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  1. That is one spectacular camo paint job, Steve! As for blu tack residuals: I normally don't mind them, a gloss coat will make them disappear (or drastically attenuate, anyway) Ciao
  2. Superb model, Tony loving the stand and pose too It was a deeply enjoyable ride altogether, with memorable 3d sketching, skilful scratch building, vacforming and PE home brewing. Totally worth it! Ciao
  3. So you got, at the same time, to fly and beautiful weather in England?? Lucky boy! Proper job on the red trim (I hate overspray too, so no masking is excessive), and the Saberjet drone looks great too - along with the rest of the collection I have one in the stash myself to be done in Italian colors, I'll have to dig that out sometimes.... Ciao
  4. Impressive till the very last bit, Tony Very much looking forward to the RFI pics Ciao
  5. Cheers Alain, thank you Please point out which one is the G meter, I'll fix it.... To you too You funny guys... Thank you Johnny, glad you like it Don't sell your stash, and just have fun with it. If this thread can be of any inspiration, I'll be glad - but you get there gradually, otherwise you take the fun out of it Oh, come on! Welcome on board, Charlie And thank you for your comment! Keep up the good work with your Phantom Ciao
  6. Not too bad, I suppose.... Kidding, looking very interesting, Steve Ciao
  7. As in lighter than a wash. Say you use a dark wash for your panel lines; add more thinner (if using acrylics, add water) and brush a coat on, let dry and repeat until you're happy with the result. Worth testing on a piece of scrap plastic first. This is just one way of doing it; there are a number of products on the market that are ready to use as filters (AK and AMMO MIG spring to mind), with different kind of bases (enamels rather than acrylic). You can also do that with an airbrush, if working on larger surfaces or if you are willing to mask the surrounding areas... HTH Ciao
  8. To my eye, it looks lighter than the anti-glare on top of the cowling (and definitely a different color). What if you just apply a darker filter to it? Ciao
  9. Interesting preparatory phase, Steve Looking forward to the actual painting and chipping Ciao
  10. Got it - no, not included in that, because starboard side of the RIO there's the insulation panel for the refueling probe. I guess you do need to scratch build one. See, what did I tell you about the bug? Ciao
  11. I used salt when I did mine. (Salt, mine... see what I did? Oh well... ). Too crude for a gentleman? I know I can be quite rough... Ciao
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