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  1. Yes I think so. The one on the current historic circuit looks like the one at the 74 TT at Silverstone but I went in 75 and it had been beefed up to nearly Group 2 with air dam, mahoosive wheels and tyres, flared arches and a bigger spoiler, the colour scheme was different too. Absolutely outclassed everything else on the track visually and sonically. Here's a pic of how I remember it! The next year I went was the year of the XJ12Cs which were spectacular to watch too. Along with all the batmobiles, capris, RX3s with 50ft sheets of flame out the back each time they changed gear. And Dollies, Imps and Minis scurrying round whilst keeping out of the way of the big boys! Even the best times of BTCC wasn't quite the same as the weird collection of cars in those 70s six-hour races. And the massive headache, either from the noise, the fumes or possibly just cos keeping hydrated whilst walking round the track for six hours in the full sun hadn't been invented for 12 year olds (or anyone else) in 1975. I've slightly taken us off track except I can assure you I was building MB car kits around the same time...
  2. That’s way too prosaic a type for Matchbox kits - if they were to do a 2-door saloon car it would’ve been something like a full-house Group2 Brut33 Camaro (not the weedy-looking “replica” in current historic racing)
  3. I’ve got a Porsche Speedster to build…though it’s a long way down the build-list as it’s a Matchbox repop of an ancient Revell retooling (1960?) to their mid-50s 356. Unfortunately some point in the 60s the retool was retooled with wider wheels etc for go-faster (or slot-racing?) purposes, otherwise it looks quite like a Speedster! Back in the day I remember building the 1/32 SS100, SSKL, Surtees and the 917, they were really nice kits, especially compared to the Airfix cars, which showed their age even in the mid-70s, except for the Bond Bug which I recall was a really crisp kit even if getting a decent orange paint job with Airfix enamel was beyond me - probably still is! My girlfriend gave me her barely part-started as a girl MB Citroen and Aston Ulster. We’ve been married nearly 23 years and I haven’t built them yet!
  4. I’ve seen a photo in a book I read recently I’m sure. I haven’t read Touch Wood but Hamilton is well featured in the recent “High Performance “
  5. Foolishly on Wednesday, I found Sussex Model Centre is just around the corner from a new site I'll be visiting regularly. After visiting FOS on Saturday I couldn't resist an Aoshima Huracan!
  6. On Wednesday I saw a Mk.1 Escort. Not a Mexico wannabee or a sporty version. Just a perfect looking bog-standard four-door in metallic brown. Steel wheels and hub caps just as it came from the factory - but possibly shinier!
  7. In the movie it only shows tyre slashers on the rear axle! Same with the Corgi version. Maybe this kit is for James’s little sister Boadicea’s car…
  8. No, it was definitely a WW2 vintage type, not just a WW2 paint job! May have been a Leyland or Thornycroft forward control type, the only thing I can say is it didn't have the AEC badge shape, rather a square radiator...
  9. There was a massive WW2 British 6x4 GS lorry parked up by a green in Worthing today. Looked like a Matador on steroids!
  10. Colin, the Martinsyde in the Louis Strange story was an S.1, a much smaller scout type more the size of a Pup, Tabloid or Baby type. Another attractive aircraft that could be kitted with only one possible image for fantastic box art! @Old Man that is a lovely model you have built, and the finish is very convincing. Congratulations. Cheers Will
  11. I have a 1/144 Mig 23 that isn’t! It’s a reasonable match for one of the Ye152 types that were published in the West as Mig23 years before Mig had the idea!
  12. Rightly or wrongly I became a forward-pusher a year into H&S ownership after a Vallejo primer blockage. So that’s about 3 years of pulling the needle out the front. it makes more sense to me than dragging all the paint and gunk well into the body of the airbrush and seal.
  13. Thanks @Weedlesketch that's interesting to see. My H&S Ultra 2in1 is a 2017 model so they're more "groovy, man" now, mine doesn't have the seals on the caps either, though there does seem an appropriate recess! This spare parts diagram from H&S is more useful than the one in the instruction book which misses some bits out. Most notably the gland 123471 and its PTFE seal 123450 (there is a similarly secret only-shown-on-parts-diagram-but-never-in-the-instruction-book-seal on other H&S models), which I've found does occasionally need cleaning out if the needle is sticking and everything else is clean - it can be full of manky crud/paint/thinners, though its happened less since I gave up on the blow-back method of cleaning which obviously forces said mank back up the tube alongside the needle inside the body of the airbrush to set as an unholy lump of gunk. I bought a cheap slightly-used but given up on by the owner Evo2in1 as he found it didn't spray well for him and went to A.N.Other Brand. Having previously found the secret-gunk-seal on my Ultra, I checked to find the similar seal inside the Evo turned out the same problem - unscrewing the gland and a clean up in thinners and it was perfect! Now my preferred brush as it came with a pinch cap, whereas I found the only problem with the Ultra is the 3-hole cap has a tendency to collect paint that can then splurt onto the model. Hope this is of interest to all H&S users, there are similar full spare parts diagrams for all models on the H&S website. Happy spraying and cleaning. Cheers Will
  14. So H&S have changed the marking system? 0.2 was plain; now 2 grooves? 0.4 was 1 groove; now 4 grooves?
  15. Several Austin Sevens out and about yesterday, in a variety of models.
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