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  1. Maybe the importers? Sorry, don't know who that is, but the box may give an indication. Alternatively return it to the person you bought it from (if a trader) and ask for a replacement/refund.
  2. The DeAgostini Zippo lighters are selling for about £6 each on eBay. Someone sold a set of 106 for £575. I don't know what you paid for each part, but you might be able to get back more than you fear. I'm not here to make the case for part works, but they are more than the just the kit. In effect you get reading material and several hours recreational activity per week/month. Whether that's good value is down to the individual.
  3. You're going to have to give a bit more detail on the search terms. All I get is endless listings for Canadian maple syrup and such like.
  4. Coming back with a further P-39 question . . . As shown above the RAF painted their propeller tips yellow as a safety aid. Did the USAAF paint their P-39 propeller's with similar tips? The photos I've found suggest generally not in service, but restored and museum aircraft do.
  5. I don't know whether it's relevant to PR Beaus, but the early Mk Is had a different canopy and air intakes. The canopy was in High Planes' kit, but I've never seen the early intake in a kit, though it wouldn't be too hard to convert a later one.
  6. 3DStewart

    TV Licence fee.

    I object to being forced to pay for a service that I largely don't use and who's editorial policy I increasingly disagree with, but can't influence, especially where there are dozens of alternative service providers. I'd make it a subscription service. If it failed I'd be sad for what it used to be, not for what it's become.
  7. Currently airliners aren't a subject I model, but going round shows etc it seems to me that classics are piston engined and moderns are jet and turbo prop.
  8. Here's some more info I've been asked by the committee to make known. Booking of traders is going well and number attending will be similar to last year. Booking of clubs is also going well. Those with confirmed bookings are displayed on the show website. If your club isn't listed and you think it should then get your secretary to make contact really quickly! The museum will soon be changing its car parking charge to £5 per day, regardless of duration. Free parking is available about 10 - 15 mins walk away at Cosford station and we will also be providing a free shuttle bus between the museum and the station. We look forward to welcoming old and new visitors to one of the best shows in the Midlands.
  9. Some people have much more finely attuned hearing than others, so its no surprise that colour is the same. Don't forget that the colour of the light has a material affect on colours too, and that's without any brain shift effects. My own view is that worrying about the exact colours used on models is silly, and I don't know why we spend so much time and money obsessing about it.
  10. That kit is from the 60s. New moulds from the 80s were rather more refined and the riveter had been retired by the mid 70s. I think his last hurrah was the Me 109E and Hurricane Mk II, but I may be wrong.
  11. It's not quite as simple as bentwaters suggests. Do you mean kits first produced in the 80s or older kits re-issued in the 80s? Airfix started producing a few kits with mostly engraved panel lines in the mid 70s (B-26 and Do-17 come to mind), but they were not the norm. They went bust in '81 and were bought up by Palitoy who mostly (completely?) released raised panel line kits. Incidentally, the Airfix 1:24 kits featured mostly engraved panel lines from their inception in the early 70s and by the mid 70s new kits in the series were fully engraved.
  12. Asking if it's ok to build vintage kits is like asking if it's ok to drink vintage wine. Yes, but in some cases the wine will have gone off, in others it may be so expensive you think twice! Airfix Bond Bug group build anyone?
  13. There was an incorrect rumour that because the chief event organiser was relocating elsewhere in the UK the show wouldn't happen. It's false. As a member of IPMS Telford/Shropshire Scale Modellers I can assure you it will be happening on the 5th April. Here are the current details of the Cosford 2020 model show.
  14. My plan is to resurrect and complete two part started kits from the box of doom. One will be a 1:72 Jack, I haven't decided on the other, but the Airfix beam engine beckons.
  15. I think Airfix may be exploring beginners kits that can be upgraded with additional detail parts to make a regular kit, and so sold to two different markets. These may be examples of this. With the new armour in 1:72, Airfix appear to be saying they don't see a future for 1:76 armour. If so, I agree with them. I think this is a decent range of new releases for 2020, and there's more than enough to keep me going in 2020 at my present build rate.
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