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  1. Beautiful models moa and an interesting and informative WiP - thanks for sharing
  2. Nice work Steve I use iModelKit on the iPhone for all my paint stuff, partly because it lets me keep an inventory so I don't buy excess tins, partly because it lets you mix colours to match various references but mainly because it makes me look clever when this sort of question comes up Here's what it thinks about Humbrol 19 and Vallejo Model Air: As you can see it thinks 71.003 is the closest and that 084 isn't red enough (-95), is too green (+50) but the blue is close. Aha, trick question! I got caught when I did my Arrows as I didn't know that they'd changed the colour between the Gnats and Hawks. I used Xtracrylic 'Red Arrows Red' for mine but the wise provided the correct colours here. There's also some discussion on primer colours for red/yellow in that (protracted) thread and white seems to be the winner. HTH
  3. Thanks Keith - it was the menu button images that went... I cleared my cache and it's fine now thanks
  4. Thanks Steve - for me it's the only scale I'm focussed on, mostly out of nostalgia and the range of kits available. I am dipping my toe in the water of larger scales though Thanks Adrian - they'd be fine DOWN, as usual! Thanks Håkan Good idea - I'll have a think... Thanks Cherry, useful info I've done one side of the zzzzzz sanding: More to come. This morning was spent in the Aerospace Bristol archive with several boxes of Beaufighter stuff. Two of the boxes were full of negatives / microfilm of 'Assembly Drawings', none of which were indexed but they all numbered and are cross-referenced in the Mk X 'Schedule of Equipment'. They were almost impossible to view on a lightbox, even with a magnifier. I think they need a microfiche reader! Sadly it's not permissible to copy these as the Trust is concerned about product liability, apparently. I guess they're worried someone might build a new one from the drawings and blame them when it crashes. Other goodies: Folders KEM Ref 2/3 - Various cutting from the press Flypast Mag May 2003 has feature including history and development of variants www.flypast.com “Two engines hotly pursued by an airframe” Aviation news has Beaufort and Beaufighter drawings (no date) in their ‘Warpaint’ articles Drawings by John Bishop Air International Sept 1975 has article on the Beaufort and Blackburn Botha (p124) Flight magazine ‘Combat Cockpit No 6’ is the Beaufighter Aeroplane mag August ’99 has feature on 60th and a cutaway of the Mk.I SR919 was ‘the Last’ (5562nd) built Sept 21 1945 KEM Ref 2/3 - memorandum on the Manufacture of Beaufort/Fighter in Australia KEM Ref 67 - Various cutting from the press Flypast May 2004 has article ‘Beaufighter Rocketeers’ KEM Ref 9 - Airframe Test Specimens Photos of airframe sections, all marked ‘Secret’! KEM Ref 3/147 - ‘Misc Beaufighter’ Profile Publications #137 is Beaufighter I & II (I found a full list of these books here) File from RR Aero on Griffon II and Merlin XX mounts from 1942 Airfix magazine Nov 68 has MkII Merlin version from Airfix kits Flypast Jan 2003 has article on USAAF using NF in the Med. Original memos and docs on Griffon installation including drawings (folder 3/4) Aeroplane August 2003 has ‘Database’ article on the Beaufighter Schedule of Spare Parts - Feb 1941 for Mk I. Shows parts from Blenheim, Beaufort and Bombay (!!) Experimental contract for twin engined fighter, Appendix A Mk X Schedule of Equipment Original Type Record for the Mk II, Nov 1941 including diagrams of controls, merlin mounting and performance data. Box of Bits Illustrated London News Sept 27 1941 has cutaway by G H Davis. p407 Aviation Magazine March 1944 p117 Lots of original memos! Including RAF ‘Reports on Examination of Aircraft’ from 1940 on various aspects of the mark. Each has a series of observations and a column for BAC to respond. Memos regarding installation of cable cutters to LE's from April ’41. Experimental Test Flight reports from - Nov ’39 for R2053, - Jan ’43 for X7881, 150 hour reliability tests on Hercules (with flight logs) AAEE Boscombe report on trials of Mk VI Type I rocket projectors on EL 393, Oct 44 to June 45. Photos of racks and time lapse of projector jettison Great stuff. They have a grant for its cataloguing and will be starting in September, hoping to finish in a year.
  5. Thanks Mr T Have a look again... something might come in! Thanks Keith Interesting driver... I'll see what the Airfix kits supply. Something's wrong with my posting tonight; all the icons are missing on the forum. Hmmm
  6. Thanks Keith The visit to the neighbour was interesting. Not only does he have a working O gauge steam loco that chuffs beautifully, he also has a 1:4 scale steam lorry, roadworthy and everything. We had some ‘modelling’ repairing a wire on the loco’s radio control kit and then an hour chuffing it around the garden. Great time had by all Cessna? I have a cunning plan... I’ve ordered the Airfix Club ‘Specialist Spitfires’ kit (pilot included) and the 1/48 ground crew set. Get ready for some moulding... when they arrive.
  7. Ta dah! Soon have that touched up Giorgio and the oopsies sorted
  8. Grrnnnggghhhh! It must be really frustrating to have problems caused by the climate PC... Fingers crossed here matey
  9. That fit looks really good Stew - always nice to have a kit that goes together nicely... nice!
  10. CedB

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Marvellous work Martian, just marvellous. Seems a shame to close it up... Fnaar fnaar!
  11. Thanks kapam - AK True Metal, one of my favourites now and great once you get used to it
  12. That looks marvellous Giorgio - can't wait for the big reveal!
  13. Thanks Pete - sorry you didn't get in the cave this weekend... life, eh? Thanks Tony and Keith I've just had a look around the bench and I DO use the little hammer occasionally... I think thanks why I bought it. Maybe. The little strap remover is also useful for poking things and the stand has been used a couple of times I think. The pliers and tweezers obviously get a lot of use. What have I done with the little punches? No idea. The small screwdrivers are in my spectacle fixing box, of course. I've also kept the packaging, you never know when it might come in... Keith you bought yours to fix stopped watches? Novel. That made me rush off to my 'Man Drawer' and get this: Made in Korea? Topical. I loved that watch. Analog AND Digital - cool. The first watch I had with an alarm. Redundant now of course... not only haven't I worn a watch since the iPhone but I don't really need to know the time now - freedom! I did consider getting a new battery for that but nostalgia's not what it used to be, is it? Thanks Chris and welcome Thanks Johnny Thanks Scimitar, very kind of you to look for me, really appreciated. I've still not decided whether this is good enough for the cabinet... it may go on the ceiling, unmanned! Thanks Troy, kind of you to offer It may go in the cabinet with the engine cover off if that comes out well. We shall see... Great earrings there Sir, good job! Thanks John The repair kit is well worth the money IMHO, if only for the few useful bits. Did it really have red interior? No idea. The instructions say so but I don't even have a vague memory of JB's interior, apart from the important bits of the i/p and (as the old stories go) that is fading fast. I don't have any photos either (although I've found one on the 'net). Strange now to look back on the days when you had to remember to take your (expensive) camera with you and then get photographs processed... so many lost memories Yes, the roof windows were, I think, one of the main differences between the Aerobat and normal variants. You need to look up / down during loops! Today I'm going to force myself to sand the Vulcan. Groan. I've also got to take Mols for a trim and then I'm going over the road to see a neighbour's 'toys'... O gauge railway in the garden, N gauge in the house and a 1:4 scale steam lorry. I see him in the local regularly but I had no idea he had these until another neighbour told me. Another example of modellers hiding their light under a bushel eh?