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  1. Difficult to beleive that my last post to this build was just over three years ago! I really must getr around to restarting this build again. Gondor
  2. I was just catching up on this build and wondered what the hedghog was doing clinging onto the frame at the rear of the bomb bay Gondor
  3. Hope you don't mind my following this build to see what you do with this kit. Gondor
  4. The box lid shown above is older than the F-110A kit which is the same vintage as this https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HAE36 Gondor
  5. Will doing this help you to make the fuselage and canopy sections hollow? So far I have been enjoying seeing the process but as yet I have no idea how you will make such parts hollow. Gondor
  6. Following this as I remember my dad building this for me years ago. Gondor
  7. I named my cat after Macbeth in a roundabout way.... Let me introduce Spot Named so that when he is waking me up at 3am on a weekend I can misquote Shakespeare at him..... "Out dam Spot!" Gondor
  8. I'm following this one too as I have this boxing in my stash along with at least one boxing of every other variant of the Hasegawa F-4 family in 1/72. When I got my copy of this kit it lacked the instructions for the decal sheet so I got the 1/48 boxing of this kit and copied the instructions before selling the kit to the leader of the IPMS F-4 SIG in the UK It will be interesting to see what additions/corrections you do Gondor
  9. I used Humbrol paints for a What If model of Hawker Hurricane Mk1a of GC 1/4 Armée De L’air 1940 but if you excuse the build not being a real aircraft the finish looks something like what I think you are after The camouflage was painted using Humbrol colors, Hu144, Hu98 and Hu163 for the upper surfaces with a 50%+50% mix of Hu64+Hu65 for the undersides. This was a change to what I used as a paint guide I found for a Curtiss P36/H.75 on the web which specified Hu79 rather than the Hu144 and which I think might look a bit better if Hu230 is used instead and Hu101 rather than the Hu163 that I used. I got a little heavy handed with the black wash too I hope this is of some help Gondor
  10. Nice replacement job on the missing undercarriage door. The two "blisters" as you called them are in fact called Sabrinas after a buxom actress of the time and were used to collect spent cartridges and ammunition links. Keep up the good work, it's looking great so far Gondor
  11. Going to follow this to find out what your finishing it as. By the way, the "Bombs and stuff" is actually two small fuel tanks, top left with the fins, Two long range fuel tanks, bottom left and right, and two MATRA rocket pods, top right. Gondor
  12. Crazy....... so I will follow the build Gondor
  13. The shim of plastic card to be inserted "at the top of the fuselage" is not to go where you have put it. It's supposed to be between the two fuselage half's above and just behind the cockpit canopy. Gondor
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