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  1. Thanks Silvano - not so clean, yet, but I'm getting there.... Ciao
  2. Looks like a big mean boy! Ciao
  3. Wow, that's a lot of progress, G! Looks like she's almost ready for painting! Ciao
  4. Thank K, hopefully so! Albeit, I predict the painting is going to take up some time... Cheers Cookie, thanks, glad you like it! Thank you Tony, much appreciated I should have put the pilot it, then! Thanks for the appreciation, Rob! George, thank you for pointing this issue out - I should still be able to remove that oxygen regulator without too much trouble And hopefully this will prevent other modellers from doing the same mistake Thank you Ced! Cheers Benedikt, thank you Last night I went on fixing the gaps, pouring some CA on top of them After sanding and polishing, there would still be small gaps, even after a second CA application, so I decided I needed something with a more capillary action, and resorted using sprue slices blended in with Tamiya Green Cap The bottom back end of the fuselage came put pretty well, though It's very important to have the cleanest join possible, otherwise the NMF finish will show any blemishes. This is curing for a couple of days now; meanwhile, comments welcome Ciao
  5. Impressive job, Silvano! How did you bend the brass sheet for the heat shields? Just pressed on in place or pre-bent in some way? Ciao
  6. Thanks Ced! Giemme detailing? I should trademark that ... How about a Saturday Night update? I put stickers on the IP, weathered and flat coated it; I also put a drop of Tamiya Gloss Clear inside each bezel to replicate the glass A couple of the gauge decals are slightly out place, but I only realized that after brushing on Tamiya Gloss Clear, so there's no way to fix them now ... The IP decals performed very well, anyway, with just a few drops of setting solution needed to make them conform to the panel I brush painted all the remaining details for the various tub pieces, and eventually glued them in place to form this and with the sidewalls Time to join the fuselage halves, me thinks! As said earlier, I'm not fitting the engine in; the instructions don't mention it, but in this case you can replace it with piece A43 and there she goes As you can see, I also glued in the cowling spar, the bulkhead and the spine cover All in all a great fit, except for the small gaps I already mentioned when I tried dryfitting it Not a big deal, I'll sort them with some CA once everything has properly cured. In case you're wondering, the tub has to be fit from underneath, but I'll do that only after tidying up the joints. Meanwhile, all comments welcome Ciao
  7. giemme

    Spitfire Mk IX MH434

    Agreed! Should be easy to fix those small issues Ciao
  8. Very neat rescribing, Silvano! Ciao
  9. Cheers K! English can be such a concise language, don't you just love it? Thanks for the appreciation, John No CC, I won't try sniffing thinner ... And the flu is gone now, thanks! Thanks for the comment, too There's still a lot of parts to be painted for this cockpit, it's taking ages to complete Thanks Johnny, I'm pretty chuffed at it myself Ciao
  10. Thanks John, glad you like it! Here's a quick update: port sidewall completed then this part behind the seat bulkhead and the seat All detail painting by brush, using Lifecolor paints. The wash is the usual black tempera. Any comments welcome Ciao
  11. Definitely looking like a Corsair, CC! Ciao
  12. giemme

    Listening to the Solstice

    Exactly my tought! Ciao