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  1. My next "studio scale " project is possibly my all time favourite vehicle from a Gerry Anderson series is the SPV from Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons. The kit is from Studio 2 Models and the main body is in resin backed with fibre glass. The rest of the parts, including the wheels, are cast in resin. The SPV is 55cm long. This is the raw body. I quickly cut out one of the doors, a must do as the sliding door and rear facing seats are a must build. I also opened up the windows, and head lights. The body had the panel lines engraved. I also added the dorsal fairing, and built the intake grills. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  2. Surprised that you haven't disappeared under a pile of sanding dust! Your perseverance is paying off. My Angel is a later casting, separate wings and intakes. Not as many bubbles, but some interesting joins to overcome. Great work.. Looking forward to watching this develop
  3. HL-10

    Eagle Transporter

    An excellent kit of the Eagle! Enjoy the build, and the weathering
  4. Sorry for the hi-jack: Me in my armour: Meet the gang (I'm on the right). My back pack: Your DLT-19s are extremely impressive!
  5. I still am! Thanks everybody! Glad you like her Angelo.
  6. Superb! Excellent work, even including the serial numbers! I used to troop with the UK Garrison of the 501st as a Sandtrooper. Great fun!
  7. This is the Kits for Cash model of the Angel Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's "Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons". It is studio scale and is a hefty piece of resin! This is it alongside the Airfix kit of the Angel. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  8. Captain Noel Chavasse of the Royal Army Medical Corps was the only man to be awarded the Victoria Cross twice during World War One. The second time was unfortunately a posthumous award. Tommy's War produce excellent figures from WWI and they have released a figure of Captain Chavasse, assisting a wounded soldier. They are beautifully cast in grey resin with some really sharp details. The figures were a joy to paint. I have displayed the finished pair using a shell fragment which I found near Pozier on the Somme. This is the shell fragment just after I found it. It was lying in the plough soil. Noel Chavasse is buried in the Brandhoek New Military Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  9. HL-10

    Henschel Hs 129

    Scale Aviation Modeller International
  10. HL-10


    This year marks the 140th anniversary of the Anglo - Zulu war. The battles of Isandlwana & Rorke's Drift are the best known of the war, especially as they were remembered in the films "ZULU" & "ZULU DAWN". These figures, by Mitche'S Military models in 120mm represents the ferocity of the hand to hand fighting that took place in many of the battles. Colour Sergeant Bourne of B Company the 2/24th Regiment of Foot the Warwickshires engages with a Zulu warrior during the Battle of Rorke's Drift, 22nd to 23rd of January 1870. The figures are nicely cast in resin with some very fine detail. They are available as a pair, or singly. The figures are painted with Tamiya acrylics and Humbrol enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  11. Mitche's Military models 120mm resin SAS Trooper fro the Iranian Embassy Siege May 1980. A superb piece of sculpture. I added the moustache and sideburns using Milliput. He was painted with Humbrol enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  12. I scratchbuilt this studio scale SHADO mobile a few years ago. Not being happy with the finish I decided to re-do it, incorporating the gun turret and mortar as featured in the episode "Sounds of Silence". I used original Tiger Joe wheels and tracks, and I did my best to source as many original greeblies as possible, scratchbuilding the ones I could not get hold of. The markings are from JBOT. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  13. HL-10


    No longer in production apparently. I contacted Mr James at Timeless Hobbies and he said it is no longer available, which is why I had a go at this. I thought that but they are straight forward builds, no where near as daunting as they look.
  14. HL-10


    That is what I used for this build! I "up scaled" from table tennis ball to Christmas tree bauble. They also did plans for a Moon Mobile, looks tempting!
  15. Space Intruder Detector from Gerry Anderson's UFO. I built SID from scratch. It started off with a Christmas tree bauble, and a section of the second stage from an Airfix Saturn V. The rest was plastic card & various "Greeblies" dug out of my spares box. From nose to tail (not including solar panels) it is 26cm (10") long. Thanks for looking, Angelo