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  1. I genuinely don't mind which one, the orange on the tails looks great and there's a few options for that on the sheet. I really like the look of the F-14 (I'm probably in a sizeable majority there!) and I can 'justify' getting one if I add it to my R&D / prototypes collection. I don't mind doing a few mods but the easier option the better
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to build one of the prototype F-14s, using the Caracal Models decal sheet (72106) - which I've not yet purchased. Which is the best kit to go with? The newer Hasegawa mould sounds good from this discussion, but is there a better contender for what I'm after? If I was to go with the newer Hasegawa kit, there is a bewildering array of releases, and knowing Hasegawa they'll substitute various sprues to give a specific variant. Which one(s) would be the best starting point for a prototype airframe? I realise there are probably configuration c
  3. That's a superb finish, and all the more so for the starting point of a Valom kit! Mike
  4. What a great scheme, brilliantly executed.
  5. A great looking model there. I love the overall dark blue scheme, it looks very smart.
  6. A lovely finish there!
  7. Nice family portrait at the end there! Great trio of models.
  8. That looks great! Never had a go at an Amonster kit, you've certainly got this one looking the business.
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