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  1. 3DStewart


    It's just a silly name that some people give it. I don't consider it evil at all. It's a fantastic way of accessing all sorts of things that are not in production or hard to find elsewhere. My triumph was being able to complete a stalled decorating project by finding wall paper on it that had been out of production for three years.
  2. It will depend what permission you gave when you signed up the website T&Cs.
  3. I know that for some people attempting exact colour fidelity is important and researching it is one of the ways they get enjoyment from the hobby. However, without a time machine none of us will know for certain the exact shade of paint used on our subject with the particular manufacturing, servicing, operating and lighting conditions of the day. I like my models to conform to what I saw when I first set eyes on the subjects in Airfix catalogue, which will forever define for me what is correct. Humbrol 29 & 30 are very good for this. I know this doesn't help with
  4. I agree, I think the Government's in lala land if they think we'll have phased out petrol cars by 2030. It is possible, but not without relenting national focus and making it the primary economic policy before anything else. I don't think that is going to happen. Just eight and three quarter years, and ticking down.
  5. I like the weathered but not derelict look you've given it. A great looking model. We don't see enough 1:72 here and yours shows why they justify more interest.
  6. I have first generation smart meters that stopped working when I was switched to a new supplier when the original one went bust. They've now had a software update which means most of their functionality has been restored, although my gas history isn't displaying on my inhouse display. I don't think they are an evil conspiracy, but they have been oversold to domestic users. The only near certain benefit is timely accurate billing, but they will save you no energy at all without you as the home owner doing something in the way you use utilities - either changing equipment for more ef
  7. I don't know what the law is, but common sense suggests a pre-order for a product that doesn't exist yet has to be seen as a conditional order; i.e. it's conditional on the product being produced in a time period acceptable to you and at an actual price that is acceptable to both buyer and seller. If it's coming too late or at too high a price then it seems to me either party should be able to cancel without penalty. You could politely point out to Hannants the price they originally offered and ask them to honour it. If they don't then you can, (1) learn to live without it, (2) fi
  8. Good for him. If it wasn't my wedding anniversary I'd watch, but my attendance is required elsewhere!
  9. I received my covid vaccination at the Telford TIC yesterday, in the room previously used for the kit swap. It was strange being back in familiar surroundings, even if the furniture was rather different. There was also free car parking and plenty of it!
  10. Yes, I know it looks ridiculous, but nobody is going to have invested £30K+ in the tooling without a good reason. Maybe it's going to be used as a promotional tool by the noodle manufacturer? Maybe it just appeals to the Japanese sense of humour in a way we don't understand? Incidentally, the Japanese have a long history of 1:1 modelling of food. and when I was there in the late '80s it was the norm for restaurants to have models of their dishes in a special display in the window. A godsend if you couldn't read the menus, just take the waiter outside and point, or write down the
  11. I assume this was a special case. Armies that don't pay their soldiers tend to disappear.
  12. I wish you success, but are you aware there is a long established industry producing architectural models that is in decline due to computer modelling?
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