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  1. I think that she did have a false canopy painted as in pictures of her on the ground the front part of the nose gear doors (the one on the nose gear leg) is clearly black. As to exactly how it looked I'm afraid I don't know.
  2. Yes a bit more life in the old dog today mate, not 100% by any standard but moving in the right direction.
  3. I've probably lost or forgotten to fit pedals more times than they have gone in and as you say you won't notice.
  4. Nice smooth coat of paint Dave, MRP paints seem to be popular and I can see why from your picture.
  5. Interesting mix of schemes Julian, that "sand" does look a lot like earth to me.
  6. Looks good, and as Col says the gap should be easy to take care of.
  7. Don't forget to fit the compressor face for the Pegasus which is completely missed in the instructions, at least it is on the 2 seaters. best of luck for the move Paul, I hope that it goes smoothly for you.
  8. That is excellent work on the decals Ray, those stencils look great and not a bit of silvering in sight, fantastic!
  9. Off to a good start Dave, the Neomega cockpit is light years ahead of the kit offering isn't it. As far as I know Jag cockpits were indeed in any colour you like so long as it's black, though with some variation due to fading and wear and tear.
  10. Today's update. The canopy was masked and fitted, a pretty good fit, the weapons stub wings were also built up and a coat of the pale blue/grey been sprayed for the undersides of everything that needs it. A closer look at the canopy area, you can see the small smear of PPP that was required around the edge of it; I shall leave this to dry properly overnight and then I shall mask off the blue/grey area in preparation for the first of the upper surface colours which will probably be the tan colour worn by these helicopters. You will probably have noticed
  11. Thanks Werner, only fast because it is a nice kit and not adding any extra details. She's off to the paint shop later for the undersides to get their blue/grey.
  12. Thanks Tony, I think it is the most detailed helicopter cockpit I have seen in 1/72 scale.
  13. Good to see another Iraqi subject joining the GB Jabba, and who doesn't like a Mig-23.
  14. That is some top scratchbuilding Col. Don't think I would have the patience to do that.
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