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  1. Absolutely blooming marvellous hendie, that looks superb. I'm astounded!
  2. Thanks Ventsislav Strange eh? Like you (I guess) I'd glued the bulkhead supports to the dents in the seat: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr …and that does leave it lower than the top of the armour. However, if I move the seat up the pilot's head will bang on the cockpit. At the moment he's OK: Sorry about the blurry photo. Pilot's have just been painted: With a final touch up to paint the PE grey and a bit of dry brushing I'm ready to close up:
  3. Very nice Johnny, gorgeous as always Do please post us a link to the new build when you start - thanks.
  4. Good to see you back Giorgio and pleased you're feeling better
  5. Thanks Johnny Quite right, I'd forgotten! Now corrected: I got the idea from Stew, who probably got it from Agnes Thanks Ben Thanks hendie, appreciated Seat assembled, with the tiny PE valve on the tank and seat adjuster: Of course, if these are going on the ceiling, they need some pilots. Does my bum look big in this? I need to dry fit the close up and make sure their heads don't bang on the cockpit, but if they're OK I'll paint them khaki/brown after Googling 'VVS flying suit WWII'. If that's not right then tell me, quickly! Seat backs painted and ready for close up soon: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr
  6. Nice work Stew and good to see this one progressing again
  7. Nice work on the internals Stew Bad luck on the slippage - I hate it when that happens too - but you've sorted it. Tip of the day! Now I just need to remember it
  8. Wow, really stepping up the pace now hendie A cunning plan eh? One that cannot fail?
  9. Thanks Roger, very kind Thanks Ventsislav - just what I needed. It's not you and well spotted! Now corrected: I am an idiot. Early i/p assembled: …with extra Gator's Grip thin blobbed in for the dials. It'll dry clear. Hopefully.
  10. Seconded! Very nice result Shellie, great job
  11. Thanks Keith - you may be right. I've just checked the instructions and no knife indicated Simon you're right too, no sense of adventure Control column with tiny lever (they give you four) and rudder pedals stuck on: Now then, the instructions give you two i/p options, one for 'Early' and the other for 'Late'. As usual Eduard give you no details of which option goes with which scheme and no dates on the scheme either. Unless you tell me otherwise I'll go for 'Early': Of course I need to trim off the dials on the plastic and that ejector mark. Nice one guys
  12. Thanks Ian - easier on the other one, I'd practiced Cheers Cookie - you're very welcome! Thanks Giorgio True - as always, I need to think ahead Now you tell me Thanks Mike References eh? Even the walkarounds in the links at the bottom of this page don't focus on the area I wanted, but done now (I hope). Thanks Johnny No worries on the spelling - predictive text is a pain sometimes isn't it? Please don't feel guilty Simon - I really appreciate the kindness and I'm over that hurdle now! But a Ventura Spitfire? I've just searched the forum for that and I'll pass, thanks Wicked indeed! I'll stick to aircraft thanks! Easier the second time: Those only took me, oooh, half an hour. the bending's easy but the sticking is hard Now for the PE on the cockpit floor:
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