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  1. The Spadgent

    Red Bird (1/72 Academy IL-2 single-seater)

    Well that happened all of a sudden. Splendid finish kid. Pitty about the squashing but at least she got fixed. good work PC. Johnny. Love the green by the way.
  2. Glad to hear it dear boy. You earned it.
  3. Thanks. pie and quiche dishes are great. Just thick enough. I know what you mean about scraping plastic not being the most exotic hobby. good fun though eh. Thanks. very kind. Wow! That’s a BIG holiday, or was mine just small? looking forward to your return.
  4. The Spadgent

    Navy-ating Bucc's fizzing nicely

    Away for a bit and drama ensues! what the hell happened to that paint? It really went to a bad place didn’t it. Really glad you pushed through though Bill, she’s too good to give up on. Just imagine when she looks as beautiful as the Gannet. I always use Tamiya light grey primer. Works well. I do use acrylic on top though. keep on keeping on kidda. John.
  5. The Spadgent

    Gannet ripple, spooling down soon

    Excellent finish Bill. Sorry I’ve been away so I missed the end until now. What a stunner! Detailed to within an inch of its beak. Bravo sir. That spinner is brilliant. Johnny.
  6. The Spadgent

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    She looks utterly fantastic. you sir are on fire.
  7. Thanks Mr B Go on you know you want to. Why thank you. Thanks and yes it was rahtherr.
  8. Hey, hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was grand. And I lost some hours to this. It tastes like Refreshers and makes you loopy. Any way you ain’t here for the booze. (Or are you?) I managed some bench time tonight. I initially contemplated making a hoop out of fuse wire and covering in Quiche foil to make the blanked off section. This looked too bulky so Remembering the Handley page build I used a stencil tool and drew a square using a ball point pen making a rounded indent in the foil instead. needs trimming but looks the part. better. The other side I filled with PPP instead of metal. shouldnt be too hard to touch up. The other side got primed with Mr Surfacer. I’ll fit the Cable cutters at the end. The rest of the decals got added. and the bomb bay bits that need to go red got a white coat first. Proper panic dry fitting the flaps. they needed to be squeezed in to fit into the other half but since they were glued they wouldn’t budge. so I figured I’d just use brute force. It creaked a bit but eventually it went in. It has popped off the flap in parts but I’ll glue it while squeezed. Hopefully thdn I won’t have any problems getting it back in later on. Here’s a shot from tother side. I spent the last 20 mins sanding and re scribing one of the tires. Added some primer too. Looks pretty good. Hopefully more during the week. Thanks for dropping by, hope you all have a great week. All the best and as always. Happy Modeling chums. Johnny Gin Head.
  9. Thanks Ron. I’m pretty happy with the lines and stripes, I know some don’t like decals but I’m fine with ‘em. This bird is taking far too long as it is. As for what’s next. I’m going to treat myself with some little easier builds. Thanks G. Hope you have a great time away. Thanks bud. Will do. Eek. Maybe that was it then. I’ll know better next time. Thanks. Thanks Alan. Glad you like the build. Your Swordfish is looking amazing. It’s nice to see one at such a large scale. Great work sir. Thanks. We had a blast!
  10. The Spadgent

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Hey don’t worry you’re not upsetting anyone. Especially me, I’m still new too. it’s all about fun and learning new stuff. I didn’t see your last post before I posted my thing. She looks great painted up. Deffo gloss coat before you plop the decals on. I’d probably paint the photo etch before you put it on. Lots of masking otherwise but if you have a plan, stick with it. great progress sir. Very impressed. Jont.
  11. The Spadgent

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    I think the brute force approach seemed to work just fine. just noticed this after you popped up on my build. Your fish looks great! She’s a big un too. I built the Tamiya one as my first build on BM. A lot of love and a lot of mistakes too but it’s all about learning right. your Tank looked awesome by the way. just a note, and I wouldn’t touch a thing as it looks fine as is but I do love my pre shading. yours looks really well done (and I can’t remember if I did this on mine or not) but.... the dark lines go where the panel lines are, as you have done. The stretched fabric parts however usually have the darkness in the dips and the peaks are left or highlighted. You can give a fake light direction if you wish but I find the middle works fine. Either way she’s looking really nice and I’ll tag along if you don’t mind. I’ve never seen one this big built before. all the best and thanks for sharing. The office looks ace by the way. Johnny.
  12. The Spadgent

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Wowzers! Such masking and silvery goodness I hope you’re happy with that because it’s looking great from here dear boy. Yes from experience all the “pre” work that goes under silver tends to get lost. I add variations and shading with “Tamiya smoke” but you knew that. I’m so looking forward to the results of all that masking. wonderful work. Johnny.
  13. She looks stunning. Top stuff. Glad the Flory worked for you. You can be really proud of that one. Johnny
  14. The Spadgent

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    Rockin’ and rollin’ Mr B. Navigating those problems with ease. Top stuff as always. Johnny
  15. The Spadgent

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    Nice steady work Ced. Your modeling just keeps getting better and better. Bravo sir. Johnny