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  1. This kit is full of lovely details, Simon And you are doing a great job with it Ciao
  2. Decals look good, Stuart Can't help on your issue, sorry Ciao
  3. I think the airbrakes are really a worthwhile addition - splendid job Ciao
  4. Thanks Mutley, much appreciated Quick update, everybody: I completed the stenciling for the underside There are a lot of stencils, as you can see It took a couple of sessions to do the job, now I'm having a bit of a pause before tackling the top side... Comments welcome Ciao
  5. Those self-printed decals look very neat, Stuart! Looking forward to the next phases Ciao
  6. Amazing cockpit, just like the other one. . Ciao
  7. You're a brave man, Ced. I know I would knock off any and all of them at some point, you have my admiration Ciao
  8. One heck of a hat-trick! She looks glorious with stickers on Ciao
  9. Yes, I agree Not sure why I saw this thread only now, and good thing you haven't really started yet, Tony Following.... Ciao
  10. A masterpiece, Tony! Following your WIP was entertaining and educational - but also intimidating at times, with all the sorcery needed for the amount of brass you put in it .... I'm sure you made FLT Bufton's son proud. Ciao
  11. I spot more and more lovely details at each update, Simon This is going to look great Ciao
  12. That's some progress, Steve! The whole cockpit looks just outstanding with all the bits and bobs in/on. Ciao Yes, too long since your last one... (Ducks and runs to the left) Ciao
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