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  1. Padding or no padding, I would not like to be the poor pilot watching the fast approaching airfield perimeter ditch from behind the protruding gun breeches while landing.
  2. Beautiful builds indeed. I do not want to start nitpicking, however as I posted here earlier, only the photos of J9576 showed the airplane featuring the prominent engine valve gear covers. K1088 and A12-1, though Mk.II as well, were for sure without them.
  3. On Tuesday, I first rushed and then completely f***ed up the installation of the undercarriage legs. And then I spent quite some time convincing myself, that if kept looking at them long enough, I would get used to it. Well, I did not. So first I tore the legs off, and after the principal damage was repaired, as a penance I rebuilt them according to the reference pictures. The wheels in the kit were too small, unfortunately I did not find ready-to-use donor. So it is the original wheel left, donor right and the result in the middle. And I also modified the tail, just the tail incidence adjustment screw is missing, as I managed breaking it off. Next try comes during the rudder installation.
  4. Mine arrived today. The plastic is (as expected) identical with the Hawker Hart boxing, plus there are two additional small sprues with parts specific to Audax - exhausts, message pick-up hook and flare brackets.
  5. Two views at the completed internal structure before it disappears in depths of the fuselage for eternity.
  6. I could not help it. Wonders of 3D printing in practice. The size of the real thing is just about 6 x 6 mm.
  7. The propeller in the kit (left) had rather suspicious shape. First I tried to correct it, but then I gave up and hunted my stash for replacement. Which was found, though it had to be trimmed for about 2 mm on each side and then reshaped. However, I am happy with the result.
  8. I had no success with the previous boxings. It was just ebay, and directly from Ukraine. On the other hand, I have had only positive experience with the services from the Ukraine so far.
  9. Can it be without (pre-war) or with (late) the cutout for the carburettor air intake in the rear of the cowling? I will post pictures later today.
  10. It has not been mentioned yet, however photos of No. 56 Squadron Bulldogs with larger fins, tailwheels, and additionally engine cowlings and exhaust muffs can be found, with at least three serial numbers known. Fortunately, Bulldog references - compared to many other interwar gems - are quite numerous.
  11. Fairey IIIF is a genuine can of worms. I have spent quite some time studying the subject, and I have been consulting Kora models on their IIIF/Gordon/Seal boxings (except the first two). If you want I will be ready to assist you too.
  12. Started working on the interior. Basic construction completed - a combination of evergreen profiles, wire and PE pieces from the dedicated Part S72-075 set. In fact, the PE set contains the entire internal structure, but I know from previous experience that fitting it inside the fuselage is more or less impossible task, therefore I opted for the combination. Now some painting to do and then all the missing bits.
  13. 56 Squadron is an excellent choice. Have you considered the earlier variant of the marking as well? So far, I have been able to locate two photos, J7414 and Grebe trainer J7535. The photo of J7414 is rather small, but you are well known for unearthing surprising pictures, so you may have more luck here.
  14. Yes, I did. Excellent information source. Thanks for the hint anyway.
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