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  1. This has been an amazing thread and an absolute joy to follow. Thank you for spending all the time that you have invested in this thread. Very inspirational.
  2. Great build and tutorial
  3. crobinsonh

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    Fabulous finish.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your help and to pointing out the idea with the canvas sheet. I have decided to try Trumpy first to see if I can get a windscreeen.
  5. Unfortunately not that I am aware of. I guess that may be possible - to be honest I feel so deflated by this that I am not sure I have the appetite to try it right now.
  6. Thanks for the comments and support. Well I do not quite have a complete recovery. Although the nose was corrected I had 2 issues today. One was the matt varnish (Vallejo) speckling everywhere (this could be fixed) but the second much nastier problem came to light when removing the masking tape for the windscreen - cracked in 3 places from the original drop. So annoyed and frustrated. I am not paying £125 to replace the model just for the windscreen and I know that Trumpeter never seem to respond to requests for spare/replacement parts. So this one is going to the shelf of doom - you never know perhaps one day I can pick up a F-100D for a bargain price and resurrect this build. Now I need to choose a new 1/32nd model to start...
  7. Sanding and re-scribing continues... mostly successful I think that will do the job and there will be a Zacto intake cover fitted for a flourish of colour.
  8. Then BOING - I decided to drop the model from 2ft onto a wooden floor! Resin nose has a huge chip, PE latches have pinged off and there are cracks on both sides where the wings mate to the fuselage.
  9. Lots of work on greens before my accident.
  10. For some reason I did not take any photo of the underside painted. Here we are at the masking stage.
  11. Wow has it really been this long! Gunze Super Metallics used for a base coat before getting to SEA colours. Pretty pleased with the toned down "divots" and I did re-scribe (lightly) all of the panel lines.
  12. crobinsonh

    Blackburn Buccaneer 60th Anniversary

    Hi Iain, Tickets must be bought in advance. There will be press and many FAA and RAF veteran air and ground crew visiting as well. The timings are as follows: 11am gates open12am event starts 1400 crews walk 1415 jets depart 1440 jets return1700 event ends 1800 gates closed Tickets can be bought via Mike Overs - email address. Please let me know if you need any more help. michaelovers@btinternet.com
  13. crobinsonh

    Blackburn Buccaneer 60th Anniversary

    We have a new website for the Buccaneer Aviation Group and a forthcoming event at the end of April celebrating the 60th anniversary of the flight of the first prototype. We will have 4 Buccaneers present of which 3 are in full running order and will be performing thunder runs at the event. http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com
  14. crobinsonh

    Airfix 1/48th Merlin

    Hi, What differences are there between the RAF/Airfix HC3 Merlin and a Royal Marine Commando Merlin? Is there any after market to support this? Thanks,