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  1. malpaso

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Red Dog, In 1/72 it would be much easier to just swap the noses between the Ax, AZ/KP or Ed IX and the Ax XIX. Shorten the XIX nose as the early griffon was shorter and add the lump on the nose. Replace one of the rads with the tubular type oil cooler. Stick the leftover IX nose onto the XIX and you nearly have a Mk.XI too! Sticking IX nose onto an AZ/KP Vc would be easier, though they're not cheap yet. Okay its a bit more involved than that. Something along these lines was my plan until I ended up with 2x Aeroclub conversions, the Xtrakit cheap and the decal sheet from the Brigade version (no idea why anyone would be selling the decal sheet only , but hey ho). It would still be easier to swap the Aeroclub nose onto an AZ/KP Vc, (rather than recurve the Airfix 1 wings as intended) if AZ/KP ever do one of their triple-packs. Hope this helps your thoughts. Cheers Will
  2. Interestingly, not one of the photos above show the spinners so kindly provided by Italeri in their Mk.1 kit. So kind of them to make me have to cobble up something to look like those hubs...
  3. I think the black painted circles were there at the very first flight. On a decent big version of the pre-flight front view photo you can see the strip of light reflection off the leading edge running right across the "holes" - which obviously wouldn't reflect! In her early "blue" period the black circles appear painted out and the LE is clean, at least for initial time at Martlesham and the Hendon show where she had the number 2 on the side. Real guns were fitted in December '36 when she was still in blue (but now had visible exhaust manifolds). The guns and blue finish remained until the belly-landing in March, after which they took their time (6 months) to repair, modify and camouflage K5054. Lovely model by the way. Cheers Will
  4. malpaso

    Airfix 1/16 Ariel Arrow

    Nice build of the model. I always thought it looked weird in the Airfix catalogue though. I think I built their BMW and Honda kits that looked like motorcycles rather than a step-through gone wrong. There was one of these bikes at the local classic meet on boxing day. It was in fantastic condition but incredibly ugly compared to all the AJS, Matchless, BSAs, Triumphs and classic Hondas! Actually ugly is not a strong enough description - if this was the British idea of the future of motorcycling no wonder the Japanese took over.
  5. That's a lovely build. The pre-war USCG /USN livery always gives a smart outlook for a model. I like your WIP photos, your work always looks relatively clean, I always seem to have great wodges of squadron green in view until rubbed down in line! Cheers Will
  6. malpaso

    AFVs with bikes/motorbikes strapped on?

    Is that a beach recovery vehicle those m/cs are strapped on? Possibly a sensible way to get early despatch bikes ashore or for the beachmaster to get around the beach quickly? Also those UK despatch bikes were a lot lighter than the German twins (easier for the rider to sort himself out in sticky situations), even so humping them up onto a Sherman hull would preferably be a two or three man job!
  7. malpaso

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Driving down the M20 today, at exactly the moment I overtook a Moggie Minor van I was overtaken by a McLaren!
  8. malpaso

    Best and worst Spitfire?

    I'm sure he said the Mk. XIV when he lectured at Middle Wallop? This as one of the top three fighters of WW2. Having just read "Malloch's Spitfire" the Mk.22 was a right handful.
  9. malpaso

    Best and worst Spitfire?

    Can I just point out that Spitfire is an early US spec 1500 - see badges, side reflectors and big overriders. And French Blue was very rare on Spits though common on other Triumphs of the period. My 1975 1500 was the only UK one I ever saw that colour, in 25 or so years I’ve only ever seen one IV in French Blue and that photo is the third example. BTW there can be no such thing as a 1974 Spitfire4 as a Spitfire4 was what became known as a Mark 1. Anyway, apart from my 1500 the best looking Spitfire is obviously the Macau GP example http://forum.autoportal.iol.pt/viewtopic.php?t=314&start=20
  10. malpaso

