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  1. There were certainly G's with the cannon pods fitted in desert camo, JG 53 operated G4's with them fitted while operating from Sicily and Tunisia and they wore 78/79 camo with patches of 80 on them. When Revel re-boxed the Hasegawa 1/32 kit some years ago as a G4 Trop they had markings for them.
  2. She looks great Alistair, the spots have turned out really well, which method did you use for them in the end?
  3. Thats neat work James, she's coming along very nicely mate.
  4. Excellent job on the painting Ray it looks really good. It takes a brave man to paint over the superb job you did on the original 74/75 upper surfaces but you have pulled it off.
  5. Another great choice Ray, think I have the Tamiya version of this kit in the stash somewhere.
  6. This is well on the way to being another of your masterpieces Ray. Great work on the cockpit mate, really nice. The colours of these aircraft have long been the subject of debate and as has been pointed out to you it is impossible for anyone to tell you with complete certainty that you are wrong but as usual your research makes perfect sense to me and I look forward to seeing more progress. You know I have a soft spot for winter camo schemes so I hope you get to the F-8 too.
  7. This really is excellent work. Very well done.
  8. Really nice work on the cockpit James. it looks great.
  9. Fantastic choice Luke, both the aircraft and the scheme. I'll tag along to see how you get on with them.
  10. They are L-33 Ro'em Israeli SP Guns based on a Sherman chassis with a 155mm gun.
  11. Great to see your builds back on the bench James. They are both looking really good mate so don't try and rush them for the deadline as you won't be happy with them yourself (the most important thing) and will feel the need to go out and source some replacements (not such a bad thing).
  12. Just had this RAAF KC-30 go over, took off from East Midlands airport. Not the best of pictures but not an aircraft or operator we normally have in the area.
  13. Thanks mate, I really want this to look right as I have wanted to do it for a while. And you are right that I have enough stress without my hobby becoming stressful. And ICM really are very good at clear parts, no need for any coatings on them at all. Nice try. Thanks Alex, I shall keep going with it but it will be a lot slower than I had hoped. Yes the nacelles were a complete pain, most unlike ICM really.
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