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  1. That is something that a lot of modellers seem to forget and then overdo things which looks totally unrealistic. Gondor
  2. Of course not! The next serial number in line maybe, but not the same one! Gondor
  3. Interesting and informative. I now know what to do with the build I have in the stash. Gondor
  4. With regard to the aircraft above, I found a who load on the web and find the fit "interesting". The inboard pylon is unique to Singapore as is the under fuselage bomb rack. Does anyone have further information on them while we are here? Gondor
  5. So a Harrowing experience with the decals Glad to see that you managed to solve the problem ok. Both builds are looking great Gondor
  6. Just received the F-15K today so quite interested in what you thought of the kit. Gondor
  7. After buying the book "Hawker Hunter, Biography of a thoroughbred by Francis K. Mason" I have the answer that I was looking for. The changes included the fitting of a tail parachute, increaced cockpit ventilation and refrigeration, 230 gallon drop tank capability and increased pilot's oxygen supply and of course the fitting of the external hard points and ejection system on the outer wings. So as most of the changes will not be seen I can happily build my 1/72 Mk.9's OOB and I don't have to worry about the cockpit of my Airfix 1/48 kit either Gondor
  8. Now I would agree with you if you had been talking about 1/350 or smaller ship model etch Gondor
  9. It's not foolishness if there is no or next to no detail provided in the kit and there are after market etch sets available which improve the look, For example the basic Ejector seat in an MPM 1/72 Meteor F.8 And after the addition of etch Gondor
  10. If you think that photo etch is fiddly in 1/48 you should try some of it in 1/72, lots of fun Gondor
  11. Might be an idea to paint the gun ports as the thickness of the metal there would be different. Looks good as it is though. I have one I intend to do as an FGA.9 Gondor
  12. Following as I have this kit in the stash. Gondor
  13. You could always cut the front from each engine just in front of the compressor blades. This does mean more work in the end but will give you the intakes as separate pieces so you can eliminate the seam on the inside but means you have a join to deal with on the outside instead but only once the engine is assembled. Gondor
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