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  1. Love your build. So different! The subject is not for everyone but I like it. Search out the more "obscure" projects. Uncommon conflicts, PMC aircraft, African conflicts. Keeps the hobby fresh! Paul
  2. Lost cause I'm afraid. I don't think they would last more than 1 sortie to begin with. 2nd...where do you fly them from and maintain them. Any airfield left in the Ukraine will definitely be disposed of post haste by the Russians and 3rd... to fly them from any other country let alone a NATO member would bring that participant(re: NATO) in to the fight. Further down the rabbits hole as the saying goes! It's a no win situation I afraid.
  3. A big interest of mine is African Conflicts. I've read about a gentleman by the name of Neal Ellis who flew Hind's for the S/L airwing against the RUF rebels and then with Executive Outcomes in the same conflict. I only ever build 1 aircraft of each type as to many subjects and not enough time. I had started the Hind and put it off until I come up with some decals in a trade, etc. Please post any more of your interesting African builds. Love to see them! Paul P.S. on the table...DC6B Biafra Mig 23ML Angola B26K Congo
  4. Yes Smudge I have noticed the DP Casper sheet. Very nice. But alas I would only use the Sierra Leone decals. On Hannants shelf right now for CDN $26.00 before shipping! To rich for me :). Maybe later. Again, beautiful build! P.S. I had a Cat called Smudge. Miss him lots. Paul
  5. Love it! Great subject! Have a Hind on the bench for some time now. Wanting to do a Sierra Leone version. Inspiration!! Paul
  6. One of my favorite topics is the early WWII Pacific campaign. The Philippine invasion in particular. The idea of civil aircraft caught in a war environment is quit interesting. I think to pursue this idea further I may also try a twin engine Beechcraft of PAL. Apparently all red in colour. And I've looked before(without success) for a Ford Tri Motor that may have flown in the Philippines somewhere. Oh well, the search is on. Thanks again to everyone for the help! Paul
  7. One more question. I don't usually do civil aircraft so my question is would I use the Dora Wings Pacemaker or the Sky Rocket kit? Thanks
  8. All wonderful info!! Thanks everyone so much! Been looking at this project for some time now(years) and I think now may be the time. In the book "Doom at the Start", it implies the aircraft code was "NPC-9" ? May have to go with best guess on this, markings and paint scheme, and move forward. Thanks again everyone! Paul
  9. Early 1942, Japanese invasion of the Philippines. There was an air wing know as the "Bamboo Fleet". Civilian aircraft and crews I believe that flew various missions throughout the islands. One of the aircraft was a Bellanca Pacemaker. Would anyone have any info on this aircraft? Colours, markings, etc. The other 2 aircraft were a "Staggerwing" and a "Waco". Very obscure interest, I know, but an interest none the less Thanks for any help. Paul
  10. All great information. As much as I'm liking the Ethiopian Poetz 25 and the Italian SM 81 I really like the Fokker VIIA that flew with the Red Cross. Very different project!
  11. Thank you for the replies gentlemen. Love the various different kinds of aircraft that operated in theatre of a relatively unknown conflict. After research my next task will be to see what's available in kit form and how available they are. One more question. Any known Ethiopian decals for said aircraft??? Thanks again to all. Paul
  12. Looking for some winter projects and this subject seemed interesting. Does anyone know of any books or reference site on this conflict?. What aircraft were used by the Italians and Ethiopians? Somewhat obscure I know but I find the conflict interesting. Thanks Paul
  13. Very nice! Great decals Where did you find the info on this build?? Love different "stuff". Paul
  14. Lovely build. I liked to know how you make out with the MAV decals. Have a couple of sets that I've not used yet. Curious Paul
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