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  1. Fantastic idea. This is going to be a really interesting build thread. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  2. Hi, could you let me know more details regarding what night and where you are as I am only on Barnham.
  3. Hi Rick, thanks for your comments. I used Mr Surfacer 500 - a couple of coats which dramatically reduced them.
  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. The paint was Mr Color GSB which was sanded/polished with 12000 clothes before having a light oil paint patina applied to just provide some very subtle colouration effects. The kit itself was actually easier to assemble than most injection moulded plastic kits even from top manufacturers such as Tamiya. This is indeed the bird that William Holden flew in Toko-Ri. There are some lovely HD videos of the aircraft scenes from the film on Youtube. I did not apply all the stencil data - primarily because I liked the look of the finish with out them
  5. I bought the Fisher Patter 1/32nd F-9F Panther in 2003 when it first appeared. This was my first resin model. It was a great experience and I used Vallejo Model Air for the first and only time as the paint was so fragile it just scratched off way too easily the end result being the shelf of doom. Roll on 2018 - the Panther is rolling around on my shelf of doom and I decide to take another look. Woe and behold I find that my lovely wife has thrown the box out with many of the kit parts in it (U/C, doors, wheels, canopy, weapons, PE sheet etc). I contact Paul Fisher and send him a photo of what I have and ask him if I can pay for the missing parts. 7-10 days later a box arrives in the post with all of the missing parts completely free of charge including the shipping to the UK. How is that for customer service! Roll on 2019 and inspired by a post in LSP discussion I decide to finish the model. If you notice the less than fine panel lines in places this was because back in 2003 when I build the major assemblies I had bought a Tamiya scriber and went a little mad with making trenches. I also lightly weathered the model and the large "silver walkways" as can be seen on footage of the real aircraft. Please note that I have fixed the hanging pylon that I only noticed when I took the photographs.
  6. Here are the final set of shots taken outside on a cloudy day. Glad this one is over - largely my own fault having dropped it and that fact that Trumpeter and the UK distributor off now spares parts service whatsoever (I tried several times with both and received no response). The kit had the very extensive Eduard series of sets, Aires cockpit, exhaust and wheel bays, Avionix cockpit etc There are a number of mistakes - small tanks, early exhaust when it should be the later one. I am sure there are a bunch more. I also noticed post photographing that I have knocked the fuse extenders so that are not all equally spread. I was pleased with the effect of reducing the pin cushion divots that Trumpeter wanted to pass as rivets. Next stop finish the 2 x CMR Buccaneers and 3x CMR Scimitars
  7. That I would love to see! Nick - have you corrected and built the Trumpy GR7/GR9 Harrier?
  8. A concerted effort over the weekend has pushed me really close to the finish line. 6" away the models looks ok - 1" away and there are *LOTS* of issues but I wanted this one off the shelf of doom and finished. Even with the damaged windscreen! I will take a couple more shots when the very last bits are completed tomorrow and then RFI once I get a few shots outside. Thanks for everyone for your comments and help along the way.
  9. That is a great idea - I have just sent an email. That is a great idea - I have posted as you suggest
  10. Slowly but surely over the last few weeks I have been working on the undersides and weapons. I made the cardinal mistake of using Alclad Gloss Kote which never stopped being tacky. Sprayed Vallejo Matt varnish and there has been a strange reaction between the two. Oh well - live an learn! An overall shot of progress so far. More detailed shot of the mucky part of the undersides based on images that people on LSP kindly provided per my request. Now the various Eduard Brassin Zuni, Bombs and MER's as well as Master pitot and kit ladder. The Eduard resin parts are very detailed and there are many decals to add as well. I should have drilled and pinned the bombs to make them ver secure and also to ensure correct alignment. The end is in site. Still nothing from Joanna @ Trumpeter. I think I may have a solution for this being creative Hi, I have tried a few times over the last 6 months or so and had nothing back.
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