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  1. Nice! Best one of these I've seen built up, how does it go together? I have one and have been wondering whether to give it a go
  2. I really really like this, especially the tractor- the weathering is great and the tracks look superb
  3. Great stuff, those aires pits are a lot of work but it's all worth it what a cracker
  4. Superb model and workmanship there, it must have taken a very long time!
  5. Wow this is going to be amazing, count me in!
  6. Thanks to all. Ian- I did weather the tools but the lovely sun I took the pics in has really made the metallic pop out, were the tools painted rather than bare metal? The instruction call outs were for metal so I went with that. The zimmerit stickers I thought were good, they need corners sorting out here and there which I did with a bit of ca just to stop them peeling, and the domed port for the mg in the hull was tricky and needed patching up with filler but this is all a lot easier than puttying, and you can easily cut out damaged areas as I did, it looks a good scale thickness too I'd say.
  7. Hello This is my first tank in a long time, I usually make planes. This was hanging about mostly made for many years and I recently thought I'll finish it, it was the rc version but that doesn't work now for whatever reason, so I cut out the bulge in the hull floor that was for the motors and removed the gubbins. I found Tamiya do self adhesive Zimmerit, so I bought that and put it on which was made tricky because the tank was basically built, but it went on with a bit of fettling and looks pretty good I think, I don't think I could do decent Zimmerit with any kind of putty. I put the sheets
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