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  1. I have had an AS-18 type one for three years or so without the tank and I’ve never noticed pulsing, that said it came with a nice 10ft braided hose, which some say evens out the flow by also acting as reservoir. Yes it makes a noise when pumping, though no louder (and less annoying than my laptop fan which I have to sit next to all day!) - the dog is sleeping nearby usually and isn’t bothered and the family in the living room don’t complain even if the door is ajar. To be honest the compressor is only generating a minimal pressure for our use, so it’s not likely to be very loud.
  2. I think that build looks okay , at least for OOB which is what Tamiya need to show. It’s probably better than I manage with car kits! I'm sure there’ll be builders who will make a fantastic rendition from this kit, though I’m not convinced it’s a good looking car in the first place - granted, it is better looking than a Veyron but that’s a very low bar!
  3. We recently bought a Krups Nespresso Essenza Mini. It makes a nice cup of coffee which is its job. The recycling palaver for the different makes of compatible capsules will keep you amused/annoyed/horrified (delete as applicable) for hours!
  4. Things have moved on but I forgot to photo the cockpit before closing up. The basic airframe is now together; since these photos I have tidied up the filler. To be fair the filling isn’t much, the kit is definitely equivalent to a good Airfix of the same period. Now I am thinking about colours; probably go RLM63 over RLM65 though the box art looks more like silver. I am also considering chopping off the ariel as I can’t see one on any photos of early Spanish 109s. Cheers Will
  5. A fantastic model. It's hard to believe it's 1/20. Congratulations. Cheers Will
  6. That looks a really beautiful model. Thanks for sharing your build. Cheers Will
  7. You could put some gaffer tape over one of the rear light clusters to disguise its odd-sizing and enhance the shonkiness?
  8. Is the OP thinking of a transkit to S3 / Caterham? I guess a bit of effort could put a Revell / Tamiya Mini A-series into the S2, which was a period alternative, could the Ford Kent(?) in the kit be modified to a cross flow easily? There’s always the sort-of-BDA and kind-of-similar-to-minilites in the Esci /Revell/ Italeri Escort! I can’t see scratching the cycle wings being too challenging, though I don’t think they do much for the 7s look.
  9. I don’t even remember such a thing as the 30, though your pictures suggest it was a modern follow on from the R16?
  10. From what I read on another car modelling site, the 60s Airfix 007 DB5 is a completely different kit from the later Airfix/Doyusha DB5? As in not just the 007 hardware but the whole kit is different. Doyusha version good but 60s Airfix better especially in the profile of the “rockers” which from Americish must have meant the sills!
  11. Good to know you’re feeling so great about yourself, but what was the Mini van like?
  12. Nice model. My dad had a 79 2600 which was no slouch, everyone now only remembers the 3.5 but the 2.6 was a virtually new design straight 6 and well regarded in the day, smoother and no worse real-world performance and better mpg. The later models had more normal looking cockpit, mk1 SD1s like Dad’s were aiming more space age. Bright green with vinyl roof our Rover was inevitably nicknamed Kermit...
  13. I think RJMitchell was involved, so that’s a link; though he was new to the company then .
  14. Very nice build of an attractive plane. Your result looks a lot better than my effort earlier this year. I agree about the kit, it goes together reasonably well but I needed a change of mindset as this Eduard is not the same Eduard that made the Spitfires I’d built!
  15. It is a very nice book though!
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