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  1. Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is truly a must have!
  2. modelling minion

    Ki-43 Oscar Fujimi 1/72

    Nice to see an Oscar in the GB. A very important aircraft in the region, often mistakenly referred to as Zero's by Allied aircrew.
  3. modelling minion

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Glad to be of service. I saw that the auction had finished and hoped that you had been the winner, a very good price for a great (and large) kit. I look forward to seeing it underway once the STGB is up and running whichever scheme you decide to go with, and there are some very nice ones out there.
  4. modelling minion

    1/48 Brewster Buffalo RNEIAF

    Cheers guys. Yes Rich's tip worked a treat. Got the exhaust and gun staining done this evening and the matt varnish applied, a few bits need touching up tomorrow.
  5. modelling minion

    Mitubishi A6m2 zero, 1/48

    Very nice indeed Glynn, certainly looks suitably weathered. This is going to look fantastic when finished.
  6. modelling minion

    80 Squadron RAAF Kittyhawk IV

    Blimey that is fast work! And nice work too, another great looking set of seatbelts. With the weather we're having this weekend I expect it will be finished by tomorrow night!
  7. modelling minion

    1/48 Brewster Buffalo RNEIAF

    Following @trickyrich's advice I went and misted on some very thin white on some of the upper surfaces of the Buffalo to get rid of the "brand new" look of the paint and it worked very well, well I think it did anyway. I forgot to take pictures at that point and got carried away and glossed the whole airframe and then put extra gloss where the decals would go so that they would settle down nicely, and they did! There aren't that many decals involved with the Buffalo (thankfully) and the Aeromaster ones performed very well, I contemplated using the set that came with the Kagero book but the codes are more like 1/32 scale than 1/48 and they would have looked terrible, so be warned if you have them and intend to use them, anyway here are a couple of pics of how she looks now; I'm having to fill in a gap with the white band at the bottom of the fuselage but other than that the decals from the Aeromaster sheet were fine. Next step is to start the weathering by applying a wash to the panel lines and then to spray on some staining from the guns and engine exhaust, then it will be time for the matt coat and the removal of the masking and fitting of the aerial wire onto that big mast which I have already broken off twice, doh! That's it for today, thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  8. modelling minion

    RNZAF TBF-1C Avenger NZ2522

    Now this is a very interesting project Alan. I like the Avenger a lot and to see one in wartime RNZAF markings will be excellent as it is one I've wanted to do myself for a while (currently contemplating using the Hobby Boss kit for just this scheme, but not for this GB). The fact that you are tackling the 1/32 Trumpeter beast makes it even more interesting as there is great scope for additional work and detailing to be added. Really looking forward to seeing this in progress. Craig.
  9. modelling minion

    Italeri 1/48 B-25C

    Another great choice Arnie. There are some very colourful markings for the B-25's which had extra guns in the nose and the glazing painted over, and as you say there is plenty of scope for weathering. I like the Dutch ones too and was torn between a Dutch or RAAF B-25J and the Beaufighter which I have chosen to do, and no I'm not going to build them all!
  10. modelling minion

    Whispering Death

    Very nice Beaufighter Dennis, very nice indeed. I do like the overall green scheme and it is my second choice for this build, I think your build captures the look of a faded aircraft which has seen plenty of service well.
  11. modelling minion

    Hasegawa Thunderbolt bubbletop

    Beautiful work on a very nice scheme. Very well done.
  12. modelling minion

    Mitubishi A6m2 zero, 1/48

    Superb workmanship Glynn. The extra foil panels on the wings really do make a difference and the work you put in on the wings and fuselage has really paid off as they look great with the aluminium paint on them. The cowling looks really nice and the paint has chipped in a realistic way too, you are really tempting me to add a Zero to my stash! Nice to see that you are a fellow appreciator of the good work done by those fine fellows in Dorset for Badger, long been a favourite of mine.
  13. modelling minion

    I would like to join with a A6M3 Zero.

    I think your cockpit looks good Greg. The extras you have added make a big difference, and as Rich said when the fuselage halves are joined you won't see most of it anyway.
  14. modelling minion

    79 squadron RAAF Spitfire VC.

    Very nice work. I thought that your first harness was good but your second is absolutely superb, very well done.
  15. modelling minion

    Canada and Alaska tour 2001

    More great pictures, thanks for sharing them. Some very interesting types mixed in there, shame to see those H-21's left to rot.