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  1. The Spadgent

    Spitfire Vb 111 Sqdn. - Airfix 1/48

    Spitfire looks great! Your belt and the film. it was our daughters year six leavers prom and awards do tonight so unfortunately no cinema for me. I need to watch that though. Just before I undertake that Tamiya 1:32. Johnny
  2. The Spadgent

    Dornier Do17z

    Great finish. I’m loving the guns sticking out, well it seems like from everywhere. . Top stuff. Any plans for your next build? John.
  3. The Spadgent

    Spitfire Vb 111 Sqdn. - Airfix 1/48

    Gah! Sorry about that Ced. It worked for me. Not sure what’s different? Glad you had a nice weekend though. It’ll all come together in the end. Looking great to boot. John,
  4. The Spadgent

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Glad you’re back with your back in one piece. The chicken and her bits and bobs looks great in the primed state. Bravo, all those extra details are really pinging now. Excelent work. Did someone say paint? Johnny
  5. Hi guys. Very quickly. I moanaged to get the masking off to reveal...... thanks @giemme the gloss trick worked a treat. The odd touch up here and there then another gloss coat before I do the slightly more tricky black underbelly. first the gloss. what size!!! I’m really looking forward to getting all the little bits and bobs done now. I’d like to say we’re nearly there but I know I’m quite a way away. Maybe not the full year for this one. Let’s see. Looking forward to some gentleman scale action before 2019 shows her head. Thankyou for all your kind words and support. Nearly six months in. Bonkerers eh. Johnny time scale.
  6. Ha! Glad you’re dribbling. Thanks. It really is. I’m happy so far. Indeed it was. I followed @giemme‘s lead on that. Thanks. I can see them in the light so you might be right there. I did. I did. I will tone it back, I think I might go all oils on this one. Thanks Cc. You’re a total star. Why thank you.
  7. Sneak peek. Just popping out, I’ll get the rest off laterzzzzz. shiny not shiny. But looking great!
  8. Mornin’ chaps. Just before we set off to see “Matilda” it was very good by the way. I started blu-tac masking and filling with Tamiya islands. This morning saw the task done. Was singing the praises of Mr Colour but to be fair the Tamiya RAF Green was going down well too. First light coat going well. I was tempted to leave it like this but it was too much sooooo. Coat two. not as much as the brown as it’s a darker colour but I’m happy with the look. and in natural light is lovely. I’ll leave it there and de mask later on. Thanks for popping in. Hopefully more later. I can see a lot of masking in my future. I can see why these birds rarely get gompleted or stall. They are beasts. This part however is a real joy. Hope you’re all having a sunny funny weekend. Johnny colour match .
  9. Thank you sir. Thanks for the handy hint. I did do that at one point but always managed to see the mark. I’ll muddle through and check every time I think. Thanks G. I learn from the masters like your good self. Thanks Jeff. You’re too kind. Next colour imminent.
  10. Lovin’ the UC wire detail and the open panels look great. Time well spent that man. John
  11. The Spadgent

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    I was going to say if you tidy things on yer bench you’ll find the AWOL part ( I find that always works) but your place looks as tidy as can be. I’m sure you’ll find it along with fresh eyes and fresh Mojo in the mornin’ Johnny
  12. Good afternoon you lovely people. in between taking the car in for an mot and service I got some paint on. I also took a tonne of pics. So I’ll apologise in advance. It’s all in the interest of documentation you know. Here’s the plan. This tally’s up with the pics of PA474 dressed as the phantom in my books. (Which is nice) So any way I used @giemme‘s tip for marking out the lines. Even though I watered down the paint 5:1 and the lines were barely visible I still think they were too much. Maybe just use water next time? You’ll see what I mean in a sec. Here is the beginning of the Mr Colour. Gunze Brown going down. Thinned with Tamiya thinner. 1:1. This paint is a dream. I just may have to get more. I traced over the weak lines but you can still see them. I was a little worried but as I payed down thin layer after thin layer they faded well. (Phew) Then I filled in the gaps. be careful if you’re doing this and constantly check your sources and reference as it’s easy to colour in the wrong bit. Well if you’re a numpty like me it is. first pass complete. more thin layers, I just love the buttery ness of this paint. Third/fourth pass. In natural light. Just how I wanted it. subtle pre shade showing through. I’ll post shade later with effects and what not on top. Checking what my good man @giemme did between camo colours on his Hog (he clear coated) I followed suit. behold the expensive gloss coat spray booth. Or as I like to call it, a box my wellies came in, one side for priming one side for varnish. gives a good idea of scale though. here she is all wet. after this first layer of camo I must say I can’t see any of those rivets I spent hours on. only time will tell. we are out tonight at the Theatre. “Matilda” I should wait for her to dry before masking so probs tomorrow. felling happy with the progress. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Take care dear chums. As always Happy Modelling. Johnny
  13. Thanks G. I did really thin lines but they still showed through at the start. Slight worry. Indeed it is. Good luck for the bench dear boy. Thanks. Nice van. I know, I do love the pre shade look before paint.
  14. The Spadgent

    Spitfire Vb 111 Sqdn. - Airfix 1/48

    Aaaargh. Sorry to hear the belts are fighting back. They’re like paper material aren’t they? I think move were. I used “Gators grip” worked well without the finger sticking. Then again mine were 1/24. Jont
  15. The Spadgent

    Spitfire Vb 111 Sqdn. - Airfix 1/48

    Great work dear boy. Quite satisfying isn’t it making those twisty springy tubes. those belts will look spot on for sure. Johnny.