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  1. Impressive stuff, Cookie Does chipping on the enamel paint require more effort? Ciao
  2. As everybody has already said, that canopy is absolutely magnificent, Ced Ciao
  3. Those days happen to everyone, John. Just move away and resume another day, with fresher mind. Coincidentally, the same thing happened to me last time I sprayed Tamiya Gloss Black on my current Lightning build; I left all the residual paint inside the airbrush cup overnight! Luckily, a full load of cellulose thinner in the cup, left there for a whole day, sorted it Keep going Ciao
  4. An ogive is something ogival... simples I love that framing, Ced Keep going this way! Ciao
  5. Outstanding Rob, really outstanding! I think the tone variations are just spot on! Ciao
  6. Cookie, those ducts are impressive! Awesome level of detail! Ciao
  7. Yes, absolutely necessary, as you say. Thanks Simon! Thanks Stix We are keeping well actually, thanks for asking - stay safe you and yours! Ciao
  8. I'm drooling already (in a good way, obvs ) This is shaping up so beautiful! That's an absolute must have for 3D CAD - we have 5 of them at work, albeit of a slightly more elaborate version. Great acquisition, Tony! Ciao
  9. Those pics are highly magnified, Simon - it looks like a very smooth job to me Ciao
  10. Thanks Massimo, you're very kind I'd rather have the skill to do things right at the first attempt, though - but I suppose you can't have all, can you? Cheers Ced, glad you like it It is actually much shinier in real life, but it's hard to photograph properly - for my skills and my phone camera, at least Ciao
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