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  1. Hya. I love the look you have on both of the kits here. As everyone else has said the roughness doesn’t show. I’m currently torn on how to chip my current build. Usually I use AK chipping fluid but I might use painted chips this time. But looking here I’m thinking of chipping fluid again. Great work. John.
  2. Wonderful to have this beast back in action. In your own time sir. Johnny.
  3. Hi guys. More progress on the big guy while every one is having fun in Telford. One Thing I have learned about these kits is that it’s all crazy backwards ( you build it all then take it apart to paint ) and they go together damn quick. It’s like your regular @CedB build, blink and it’s built. The other arm got built and attached. ooh looks sexy. The crazy and different thing about these kits is that you can move them like an action figure, actually better than my old Star Wars figures back in the 80s. look. ”Ahh, ahh,ahh,ahh stayin’ alive” Great fun. right head on me thinks. that’s better. Another thing is you might think that because there isn’t any glue. None at all. the kits are indestructible and can be man handled quite a bit. Wrong. I broke the foot. Nothing terrible as there is still enough peg to attach the boots together but a close call. here they are attached. Basically it’s a bit like Lego. The only thing I can compare building one of these kits to is when I was a kid there were “ZOIDS” kind of clockwork robot things that came as kits. Brilliant things but totally different to Airfix. You get these bits. Push them together after a small amount of clean up to get here. Then add the armour plates. these things bend too, it’s crazy compared to Aeroplanes. Then all of a sudden “POP!” You have a leg. rinse and repeat and you have two. Rocketing along! mid section begin. Cut and clean. and Ping together. The only thing I can’t get my head around is having to put this together. Take it apart to paint them out it together again. I’m sure you don’t need to do this but it feels like what you should do and it seems what it’s done by everyone that builds these? before I’m off page one we have this. lovely to look at. there are a bunch of weapons and wings and things but honestly I’m getting a bit freaked that I haven’t or at least it doesn’t feel like I’ve done any modelling so I’m going to stop these bits. here and get the air brush ready. I’ll start with the arms. I removed the armour and started with the main skeleton. vallejo black primer. I did have some vallejo thinners, that’s the best thing about modelling you never know what tools you might h have in stock. different time Tamiya as 1-2 drops per 20 drops of paint. Any hoo it went on well. I felt the urge to do something different with the armour but I think I’ll grey prime it then pre shade high and low and top coat. Hmmmm in for a penny eh. both primers have hit the plastic well. I had to finish here but I’m looking forward to the next few steps. thanks for tagging along even if it’s outside of your comfort zone, trust me you’re not the only one. Hope Everyone has a lovely time in Telford and as always.... until next time. Happy Modelling. Johnny.
  4. Thanks Ron. I’m right there with ya. I’m new to these two. Great fun though. Thanks. I thought I might learn as I go, like with my other kits but to be fair i’m learning very little about what this thing is. More about how the kit works really. ha! Now I’m learning a little more. Still A little in the dark but as I said she’s a fun build for sure. More progress was made today.
  5. Have fun guys. Wish I could be there. Mother in laws 70th buy kits. Lots of kits. Johnny
  6. Hope you’re well Tony. I just went back to See when this build started. Wowah! Time flies when you’re having fun eh. I’d like to say you got your money’s worth but to be fair there isn’t much of the kit left. All the best. Johnny.
  7. Keep on keeping on good buddy. Whenever you’re ready. Johnny.
  8. Thanks for the info on that. Thanks G. Aww thanks Geoff, very kind of you to say. My other kits are. A vintage FW 109 and the Typhoon. Thanks Ron. I know right! I’m going to have to leave little flags around the place. No probs. The pleasure was all mine. I hope not. I put it on the side of the break out panel. Is that Wrong? I’m thinking you might be right.
  9. Oh hell. That is a shame I was enjoying that. Johnny
  10. I love this. I still have some old zoids in the loft at my parents. I might seek them out and paint them up. Johnny
  11. I know. They are really good. Totally different type of model making compared to what I’m used to. Almost no clean up or fit issues. Thanks Simon . Glad to have you on board. It’s an odd dealing not having to make these things fit. And I have no idea how the paint will turn out. It’ll be fun though. Thanks. Glad to have you on board. Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look.
  12. Thanks Pat. I’ll still do a closing post before she’s done. I’m doing something way outside of my comfort zone next. The thread is linked a post or two ago. It’s going to be a lot of new paint techniques going on. Just bought some Vellejo black primer. what do people thin that with? Thanks. She’s been fun to build. Two more 1/24s in the stash. I know! “If it wasn’t screwed on” and all that. Glad you have had fun. Join along on the new one if you fancy.
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