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  1. Lovely job with the struts and the wash, Erwin - you're really going to town with this one! Ciao
  2. Thanks Tony, and you're welcome I grabbed this technique from someone else on here or on the web, so I thought it's just fair sharing it - I learned almost all I know about modelling from people sharing their methods, especially on BM I know, I'm a bit of a sadist.... (Also, probably a bit of a masochist... ) Glad you like it, though Ced, Crisp, Keith and Terry: thank you guys, much appreciated - you are all too kind Ciao
  3. Wings on, wow! The good thing about the filling and sanding phase is that... it is immediately followed by the painting stage Ciao
  4. Awkward subject - I'm in Have you been stocking up in Sky and DSG/EDSG and trying to put it all use? Ciao
  5. Looks like the Tamiya Tape for Curves worked, in the end... Bar the touch ups, she looks great! Ciao
  6. Did I mention I'll never build a ship? I fully respect your attitude here, Crisp Gorgeous and evocative Salisbury pic, BTW Ciao
  7. Looking great with decals on, Erwin As for your question, I have to confess my (almost) total ignorance about this aircraft, sorry Ciao
  8. Thanks Keith, much appreciated Cheers Erwin, thank you - glad you like it Detailing job continues on the engine and firewall, here's what I did over the WE: the engine and cowling framing received a Tamiya Smoke coat I also airbrushed a coat or two of W&N Galeria Flat Clear, on the engine only I then added the engine bearers Then I added this big pipe, using 1mm solder and alu tape strips for the fasteners; some fasteners added to the oil an cooling fluid pipes too
  9. Looking forward to the painting stage, CC What's the blue stuff around the cockpit and the radiator? Ciao
  10. Windshield fit looking much better now, Ced Ciao
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