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  1. A sad sight but a beautifully executed model - great work
  2. Lovely job, especially on that striking digital camo scheme - well done!
  3. Lovely work, especially with that challenging scheme - well done!
  4. Lovely work! Looks great in that Macedonian scheme
  5. Very nice work on the latest addition to your MiG family - well done!
  6. Excellent work! The "Nile Valley" camouflage scheme looks great to me and the modifications/additions you have made make all the difference. Well done!
  7. Excellent work! You've done a superb job of capturing the look of a Raptor
  8. Superb work, especially on the digital camo and "hot" areas - well done!
  9. That looks great! I agree with you about the Ukrainian splinter camo scheme and you have done a great job of realising it on your Frogfoot - well done
  10. That's an excellent result, despite all the problems that beset the build - well done!
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