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  1. Ditto #2. With the variant that I use Tamiya masking sheet instead of a ruler, since it has a millimeter square pattern printed on it. Still lots of swearing, though. Top detailing job, Steve! Ciao
  2. Agreed 100%! Rivets looking very effective under a metallic coat! Ciao
  3. Ced, I can only vouch for Rob's @rob85 and Stew's @Stew Dapple advice, same CA gel I use and same "tool" on which to splash it on. Ciao
  4. Thank you! Regia Aeronautica flew Ju87 B/Rs and Ds too, actually - all former German machines, normally Cheers, thank you! Ciao
  5. Lovely detail painting, Ced It will all be out of sight, but we'll all know it's there Ciao
  6. Thanks Parabat! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pictures, considered that I took them with my phone camera Cheers Simon, thank you - much appreciated Another Rhino in sight, yes.... or maybe more? Ciao
  7. The rockets are definitely a worthy addition, Erwin - great job! Ciao
  8. Thanks Miguel Grazie Giorgio, much appreciated And thank you again for providing reference material about the Italian Stukas Cheers CC, glad you like it! Thank you Bill, also for the companionship during the ride Ciao
  9. Neat job, Erwin Looking at that last pic, it looks bigger than 1/72! Ciao
  10. The airframe looks good to me, Alan Smart solution for the booms gluing in Also, I don't think I'll ever build a twin boomed jet or a CA kit.... Ciao
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