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  1. Absolutely. I use Molotow Chrome in the pen form, and in addition to taking a while to cure properly, it needs a gloss protective coat (Aqua Gloss is my choice too) HTH Ciao
  2. More classy work here, Cookie - love the riveting! Ciao
  3. Ced. it should be easy enough to cut a mask with your Silhouette and spray the B on, shouldn't it? Ciao
  4. So you have paint for the markings? And you didn't think of painting them on straight from the beginning? Tsk-tsk. Excellent recovery, Johnny - you're da man! Ciao
  5. That radome interior is nothing short than a work of art! Suitably busy and weathered too! Ciao
  6. Impressive detailing, Bill - that wheel well looks suitably busy! Ciao
  7. Interesting masking, Ced Slowly but steadily getting all things going, right? Ciao
  8. Impressive finesse of detailing on that undercarriage, Tony! Ciao
  9. Cheers Alan, thank you - way too kind As for paint, see below I think I do, Steve .... Thanks Thank you Terry, glad you like them! Thanks Erwin, much appreciated! I had seen the alu tape used to great effect by @TheBaron, it was about time I gave it a try Cheers Ced, I'm glad you approve of! Thank you Tony and Johnny, but most of the credit for the Hase cockpit goes to Eduard's PE parts, I just added a few cables and over-painted the dark gull grey on the prepainted PEs... Thanks Johnson, much appreciated! Thanks Simon! Wait no longer, see below I'm definitely with you on "tiny", Cookie .... Thanks! Alright, here's some progress - but first, slightly OT, a few tests I made with the recently purchased UV resin (following @perdu's advice). I first tried it onto an Oyumaru mold and ?d say it really captured the details I then tried it as a glaze, and it definitely worked Super clear! Then I tried some various sized drops on different materials: alu foil first (showing the UV curing setup too ) It stuck like hell, no way to remove the resin. I did try on wood too: and it came off only removing the paint layer from the wood. The best result was on the Oyumaru paste: The resin comes right off and it's smooth and clear. Interesting! Back to the model: I refined the antennae Then spent quite some time with the nose wheel strut dry fit in place to glue the PE parts and the brass rod in place Eventually, it was time for some masking: cockpit Air intakes Aux air intakes I then airbrushed the while model with Tamiya Flat Black, thinned with cellulose thinner. SOme remedial work to do, after that: and some areas to respray: So this was her in her black dress: The above pic is over-exposed, just to show that I didn't bother spraying a completely uniform black coat - it helps achieving the weathered effect I'm after. It was then time to airbrush the first camouflage color, FS36270 in the form of Lifecolor Grey Again, this was airbrushed in an uneven way, alternating up close with narrow lines and far away with a wider spray pattern. This is now curing, before I spray a protective gloss coat on it and mask for the second camouflage color. Till then, all comments welcome Ciao
  10. Excellent paint job Cookie! Ciao
  11. PPP plus paint: smart thinking there, Cookie! Ciao
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