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  1. Progress to show. I have built quite a few shortruns, and I am still pleasantly surprised, how straight-forward the kit is. It is still shortrun, of course, you must not become careless, putty is needed, but otherwise no real issues. Some time ago I posted lament on "name five things you do not like on shortrun kits", which I dare paraphrasing now: 1. The fuselage halves are of different plastic thickness - nope. 2. The panel lines do not fit along the fuselage halves joint ... nope. 3. Interior parts do not fit in the interior ... well, to be fair,
  2. Apology Adrian, I should have made it clearer, where the black border will be. Below the picture modified with yellow line where the masking tape will go. By the way, one is not enough! And this is where we are now. Patrik happy, rest of you forewarned and left with choice.
  3. Where would all that research and modelling fun go, if the kits were flawless? I do not want to live in such times. Most probably, we would then have to rename the forum to Britassembler as well ...
  4. While completing the fuselage and cleaning up the panel lines today in the morning, I found out an error in the kit I had not been aware of until now. The exhaust rows are too low. All of them. Taking into account the slightly different viewing angles in the pictures below, I think I can live with the lower ones. Too much work to move them around 1 mm up and the error will not be that apparent either. But the upper ones (fortunately, on starboard side only) are supposed to be well inside the black painted top of the nose, whereas they would be in fact more or less fully outside on the kit, if
  5. Cockpit, Pt. 3 and Pt. 4. Had forgotten to make photo of the instrument panel decals before I overlaid them with the PE panels. The cockpit outer cover has been the "shortrunishest" part of the build so far. Considerable amount of material had to be removed from the inside (red arrows), in order to accommodate the larger instrument panels mentioned in earlier post. Additionally, plastic stripes were added to maintain reasonable fit to the fuselage without annoying gaps. @Mr T I am afraid am feeling a bit like Kora marketing guy more recently, but the kit r
  6. Fuselage halves ready to be joined (done meanwhile).
  7. Thanks a lot to all of you! Re upper wing - yes, it is wrong, you can have a look at the first post in the build thread. The link is here at the top. And I can confirm, the lower wing attachment was one of the ugliest parts of the build (together with engine and the interplane struts). In general, there are shortruns that look nice in the box and build just as fine (like the Kora Fairey IIIF, I am building now), and there are others, that may look nice in the box, but the look is rather misleading. The AZ kit is exactly the latter sort.
  8. Finally, the weather allowed decent photography in natural light. Completed, the RFI thread is here:
  9. Howard Hughes had to wait many weeks for the clouds to appear while filming Hell’s Angels. It took only two for the sun to appear for me, but finally, here she is, completed, Hawker Hart B4A , s/n 708, F4-58, Wing F4, Östersund 1938. I was hoping for snowy background, you know, Sweden somehow evokes snowy landscape, and eventually Mother Nature was merciful to me, well except the -11°C. The build thread is here: The result is genuine triumph of multimediality. The main parts are from the AZmodel kit, meaning basic parts from styrene, resin engine and wheels and some PE detai
  10. Oh, no. Just traditional pis...g contest on who copied whose kits. Not worth quoting here.
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