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  1. Well I don't think this is right: I've already put 31 ("Emergency release other side") on the other side so I guess it should be 27. If they should have been reversed please post - it'll make me sad but help others… Done: Worryingly there are some stencils left over: I guess they're for other schemes or something. Nice transfers though. They went on and settled well, perhaps too quickly with MicroSet. Nice and thin too. See how the yellow shows through the white on the roundel
  2. Port side this morning: Whata lotta little stencils - ugh! As usual I used Bill's tip of drops of water on the stencils so you don't lose them in the water: Done: Posting that was a quick rest from application. Other side now.
  3. Thanks Phil - interesting scheme What? Did someone speak?… Thanks Bill I had that in my head… and you can see in the photos that's what I did… BUT If I may, can I add to your tip: Underwing serials read "Right wing from the front" when viewed from underneath! Thanks Mark - don't worry about the steer, I (like others) think it's a striking scheme Thanks Keith That's what I'm using to settle the transfers and I must admit they are very nice but it seems, once they're on, they're on!
  4. Annnnnnnddd he's back! Great start Cookie and good to see you back at the bench Following, of course.
  5. Thanks Pete Thanks Ali I'm not sure it'll be completely finished before tomorrow night, but it'll be close. Thanks Bill hendie, Heather, Pete Thank you Sir Thanks Johnny - nice isn't it? Arrrrrrggghhh! I was so concentrated on getting them the right way up I didn't think to make sure they were the right way round, if you see what I mean... Not that easy hendie Sellotape won't lift them: Scrub pen won't shift them:
  6. Nice job Rob, a couple of stonkers
  7. No worries Bill - I had to check the references several times Transfers. Underside first. Ah, the stripes go over the serials. Great. The scheme shows both serials the same way up but reference shots show alternate, as usual, so I'll do that. Looks like most of the '7' and the 'W': Done: Then the top: Walkway stripes. Yikes. Note that the scheme shows the 'Sling' markings in different positions on the wings so I followed that. What do you mean you can't see
  8. Welcome Terry! Quite right Keith, I was ranting… although I think the Aussies had something to do with it!
  9. Thanks Bill Hmmm. The dingeraviation site says "It has been suggested that this was not silver at all, but a very light grey, "Cerrux Grey", a protective finish manufactured by the Cellon company." Yours looks just right. Bad news about the paint and decals, I hope you get it sorted. Thanks Steve. Pressure? I don't do pressure It happens to me too Keith. Strange eh? Thanks GB Now then, as usual I have to decide whether to build the kit or use it to make a model… Yours looks great, but would be a lot of work… As this on
  10. DSG it is Bill, according to the scheme - dapper nonetheless Thanks Martian Thanks Jason Used for ground attack? Rockets, tick, torpedo? I claim artistic licence… Ah Crisp, those were the days eh… Then the politics took over the other way around and we got the F111 instead of the TSR2 Carry on talking amongst yourselves chaps, the gloss coat is drying:
  11. Brenzett now on my list, as is Manston - thanks Simon
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