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  1. Beautifully done Skyraider! Great finish and the weathering is spot on, especially the exhaust staining - well done
  2. Looking excellent Pappy! I'm really enjoying the extra detail you adding and your detail paintwork is superb - well done
  3. Excellent work! I really like all the extra detailing you have added and the finish is great too - well done
  4. That's a really great result, especially given the poor quality of the kit you started with. The seats make a big difference and the finish looks great - well done!
  5. Really nice work Dennis! The camo scheme is beautifully executed and I find something really appealing about a heavily loaded F-16I - well done
  6. Lovely work! The Kfir wears that late-style camo really well and you've done a great job if it - well done
  7. @TEXANTOMCAT is right mate. I meant the flying AMX not the ones with tracks ... although they can be cool too!
  8. For an indulgent moment @Supertom, I allowed myself to dream of a 1/72 AMX as well ... but sadly I am sure @Giorgio N is correct. Sigh, maybe one day (Modelsvit or ClearProp, hint!!)
  9. Looking good! As you say, the kit plastic is by no means bad but the resin cockpit detail looks really nice
  10. Really beautiful work, and great photography too. The finish is superb and that last photo is most atmospheric - well done!
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