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  1. I agrre about Christopher at HPM for his excelent service, I ordered two x RAFAEL Derby missiles which come in packs of two but received one pacr of two. One email later and a second set was on it's way... excelent customer service ! Gondor
  2. I take it that the smallest panel that is hanging down in the pictures is normally up and is only down for "maintenance purposes"? Gondor
  3. Look on it as a learning experience. I am sure that you will find that in the future you will be able to use the same or similar methods, or even new methods to do similar things with better results. Gondor
  4. Try looking here for an equivelant paint http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/colorcharts_2.asp Gondor
  5. Starting to get somewhere with this. Found some thickish plastic card and drew around them to cut out the replacement and copied parts. The cut outs drawn in the bottom of the two sides will not be made as those are for the open bomb bay doors in the new kit and these parts will be going into a Blue Steel aircraft so won't be needed. The front and rear of the bomb bays are the two parts on the right which I will be trying to copy the detail provided on the spars provided with the new kit. Gondor
  6. So glad your doing a 200 series aircraft as I am planing on one of mine being a 200 series 817 Sqn Blue Steel aircraft. Gondor
  7. A forth is not out of the question, will have to be another releace though with different options though. Black Buck and a 201 powered machine would sway me. Gondor
  8. The old kit has 301's, no options there. The new kit comes with both 201's and 301's but the currant boxing does not have instructions on how to put them together nor for what should or should not be used as well or otherwise. At the moment I can't add more than that as I havent got that far sorting out parts. I'm working on how best to use parts of the Bomb Bay from the new kit in the old kit. Starting to think I may have to part build one of the new kits to see what I can get away with. Gondor
  9. Just noticed that the Blue Steel Spru in the Vulcan new Vulcan kit is from the Victor kit. I did wonder a day or so ago as I thought the tail cone looked odd for a Vulcan. Gondor
  10. So I have three of the new Airfix Vulcan kits, I also have three of the old kits as well which I intend to use for project cancelled and what-if builds, waste not, want not. I had originally thought that I would do each of the new kits in a different camouflage scheme, overall white with a Blue Steel, Light Grey/ Green/ Darker Grey and wrap around. Now I am not so sure and may have to add a fourth kit, which I will wait for the release that uses the RWR fin top and the 201 engine exhausts. The intention of this thread is to act as not only a build thread, but also a repository for what I am doing with the older kits as well. So perhaps I should list the ideas I have so far. New Kit: XL361 of 617 Squadron, Blue Steel, Decals from Airdecal 7216 New Kit: XM607 Black Buck 1 1982, 21 x 1,000lb bombs New Kit: No idea yet Old Kit: Indian Air Force with 21 x 1,000lb bombs Old Kit: RAF 2 x Skybolt as an operational aircraft Old Kit: Thinking about the Phase Six version So that's the rough plan at the moment. Initial research shows that item 1 has Olympus 201's fitted which should be doable without instructions in the kit but with input from here. One problem I know of for this option is a camera mounted somewhere around the bomb aimers station but the picture I saw had no real definition and I didn't know what I was looking for. Option 2 will mostly be OOB but I am unsure if it carried any underwing pylons and ECM or not and if so what and where? Option 4 I intend to use parts of the bomb bay not used with option 1 along with some scratch building to create the bomb bay in the old kit, I would also pinch the 301 exhausts from the new kit as it's going to have the 201 engines. The rest we will see about in time. Gondor
  11. I saw no door to the cockpit in the pictures, I do hope you simply left it off to show the internal detail. Gondor
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