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  1. Thanks Roger, alt-92, Noel and Bill for the 'closed' confirmation and especially to alt for the great pictures. I'm certainly getting some more Harrier love Thanks to Keith for the SHAR translation and, like Bill, I won't ignore you! Bill you are an exceptionally kind and generous man and I'm sure I can do something with the transfers - or make some more! I'll look forward to building that - and watching you do yours of course. I'd better get mine done quickly before you set the bar too high for me! Thanks to Shalako, alt, Mark a
  2. Thanks Alistair I know, I know… but my iPhone does loads for me other than calls and Flickr; diary, notes, SatNav (with CarPlay so safe), CCTV control etc etc… And a couple of games - I'm addicted to Worms3 and play Solitaire too. Sad man… They are expensive though so I guess it counts, for me, as 'a treat'. I get those once a year. Probably. Quite right CC! At the moment he just eats, sleeps and, er, goes to the loo. If I can get him modelling he'll be just like me!! Thanks Craig It's a nice kit and a nice subject - go for i
  3. Thanks Mark, John, Finbarr Craig (titter), Rob and Simon for the kind wishes updates this morning are, shall we say, a little lavatorial so I'll keep them to myself. Bill you are a very, very kind man and I feel guilty, then happy, then guilty to think of you donating another kit for me to massacre. More happy than guilty though, it has to be said Thanks Keith - noted! This morning I've spent too much time thinking about Apple's latest money magnet. Again. I disciplined myself NOT to buy the iPhone 11 as my 'X'
  4. Thanks Giorgio The fit was weird and I though, like the Skyhawk, you needed to slide it in from the back but no, it was just brute force and ignorance! Thanks Bill, very kind Otto James Scrimgeour* Jones is now getting on fine and his infection (whatever it was) has responded to antibiotics. He wasn't in a box, thanks goodness, but worrying nevertheless. (* Family name - all the males have it in son-in-law's line) He's now feeding, sleeping and the other stuff (ugh) well and they hope to be out on Thursday. Mum is also getting some sleep and
  5. Ouch. Looks like you've sorted it now though Johnny - great perseverance and looking good now That sighting you had? Looking at the tailplane I reckon it's an Anson? There was one based at Coventry when the Classic Air Force was about. G-VROE was flying about near you at the weekend?
  6. Thanks Giorgio and Roger A bit more done today. The SHAR wings are similar in fit to the Skyhawk, except this one has ejector marks: Soon removed with the #9 - you can see it in the background. Here you can see how the lower wing part fits inside the upper: As long as you remove all the gate residue - typical new Airfix. Nice. The wing fit was tricky but, with some fiddling and wiggling, it suddenly 'clicked' into place: As we all know, if/when that happens, GLUE IT! Two m
  7. More bloomin' amazing stuff Tony. Caps doffed accordingly Sir
  8. Good grief, that's what I call scratch building a seat! Great job Giorgio
  9. Very nice work Heather, especially considering all those corrugations!
  10. Thanks Mark, but… Me neither John - shrinks far to much for my liking I think I'll go back to Humbrol. Thanks Johnny Don't more about the grandad clip, honest, what's Dunn is Dunn Sanding. Boring. I did get the Skyhawk wings glued though: Very impressive fit, if all the gate residue is removed.
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