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  1. That thing looks like a grater! I understand why your OCD kicks in here.... Ciao
  2. Fingers crossed here too, Tony Here's to a quick recovery! Ciao
  3. It's OK Nikolay, it's a 1/72 model, closer inspections aren't allowed Ciao
  4. Looking good, Dennis You can push the fading even more than that - the smoke rings are going to reduce the effect a lot Ciao
  5. The model sponsoon tricks my eye - it looks shorter and thinner than the background pic (maybe it's just a perspective thing), so I can't tell if this other greeble is scaled correctly..... The other greeble looks ace with paint Ciao
  6. I concur with Johnny @The Spadgent 100% Except for Tamiya thinner, I use cellulose thinner with their paint and it serves me perfectly Ciao
  7. Merci Monsieur As I said, I'm getting used to working in 1/72.... Then again, my next build will be in 1/48 .... Yes, on for a Picchiatello Thanks for the praise - and Happy Birthday, by the way Cheers Erwin, thank you - glad you like it Thanks Johnny, you are way too kind Ciao
  8. Thanks Nikolay, glad you like it Thanks Simon - I'm happy it's over without any further damage For the Stuka, I might get on with it during the week... Cheers Ced, thank you Thanks Benedikt Being only my second aviation diorama, I'm pretty happy with it Thanks Tony, glad you liked my effort Thanks Keith I'm starting to getting used to working in 1/72... There! Sorted. Thanks Crisp. Cheers Terry, thank you. THe RFI might take a while, I want to take the final pics outside, with natural - albeit non direct - light. Fingers crosses for a sunny WE Thank you Derek, I'm so glad you approve! It's always good for me to hear from first-hand experiences, I value your comment(s) a lot Ciao
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