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  1. 3DStewart

    HAP-Tigre Demonstrator/Evaluation Aircraft

    While Zhengdefu have a poor reputation, this particular kit isn't awful (merely unattractive) and is at least buildable. Panel lines are heavy, but fit is generally OK, though modelling skills are needed. Shape wise it is recognisably a prototype Tiger/Tigre and I can't see any obvious mistakes, other than the hugely overscale rotor attachment plates (1:48?) and hugely underscale seats (1:144?).
  2. 3DStewart

    A bit of legal advice please.

    So far they appear to have only given you a void address, which isn't in itself a crime. However, it's not true to say that the Police aren't interested unless a crime has been committed. The Police care a lot about preventing crime and reporting suspicions allows them to build up an intelligence picture that can be useful. In the UK fraud and cybercrime are now handled nationally by Action Fraud, whose website is here: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ You can report incidents to them using it. I think you would use the "I am a witness" option. I've used it to report an attempt to telephone scam me and I did get a response from them, though I've no idea whether the perpetrator was caught. There are other measure they can take to disrupt criminal activities as well; taking down servers, blocking phone numbers etc.
  3. 3DStewart

    HAP-Tigre Demonstrator/Evaluation Aircraft

    Having been distracted in the mid 90s by a young family I never saw Goldeneye, so didn't realise that the Tiger featured in it. I've now seen some clips on YouTube, but it doesn't look like the version I'm modelling. No gun turret for a start, but it's still nice to see it working and in the black livery the early machines carried.
  4. 3DStewart

    Classic Airframes back on the park?

    Classis or Classic, which are we discussing?
  5. 3DStewart

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    I suspect that calling people who disagree with you quislings is probably a good way of getting posts deleted. If threads get locked the problem is with what's posted and I think the mods do read stuff for themselves without anyone reporting it. On the subject of red meat, I'm just waiting for research to show that certain plant based foods are cancerous too. I think it will happen.
  6. 3DStewart

    HAP-Tigre Demonstrator/Evaluation Aircraft

    Thanks XV107, that's really helpful. It's interesting to see how relatively little has changed between the prototypes and production machines. Apart from new sensors, the only obvious difference is the removal of the fairing for the gun turret and changes to the rotor head upper detail, which may simply be to do with changes to the mast sighting attachment point. I can continue with my Zhengdefu kit, knowing that it does reasonably portray a prototype machine, although some parts need refinement and the seats completely replacing, as they appear to have been sized for 1:144!
  7. I've 'won' the Zhengdefu 1:72 HAP-Tigre in our club's annual random modelling competition. Irrespective of the kit's merits (or not), the rules say I have to make it, but it's a subject I know little about. There are plenty of photos on the web of service machines, but I can't find any of the 1995 Paris demonstrator, or the French Army evaluation aircraft, which are the decal subjects in the kit. I'm particularly keen to know what style of gun turret and fairing (if any) these aircraft had and what the rotor head detail was like as the model's parts are noticeably different from service machines in these areas. I have found a photo of the prototype's first flight in 1991 and while its rotor head matches the kits', there's no gun turret carried. Please can you help.
  8. 3DStewart

    Soviet insignia red - paint suggestions

    Isn't the solution to look for a red that matches the decals you've got? I doubt that the Soviets cared about the exact shade of red they used in the stress of 1941-43.
  9. 3DStewart


    Yes, Gary is relinquishing his role due to relocation, but the other members of the club want to continue with the show, so I don't think you have to worry unduly. We expect to be back next year.
  10. 3DStewart


    What rumour is that? As a member of the organising club I've not heard anything about it discontinuing.
  11. 3DStewart

    New 1/72 Airfix Typhoon

    By all means worry about them if they really matter to you, but if you're not careful you end up correcting small things, build times go through the roof, you get disillusioned, your uncompleted kit pile gets bigger and a good kit gets a reputation as being unbuildable. As my father used to say, "Life is too short for such things."
  12. 3DStewart

    New 1/72 Airfix Typhoon

    I'd be a bit careful agonizing over small errors in overall length. There's more variability in the real things than is realized. Just the effect of thermal expansion will produce a variation of almost 10mm between -10 to 30 deg C, add in build up of tolerances, and you might have natural variation of 30mm, or almost 0.5 mm in 1:72.
  13. 3DStewart

    Some Sage Advice

    I think collecting anything needs a degree of control and limits. It's never entirely innocent, it takes time and money that others in our life might benefit from if we used it differently. I recollect an old saying about wealth horded harming it's owner. For us our stash is our wealth.
  14. 3DStewart

    The strange case of Sir Peregrine Henniker‐Heaton

    A strange tale, but one that's likely to be incomplete or wrong. The 26th June 1974 (the date of the piece) was a Wednesday and since the body was discovered only three days before that doesn't give much time for the police to have conducted an investigation and the full facts to be known, and certainly not placed in the public domain to be reported on. Incidentally, 26th June 1974 is also the day the first bar-code was scanned on a product to sell it. It was a packet of Wrigley's chewing gum at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio.
  15. 3DStewart

    The strange case of Sir Peregrine Henniker‐Heaton

    Is this for real, or a joke?