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  1. giemme

    Hanoverians, Battle of Minden.

    Impressive! So 3D Ciao
  2. Some very nice progress already, Johnny Looks like you're going full speed with this one Ciao
  3. Cheers Stuart, thank you Permission granted, J! Welcome on board Ciao
  4. I'm in, Johnny Wildcat! This looks like a little gem Ciao
  5. giemme

    Listening to the Solstice

    Tony, I'm impressed and in awe of your microblacksmith abilities Ciao
  6. giemme

    Just Passing Through: Cowboys

    Agreed, neat looking Phantom! Ciao
  7. EDSG went down very smoothly too! Ciao
  8. giemme

    Just Passing Through: Zulu Fox

    Cool! Nice weathering, too... Ciao
  9. Agreed, super smooth! Great paint job Ciao
  10. Great to hear again from you, Mick! Impressive job on this bust, she looks absolutely lifelike! And you did it all in one day???? I'm slightly envious .... Ciao
  11. giemme

    Revell 1/32 Mustang.

    Definitely not my scale, but I very much like the type. I'll tag along, if you don't mind Excellent job on the interiors, so far Ciao
  12. Agreed, top job on a very prominent area Ciao
  13. Hi everybody, quick update. Been working on the seat; on the real thing, there's a hole for the harness to pass through, so I drilled it out with a 0.3mm followed by a 0.5mm drill bit That chunky handle on top of the seat is supposed to be the ejection handle, but it's quite wrong in shape and size: So I cut it out and replaced with some 0.3mm solder and used alu tape to reproduce the top canvas cover The actual seat was also glued in place, as you can see. What you cannot see in the above pic is that I scribed a couple of slots sideways on the bottom of the seat, where the belt should pass through (I didn't bother actually passing through, because the seat is a very tight fit into the tub and there's no room for anything protruding from it). Now I just need to scratch build harnesses and belts - next time, though Meanwhile, all comments welcome Ciao