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  1. That’s sad, I only found the shop a couple of years pre-pandemic when it had moved into the tall building by the canal - and then back to its earlier location on the road. They always were friendly and had an excellent selection of interesting kits. Best wishes to the family.
  2. This looks very nicely finished. And to have survived! This was one of the first Hasegawa kits I built, around the same time as you. A whole revelation about kits way beyond the Airfix, occasional Revell UK and Matchbox ones I’d built to date! It took me several years of returned-adult-modelling to convince me the results were as good as when I was a teen. I think whilst my skills have improved, my eye-sight has deteriorated so the outcome is much the same! Cheers Will
  3. Stow Marie’s may be the only one in WW1 condition more or less, but it’s not the only surviving WW1 airfield and several (many) still in use. Near me there’s Old Sarum, Duxford is WW1 and probably several more around the UK and abroad. For example NAS Pensacola has been in continuous use since WW1. Also near me there’s Upavon which is from 1912 RFC! And Netheravon is still in some military use since 1912 as well, it’s buildings are listed and older than Stow Marie’s.
  4. My mother's German stepmother's boyfriend insisted I have a go in his 911 turbo exactly like this, when I was 18. Compared to my mini 850 it was like hanging on to a rocket. The most disconcerting thing was the wider rear end around city corners. And Sigi saying faster, faster as I discovered 3rd took you near 100 on the A38 out of Plymouth before i had any idea what was going on and I knew Devon Constabulary would throw away the cell keys! A short but memorable drive even if it was 40 years ago... I guess Sigi was pretty relaxed about risking his life and car with me that day, since when he was a young man other young men were dying around him or trying to kill him in the East.
  5. On my cycle ride today I passed the graves of T.O.M. Sopwith and returning that of John Fairey. I also passed 2 WW2 Airfields but they're not really hidden!
  6. If you Google SD1 racer images, there are several different styles of front end spoilers, some of which look like the model prototype pictured, like the Unipart Group 2 one. As long as Beemax/Nunu choose the right livery/ spoiler etc combination we may be happy. That 3d printed prototype looks like a solid grey bar of soap, I imagine the real kit will have separate parts with possible alternatives. It appears to be a solid scan print of an SD1 that hadn't had the wipers turned off properly! I agree there's possibly something not quite right around the nose, but bear in mind the Series 1 did not have chrome bonnet trim between and around the headlights, so looked quite simpler and purer than the fancy-pants later models with their rear wash-wipe and longer rear glass, old fashioned instruments and generally less avant garde style. Now if motobitz does a transkit for a road going 1979 Kermit green 2600 auto with vinyl roof and full-length Webasto I might be up for one!
  7. Sometimes I find it best to cut away the rest of the sprue nearby, so as to allow straight access to the part in question
  8. That looks marvelous. Certainly looks like the one in the movie. Somewhere at my parents there is still the Corgi version I played with, and then my daughters played with. And I went aboard the Yellow Submarine at Liverpool in 1984 after graduation along with 1000s of other visitors to the Garden Festival. But that sculpture didn’t really look like the one in the film.
  9. Keel and frames erected and first plank done, from the photo she sent. It’s the Model Shipyard 18C longboat. Her main complaint is having to do a crash course in 18C nautical vocabulary to understand the instructions! Apparently more technical to read than the first few volumes of Patrick o’Brian.
  10. You would be spending the rest of your days “at her majesty’s pleasure” if you took photos in a UK swimming pool!* But well done with the modelling. It does get easier but then they go to Uni so you better have built up a stash first cos there’s no budget left for models! * I used to work at a firm that specialized in Swimming Pool / Leisure Centres. Each client/local authority would have at least one crypto-fascist who wanted the Children’s pool in an underground bunker with no windows and triple guards to ensure no undesirable attention. Even the more sensible ones would be trying to avoid windows, passers-by etc until my boss pointed out anyone could buy a ticket to go swimming!
  11. Excellent colour, was thinking of gold + clear orange for a Lamborghini, now I’m convinced!
  12. Tea strainer available in most cook shops and hardware shops round here. An alternative would be wedding veil or net curtain or any similar fabric, although the smallest quantity would do a lot of models!
  13. I like decalling, where the plain colours come alive with markings or livery. I enjoy the stencils, even on a modern jet, it’s kind of a zen process that requires and is calming.
  14. Hi Bertie, following along in hope of learning something useful, as my daughter wants to build a model ship as relaxation(!) after her Uni finals. She has already had a little advice from Philip Reed! (See youtube) So anything I tell her will probably be superfluous. I can help you with sanding sealer, it's basically cellulose dope with talcum powder in it. It fills the grain with the talc, but is not filler. Even on balsa a few coats and rub downs give a lovely silky smooth finish, quite unlike the ball of fuzz such wood starts as.
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