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  1. Glad you resurrected this post as I had not seen your builds of these before. Love all your subject - from the early Pacific aircraft to the South Vietnam/Laos builds. I think I need to go through your "stash" and pick out what I want you to do next or failing that steal some of your kits! Great taste, great builds, love em all! Can't wait for the next one. Paul P.S. wish I had your talents.
  2. Sooo... the answer is no. No one ever made them. But...everyone has been willing to help with suggestions and idea's and that is why I enjoy not just the modelling but the forums and people that go along with it!! Thank you all so much for your time and efforts! Paul P.S. maybe making my own or trying to will be my only option.
  3. Any, all. I have an old Williams Brothers C46 I may do and am looking for something different. Just curious. Thanks
  4. Did anyone ever make decals for "CAT"? Thanks Paul
  5. Sign me up! I'm thinking, B26 Invader, Bay of Pigs, Rebel Airforce! All good. Paul
  6. Thank you all for the information! I've looked at some of the sites suggested and have found a plethora(good word) of great pictures. I find these "covert"/pmc kind of subject very interesting and for modelling purposes so much more interesting than a standard look. I find myself looking further afield for interesting build subject that are not routinely found on our modeling sites. I think there could be something here for a future endeavor! Thanks again to all. Paul
  7. Thanks Jure. Sorry for the confusion. I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that not everyone is familiar with the shortened titles. COIN, FAC, PMC, etc. The info I'm looking for is not easily obtain, your right. Nice effort though! P.S. I was in Slovenia last September, beautiful country. I would visit again! Thanks Paul
  8. Anybody have any info or pictures of PMC/civilian helicopter usage in these theater's?? I know they were there, M8 Hip's and Hueys, being I assume the most common. Always looking for something different to build. Thanks Paul
  9. Thank you all for the replies! I may go with the Mirage some time in the spring. I've just started a SU 25. Not sure sure what marking's I'll be using. Possibly Soviet from some time in Chechnya or Syria. We'll see. Paul
  10. Curious as to what the combat history is for the Mirage 2000 in Africa. Did the French use them in Chad, Mali, C.A.R., other? Have one in the stash and am looking for a inspiration. Thanks Paul
  11. Great build!! Just reading the "Africa@War" books on Angola. Deciding if I should build a Mig 21. Decision made I think after viewing yours! I assume the decals came with the kit, correct? I love these kind of esoteric builds. Paul P.S. - have a Mig 23 with Angolan markings in the plans. Just need to source the decals. Cheers!
  12. Pauly Boy

    Decal prep

    Thank you both for the quick reply. Sounds very easy! Can't wait to use them. Paul
  13. Pauly Boy

    Decal prep

    I've a set of MAV decals and the manufacturer says to coat with a lacquer before using and the cut each individually before applying. What would the experience modeler out there use as I've not done this process before. Thanks for any help. Paul
  14. You've done a great job! Japanese aircraft from the early Pacific campaigns are one of my favorites! Just recently read a book where the author called the Sonia the A-10 Warthog of the Japanese Airforce. Well done! Paul
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