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  1. Ooh! I thought I felt something!!
  2. Yes, they were standard aircraft built for the Luftwaffe but refurbished by the Czechs in an attempt to get their aircraft industry going again after the war, I think a fair few of them were assembled from components found in Czechoslovakia.
  3. Check the thread for the GB.
  4. Well now that you have so subtly brought this proposal to my attention and seeing how I have more than one Me 262 kits, and a Me 163 now I think of it, I suppose it would be rude of me not to have my name added to the list. Would an Me 262 flown post war by the Czech Air Force be eligible?
  5. Good man. Some nice choices there, couldn't have a desert themed GB without at least one suitably camouflaged P-40.
  6. Is that a subtle hint? Well, I do have more than one kit, I know you're shocked aren't you.
  7. Really nice work Enzo. The Airfix kit certainly looks to be very nicely detailed, and well fitting too.
  8. I think that she's looking great Pat. Don't forget that the dayglo patches were applied during an exercise and during exercises there is more flying and less cleaning than usual so the finish you have achieved is a good example of this. I always find that it is difficult to get a build through the few final stages and its also where I make the most mistakes too, keep going mate as she is very close to being completed.
  9. Two great choices, and some very nice reference material too. Looking forward to you Voodoo and Misty Hun mate, should look great. So I take it you will be building them both in the GB then.
  10. Hi James, Yes mate special schemes are perfectly alright, any scheme you like as long as its not a WHIF.
  11. Very true Markus, I always try to find pictures to back up any profiles/decal options. And this proves my point perfectly, which is why I am not building mine in that scheme as much as I would have liked to. As you say this scheme (with slight differences) has been offered by quite a few manufacturers with absolutely no clear pictures to back up their interpretation. I came across that picture whilst trying to look for pictures of the desert Do 17Z, and have been looking for a reasonable priced Do 217 since! It has everything we need really, its in colour, is quite clear and even shows the code letters on the fuselage. Makes you wonder why nobody does decals for it doesn't it.
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