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  1. THAT!!! IP is amazing. Super impressed. I really need to get a sheet of dial decals. It’s a shame you can’t get one sheet in various scales for odd folk like me that build lots of differing sizes. I hear the Airscale ones are very good. The seats will be fine with a bit of touching up. Nice work Mr B.
  2. You could use 3D virtual glue to make us all feel better. Great work Tony. Johnny
  3. Awesome. The Bug eh looks good. I’ll have to put that acrylic paint wash idea on the list. Thanks for the tip. Looking great!!! Johnny.
  4. Ok, dinner eaten I can finish the post. I have decided to do this one canopy closed. The three parts do fit well after a bit of sanding so taking a cue from the landing gear I used the fuselage as a jig. Voila! that then got masked. I painted the remaining internals. And glued the whole lot on with Gators grip. Inside colour painted. Ready now for a first primer test. more practice with mottles. This time with the nozzle unscrewed. Still a bit heavy. Next test will be with heavily thinned paint. thanks for dropping by (again) have a great week. JJ
  5. Good evening. Multiple sleepovers with my kids this weekend which meant in between cooking breakfast and what not I got some bits done on the 262. I sanded the jets smooth and attempted a fit. They dry fitted ok so what can go wrong? lots as it happens. on a dry fit the movement of parts makes a fit a little better as the tolerance can shift. When solid it’s a different story. As you can see above I have fallen fowl off the dreaded wonky jet problem. dang! The under side wasn’t any better. Wonderful. I get to do some modelling. You need to scrape and fit allot to find the correct position. I guess all kits must differ a little depending on how you fitted the other parts but here’s what I did. scalpel scraping here. And here. Some sanding here. Fitting all the time to make sure everything is headed in the right direction. Ending with pegs. There is a big Mellon thumb print under there too. Doh!!!! Nothing a few swipes with a sanding stick won’t fix. Pretty much identical procedure on both sides. All glued and jet ends on. PPP added with a coffee stirrer and a wet bud. Overall not bad after some work. I then decided to have a go at the landing gear. using the jet as a jig I glued the parts but not to the actual well. same with the rear. And all done. I’ll pop them off for painting. righ oh Gotta dish up dinner. A little more later. hope you’re all enjoying the build. It’s great fun from this end. Happy Modelling . Johnny
  6. Thanks. Yes me too. Thanks Mr B Thanks. It’s a lovely kit. Erm. Yup! that’s fishing shot. 10g Thanks CC Thank you.
  7. The drill wrap is a stunning idea. I’ve banked that one for the future. Johnny
  8. Good evening guys. After various chores around chateau Spadgent I managed a wee amount of time at the bench. First up the lowers wing section got glued. Not too hard to get to fit. Then the wing sections got added and glued. Pegs!!!!! I missed pegs. This was last night. It had time to dry before more fiddling. The “Hot” end has now gone from black to silver To black again. The fuselage has cured and she’s looking like a 262. And the underside. the roots look ok actually. Ooh by the way I got some new goodies in the post today from the BIG H. Actually the tweezers came from parabellum but I’m sad I visited and only came away with tweezers. Next up I have to try and fit this. Into there. Nice shot of the wells too. I figured I’d use Gators grip after all the horror stories. Two here. And the rest here. Any where else and the Front well wouldn’t fit. while that dries I washed the Jets. Ohh they look mucky. Don’t worry you will hardly see them when they’re assembled. Hmmmmm look at that that seam. I’ll stick the front section on after I have fixed the problems. The innards look good though. There is an in at seam though. I’ll fix it. The front looks good too. I added some PPP to the seam on the insides. Done the trick but it’ll need a bit of colour touch up later on. I did a bit of sanding and added ppp to all seams. That all needs to dry. Just before I finish I test fitted the clear parts. I had to do a bit of sanding here and there to get it to fit but eventually e we have this. I also picked up Airfix magazine with the 262 article and build. Looking forward to reading that later. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you’re all having a lovely modelling weekend. Johnny.
  9. Looking grand. Bravo on the seats. I thought you would leave them. You proved me wrong. Johnny
  10. Excellent work on the Lysander. Wire in the IP. Cool, usually reserved for the 1/32, 1/24. I salute you. Good news on there house front too. Johnny
  11. Dang! It’s gone Alu now. Thanks though. Hey guys. I noticed the Revell 1/32 version of this Aeroplane is going for just over £20. What’s wrong with it?
  12. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your wonderful defiant Erwin. I usually need BM to give me a poke on updates. Alas this baby has slipped the net. All caught up though. She’s looking great. The chipping looks good too. Did you use chipping fluid? I don’t recall you mentioning. The was idea is really interesting. Was it easy to was off? As I’m sure you’re aware I use Flory and sometimes oil paint / Tamiya pin wash. But I have never used acrylics as a wash. They seem to have worked well for you, I’ll endeavour to keep up from now on. ps. I know every one has a different way of modelling but I think you were right to cut the sprues/trees away when painting. When I see it painting on sprue it give me the heebies. pps. Oooh I was going to mention how cool your PE looked on the wing. Do you have a bending set for PE? If not I highly recommend getting one. They make life soo much easier. It all about the tools. Ask @CedB Johnny
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