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  1. Well there was “The Malta Story” though Alec Guiness didn’t seem particularly engaged in it as the romantic lead. No wonder Muriel Pavlov went off with Douggie Bader!
  2. Very nice model. I like the KP/AZ kits too. I do have a criticism of those decals though. The width of codes TB and the bomb tally look a bit thick and heavy compared to the wartime photo? Cheers Will
  3. If you want another saving, use the Poundland superglue. 7 or 8 tubes for a pound. It works as well as the branded stuff but when, EXACTLY like the expensive stuff it dries up the third time you use it you're only chucking 15 pence away instead of at least three quid!
  4. I've used Poundland grey primer, Matt black and alloy wheel silver sprays. The silver gave a pretty good "High Speed Silver" finish. The solvent smell is quite fierce though. I've never had a problem spraying aerosol paint on models, even before acrylic sprays were available. It's best to spray quick light coats whatever.
  5. Mine arrived too, so well done AMW.
  6. The BoB movie planes were the later Merlin engined HA-1112 M1-L, the so-called Buchon (a pigeon) because of the deep radiator under the nose. For the BoB film they had the wing-tips clipped, dummy tail struts and dummy guns added to make them look more like Emils - the Hispanos effectively started off as licenced Gustavs, but had to have different engines due to DBs not being made available.
  7. I got emails back from both confirming they sent out the supplements to subscribers.
  8. Thanks JB, I'd just sent a query to the subs office and the editor before I read your message. Hopefully the supplement will arrive before too long. Cheers Will
  9. I believe the Mk3 was heavier so everything got stressed and worn out quicker. Also the Vipers put yet more stress on the airframes so they were knackered. Possibly the ex-Gannet radar dome couldn't be fitted to the tricycle type, though presumably if the mk3 had been the type in better condition a way could have been found? The cobbled-up AEW version was only supposed to be a stop-gap for a couple of years till a jet replacement was ready...
  10. Don't worry, the UK plate system has to change every 20 years or so since they started with an A suffix in 1963, obviously Government not realising cars might still be around by 1983 when they got to the end of the alphabet! Not worth explaining to someone abroad unless they're planning to buy a car in the UK, as far as I know we're the only country in the world with reg plates to give away the age of a car from 75 feet away!
  11. Lovely model. But why “N” 1974/75 number plates? Do they come with the kit?
  12. Err, I think you just described the plot of Skyfall, the only decent one with Craig as Bond . Great actor but appalling Bond. Still he’s part producer so gets the part ! But then I’m one of those who always liked OHMSS, for years we were crying in the wilderness until people actually watched it without thinking “where’s Sean” and then discovering it’s actually one of the best - because it sticks more to the book , Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas is a good Blofeld. The main problem with newer Bond films is they’re at least 30minutes too long leading to flabby padded storylines. But then that’s true of a lot of recent films. I was pleased the recent special edition of the Great Escape retained the Intermission!
  13. If its like mine, its not for the RedTails plane on the box art though. I emailed Airfix and got the right decals after a bit of back and forth. But no wonder they were confused, what kind of company would use the same reference for two different products? A01004 has been the code for kits for both Red Tails Lollipoop and Blue Nose Rose-Marie...
  14. Izal was still the loo paper in UK government sites I had to visit for work in the mid-90s. At school the geography teacher would send someone to the loo to get some if we needed tracing paper, for which purpose it was superb! I always assumed that Izal was provided as it could survive in the deeply miserable cold and damp environment of UK toilets.
  15. It came out okay for me the only time I tried it. It wasn't a very shiny satin though, just a hint of looking polished rather than their very matt Matt. HTH Will
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