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  1. Blimey that was an update and a half. Brilliant shark mouth that tape technique for holding canopies is so being used in my Firefly build. Thanks for the tip. Johnny.
  2. Now well. I think I’m going to do a scheme that incorporates my favorite colour.
  3. Good evening. Thanks for all the feedback. It’s very useful. I did get some bits wrong but I have rectified. Although my photos could have been better. You know the little tab I cut off? I found some reference telling me that that was wrong so I unglued and stuck back to the main fin. Chopped out the gap and now I can pose correctly, you can’t see in this shot but it’ll look great. The tail fits the fuselage really well. the step isn’t there with a little pressure. And here’s the rudder. I also re scribed the little back fin thing. I quite like that. And the other side. The little bits of the flash panel lines are also now gone. More has been done but I have no pics. More soon. Thanks for popping in. Johnny.
  4. Thanks Troy. I get what you’re saying and it does seem like “Song” is asking for info but I can’t see where he said he works for Trumpeter. so I question if he is affiliated at all? Even if he was/is does he have the power within the company to make such changes? As I said I may have missed some details about Mr Song and if I did I apologise. Thanks for the book link I think you sent me this before and it’s a real winner. Such great help. Thanks me mon. Thanks G. More printing no doubt.
  5. Good evening. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. It’s been a bit of a hup ho week at Cheś Spadgent so not a whole lot of modelling but there has been some tinkering in between the madness. First of I added a few wires using lead. Then did a pre shade. While I had some black in the cup I painted the nose intake PE. Nice detail. Then some colour in the wells. And on the rim of the lower wing. While that all dried I need to try and move on with this thing. So after going in a really tiny lever in the cockpit. I decided to snip bits off and glue things together to get a bit of momentum. These gates are beginning to really grind my gears. They are just big enough to snip using….. well my snips, so that makes them slightly less of a pita. So any way the tail got stuck together in preparation for some surgery. The tail of you leave it as is looks fine on things kit. However if you are to position the flaps (like I’m going to) they’re wrong. so I cut along the seam provided with a scalpel. The Square reasons will have to come off also. Glued to make new flaps. I’ll send the little tab as that’s not actually there. This kit gives with one hand then takes away with the other. I think the issues aren’t that hard to fix but it’s almost like why? Why would they do that? Moulded tail flash 🫣 not a hard fix but….. why? sprue goo too the rescue. I had planned on printing one of these to look more like what’s on the real aeroplane. Cloth/ ribs. I still might do that but I thought I’d sand some dips and see what that does. And a bit of primer. Hmmm a bit over kill so I sanded them right back. Here it is glued and sanded. Still not 100% convinced. I need to print wheels anyway so I might just knock one up and be done with it. And that as they say is your lot. More in the week Take care y’all. And thanks for dropping by. Johnny.
  6. Thanks John. Too kind. Much appreciated Colin. Thanks. If anything I’m really happy if my builds can help others. Johnny
  7. By gum!!!! That’s looking rather smart. I saw the hose and thought. Ohh the crafty so & so he’s wrapped wire around it. Then not being sure scrolled through previous pages to see that the pipe indeed was smooth, must be wire. To then continue down just one picture to get the answer or how the magic was created. Lovely print and brilliant paint too. Johnny
  8. Thanks every one too kind. @Rob Maynard sorry for the super late reply, I didn’t see this post so my apologies. Good luck with the build, it’s a lovely kit even without the rivets but they do add a lot. As for the book, yes I used it a lot. Tonnes of great interior and exterior shots. hope my threads help you with your builds. Johnny.
  9. Lovely work on the bell pull Bill. They didn’t have much protection from the splashes down bruwichem way back in the day did they. Great stuff. Johnny.
  10. Looking fabulous Chris. The spinner looks top drawer. Interesting that your post shading with a brush. I did this on my Tamiya RC and when painting “canvas” but I think it’s worked well here. I assume the paint was really quite thin. Brilliant stuff. Bravo. Johnny
  11. Thanks Steve. I’ve just looked and i the wires are the same colour as the wells so I’ll do those first. Thank you sir. They turned out ok in the end. More to go though. Hmmmm green and brown with a custard bottom. But seams. Surely that’s why we are all here? To remove unwanted seams. That’s the meaning of life. Not 42 or other such madness just unwanted seams it seems. And you know what Benny hill said in the Italian job! He weren’t wrong. Johnny
  12. Please excuse the massive amount of likes. I just chewed up the whole thread. I recently sold my Fortress in a stash clearance so I figured I’d watch this lovely build come together. Mine was 1/72 and it was BIG. It took me till page four to realise this is 1/48!!! WOW! Now that is BIG. All the extra bits you’re making are fantastic and it’s really scratching the itch I had for this Aeroplane. Well both of them, so thanks for that. Tagging along for the ride if that’sok. Johnny.
  13. Thanks Giorgio. I’m a bit panicky now after seeing @Fritag’s Awk. Do I do camo?
  14. Thanks Alain. Yeah I’m really impressed how clear they are. Hmmm maybe I won’t bother with the flaps. Just in case.
  15. A camouflaged bottom! Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. Glad you went the whole hog with the sausages, they made the dream work baby. Beautiful tone you have there dear boy. Jont.
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