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  1. Good job getting the old decals off Gerard, they came off very nicely, and the replacements have gone on really well. I have used DK Decals before and think that they are very nice to work with and their research is usually very good too. There are some nice options on that sheet and the 3 Sqn RAAF one does look very nice with that blue tail.
  2. Another excellent choice mate, at this rate you'll have your own page in the GB! I like the scheme you have chosen, very nice.
  3. This is another great choice James, I really like the He-177 and having one in captured markings (especially with the D-Day stripes) will make for another very interesting looking model. I will be following this with great interest mate.
  4. Thats really nice work Enzo, the interior looks great and there's still enough visible to show the work you have done.
  5. Thanks Gerard, I'm hoping to be able to make a start on her soon but work is getting in the way at the moment.
  6. Really nice work on the engine, especially getting the PE to go in place.
  7. Nice work on the cockpit, looks very good indeed.
  8. Thanks, yes I made sure I removed all the interior masks yesterday as I had the same fear about getting carried away with the build and only remembering when it is too late.
  9. Thanks mate, while it is a nice kit in many ways it is nowhere near what you would expect from the likes of Tamiya, Airfix or ICM and I think those masks on the canopy are going to be rather problematic.
  10. I think you have done a very good job on sorting out the fit of the engines Mark and the fuselage has gone together very nicely too.
  11. I have been slowly plugging away at Signor Caproni and I have to say that I have mixed feelings on this kit. There are some very nice details and the etched set, resin and masks are certainly necessary but they are a mixed bag to use, more on that later. One of the first things to do is to apply the pre-cut masks and these are an absolute God send as it would take ages to do this the old fashioned way but they do have their limitations, they don't like conforming to curves which with the shape of the front glazing of this machine means that I am constantly having to press them back down, I imagine I will have some leakage to deal with later. The masks for the flat pieces such as the fuselage sides fit very well indeed and they have been added to both the inside and outside which then had a coat of Italian cockpit green from an old Aeromaster jar I have, I have no idea if this is correct for the Caproni but thats the colour mine will be and this is how it looks with the internal details added and a bit of a wash applied, and check out the size of the ejector pins which would be very tricky to remove, so I didn't; The masks on the outside; And the masked up front glazing where you can see some of the masks lifting; The cockpit interior has also been built up; I have to figure out where in the fuselage to fit this as there are no location points whatsoever and the instructions are vague to say the least. The wings and tailplanes have also been built up, again no location points and the fit isn't the best but after some cleaning up they should be okay; I'm going to try to get the fuselage halves joined and then put her aside for a bit to make a start on my Spitfire for the Baby Boomers. Thats it for today so thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  12. I think you have done a great job on the riveting Mario, very nice work.
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