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  1. Thats coming together very nicely Steve.
  2. Very nice H, that Mustang radiator has worked a treat.
  3. I think that you've done a good job on getting her together, knowing how well Monogram kits fit. I understand your concerns about the vacform canopy, they worry me too!
  4. Considering how your decals behaved I think you have done really well. To try and help cover up the out of register bits have you thought of using some of the black paint applied thinly to where the white bits are showing?
  5. What a great result from a classic kit. I think your figures have turned out really well and they work very well on the base. Very well done.
  6. Very nice work Tony, nice shots in the afternoon sunshine on your large base.
  7. This should be a great model Alan, you really have done your homework and the work done so far is very nice. Definitely one to follow.
  8. This should be interesting, there are some nice schemes for post war -4's so I'm interested to see how your goes together.
  9. Monogram 1/48 AV-8B Harrier II United States Marine Corp used at Edwards AFB for spin recovery testing 1985. Decals; kit + Superscale , paint; Halfords, Lifecolor and Gunze. Thanks for looking. Craig.
  10. And she is done! I finished off the last remaining little jobs today which included building and painting the para pack for the racking at the rear and so I can finally claim this one as finished. She has fought me a little at times (well she IS a Monogram kit!) but I have enjoyed the build, the colour scheme made the build process different from normal but it didn't cause too much hassle and I would definitely build another in the future, I really fancy one from the Gulf War in the temporary schemes that they wore, come to think of it next year is the 30th Anniversary of that war so I think that @Jabba should propose a GB for it so we can all vote for it! So enough waffle here are a couple of pics of the finished item, I shall stick 5 in the gallery. A big thank you to all who have been following or just looked in during the build and especially to Rob for coming up with the idea for this great GB and for being such a great host, well done mate! I also have to give a big thank you to Sven ( @Old Viper Tester ) for taking and posting such inspirational pictures in the first place. As usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received and thanks for looking in. Craig.
  11. Thanks H, definitely not the real thing and looks a lot better from a distance. Working on the para pack for the tail today and hope to get it finished later.
  12. Ah, the classic Monogram "fit". I think that you are doing really well, don't rush the tidying up as we have plenty of time left.
  13. Well done Dennis she looks fantastic. I hope she fully restored your mojo after the RF-4 issues.
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