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  1. Nice work Stew Loving the detailing on the engines, well worth it.
  2. Thanks Giorgio Getting there, getting there… Thanks Martian - good idea Finally some OD: Spraying Humbrol. No, I didn't like it. Even with their thinner the AB clogged. Ho hum. On 'my' fuselage I masked using tape, then realised I'll have to re-mask before the NMF so on the other I just free-handed it: Getting there.
  3. Thanks Giorgio Thanks Simon Cheers matey! Almost done now. Enjoy PC, enjoy! Better than you Bill? They must be great! Masked nacelles. I remember you're supposed to paint Klear on the tape edges. I have some of that: However, I don't think you're supposed to be able to do this: In the bin then and put out some more from the big bottle. Done now: Just need to mask the front and rear fuselage anti-glares. More masking. Ugh.
  4. Nice modelling Johnny Glad you got the car sorted. Sad to see the Landie going but all good things have their day
  5. Thanks Cookie YOU might love it, but then you're not masking it! The 'B' got a rough white: …and when that was dry the dark green overpaint: Back to masking the nacelles: That's all I can stand for the moment. Later.
  6. Thanks again Giorgio Happy with the Hu155: I'll spray the museum one. Masking, Ugh. I had a plan to make a template using tape and Silhouette design from that (times two) but, when I started the nacelles, decided I could tape them up with the help of the circle cutter: One down, seven to go. I think I'll still use the template idea on the fuselage anti-glare though. Probably. Broadband has been down most of the day. Shovel through a cable methinks
  7. Indeed: Good idea, thanks Giorgio I certainly think it's worth it Bill but I'd make sure it was a proper site to avoid toe rag scammers.
  8. Worth getting Bill and, for me, paying for the upgrade so you can scan/input your stock for easy mixing. Fill yer boots! OK John, I'll watch it and get back to you
  9. Me too PC, me too… Thanks Tony I'll be more careful in the future, for sure. Thanks Simon, very kind and a good tip Thanks John BBT? Of course it's the witty dialogue and 'nerd appeal'. ALL episodes are streaming on All4 now (if you can take the ads or £3.99 per month). I may have it running on my other screen. Apologies for the bursts of laughter… Penny? Ah, well, looking at episode 1 again I think I can say we've grown older together! I did watch a few Flight Attendant episodes but it's not the same IMHO. Still gorgeous but the script? One option Rob, but, er… Thanks Phil Option 2 is my go to: …but when you don't have the matching Revell paint it's a bit harder. I need to sort out this lot: The red and grey are easy; the rest are options for Olive Drab (OD) and, well, we all know the problems with that. Time for iModelKit and it looks like it's now available on Android too: See? Even the FS guys can't decide. So what does the scheme say? 'U' for the body, 'F' for the wing panel and anti-glare. 'F' is 46 Nato Olive so that's done. 'U' is a 3:1 mix of 46 and Yellow 15 (which I don't have). Can I mix it from stock? Ha. I think I'll go for the 'by eye' option: I need to mask up, a lot, then I think I'll try spraying some bits. Spraying Humbrol? I know…
  10. Well done finding the tin Johnny - was it in the last place you looked? Great Flory wash, as always. Great stuff.
  11. Sorry Pete. Er, fnaar! (Bit out of practice)
  12. Thanks Hendie, getting there Much better: What's that you say? Be careful when you pull the mask off the B that the decal doesn't come off too? Too late: I'm going to say, with a little touching up (snurf), that I like that effect. So there
  13. Thanks Bill I think it's the background that's too dark rather than the overpaint. Repainted with Revell's suggested colour: Gave me a chance to get used to the airbrush again. I hope I've got a lighter and patchy finish. We shall see.
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself - thanks Bill!
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