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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how ungrateful these women are (ducks behind sofa). Their apparent wish to be married to a Jack of All Trades (you can add the rest) is bizarre! Of course he also has to look like [insert current swoon target here - hint; it's probably not you, sadly]. It sounds to me like you're doing a fine job and, what's this, some recognition of your writing skills may be on the horizon? I've probably said enough. Again. Cute little one though Here's to a happy and prosperous 2024 for all. Fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks Giorgio. What! Ah wait, it must be the oversized pilot problem again? New laser scanned designs, same old pilots… Thanks David. Another small step below! Cheers Cookie! First thinned coat of MSG: Sadly I don't have the Colourcoats for this scheme so it's out with the Humbrol.
  3. …and from me Stew. Get better very soon Buddy and it'll still be there when you're ready.
  4. Ditto! Certainly nowhere near your travails Crisp but my mojo has been low recently too. I think I've realised I was listening to too many political programmes on the radio. Unsubscribed from Any Questions/Answers now and feeling much better. Sprayed some paint this morning too. Things are looking up!? Hopefully…
  5. Well, not so much, but a bit improved today… Thanks Johnny …and away again, and then back. Thanks Ian. A bit of mojo following some thoughts over the past few days. Spray the prop then leave the spare paint in, add grey primer, pre-shading? Needs more practice.
  6. Oh dear, not good news with someone with limited patience… 😆 Thanks Terry. Well the stress may have gone but… see below. More kits, or just an excuse to meet in Norwich. I have a Jug to build still and I'm sure Jim would oblige others Aha! There you go Thanks Johnny. I think I'll leave her clean (and avoid having to paint rockets!). Nice tip though, thanks. No shark mouth, sorry. Finally today I had some mojo. I'd started masking but lost it last week. And I've only just got over my Grandchildren donated viral thing. Again. Still, finally: When that's dry I can prime.
  7. Thanks David. I hope it'll save you much pain! Yes, I'm still waiting for that bottled patience I asked you for! Well Steve, good idea but I think that would have delayed the pain - see below. Ah James, a man after my own heart. Surgery is to be recommended! So, fresh eyes this morning. The doors don't quite fit: Could be this flash? Nope. Better but… There's a 'support' inside the doors and guess what? They're too big for my build. Perhaps due to previous misalignment but, once sanded, the fit was better: Steve if you fit the doors in the lower wing these supports would have stopped a proper close up on the wings. As if they weren't bad enough!
  8. Now look, this was supposed to be a mojo building kit. It may be the problems I had with the pilot and internals but I wasn't expecting this: Or this: My theory is that the tolerances on the moulds didn't allow for the soft plastic and everything's a bit too fat. Like me. What part number is this? It's not numbered on the instructions but I found it: Not clear either where it locates. Easier to see on the scheme: But there's no hole for the locating peg. Did I miss it? Was it here: Oh no. That's not just for the stand, it's for the weapon load too. Missed it. Rats. Clean build it is then. If I can get the closed u/c doors in: They don't fit either. Grrrrr…
  9. Thanks Giorgio. Berna clamps? I love 'em. They give you just the pressure you need. But they're not 'clamps' as there's a maximum pressure they'll apply. Gentle they are. Aren't there any in the box Terry? Have you got to the bottom yet? Thanks Paul. Sometimes one just wonders if the makers actually built the kit eh? Thanks Johnny. Good buy David. Hopefully this thread will help!
  10. Sorry Giorgio, I only know a rain dance… Agreed! Below 20º now so more to do. Only one Typhoon, but as I hang my models from the ceiling I need crew for those inconsiderate brands that don't include them. Well, I did do a bit of assembly before 'the red mist set in' (explained below). Here are the internals: The instructions would have you insert the pilot on close up but wait: That doesn't look promising. Try fitting him in the seat first. He bangs his knees on the compass. The control yoke won't go through his legs. Grrrrrr… red mist! Leave it mate, it's not worth it. Patience required. Off the Old Buckenham to deliver some models to the museum and put the world to rights with 'the boys'. A few beers were had. Great craic. Today I've calmed myself and examines the problem. Does the pilot fit? See how the control column doesn't fit between his legs and the compass pushes the seat off the locating holes? Only one thing for it: Now he fits but the control yoke won't go through his legs: Chop that off, assemble the fuselage, glue the top of the column between his legs: The dry fit was great but not so good after I'd had to pull it all apart again. Still, progress of a sort.
  11. Now I see what you're up to! Great stuff Jont. BTW, with all these RC cars all you need is an airfield somewhere to try them out on. With some friends. Just saying…
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