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  1. Thanks Johnny! Did you? Are you sure? I'd go and check.... Here's some progress, I manged to work on this a bit over a couple of evenings. I wasn't 100% happy with the APU exhaust, so here's my second go at it This time I used a cutout from an Airwaves PE fret, and the solder wouldn't bond to it at all. I guess it's coated with something that prevents bonding, no matter how much flux I used. I managed it, in the end, but there's a small dent in the top corner (looking at the above pic) and I still have to figure out how to fix it. CA didn't work, BTW. Remember the panel lines I added around the cockpit? On the real AC, they show a very prominent riveting, much more visible than in any other areas. It can be seen here http://www.drivefly.it/walkaround/eurofighter-ef-2000-a-typhoon.php So I thought of adding those rivets, with the help of same Tamiya masking sheet and my INCIDO and here's how it looks Starboard That's it for the night, comments welcome Ciao
  2. How can one not agree? The engines and internal framing are a true work of art - this is probably a repetitive comment, but what the heck! You're so damn' good at it, Tony! Ciao
  3. Looks like you're gonna be very busy with Tilly - I hope she recovers well. This, of course, will allow us to catch a breath and be able to keep your pace once you restart with the Tonka... Ciao
  4. Agreed! Great job already, Simon - very neat masking Ciao
  5. Thanks Simon, glad you like it Cheers JD, thanks - I like that expression Thank you Terry Ciao
  6. Interesting masking job Looking forward to how it turns out! Ciao
  7. Wow, radical solution there, Bill! Very neat surgery BTW, it already looks good like this Ciao
  8. Scooters! I saw many of them last summer at The Flying Leatherneck Museum in Miramar - I should get a kit to build one of this type, shouldn't I? Thanks once more for a beautiful set of pics Ciao
  9. Sounds the way to go That would call for some Anglo Saxon too... for me, at least Ciao
  10. Thank you Tony, Ced, Keith and Steve However, I had a rethink about the APU exhaust: I'm going to try and fabricate another one slightly larger (without touching the fuselage plastic, that is fine as it is ) Ciao
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