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  1. Trust me those seats are ACE!!!!!😍 🤖 Johnny
  2. Love the clear resin trick on the wing lights. Masterful. I need a uv light. 🔦 Hope you had a nice time ⛷️🚠🎿 Johnny
  3. So the spray booth is out for my Dinah build so I figured I’d get this started. so which yellow.? I haven’t gone for the rattle cans you’re mentioning to use so I want yellow with a touch of juice. So I have gone Tamiya X8 and Tamiya X6 at a 9:1 ratio. This is way off what I’d usually do for my aircraft but as this is way bigger I’m afraid it’ll be too orangy. (I have a plan) Oooh I’m liking that. so the first pass and we’re looking a bit like trotters independent traders. And front. I do like it but I fear it’s a bit over the top for what I’m after. So more light passes. And tother side. 🤔 hmmmm not bad. I sat with that for a day or two but decided I wanted it a tad warmer. So with a ratio of 8:2 and heavily thinned I did a final top coat Hard to tell them apart in these pics but it gives a little more “POP” And makes me smile a little bit more. I’m planning on stickering and post shading those to help everything bed in. Lord knows what I’m doing with the chrome? But it’ll be fun finding out. 🤩 More soon Tamiya fans. All comments welcomed. Johnny
  4. Thanks Terry. Yeah these Tamiya kits are great. I can highly recommend them for building fun and driving fun too. Go on you know you want to. 🙌
  5. Well another day another annoying body pain. This week it’s the lumber region. 🔙🥹 The garden that once had a nice hedge like this. Now looks like a bomb site. It will look nice when done but sheesh!!! Oh and if you have a twitchy back don’t help out carrying concrete fence posts. It won’t end well. 😩. At least this means we won’t get any more of these blighters. 🐀🐀 Any way you don’t wanna hear about my squeaky back you’re here for Dinah right. ok let’s move on. once the lower section was complete I needed to mask for the upper. I quite enjoy a nice masking session. quite therapeutic. So time to spray. I did the pre shade on top of the chipping fluid so that comes away too and the chipping g phase. A few gentle passes. Then more focusing on the centre of the panels. Looking good but a little too heavy on the Pre shade still. a little more working in and we’re getting there. That was looking about right. So off with the masks and a dry fit of the engine cowls in readiness for some cocktail stick action. 🥷 Ok so I’m not going for heavy chipping just some nice relaxed wear. So get ready for a small cone of chips. What do you mean “what chips?” Zoom in. 😇🤣 They are there. I just didn’t want to go ott. A few more close ups. And. I’ll leave that now to see if I still like it then top coat with the new Alclad to get ready for painted my first ever markings. 🫣 @giemme will be proud. I hope. Thanks for dropping in. on pancake day too. 🥞 More soon Happy modelling chums. Johnny
  6. My subtle whit is not yet lost. 😉 Ahhh the lucky peg. 🤣 thanks for the kind words, yes I can only hope all has gone well under that tape. Indeed! I don’t know why it popped. There isn’t any stress that I can think of. Thanks G. I do love a good pre shade. 🤩 Thanks. For the kind words. As For the seams I have no idea. Maybe modellers are the gods of seams and the models want to sower us with gaps in appreciation of our greatness? 🤔 maybe? Thanks T. Very kind. 😇🤩
  7. Hey you lot. It’s been a couple of weeks since last time. I’ve been away restoring a vintage Tamiya RC. (Great fun) But I’m back now. 🤩 This arrived!! 🫶 Unfortunately I’m past that phase. Maybe something metallic next time. 🤘 Thanks @giemme for the hot tip. ❤️ Well, chipping fluid sprayed and no lack of shine. Huzzah! Pre shade added to the top. Sub assemblies. And bottom. That only needed to dry for a little while and I could spray the lower colour. first pass. And a closer look. I had to re glue the tail and peg because it came apart. 🙀 hopefully it’ll be ok. I’m sure it will be. I’ll need to leave that to dry. I’ll look again in daylight tomorrow. I think I’m going to change the scheme but it shouldn’t change my first attempt at painting the markings. 🙀😵🫣 Thanks for looking in. All comments welcomed. Johnny
  8. I hope it turns out well so you have something good to look forward to. 🙌 also thanks for the Aqua gloss vote. 😍 Thanks Keith. The glazing was a bit of a pain. I just hope it turns out well. 🤞 Thanks G. I’m keeping g everything crossed. Mmmmmm chips. 🙌😍🤪🤣
