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  1. Looking even better with some paint on, good work! Mike
  2. What an eye-catching scheme that is, very nice work. I also really like the backdrop in your photos, really sets the subject off nicely. Is the hangar a kit or scratchbuilt? Mike
  3. Late to the party on this one, a truly impressive build. Keep it up! Mike
  4. Another nice build, Steve. A perfect companion to the SR53 Mike
  5. A superb job, a real stunner from what you had to work with! Mike
  6. Coming along very nicely, Steve. I really like the tube spars, a great idea I'll try to remember for future builds where there isn't much contact area at the wing roots, and also good for alignment too Mike
  7. I checked mine early on and thought it was fine... but then when I brought the 2 sub-assemblies together there was a definite step (the clear parts were smaller). Not sure why I'd not found this earlier. I ended up re-opening the lower joint of the tail turret and inserting a strip of plastic to get them to match. The strip was tapered to suit the end cap contours. I'll only really know how good it is when the paint goes on...
  8. I questioned that, but it seems to be their policy on most subjects. It probably does increase sales slightly, but I doubt it's double. Personally I'm glad it's not another 'What If' like their X-3 and SR53 companion kits. Mike
  9. From my own experience with their RB-45C, I know how much effort you've put in to get such a fantastic result. I didn't have the guts to go for the metallic finish either, so top marks to you! Mike
  10. Good luck with your project, Lee! It sounds like you won't make this mistake, especially with the in-flight image you have, but the above photo has been misinterpreted by at least one modeller to show the pod installed on a very tall pylon. The illusion is created by the undercarriage door behind. The pod is actually sat on a trolley, completely detached from the aircraft. The true pylon can be seen near the top of the image, with the sway braces discernable. Obvious when you see it, but I once saw a Vulcan model at Telford with the pod on a very slender pylon hanging down to the h
  11. Thanks John (I think!). The kits build quite nicely but need the expected clean up and fettling. As noted above and in my linked thread there are some accuracy issues, the main undercarriage legs being the most obvious to me. Mike
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