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  1. Hello & welcome! Loads of Thunderbirds & Gerry Anderson fans here! Like your work very much
  2. Thank you for all your comments and compliments,they are greatly appreciated
  3. WOW! Great bit of modelling! The weathering is spot on! Especially the "tide mark" on the lower fuselage(hull?) Fantastic!
  4. Very nice! That mahoosive gun is quite impressive!
  5. That is very impressive! Great work on the camouflage, how did you do the windscreen tint? It is very realistic
  6. This is the HPH kit of the Me 410. Cast in resin with an extensive etch set, including coloured parts for the cockpit. The kit went together relatively well for a resin kit, no major fit issues. Transparencies were cast in clear resin and were thin with fine detail. Painted with Xtracolor enamels and the decals were from the kit too. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  7. Thanks everyone, glad you like it! Seriously thinking of scratchbuilding the carrier to go with it!
  8. The vital link for SHADO's Moon Base is the Lunar Module, ferrying equipment and personnel to and fro. Launching from Earth aboard it's carrier vehicle, then separating at the extreme atmosphere to make its way to Moon Base. The kit is solid resin produced by Alfred Wong: http://www.alfredsmind.ca/shadolunarmodule.html Along side the model from Konami Thanks for looking, Angelo
  9. Great looking model! Well done for wrestling that monster into such a fantastic Hurricane
  10. A very nice looking Spitfire! Beautiful finish, looks really great
  11. Superb! I remember building these as a lad when they first came out (That was even before black & white, possibly hieroglyphics!). You really have done a top job on those models
  12. Very nice! Lovely looking model, great work
  13. Nothing beats a British Phantom! Lovely looking model. Great finish
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