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  1. With regard to the tail planes, done forget that you are compairing the part against a plan drawing which shows them when viewed from directly above and that they are in fact at an angle, not flat when in plan view. The check the length of them check them against either a head or tail on view. Most people make this mistake or simmilar ones so don't beat yourself up over it if the difference is noticable. Gondor
  2. Not found these kits that rare or expensive. I have three in my stash and a Heritage Kestral as well. This build might just persuade me to build one of them. Gondor
  3. Hope I am not late! Have a fondness for these early birds so will follow if you don't mind Gondor
  4. You could have got the Odds And Ordinance set from Ally Cat rather than scratch building a set of pylons, wouold have included the Matra pods as well if this was a 1/72 build which I just realised this isn't Gondor
  5. Thanks’ for the update Martin. Sounds as if the shrink needs to be reported for their inaction! Modelling can wait, your health can not, nor should it. We will hear from you in good time and sleep as much as you like, it's part of how the brain heals itself from what I have seen on some quite respectable television programs. Regards and best wishes Gondor
  6. I'm in, just love this era of ship. Gondor
  7. The ends of the gun barrels on mine were not that geat, how were yours? Gondor
  8. I don't like their stuff either and have hardly touched the pack of assorted rods I bought some thirty years ago. Gondor
  9. Hope you get well Martin, don't rush it. The model can wiat, your health can't. Gondor
  10. That's aone heck of an enginering project by itself, let along the rest of the build! Gondor
  11. Picked up from my local Post Office as I wasn't in to creceive it from Parcle Force 1 x 1/72 Hasegawa Focke-Wulf Fw190G Ground Attacker I never knew they did this version untill recently. It's a G-8 so based on the A/F-8 airframe and contains a few parts in white metal to make it the G version. Box number AP175 This will be inn the second option in the box for a G-8 of II/SG2 (II Gruppr Schlachtgeschwader 2) acording to the instructions Gondor
  12. Not a problem. I tend to use Scalemates and Hannants to find kits, acessories can be a bit hit and miss such as trying to find the correct flaired wing tanks used by both the Ju87 and the Fw 190 G. Does anyone know anything about Pendinghouse decals as they aparantly do some G version sets? All I can find is pictures of the decal sheet but no instructions or colour schemes. Gondor
  13. Didn't know about the supliment as all I have been doing realy is brousing the book. Will put that german book on my to buy list Would the fact my version of the Valiant Wings publication is the second edition mean that the download is not on the site any more as I can't find it Gondor
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