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  1. Nice! Best one of these I've seen built up, how does it go together? I have one and have been wondering whether to give it a go
  2. I really really like this, especially the tractor- the weathering is great and the tracks look superb
  3. Great stuff, those aires pits are a lot of work but it's all worth it what a cracker
  4. Superb model and workmanship there, it must have taken a very long time!
  5. Wow this is going to be amazing, count me in!
  6. Thanks to all. Ian- I did weather the tools but the lovely sun I took the pics in has really made the metallic pop out, were the tools painted rather than bare metal? The instruction call outs were for metal so I went with that. The zimmerit stickers I thought were good, they need corners sorting out here and there which I did with a bit of ca just to stop them peeling, and the domed port for the mg in the hull was tricky and needed patching up with filler but this is all a lot easier than puttying, and you can easily cut out damaged areas as I did, it looks a good scale thickness too I'd say. I fancy doing a Tiger I with zimmerit too.
  7. Hello This is my first tank in a long time, I usually make planes. This was hanging about mostly made for many years and I recently thought I'll finish it, it was the rc version but that doesn't work now for whatever reason, so I cut out the bulge in the hull floor that was for the motors and removed the gubbins. I found Tamiya do self adhesive Zimmerit, so I bought that and put it on which was made tricky because the tank was basically built, but it went on with a bit of fettling and looks pretty good I think, I don't think I could do decent Zimmerit with any kind of putty. I put the sheets on and then trimmed them to the edges of the panels as I went which worked ok. I also added the etched grilles which made a real difference, they came with the sight for the MG on the cupola. Paint was Tamiya airbrushed, with some Tamiya smoke here and there and on panel lines, all other weathering and all details, figure etc. were with Vallejo and Citadel acrylics. Decalled areas were treated with klear first, decalled using set and sol, klear over the top once dried out and them matt varnished from the airbrush. A dusting of a light dirt colour after finished it all off. All in all I've really enjoyed my first bit of armour modelling for a long time, and I'm building a Tasca Sherman next. I'll be putting this on a small Miniart diorama, so may update this post when that's done. I'd be interested to see what the armour guru's on here think to this and any pointers for future models. Cheers, Andy
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