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  1. Really sorry to hear about your decal problems Tony. There is nothing worse than getting that far into a build and having decals that you don't have spares for go badly wrong like this. I really hope you get some replacements sent to you as the originals obviously aren't fit for purpose. Great job on the sharks mouth though, excellent work.
  2. Very nice Tony, very nice indeed. The decals certainly add a splash of colour.
  3. modelling minion

    Cessna A-37B DragonFly - Trumpeter 1/48

    Very nice indeed, well done.
  4. modelling minion

    Speckled Trout

    That is one smart scheme Sven. Wasn't aware of this scheme before so thanks for sharing the pictures.
  5. Great brush work and weathering, as usual, Stix. Good luck with the road wheels, they should keep you busy for a while!
  6. modelling minion

    "Sandbar Mitchell" - Tanker 8Z

    Very nice work Beggsy. The interior looks fantastic and you are doing a great job on the conversion. Keep up the great work. Craig.
  7. I know what you mean Stix, both the Wildcat and Hellcat have that "come and have a go if you think your'e hard enough" look about them.
  8. modelling minion

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Cheers Stix, Yes I was very happy myself when they turned up. They might need a bit of "whitening" by placing them next to a window (shouldn't take long at the moment!) but they look nice and I'm very grateful I was sent them.
  9. modelling minion

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Not much to report as work and working in the garden has been taking nearly all my time, however I am very happy to report that the decals have arrived from my good friend Sasha (a huge thank you my friend) and here they are; I have built up and painted the engines but didn't take any in progress pics so all I have is this one of one of the built up units; No modelling time tomorrow either I'm afraid but hopefully I can make some more progress next week. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  10. Time to mark my spot for my entry in this GB. Last time the MTO GB came around I planned on doing a couple of US Navy aircraft operated in the Med but time got the better of me and they never happened so it's time to put that right, at least partially, by building Hobby Boss' F4F-4 Wildcat as an example flown by Lt. Cdr. John Raby of VF-9 when based on the USS Ranger during the landings in North Africa for Operation Torch. I intend to build her pretty much out of the box but hope to get hold of some suitable seat belts for her. I have a set of aftermarket decals by Superscale which has the markings I want. Here's the ubiquitous box shot; And the open box shot; And the decal sheet and a very nice book I've had for a few years which got me hooked on this subject; I have the small matter of a B-25 to finish first for the types STGB before I get started, though knowing me I will not be able to resist the temptation for very long. Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  11. There are some really good ideas here Ozzy. The buildings look great and it is a great idea to make more from what you have. This is going to look fantastic.
  12. modelling minion

    Buccaneer S.2B Airfix 1/72

    Great work Laz, she is definitely getting there. All your hard work will be worth it as I'm sure this will be a fantastic looking model when finished. Craig.
  13. Really interested in this one Tony. I like the Greek Spitfires and most of the Mk.V's I want to build are Vc's so I'm keen to see how the conversion set works. Oh, and please leave some subjects for the rest of us!!
  14. modelling minion

    Airfix Heinkel 111.

    Very nice work on the splinter scheme Steve, great job. The black undersides make for a different scheme too, good choice mate.
  15. Blimey Tony there's no stopping you is there! Great choice mate, have to agree about the original box art, it really is superb and certainly inspired me to buy a few when I was younger. Looks like it should be built by next week!