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  1. You could have her at take off Ced. Just sayin’ Jont.
  2. The Spadgent

    Zvezda 1/72 Mi-24V/VP Hind E

    Looking ace! Those PE parts look amazing and the nose fit is really good. Bravo sir. Johnny
  3. I thought about mentioning the pin marks, then I thought “ I bet he knows and they’ll be hidden “ I was right. Top work Mr B as always. Johnny.
  4. Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys, it warms the cockles so it does. mover the last day or so in between thing I have managed some more on the Helix. Here is the Flory going on. and totally covered. part of me actually likes it like this but I can feel our green multi ocular friend @Martian Hale spinning in his Spence ship so out with the buds and cloths. there’s a bit cleaner. and knocked right back, I left her overnight to get fresh eyes on it the next day. I took the sponge out to match the weathering and knocked a bit more off. Closer you can see the dirt level I’m after. And the tail. Happy with that for now so I moved onto the UC. And then on with the pipes. And the front pegs. The wheels then got popped on. she’s on her wheels. Having a boost from the wheels I got some other little bits done, tail fins on. Rotors wired with red accent wires and test fitted. The last mystery parts got cleaned up and primed. not that mystery huh? ok so just before I primed I had to fix a rotor blades I snapped off the little stuck things. I made new ones from plastic rod. don’t worry I trimmed them back. Cleaned and primed and on a stick. Two more little probe? Wing mirrors? Added. last few things will be : Paint the rotors and bits ‘n’ bobs. Weather them. Paint the lights and accent colours. Put everything together. Add filters, oil marks, chips etc. Mat coat unmask aaaand add the ruddy doors. If I’ve forgotten anything could someone point it out. Thanks for popping in for a brew and a fiddle around with some plastic. Take care and as always. Happy Modelling. Johnny Helix.
  5. Lovely Ssmmooootthh sheen you have there Mr B. Your UC look good too. I do love a silver wheel. Johnny
  6. Lovely little bits there Tomo. Nice steady work.
  7. The Spadgent

    Starbuck... what do you hear?

    Great job sir. I have just bought the MK1 hopefully I can get a finish as good as this little stunner. Johnny
  8. THAT! Sir is some expert choppery. Bravo CC Jont.
  9. The Spadgent

    Zvezda 1/72 Mi-24V/VP Hind E

    Looking great! Johnny.
  10. Sorry to hear you popped her in the trash. Sometimes starting again is a great boost as you know about all the pitfalls, good luck with her new and less painted twin . The pics you posted looked good, the grass really worked. Looking forward to the new kit. all the best. Johnny.
  11. Excelent choppery Bill. Loving the new little one. that wiring looks the business. aaaaand what’s this? @TheBaron “All that primo transparencing and bladery of yours is giving me odd quiverings to likewise do something in the rotational vein.” Come on in Tony the waters fine. Johnny Wocca.
  12. Good afternoon you lot. It’s been a busy few days, the bandage came off and everything seems to be ok Paw wise. Which is nice. I have been diddling along with the Helix in dribs and drabs but have only just managed to post, so here goes. first off after the gloss coat I masked for the black exhaust panels. And sprayed. Pretty good finish but I decided to touch up that rim section. Oooh missus. Is stood out and looked odd. nice and crisp though. I hang painted the intakes as there were easy rims to follow. I have seen someone else add some wiring to the rotor hub so I decided to copy it as it looked cool. I painted the lead wire with Tamiya gloss red. When dry I glued the ends to the hub ready to be bent into place. Other tasks included cleaning the chickens now my bandage is off. The girls are now happy. So decals! They don’t look like many but there really are. look!!!! Faaasands. Yes it only looks like three but there are more than three. glossed again and waiting for a Flory base wash. While waiting I cut off the last few bits. Won’t be long now. I lost one of these golf club thingies so I made another one. The lower rotor got some wire action. and the top one got started. So this is what is left. Apart from weathering. oh I painted the wheels too. Also I might have got a bit excited while making the x-wing and made an inspired purchase. I also bought some LEDs and wires to light the mother. squeeee. Anyway, thank you all for popping in for a nice cup of tea. more soon. Johnny.
  13. Thanks, you’re too kind. Thanks oh green one. Cheeres G.