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  1. Nice replacement job on the missing undercarriage door. The two "blisters" as you called them are in fact called Sabrinas after a buxom actress of the time and were used to collect spent cartridges and ammunition links. Keep up the good work, it's looking great so far Gondor
  2. Going to follow this to find out what your finishing it as. By the way, the "Bombs and stuff" is actually two small fuel tanks, top left with the fins, Two long range fuel tanks, bottom left and right, and two MATRA rocket pods, top right. Gondor
  3. Gondor44

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    Crazy....... so I will follow the build Gondor
  4. The shim of plastic card to be inserted "at the top of the fuselage" is not to go where you have put it. It's supposed to be between the two fuselage half's above and just behind the cockpit canopy. Gondor
  5. They still look like AC output nozzels Gondor
  6. Sounds intriguing so I will follow what your doing Gondor
  7. I'm considering getting one of these or the M version next year so will follow this build to see what problems you encounter. Gondor
  8. Don't say that. It will be done in time for Telford, just not this year Gondor
  9. Thanks Moggy, that makes a nice change from no quilting texture at all which I find a paint to replicate. Gondor
  10. Is the textured detail on the interior the way it is OOB? Gondor
  11. Gondor44

    BAE Harrier GR3 x2

    Your fin tip extension is wrong unfortunately. What is wrong with the Airfix GR3 fin it the tip is a little short at the rear of the dielectric panel at the top, not the overall height which is what you have changed. Gondor
  12. Thanks for the link Gondor
  13. CWS? Who?, What? and Where? Gondor
  14. Sot its a Brass Band stand now? Hat, coat and exit stage left..... Gondor