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  1. A coat of Halford's Filler primer has been applied. More filling and rubbing down! Some work in progress on the pilot:
  2. Quick update. Engine, side pods, winglets, spine faring added, and missile built. Angelo
  3. This is the instrument pane as it comes in the kit. Just painted it and used some spare cockpit decals from Airscale.
  4. I made my own cockpit rear wall as the one supplied is too narrow. It was made from perspex with various pieces added to detail it. Once installed, I brought the two fuselage halves together, using 2 part epoxy resin, and then sealed up and filled the gaps with P-38 car body filler: I added the VTOL exhaust with a suitable piece of tube. Close up of the painted interior: Thanks for looking. Angelo
  5. There are just too many excellent designs to chose from the worlds of Gerry Anderson. UFO, his first live action series, is full of incredible designs, especially the Moon Base Interceptors. Three were on standby in their silos below the lunar surface, ready for launch against the Alien's craft as they approached Earth. Each Interceptor was armed with a single low yield nuclear weapon (The often criticised failing of the Interceptor, namely one missile apiece, was a deliberate script ploy so that the UFOs stood a chance of getting through to Earth). as well a three machine guns (in space?) which were never seen used in the show. Now courtesy of Studio 2 Models http://studio2models.webs.com/ there is a studio scale model, 23" length, approx 1:24th scale. The main body halves are cast in fibre glass reinforced P-38 car body repair putty: (150mm/6" ruler for scale.) The missile, as well as other parts, are cast in white resin. Main engine bell: RCS side pods, landing skids, cockpit rear wall: Aluminium sheet and sections are provided if you want to build the landing gear from metal, rather than use the resin. Close up of the cockpit wall, and main engine insert: Winglets, cockpit instrument panel, RCS thrusters and some rather familiar looking greeblies for the engine bays: Close up of the greeblies: I have already cut open the cockpit opening, creating a blizzard of dust! It will be a slow process, as it is no shake and bake kit! Thanks for looking, Angelo
  6. HL-10

    Milton Keynes goes XXL for 2019

    So looking forward to this!
  7. Gemini suit (Neil Armstrong) Mercury suit (Walter Shcirra) can't see too many obvious differences.
  8. Accurate Models are making a 1:12th scale Gemini Astronaut sat in his ejector seat: They are also planning to make the Gemini capsule also, in the same scale ! null
  9. It won't be that big. I scratch built one a few years ago, by scaling up the Collect-Aire 1:48th one: It's about 8" long in 1:24th.
  10. HL-10


    Just a quick update. Captain Carlin getting ready, Right! Cheers, Angelo
  11. Seen on Face Book Planned model of NASA's fastest lifting body design. For fans of NASA's lifting bodies, or the Six Million Dollar Man! null
  12. HL-10

    1/32 Ju-87D T6+AD

    Very nice!
  13. HL-10

    Heinkel He219 A-0

    Thank you all for all the compliments! The camouflage took about an hour and a bit to do.