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  1. According to the Lotus 7 register website, to model one of the KAR120Cs you would need to swap the front brakes for the drum set up! Lovely model of a Caterham 7 by the way!
  2. Just delivered by Amazon as all the usual local suppliers haven’t had any in for a while. I’ve never liked Marmite but this has been essential for breakfast since the desperate need for something to go on toast whilst staying in a backpacking hostel in Kalgoorlie (nearly 30 years ) ago led to yeasty Nirvana!
  3. When I did my Tiggie all the struts came off the sprues fine. I was surprised that the interplane cross struts worked well to set the stagger and then could be cut out (as Airfix intended). Unfortunately I then used non-elastic thread for rigging and the upper wing is quite flexible on the various struts so in avoiding saggy rigging I ended up with the top plane slightly askew!
  4. What a great model. It has real charm! I didnt expect to be looking this up but you never know where Britmodeller will lead you! Scratchy hard bog papers (Izal, Bronco etc) were well established by WW1, apparently. I guess Government or RN would have had contracts for supply, but whether as wired sheets, packs or rolls?
  5. Excellent approach on the screen surrounds. This detail is something that lets down 99% of Mini kit builds for anyone who's ever owned a real mini (3 in my case). Nice model altogether. Cheers Will
  6. It is possible to dip the individual decals in future/clear or other gloss and then apply to the model. But you would still probably need to do an overall coat of gloss afterwards to even it all out. whilst this works for all decals, I found it particularly useful for tiny stencils that otherwise seem to often silver worse - maybe because there is more clear part than printing relative to its size. good luck
  7. Post another 47 messages, and you will be "New Member"; it's not hard if you review and politely respond to some builds of the genre you're interested in.
  8. But any RNHF flight is non-essential so why choose to fly on the crappiest day for weeks? And forecast for Yeovil tomorrow is glorious.
  9. Wonder why they chose to fly today? It wasn’t really flying weather when I was down in Yeovil this morning!
  10. I shall keep an eye on progress with these. I am building the Finemolds F-4EJkai and the surface detail is very, very subtle. The instructions suggest not using surfacer (I assume they mean Mr Surfacer 1000 or similar or even primer at all?); my airbrush-hosing may just mean the paints too much and fills it in! That said the parts fit together really nicely so far. Cheers Will
  11. It shouldn't be that surprising as most of the patterns and masters for classic kits were made of wood!
  12. Years ago, I used to work next door to the Post Office in Chiswick (W. London). All sorts of unusual cars used to turn up to pick up their tax discs - best spot was a nicely patinated black 3-litre Bentley!
  13. Next week’s may be interesting, though I assume it’s more replica than rebuild. Although the Admiralty were interested in the experiments Captain Wakefield the owner / developer of Waterbird had Army rank!
  14. I've solved both our problems! The Scalemates page for the Minicraft issue of the Hasegawa kit has English instructions. Less comedic value but more help...probably.
  15. Aaaaaggghh. I just found my copy of this kit. The instructions are photos of the model in progress. I think. They are so poorly exposed and printed they make your line drawing version a model of clarity!
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