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  1. CedB

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Marvellous work Martian, just marvellous. Seems a shame to close it up... Fnaar fnaar!
  2. Thanks kapam - AK True Metal, one of my favourites now and great once you get used to it
  3. That looks marvellous Giorgio - can't wait for the big reveal!
  4. Thanks Pete - sorry you didn't get in the cave this weekend... life, eh? Thanks Tony and Keith I've just had a look around the bench and I DO use the little hammer occasionally... I think thanks why I bought it. Maybe. The little strap remover is also useful for poking things and the stand has been used a couple of times I think. The pliers and tweezers obviously get a lot of use. What have I done with the little punches? No idea. The small screwdrivers are in my spectacle fixing box, of course. I've also kept the packaging, you never know when it might come in... Keith you bought yours to fix stopped watches? Novel. That made me rush off to my 'Man Drawer' and get this: Made in Korea? Topical. I loved that watch. Analog AND Digital - cool. The first watch I had with an alarm. Redundant now of course... not only haven't I worn a watch since the iPhone but I don't really need to know the time now - freedom! I did consider getting a new battery for that but nostalgia's not what it used to be, is it? Thanks Chris and welcome Thanks Johnny Thanks Scimitar, very kind of you to look for me, really appreciated. I've still not decided whether this is good enough for the cabinet... it may go on the ceiling, unmanned! Thanks Troy, kind of you to offer It may go in the cabinet with the engine cover off if that comes out well. We shall see... Great earrings there Sir, good job! Thanks John The repair kit is well worth the money IMHO, if only for the few useful bits. Did it really have red interior? No idea. The instructions say so but I don't even have a vague memory of JB's interior, apart from the important bits of the i/p and (as the old stories go) that is fading fast. I don't have any photos either (although I've found one on the 'net). Strange now to look back on the days when you had to remember to take your (expensive) camera with you and then get photographs processed... so many lost memories Yes, the roof windows were, I think, one of the main differences between the Aerobat and normal variants. You need to look up / down during loops! Today I'm going to force myself to sand the Vulcan. Groan. I've also got to take Mols for a trim and then I'm going over the road to see a neighbour's 'toys'... O gauge railway in the garden, N gauge in the house and a 1:4 scale steam lorry. I see him in the local regularly but I had no idea he had these until another neighbour told me. Another example of modellers hiding their light under a bushel eh?
  5. CedB

    Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    That looks really good to me Michelle - good job!
  6. ^ Wot they said Great stuff Adrian, those internals look brilliant!
  7. Problem. The windscreen opening isn't wide enough for the windscreen. The windscreen fits into the top wing (with a bit of flash removal): Nothing for it but to split the join at the front and add a spacer. I used the watch back remover thingy that came with my watch repair kit that I bought a couple of years ago for the, er, can't remember, but this just goes to show that you'll never know when these things will come in. The back remover held the gap open to the right width (of the windscreen clear part) until I could find some suitable strip. That was then glued in: … and everything test fitted: The instructions said to glue the wing halves together next so I did that: Quite nice having two models on the go so that you can have some relief when the other gets boring.
  8. More closing up: Windows masked: Apart from the top ones that have been glued in with TET:
  9. Nice work Simon. For some reason that paint scheme always makes me see Kittyhawk!
  10. CedB

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Nice job Tony (after the ooops) BTW the little white plastic gizmo in the Portrait box that the instructions say is the BlueTooth adapter remover is also a thing for taking the end off the blades for cleaning. Handy video here. Better late than never... HTH
  11. Thanks PC, too kind Roger Moore - fnaar!
  12. Thanks John Not to bad on the top, bit wider on the bottom (fnaar!) Not to worry WV Oooh, sanding resin eh? Nasty... Thanks Giorgio Yes, she's certainly a big bird. Closed undercarriage doors are not optimal: As John says, I can concentrate on blending in the exhausts, this time with Squadron Green (to save the Humbrol!): Getting a bit bored with this one today...
  13. Wings drying on the Vulcan so back to this one... where are we? Welcome Simon Yes please... … same as Keith (Hi Keith and welcome), I like those too Thanks Strickers No Pringles at Aldi? Don't they do their own version? That's it then, back to Waitrose for me... (Simon and Keith blah blah...) Cool beer?! Ah, you must be drinking that foreign stuff. Every Brit knows beer should be warm and wet, just like we like our wo... (Where's the 'censored' emoticon gone? Has it been censored?) Thanks AMB and welcome to the madness Thanks Scimitar - nothing in the inbox yet... Hi John and welcome - I hope you had a good holiday Mrs Ced is busy marking exam papers for the next few weeks - do not disturb... Figure it out Possibly too late now, unless someone stops me... You know all the work I put into the i/p? Wasted: It'll be hardly visible once the wing is on. Ho hum. Getting that closed up was a bit tricky as the i/p goes across the front and the seat back across the back... fiddly but doable. Lunchtime.