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  1. CedB

    Listening to the Solstice

    Lovely little seats Tony, more wonderful brassery
  2. Pleased to hear Grant survived his tumble - obviously made of sturdy stuff! Hurricanes looking very smart PC You have friends without GPS? Wow… I do wish you'd stop playing down your warm and friendly character PC - shyness is not an issue when you're among people who know you well, albeit only online, but I can say that I found you to be a very amusing and erudite chap, so there! (First round's on you)
  3. A nice day out for all! Thanks Ian - small, not tiny! Back from a weekend at #1 daughter's with the family to celebrate her birthday. Nice time together playing 'Pub Quiz' after a good dinner. The house has a clever remote-controlled light switch in the main room that allows four preset levels of 'mood lighting'. It also has a motion detector that turns off the lights if it doesn't sense movement and a couple of times during the evening someone had to wave their arms about to turn the lights back on. At one point the conversation turned to the subject of hauntings and whether, or not, the girls had seen anything in our old house. "Don't be silly," said Mrs B "there are no such things as ghosts" - and then the lights went out. That's when the screaming started... I haven't laughed so much for ages - spooky! This afternoon we had a trip to Rutland Water and passed the 'Oakland Spitfire'. Nice to see such things about. More Nimrod tomorrow - time to get those lights sorted.
  4. CedB

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Nice aerial Jon - she’s looking good Nice kilt too - you’re a brave man!
  5. CedB

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    My favourite blades too. I get mine from Paul at Modelling Tools £10 for 100!
  6. Poor Bill... Happy to oblige! Good luck with the Vixen
  7. CedB

    Listening to the Solstice

    Lovely work Tony, beautiful Your posts do make me laugh - great start to the weekend. Thanks matey!
  8. Thanks Giorgio, Bill, Keith, Ben, Simon and Johnny Something smaller will be next, but I see a Wimpy in my future Thanks Cookie and you're welcome I did some more yesterday and was hoping to finish this bit this morning but, after a lousy night's sleep, 'twas not to be. Mrs B has apparently developed a snore that sounds like someone banging on the front door - at three in the morning. It woke me up and by the time I realised what it was the adrenaline had me awake and it was 4:30 before I got back to sleep. Ho hum. It now joins her tummy rumble that sounds like a sash window opening Anyhoos, something quick to avoid the bay (which needs a good, quiet few hours) - the repositioned lights. Any excuse to get my punch set out and fiddle it: They go here: Anyone know why the chrome pen fizzes when applied? Wrong base I guess - this was over the Colourcoats grey I'd painted in the hole. Some more gentle sanding required in that area too, shown up by the 'disclosing' paint. Rats. Away for the weekend now - more next week
  9. CedB

    Moving Time Again

    Donation sent. Thanks Mike and the team for all your good work and good luck with the transfer
  10. Very, very nice Giorgio Pleased that the Aqua Gloss is working for you - recommended to me by PC I think…
  11. CedB

    Listening to the Solstice

    Those tables and seats Tony - now you’re just showing off! More amazing stuff Sorry to hear about the diagnosis - as my daughter’s an Audiologist I had hearing aids fitted almost inevitably. Modern digital ones are great; they link with your ‘phone (so you can play music without anyone knowing) and I have a box that connects me wirelessly to the TV... gadget freak, who me? I hope you get something sorted.
  12. I have to respond, don't I!! I have the Silhouette Portrait 2 (£145 on Amazon) and, like Cookie and The Baron, find it very useful. I did look at others but the Portrait seemed easier to me, especially with the included software being much like Inkscape (that perdu had recommended and I'd been using before) I've also bought the Graphtec blade but I've yet to try it - won't be long I'm sure. YMMV but I'm happy with my Portrait and Tony has certainly done some great stuff with his, including cutting those metal foil fillets and whatnots. Orafilm 810 recommended too - great stuff
  13. Yep, the 'Rolls-Royce' plates that you were worrying about here. Looks like the resin has them just right?