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  1. Beautiful photos, thanks for posting.
  2. Really nice work Dragan. Superb finish and weathering - well done!
  3. Really excellent Typhoon, with a beautifully executed camouflage scheme - well done!
  4. That's really nice work on your Eagle and great attention to detail for the F-15SA modifications - well done! What colours did you use for the camouflage scheme? It looks really good
  5. Outstanding finish on those two Dragan, well done!
  6. Really nice Kfir Bill. Well done!
  7. It's looking really great as the markings start to be applied, even with the delay to get the nose badge reprinted. The Indian roundels look really nice on that scheme
  8. Very nice work! The F-1/T-2 is a very handsome aircraft to my eye and you've done an excellent job there. Well done
  9. That's not something you see every day and you have done an excellent job. Build and finish are both fantastic - well done!
  10. Really beautiful SuE! I like the deflected control surfaces, folded wing tips and the great camo scheme - looks really purposeful. Nice work
  11. Great Hunter Luca! Really nice finish and weathering - well done .... and welcome to the forum
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