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  1. Oh go on then. ahem. ”Hot potato, orchestra stalls, Puck will make amends.” Tweak... Ouc....
  2. All caught up! Blimey it’s like a festival of kits. I can’t keep up watching how you manage to keep track of what you’re building is amazing and with such great results too. Hat doffed CC.
  3. Lovely work on the office Giorgio, nice extra detailing too. Ah yes the red stickers. I think I remembered them. Johnny
  4. Hells bells! Pop in for a bit of plastic fantastic and look what I get. Wonderful internals Oh globulus one and not a hint of shakespearian kings eh. Top job dear sir, top job. Johnny
  5. P.a.i.n.t!!!!!! shes looking better still, if that were even possible. Great stuff Tony. I need to do some interior green myself. looking forward to more. Jont
  6. Hya. Welcome to my 2019 year book. I figured I'd fill it up as I go this year. Hope you enjoy what I've done so far. Johnny. KA-27 Helix by Hobby Boss 1/48 WIP RFI 1976 Ford Torino 1/25 Revell WIP RFI ******COMING SOON*******
  7. Hi guys. Welcome to all of my builds since I started here on Britmodeller a few years ago. Hope you enjoy em! Thanks for popping in. Johnny. 2016 2017 2018 2019
  8. looks like you cant post after the end of the year? I got thrown off as the 2017 one worked. Doh!
  9. Hi guys. I'm looking to consolidate my yearbooks now there is a place for them. Any idea why I con't create a new topic in the 2018 one ? It'll let me in 2017 but not 2016. All very odd. ? Thanks in advance. johnny.
  10. Thanks. I was hoping I wouldn’t fluff it. it was tough scraping all the wires out to be fair. Ahh I have taken it up just since this Christmas. My boy has been at it for the past few years. He does comps, I’m going to try some this year. Cosford I think and another local West Midlands one. Thanks. I should be ok for ref but if I do need specific shots I’ll give you a nudge. Very kind. Don’t you dare. 🥳 and thanks kidda. Deffo not the stout. I can’t drink like what I used to.
  11. Hey youuuu guyyyssss. How I managed to get some modelling in this weekend I know not. I was out for pretty much all of Saturday, meeting up with old friends, drinking some of the most beautiful and expensive stouts and bitters ever. £9 for a half pint. Milo had a fencing comp today too. During the bits where I wasn’t doing that I worked with this. I wanted to add some pipes to make it a bit more special. I used lead wire and heated up styrene rod. here’s a shot half way through. I’m loving doing this. One side done and the other. And bottom. Just the top to go. now although this is ok I have seen it painted and I just don’t like the look that the mould gives. Soooooo. away with it and replace with lead wire. That’s better. Hopefully it’ll paint up ok. It should. I glued all the top stuff on. next bits to do are the fire wall/ bulk head, is that what it is? Why so many pin marks on the detail side is beyond me. also these need drilling. And a sand. Here’s one set dry fitted. much better. Also these arrived. woot!! That however is it I’m absolutely pooped so it’s early nights all around I think. Thanks for dropping by and as always. Happy Modelling. Johnny. 🌪
  12. I saw your model and she looked great. I couldn’t find a WIP though. Will you do one for the repaint? Ahem yes indeed. Thanks. I couldn’t possibly comment. 🦹 Oi! Welcome aboard Ian. Hopefully I’ll pull it out of the bag. Wowza!!!!! Thanks for the share.
  13. Back on it! (Or then I should say) tough to keep up with all your builds dear CC but I do my best. excellent stuff. Johnny
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