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  1. Sadly I usually follow the box art! I was planning to do so on my 68 Charger so blue with black vinyl roof; but found photos of one for sale with white vinyl which gave a real period vibe... hmm...
  2. Hi Rick, there is a Fujimi kit of the NC but it’s OOP at present. None of the usual suspects here or in Japan give much hope for returning to stock. Not sure if they’ll ever reissue, as the NC is less loved for whatever reason. But if Aoshima keep reissuing the NB I don’t see why Fujimi Wouldn’t think it worth a punt - I assume it depends on JDM view of the NC. The NB is available in standard and Mazdaspeed (body kit, wheels, roll bar and seats) versions from Aoshima, and easily available here from Kent or Hiroboy. This was my effort: Tamiya have actually issued two versions of the NA, the Eunos Roadster still easily available but in the past there was a Miata issue, it came with a red body shell, not sure if it included LHD parts as one would expect for a Miata? There is also a Revell kit for the Miata, unsurprisingly not as nice as the Tamiya apparently but comes with some dodgy race decals and parts, more importantly it has an opening bonnet and engine. I am about to build my ND RF, needless to say Tamiya have now issued their kit as an RF so I’m not sure what I’ll do with the Plamoz conversion I bought - the Tamiya RF kit includes the Recaro seats so I succumbed rather than bodge the standard ones. Cheers Will PS there are plenty of NC die-casts available, I’ve seen 1/24 and 1/18 online.
  3. malpaso

    Building same models

    He's modelling Spitfires, not propellers?
  4. Lovely old Healey 100/4 when I was out for my run today. Then we went to pick up something off gum tree and the young seller had a nice 71 MGBGT which he was sorting as his daily driver!
  5. malpaso

    Petrol Pumps.

    I had this, (possibly still at my mum's in the grandkids play box) mine was BP and white. It came with a big sign too.
  6. Glad the pilot is okay. Loved the BE-2 ever since BBC Wings in the 70s. Even the Mail can’t be blamed for the other owner describing WW1 aircraft as tough as old boots AND incredibly fragile in one interview!!
  7. Very nice. I think I saw this and G-FIRE at a little air show at Stapleford Abbot back in the eighties.
  8. Tony, that's a lovely build. I should get one of these kits, except I have rather a lot of Spits in my stash. Are the two photos in your original post the same aircraft? - if so the erk (or two different erks) painted the G differently on each side! The gap and bar are at different heights though the slope of the cut-off is the same. Maybe in 1940 they thought no one would actually look at both sides at the same time...That starboard photo also shows an early pole type aerial. Cheers Will
  9. Agreed but still depends on how you search; depending on where in Airfix shop website you use the search, Spitfire may only bring up 1/72 and 1/48 ones, or even only the quick build version! That link you sent still doesn’t match the box art with the advertising words which was the point of my topic !!!
  10. Latest Airfix Model World just dropped through the letterbox. A nice advert on the back for the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire, showing it in the "Vintage Classics" range, which at least acknowledges its ancient / venerable / past-it / execrable (delete as applicable) nature. However the main ad shows the (Roy Cross?) lovely period box art of KL@B and profiles of KL@B and LO@B. But then the words in the ad say the markings provided are for DW@K and QJ@B!!! The kit isn't on the company website for immediate purchase or pre-order anyway! Is anyone awake at Airfix? Do they actually care?
  11. Just been overtaken by a 75 Jensen Interceptor on the M27 and an Aston Martin Rapide on A338. The Jensen has way more impressive presence, it was always a highlight to see one when I was a kid and they were new. .. and now the van in front has turned off I found we are following a lovely TR2/3/3A in old English white with aero screens...
  12. It’s a bank holiday this weekend so you may not get much response from back office until Tuesday.
  13. Very nice model. This was a lovely car, I drove an Acura Prelude from Memphis to Boston back in the day, “Driveaway” relocation for a finance company. It was fully loaded, but manual so had hung around for a while in Tn. “Driveaway” said they were always pleased to use Brits for relocation as they were trained to a consistent standard (as opposed to different per state), and never phased by things like manuals or left-hand drive. My first introduction to Japanese cars, took me a few years till I actually owned one myself...
  14. Such a mad looking thing! Maybe I’ll save up for one. As the PC-7 never actually took off, builds should appear in “Maritime “ forum. Lol
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