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  1. Cracking job as per usual. Looking forward to seeing more progress. Be interesting to see how the 1/48th HKM Lancaster measures up.
  2. Hi Alan, I am looking forward to seeing this. Whilst I do not have the facts regarding the nose length in the Heritage conversion I do have some observations that may be useful, or not . I have the Revell F2 nose cone a small run nose from a F3 conversion that I acquired from someone in Europe 15 odd years ago https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/tornado-resin/tor-resin-2.htm and a set of drawings that someone kindly sent to me. I also own the Heritage conversion. The Revell F2 nose, the drawings and the F3 conversion nose from the linked set are all the same length - however the Heri
  3. Great build and the level of detail including the navigator waving is great. Glad you had a great time in XW544 and wonderful to see her modelled.
  4. Lovely build - really like your attention to detail and the paint job looks very good. I always remember the Revel 1/32nd kit with these markings with the snake in red. I have the markings for the Airfix 1/24th Stuka and one of these days I might just replicate it - with the snake in red.
  5. Hi Dean, Only just seen your build log for XW544. You chose a perfect day for your back seat ride and both jets performed flawlessly. None of us at that time realised it would be the final Cold War Jets and they will certainly be missed by all of us. Both of our jets are safely ensconced at ex-RAF Kemble (now Cotswold Airport) and we are looking forward to a bright new future along with the Canberra PR9 and other cold war jets to arrive in 2021. We will understand much more about what sorts of operations are possible once the COVID lockdowns are over and we can return to the airfield.
  6. Welcome aboard. I participated in a couple of the Reforger exercises in the early 80's. Never forgotten the experience and the kindness of the German people to very tired British squaddies
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