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  1. Absolutely wonderful paintwork. Just the right amount of everything that makes me happy on a model. your skills are growing for sure. This isn’t criticism or advice simply something I do differently. The panel line for me always comes after decals. Especially while using Flory or oil washes. That way you get hints of panel lines and bits of dirt on the insignia paint too. As I said it’s just something I do differently, there is no right or wrong in this hobby that’s why I love it. She looks spot on though. Can’t wait to see her up on her pins. Johnny
  2. Glad to Hear from you dear boy. Life seems to be keeping you in good stead. you’re right you know. Hell to Modelling in this heat, it takes all my effort to get through a working day, then it’s straight to the hammock for a read and a snooze. Take your time. I don’t want to be handing in last either. Johnny.
  3. @Martian. @perdu . Oooh you pesky do and so’s. I’ll let the professionals do it for me. Sorry @hendie back to greeblies. That vent is the best but for me. Absolutely beautiful under a spot of primer. I’d be so eager to start painting right now. Nice job on the scribing too. All in all you can say I’m impressed. Johnny
  4. It’s far too HOT my little POTATO. Even the ORCHESTRA in their STALLS are PUCKering their lips. WILL they ever MAKE it through the play or must there be AMENDS made to make everything a little more hospitable ? A few TWEAKS here and there. Who NOSE. . X love and hugs.x
  5. I know they were Gophers but to me you are now Bill Murray in Candy Shack. “Gonna cost me a fortune in Cantaloupes and Gas” what a quote! The greebles are looking amazing once again as is that band. I’m still not sure what witch craft you used as it’s quite early (I’ll read it again) but it look beautiful. I too hate scribing. I’ve taken to just doing it and hoping it works. deffo give her a spot of primer before deciding what you do mind. Good luck my good man. Johnny.
  6. Nice to have you back Tony dear boy. I’ll tell you now, I myself can appreciate a nap in the garden holding a good book. Fourth decade I think is the starting point for such pursuits . wonderful canopy work my good man, simply wonderful. Johnny.
  7. Good evening. Busy work day and fencing tonight has left me too tired for the bench so I thought I’d update the thread instead. Work has slowly been happening. Mostly masking. I decided to use kitchen roll dipped in water then when dry tape the edges. Worked really well. I did light passes again focusing on the centre of panels to give a bit of a pre shade look. You can see it more clearly here. I let that dry for. ( not as long as I should ) Then you’re de tacked tape to mask for the black. I used Tamiya runner for the stripes. I couldn’t resist so a soon as that had dried I whipped off the masking. Right off the bat!! Amazing. Really wish this was mine now. alas! Back in the booth after a nights drying for a top coat. Underside. And one more from tother side as I’m so happy how it turned out. Have to paint the flaps next then decal o’clock. Thanks for popping by. I hope you’re all have a spiffing week. Take care and all comments welcome. Johnny.
  8. This way surely. ️ Thanks by the way. Thanks. I used to do it all by the gift of squiggles but this is so much quicker. Thank you. Thank you, Thanks Alain. Too modest, your builds are spectacular and well you know it.
  9. Great and tiny work Giorgio. Congrats on winning the Footie (not you personally but you catch my drift) , I don’t follow it myself but I heard it’s a big deal so hats off. I bought some of the quick drying TET but it didn’t seem to be as good as the regular stuff on kit parts. Is it better on plasticard? Johnny.
  10. Totally insane!!! Love it. So this all works ready for when you shrink yourself down to 1/72? Johnny
  11. Thanks. The wait time isn’t long. A few minutes. I found if you keep spraying it’s hard to tell what’s settling so I do a pass then wait a bit then another one. Usually third or fourth pass is the sweet spot. Thanks. Thanks G.
  12. Quality update! Plenty of top notch greeblies being greebled. Especially those vents. excelent work.
  13. Good evening everyone. Probably being one of the only people in this country not following the football I managed to squeeze some time in tonight to get some paint work done on Jim’s Mustang. lots on over the past couple of days but I’m trying to snatch moments here and there to get this beauty moving forward. This morning saw some details get added back into the cowl panels. Not perfect but they are pleasing to my eyes ant that’ll do. Next up is the first pass of pure shade. Top side. And a dead one, hopefully to coax @CedB into the room. After that I wanted to use the stencils to give some heavy variation. Lots of different distances on offer for Happy blotches. Under side. Overall I’m happy with that. Decided not to go the full hog with both colours and do a bit of post shading instead. Here’s the first few passes on the underside. Grey! I thought it was a blue but hey what are you going to do? and a few more with a bit of lightness in the panel centers. Seems to be working well for my have scheme. To keep it going I didn’t bother glossing before masking. So jumped right in with the green. Nice light passes. Eventually getting here. I added some white to the mix and doubled the thinners to have a lighter centre panel post shade. this worked well but to my eye I was losing some of the juice! So I made a very thinned wash of the green with a spot of yellow add back some of that warmth. It’s super subtle but I like the way it’s turned out. I have some really nice ware going on. I hope Jim likes it. Too eager to wait until tomorrow the masking had to come off. That demarcation line looks great. Pity I have to cover it up with Stripes. I simply have to wait a good few hours to dry now before I gloss. I’m not brave enough to do the stripes without it. I’m bound to scratch the paint off I didn’t. So that’s where we leave her. More action tomorrow. Thanks for dropping by. Any comments welcome. Take care y’all and as always. Happy Modelling. Johnny.
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