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  1. Very interesting build! Have been wanting to do the same for years now. There's a great book called "Shadows", Nigerian/Biafran airwar. If you don't have it I would recommend it! I'll be following this build with great interest! Paul
  2. Pauly Boy

    1/72 SAAB (MFI) Safari

    Very tidy little build! Excellent job! Always wanted to do one in Biafran markings. I wish one would come out in 1/48.
  3. I'm with you Parrahs. Love to build one of the Nigerian MIG's used during the Biafran/Nigerian Civil War. One of my favourite subjects.! Paul
  4. Pauly Boy

    Australian Wirraway

    Thank you all gentlemen! I have a MPM kit that's been laying around for a while now and thought it may be time to get some research done and move things along. Again wonderful info and thank you! Paul
  5. Pauly Boy

    Australian Wirraway

    What markings were used on the Wirraway during the first 6 months of the Pacific Campaign(Malaya, Singapore, NEI). I'm assuming the standard British roundels. The Australian blue/white didn't come in to play till later in 42 correct?? Thanks Paul
  6. Pauly Boy

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Did any of the Dutch Hurricanes flying in the Netherlands East Indies fly without a tropical air filter?? I've seen a couple of colour prints of aircraft without filters and found it odd. I have a Mk IIb in the stash I would like to build with the early Orange triangles. Thanks Paul
  7. Pauly Boy

    Ryan STM-S2 Dutch East Indies - 1/48 Testors

    Beautiful build! Great subject. Netherlands East Indies campaign is a little know subject with several interesting aircraft to be modelled Cheers Paul.
  8. Absolute beauty!! Air America is one of my favourite subject. Been wanting to do this version for a while now. How about a Caribou next??? Always enjoy your builds! Paul
  9. The Belanca Pacemaker was used along with a Beech Stagger Wing and a Waco UC-72 as part of the "Bamboo Airforce" in late 41 - early 42 Philippines. They flew supply/communication missions, albeit clandestinely, throughout the Philippine campaign. Haven't got a lot of info but if you google "Bamboo Airforce" you will find some. Early Pacific campaign is one of my main interests but info is sometimes difficult to come by. Good luck... Paul
  10. Great subject! Great build ! My favourite era...early pacific campaigns. How about a Villdabeast next! Paul
  11. Pauly Boy

    Revell Lockheed Hudson, 1/72

    Great build! Always liked a Hudson. Now, on with the next. Paul
  12. Would there be Katangan decals for this kit that anybody makes?? Thanks Paul
  13. Beautiful job my friend. Love the Pacific theatre in general, the Dutch subject particularly. Wish i could build that wellL Paul
  14. Pauly Boy

    Small Wars GB - 2 more names required

    No love for Small Wars??? What could be more interesting than Ethiopian F5's, Honduran Mustang's, Anything Rhodesian, Katangan C47's!!!!! So much diversity! Hello! Paul
  15. Pauly Boy

    Small Wars GB - 2 more names required

    Hi Col. You may put me on the list. And it may be one of the examples i gave in my earlier reply! Cheers Paul