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  1. I went round to Tornado today, it is indeed city centre located, near the law courts and next door you can get your favourite roundel tattooed on your buttocks if you wish! It's got an interesting range of stock, not as extensive as the old Ian Allan (and no model railway stock), but most enthusiasts will find something to interest them.
  2. I got the information from here. Maybe contact the show organisers for confirmation.
  3. I always enjoyed the March date and found it convenient. Why not return to that? With Southern Expo winding up from next year (see thread elsewhere), the end of March is now free.
  4. 3DStewart

    Telford 2019

    I thought the strange decisions were more widespread than usual, but perhaps this would be better as a topic for a separate discussion?
  5. A job well done. Although the kit is old and has some minor shape problems, I prefer it to the modern Italeri kit as it doesn't have the pronounced fabric sag of that kit, which is very unrealistic for an aircraft not in flight.
  6. I have a box of doom for abandoned started kits that I'll complete one day (but probably never will), with about 30 items in it, and a shelf of hope for kits that are more or less active, currently about 10. That said, over the last 12 months two of the occupants of the box of doom got hoiked out and finished. That felt good!
  7. If camouflage hadn't been invented, then the only reasons for painting things would be to increase their resistance to corrosion, to aid recognition or for special functional purposes (e.g. anti-magnetic paint). As with most things the paint finish chosen would usually be the cheapest to get the job done.
  8. I don't believe that, until I did an internet search that revealed a recent court judgement apparently permits it. How strange.
  9. My paternal grandfather was so upset by the trenches that he never told his children what happened. He didn't even tell them why he had the MC and bar. It was only after his death they got copies of his citations.
  10. Bullbasket, I believe you're living in France, so why are you letting ridiculous stories about the UK, from a source known to be unreliable worry you?
  11. I think it would be worth asking the theatre management why the sign has been put up. It may be there has been some problem that they are seeking to deal with. Perhaps it's nothing to do with them and some individual put it up reasons know to themselves? Even if it was the management, if you explain your concerns it may make them see the situation in a different light. Your last point about it prohibiting the participation of male dancers may be very relevant here, depending on the nature of the competition. Politely getting people to think again is often all that's needed.
  12. Other than weapons, what are the principle differences between the GR.3 and GR.1 that would be visible in 1:72?
  13. I'm very envious of you. I've longed wanted this variant from Airfix, but not come across one at a price I want to pay. That's a nice model.
  14. Excellent work. Now that you've flirted with the dark scale are you hooked?
  15. Hugely impressive, with a nice emphasis on paint distress and dirt rather than excessive high and low lighting. Very realistic, very convincing.
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