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  1. Ain't that true? I think we should set a new standard and call it NBS (Navy Bird Smooth). Ciao
  2. Actually, I'm now eager to see some proper weathering on that fabulous engine Great progress on the rest too Ciao
  3. Thanks for the offer, CC - very kind of you I think I have some leftover from previous builds, but in case I'll let you know Too late for that, Terry.... When I found out, I had already flat coated them and set the part aside, waiting for final assembly. Which reminds me that I need to post a picture pf that, to explain what I did wrong... Cheers Keith, thank you! Thanks Tony End quite in sight now, hopefully... Thanks Ian - as a matter of fact, I did choose it because of the shark mouth Ciao
  4. Lovely detailing and surgery there, Johnny! (but I foresee more 3D printing ) Ciao
  5. Cheers Terry, thank you I decide I want to complete this one before going back to he HAF one Thanks Keith, much appreciated! The post-it note masking is something I must have picked up online somewhere, I can't remember though... Steal away, Cookie - as I said above, it's what I did too Way too kind, Steve To be honest, at normal viewing distance it all looks much better You can, of course Thanks tony Why resisting? Have you gone insane? Or should I say sane? Thanks Alain! See below for decals, Johnny... I still hate them... Thanks for the praise, though Thanks Mark, although I very much envy your paintwork More markings below, Alan - in fact, all of them Cheers Bill, thanks! I have a few very neat pics of F-4E burner cans, I just tried to replicate what I saw. In a bigger, scale, there would be room for some interesting effects - to be achieved with an airbrush. For 1/72, I'm happy with the way they turned out, considering the normal viewing distance Thanks Jason, glad if I can be of any inspiration I've probably already asked you, but have you posted any WIP of your build? Time for WE progress report, gents. Let's see through the end of the exhausts job, shall we? I inserted the PE afterburner rings and glue in the turbine faces I then glued on the cans I added a bit of blue pastel along the petals (not very visible here, it's more of a shading) and sealed everything by airbrushing a flat clear coat (W&N Galeria) Before going back to the model and its decals: remember the canopies? I masked them (cutting files for my Curio kindly supplied by @Gene K) inside and outside I then airbrushed them with Tamiya Flat Black, followed by Lifecolor FS36118 Dark Grey only on the outside Finally, they received their stenciling (here's only one side of the front canopy, they all look the same, believe me ) The decals on the main model took four sessions to be posed; port side completed first, with the specific airframe markings I was pretty happy with the first half shark mouth Laying it down, however, wasn't trouble free: the eye separated from the rest of the decals, but luckily didn't curl up or anything, so I was able to place it properly. But that taught me to cut it out in advance from the other half decal Top view Starboard main decals done too (that was session two) Shark mouth posed sans the eye, which was added later - this went a lot smoother than the other side I even managed to align the two halves properly: Well. almost... Not much going on underneath, as far as markings were concerned The only main decal that actually gave me trouble was the fin top one; a bit of the yellow strip came out during handling So I fixed it by brush and gloss coated (the whole fin, actually) to avoid any further troubles Then it was time for stencils: not the usual myriad of the small blighters, but some if them broke in two while removing them from their backing sheet. I found out that they need to be dipped for far less time than what I usually do; 20 seconds is more than enough, in warm water. After I realized that, it was all downhill - but it took a while to.... Anyway, bottom stencils (again, not much going on there) and top ones A few others went onto the main U/C doors, but I'll spare you since they are not that interesting. Now I only need to gloss coat it and then weather it, before the final assembly. There are, however, still a few bits that need painting: - nose pitot - air intake sensors - canopy lifting arms - speed brakes actuators - actually, I still need to scratch build these Let's not forget the ordnance: according to the paint and decal scheme that came with the HI-DECALS set, this airframe was used in the Air Defense role, so it should be equipped with AIM9 L or P - I'll have to rummage through the weapons stash... Next time, though; for now, all comments welcome. Ciao
  6. Shaping up really nicely, Tony - masterful use of the technology in designing this! Ciao
  7. That engine is nothing short of spectacular! The single bits and the whole! BTW, I think you should stick with your phone for pics Ciao
  8. I sure do! Thanks for posting them @upnorth ! Incidentally, by looking at them I just realised I made a mistake when placing the decals on the little front wheel well door - I had them upside down... Well, you live and learn Ciao
  9. Impressive. Magnificent. Gorgeous. The painted on markings look spot on, and the overall paint finish is just perfect. Hat's off! Ciao
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