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  1. It seems to depend on the magnification I chose. When I zoom in the picture is getting clear (now). Thanks!
  2. Very interesting! Could you update pages 95-97 too please? They look a bit blurred to me.
  3. Apologies for being a bit late with my guesses regarding the tachygraph. That un-German wiring may still be observed in rather contemporary German cars, I'd accredit it to foreign (in those days forced) labour or "there was a war goin' on ya know".
  4. In case it doesn't work for fascines (in 1/35) you may stll get some nice insalata caprese or pesto alla genovese.
  5. I think I have an idea of a hint to kind of an explanation ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachograph#In_Germany_(historical) the tachograph became mandatory for new vehicles and most probably after a certain period retrofitting to commercial verhicles became mandatory too. So my guess is: "A retrofittetd post-war instrument." (look at the lock, it hints towards a tachograph) Another "reference" with a flat speedo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/40/L_4500_Innenraum.jpg
  6. I'd try to use dried basil. Use the leaves for cooking and dry the stems. The stuff we get in a pot from the supermarket grows rather straight (still in a "natural" irregular way), and the diameter may just work well in 1/35.
  7. Ties/sleepers are called Schwelle (femininum, singular) or Schwellen (plural) or Bahnschwelle(n) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahnschwelle Further reading (we all know the gauge is 1435mm): http://www.brandenburger-in.de/tpb/Verkehr/Eisenbahn/Oberbau/Holzschwelle.htm not to forget the Oberbau http://www.brandenburger-in.de/tpb/Verkehr/Eisenbahn/Oberbau/O-Art_K.htm
  8. That is a really lovely snake pit!
  9. The orientation of the grille's central slots seems to point (seen from car's rear to front) a bit to the passenger side (while the Mustang-stripe looks straight) and the slots' edges at the front seem to be more towards the car's front at the driver's side then at the passenger's seide in this pic (sorry, I do not have a picture file server to post edited pictures with lines) (in case it is just my eyes or the picture taken at a slight angle, I am happy and keep my mouth shut a few minutes - and yes, the slots do look a lot better than in the "before" version!) (I think I will NEVER dare to show one of my models here - NEVER)
  10. A person wearing a watch knows what time it is. A person wearing two watches wonders what time it really is.
  11. Don't apologize! I had the impression you felt a bit "assaulted" by me/us, and that is probably the last thing I would try to achieve. When talking about defending your reputation I wasn't talking about your models (*), I was referring to your name "totally mad ..." with my tongue right in my left cheek. (*): The Russians know white envy ("That's great! I'd love to have that too!") and black envy ("That person deserve such a great thing!"), in German envy is just yellow (who knows why?), so I'm just a bit envious regarding your patience and your not showing any merci to yourself. The final result is always convincing. Allez les bleus!
  12. I'm not a native speaker, but "gut-wrenching" comes close "boring" is way off. It somehow reminds me of passing an accident on the Autobahn, all these dead bodies all over the place, torn off body parts, blood oil coolant smoke and gore, broken glass twisted metal - but somehow one can't look away and has to notice every fascinating detail. Talking about details I have the impression (and I apologize for mentioning it!) the grille's lines are not 100% parallel to the Mustang-stripe on the hood. So before we watch "filler sand repeat paint gloss cote, remove grille and straighten it, filler sand repeat paint gloss cote" please make sure it is my error and poor eye sigth!
  13. It is just so ___________ing to see you rebuild each and every detail more than once - after having reached a level most of us would have considered "acceptable", (fill in the blanks and in case anybody feels I'm not speeking for him/her when saying "most of us", let me know)
  14. Olivier, I acknowledge you do have a reputation to defend, but wouldn't it be an idea to buy three kits, build the first out of the box (with a minute amount of filler granted) and slap paint on, the second with a lot of good ideas (every good idea employed only once) resulting in a "pretty good" model and the third after all that experience in perfection?
  15. You aint seen nothin yet! I met an Airfix kit, it took my heart (and all my filler!) away Think I saw it comin', but I wanted it that way. I think that any DH88 is good lovin' And so I took what I could get, mm Ooh, ooh, she looked at me with big brown eyes And said You ain't seen nothin' yet
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