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  1. Thanks to everyone for your time and informative responses.
  2. As I understand it there where bigger radiators fitted on Tiger Force aircraft. I believe that the Tamiya 1/48th Lancaster FE version I have in my stash has exactly the same radiator's as any normal Lancaster. Does anyone know of any drawings that I can scale to 1/48th that show the difference between the normal and FE versions?
  3. Love your build - in particular all the details.
  4. I last flew in Buccaneer ZU-BCR late in 2012 with Ian and Mike being very gracious hosts. At that time they had a LOT of spares for the Buccaneer (and the Lightning and Hunter). Literally a hangar full.
  5. Second phase working on the main cockpit areas and additional work on the figures. These are Eric Jolly cockpit pieces with Quinta details. More details added to the figures and placed onto the ejector seats with additional belt details. Note I did a bit of hacking to get the pilots legs in!
  6. Then I got down to starting with the figures using this video as an inspiration for techniques.
  7. It has been a long time since I did any modelling after caring for my father with my family for the best part of 18 months. I bought both the Mirage 2000C and the 2000D as I have always had a soft spot for Mirages. Along the way I have collected a fair bit of AM. Most importantly at this stage the amazing Mirage crew from Reedoak, the ejector seats from Eric Jolly and the Quinta Studios 3D decals for the cockpit. I started with what I imagine will be the hardest part for me the figures as I am not figure painter. To go with the figures I also assembled and painted the cockpit. To start with we have the cockpit sides, sprayed very dark gray and black and some chipping for wear and tear. Everything was brush painted with a matt GX varnish afterwards. First off was the ejector seats from Eric Jolly - I added some additional small details (cables etc) and the Quinta seat cushions and signage.
  8. Superb all round - aircraft and figures
  9. Great start - I would be very pleased with that!
  10. Superb work - really like how you have aged the paint
  11. Superb work on my favourite tank
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