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  1. Depends how soon you want a GR7/9... Jadlam are taking pre-orders for a Hobby2000 kit of this, which I would assume is a re-box of the Hasegawa kit. Link
  2. Thanks both for the responses. That is what I expected would happen... You're right, I was meaning the actual aircraft - I should have clarified that. It doesn't surprise me that there are some differences, the defensive aids being my primary thought. My cursory glance suggested that most of the stencils are the same, but thanks for letting me know there are some differences! Think I'll wait for the kit to be released and see what's actually different in the box before making a decision. Cheers, Mike
  3. Hi all, Is there any difference between RAF and Luftwaffe A400Ms, other than national markings? No special (external) equipment fits that would warrant a new sprue? And is the stencilling the same? Just wondering as the Revell 1/72 kit in Luftwaffe markings is available much cheaper than the pending RAF release is (based on RRP)! Mike
  4. I'd be interested in joining this, I have a few subjects that would fit the bill and this might help make them actually happen! Mike
  5. Coming along nicely, Pete. I'm taking mental notes for when I get to my kit. Mike
  6. Coming along very nicely!
  7. A stunning finish. Great work! Mike
  8. Thanks for all the comments. I agree, there is no good angle for this beast, but I would have loved to have seen it fly - it was presumably repelled by the ground. Those two big radomes have been handy for holding the model, almost like a rolling pin with wings. Not a lot of progress to report since last time. There's some gloss varnish over the decals and I'll hopefully get the radomes painted tomorrow. I'm also working on the undercarriage and the odds and sods that always add a surprising amount of time to the end of a build. Not too much more work though I hope! Mike
  9. Not only got the grey on, but also applied the decals: I used Model Alliance sheet 72176 for the codes and national markings, but these could just as easily have come from generic sheets. The instructions show the 'last two' of the serial on the fin, but unlike other AEW3s, I couldn't find any photos of XZ286 with these applied. I also used the same company's stencil sheet 729043, and good job I had two of them as this scheme sported two of the red emergency access (?) markings by the doors. Good quality photos showing the stencils applied are hard to find, so I based application on the scheme worn by the MR1s and applied the most obvious ones. Next it'll get a coat of gloss to seal the decals. I might add some light weathering but photos suggest XZ286 was kept pretty clean - probably so it wouldn't sully its looks I'll probably do the radomes after that, followed by a coat of satin to bring everything together with an appropriate sheen. There are a few details to paint and add, so not quite there yet, but approaching the final straight! Mike
  10. Excellent progress again, Steve. The vacforming has avoided lots of work with the kit fin. Won't be long before the airframe is complete! Mike
  11. That pit is superb, really nice weathering. Mike
  12. Really coming along quickly. The cuts to reduce the nose length look to have worked out very well in terms of contours.
  13. That looks great, the varied tones of green really pop in the sunshine. Nice work! Mike
  14. Cheers for the comments, chaps! Not a huge amount of progress worthy of photos recently. I had to fill dozens of pin holes in the tailplanes as well as the rudder and elevators, plus blending in the windscreen took a couple of attempts before I accepted what I ended up with. All of these required a shot of primer, rubbing down, etc. In fact, I've got entirely through one of those 500ml cans I bought recently... After that, I gave the necessary areas a couple of coats of Halfords Appliance White, again straight from the can. I'd forgotten how good that stuff is, a really nice hard finish. And here's how she is now, masked ready for the Light Aircraft Grey to be airbrushed on. It'll take a couple of sessions at least, due to the area needing to be covered and the difficulty of manoeuvring it in my spray booth. It'll be another week or so to get that done due to real life stuff, but once it is, it's only the radomes and a few minor details to do and then it's decalling time Mike
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