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  1. They do look very nice indeed, especially for 1/144 scale. You have done a very neat job on their builds.
  2. That really is excellent news Rich, maybe it trundled it's way from China at scale speed! We just need to find 2 more victims volunteers and then we are off to the bunfight!!
  3. Thanks Julian, Yes I wonder what it says about us depending on what shapes we see in the camouflage, probably best not to ask!
  4. That looks fantastic Patrice, the decals really bring some extra colour to the build. She certainly has plenty of mission marks on her.
  5. Great start on this one Steve, the cockpit looks to be quite well detailed.
  6. Good to see some paint going on. I don't blame you for leaving a couple of days between painting and masking as it is always better to be safe than sorry and we don't want any paint lifting off when removing the masking.
  7. Excellent job on the painting Patrice, extremely neat and very good coverage.
  8. With the decals complete she really does look smart AW, really glad that the decals settled over the vortex generators as it can be very tricky to get decals to behave over them. Best of luck for your son's wedding next Saturday, I hope the day goes well and that you all have a great time.
  9. That red has turned out very well Remy, the perfect shade. That overspray is a pain though, could it not be possible to remove it by some very light sanding?
  10. Sir, I take my hat off to you. I don't think I have ever seen a Starfix kit attempted on BM before. You can't go wrong with your reference material though, a superb book by an author that really knows his subject, all to rare unfortunately. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing what can be done with this kit. Welcome to the GB.
  11. Good job on the white Patrice, not a colour that I like to paint. The grey is looking very nice too.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they do. I have had the pleasure of meeting both at air shows and they were both very friendly and willing to talk which was great, unlike some celebrities that are firmly inserted in their own back ends.
  13. That looks very nice, great job on the repaint.
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