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  1. Can't complain and TBH I've given up Airfix bringing out some helicopters but I have to say, nothing grabs me as a must buy
  2. Looks very neat, loving it Airfix need to pull their finger out with a 1:48 and a Puma back on topic, great job.
  3. Brilliant I had a right flashback there, I just thought "Flightdeck" as as soon as I saw the tail
  4. Thats the only way a Phantom should look, grey and green. Brilliant
  5. 2 Beauty's but the Culdrose bird is awesome. Well done
  6. we don't see enough helicopters on this site and that my friend is a little thing of beauty. Great job.
  7. I'd like to welcome everyone to the 10th anniversary of me posting this at this time of year 1:48 Puma 1:48 Gazelle 1:48 Scout 1:48 Wasp Thank you for your continued patience.
  8. He was on the Oriskany because he survived the fire on the Forresstal, climbed out the cockpit, down the nose and swung off the refuelling probe. I'm glad someone has started this, I was going to post similar in the Airfix 2019 thread but its locked
  9. fids

    Airfix 2019

    Any appetite for the new Coast Guard helicopters?
  10. Always a handsome looking aircraft, your model is a little ting of beauty. Love it.
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