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  1. That has taken a lot of patience and masking Robert and is looking very good indeed.
  2. Definitely looking a lot more like an F-5 now.
  3. It was in reference to the fact that it didn't get through the bunfight last year and a way to still build a Mig-25/31 for those that still wanted to.
  4. I think you have done a very good job on the filling and sanding and by the looks of things the worst is behind you.
  5. Looks like a really nice kit with nice detailing, I can see one of these finding it's way into the stash.
  6. Very much looking forward to this, I will be there displaying with IPMS Mercia.
  7. As Chris pointed out Oman used them in a desert scheme and so did Saudi Arabia and the UAE/ Abu Dhabi, I will have a look Dennis but I think all the other operators used the grey/green other than Rhodesia's green/brown. You can add Qatar, Kuwait and Somalia as well as potentially Chile.
  8. I have been slowly plodding away at this and have got the cockpit pretty much done and ready for installation into one of the fuselage halves. I haven't added anything to the kit other than some seat belts on the ejector seat, I looked at the resin seat I had and thought it was pants so went with the kit one which builds up quite nicely and is a good representation of the real thing and doesn't look too bad with some paint on it; The instrument panel has been painted too; And the cockpit tub; The exhaust for the engine has been painted and added to one of the fuselage halves, after remembering to paint the interior of the rear fuselage in Zinc chromate yellow as it will be visible once the fuselage halves have been joined together, no pictures of that so you will just have to take my word for it. Next task will be building up and painting the nose gear bay and fitting it to the bottom of the intake, then I can think of getting the fuselage closed up. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  9. RAF RC-135 ZZ665 just went over my house at around 5000ft after doing a few circuits of Birmingham airport, very nice to see as we don't get them over this way at all usually.
  10. What a cracking result Rich, she looks fantastic. Just read through your thread from the start and am really impressed with your build and the quality of the kit and she will make a fine addition to your IDF collection. Will you be adding some Mirages to it? The Su-27 looks fantastic too, a fitting tribute to brave people. Very well done mate.
  11. That looks really good Robert, I have no doubt that the overspray will be easily cleaned up.
  12. Good man Chris, and excellent use of the postage rates to add another F-4 to your order, would have been rude not to. You are right about the sand colour used in the scheme, it should indeed be more yellow than the box art shows. Fingers crossed we get through the bunfight, I have a feeling its going to be a particularly bloody affair this year and that we are going to need every vote we can get.
  13. Outstanding work as always mate, I wouldn't be able to get anywhere near this in 1/48 never mind 1/72.
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