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  1. Found a link to the T-75S trainers and they are big bore engine and do have 2 cannon.
  2. Hi, Can someone confirm that the Singapore T-74 2 seat trainers had the 2 cannon and big bore engine fit? Thanks
  3. Whilst the 1/48th is nice it does miss some of the subtle shape and changes that CMR and Airfix got right with the new 1/72nd variant. One would have thought that Airfix have all the LIDAR data and within reason can easily upscale to 1/48th. I would ask that they go easy with the trenches as when you look at the real thing they do not exist in that form.
  4. What would be needed to model an IDF variant of the Tamiya AMX-13?
  5. IMO both kits have their issues - KH fatter in places that it should be, issue on the wing shape on the leading edge, if you want it closed up needs work. Airfix shape much better but softer in places and panel lines in the wrong places. There is a great thread on BM when someone corrected these mistakes. Both with issues but IMO Airfix win with a better shape.
  6. For me it would be the fine molds F-14A and D. Superb detail and fit. But they are not budget (unless you got to buy them in Japan).
  7. I hope that both Mike and DA can come to an agreement that both are offering to provide really interesting information to a wider group of modellers. The perils of written vs. spoken is all too often you can read the wrong thing into a communication. I personally think that the two of you working together as both have an avid interest in the same area is of huge benefit to everyone.
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