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  1. "Füllen" is "fill it up" and "Fahrt" is "drive" So, in order to fil that system, put the lever to the left (with a hose connected to the thread supplying ... hmh, water? Or air for the brake assistance?) and when done, turn the lever down (to close that valve and disconnect the supply hose) The German wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_L_4500 tells us the brakes are of the hydraulic type with assistance via pressurized air, but to who knows? Maybe there is a "Handbuch" oder "Betriebsanleitung" hidden somehwere in the internet, I can only fin
  2. Only in a few cases. When spoken as a single letter "i" is like "eeeeh" and "j" is like "yott".
  3. One of those rare occasions when it is nice to see three Bristols in one place!
  4. So how much did you spend on the filler and sanding paper needed for this lovely project? (I have a started one on the shelf of shame)
  5. When you see "old" Bundeswehr vehicles in RAL 6031 (be it single color or in combination with Tar Black (9021) and Leather Brown (8027)) they all show "patina" (rather bleaching and/or chalking and patches, some even in 6014) that in my perception do not match any reproduction of RAF Dark Green I came across (I wasn't there when the BOB took place). But then WW II lasted only a few years and those old Bundeswehr vehicles had much more time to collect some weathering (and they used a different binder as far as I know).
  6. A watchmaker would use Bergeon Rodico (instead of blu-tac).
  7. I think we all should just thank the Lord he created the sun in such a way that the light it is emitting matches the spectrum our human eyes can detect so well. If he had decided to make the sun in a different way, there would be no color discussion at all! (com on) I think Jamie should measure Ammo Mig early WW2 RAF Dark Earth and Dark Green and Humbrol 29 and 30 and compare that to "the book" ... and we all have a good laugh.
  8. There is gossip/allegations the "Lufthansa" of those days did supply aircraft to "his" campaign(s), and googleing "Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II, Wk Nr 46 Registartion D-1720", I find http://www.histaviation.com/Rohrbach_Ro_VIII.html "Roland II46D-1720, D-AHOL"Niederwald". Used by the DLH until 1935, then given to RLM" (DLH like Deutsche Luft Hansa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsche_Luft_Hansa )
  9. The MIG RAF colors shown are just travesty - and none of the "period" color(ized) photos matches the museum's book's paint chips (and no two pics of the museum's book's paint chips match each other). Total disaster.
  10. The wheels are a bit too large and the wheel arches are "wrong", so maybe even you may opt for the compromise? Would there be enough material to shave off 1/2 millimeter from the tires? Or would that bring tires and wheel hubs out of proportion?
  11. Olivier, is everything alright with you? Is this some kind of secret distress signal to us because somebody is holding you hostage? How can we help?
  12. I know, it was just trying to say "build it!". I'd even have to search for a JA-111 in NMF picture with the Richthofen-"R" (it looks good, but it is easier to find pics without it).
  13. I'm intertested, but I can't answer your questions. In case nobody knows better: Just do it. Panel lines? Panel lines, panel lines ... it's just panel lines. Build JA-111 in NMF with R-coat of arms and put sidewinders under the wings!
  14. There was official color coding for "tubes etc." in German planes, yellow for fuel, blue for oxygen ... it might be worth it to google the color codes and the purpose of the little whatchmacallits in the 109's cockpit.
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