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  1. Apologies for the delay. It’s been a busy weekend. I managed to get the pew sanded looking like a fool. she’s now done and oiled. Thank heavens. Just for @CedB I think it’s because my sanding is mostly plastic and PPP. Before. And after. To be fair I scraped this with a blade but washing with an old toothbrush works too as I had to de clog the micro mesh pads too. The top got sanded. Roots and seams are ok. The underside looks a bit like a scene from Miami vice! Here’s some primer. Still wet at the front. The roots are looking good so far. while that dried I took some weight from the nose and held it all in place with pva. More sanding took place until I heard the CrAck! the underside dose section popped apart. Nothing for it but to add the front well section. Almost forgot to add the toooobs. But luckily only almost. Held in place with plasticard strips. Tweaked into position. Their going to be fun to mask. Glued before more filler. And tother side. Aaaaaand more PPP I’ll add some detail in there soon. While that dried I glued these. That as they say is that. Fingers crossed I get some bench time this week. Thanks for dropping by. This sanding has to be coming to an end soon right. Johnny sanding stick.
  2. Excellent line up CC. I still do t know how you do it. Love the Chrysler. Looks amazing!!! Johnny
  3. hmmm The gentleman doth protest too much. you love em really. Seriously though they look great. Add a spot of paint if you think they’re too short but don’t be ashamed of a decal line now and again. keep remembering the Typhoon decals and it won’t seem so bad. Great work Giorgio.
  4. Looking grand. The vallejo silver is a bit like that. A right old pain in the Harris.
  5. Why thank you sir. Thanks. Pew is pretty much finished so I can get onto more important things. Thanks Ced. It’s amazing the amount of things your learn via modelling that you can put to good use in 1:1 scale land. Thank you. I’m glad you said that about the Osmo. It’s coated as of yesterday. Really bought out the Oak colour, so if you think it’s clear it isn’t but it is Really. Just like having wet wood. (Steady on Ced) . Oh and Thankyou for the kind words too. Thanks kidda. Apparently so, I shouldn’t do too good a job, she’ll find me more to do. I’m not Hiding the ghost away. It’s good to pop The panel on now and then when in the cabinet. Changes the look. I did the same with my meteor and Me 109. It’s a bonus if they “just” fit. Thanks I’ll have a look at the wire. The pipes on this thing are pretty smooth though. As for the smoothing PPP question. Well, if it was just a seam I was filling yes the finger lick works really well and has been bought into play quite a bit bit for bigger issues like this I’ve found PPP is so easy to shape and sand that having extra kicking around is actually quite a good thing. I’ll show you what I mean later when I post up some work on the Venom. Thanks for all your kind words. see y’all later on.
  6. If you’re of a mind to fix up old kits then filling and sanding here and there will do the trick. It’s not great having marks like that but I’ve seen a lot worse and older kits can have flaws. If you don’t want to do any of that then see if you can get a refund. Perfect Plastic Putty can be your friend for horrible sink marks if you fancy a challenge. Johnny.
  7. There’s a lot of edsg sloshing around at the moment. lovely stuff. Would you recommend this kit ? Looks rather nice. John
  8. I could never get masking to work with brush painting personally. Good luck Tony. Although it’ll more than likely turn out splendid as always. Johnny
  9. Excellent progress on the ponies CC. Just had a great catch up on the CrAzy five horse race. Thank your good lady for the poppy photograph too. It was just what I needed tonight. Johnny.
  10. Oops. Forgot to mention give the stick a scrub with an old tooth brush. But I guess if it’s ground in. That canopy is truly next level work. Beautiful modelling Ced.
  11. Forgot to mention what a great job you did of the photo etch. It’s fiddly at the best of times but sanding and trimming and getting it to fit another kit is next level. Bravo sir. Oh aaaand for next time they usually supply seat belts.
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