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  1. @Valkyrie, are you aware there is a Daks over Prestwick event on the 24th and 25th? Apparently there will be around 12 of them there, the first has already arrived at Duxford fro the States; http://warbirdsnews.com/airshow-news/d-day-squadron-update-clipper-tabitha-may-arrives-duxford-others-depart-goose-bay.html Also answers the colour question.
  2. Sorry mate no I don't, it would be good if they were. I think a fair proportion of airworthy Daks around the world are painted in D-Day livery, especially in the US, so hopefully there will be a good number marked up for it. Mind you I'm happy just to be seeing around 30 of them at the same time, hopefully see a large formation too.
  3. The cables do look very effective Nigel and certainly add to the effect of the interior. It looks like the fuselage halves should go together without too many issues Nigel and its very handy that any top seem is covered by the drive shaft cover that runs the length of the fuselage.
  4. Well done Nigel! I look forward to seeing the pics when Flickr get their act together, especially ones taken in the sunshine.
  5. Does my wedding anniversary count? It's actually on the 5th ( but then so was D-Day meant to be ) but I've got a "pass out" to go to the Daks over Duxford D-Day event so I might need to spend the 6th away from the modelling bench and TV watching The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan.
  6. Good catch with the windows Nigel, HobbyBoss really messed up with their instructions there didn't they. Great to see the cabin being fitted in place, we all know what the next step is!!
  7. I think it looks very good Richard and your idea has worked well. Any chance she will drop in to the club meeting on Friday?
  8. As if by magic a Starfighter appears! Amazing how quickly these take shape once the interior work is done, even with the fit not being as good as previous ones you have built. Can't see you leaving that chaff dispenser alone , agree with you about leaving her clean other than the tanks as it really emphasises the missile like look of the real thing, and she is a recce bird after all.
  9. Nearly there Jabba! Shouldn't be too long before you can start the rotor experiment, I hope it all goes well.
  10. Well Nigel she has been worth the wait as she really is looking very good indeed. I hope the last few bits and bobs don't take too long, we all know how real life has a habit of getting in the way of modelling, I look forward to seeing her in the gallery soon.
  11. The windows going in and the exhausts done, this can mean only one thing, we are close to closing up the fuselage!!!!!!!!!!! Fancy using paint without primer, that rally is living your life on the edge Nigel. All good solid progress Nigel, and nice work too.
  12. Another good detail catch there Nigel, also good that you've got the rotors turning in opposite directions otherwise it would make for a very interesting, but short, flight.
  13. More great additions Nigel. Great idea using the sponge inside the front pylon, that should stop any white paint from getting to the black card.
  14. Very nice Richard, very nice indeed. She certainly is colourful and the decals only add to that, and despite their playing up a bit you look like you've beaten them into submission. Nearly there now mate.
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