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  1. Best get your poll out then! ( ooh errr!! ). I can think of no better way to get our team of builders motivated and engaged with the GB than by giving them the choice over what kit some other poor mug has to build. If you would like I will come up with another couple of options to add to the list and will try and cover all 4 countries covered as I recognise that my choices are very Finn heavy and as of yet don't include anything from Denmark and I don't want to upset Paul ( @Dansk )!
  2. You're all more than welcome to try building them all, the way I'm going at the minute and with lots of GB's and STGB's arriving at around the same time I'll be lucky to get just one done, that is of course if I can make my mind up and decide which one to build!
  3. You can add my name to the list Erwin. I think this should be a very interesting GB with lots of subjects that don't often get built.
  4. Tell me about it! Every time I check the stash I choose another subject, top contenders at the moment are Special Hobby 1/48 Finnish Buffalo, HobbyBoss 1/48 SAAB Tunnan, 1/48 Norwegian F-84 (Revell), ICM 1/48 I-153 Finnish or an Eduard Mig-21 bis in Finnish markings but in a temporary winter camo scheme. And that's just the top contenders!
  5. Cheers Stix, that schematic will be very useful indeed, it saves a lot of time trying to interpret pictures. When I get the lines on I shall be able to get some paint on the fenders.
  6. Recognising that I have been very negligent with my updates here is a very overdue one. In amongst life and work things I have been making slow progress with my build, the hull is complete and so is the turret (minus the big pokey out boomy thing) and the fenders have had all their equipment added except the fuel lines which I will have to find a decent picture of and make from wire, anyway enough waffle here are the pictures starting with the hull. I have also left off the lights and their protective guards which will go on after the main painting has been completed. Next up is the turret. Most of the bits and bobs have been added and as you can see I have replaced the kits plastic rails with some suitably sized fuse wire which looks much better and much stronger than the plastic. Next are the fenders with all their fuel tanks and boxes added. And finally the big pokey out boomy thing, or gun as some people call it. As you can see the extra rear fuel tanks are also built up. The kits metal barrel looks pretty good to me and I can see why they are more popular than multi-part plastic ones. Next job ( which I have started ) is to get some green on before I can start the weathering and general dirtying up of the beast. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  7. Looks great Jabba, the wash has worked really well in bringing out the details.
  8. This one Paul. https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Corsair/Argentina/pages/Vought-F4U-5NL-Corsair-ARA-2-Escuadrilla-Aeronaval-de-Ataque-3A204-Argentina-1962-0A.html I can actually do either an F4U-5 or an F4U-5NL from the sheet but I like the radar equipped NL so will probably go with that.
  9. I see someone else gets their nose/tank weights from Britannia Tyres! (other tyre places are available)
  10. Starfighter videos are always welcome Paul, and that one is fantastic! Lots of nice detail on show and great diorama opportunities.
  11. I've found my decals! Whilst ( fruitlessly ) searching for some decals I know I have for an A-37 used at Edwards AFB I have found my sheet with an Argentine F4U-5NL, it's an old FCM sheet (48-02) so hopefully they will work well. Frighteningly I am now all set for this one!
  12. Ooh this will be good to watch! Really interested to see you work your magic on these Paul. Nice choices for the builds mate but if it were up to me (which it isn't) i would go with "Frenesi" from the Profipack kit and 44-13298 from the Chattanooga boxing or "Short Fuse Sallee" from the Royal boxing.
  13. This is absolutely spot on John. There is no way I would dream of changing the lead in the Alien franchise from a female to a male or the Sarah Connors role to a male one in Terminator, these roles were written for and work fantastically with female leads and should not be messed with. The same goes for the likes of James Bond, written for a male and been acted by a male for decades and as you say it would be cheap to just have a Jane Bond when a properly written role for a female agent ( such as Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde ) would make for a very good film or series of films. Women most definitely deserve to have new good quality material written for/about them.
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