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  1. Very nice! I'm pretty sure I flew in that one, Venice to Luton.
  2. A great show! Very well attended with some absolutely fantastic models on display! Thoroughly enjoyed the day!
  3. That is a very nice looking Sherman! Good to see a British Sherman too. Great work
  4. Superb! Really captures the look of Shep's work, a great tribute. Very impressive work
  5. Thanks guys! Really appreciate all your compliments & comments!
  6. This is Tamiya's Rover 7 Ambulance, I have fond memories of driving these things about when I was in the TA and then later an instructor in the ACF. The only drawback is that the driving seat was completely fixed and did not move whatsoever! I found this kit when I was perusing eBay one day, and for once it wasn't an arm or a leg, in reality I was more after the figures as they're the only real 1970's era British Army figures in injection plastic, and with a little bit of tweaking they can be altered, upgraded and used, however the Rover 7 was definitely on my modelling bucket list as well! The kit went together quite nicely considering it's age, I made some changes to add interest, namely cutting open the driver's side door. I also ditched most of the decals as they had yellowed with age. I painted the ambulance with Tamiya Acrylics and painted the Red crosses on as well, the rest of the decals are either the better ones from the kit or nicked from the spares box. I weathered the Rover eweathered with oils and pigments. Thanks for looking! Angelo
  7. Wonderful work! A very impressive looking Typhoon
  8. A superb piece of modelling! Great to see a 32nd scale Brit Phantom
  9. Thank you all very much for all your comments & compliments. Angelo.
  10. This is HobbyBoss' 1/48 Hawk. Overall this was a very enjoyable kit to build and well engineered. This fit was good throughout and though I am definitely no Hawk expert, it looks right to me! I built the kit OOB and having seen the rather unusal ETPS scheme I was instantly made-up on what markings my hawk would be in! Painted with a mix of Tamiya Acrylics and Humbrol enamels, I weathered the model using oils and washes. Thanks for looking! Angelo
  11. My word! That is rather nice! Excellent piece of modelling, very impressive!
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