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  1. giemme

    Nearly clear!!!!

    That's great, great news Simon! I'm so glad for you and the Good Lady Rose Now get going with that stash of yours! Ciao
  2. Definitely not, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it comes with no good company Sprue - here's another idea, thanks John Thanks H, glad you like it! They were definitely worth getting, Cookie. Thanks! A brilliant one, Simon - thanks! Ciao
  3. giemme

    The tip of the spear: Tomcats in action !

    Impressive job, G Very admirable attention to details - which I'm sure will makeba lot of difference in the end Ciao
  4. giemme

    The tip of the spear: Tomcats in action !

    No, I actually meant landing - lame attempt at being ironic, thinking of the job that awaits me, after seeing what G is doing ... Ciao
  5. giemme

    The tip of the spear: Tomcats in action !

    Good thing I'll do mine in landing configuration ... Ciao
  6. Thanks Keith I haven't fixed the landing gear in place, it was only a dry fit to check for tail sitting. I normally put them in only at the very end of the build, because it's very likely I'd break them off if I do otherwise ... Anyway, I can easily "replace" them with cocktail sticks, so your idea is still valid. I do own a DYI turntable, and I actually had already considered to spray top and bottom sides in different times; only that I very much prefer to hold the model with a rod while priming/painting, because I can easily manage the correct spraying angle. Well, I guess in this case I'll have to make do Ciao
  7. Thanks Christer Hi everybody, WE progress report airing now! I filled in and re-scribed starboard side latch: Then it was time to take care of the intakes: masking the inside, using masks cut out of Oramask 810 film - I cut them using my compass cutter, and after a few attempts: I then airbrushed their inner side with Lifecolor FS34092: I wanted to spray a thicker mix, to avoid paint leaks, so this time I thinned it with Windex. This allowed to keep the paint thicker without clogging my airbrush. Here after masks removal The paint flakes you see on the right intake are all my fault, because I scratched it off while trying to remove the mask with tweezers Anyway, I tried to touch them up by brush, and to my delight I found out that AK Interactive Extreme Metal self levels beautifully even by brush: I used an old fine tipped brush for the job, going very sparingly with the amount of paint I loaded on it. Pretty happy with that! I then brushed a light gull grey filter on the compressor blades, added a black tempera wash, sealed with Italeri Flat Clear and glued in place the intakes (CA glue and kabuki tape shims to help centering, as Ramon @Sting67 mentioned earlier in the thread) The fit wasn't bad viewed from this side while the opposite side needed some TLC So after some filing and subsequent filling with PPP, I was ready for a final dry fit No tail sitting So I glued the engines assembly in place with TET and some tidying up was needed here too: Apart form the obvious glue blob near the front part of the assembly ( ), that gap needed to be filled, while the seam at the back had to go. At the same time, the panel lines running parallel to the nacelles are incorrect (and the same goes for the two lines on the tail section departing from said seam); I should have really thought of that before gluing the engines - some people never learn .... So I had to add some protections before proceeding with filing/sanding and all And here's the end result, including the correct panel lines (I ran a black tempera wash in them to make them stand out a bit more) Now I just need to do some masking and then it's going to be primer time! Although, I still have to figure how to hold the model while priming ... with jets, I normally use some sort of supporting rod to be inserted where the exhaust(s) are to be located, but here they're already in place. Any ideas? Comments welcome, as ever Ciao
  8. Hey Mrs.P, long time no hear! Glad to see you're back to the bench Following ... Ciao
  9. That would have not been good Looking forward to the primer stage Ciao
  10. giemme

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Loving every bit of those engines Too bad most of them is hidden now Ciao
  11. Get well soon, Bill - back muscles literally are a PITA to deal with when they give you trouble... Ciao
  12. giemme

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Paranormal modelling going on here, with sorcery to retrieve missing magnets and all of that ... Ciao
  13. Dang Keith, I want those too, now .... I actually need them! Ciao