - I just took a look at a pic. of it without the sails - good luck with all that rigging!
  6. Who could resist a stand with a Frog with wings on it - marvellous.
  7. What a great kit from all those years ago - I wonder how many Airfix sold altogether?
  8. A beautiful aeroplane - looking forward to seeing it come together.
  9. I like it - some heavy duty modelling going on.
  10. A classic kit for all its faults - it looks great, especially on the stand. I like the way you have the stand that way around - so it doesn't foul the drop tank?
  11. Thanks - yup - it's funny how for all of my childhood the shape of the Bf 109 was the Airfix shape. It's an odd one as the wings are the correct span, but everything else is too small. If we could only know how and why the drawing office did it this way - perhaps it was the same team that cobbled up your Hudson?
  12. Update to convince myself there is progress. Minischmitt is looking ok with the brush painted RLM 74 - I had an issue where both wing trailing edges were distorting every time I applied a coat of paint. I slathered some superglue on, rubbed it down, and it seems to have done the trick. All the other bits are patiently awaiting their time in the sun - ready to go. A bit of 75 + 76 next, hopefully with a bit of hairy stick mottling. The Frankenschmitt has had a step forward in that the etch side panel has been glued in place. The self-adhesive was pretty poor, so it got a liberal dose of cyano. I had to create a ledge for it to sit under to match the Tamiya kit - fortunately there was plenty of thickness available - the guys ay Haldane Place really thought of everything! It'll get a dose of RLM 66 in the near future to get rid of the denim effect. The port wing is coming on - a bit more fettling and work on the stbd wing to match can commence.
  13. Good luck with the NMF - I'm sure it will look great!
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