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  1. Nice work Joe, love those internals
  2. Nice variation Shellie Good tip on the turrets - I think I’ll follow your lead on turret painting for my Whitley.
  3. Quite! Rubber tubing? That’s going the extra mile...
  4. Thanks Johnny Chris, as Bill, Keith and Martian say, good news! Yikes Steve! Was it a CATastrophe? Thanks John and Crisp Masking mojo very low at the moment - there may be a gap in progress. Talk amongst yourselves…
  5. Nice work especially on the internals Steve, including that handy commode! Looking forward to seeing you beat this into shape
  6. Tea pig? Where do you get those? Great work Jont, looking really good. Nice haul from the LMS too but sad to see another one going
  7. OK, back on the right way: Masking continues, slowly.
  8. Thanks Dennis and Giorgio - I'll certainly follow your tips in the future Thanks Ian They're WHAT! Wait… checks instructions… gaaaaaahhh you're right! Off they come then. I've also given up on the masks. Although most sites say 'for the Fly Whitley' they don't say which mark except this one that says they're for the Mk V / VII. That's why they don't fit eh? In the spares box with them.
  9. Finally this morning, the ridiculous but prominent resin nav lights: Not fun. Of course they stuck to everything (fingers, tweezers, prodders) except the plastic. Maddening. Tailwheel cleaned up: Not easy to remove cleanly - the gate goes into the angle between the tyre and the support. Thanks Fly. Not.
  10. It's later. Bill (perdu) recommended 'tube glue' some time ago for some jobs - grips a bit to hold the part and gives you wiggle room - so I used that on the bottom off the fins and the quick stuff on the struts: Apart from getting some TET on the fin (hard to get past the PE) all went well: Happy with that. Ignore the instructions, of course - they would have you line up the struts with the windows that aren't there.
  11. I've been pondering over this front section and decided that I should apply this part now, fill and blend then mask before spraying: While that's drying I may as well do some other things that need to dry: I've trimmed and sanded the tailplanes so that they fit without gaps and was reaching for the Lego when I thought 'Why not try the technology' and tried the TET Quick Setting: Worked well. Like the standard TET it melts the plastic BUT it flashes off really quickly. Usual capillary action, press and hold, but the melted plastic soon solidifies - you can feel it doing so - and you get a small amount of wiggle time. I thought it wouldn't be as strong a join as my normal glues but then decided if the plastic had melted why should it be any different? We shall see… Before I attached the fins I decided I should attach the PE actuators. There's a little slot on the front of the rudder but no guidance otherwise so I guess they would be mounted on a rib on the fin: I had wondered why they supply 8 parts when you only need 4 and then PING, lost one. That'll be it then. Nightmare of a job. Lots of Anglo-Saxon as, shakily, I got the part positioned with tweezers only to have it fall over. At one point I rested the part on the bench and bent the previously applied one on the other side. idiot. Done now - just need to let my nerves settle… Are the struts going to fit? They look OK so, once things are a bit drier, I'll have a go at those later.
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