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  1. Good to see you managed to get increasingly more bench time (neat job as always, BTW It's also great to know you're healing properly This Heather girl sounds like she knows what she's doing Ciao
  2. Erwin, you've definitely upped you game with this one Excellent finish all round! Ciao
  3. Enjoy some decent weather, instead of complaining ... Great to hear from you again, and mostly good news, so... Plastic can wait (and I don't want to be the last one to turn in a Museum build ) Ciao
  4. Impressive pic that last one, Tony Progress on the transparencies looks great too Ciao
  5. Cheers Alain, you are way too kind Powered down,with drooped ailerons and air brakes. I'll call on you when I get to paint the gauges.... I did think of scratch building it completely, actually ... then I discarded the idea because the FM IP is such an excellent base to start from Thanks Rob, much appreciated Thanks Serkan, glad you like it I really don't have the tiem to venture into 3D printing, seeing that I have a daytime job... But I'm trying to make friends with guys on here who do that stuff... Cheers Erwin, thank you The Monogram 1/72 Phantom kit is just amazing in terms of details packed into and injected styrene kit of that age! Alright, some progress has been made here too: firstly, I didn't really like the top left gauge I added from scratch, so I removed it and replaced with a (scratch built) brass one Then I airbrushed some Tamiya Flat Black on it as a base coat, also to check for the general look of it As you can see, I added some cabling on the back side of the IP, using different sizes of copper wire The tub got hit with black too I then gloss coated the IP and, once dry, I went over it with a Light Gull Grey drybrush, as a visual help for detail painting Lastly, a very preliminary Dark Gull Grey coat, by brush I actually brushed some water around the instruments and then let the paint flood on it, again as a way of outlining features and help the detail painting. Which has still to happen - I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the next update. Meanwhile, all comments welcome Ciao
  6. Thanks John You are right, of course: this kit definitely shows its age. Still, it's a Tamiya, so see below for the wing fit. Alright, time to get back working on this baby; to complete the seam tidying up, I still had to fix the area behind the small air exhaust. I glued a strip of very thin styrene on it, so as to hide the seam completely This was then refined with a razor blade and some sanding Similar procedure for the engine cowling with the addition of some PPP You may have noticed that I removed the small vent just ahead of the wing root; it is not present in Petie 2nd wartime pics, and someone mentioned over in Johnny @The Spadgent's thread that it shouldn't be there in early versions of the P-51D, IIRC. I did also fill in the IFF antennae panels on the tail fin, again not present on this version A missing detai inside the main air intake: there should be some sort of actuator center line, so I scratch built it form thin brass sheet (0.1mm) and glued in place with Gator's Grip, after carving two slots to fit it in Then I went for some dryfit of the wings; first off, the main gear bay roof I actually had to enlarge the hole on the mounting peg on the right; after that, the fit was perfect Now, I think we all know that the Tamiya representation of the main wheel well isn't entirely accurate, because the back part of it shouldn't be boxed out, but should go back to the main spar; I didn't feel like fitting in a resin replacement, because I couldn't find one readily available but also because it looks like a lot of job (and a risky one) for a very small reward. Not much of it is going to be seen anyway, so I think I'll improvise with some plastic hacking and sawing and some scratch building. For now, back to the fit: bottom wing to fuselage, almost perfect Top wings on, same result This is typical Tamiya fit That's it for now, all comments welcome. Ciao
  7. This greebling thing is getting intense, Alan Impressive job And thanks to @Martian for the Blackhadder reference, I definitely need to refresh my memory and look for some episodes on YouTube for a good laugh or two Ciao
  8. That is great news. Keep going Oh, and that nose section is a thing of beauty Ciao
  9. Apologies Johnny, I forgot to answer your post: thank you on both accounts (the football and the model) Quick setting TeT seems to be the deal with small parts in general, just don't be shy with it (per my very limited experience); it doesn't cause the plastic to melt or hose out of seams, so it's easier to use in that sense. I've been told not to use it for structural gluing jobs, and I think it makes sense not to. Ciao
  10. Not sure what toatie means, it doesn't show up on google, but thanks Alan I think I'll run a quick black tempera wash to see if this is acceptable at the bare eye, because the more I look at the pics the more awful it seems to be. Then I go back to the plastic in real life and I don't see all of that mess, but a wash should reveal the truth. Thank Cookie, much appreciated Cheers Keith, thank you - way too kind Thanks Gene I haven't thought of the underwing load yet; still, I think I have the Monogram tanks from the kit you sent me for Sandy Bay Bee. Cheers Tony, thank you Great to hear from you again Ciao
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