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  1. Great catchup for me Tony. Dry casting now eh? Are there no limits to the man's skills?
  2. Nice work Giorgio Looks like you're a convert to sprue gloop now? Certainly sorted out those seams…
  3. Three weeks since my last post and five weeks since the last progress. Five WEEKS! Crikey, what have I been up to? Replies first… Thanks Ben News below. But before that, how are YOU? I sincerely hope the floods didn't effect you. Hi John Tilly didn't have a plaster, just a dressing that came off after a few days. She has metal in her knee so I guess the cast wasn't required? Anyway, stopping her jumping was really tiresome - she had her harness on and was strapped to my wrist most of the time and limited to toilet trips to the garden. I almost got bed sores from sitting on the sofa! Not as tiresome as the fact that Apple have now implemented Command-I as 'email this page' so italic is now a chore. Otto is a delight - more below. So, convalescing dog and low mojo. Then the wedding preparations (Sophie, our younger daughter). She had planned a wedding in Assisi but that has, of course, been postponed. Twice. She decided to get married in Bath and then have a party in Italy at the end of October (should be safe?). Of course we'd have the after-marriage party in our garden. So that needed to be 'pretty'. Luckily Mrs B's domain. Not so the house which needed some bits tidying up. I don't do DIY now so in came the painter. For two weeks. Of course, while he was tidying up the main bathroom we should change the old brass taps for new modern ones. Chrome of course. So the shower had to be upgraded from it's previously-trendy white. Aqualisa are brilliant and provided a list of chrome replacement bits but the control is obsolete. They offered to fit a new model at about 60% of list price including (that should be italic but I can't be bothered) fitting. Result! Sadly the outlet design is outside the tiles (clever) and ours is behind them. Too risky. So we no have a nice new chrome shower fitting with a white outlet. I did try the Molotow chrome but, even with primer, I don't think it'll take the washing. Ho hum. Nice overnight in Henley middle of June. One of my mates has joined the Phyllis Court Club; very nice place on the river. We had a trip on a river boat and, for the first time in years, my arms sunburned. Now I have to splash on sunscreen every time I go out. Ageing eh, but the alternative is worse (as they say). Marvellous time sitting on the lawn drinking beer though. Almost normal. Almost. Mrs B's birthday at the beginning of the month so a nice lunch was called for. Oysters to start - yum. 'Jersey Rock' oysters tried and approved! Elder daughter is easing herself back into work so asked if she could come down from the 8th so that Mrs B could look after Otto while she had calls and Zooms. He's still not Lego-ready so I've been doing the occasional 'Ooochy Coo' but that's it. More or less. A major event for me was a Zoom presentation to the local U3A Science Group on Software. Took me a couple of weeks to prepare and hone but went well I thought. Trouble is with scientists is that they ask deep questions like "What do you think will control the moral and social effects of AI?". "Dunno mate" isn't enough so I had to use my brain which, as you know, is a bit rusty. So, big day on the 17th. I had my hair cut and everything! Lovely ceremony then back to the garden for 'the reception'/after wedding party. COVID meant we had to do a risk analysis of course but all went well, thanks. Son-in-Law is from Dublin and his (small) group were amazing. His Dad has a Citroen service business and a collection of DSs. A lovely crowd. I got to bed at 3:30am, a long time since I've stayed up that late! That's us up-to-date then. The Models are still waiting for the PE to be applied and then engines to be assembled. It's 26.5º in the man cave at the moment. Maybe later…
  4. Thanks Geoff It does indeed! Lots of spare bits - I hope
  5. Thanks everyone I now have Tilly back with us convalescing after a knee operation. You know Spaniels - bouncy little things. She has ‘cage rest’ for two weeks. Oh ha ha. One more week to go…
  6. Lovely finish Stew Envious of the view from the spray booth too, although isn't the tumble dryer a bit hard on the models? All that tumbling
  7. Thanks Dennis. Always good to know I'm not alone! Hopefully Mike will pick up the prod… Thanks Johnny. Yep, lots! Thanks Cookie. Well, another week gone with little to report. Mojo low, life in the way. I keep looking at the 'next steps' and thinking 'masking or PE?' and deciding I don't, currently, want either. Hopefully soon.
  8. Five. But it certainly looks like a thing on top of a helicopter to my untrained eye. Very untrained…
  9. Your patience is certainly paying off Ian - those look the business. Good job!
  10. Wot they said! Lovely smooth primer and excellent walkways. Great job Cookie!
  11. Sad news indeed. In my early days on BM Nigel was always ready to post helpful advice and detailed techniques in his WiPs. 'WWND' (What Would Nigel Do) became a common post in my builds as I learned from him. He will be missed. RIP Nigel.
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