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  1. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    Purchased straightaway. Thanks a lot! Patrik
  2. Received the book in about the same time as Mr T, read it last week. Excellent photo collection, gorgeous color profiles, scale drawings and usual exhaustive Warpaint list of Fury/Nimrod modelling stuff. But I am not happy with the book. As written above, the text is often chaotic and repetitive, especially in the section on specifications, prototypes and development. It is really hard to keep track because the narrative jumps back and forth along the timeline without clear purpose. Gives and impression of Copy+Paste job from several original sources without taking too much care about coherence. Furthermore the part regarding Nimrod on pages 46-56 seems - especially compared to the previous 45 pages on Fury - rather shoddy to me. Another criticism goes to the distribution of the photos, which often does not follow the text. Typical example is that the photos of the Nimrod start on page 38, so long before the actual text on the same, and stop on page 46 (?), only to be replaced by haphazard collection of Fury photographs till the end of the book. So is the book worth buying? Of course it is, if for the photos and color profiles only, but I suggest it should be better labelled "For experienced readers". Patrik
  3. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    Grinding, sanding, scraping and creating very healthy looking polystyrene-snow-drifts on my workbench and elsewhere. I like when the vacform contains both upper and lower sides of the wings or the control surfaces, but sanding the trailing edges down from the original 1.6 mm to the necessary razor blade thickness is real pain. Just the wings have not been cleaned yet. The kit contains quite nice control panel too. Unfortunately the instruments are pure fantasy, so I will use it just as a base for scratch-building more realistic one. And I was unable to resist. Two weeks ago I managed to find and purchase the Sopwith Cuckoo kit and it arrived in the post this week. Neat little vacform, including white metal and photo-etched parts. Below photo of the happy family reunion from my stash, though I admit the Shark does not exactly belong into the inner family circle. So with the Cuckoo finally in my possession, I hope, that one day, providing I live long enough, all the family members will stand proudly side by side in my display cabinet.
  4. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    Some of the engines are still available, but you are right, the actual offer is not very rich compared to the paper catalogue I have here, printed by the end of the last century, containing some 80 1/72 engines, 100 propellers, and dozens of wheels and guns and such. Name Aeroclub, you may know them ...
  5. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I still owe some answers to John, but I decided to leave them after the wings are cleaned up from all the extra plastic. Meanwhile I am going through a period not exactly rich in modelling time. Too much travelling, both private and business. But at least I managed cleaning up and opening the fuselage halves and I did test-fit of the engine, which confirmed, what I have suspected for a while - the fuselage is a bit undernourished in the width. The interior parts do not fit inside, and the the engine cylinder heads stick out from the fuselage sides too much. I will solve this by inserting plastic stripes in the fuselage halves' joint. I also decided to scratch build the internal structure behind the engine (including the fuel tank). The opening underneath the nose is by far too big to be ignored. By the way, the engine. Given how prominent this part on the real airplane was, I was really unhappy with the way the Napier Lion V was represented in the kit. So I started looking for replacement. First - not very successfully - for the Aeroclub white metal one that I used in the Westland Walrus. But then I recalled I built the Montex resin Fairey Fawn a few years ago, and the the kit included very acceptable Lion, and I also have Karaya Supermarine Seagull II in my stash with likewise nice Lion rendering. So the mould evidently existed, most probably in Poland and after some internet browsing I found the guys from Silverwings in Cracow do have the 1/72 Lion V in their offer. OK, took a while, was not cheap, but here it is. First the engine in detail and then the complete delivery. And why three of them? Well, there are two Esoteric Fairey IIIDs in my stash, plagued by the very same bad engine parts as the Dart ...
  6. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010850-rs-models-172-avro-rota/ This may help you avoid some of my mistakes, and allow you to concentrate on your own. Watching with interest. Patrik
  7. Top model, Andrew, with inspiring build story. Patrik
  8. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    Your explanation sounds perfectly plausible, John, thank you. I thought the unequal span had something to do with the dihedral vs. wing folding. All the more I believe I have to add the lower wing with the correct dihedral first and then only decide on the top wing span extension yes or no. Patrik
  9. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    Thank you guys. I am not as much concerned about the missing millimeters or the drawings, I am not millimeter hunter. I like my models to look right, of course, however if the basic shape and proportions are fine, I do not care about mm here or mm there. Though all the references confirm the upper wing span was slightly shorter with the early Blackburn torpedo/naval planes (applies for sure to Dart, Blackburn, Ripon, Baffin), the difference in the kit is probably too big (some 7-8 mm) and I am afraid it will show when the model is finished. Nevertheless, I decided to leave it be for now, assemble the fuselage and the lower wings first and then test-fit the upper wing as it is. And if it looks satisfactorily "Dartish", I will leave it be, if not, I will follow John's advice. Regarding the torpedo. I think I will gently try to beat it to submission with a small hammer first. And if it does not work, I will use bigger one.
  10. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    I did not want to start the dirty heavy sanding job while finishing the Scimitar, so I did some research instead, especially on the interior and engine section arrangements. I also compared the kit dimensions with the available references and drawings and found one unpleasant issue. Whereas the fuselage and empennage are spot on and the lower wing is acceptable, the upper wing span is at least 1 ft. (= 4 mm in 1/72) shorter, Unfortunately the missing length appears to be at the curved wingtips (the position of the ailerons is fine), so at this moment I have no idea how to fix it (or if to fix it at all).
  11. Completed and ready for your inspection here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235050089-172-aw35-scimitar-choroszy-resin-kit/. Patrik
  12. Completed. 1/72 Choroszy full resin kit of Armstrong Whitworth A.W.35 Scimitar, representing "407", the second production airplane (of four), constructor's number A.W.986, in the livery of Norwegian Army Air Service, early 1936. Built more or less OOB with a few scratchbuilt extras and steel seatbelts by Eduard. Hand brushed with a combination of Humbrol, Model Master, Revell and Tamiya enamel paints (in alphabetical order). The "407" number decals are coming from the kit, the Norwegian markings were partly painted with the blue central stripes by Xtradecal. The build thread can be viewed here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235041974-scimitar-the-first-choroszy-172-resin/&. Altogether fully enjoyable kit. It has been sufficiently challenging too keep me occupied for many evenings, and I am very satisfied with the result. It is in my opinion quite accurate rendering of the original, at least judging by the available photographic references. As usual with me - no rigging. And the last photo is here to demonstrate that though some progress is indeed apparent, it is in fact rather hard to cheat the genes...
  13. Almost finished. The blue stripe decals were rather tedious task, happy to be through. Meet you in RFI in a few days or so. Patrik
  14. Patrik

    Esoteric 1/72 Blackburn Dart

    Unable to resists I cut the plastic today. The plastic sheet is rather thick, so I am expecting quite a lot of sanding, And the parts are really big for a single seater. More like a single seat fighter in 1/48.