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  1. That's what I thought. The build is looking good so far Gondor
  2. Welcome to modelling where we make rods for our own back depending on our level of OCD and ability. Gondor
  3. No radome on this aircraft type. It has a curved nose but no radar is fitted. If a radar is fitted to an aircraft then the aerodynamic cover over it is called a radome. In photograph3, the hole is for a flare, not a rocket. Probably used for identification purposes. Gondor
  4. I saw your picture on the other thread and was convinced about the reverse curve so you're not seeing things. Gondor
  5. You do like to make a rod for your own back don't you? Mind you, it does mean some of us end up benefitting from the fruits of your labours Gondor
  6. If you want to know the angle for your ellipse, measure the angle between the roof and the forward end of the nose undercarriage bay. As for the floor for the pilot, all I have found is these two builds https://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?t=18807 https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=233 Hope they help. Gondor
  7. I forgot to say that the kit has no interior for the front upper turret. There should be a socking great cylinder hanging down from the ceiling below the turret. The cylinder has a domed bottom just like the domed surface sticking up from the floor which is the top of the lower forward turret. So you can use that for rough dimensions if you decide to fit the turret. Gondor
  8. Very nice apart from your decal on the windscreen. The tint in the windscreen is a myth, and I know that loads of people will say "But this photo shows it and so do these photos". The problem is people not knowing what they are looking at. The glazing on a lot of aircraft is multi-layered things. The Blue or Green tint that shows up in a lot of photographs is due to diffraction or polarization between the various layers, not a tint to the glazing. There are more photographs around of these areas of glazeing being clear than there are of them being tinted. Gondor
  9. Congrats on the model room. As you say the Hobby 2000 kit is the Academy one. Be aware that there are a few things they have done due to the family of aircraft they kitted. There are extra lines above the cockpit, in front of the turret, for an in-flight refuelling receptacle which will need to be filled. The tunnel between the cockpit and the rear fighting compartment has two flats, one on the upper and one on the lower surface. The one that ends up facing upwards needs a hole opened in it so that the astrodome can be accessed from inside. Those are the obvious things that you will need to address to make a Washington. Gondor
  10. Your not too advanced on the build that new doors could not be used, are you? Gondor
  11. Flat Bomb Bay doors would do to replace the bulged ones from the Airfix kit. I would like a pair if you do those as well as Heather I am sure. Gondor
  12. Being partway through a similar "tidying" of my model room I sympathise with our esteemed Martian over finding tools after they have been put away. On the other hand, I am finding things which I keep wondering what they were meant to go towards Gondor
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