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  1. Jinxman

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    DCAE Cosford on the 19th for me then.
  2. .. and it gets better, I've just fished an old Graphy Air etch set out from the stash as well. Bring it it on!
  3. That's a nice set, I've got a Modeldecal set somewhere, but it's not a patch on that one. Also an Isradecal set that has some very nice camo schemes in it. I reckon an Israeli camo and French nmf should do it - so two builds for the price of one! cheers
  4. I'd like to chip in with a M.D. 450 Ouragan if I may?
  5. Jinxman

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Tasty, very, very tasty!
  6. Jinxman

    Gorby's Batty, Ratty, Roland.

    Looking good, especially the wood grain effect - and the Plum Porter on the shelf looks very interesting as well - how is it, or perhaps, how was it? cheers!
  7. May I chip in with the Spitfire Mk.XIV and Flying bomb please?
  8. Jinxman

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    Would be nice to see them off - heading down to Pembrokeshire on that day - hopefully they will give St Athan a flyby..
  9. Great stuff, love the chaps crawling over the airframe with fags in their mouths...
  10. Just had a quick flick through this - looks very good on first inspection. https://www.wingleadermagazine.co.uk/issue1
  11. ..same here, though my £2 Frogspawn one in dirty brown plastic which is more translucent than the canopy can't be left on the shelf can it? Perhaps build one of each at the same time just for the fun... cheers!
  12. Hi, I'd like to chip in with an entry for 1962 if I may? The first flight of the Bristol Type 188 was in April of '62 and I have a 1/72 vacform lurking somewhere in the stash, not sure who the manufacturer is though.. Cheers!
  13. Jinxman

    XP-84A Thunderjet

    Very nice rendition - I love it.
  14. Jinxman

    Airfix 1:72 F-84F Thunderstreak

    I like the idea with the pens - quick to apply and no cleaning up.
  15. Jinxman

    Airfix 1:72 F-84F Thunderstreak

    Very interesting experimentation - I don't use acrylics too much as I prefer enamels for most jobs.