    Airfix for 2019

    I agree. The early to mid 70s Airfix kits were a great combination of realism and buildability. My daughter's first build was the classic Spitfire Vb which she did very competently at age 8. A year or so later, she even beat me in a club competetion with her version of the late 70s mk1 Spit! I find the new tool Airfix almost harder work than those from Eduard or KP. Cheers Will
  11. I started 2018 with two modelling resolutions. One was to try not to buy more kits as the stash is knocking on the door of 200 or so. Well, technically I failed on that but only bought a couple through the year so I think the stash has reduced, if almost imperceptibly... Second resolution was to build a model a month but February’s (see below) dragged on a bit so the timing all went to pot. Still my output in the year was better (qualitatively and in quantity) than in any other year since returning to this hobby; if nothing like the production rate of my youth. Sprinting away from the line in January was a Christmas present from my daughter. The Eduard Weekend IXc is very easy to build with no PE to slow you down, I find the only bits from the profipack versions that are worthwhile are the belts and masking, at least in 1/72. Second up was another Christmas present, this time from my in-laws. The joy of Amazon’s wish list is that you can keep loading it with kits through the year and the family play kit-Russian-Roulette at Christmas and birthdays, by which time you’ve forgotten what you listed. The Italeri Sunderland kit was quite fun to build if a bit of pig in places. It was also rather portly to fit on the clear six-inch square area of workbench of the average modeller and I kept clouting the worklight with it. Needless to say, the Sunderland took a bit (lot) longer than anticipated so the months and order of build got a bit mixed up after that! Anyway I think the next up was the US Spitfire VB from KP, which came out rather nicely. Third Spitfire of the year was a Red Arrows what-if, which people found amusing. Its built from the Frog MkXIV with the Matchbox low-back insert. I’m not sure what the weird trailing edge extensions are on the Frog kit, I assumed they’re now some part of the Red Arrows modifications? Last completed Spitfire of the year might have been next. I’m not obsessed with them honest – I’ve only another 50 or so kits of Supermarine’s finest in the stash. This was the classic Airfix Vb from 1974 built for the appropriate GB. In September Romsey IPMS were invited to display some models at a local RAFA centenary event. With a week to go I thought we needed a few models of something other than WW2 so I built two classic jets. The first was a Meteor Mark 4. This was the first Frog I’ve built properly as opposed the the Red Arrows lash-up, and it was a nice easy kit OOB, especially in the HSS finish. Second of the models-in-a-week was a new tool Airfix Jet Provost T.3. This was the starter kit and was really lovely to build, needing virtually no fettling or filling. Meanwhile I’d enjoyed the old Airfix Spit so much that when the GB deadline was extended I grabbed another classic from the stash. Again it went together nicely, my only disappointment was that my mottling didn’t work out as well as I hoped. Running in to Telford in November, I completed a Tamiya Mosquito as a Banff Strike Wing aircraft to join the Mosquito display on Romsey’s club stand. It was a lovely kit, I even flashed out for Eduard mask set (hmm, not that easy to use and they don’t allow for the fact that most of the rear framing is inside the canopy), and pre-warned by others from their 1/48 versions, I modified the undercarriage to allow later insertion of the wheels. All these kits were in 1/72 scale. The only one that hasn’t previously appeared on BM is the Mossie. No.10 should have been the Supermodell Cant (google that VERY carefully fnar fnar) Airone. Its not half bad (“No, it’s all Bad” – Waldorf & Statler, (c)The Muppets TM) for a 70s kit but in the summer I got bogged down in fill, sand, repeat so I’m saving it for later. So it’s the same resolutions again this year. January’s model is well in hand as an Aldi Airfix Jeep is getting decals at present. This was a Christmas present as are February to April’s build line up – Aldi Mustang, Eduard (jet) Albatros and a Roden Curtiss H-16. The Curtiss should sort the men from the boys…then I would like to do at least one of the vacforms in the stash, a Thomas Morse scout or Loening flying shoehorn are calling… Cheers Will PS also need to work out what to do about Flickr as I'm nearing the thousand now...…
  12. Count me in. There are quite a few options in the stash. I’ll decide what nearer the time, hopefully something suitably Esoteric (proper noun intentional!). cheers Will
  13. malpaso

    The Return of Spitfire A-Go-Go...

    No, not really. Or at all in fact! HSS was a very well polished silver paint job. At least when it’s new, it tended towards a Matt metallic grey as it aged! cheers Will
  14. malpaso

    Not a Bentley- it's a Blenheim!

    It's now part of a Blenheim again!
  15. malpaso

    Hello and Happy Holidays from California!

    Your family war games look like they must be loads of fun!