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  1. Thanks everyone for all your comments and compliments. They are greatly appreciated
  2. Every so often I get the urge to build something different, or take on an older kit. I decided to tackle the old Heller kit of the French transport aeroplane the Noratlas. It is a typical old kit of it's time, raised panel lines, sparse interior, simplified detail. To be fair the surface detail is fine and restrained, no shipyard rivets, and their is enough of an interior to start with. I added some extra detail in the cockpit, most of which can't be seen! The exterior required some work, there are a number of aerials, intakes, vents and other bits & bobs that were
  3. Time for "Ice Cold in Alex" dioramas!
  4. Thanks everyone for all the comments and compliments, they are greatly appreciated! I too remember fondly the fantastic box art of the Airfix kit and it is my main inspiration for building this kit. So glad I have been able to bring back so many memories Thanks guys.
  5. Very nice! Lovely looking B-17, and it's not 92nd BG!
  6. The Italeri kit was ok for its time, but Zvezda have knocked it for six!!!! It is an absolute gem of a kit, and I did not experience any issues with the assembly. Again, thank you all very much for all your comments
  7. Did that for the Italeri one I built! Thanks everyone, glad you like her!
  8. This is Zvezda's new 1/72 scale C-130 Hercules. A lovely kit with no issues (except for ones I caused!) Fantastic level of detail, inside & out. As my all time favourite scheme for an RAF Hercules is the mid stone/ dark earth I used the decal set from 26 Decals. Painted with Colourcoats enamels and Tamiya acrylics. The only detail I added was the seat back netting in the cargo hold. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  9. I just seem to acquire a collection of them in my stash, so I thought I would build them just to do something different. Totally agree, would not want to go to war in one at all! Glad you like them
  10. A straight out of the box build. No issues, great fit and a lovely level of detail. painted with Tamiya acrylics & weathered with oil paint washes & filters. Thanks for looking Angelo
  11. Superb! You've done a great job replicating the faded appearance. very impressive.
  12. Italeris Bieber mini sub. Straightforward build wit no issues. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oil paint filters & washes. The torpedoes are painted as training rounds to give a splash of colour. More Biebers were lost to technical malfunctions than enemy action, and they were only credited with sinking one ship. A Bieber was recovered off the Norfolk coast towards the end of WWII and the pilot was found to be the son of the captain of the Graf Spee. Unfortunately he had died of carbon monoxide poisoning, quite a common occurrence in Biebers.
  13. Merit International's X Boat submarine, 1/35th scale. A pretty straightforward kit. I used an aftermarket propeller as the kit one was, well wrong! The control rods for the diving plane on the port side were removed, as they were only on the starboard side. The figure is from Italeri's MTB crew. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with a number of oil paint filters & washes. Here it is along side a German Navy Bieber, and a Royal Italian Navy SLC or "Miale
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