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  1. Getting individual letters to align properly can be a real pain but I think you're doing a pretty good job Dennis. I have done this a couple of times myself with varying results, sometimes decals that you think look the same size suddenly become totally different sizes when you get them onto the model.
  2. Hi Mate, still here and still plodding along slowly. A mate showed me that the Victory Show is on again next year, hardly surprising seeing how many people were there on the Saturday, still its good to have something else to look forward to next year.
  3. Thanks Ray, some sound advice there for if/when I re-visit the Henschel. I don't like giving up on a model but this just got to the point where it was sucking my remaining enthusiasm dry, probably not helped by going through a bit of a rough patch long covid wise which doesn't help attention span or enthusiasm for much at all. She isn't in the bin or broken though so hopefully in the future I shall get her completed.
  4. Priority now is to finish my Draken Paul, I am going to try to just have one build on the go at a time. That means I probably won't have time for the Tomcat STGB as much as I would like to. I have a few personal projects that I would like to at least make a start on, without any GB pressure!
  5. It does happen Chris, I was lucky enough to pick up an EJ Kai for £60 posted which is less than I have seen Hasegawa kits being sold for.
  6. Wow! That really is fantastic customer care, there are a few bigger manufacturers that could learn a lesson or two from this.
  7. Really fantastic work Simon, the cockpit in particular is stunning.
  8. Oh no! I am really sorry to hear this as I was enjoying your build and really like the Tunnan. I hope that you are able to get replacement parts soon.
  9. Sounds like a very good choice, I have one of the earlier Kinetic boxings and might build it for the STGB early next year. I really like Hornets and would even like a couple of Super Hornets to add to the collection.
  10. Thanks mate, we've all been there haven't we. Thanks Cliff, I really am sorry to not be finishing this one for the GB. It's been a great GB with a really good variety of interesting subjects being built and has been a pleasure to take part in.
  11. Cheers mate, the Hs-126 is just one of those things unfortunately, bit cheesed off about it though. One of the things about the Finnish codes being in the camo colours is that the decals don't often match the paint perfectly, but as you say I am sure that a bit of oil and weathering will sort it out. How was the hour at Mikes, expensive?
  12. Very tidy work Glynn, she looks great with the decals on.
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