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  1. Gondor44

    AFV Club Churchill Mk IV 75mm Gun

    Your Welcome. I find the build to be Facinating, Awe inspiring, Educational, Instructive and Terrifying due to your skill and the results you are produceing! Gondor
  2. This looks as if it will be a major rework of the kit and than always gets my interest so I will tag along. Gondor
  3. Gondor44

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    This arrived today, next purchases will be the brass set for the bomb bay and a set of the bomb bay rockets then a build thread will be started. Gondor
  4. Gondor44

    AFV Club Churchill Mk IV 75mm Gun

    I think that's an understatement. Gondor
  5. Gondor44

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    Decided to bite the bullet and ordered a copy of the Eduard "Riders In The Sky 1944" kit via ebay as I could get it a bit cheaper there. That saves me haveing to backdate the J version to a D which means I can always use the J as a GR Vi? Gondor
  6. Gondor44

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    That was a book as well as an Album? Gondor
  7. Get thee behind me Satan! Gondor
  8. Gondor44

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    I found a copy of Scale Aviation Modeller the other day which had a conversion of a Hasegawa B-24D into a Liberator GR Mk V. The article in the September 2010 issue depicted PP-Z, BZ751 which the author/modeller had taken from the Revi decal sheet #72003 Czech Consolidated B-24 Liberator GR V/VI, he also used the Pavla #72040 Liberator GR Mk V Part 2 detail set. The author/modeller also fitted a scratch built bomb bay rocket launch system and fitted a Leigh Light too. An interesting build as it provides pictures of the detailing of the interior as much as all the onther information. Gondor
  9. Gondor44

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    Thinking again, about what I have and want to build and what I have to build them with, I really just want to show off the two different radar types and the two different mounts for the rockets as well. So PP-Z would be a good choice if there was an aircraft with the other rocket mounting options with the radar where the ball turret would be. A Leigh Light fitted to one of the options, or both, woould be nice too. Double checking the transparancies shows that one of the BP turrets does have a cut out or clear view panel for the gunner Gondor
  10. Interesting build.... I'm in Gondor
  11. Gondor44

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    That's quite steep price wise for me at the moment. Actually I am hopeing to build a dumbo nosed Liberator with the nose aerofoils and rockets with the D I have, not sure what to build with the Hasegawa J I have which should be backdatable to a D with kit parts and some ingiuity. I would rather put the bomb bay rockets into the Hasegawa kit as that has the better bomb bay I feel. These build might not get very far very quickly as I usually look at lots of refference material and sort out parts etc then put the whole thing away for ages. Gondor
  12. Gondor44

    Eduard Liberator GR Mk. V/VI Identification Help!

    Again thank you EwenS. The picture of zz.P looks like the sort of aircraft I want to model for one equipment fit so I will need to find decals for that and one of the options that Eduard use. Tempted to buy the Warpaint book on the Liberator as that would also expand my knowlage of the aircraft. Maybe I should just buy either of these decal sheets https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/DKD72018 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/REV72003 Gondor