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  1. Glad The lady Rose has been discharged. I had a real worry when I saw your post. The silver ours looking splendid. Good luck with that top coat. Johnny.
  2. The marble effect looks great. I take it this is three tone camo? I don’t think I have ever done more than two myself. Hmmm I should remedy that. Spot on work with the step removal too. You make it look so easy* Johnny. *even though it isn’t.
  3. Oh jeeeez. This has come around fast!!! I need to print my kit. Johnny
  4. Lovely catch up with this one Simon. The office looks great and it looks as though you have that oil cooler sorted too. Bravo that man. Johnny
  5. The Flory looks great. I’m slapping mine on so thick at the moment it’s nice to see how subtle it can be used too. And what did you find in the loft??? More!!! That’s what you found. There’s no stopping you dear boy. Johnny
  6. Ahhhh but you always make things better. Nowt wrong with that no matter how expensive the plastic. Johnny
  7. Evening folks. Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend. It’s been a heck of a week but it’s all calming a little now. Progress has been made on the mirage. happy with the flory pass I did a seali g coat of Ts-13. I find the gloss is a really good surface for weathering passes. When that was dry I did the other side. Now what’s next. Well there’s these. And. Now I know it says “rust” but that’s just the colour. I’m not going for rusty I’m going for extremely weather beaten and baked. It’s tough to get the final picture without the Matt coat but I’ll step you through my process and hopefully it’s come good at the end. Soooo we start here. I started on the main fuselage. I want to add more gunge and blotchiness to the main areas. I start off with broad brush strokes. Then blend with a dry cotton bud. You can see up there where I have and haven’t blended. I know a few couldn’t see quite what I was doing on my hind build when I did this but it was a lot more subtle. Here on the tail you can really see the process. step one. Stains where I want in bold strokes. Step two. Wait a few mins for the fluid to dry a little. Then at it with a dry cotton bud. Step three. Eventually the lines between the two blur and you stop when you’re happy. Luckily this stuff comes off with white spirit too so even when dry you can knock it right back. The fuselage is getting there. Here’s an example of a wing before bud action. And after. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it you just use your references and add a huge dollop of artistic licence. Here’s a bit more. You can see where the wash ends in some places so I’ll fix that with fresh eyes tomorrow. I’m enjoying the process and the look. Just for Fun I did a dry fit of the front UC. phew! She fits. Looking forward to doing the underside pass now. Hopefully more tomorrow. Johnny.
  8. Ooh matron. . Thanks Ian. Thanks Terry. It’s something that interests me greatly. Every time I get my teeth into a bit of age and decay (not on my person you understand) 🫣 I just get a real urge to take it to the next level. This GB sounds like just the ticket. I’ve been accepted so I just need to settle on a thing to build. I may do the flight deck thing. I’m also pondering my Land Rover. Ok. If you could join it would be awesome. Thanks CC. Yes I’m aware you caught the Flory bug.
  9. Ahhhh. Here you are James. “It’ll do”? That cockpit is fantastic. Love the subtle details. The wheel wells look great too. In fact all of it. The whole ball of wax. I’ll tag along for the ride if that’s ok. Johnny.
  10. Those original Hunter decals I thought looked ok. Maybe if the white is thin a spot of paint over the top? Just for future as the new ones look spot on too. I love the kestrel. With those markings she reminds me of the Captain Scarlett interceptor, “Angel”? That tail flash is insane and amazing. Jont
  11. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. I'm about to rot and grot and I think I like it!!! Whoa, yeah! I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want grot I want rot! Thankyou kind sir. Brain worm firmly fitted. Just gotta figure out if I can 3D print chains. Johnny R
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