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  1. @giemme was right. A little bit of PPP and the daylight was gone. I popped some more primer on. Looking smooth. But I really wanted her to look a bit...you know....... more rivets. so out with the Mr Surfacer and a cocktail stick. That’s better. Kinda more The way I wanted her to look. And on the under side. Almost time for actual paint. Thanks for having a look over here. All comments welcome. Johnny
  2. Hey guys. Hope you’re having a splendid weekend. I decided to confront the elephant in the room. Slowly I’m masking this ruddy greenhouse. it’s a bit awkward having it in one piece like this but with a little patience. And a very gentle touch. She’s getting done. The scratch parts were a bit nervy. But eventually it’s done. I had planned to paint then fit. (Why I don’t know Doing lots of builds at once is really messing with my thought process. So the plan is to finish the internals. Pop the glazing on and paint as per normal. So some P.E got added. And a spot of paint. A Little more PE then a top coat and some weathering and this thing can start moving. Thanks for dropping in. More in the week. Johnny greenhouse.
  3. Hey you lot. a little more done on this little beauty. the rotor head had a spot of red added and a top coat. In fact everything got a top coat getting ready for decals and weathering. I think I have already done this bit on the main part. It does feel a bit like I’m going round in circles. The tank got an accent cap too. decals and sticking next. Thanks for popping by. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Johnny roundabout.
  4. Thanks Thanks. It would be a lot less time but I’m tying myself up in knots with the other builds and missing bits or doing work in the wrong order. Thank you sir.
  5. Ahhhhh I seeeeee. This explains everything. curry and stripes on the agenda I see.
  6. A little bit done over the last part of the week. Been busy today so nothing bench related. I thought I’d share the work done though. Decals. Not many. But they look great!!! I even managed to paint the little guy. One more for luck. Top coat then weathering. Oh and the prop. aaaaaand the base. Then she’s done. Johnny
  7. I know right. Aaaaaaaa chooo. (Only kidding) yes I’m surprised how lovely she looks. Just about yes. And thanks. Wow! How cool is that. I never met my Grandfathers. You are indeed a lucky gent. Thanks by the way. I know. I just painted the pilot.
  8. Yes. Yes that’s amazing as are winch arms you are making. So much skill and detail. It’s a joy to behold sir.
  9. He’s BACK baby! Great set of three there old boy.
  10. Hells bells what’s going on here then? I was just admiring the flappery.
  11. Just a small mid week update. The tank got paint. As did the other bits and bobs. Looking for mash choppers they’re all different with different tanks and colours so I’m running with my choices. Even in the show some have doors and some don’t. Gah!! I’m going for white rotors. Not pure white but not green. This little beauty will come together rather fast I should think. more soon. JJ.
  12. Thanks Mr B. I’m glad I’m not the only one finding it a bit overwhelming. It’s a bit like Netflix or Spotify. So much choice I end up choosing nothing (madness). I think it’s a case of knuckle down and write a “to do” list, I know you love a good list. Pure shade shmure shade. yes new shed is imminent hence the destruction. as for the backing plates they are for the “mash” logo and the stars and bars on the tail. It’ll all come clear in thrr Ed next few posts. Sounds like a good idea. I am having fun but I think I’m looking forward to concentrating on one build next.
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