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  1. Plummers can drain your bank account if your not carefull. The Shack is looking great too Gondor
  2. Wondering if this works https://photos.app.goo.gl/waTGRpgzqtj7T6xUA Gondor
  3. Any chance of getting a look at that info please Phil as I could do with the help for my Lancaster Mk.V, otherwise known as a Lincoln Mk. II Gondor
  4. Looking good so far especially now that you have sorted oout the picture links Gondor
  5. That works, now all you need to do is go back and fix the links to the other pictures Gondor
  6. From various sources that I have, the Green is standard RAF upper camouflage Dark Green. The changes in colour that you have seen can be due to the angle of the light and the time of day which can cause the paint appear different. It's all to do with difraction and wavelengths which I don't know enough about to explain it properly. Hope this helps Gondor
  7. No pictures other then the link working here, will follow the thread just to find out if the pictures are working Gondor
  8. Nice animation, also nice to know that some others oout there know that they are ejection marks rather than one person that tried to convice me that they were injection marks Gondor
  9. I enjoyed building this kit mysellf back when it came with a vac-form canopy. I did mine as a 3 squadron machine flown by their CO The redtops came from an modern Airfix Lightening and the decals from various sources includeing some crude diy painting for the squadron bars. Gondor
  10. Thank you for reserveing me a front row seat @Corsairfoxfouruncle, I am sure that you must have got someone elses name wrong and ended up with my name on the seat Saying that, it's an Me 190 which I like so I will follow regardless. Gondor
  11. I have one of the Alley Cat MR.1 conversion sets and a T4 too so I will follow this and interject with comments from my current T4 build if I may. Gondor
  12. I think they are saying cheesily that he's a fun dude....... Gondor
  13. Will watch this as I paid for one earlier today from Airfix Gondor
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