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  1. Thanks bzn - interesting stuff! I bet it's been banned nowadays, along with lead paint Thanks Simon - it gets worse! See below... Thanks Stephen - the Lizzie's on hold waiting for bits and will be restarted, hopefully soon. I retired last year and modelling seems to be my new career! As mentioned above, this needs to go: … and I trimmed a bit off the back of the bench so it fitted closer to the 'wall'. Ta dah: Just need to dry fit the other Engineer. We know they're twins, but this is just too close for comfort: (Has that rotated properly?) "Move over brother, the seat won't settle with you there" "It's OK bruv, I've got it, my arm needs to go here anyway so I can play with the throttles" "Well, if you think you can handle it. I'll just check the radio thingies" "Nope, no good. Who designed these small seats? Maybe I can look out the front?" "Rats. I don't think the windows open. It's OK guys, you go ahead without me".
  2. CedB

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    I know how you feel Tony - modelling when tired is always frustrating... Have a good kip matey and come back to it - you may be seeing the faults (some of which could be operational dings, just saying) but I'm seeing a beautiful model near to completion. Courage mon brave
  3. Thanks Dana - great to have an expert opinion, thanks for the info Of course, I knew that I'm using the iModelKit app on my iPhone and it shows that Vallejo 71.010 is pretty close to the reference: Using 'Interior Green ANA 611' as the reference and choosing a new paint from my inventory you can see (from the 'Mix' line) that it's not quite red or green enough and a bit too blue, but close enough for my eye. Thanks John, boots suitably filled! Not on this version Simon, I think that was installed in the 60's Welcome James As promised, some glueing. Pilot seats in, I'll fit the figures later. Now the engineer's panel: Oh, here we go... it doesn't fit. Look where the panel curves to the side of the cockpit; there's a step in the panel but not in the cockpit side: Oh joy. OK, let's rip the seats out: So, those are runners for the seat eh, NOT locating marks. Rats. Furthermore if you fit the Engineer's seat it pushes against the pilot's: SO you do have to glue the pilot to his seat and then push him right in so he's holding the control column: Probably just as well. Better dry fit everything just to make sure: 'ish. The pilots have been glued and I'll let that dry before attacking the panel and cockpit side. Grump.
  4. Tony? The master modeller O'Toole? Looks like one of those 'smother it with filler and then sand away the bits that aren't Hurricane' jobs... Go for it, if you think you can make it... I'd, er, resist I think
  5. Thanks Stu I'm hoping it will either go here, with my other small USAF collection: … or here with the 'Specials': It's about time I sorted out the 'toys' on the top of the cabinet. That RC Helicopter flew crashed twice before I gave up. The rest is, er, the result of people wondering what the heck they could buy me for presents when alcohol was no longer de rigeur. Sorry Greg. To be fair the guys may have posted close together, before they saw the other posts. Does it have a detrimental technical effect on the forum? I guess the system just keeps a link/URL? Thanks Jamie Thanks Håkan Great watch - I enjoyed it! Thanks Mike Looking at the walkarounds there certainly are a variety of greens - luckily it'll get closed up soon! Thanks bzn Thanks Phil More interior stuff: Glueing soon!
  6. PC fan club? I'm in… will there be T-shirts? Might I suggest, young Sir, that the answer might be 'Nah'?
  7. Thanks Ben - my fault referring to it as interior green; the colour is closer to Zinc Chromate (according to iModelKit). Thanks for the link Thanks Giorgio ""? Looks like an IP address... hope you've not been hacked! I've not tried the dry brush / wash method... do you have any details please and I'll give it a go. Thanks John and Simon - amazing eh? Thanks Steve Thanks PC, kind of you - do you still have the jumpsuit? Thanks Chris! Interesting... nice bit of family history Off for a haircut this morning... later peeps!
  8. "In a Hurri" You've certainly made a fast start PC and a good one! I'm in - not enough Hurricanes around IMHO.
  9. CedB

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Stunning, just stunning. Fantastic job that man!
  10. Thanks Ian, polished it is I know! Making some good progress for a change... Thanks Stu - it's a bit bigger than the B-52, lengthwise. This from Ish47guy on Finescale Modeller From top to bottom, all 1/72nd, KC-135, C-5, B-52, B-36. Thanks Cookie and welcome! Thanks Simon - good idea. I've trapped the flat bit in the window for now... You're welcome! It'll go on the ceiling (I hope) Interesting, thanks Trevor Thanks Phil I watched 'Strategic Air Command' tonight - great film, if a little spoilt by my pausing from time to time to look at details. He crashed a B-36 too! Thanks 72 I did notice the squealing brakes - weird eh? I think I'll stick to the kit decals if only for expediency and to make sure I don't open a can of worms on the variants! Thanks Trevor, but I like NMF - working with AK paste is very therapeutic Thanks Chris and welcome! Oh yes I am! Getting the finish is going to be bad enough without adding more complications! Thanks Alan The crew's ready: Not clear in the photo but they're in greeny grey. I saw the parachute packs in the film - nice. I should be able to start getting things together tomorrow - hooray!
  11. Thanks Simon Mrs B commented on the 'fumes' from the man cave this afternoon so I finally got around to fitting the hose you kindly sent me ages ago: Anything for a quiet life. Thanks again! Interesting Eric... vertically on the wall eh? I should have room on the ceiling though, fingers crossed! Thanks Darbs I'm beginning to think you have shares in a nail bar somewhere... Thanks Tony - great reference! Thanks Phil Couldn't have done it without you! I've flipped through the pictures once and now had a closer look. Is this the model in Cornwall? If I get close to that I'll be chuffed. Your photos from the National Museum do show that the spinners aren't chrome, at least on this 'J': One for the rivet counters: Should keep 'em busy for a while! I won't be heavily detailing the bay (or doing the rivets!) but I may be tempted to add some detail - she will be wheels up, bomb bay doors open. Thanks Biggu and Stef - just bought the video to watch later (cheaper on iTunes, FREE on Amazon Prime is the US though sadly not here) I've painted the black bits and also done some dirty work on the cockpit floors: Better get on with these guys or they're going to hold me up:
  12. Thanks Ben I've found that model's all over the 'net - made me think about the access 'tube' too Thanks Alan Keith, Grey and Bill - settle down chaps, plenty of room on the upper circle Thanks Nick I've lots of photos (147) from Phil thanks... unless you have any of the interior? I'm dithering... Revell would have you paint everything Anthracite but I think I may do the 'sides' interior green (as Jeff Head did in his build) just to break things up a bit. I've found some nice 360 walkarounds too here - nice site from the National Museum of the USAF. Progress. Bomb rack frame needed to be removed with the saw (again). Painted some things interior green: That'll teach me not to pay attention. I've been mounting things on sticks with Tak and had to make up a few more - big bird! Bits done: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Remembered the inside of the bomb bay doors - miracle! I've also given my H&S Ultra a deep clean and was amazed at the dark grey gunk that came out from the back of the chamber. So that's what was making the needle stiff! Now nice and smooth, worth the effort. Ashamed at my slovenly behaviour I also replaced the paper base in the spray booth. Feeling much cleaner now Lunchtime!
  13. CedB

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    Thanks Giorgio Sorry Keith, yes I did miss it! Found it now though Still no news of order from JadarHobby...