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  1. modelling minion

    Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 27 on June 18th

    You can add my name to the list Patrice. Probably either an LC-130 (after I've found a kit!) or a U-2 or maybe even a Ventura. Craig.
  2. modelling minion

    Piper Bomber - Wagner Twin Piper 1/32 Revellx2

    Excellent work on a very unusual subject Nenad. Very well done.
  3. Nice choice and a good start Steve. I agree 100% that when you think of the war in the Western Desert that the sharkmouthed P-40's of 112 squadron are the first to spring to mind. Having seen your excellent Spit Vc I'm sure this will be another cracker, and at £12 an absolute bargain.
  4. Just catching up on your Tiger Stix and it is seriously impressive my friend. The detailing and superb painting and weathering are as good as any of your other great builds. Keep up the excellent work.
  5. There's just no stopping you is there Tony? Another great choice, I do like the combination of French markings and the RAF desert camouflage scheme, I would like to have a go at this is 1/48 using the Eduard kit in the future, assuming I can find the decals. Looking forward to the end result, probably by the weekend going by your recent build rate.
  6. modelling minion

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Managed to get a little bit more done today. Not a huge leap forward but it is progress, what I have done is to mask off the areas where the original US markings would have been and then spray some vaguely Russian colours to copy the effect produced when the Russians over-painted the US markings including the serial numbers, anyway here are the pics starting with the upper port wing and fuselage side. Then the port tail showing the area where the serial number was. Finishing with the under sides of the stbd wing. Off to start the glossing process now, and then its the decals! Craig.
  7. modelling minion

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Thank you very much guys. Back from Hols now (yes it was good thanks) hope to get some time in on the B-25 soon.
  8. modelling minion

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Final update for a week. As promised I have sprayed the OD on the uppersurfaces using Gunze paint, I am really happy with how this paint sprays it gives me more control than any of my other brands I use. As per the undersides there was some pre-shading done on the top and with the paint behaving well I was able to vary the amount applied to the panels with less in the centre and more on the outer edges going for a very faded and well used look. Not sure if I've over done it or not, have a look and let me know; Here's a closer look at one of the wings; Amazing how much the colour changes with the light or positioning. And here is a pic of from the sides showing the wavy demarcation between the two colours; That's it for a week as I'm off on my hols and am not taking the Mitchell with me. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  9. Another excellent result Tony. Great build from start to finish mate, well done.
  10. Fantastic job on your Mustang Tony, very impressive indeed and has certainly sold me on the Airfix kit even though I have a few others already in the stash. I really like your collection of Mustangs, nice to see so many Commonwealth examples, not that there is anything wrong with your USAAF and Israeli examples.
  11. modelling minion

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Cheers Tony, Looks like the weather should be okay, just got to try and find "accidental" model shops near where I'm staying . Hope you get to Duxford mate, and that you have a good time there.
  12. modelling minion

    Buccaneer S.2B Airfix 1/72

    More excellent work and detailing Laz. The undercarriage bays in particular look very good.
  13. modelling minion

    B-25 Mitchell Mk.l (or maybe Mkll)

    Good to see your build back on track Simon, and looking very good too.
  14. modelling minion

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Cheers guys, I have masked off the demarcation between the OD and the grey this morning so I should be able to make a start on the upper surfaces tomorrow. Having said that I'm off on holiday for a week from Saturday so there won't be any progress for a week after that.
  15. modelling minion

    PBJ-1J, Marine Mitchell

    Very nice work indeed. Will look different with rockets under the wings.