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  1. Nice work on the internals Steve, especially that flange Must get one of the holey rulers… oooh, lots of them on Amazon… HOW MUCH!! Precision tools, an investment…
  2. I'm in, of course - a change is as good as a rest and fulfilling a childhood dream? Priceless
  3. Thanks Rob - looks like a good buy! Great tip Stew I have a 'Mr Glue Applicator' from Mr Hobby which comes with a 'CA proof' little dish that the CA doesn't stick to and can be (carefully) wiped out after use. The pointy tool is great for dotting CA about and the others for spreading filler. Not bad for a tenner?
  4. Very nice progress Rob. Rigging is a dark art! Both are looking great. Which one? We need to know… i think you (and your Dad) are right Stew. We've had them too, including this monster that activated the garden camera (click for video): Hate 'em. Did you us the Irish method?
  5. Nice progress Steve and, with Troy's input, I think we're going to have a great model here. No doubt
  6. More wood: And brass for the cartridge shells. What do you mean you can't see it? Took me ages… Brass on the tail gun cartridges too, and some leather on the saddle: Gunmetal. Lots of it: All AK paste, of course. If you want an even finish you can thin this with white spirit and get a nice paint-like consistency: …but hey, does it cover! Around the windows. They 'click' nicely into place so thinned Canopy glue was wicked into the gaps:
  7. Thanks hendie and Pete I didn't wear a mask (or a snorkel), as usual, but I did have the booth exhaust out of the window for the first time this year! Thanks Johnny Worth it, even if it'll never be seen again… Thanks Cookie Aha! I hope Grandpa got converted to warm beer! No need, ever, to apologise for thread drifts in my builds Steve - I love 'em Looks like a nice pub too - perhaps some of the boys can stay there when delivering the completed models. Thanks Simon Hopefully the sanding will be finished
  8. Nice start Steve, looks good to me Now that's what I call dedication!
  9. I may have said this before but I'll say it again - very realistic Crisp, great job!
  10. Thanks Bill - I don't think it'll be a habit! Now a pile of plastic with some aluminium bits: I'm expecting to have to detail the assemblies so just a 'base coat'. One tip: make sure you keep your guide away from the spray:
  11. Love it. Superb effects Smoldering chippings Batman, that was close! Reminds me of my ex-Father-in-Law telling me that wallpaper, when stripped, often does the same so never bag it until it's had a chance to dry out. Arggh. If I had any 'suitable' pilots I'd send 'em over. Will surgery be required? Depends on whether they behave themselves. If the close their legs and wiggle in, fair enough. Otherwise, surgical gown on…
  12. Yep, that's it Johnny No ball turrets? Who wants that?? Quite right Ali, reading ahead is for wimps (or clever people!) Ah, thanks Cookie RADAR guided bombs? Cool. Thanks Bill Me neither - I guess if it works… Thanks Pete Thanks Ben Wow, more memories, thanks Steve Thanks Erwin They've some a long way since those early days eh? This morning? Ditto. In a rare case of planning I'm going to look ahead and sp
  13. That looks very realistic Heather - great job Coffee jar tops? Who'd a thunk it?
  14. Me too - riveting! They're looking pretty realistic - nice job.
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