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  1. Thanks everyone, that's very useful. From the Haynes book's appendix with details of each airframe, WR977 had Viper engines installed in April 1966 (I think I can make out the port one in the photo Selwyn linked), so that makes it a phase 3 machine. Vipers and nose guns, perfect!
  2. Hi, I think this should be an easy question: were any Shackleton MR3s deployed on Beira Patrol duties? I've seen passing references to them but nothing definitive. Any help much appreciated! Mike
  3. Nice find. Trying to match photos to the drawing is difficult, but some features certainly suggest it could be. If it is, and the drawing is accurate, it looks like quite a lot of work - virtually everything is different! Mike
  4. I really fancy doing a Mirage IV in 1/72, but in prototype form. The Wikipedia blurb suggests that there were structural changes between the prototype and production versions: the fin change looks obvious, but there was also an increase in wing area (from 62m2 to 77.9m2). I see Model Art do a decal sheet for prototype 01. Can anyone shed any light on how much work it is to modify the A&A kit to represent this? I have no references on the Mirage IV and I'm struggling to find much online. If anyone can recommend a suitable book that covers the prototypes that would be great too! Mike
  5. I found a good way to solve the fit issue was to attach the upper wing halves to the fuselage before attaching the lower wing halves. This way I could get the best fit of the outer contours. I forget if I did the same with the 3 lower surfaces before joining the two full span sub-assemblies, or if I had the fuselage assembly complete first. Mike
  6. Thanks! I'm not aware of any plans out there. I just used stills from the film and photos in magazine articles. I'll be very keen to see your models as they progress! Mike
  7. It's on static display at RIAT this weekend. If someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll upload a pic or two over the weekend. Mike
  8. Cheers guys, agrees with what I thought. I agree Troy, that Eduard scheme looks more likely, and I'll definitely refer to that thread when painting. Mike
  9. Working through my Hobby Boss RF-80A... The nose cap is included as a clear part, but the above photo (like all I've found) suggests it to be opaque... gloss black? Any thoughts?? Mike
  10. I have 3 different decal sheets with an option for a MiG-15 bis flown by Nicolay Shkodin, all showing the scheme below: Is this how it would have been marked in the skies over Korea? I was under the impression that Soviet involvement was not acknowledged at the time, so would they really have been flying with Soviet stars rather than Chinese or North Korean markings? Or does this scheme reflect an aircraft he flew once back in the USSR?
  11. Resurrecting this topic, the January 2018 issue of Aeroplane magazine (with Hurricane on the cover) has a short article on this subject with a handful of b&w photos. The trials used Lightning F3s XP695 and XP696. Mike
  12. I saw this link from the RAF museum for a 360 degree panorama of the Cosford example: https://www.facebook.com/rafmuseum/posts/10155885117967612 (You don't need to have a Facebook account to view it) Mike
  13. Thank you all for the kind words! Mike
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