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  1. oooh I missed this. Looking good. I would have put more weight in that nose. I’ve ever built one of these but I did the Academy Catalina. Oooh boy that needed a house brick up front. But as you said you have a prop so all good. The internals look grand. Deffo look into getting some gators grip for your clear bits. Best thing I ever did. I’ll tag along if I may. Johnny
  2. Goode evening. well aside from paint questions I have managed some more work on this lovely kit. I noticed my partner in crime had added the sheet metal on his internal wall. the instructions aren’t so clear but it looks as though you get the option to have these on or off so I chose off to be different to Nikolay. And the other side I’m not adding the top door as this will be shut I’ll add the windows after paint like her big sister. I’ll also add these afterward. The rear seat got primed and bets glued at the connection points ready for
  3. Thank you very useful. Lurk all you like. I need all the help I can get. Are there any1/48 ones?
  4. Thanks for the help. Im still not sure. Are you positive it’s a miss print? One of the other schem es calls for xf-71 which is cockpit green. This sounds odd but I found this. Which matches XF-71 I might go with the Grey or more yellow for the 1/48 one and this scheme for our smaller build. What’s wrong with green and brown.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will other paints but I still can’t seem to find the right answer. For the 1/48 kit I was looking at pics and noticed when flicking through here that the colours look right. Maybe the green is a little light but the colours seem ok. So I just do t know. So many different colours and shades. I think I might pick a close one and run with it. I hope your riveting is going well. Johnny
  6. I’ll reply to all later on but this question has stumped me. The call outs are for Humbrol . I was going for the green one as I like the star on the decals. there are no conversions for 120 light green and 117 US light green. Does anyone out there have any ideas what I might be able to use? Olive? I use Tamiya by the way. Thanks again for any help. Johnny *Edit. I was looking at the other hind colours as they are called out in Tamiya shades but they seem wrong. The box looks Sandy. The sheet looks green. And the p
  7. Beautifully measured work Giorgio. Sorry I won’t mention size again* I’m loving the detail going on. It’s already making me boggle at how much better she’s going to look. Bravo dear boy. * I might.
  8. I was just about to write this then I saw Giorgio’s post. He knows his stuff that one. Regardless your method works too. Lovely custard you have there dear boy. If it’s the fuselage stripes that worry you. Don’t you have Tamiya tape for curves. That’ll work too.
  9. Some nice bending going on there. I need to catch up on this respect. Is your gear / engine section glued or is that just a dry fit? Just thinking about paint. Loving the twin build. I’ll be spending a bit more time on the little one over the next few days. Johnny
  10. Good evening you lot. Just a little on this wonder as my time has been taken up with the rivet queen. I have decided to move over here for a time for a bit of a break. So not the most exciting of updates but there is primer. Which means PAINT! The main office area. Rear seat. I have decided not to use the PE part for the head rest. Engine bay and fire wall. Main rotor gear. Pilots seat. Aaaaand engines. I’m down to my last tin of primer so I have ordered a bunch from the bay. Expect more soon as the booth is in operation.
  11. Fun isn’t it. ok so reading your other post I don’t do this bit? So yes there is no light to add? Are the instruction correct? Thanks Chris. It’s fun doing a dual build. There are similar issues between the kits but mostly they’re a really good fit. I think the second one is easier as I know what to expect.
  12. Evening you lot. Thanks for all the lovely comments. just a quick update to show @VT Red Sox Fan what I was wittering about on his thread about a white boost on my pre shade. basically it’s a little bit more that 1:1 thinned Tamiya white airbrushed in the centre and high points in a bit of a flamboyant squiggle fashion. Better on this shot. As these things are usually well worn I’m going to go full tilt. You can use this to accentuate some of the panels you might have been a bit too harsh with on the black pass. See the top panels. You can really see th
  13. What else? Mines electric, far too harsh for such delicate work. Ha! Sorry Ced. Thanks. Yes it’s a good opportunity to run through the process again. Too kind. Riveting!!! Why did I not see that coming. I think once the paint is down they’re locked in. Thanks Giorgio. I’m having a lot of fun paint side. They’re a nice departure from Aeroplanes while still having the same great bunch of faces tagging along. Just enough rivets. I took some liberties near the end as I lost a few here and there. Thank Simon. I’v
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