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  1. Very nice Paul. I think that you are right that Vallejo have done the green too light, does make it look faded though. Nice to see the details such as the radome and dielectic panels being painted, means decals are not that far off!
  2. Good solid progress Stu and a nice looking finish on the lower grey colour.
  3. Excellent and very detailed work as usual David. Really don't know how you manage it in 1/72. Great catch on the cockpit colour, I didn't realise the Swiss used a different colour and would have missed it when doing a Swiss Mirage in the future. I saw them during an airshow at Dubendorf in 1988 when most of them were in the air defence grey scheme but there were still a few in the natural metal finish and do plan on doing one in the future. I think your 1/32 one will be a masterpiece when you build it.
  4. Great to see your Tomcat in progress Simon, and as I said to you last week whats not to like about one of my (and many others) favourite aircraft in the markings of my favourite US Navy squadron. I'm sure your build will be popular, especially when people see how good a modeller you are, but really you make "encouragement" sound like I threatened you or something . Group build addiction starts with one but very quickly gets out of control!
  5. Sorry to hear that your Eagle is going on the back burner Mark but I understand why. Interested in how the P-38 turns out though.
  6. Surely there must be more of you out there that want to build something with either red stars on it or some of those funky markings from the ex-Soviet republics! We need a LOT more interest if we are going to get this one over the line.
  7. No problem David, glad that she will be finished soon. I've lost interest near the end of projects too, you wouldn't think it would happen but it certainly does to me. Interested to hear that you are building a Mirage, but which Mirage? Started another F-104 myself, a ROCAF one this time, I'll slowly get myself one from every operator .
  8. It may be a bit basic but I'm sure you will turn out another Steve classic.
  9. That base looks fantastic Stix, nice addition with the fence. The Typhoon looks really good, especially against the sky background. How many figures are going to add to the base? This is going to look brilliant when all the parts of the build come together.
  10. That must be really frustrating for you Dennis, I've been in similar situations myself and it really is annoying. I can't telly you what to do with your build mate, it is yours. If you were going to add some replacement bulges I would go down the route of using someones spares from either the Hobbycraft or Hasegawa kits, both of these kits are popular and I'm sure some one on here will have a set in their spares box somewhere. There is no problem with you building this one as a different machine if you want to as I'm sure a cheap Revell G-10 will come the way of one of us before too long. I will check my spare Bf 109 decals as I may well have something suitable for you.
  11. Your bench really is quite full isn't it! The mobile SAM launcher looks like something from Thunderbirds, awesome! I see you have made a small start on your 1/35 Hind then, obviously you have far too much spare time .
  12. Excellent result Colin! It really is an unusual scheme to see an A-37 in and you have done a great job. Well done.
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