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  1. Works wonders mate, saves a lot of time, hassle, paint and swearing. I used it on a Coastal Command B-17 I did a couple of years ago.
  2. Oh no, you will find that this is quite normal (even tame) for those of us who frequent the GB section of the forum. And it looks like you have fitted in quite nicely! Excellent work, and the maps are pretty good too. And the toilet seals the deal, you are a fully fledged member of the GB lunacy club, congratulations!
  3. Cheers Nigel, they did indeed do them in grey and that is what she will be, I'm about to start the gloss coats on her.
  4. I remember coming back from a holiday in Spain with my mates to find a very neatly stacked small pile of "literature" on my bedside table that had been found when my room was cleaned whilst I wasn't there. Not a word was said about it which was worse than being told off straight away, I was waiting for the rollocking for weeks!!
  5. White really is a pain to paint Pete, if I have a scheme to do like the US Navy one I use Halfords appliance gloss white from a rattle can, works great and is instantly ready for decals when dry.
  6. Thanks guys, very much appreciated. The paint I used is Xtracrylix ADC Grey, I only use acrylic paint. It sprays quite nicely and gives a nice smooth finish. There's a fair bit to do yet Rich so don't go expecting her in the gallery too soon.
  7. Looking good, a nice metallic finish.
  8. At least if you have to pop to the LHS there's always the chance of coming out with something extra kit wise.
  9. Whilst the HB A-7's do have undeniable shape issues they also have quite nice detailing, a real shame that they didn't get the major shape of the front end right as they would be a very popular kit in both 1/72 and 1/48. A dual build would be really good and would help to show where the 2 kits have their good and bad points and I'm sure that somebody on here will have some Vietnam era decals for your other build if you can't find anything suitable in your stash.
  10. Just to prove that I haven't been spending all my modelling time looking at pictures of VNAF Spads, although that has taken a fair bit of time, here are some pics of the model as she stands at the moment; As you can hopefully see she has had her ADC grey applied, in fact a couple of coats. The first was given a gentle rub down which has darkened it a bit and then a second coat was applied which shows up as being slightly lighter giving her a faded and been parked in the sun for a bit too long look. the sharp eyed among you might also notice a strip of masking tape along the leading edge of the wings, this is covering some aluminium paint which was sprayed on earlier to represent the corugard which was applied to the leading edges of the wings. Next job will be to get a good gloss coat on her followed by some decals, then I can start the fun part, weathering! Thats it for today so thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  11. Have you seen this site? http://www.spectre-association.org/listingsA.htm
  12. I am really glad that you have brought a Spectre to the party Glynn, she will make an ideal stablemate for your excellent AC-119. Looks like she should build up nicely once you have sorted that short shot. As for schemes I would really like to see the early Roman nose one as it just looks so different and is something I plan to do in 1/72. Really looking forward to this one mate.
  13. Oh I don't think that would be too much at all. Perhaps a 1/35 copy of a vintage Playboy? Not that I know what that publication has in it of course.
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