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  1. What a great looking kit of a great looking tank. Tamiya definitely had their A team on this one by the looks of things as it has really nice cast texture and the fit looks really good. Great start Steve.
  2. Blimey Steve that didn't take long!! They are nice little kits aren't they and they seem to have gone together very nicely, just like the Matchbox armour kits I remember building. Looking forward to the paint going on mate, though going by the rate you have got them together you have probably already finished that too!
  3. I would indeed, though I can't promise to get it finished in the GB time frame.
  4. Absolutely, it takes a special kind of bravery to strap yourself into something that has never flown before.
  5. Thank Jean, If someone who doesn't like Winter washed camo schemes likes this then I must have done something right! The good thing about the one I use Jean is that if you don't like how it turns out then you can gently rub it all off and either start again or leave it in it's original camo scheme.
  6. This is another great choice Steve, and an inspired choice by Matchbox when they moulded it. I remember building this a long time ago, the FT-17 was one of the quickest, and smallest, tank builds I did. Looking forward to this trip down memory lane.
  7. Now that's a bit different Glynn. What a great looking machine, you can imagine the likes of Dan Dare (or his French counterpart) piloting it. Looking forward to seeing this one come together mate.
  8. Thanks Col, much appreciated. The stash remains Hellcat free I'm afraid mate.
  9. Cheers Glynn, it is a pretty big kit with quite a big wingspan, around the same as an Avenger. Thanks Steve, it's an original Monogram/Revell kit and was re-boxed by Accurate Miniatures. It is a nicely detailed kit, both internally and the detailing on the outer surfaces.
  10. A truly excellent result Richard. Having also had the pleasure of seeing this in the flesh I can honestly say it is the best 1/48 Marauder I have seen. All the hard work you put in (especially in the tail area) really has paid off as when you look at the model you can't see any areas that look like they have been worked on. You got the painting and weathering spot on and the painted on markings look great. Very well done mate and I will be right behind you in the queue for an ICM kit (or two) when they decide to release one.
  11. And this one is looking just as good as your T-34 is mate, the highlighting really shows all the raised details very nicely. Yes its surprising to find these beasts still in action and they are being used alongside T-34's too, though they are the later 85mm armed versions.
  12. Looking fantastic as always mate, your brush painting skills never fail to impress me. The highlighting has brought out all the details very nicely.
  13. Off to a very nice start, good job on painting the pilot.
  14. Very nice work on the cockpit. I have just finished the F-4 and am happy with the end result but I will warn you in advance that if you plan to build her with the engine panels closed that they are not a very good fit, and take your time aligning the engine/cockpit firewall as that will make it even worse if not fitted correctly.
  15. Another truly excellent result Ray. Your trio of Bulgarian 109's are fantastic and I really like the fact that you have covered their use of the 109 from start to finish. Really looking forward to your P.24.
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