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  1. Superb build and finish. Captured the wear and tear perfectly IMO. What is next?
  2. Love the scheme - very impressive build
  3. Hi, I am afraid so. Photobucket are a great example having been one the first to gain real traction and then completely alienate their user base. I will look to update the photo thread as I have moved in Imageshack. I may also look to finish them at some point! All 3 are staring at me from the room of doom!
  4. Thank you for your donation - I hope to see you at Kemble once we are there and setup. Exciting times.
  5. You may be aware that there have been some big changes at Bruntingthorpe where we run our 2 live Buccaneers. This is the note on our Facebook page. The Buccaneer Aviation Group Published by Andrew Webber · 9 hrs · The Buccaneer Aviation Group is very pleased to announce that our new home will be Cotswold Airport – Kemble As many of you will know Kemble has been home to some of the Buccaneers before, following retirement from the Royal Air Force. And we look forward to making some more Rolls Royce Spey noise there for you all to hear ! Following consultation with Cox automotive at Bruntingthorpe a timeline is in place that will see us vacated and in residence at Kemble before September 30th. In the next few hours and days you will see that we have been busy preparing for this and will be launching a crowdfunding scheme with some exciting rewards for our supporters to help us achieve our goal and allow the aircraft to continue to move under their power. Transport quotes are already being received and we really do need your help ! The Buccaneer Aviation Group will be able to continue to hold taxi days and other events at Kemble to fund our continuing existence and we have also agreed to provide active care for the Canberra pr9’S , Hunter T7 and Gnat already in residence. We are extremely pleased to have found a new home where we can continue to keep the history alive, and thank you in advance for any help given. We will of course keep you updated as the move progresses and hope to see you all at Cotswold airport. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-relocate-tbags-operational-buccaneer-jets?fbclid=IwAR0b_E41nCx0xeBDH0XH5-uHPrDUSOzYukGfJSGChTuwhOjEPP89qSfd8IA
  6. So I did! Must have something else more painful for you!
  7. Fabulous build - a real masterful result. I am so glad I gave you the model as I knew you would do it justice something which I would never achieve. How about an FM Hampen - I have one in my garage if you want it? What is next? Best,
  8. Great recovery - Airfix nailed the shape in the 1/24th scale.
  9. Wow - you have made this look an easy build (and I am pretty sure it has not been). Great progress.
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