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  1. I’m going to be wrong but does that mean either fit this (61) part or the ball turret? Maybe this part is for neither of the schemes in this boxing so use the turret? Lovely fettling by the way. Johnny
  2. Nice to see the wings going on. Tri-planes look hard. Keep it up sir you’re doing great.
  3. I’m trying to think what’s left that won’t fit. Did you try the canopy yet? I can’t seem to remember. too much dust in the noggin. Good luck with moving the tail. At least she’s moving in the right direction. Those intakes do look good you know. Johnny
  4. Hells bells are those beauties sat on the hob? Glad to see the return of the Shagbat. Has it really been a year? I did get those seat belts. Johnny
  5. Heyyy youuuu gguuuyyyssssss! Apart from the Red and green tip lights we’re done! Once again I’ll sign off completely when I manage to get around to the RFI. That makes two I need to do now. The sun is getting warmer so photo time is looking more likely. so any way down to the nitty gritty. I spent some time knocking back the Flory wash to how I wanted and popped on the props. The bits and bobs (tm) got the same treatment. The UC started coming together. The main airframe then got a protective matt coat. The UC then got glued in place. Which
  6. Maybe wine but I just can’t do it. Thought you might like that. I like ‘em big! That’s a fight I could never win. There’s only one Speedy Wizard and it ain’t me.
  7. Good evening everyone. As they say all good things come to an end. I knew this was going to be quick but this is almost @CedB pace. (Well, Maybe not that fast) I don’t get much time at the bench due to work at the moment but every stollen minute is a joy! This morning I got a snap with all the decals on. Such a lovely shape. She’s got a gloss coat last night so now I can weather her. Flory time. I used a wide brush and used it decanted into a flat dish. the bits and bobs also got some action. The last few bits also got a wash. I’ll need to
  8. Thanks. I’m a bit scared of the beer to be fair. I think I have enough to last all year. Thanks. I don’t know how people are meant to put decals on with just water. Almost done now. I need to do some RFIs when it stops snowing. Thanks Giorgio. I must be enjoying this a little too much. Pretty much done and only on page four. Actually that part was quite nicely orchestrated by Airfix. Bravo to them. Thanks for the kind words. Thanks. Rule 101 no Modelling after beer. Thanks CC. Any chance you can come and do my windows? I don’t think I
  9. Aaah found it. I wondered when you were going to start the three winged wonder. Seems that you’re moving at quite a pace. Looks like you have everything under control. I’ll pull up a bar stool if that’s ok. Johnny.
  10. Those are fantastic compared to what you get with the academy kit. Which is a big ‘ole into the void. looking brilliant by the way. The radio and belts looks top drawer. Johnny
  11. It’s like a fun game of “Where’s Wally” they do it on purpose. Im loving those mustard seats Mr B. Johnny.
  12. Lovely. I’ll pop myself in the chesterfield with a choice ale if that’s ok. Johnny
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