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  1. Curious as to what the combat history is for the Mirage 2000 in Africa. Did the French use them in Chad, Mali, C.A.R., other? Have one in the stash and am looking for a inspiration. Thanks Paul
  2. Great build!! Just reading the "Africa@War" books on Angola. Deciding if I should build a Mig 21. Decision made I think after viewing yours! I assume the decals came with the kit, correct? I love these kind of esoteric builds. Paul P.S. - have a Mig 23 with Angolan markings in the plans. Just need to source the decals. Cheers!
  3. Pauly Boy

    Decal prep

    Thank you both for the quick reply. Sounds very easy! Can't wait to use them. Paul
  4. Pauly Boy

    Decal prep

    I've a set of MAV decals and the manufacturer says to coat with a lacquer before using and the cut each individually before applying. What would the experience modeler out there use as I've not done this process before. Thanks for any help. Paul
  5. You've done a great job! Japanese aircraft from the early Pacific campaigns are one of my favorites! Just recently read a book where the author called the Sonia the A-10 Warthog of the Japanese Airforce. Well done! Paul
  6. Thank you everyone for the replies. I didn't think there were Bronco's in Rhodesia. Just wanted to confirm what I knew. Thanks again. paul
  7. Well that's just sad. Getting excited for nothing. Back to some other interesting subject in some obscure war. Maybe a DC6, Biafran Airlift. Thanks for your time:) Paul
  8. I've just read that Rhodesia had 4 OV-10 Bronco's during their war against SWAPO back min the 70/80"s. Very interesting. Does anybody have any info on this or pictures even??? Standard Rhodesian paint scheme, load out?? Very curious as to what anybody else knows. If true, would have been a great subject for the "Small Wars GB" if it had gone through. Thanks Paul
  9. Just noticed on Amazon that the "@War" series has several new books on "small wars" coming out in the new year. All are very interesting. South American, African and Asian. Something to look at to entice a future build. Paul
  10. Pauly Boy

    MI8 HIP

    Jordi, I think your right about the 1/72 Hobby Boss MI8. I like it! Would you now if it has the option of a radome that protrudes from under the nose? Just curious. Thanks Paul
  11. Pauly Boy

    MI8 HIP

    Thank you all for your time and advice! Hopefully the project will move forward. Thanks again...Paul
  12. Pauly Boy

    MI8 HIP

    There may be a "Small Wars" group build some time in the New Year so I'm just trying to prepare. It will be a version used by a PMC group in Sierra Leon.
  13. Pauly Boy

    MI8 HIP

    Question for the chopper boffins. I'd like to build a MI8-MTV chopper. Is it possible?, is there a specific kit?, a conversion set? I've not done a helicopter and am quite enthusiastic to try. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Paul
  14. Where do you come up with these subjects! The last several you've done are aircraft/time frames I'm interested in! Lovely build! Paul
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