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  1. Nice work Stew "conniptions"? Had to look that up! 'A fit of rage or hysterics' eh? I know how you feel… I've started trying to convince myself that joins should be considered at 'the molecular level' and, proving the glue is bonded at the join between the parts, the join should work well without excess adhesive. It's not working though
  2. More marvellous modelling mastery matey! Good work on the Hedgehog too Tony - worth saving the little cutie
  3. Stunning couple Heather - looks like you've mastered the airbrush!
  4. Now that's what I call proper bungee Thanks Bill, you know it'll make all the difference to that beautiful interior.
  5. Great update hendie - love those little lights and vent grilles! Your printed torpedo vents look much better too. Take that Shapeways!
  6. Nice purchase! Happy Birthday Dennis
  7. Good luck Bill Lovely jubbly interior… but why have the folded seats got scribble on the bottom? Did I miss that?
  8. What a very entertaining catch up I've just had Craig - good looking Hurricane too
  9. I hope you get things sorted out soon Jamie - I feel for you, having to deal with disinterested people on the 'phone who have no power to sort out the problem but LOTS of scripts telling them how to deal with the growing number of complaints… VERY frustrating! Nice door and Canberra though, at least there are some positives to concentrate on. Best wishes and support coming from here
  10. Thanks Keith for the information on the Mr Surfacer. As I spray in the house (even with a vented booth) I think I'll stay with the non-smelly Stynylrez Thanks Dandie, Bill and John for the Reacher comments - order of books (and short stories) here. Strange to think, now I'm using Kindle on my iPhone / iPad, that I would have had actual books in the 'old days'. Kindle has, usefully, added the book order to the titles so I think I'll be fine now. Also, as I have the Kindle versions of the books, I must have read them all again before. Isn't memory loss wonderful? Thanks to Mark for the Spanish Inquisition, which of course was unexpected! Get those figures painted Phil! Awww, thanks Martian, nice of you to say so Thanks Pat, I'll give that a try Still low on the mojo and distracted by Reacher, but I wanted to see how the masks fitted, especially after PC's comment on lack of instructions, so I cut out the paper ones: This seems OK: …even though it popped up as I clicked the shutter. There's a strange gap here: But the other seems OK: This side looks fine: I'll try the cut masks later but it look like there's some gaps to be filled and the canopy needs covering.
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