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  1. Lovely looking “nowhere” CC I didn’t see the reply about the wheels. If you do need some get in touch. I have 1/72 but if you can give me the size in CM they’re meant to be I can scale for 1/48. Let me know. Take care dear boy. Johnny
  2. Late night catch up. I did the old pop and roll but I still wasn’t happy with the bubbles on that tail decal. So I threw caution to the wind and hit it with a light sanding stick. This got the little blighters. I had some matching paint so that was the next step. A bit of hairy stick action and we’re away. You can zoom in and see some little errors but in real life it’s loads better. I’ll gloss tomorrow. While I was getting the bits ready for final construction I realised that the engine cover was missing. Not anywhere. I checked the thread to see where last it was. But I couldn’t find it. Then a few pages in I saw this just after painting the internal green. look in that right hand corner. It was in a little tin. Now! Where’s the bloody tin? It’s like one of those find the item games. Can you see me? yes eventually I found it. Next to the fisherman. Phew! Not painted so I really must have totally forgotten about it for a while. At lest I have it. I had visions of having to make and print one for a minute. Ok moving on. The Navy moth got gloss coated today with no decal issues to speak of which is good. Soo it looks like gentle mustang works with TS-13 this evening after it had dried I got the Flory out. only a light pass. I don’t want these super grubby so I’ll knock it right back but this does look over the top at this stage. After a good thirty minutes or so I hit it with a light cloth and cotton buds. Much more like it. Just enough subtle marks to make it worth while. The panels on the camo came out nicely too. I always worry about big serial decals as you can sometimes see the carrier film if you don’t cut around it but I think these ones worked out well. and top side. Just enough Flory in the lines and around the panels. Now some help from the hive mind. While doing this I thought that maybe there should be black panels (walk lines) on the lower wings. The scheme on the decal sheet doesn’t have them but they are there on the civilian offerings that come with the box. ideas? Any hoo that’s it for today. I is Pooped. Thanks for dropping in. Hope you’re all having a splendid week. Happy modelling chums. Johnny.
  3. Hey it’s Not a race. It’s all about the journey. As long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters. The kind words are much appreciated Mind.
  4. Not knowing what exactly I was looking at in this pic I was just in total awe of how amazing the paint work looked. So I shot back a page to catch up. Now I’m all caught up. “Ahem” NNnnoooooooo!!!!! Dang them butter fingers. I thought it was just myself that did things like that. At least you have all the bits eh. oh and. I noticed no primer?? You do usually prime right? At least I thought you did. It’s making me twitch thinking about brushing over that bright plastic. 🥹 No one likes a twitchy modeller. Great progress on the massive amounts of plastic you have flying around. You might just need a cup of tea after all this. ️ Johnny
  5. I’m sure the decals themselves are fine. They seemed to go down well everywhere else. I’ll do a post tomorrow with the new findings. Thanks for the kind words.
  6. Thanks Mr B. I think I has it sorted. Thanks Chris. It is I fear self inflicted, the others seem fine. Read on. Thanks for thinking of me while at Duxford. I bet that moth was a real stunner!! Thanks for the advice Bill. I think you might have something there. I used Tamiya TS-13 as always but I think I put down too much of a wet coat on the outset and it forced a reaction with the decal. I’ll try the other one tomorrow but be less heavy handed. Deffo the stickers. As I mentioned up there, I think I was a bit over zealous with the gloss and did a bit of a wet coat instead of a light dust. 🫣 Thank you. Yes it’s not too bad really just a bit of a niggle. Thanks G. Yes well. I think it was I wot caused the darned thing to react. Looking at the others there is nothing wrong but I remember the tail looking a little grainy as I hadn’t quite got a good coat of TS-13 down originally. So in my infinite wisdom I thought it a good idea to go spray Happy with the gloss. Fool !!! so bubble it did. I have managed to pop the little blighters with a scalpel and pop on more MicroSol. A few rolls with a bud and they’re better. Not perfect but better. I’ll do a gloss coat on the tother tomorrow as Bill suggested and see what happens. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the feedback, it’s much welcomed. Jont.
  7. Sorry for the lack of Weekend updates. The weekend passed me by but some progress has been made in small doses. As mentioned in the Mail box above the decals have again struck a raw nerve. Has anyone had trouble with extra decals? see on the custard one. ‘Twas smooth then once the top coat was added bobbles occurred? not a show stopper but a bit of a pain. I have micro solled again and popped what bubbles I can with a scalpel but I’m not happy. These decals aren’t really great. Too thin. They don’t stick and react badly under gloss. These have gone on ok but I am yet to top coat. I’ll do tentative coats. Roundels before the storm. The fuselage ones are looking good. I just hope the gloss works well tomorrow. And this is how they are until I try TS13. Decals done. Weathering and final construction to go. Then double rigging action. Hope you all had a stunning weekend. Take castes and as always. Happy modelling. Johnny
  8. Thank you kind sir. Too kind. Thanks. That’s the plan. Thanks G Thanks. Alas a free decal woes to come. Thanks. Please take notes on the decals. Oh yes. I did buy blu tac but it ended up being white. Why you get white blu tack who knows?? 🫣. Ken Russell would appreciate my white worms but as I’ve painted with them already they are a little dirty. Behold the grey worm . Thank you. Thank you Old boy, much appreciated.
  9. All the work on this lovely update is rather fine Bill bit I fear this is my favorite shot. Fantastic.
  10. For a new tool it’s a bit lack lustre for sure. The wheels are indeed sub par. Are there any treads? The short shot is a tough one but maybe QC could have been better. You could email Airfix and they will send you a new bit but it WILL take time. But at least they do come through in the end. A few wafts with a sanding stick and a bit of plasticard and you’ll be sorted but I understand your frustrations. Such is the way of our hobby.
  11. It’s like that when you have a bit of a break. I had to totally re read my threads to see what the heck I was doing and remember how to do stuff. It does all come flooding back though. I’m still thinking of doing my Airfix one in RAF costal Command livery. I’ll have to re read this thread when I get to it. Johnny
  12. Wooohooo! Almost missed this one. Looking at the size of those figures this is a tight fitting aircraft for sure. Talk about sardines. Glad you went for the foil option. It’s been ages since I watched you make one of these. I know you know but just in case don’t forget to use a contrail stick to find the edges of pesky clear parts before you use that new blade. Strangely I love masking canopies. I find it quite therapeutic. I’ll tag along for the rest of this lovely build as she’s looking soo damn fine. Excellent interiors too. Johnny
  13. Great to catch up with this. She looks pretty big! I’m really surprised by the amount of warped and out of whack pieces for a new kit. You’re doing a fine job however. Johnny
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