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  1. A concerted effort over the weekend has pushed me really close to the finish line. 6" away the models looks ok - 1" away and there are *LOTS* of issues but I wanted this one off the shelf of doom and finished. Even with the damaged windscreen! I will take a couple more shots when the very last bits are completed tomorrow and then RFI once I get a few shots outside. Thanks for everyone for your comments and help along the way.
  2. That is a great idea - I have just sent an email. That is a great idea - I have posted as you suggest
  3. Slowly but surely over the last few weeks I have been working on the undersides and weapons. I made the cardinal mistake of using Alclad Gloss Kote which never stopped being tacky. Sprayed Vallejo Matt varnish and there has been a strange reaction between the two. Oh well - live an learn! An overall shot of progress so far. More detailed shot of the mucky part of the undersides based on images that people on LSP kindly provided per my request. Now the various Eduard Brassin Zuni, Bombs and MER's as well as Master pitot and kit ladder. The Eduard resin parts are very detailed and there are many decals to add as well. I should have drilled and pinned the bombs to make them ver secure and also to ensure correct alignment. The end is in site. Still nothing from Joanna @ Trumpeter. I think I may have a solution for this being creative Hi, I have tried a few times over the last 6 months or so and had nothing back.
  4. We are celebrating the 25th Buccaneer out of service event on Saturday April 27th. Hopefully some nice weather and the wonderful sounds of the Spey engine at full power! http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com/
  5. Hi Doug, thanks for your comments. With regard to the knobs and dials. The dials where from the Flightpath set and the knobs where all done with a Waldren punch and die set. I painted the correct colour for each knob and then painted a slightly lighter version in the middle (or thereabouts) of each knob. Hope that makes sense. I feel for you with the red and white scheme. Looks great but is a challenge to get it right, which is why I am not doing it
  6. Thanks John. I have now sent you my email address. Best,
  7. @jaw do you happen to have any better shots of the large inlet under the main wing? (second photo in my post above of the underneath with the large X where the Revell F6 )
  8. These photographs show how I filed the vents and sanded them ready to have the "new" correct vents and grilles drilled and created on the model. Hopefully the "pictures" present a 1000 words and everything is clear from these.
  9. A few updates after taking the images from my visit with John @jaw to see the incredible F5 at Tangmere. It looks like she is in the final inspection hall at Hawkers as she is immaculate. I had spent some time removing the Revell grills etc and either using Eduard PE or scratch plastic fins for the grills all of which was a complete waste of time and energy The first thing I did was to draw out a scale plan of where the vents for the F5 with the Sapphire engine are vs. the F6 with RR Avon that the Revell kit is based on. This then allowed me to draw where these would be on the Revell kit. Anything with an X through it is in the wrong place! Showing the other side. The following photographs from my trip to Tangmere show the reference I used for placement of vents and grilles. You can see the finish on the F5 from these photographs.
  10. Hi John, I am planning on adding the Sabrinas as I believe they where fitted for Suez? Good catch on the outer wings I may well have forgotten that point. Thanks again for your hospitality.
  11. Hi Steve - I should have been clearer this is actually the Revell 1/32nd Hunter. I actually do have the 1/72nd Revell kit buried somewhere in the deep confines of my stash.
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