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  1. Damn! Might have to sell my Mk5 also, for the same reason Mike
  2. I've not been able to find online the kit's 3 marking options for 48024 - Douglas B-26C-50 Invader "Korean War American Bomber" - can anyone help?
  3. This policy must've been introduced after their B-45 kits then...! Mike
  4. Wow, he made that look easy! Just got to have the confidence to cut up a perfectly nice kit I do have the Special Hobby D558 in the stash... I agree, Academy would've needed to do new fuselage halves plus the interfacing area around the D558. Presumably the Skyrocket would come with it, and no doubt get released on its own too. Oh well, it may not have sold thousands but bump up the price to reflect that... they would still have made money from me! Mike
  5. While browsing through Scalemates at B-29 stuff, I noticed that they have this kit listed as 'released in 1996'. I just wanted to check that I hadn't missed what would've been a must-have for me! I've certainly never seen it, and can't find any other reference to it on the web. I'm assuming it was just an aspiration...? I would love to be proved wrong... Mike
  6. Hi Mike, I'm actually going with the old Aeromaster sheet 72-129 sheet which I've been meaning to use for years. I am also a little sceptical about the Kits World artwork. I've not seen the tail without the green tip or the black stripe across (not saying it didn't exist, but...), and the underside black paint pattern around the artwork doesn't match the photos; a small detail but it suggests they haven't taken care with it and so I can't trust the rest of it. Plus, I always prefer to see photographic evidence of a scheme wherever possible! Cheers, Mike
  7. Nice one Andy. I had seen that site but not fully explored it, as in the links section I found this: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/b29td_1.htm This has some photos of 19BG, 28BS aircraft and they all have black tails. So while it's by no means certain Top of the Mark did, this is at least indicative. Plus, it's what I'd hoped would be the case What I hadn't considered was that the top surfaces of the tailplanes also look to be black. Mike
  8. I want to model Top of the Mark as she was when painted black on the undersides. Unfortunately I can't find any photos showing this aircraft other than close-ups of the nose art. Can anyone help with this? If not a photo of this particular aircraft, any photos of other 19BG, 28BS B-29s in the black scheme showing the tail? If I can't get the specific aircraft I could at least base the scheme on other planes in the squadron... The biggest thing at this point would be whether the tail fin is also in black or not. Any help much appreciated! Mike
  9. Thanks everyone, that's very useful. From the Haynes book's appendix with details of each airframe, WR977 had Viper engines installed in April 1966 (I think I can make out the port one in the photo Selwyn linked), so that makes it a phase 3 machine. Vipers and nose guns, perfect!
  10. Hi, I think this should be an easy question: were any Shackleton MR3s deployed on Beira Patrol duties? I've seen passing references to them but nothing definitive. Any help much appreciated! Mike
  11. Nice find. Trying to match photos to the drawing is difficult, but some features certainly suggest it could be. If it is, and the drawing is accurate, it looks like quite a lot of work - virtually everything is different! Mike
  12. I really fancy doing a Mirage IV in 1/72, but in prototype form. The Wikipedia blurb suggests that there were structural changes between the prototype and production versions: the fin change looks obvious, but there was also an increase in wing area (from 62m2 to 77.9m2). I see Model Art do a decal sheet for prototype 01. Can anyone shed any light on how much work it is to modify the A&A kit to represent this? I have no references on the Mirage IV and I'm struggling to find much online. If anyone can recommend a suitable book that covers the prototypes that would be great too! Mike
  13. I found a good way to solve the fit issue was to attach the upper wing halves to the fuselage before attaching the lower wing halves. This way I could get the best fit of the outer contours. I forget if I did the same with the 3 lower surfaces before joining the two full span sub-assemblies, or if I had the fuselage assembly complete first. Mike
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