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  1. Ha! Wouldn’t that be something. Ooh great news. Thanks. Thanks again. I have tweaked my supports. I think they’re pretty good now. Thanks. Feels like it’s headed out. Which is nice. Thanks. I’m going to have to get vacuum cleaners now. Give it a blast. It’s great fun. Thanks. Don’t worry this is still ongoing I’m just switching between this and my Demon build at the moment.
  2. Good afternoon. Feeling so much better again today. Even my sense of smell is coming back. I decided to prime the resin parts after reading on BM that there were issues. the seat first. You can see the rivets. As you can see with this side by side comparison my original was a tiny bit too ikkle. The internals got a blast too. I build an IP and I have some foot plates to go in too. The second tail turned out well and took paint. I sanded back the kit part to match. Decided on a bunch of dry fitting next as there aren’t that many bits. The hole for the UC on this side is miss moulded so I’ll have to fix that. Short shot moulding here too. Almost all the other bits got cleaned up. (I need to print exhausts but I’ll keep the main tube. ) I’m not sure if I like those big doughnuts at the end of the UC I’ll check references. The struts seemed ok. Although I lost one but made another from .8mm rod. Started carving off the control surfaces too. back to work next week. I’m allowed out of the hose on Tuesday too. Looking forward to not being under house arrest. Hopefully more later on. Hope you’re all having a smashing weekend. Johnny.
  3. Thanks Adrian, yes covered with checkers. If you have the inclination to give printing a go, deffo do it. I have had lots of help over the past few weeks. Also I can’t ever see me buying another upgrade set. Maybe? I just found it on line. It kind of tally’s up with the kit part on the tail so for me it’s ok. Thanks for the heads up though. Too kind. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Giorgio. Well I did initially snort at that but realistically Hewey is a kit. Well kind of. But I guess you mean Aeroplane. maybe. I don’t like betting. I always lose.
  5. I have just primed my newly printed parts with Tamiya grey and all seems good. To be fair I never wash with washing up liquid and a brush afterward. Maybe just run under a tap if you need to?
  6. She looks utterly fantastic. I can’t stop looking at those wheels. Brilliant stuff. John
  7. Bloody lovely with a spot of primer on. Lovely before to be fair but even more lovely now. lovely.
  8. Thanks for the brain bump on the canopy. Of course I remember now. Great work on that belly. Jont
  9. Round one is in. We have had some success. And a few little things to think about. The tail turned out ok. It’s the right shape and size and the ripples are nice and subtle. The lower section had a fail so that will have to be done again. Which is fine as there is another thing that needs re printing. Take a look at this. I think I miss calculated the size I needed. I said 5mm but really it was more like 4mm I re measured and it needs to be more like 8 or 9 mm and taller too. I did a bit of re modelling. That looks better. I thought it look small originally. right then! Time to fire Mick up again. Keep em crossed fun seekers. Johnny.
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