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  1. They have the medium stuff. That’s pretty good to have.
  2. Nice work PC. The new phone seems to be working for you too. Glad I got back in time for paint. hope it’s not too cold over there. Johnny.
  3. Looking good in the clamps. I can see what “Matt_” is talking about but it might just be the angle. I’m sure a little bit off Bill magic will work wonders. Johnny.
  4. Heyyyyy youuuu guyyyyys. sorry for the late weekend update. The weekend was a trifle full. I have managed to get to (almost) the end however. Just some construction and a bit more weathering and we’re done. Probably. Any way let’s start, where were we? ahh yes the black bit by the canopy. i couldn’t decide how I was going to mark out the shape so eventually I thought I’d weather out the shape, then water out the mark afterwards. Bingo! That worked a treat. I brush painted the shape and then rubbed out the Tamiya weather mark with water and a cotton bud. The wheels got added as did the exhausts. Lovely little things really. Here from another angle. popped the UC doors on too. the last bit to get some final attention is the spinner, so. masking for the tips and a spray. Masks off I thought I’d brush the tips. At this scale should be a doddle. PinG! Instant banana tips. Oh I nearly forgot. The scraggy bits on the tail decal which settled really well with the Dacco got touched up and the tail wheel tyre got painted. This is where we were before the party on Friday. Coat of gloss and a good dry before Flory. look what I got in a cracker at the works do. can’t get away from the bloody things. After a good dry out with the Flory. No I wonder if anyone has had the same thing happen with their pots of Flory washes. Mine have gone s bit..... well bitty and a thick. I can’t airbrush them that well and they bubble up something rotten. if you look on the card you can see the clear goop that came out with little to no pigment. I watered it down and it started to flow. what a mess. Nowhere near the depth of colour that I usually get but I quite like the finish off the bat. The wings got a blast. looks like I won’t need to rub much away. So I’m wondering if the new goopy Flory is a bad thing? While all that dried I put the decals on the spinner and gloss coated. the main wash got knocked back but I’m leaving it until later in the week to give it another go. well there you go. Thanks for dropping by for a spot of wildcat and a biscuit. Hope you’re all having a suitably Christmassy time. until next time. Happy Modelling y’all. Johnny.
  5. Thanks CC. Finished before Christmas? Ha you’re funny. the Martian you say? Hmmmmmm must seek that out. Thanks Ron. Yes dropped models are a thing around these parts.
  6. Mulliput action of the highest order. Wonderful work on those intakes. I’m looking forward to the little vent bit in the middle. Johnny.
  7. The Spadgent

    Zvezda 1/72 Tiger - Wittmann at Kursk

    Awesome stuff kid. The piping tool worked a treat. sorry I haven’t popped in for a while but a lovely catch up was had this morning. bravo sir. Nearly there. Johnny.
  8. Calm down, calm down. What’s going on in here? thanks for all the info. I really didn’t know the code things were so important. Thanks oh Green one. Aaaand nope tis a Helix. Wocca tastic! You’re more than welcome. Its been a busy old week. I’m out at the office.Christmas do tonight but I anticipate last bits and bobs and weathering over the weekend. Johnny.
  9. Thanks. Looks like the surprise is No more. Thanks G. The cat is truly out of ze bag. Thanks. Well I had planned on leaving it blue, the paint instructions offer no help. I looked back to the summer when I visited the fleet air arm, there was a martlet. Zooming in it looks black to me so I think I’ll brush that before the canopy goes on. good spot that man. Ten points to Griffindor.
  10. Nimrod seems to be rattling along quite nicely Mr B. The guttering can do one. Stupid guttering. I know your pain. I have an old Victorian (house) with metal gutters, this rain is playing havoc. Good luck dear boy. Johnny.
  11. The Spadgent

    Listening to the Solstice

    This is stunning stuff Tony. Bravo sir. my monical nearly fell out when I saw everything in primer. Truly wonderful. johnny
  12. Well THAT! Was a weekend that saw me nowhere near the bench. luckily I had a small journey to the grotto earlier in the week. It was decals next. they are really good too although I don’t know if this is a new Airfix thing but micro sol didn’t touch em. also this bit if you are planning on making this kit will need to be cut to fit. It’s the only bit of this that is a little bobbins. So with a cut and a slice we get something that might fit. It’s not perfect and it’ll need touching up but it’s the best it’s going to get. as I said micro sol didn’t touch the decals so out came the Daco Strong. This nailed em on. The canopy fits sooo well. I’ll leave it till after weathering. look at that! and if, IF. I pull my socks up and get this finished I’m looking at this for a Christmas project. oooh! Thanksfpr popping by. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Happy Modelling lads and lasses. Johnny.
  13. Thanks. I must check in on that tank of yours. Ain’t it always the way.
  14. The Spadgent

    Listening to the Solstice

    I’m agog. (just wondered if there was an emoticon for that and that was the closest thing that popped up). Brass of the gods. Beautiful work as always. Johnny.