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  1. Sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve had quite a lot on over the past few weeks. but here’s the RFI. Enjoy. As always Happy Modelling you guys. thanks for all the help and support. Johnny.
  2. "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48 RFI Good evening fellow Britmodellers, let me present my longest build to date, it’s been Seven long months and a lot of blood sweat and Tears to get this iconic bird over the finish line. If you followed the WIP you’ll be aware of the back story so I won’t re tread old ground. If you’re interested in the WIP you can find it here. I’ll keep this short and sweet and get on with the pictures. I hope you enjoy the shots. I wished I had a brighter day to take them but as autumn looms so does the light. c'est la vie. That’s all folks. I know there’s a lot but I figured I could endulge in this centenary year. I’ll run through what was used. Tamiya Lancaster 1975 1/48 (revised version) BIG ED (Photo etch) interior exterior bomb bay. masks belts etc. Tamiya Acrylic paints. Windsor and Newton oils. Flory washes. Tamiya weathering pigments. jewellers wire. Plasticard and various plastic rod sizes. Haynes manual. The BM hive mind. @isaneng‘s invaluable insight and research pictures of PA474. @corsaircorp‘s Lancaster engine and wing parts that reside in the nacelles. I do hope I have done justice to this wonderful part of our history. The many will never be forgotten. Thank you all for taking time to view this dedication to PA474 and all the brave souls. “The Many” John.
  3. Amazing work “G” Strangely I did my RFI shots today too. I’m not too happy with them at the mo but yours look stunning. Great WIP And finish kid. Bravo.
  4. I saw you as HULK Ced throwing a 1:1 scale fuselage while reading this. going great guns old boy.
  5. Great work on the innards Mr B and thanks for the Bob gags. Actually laughed out loud. He’s sadly missed. John
  6. I’m liking that big fat sanding stick. Mmmmmm more tools.
  7. The Spadgent

    P 47 N Revell 1/48 MOJO RESTORER.

    Very nice. Did you mention a martlet?
  8. The Spadgent

    ThinkTank! A toe in the muddy water.

    Oh man Sean Connery . Amazing. As for muddy aeroplanes, I did that once with a stearman kaydet and never heard the end of it. Thanks G. It looks quite good inside. I’m interegued now. Oh god. Totally miss read what you said until just this second. I thought you said “ not good reviews” I’ve been searching all morning and found no bad ones. Doh! I’m such a plum. Well yes. Might have found ma new build. The Greek one looks good. Thanks Ced. Still might do that base before I do the RFI. It is. I thought I was following that. I need to catch up.
  9. Wowza. Beautiful, beautiful work Giorgio. well deserved medal. Just had a bit of a catch up as I’ve been a bit busy over the past week. You can be really proud of that one. Looking forward to the skyray. Johnny.
  10. The Spadgent

    ThinkTank! A toe in the muddy water.

    Evening everyone. It’s been a busy weekend but I managed to get the last bits and bobs on And finish up with the final parts I wasn’t happy with. I wanted to give the tracks some weight so I blobbed some glue on the wheels and held the bands in place with coffee stirrers. I’m glad I waited until the morning to check the mud as it had dried a lot lighter. and the colours look lovely in daylight. I let that dry and checked it out tonight. the tracks stayed put so all that was left was to add the tarps, coils, aerial and the wetness. Mmmmm wetness. The damp mud works well with some airbrush splattage. tarps on this side. with some bits of track. I put the roll on the back. I’m happy with that. I added the rope coil on this side, the aerial went on too. I splatted wetness on the base of the wheels and track. Here’s some more shots before I call it a day. I still need to RFI the Lanc so it looks like I have to get the little tent thing out. That as they say is your lot. I hope you like it. I certainly had a grand old time over this side of the fence, I had planned on a base but I think I’ll leave it, maybe next tank? I’ll post the RFI probably this weekend fingers crossed. Thankyou all for popping in and watching my muddy escapade. What do we think about one of these next? i just can’t decide. still in the mood for fun and easy after the Lanc. Any hoo. Thankyou all. Hope you had fun and hopefully this was helpful to some of you out there. RFI soon. All the best and Happy Modelling. Johnny muddy fox
  11. The Spadgent

    ThinkTank! A toe in the muddy water.

    Thanks Ced. Thanks. It’s been great fun doing this little tank. So much so I bought a few more for a to mix it up between the flying models. It was a good idea to leave it as the mud dried a lot lighter. Looks alright with some wetness though. Oh yesss. Thanks sorry for the late reply. I had a busy weekend. It was Tamiya olive green with a little yellow added.
  12. The Spadgent

    Revell B-17G Flying Fortress.

    Good choice. I’m on over to see how you’re getting on.
  13. The Spadgent

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2

    Really nice to see this get built. it would be cool to make a model of the rotting one. John.
  14. The Spadgent

    Revell B-17G Flying Fortress.

    Grand job. Top drawer stuff. Hmmm a lancaster you say? Johnny.
  15. The Spadgent

    Listening to the Solstice

    Lovely work El Barony. Shame about the vac form but plan B looks spot on. Johnny.