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  1. Gondor's Modelling Rule Number Three: Everything will fit perfectly untill you apply glue... Gondor
  2. I'm sure we can manage to pad it out a bit with some thread drift, certainly some of the assembled throng can Gondor
  3. There have been problems getting hold of Humbrol paints due to some of the ingredients' needing to be replaced. Apparently they should be starting to become available again. I can't remember where I saw the info but that was only a few days ago. Gondor
  4. Well that means you will be missing the Scottish Nationals in Perth at the weekend then. Gondor
  5. Not my usual scale but it looks interesting enough to follow, it is a Hunter after all! Gondor
  6. That looks complex and fiddly. I did some more digging with regard to your Hu 128 Heather. If you happen to have any Humbrol Authentic colours and have the USN4 DK. Compass Frey then its the same colour, or should be. Gondor P.S. The USN4 may have a different finish to the Hu 128. This would be due to the first digit of it's number being different but the first digit of an F.S. number relates to the finnish of the paint. 1) Gloss 2) Semi Gloss 3) Matt So if you can find the right colour but the wrong finish simply add varnish on top.
  7. No problem at all Heather. Like you I was a dyed in the wool Enamal paint person, usually like yourself using Humbrol paint with the occasional foray to other supliers, in my case Xtracolour. I have now started to move to Acrylics and because of my prefered aircraft and time periods I am finding that the Hataka Blue, I don't have the time to faf around with air brushes, so they do me although I am not 100% sold on their bottles. Gondor
  8. Like this Heather? http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=26320 I got the F.S. number from a Humbrol Enamal and Paint Conversion Chart which has the code P1158 above the bar code pn the back. It's a failry modern chart compaired to some others I have as it has links to Humbrol Twitter and Facebook accounts Further investigation found this Paint ahu128 by Alastair Macfarlane, on Flickr The columns are, from left to right; Colour Name, Comment, Humbrol, Tamiya, Xtracolour, Polly S, Gunze Sangyo and Model Master. Hope this helps Gondor
  9. Have you tried using this site ? https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/urbans-color-reference-charts-part-i/ I find it invaluable if a little confusing at times when I don't have the quoted colour. Gondor
  10. That sounds like great advice and some that I will do my best to follow from now on Gondor
  11. So instead of twin engined French aircraft, I see youve gone with twin engined Dutch. Gondor
  12. From looking at those pictures I think I will get the Eduard cockpit set for my Trumpeter Gannet. Gondor
  13. That is a good shout for the Mk V into a Mk I. The make-up of the leading edges are already in upper and lower parts and to shape saveing a lot of work Gondor
  14. Not sneaky of KP at all. Good planning on their part. Why use all the extra plastic when it's not necessary? The breakdown of the KP Tempests is very logical. Gondor
  15. Only if the boxing is not for a Mk V. Ask me how I know Gondor
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