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  1. Looking really nice! I'm enjoying your work on the camouflage finish
  2. Very nice work! I'm guessing 1/48 but which kit manufacturer is it?
  3. That's an excellent build of a seldom-seen type - very impressive! I'm looking forward to the next product from your famous shed ...
  4. That's an excellent result from the KP Su-25. The heavily weathered camouflage looks appropriate for a well-used combat machine - well done!
  5. Wow, that is most impressive. Excellent modelling, great finish, superb weathering and looks fantastic photographed against the scene and background - well done Sir!
  6. That's really nice work. You've captured the well-weathered look of the Hellenic Vipers - well done!
  7. Nice job there Ryan, Looks good in that digital scheme, which you have executed really well
  8. Very nice work, Looks great in that scheme and you've nailed those colours - red AND white: respect!
  9. Exceptional work and a nicely executed conversion - well done!
  10. Very nice job! I like the glow-in-the-dark formation lights too, very creative
  11. Very good job Enzo. That MiG-17 is coming along nicely
  12. Very smart work! That's an interesting camo scheme, beautifully executed - well done
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