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  1. Looking very good Simon - those seams look, er, pretty seamless
  2. Bad luck on the spares Bill but I know you'll soon have something scratched
  3. Amazing detailing Johnny and an entertaining and educational WiP - she certainly is a fitting tribute. Good job that man
  4. Nice start Simon - all green eh? Interesting …
  5. CedB

    B-17G Little Patches

    Beautiful model with amazing detailing. I particularly like the internals, open hatches and the exhausts Great work.
  6. Very nice masking Steve, great job The yellow looks good to me…
  7. Beautiful model Giorgio and an interesting and educational WiP. Masterly work
  8. CedB

    Listening to the Solstice

    Lovely brass work Tony - I love it when a plan comes together What's that lump of stuff on the bench? Magic soldering putty? Or just wet paper towel?
  9. Bought one of the backwash things from Paul at a show - he recommended it for cleaning (penultimate stage) to make sure there's no paint on the back seal. HTH
  10. Very nice Simon - lovely internals, good job!
  11. What they all said - and thanks again for the ink to the templates, now one of my favourites too
  12. Wow - now that's what I call modelling! Great intakes Giorgio - and the seat looks good to me
  13. Thanks Steve - nah, binned it! Thanks Strickers - I've left it off, but good tip Thanks Johnny, Crisp and Keith - I've calmed down now, so you're all safe Thanks Ian - that would make sense… the instructions could do with a change then I think I've bitten the bullet and tube-glued the wings on: While that was drying, I've committed to the engine bits and put the cowling on: Flickr