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  1. 3DStewart

    2nd hand prices

    I don't know how truly rare it is, but that price isn't exceptional for genuinely rare Airfix 1:32 cars.
  2. 3DStewart

    2nd hand prices

    In my experience the prices of most kits seem to be softening on eBay. I'm not finding it so easy to sell stash surplus at what I consider an acceptable price; i.e. at least what I paid for it. Keep in mind that we've had significant price inflation for new kits, so I would expect this to lift second hand kits as well.
  3. Italeri managed to kit it in 1:72 just before retirement! I bet they'll regret that.
  4. Whenever stashes are discussed, I'm always reminded of the phrase "wealth hoarded to the harm of its owner". They are maybe a small thing in the scale of things, but I sometime look at my stash of unmade kits and wonder whether the money, time and emotional energy spent on creating it might have been better spent on something else.
  5. If you like this thread, you'll love this company! ality.co.uk
  6. 3DStewart

    Faulty goods

    I bought a kit at a show from a well known second hand kit trader (no longer trading, I believe). When I opened it I found that some small subjects had been cut from the decal sheet, so I immediately returned it to him and got a refund. While at a nearby stand I saw him reseal the kit I had returned and put it back on his shelves! Presumably faulty goods just went on circuit until they found a buyer who didn't take them back.
  7. I think a degree of realism is needed. Birmingham and Perth are over 300 miles apart, so they're not fishing in the same pond.. Living near Wolverhampton, there is no way I could justify going to the Scottish Nationals, unless I was combining it with another reason to be in Scotland, which for me are uncommon. My club would never, ever, display at Perth, because it's just too far. I don't think they are competing shows, and there's really no reason why Key Publishing have to coordinate with other events, and likely end up with an inferior date because of it. They are a commercial organisation, risking a significant amount of their money, so they get to choose when they do their show. Clearly they aren't going to pick a date when many potential customers are likely to be elsewhere.
  8. I rather like 'center', as it's how you say it. It also makes it consistent with outer, counter, later and so on. I also prefer sidewalk to pavement as it properly describes the object. That's the universality of my argument. Later I'll be travelling to the Principality, or have I just used both those correctly? In which case is there any rationality to this thread?
  9. But 'PV' does, and that's probably why it's become the standard term in construction and estates management.
  10. Solar also means sun, which is definitely a noun. Its use is really no different from the way petrol is used, as in petrol engine or "is the fleet going petrol or diesel?" I would say that solar panel is a bit of a sloppy phrase. Are you describing a panel making use of the thermal effect of the sun, or a panel making use of the photo effect of the sun? Or is this too much banality?
  11. As someone who exhibited both days, I'm happy to return next year. The exhibit floor space was roughly 60% model railways, 30% scale models and 10% RC, both static and operating. There was also a real Class 37 loco (see above) and a couple of smaller AFVs, one was a Warrior, I think. Trader presence was skewed to model railways, but I heard that one trader said he'd come next year with more kits, as the ones he had proportionately outsold his railway stuff, and I believe Tiger Hobbies - the only dedicated kit seller - said they'd do it again. There was a lot of interest in the scale model stands, ours felt like it was being mobbed at times, and more questions about the techniques we used than I'm used to. It felt to me that there were a lot of people of the fringe of scale model making who'd like to do more of it. It had a slightly different vibe from other scale model shows. The natural lighting in the roof helped, there were a few more families, and the age demographic was more spread-out. If you want to spend you day looking at a great range of models (of all sorts) and have some great conversations then it's a good place to go. Don't forget that it's attached to a major main line railway station and international airport, so there are other options than going by car. I'd be amazed if it wasn't a commercial success.
  12. I'm just back from exhibiting all day. It's a good show. Much of the emphasis is on model railways, but with a decent set of scale model clubs and SIGs exhibiting, plus a couple of RC displays. The show has much wider aisles than we are used to and good break out spaces, but these were needed as there were a lot of visitors. At times our stand felt mobbed by the number of people viewing and one of my models got damaged, though not badly. I spoke to a number of railway modellers who dabble a bit with scale modelling, so I encouraged them to do more. Exhibitor facilities are much better than you get at model shows. There's a dedicated exhibitor 'lounge', which is just a separated off part of the food hall, but it's nice not to have to queue and to find empty tables. I also like the exhibitor free food and drink vouchers, which aren't lavish, but are sufficient for the day if you choose wisely. There are some new kits on sale, but not a huge selection. Some minor bargains are to be had. There are no second-hand kit traders. There's lots of choice though, if you want tools, materials or scenic stuff. It seems like a successful show to me.
  13. I've just seen a YouTube video of a 1:1 scale Class 40 loco being manoeuvred into the hall for display! I'll be there on the West Midlands Police Scale Model Club's stand. That's a club of present and past WMP employees, not people who model WMP's equipment!
  14. To which the obvious response is: "Doing business with idiots doesn't align with my personal values, goodbye." I'm glad you found someone else a lot cheaper. Obviously they have their head screwed on and feel that increasing sales aligns with their corporate vision. Good luck to them.
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