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  1. Thanks everyone! More news to come, sometime…
  2. Wow, sorry guys, it's been a month since my last post!! Mojo is still non-existent and life is getting in the way. Time for an update on the life bit… I have tried posting several times but, with low mojo, the 500 error I inevitably faced knocked the wind out of me. I persevered this time and waited. Thanks all for your concern but no need - the COVID test was negative of course so no worries there. I've also done a first aid course, required for the Scout shooting thing. All socially distanced where possible. Good course. When we got to 'choking' we lined up and the person behind us then practiced. After the 'cough five times' and five slaps between the shoulder blades the last resort - the 'abdominal thrust', or Heimlich manoeuvre for us oldies. Instructions? Stand behind the patient and wrap your arms around them, make a fist and place it in the soft part of the stomach. Anyone see a problem? Yep. Big stomach, short arms! I has warned her that finding the RIGHT soft part of my stomach was going to be hard too. For the sake of readers' safety the answer is to put them against a wall and 'punch them in the stomach': Trust. It's all about trust. I also discovered Happy-plast, an amazing bandage that sticks to itself but NOT to anything else! Stretchy too. Must be useful for something, like joining fuselages? Oh, and for dressing wounds too, apparently. We've had our Flu jabs. As usual that, for me, was a couple of days of low-energy snuffling. Last week Dinner at a friend's club in Henley. Petrol crisis, what crisis? Nothing in Bath and then a friend said 'they always have fuel on the motorways to prevent them clogging up with cars that have run out'. He was right of course. Filled up at the first service station. £1.54 per litre! Gulp. Black tie, food and wine. We closed the bar. Of course I had a hangover - for a couple of days!! As my mate said "I remember when we used to do that all week at conferences". Getting old, that's what it is. (Oi, who said 'getting?') Girls have been down too, one each weekend so lots of family stuff going on. Away next weekend for Otto AND Sophie's birthdays. Hectic. Off to Italy for the wedding at the end of the month. Flying from London City on the 21st, two nights in Florence, two nights in Sienna and then three days celebration near Assisi. Should be good. What's that? I have to do a speech? Oh good grief…
  3. Another few weeks gone and still no progress. Sorry everyone I have looked at the bench more often of late so, hopefully, the mojo will return. We met #2 daughter for lunch at the weekend. She was travelling to friends so we intercepted her route at a really nice pub in Northleach. I had devilled kidneys and pan fried calves liver - the first offal I've had for ages (if you don't count pate) - delicious. BUT I got pinged by the COVID app on Tuesday. Rats. Test sent off yesterday so I'm now on tenter hooks and staying away from others. Fingers crossed for a negative result and let's hope the double jabbing does its work.
  4. Thanks Giorgio, Steve, Terry, Johnny and Martian - the mojo is slowly re-emerging but, as PE is the current task, somewhat reluctantly Ah, Duxford… if only it was closer I'd be there too! Full English? A very rare treat Bill Mrs B has some strong ideas on 'healthy eating' and, basically, anything tasty is 'bad for you'. I do, of course, rebel! Andy as the Bills have commented that's a great move. Good man Sir. Care for the Elderly is so often passed off to third parties and I hope, when the time comes, our kids are half as considerate as you. I'm sure they'll settle in and be very happy near their loved ones What a year you've had Crisp! Rotten… Get well soon matey Eh what? Me and Fusion have yet to form a relationship I fear - I don't have the arty perspective I don't think. Happy to help with the file format Bill if I can - what's 'summatawkward'? Maybe you should wait until someone who knows what they're talking about chips in! More PE later, maybe.
  5. Lovely brassery Tony and impressive micro-greeblies. Lovely stuff
  6. Big catchup for me Bill - what a ride! She's looking very smart now.
  7. Usual excellent level of Fritag detailing - nice work Have a great break Steve!
  8. No worries Stew - I've had a break too! Enjoy the weather while it lasts It was Cookie, it was! I'll certainly pass on your regards next time I see Jim Another week gone. Mrs B has gone away to play with the grandson and I now have a couple of weeks home alone! What to do… Binge watch Ghosts Series 3. Done. Catch up on developments in energy supply that don't involve ruining the beautiful landscape. Loaf around. Done. Look guiltily at the models. Several times. But today: I seem to remember masking up for the weird bits of Olive Drab and then realising the PE needed to be on first. Now done. I think.
  9. Looking gorgeous Making your own tools now eh? Bar raised, again!
  10. Great to see you back PC and apologies for missing everything during my recent absence - I hope you're all progressing as well as this model, a little beauty!
  11. Great catchup for me Bill after a bit of a break. Pleased to hear you're recovering well and back at the bench producing your usual high standard of work
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