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  1. De Havilland. There can be no doubt about it anymore. @stevehnz We call it pioneers of dead ends here ...
  2. Too much office time, too little modelling time. I was not happy with the shallow dihedral, therefore I cut the lower wings along the joint with the "fuselage bar", increased the dihedral, glued the joint and let it dry for a couple of days. That I should have done at least slightly differently, caught me up today, when the port wing snapped during quite an innocent manipulation with the kit. The repair work in progress. And I started working on the nasty engine cowl by cutting and adjusting the angle of two out of the five side plates. Next I will modify the shapes of the cylinder slots, which were in fact rectangular and then I can start working on the engine.
  3. This would be really nice story here, if your father flew the K5705! According to K File K5705 hit hedge in snowstorm in early January 1938 and was SOC soon afterwards, therefore the service of K5705 in 23 Squadron was rather brief, just around 8 months. K5706 (Turret Demon as well) served until 1940, however by that time the Demons were long replaced by Blenheims in the squadron service.
  4. Hi @Moa, how does the empennage in your kits fit to the rest of the assembly? When using the setup expected by the instructions, I have 0.5 mm gap between the fin and the elevator and the ruder protrudes about the same below the fuselage. So placing the fin+rudder lower would not help at all, and I had to extend the fin by means of plastic sheet and adjust the shape of the rudder to fit the bottom of the tail. Forgot to say, using the rudder without the tails skid = part 10.
  5. Interior completed. Compass and quadrant (not on the photos because on the port side) from surplus Eduard Tiger Moth PE set, seat belts Eduard Steel, that - I will keep repeating - are joy to work with, compared to the standard PE belts. The rear bulkhead was too narrow and I had to extend with a plastic stripe. Colours are pure guesswork based mainly on the restored Moth examples.
  6. No apology needed TT, your diorama is wonderful indeed.
  7. Re: lower rear fuselage top. Hard to say with the large cutout for the turret of the Demon, so I took out and compared some other boxings, namely the Australian Demon vs. Estonian Hart and the comparison was unfortunately rather inconclusive. So I would rather not stake my money on it
  8. Great start of recovery. Concerning my Genet Moth build. If half-red CFS single seater performing acrobatics at Hendon Pageant in 1927 fails under military label, then I will be really sorry to miss you in my audience. And you will be sorry to miss your fair chance to curdle my breakfast in return. Patrik
  9. Started with the cockpit. It is relatively simple, even on the real thing, so added just the rudder bar and compass, and modified the rear bulkhead to accept the seat harness shoulder straps. The rear bulkhead will need a bit more care as it is evidently too narrow and leaves a gap on the port side.
  10. Thanks for the nice comments. @Vulcanicity I heard that the Hart family kits belong to the - for the lack of more suitable word before 22 PM - more demanding from the Kora stable. At least I hope so, because I still have their Ripon and Baffin in queue. @TEXANTOMCAT Many times during the build I cursed my decision to build the kit completely out of the resin boxing instead of combining the resin fuselage and turret with the plastic rest from AModel ... @Graham Boak Kora produces the Trainer boxing too. Bought it on a show some time ago directly from the producers, inquired about the difference in the sweepback, received reply that they knew, but they decided to ignore it, as no one would recognize it anyway, and when I answered I would, got that kind of smile we mostly reserve for very small kids and village idiots as an answer.
  11. Hi Moa, started my Genet Moth parallel build just today, though I am sure I will never be able to catch up with your unparalleled building speed. When going through your build for inspiration, I found a mistake you made quite early in the build. The cockpit floor insert should have been in my opinion glued flush with the fuselage parts, so that the two (possibly?) floor reinforcing beams protrude from the fuselage underside, which is then even, without the depression. Please check the photographic references, though I am really curious why there are so few photos of the underside of something that more often than not flies above our heads. I know it is by far too late for you to do something about it, and I apologize for spoiling your day eventually. I am posting it more as an advice for next builds/generations. I will be posting first photos of my own build later today.
  12. Completed and presented here, thanks for looking.
  13. One of the wise men here on this forum once said he liked turning ugly into nice. I suspect I know who it was, but as I cannot find the thread now, I will not name @Moa, because I would not like to offend the other similarly wise men here, if it was not him. Nevertheless, I too like turning ugly kits into nice (or at least acceptable) models. Kora produces whole series of the Hart family in resin, the radial ones looking especially tempting, most of them lurking in my stash. I have not seen too many of them build, and I think that by now I know why (in fact I have seen none, but I will be happy you prove me wrong, so hands up, who has built one please). In my humble opinion, two basic conditions are required to build one of the Kora kits: 1. You need the type in your collection badly. 2. There is no other kit of the same around, at least not on the Planet Earth. Fortunately, both conditions applied for me in case of the subject in title, so here it is, Hawker Demon Mk. I (Turret) K5705 of No. 23 Squadron, Northolt 1937. The build thread is here, it covers all the amusing moments occurring regularly when building bad fitting resin kits: Most of the parts come from the kit, I used Eduard steel seat belts, MiniWorld guns, and scratch-build various details in both the interior and the exterior. Brush painted with Humbrol, Model Master and Revell enamels. Decals by Kora, and I added a few stencils from the Modeldecal Hawker Hart Variants sheet to enliven the silver a bit. By the way, the Kora decals have been my first laser printed – the kind you have to cut out of the sheet. Worked fine for me, except for quite a violent reaction with the final clear coat. Took them more than a day to straighten the wrinkles. Of course, I made an early test on surplus black underwing serials, no problem with the black decals, however the roundels and especially the red-blue squadron markings scared the hell out of me after the first application of the final coat. Without rigging as usual. On the last photo you can see my modelling past in the form of the Aeroclub Hawker Demon, build some 15+ years ago, meeting my modelling present. It is nice to see that the old guy is still in presentable state.
  14. Excellent timing, Moa. I will use (rather cowardly, I admit) your superior building speed and let you sweep away the obstacles from the way for my Genet Moth build elsewhere on this forum. Please notice the rectangular aperture in the cockpit floor needs a lot of careful trimming to accept the insert without filling nasty gaps later and in my kit I had to adjust the lower wing central area in order to maintain the correct dihedral after inserting the fuselage. Nevertheless, so far nothing unexpected with a mediocre quality shortrun.
  15. A few more final touches and see you in RFI next week.
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