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  1. Chin up Edward, as the guys have said it does get better! Enjoy the children while you can and try to look for the joy. It's there, just well hidden some times!
  2. Slow progress, busy life… Getting there with the masking removal: I hate close up pics. First pass on the Hase seam:
  3. Great tips chaps. I have boxes I've bought to do exactly this. When I get around to it… Once the paste is 'cured' it takes a top coat fine, but I lie to leave areas 'bare' as they gradually weather themselves. Like this one: Sorry Pete, still out of practice! What am I up to? Trying to remove the dried on masking fluid. Getting there, very slowly:
  4. Fnaar, snurf. Has to be done…
  5. Excellent work Giorgio - following closely for mine! Yes, it is the Tamiya kit
  6. Thanks Phil. Good idea; wish I'd thought of it before I bought the kits… Today I decided I wanted a break from B-17s so… 16:11, out with the bits. Bit unfair that there's a seam line on a seam I didn't create: Slowed me down, a bit. Then… Look, wheels up option! 16:23. I wish all my builds were that fast. And that easy!
  7. Thanks Giorgio. No internals, lots of moulded bits rather than extra parts (like the closed bomb bay). Simples (famous last words). Having decided to leave the fragile bits off 'Little Miss Mischief' for transport I need to gather them in a box. First bit is the 'office gun'. This isn't right is it? I've glued the gun on over the mounting lugs. Idiot. Bit of TET on the join and it rotates. Hooray! Also fitted the handles/trigger which will need some gunmetal. Done. Bit of Nulm Oil on the u/c and assembled: I'd been using the box lid for the Hase but now need to find another tin. Waist guns secured and labelled: That just leaves me with a huge number of spare parts (from the two Revell kits): I need to decide what 'might come in' and put it in the spares box where it can safely gather dust as I forget about it. These? So here we have the maybe useful bits: maybe. Masking off next. Good.
  8. Or busy at work? Best wishes from me too.
  9. I'm in! I have a P-47D Razorback in 1/48 from Jim so I'll be watching this one with great interest… I'll get in touch with Jim about another visit this year. Watch this space (or email).
  10. Thanks Terry. My memory isn't the best… Thanks hendie. You won't like the Hase kit then - just red bits! Thanks Roger, very kind. What's going on? I used the Klear pool method on the blade decals and a matt coat didn't, er, matt them: Or another with some freshly mixed varnish: Right, you've asked for it: While that's all drying, back to the Hase. The instructions say to cut the barrels off the waist guns and stick 'em in later. I reckon half way up the wide bit? Like this: With that done I could close up, remembering to fit the turret support: … and glueing the table to the side wall. That WAS a nice fit.
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