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  1. I think I've got a decent one of these sheets in the decal stash - lmk if you want them and I'll check once I am back at base.
  2. Lots of modelling going on here - the boot fit looks very good .
  3. Good luck with it - gotta start somewhere, and it'll come together sooner than you think hopefully.
  4. Tidy work indeed - do you knock up a fresh jig for each build?
  5. Thanks for that - too late though - I ordered some brass tube earlier, and it would be a shame to waste it! And of course I can't leave it without any wiring, can I?
  6. Engine block glued together, and major parts taped together. There are various locating lugs that can now be cut away as they don't offer a lot to the stability and they are quite ugly. The previously chromed parts have come up very nicely - there is a lovely level of detail on them that the thick, chrome coating obscured a little. Floor pedals cut away to be replaced by more realistic components. Already thinking about what to do with the exhausts - they look a little weedy to me, and you wouldn't finish them in front of the cab, would you? Also need to detail the engine up a little - it looks very plain. A few ejector pins here and there, but nothing that cannot be resolved. Lovely mouldings, (moldings?) though, and I think I am going to enjoy this one.
  7. Jan, Feb, and March of 1979, and it is John Tilley's work - a magnificent build. If you need some scans, lmk.
  8. After more filling, sanding, etc we have an issue. The resin keeps 'sweating' underneath any paint finish. It looks fine for a day, but then comes through. The rattle can primer I use does have a solvent base, but it is very mild. Tried enamel with the same result. Now on Airfix starter kit acrylic - I can't think of anything less reactive than that. We'll see. If this doesn't come up trumps it is out with the knot sealer! Edit - As of this morning it looks ok - no discolouration etc. I may try some Badger Acrylic primer to see how that goes... 2nd edit - Nope, the acrylic hasn't adhered to the surface at all. Going to sleep on this as it is now slightly irritating.
  9. Me too - I'll be getting out the nippers at midnight and cutting plastic
  10. Oooh, I like the look of that Stink Ray. At least I did until I looked on an auction site and saw the price they fetch. Sitting down now after feeling faint.
  11. Parts washed ready for Saturday start. I wasn't going to start until much later, but enthusiasm has got the better of me. Oh, and I have inadvertently stripped all of the chrome sprue back to the blue plastic....
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