  9. Beautiful work with the clear stuff. I don’t envy you. Not one bit. 🫣 Johnny
  10. Good luck with the sandin’ and a fixin’ Alain. Alas it’s an Avenger that I have the kit for. Regardless I’m going to love watching these beauties get fashioned. 🤩🤗 Glad the shoulder is getting better, sad the work has started. 😩 Johnny
  11. Ok so where were we? Oh yes adding servos. The steering servo got its rods added. And the one that runs the MSC And a test for good measure. oooh yeah!!! Happy with that. 🤗 Time to replace the DIY Suspension struts. Much better. front wish bones and new bumper added. the front suspension got dismantled cleaned and re greased. And then popped in place. Front. And rear wheels got tidied and put back together complete with new bearings. I can’t tell you how happy this is making me. I do wish I had mine but this is as close as it gets. And there we are for the chassis. what a beauty. An absolute pleasure to bring her back from the dead. Not Zombie dead I’m thinking a more vampiric reanimation. She was in pretty good condition just needed some TLC and some virgins blood. 😉🤪🤣. By the way I mentioned the time capsule box and here’s what I got. Well the box is a pretty cool think to have. You’ve seen the front but it also has the card divider with the RC cars of the day. A boxed Acoms charger. A boxed complete with plastic insert and instructions. Tamiya Racing pack. Loads of spares and original screw bags. Look at that!!!! Even the PC paint of the day. Not sure they sell it like this anymore. It looks like a regular acrylic pot but it’s quite a bit bigger. Even some old Humbrol. @perdu would like that. 🤗 And even some 40 year old damper oil. Sorry if it’s a bit boring but I really loved getting all these extra goodies. Really adds to the nostalgia. so what’s next? The shell. Not bad but not great. The stickers are misplaced and coming away and the paint is a little thick. The white roll bar is a bit baff and painted on the wrong side too. I also have a spot light missing. you can see what needs replacing. This guy looks a bit worse for ware too. 🥹😃🥳 So the plan is to keep what I can and replace the rest with Re Re Stickers. I’m going to try and keep the sponsor parts vintage if I can. looks like I can strip the paint with IPA which is nice. After that we I spent the Sunday with my youngest in Church Stretton. Things are looking rosy. Thanks for dropping by. More soon but I do need to get back to my other builds. I might switch back to the Dinah for a little while. Take care and as always happy modelling. Johnny.
  12. Thanks. Yes I don’t know what that gunk was but it reminded me of when I used to eat meat and the fat that would be left behind in the baking tray. 🫣 but less delicious. 🤪😉
  13. That’s better. Took quite a lot of work. The wheels also got disassembled. As mentioned the tyres went through the wringer getting the wheels out and cleaned up really nicely. All the spares arrived over the week so we’re good to re assemble. Bearings, front suspension struts and new spot lights. 🤩 also some new Stickers. This should be pretty quick. The gearing got some new grease and sat into place nicely. The new bearings added and were there. I’ll put the old black bushings in storage and get some pics of the time capsule later on. All closed up and smooth. Metal pinion added to the motor and fitted. A quick battery test proved successful. Gear box mounts and springs set. And rubber band added for the servo power bank. And the whole assembly then fitted. The clean MSC goes back in. Next steps are to re fit the servos. I just remembered while typing this that I’m yet to clean the front suspension. Time for a dog walk then I’ll get on it. Thanks for dropping in folks. All comments welcomed. Take care. Johnny
  14. I know. It’s a really nice example. Thanks James. “Tamiya base” is great as is “Tamiya club” I’m not a member but stalk the site to gather tid bits of info on my RC builds. I took into consideration your comment about the tyres but they took a right battering getting them apart so they may fair quite well. I’m not going to beat this into the ground so fingers crossed she’ll be fine.
  15. Oooh lovey work Bill. Looks like the omni file has had an outing already on theunder side. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for that tattered nose. Johnny
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