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  1. Because there's history of it being relevant. I recall the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor resulting in two new Japanese aircraft and a P-40 coming from Airfix and I think the 30th anniversary of the Falklands resulted in a new A4 and Harrier.
  2. Airfix seem to have had a surprising interest in early cold war Soviet types recently. It wouldn't surprise me if a Mig-21 was to appear in the next couple of years. 2022 is the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War, so maybe that will spur a new subject or two, though whether aircraft, helicopters or naval is hard to say. Maybe a Dagger to give a Mirage III base to compliment their future Mig-21? And there's also the Ki-46 at Cosford begging to be lidared to expand their Japanese new tools and replace the dated one in their catalogue.
  3. Thanks for coming and your kind comments. Expect us to be back next year.
  4. Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow. Don't forget to check traffic at Junc 10 of the M6 (if relevant). Traffic England Live Traffic Status If on-site parking runs out, remember there's plenty of public parking near Tally Ho, £3.90 for the day. Cash or phone. Access of Edgbaston Road or Pershore Road.
  5. Final planning last night and all set to go on Sunday. A word of warning for people planning on travelling from the north down the M6. Junction 10 (Walsall) currently has major civil engineering works taking place, with big activities this weekend. Expect delays at busy times. Details on Highways England. My guess is the delays won't be too bad early on Sunday morning, but they could be significant later in the day..
  6. If you were planning on going to the now cancelled Elstree Show, remember this one is still on, albeit 100 miles to the north.
  7. Folks, thanks for all your replies. There seem to be two views here. RLM 74/75/76 if you accept newer research and RLM 71/02/76 or 65 if you go for older research and believe the extant colour photography to be broadly correct. Have I summed up correctly?
  8. Looking through the internet I found what I presume is one of the older profiles that supports the RLM 02/71/65 suggested above and possibly supported by the photo linked by Troy Smith. I accept there are a lot of ifs, buts and maybes.
  9. It's interesting that somebody thought that instructions on the size and colours of markings to identify yourself to the enemy should be marked secret! "No, we mustn't let Jerry know what our public identification marks are, he might identify us!" I know you can deduce some details of the high level command structure of the RAF from it, but presumably this was already well know to the Germans and of no intelligence value.
  10. As the whites and flesh aren't too far off, I'd be surprised if the colour shift was so bad that greys appear green. Having said that the grass is an odd colour, so who knows from this!
  11. Please can you advise what the correct colour schemes are for decals that come with Matchbox's Fw-190 A3/A4? I doubt very much that they had uniform green topsides which is what the box painting scheme advises. The aircraft are claimed to be III Group JG 51 (red 10+1) and SG 1 (red H). These relate to the original boxing before Matchbox revised the weapon parts. Thanks
  12. It's very impressive, but how about some water weathering on the hull and floats? There's always some staining on the line where the aircraft sits in the sea.
  13. It means being able to be yourself and not be frightened or embarrassed about showing your true values, personality, hobbies, working style or relationships. It's not a bad idea in itself, the problem comes when your authenticity does not align with the organisation's needs. To use an extreme example, believing in pacifism is clearly going to be an enduring problem for the army. And working as a team inevitably means giving up some personally preferred behaviours so the team can function effectively, though this isn't the same as feeling you have to disguise who you are.
  14. Fantastic work. It looks just like the one I worked on in a secret location in the early 70s.
  15. There's one simple fact that isn't being mentioned: are show organisers having to turn away traders because they are fully booked? If they are then there's not much reason to think you need to change the current way of doing things. I think you also have to be careful about regarding the next year as the new normal. It certainly won't be for reasons that are obvious, the C and the B words. I would also question whether you've got a viable business if you can't make a profit from a trading stand at a well run show that's reasonably close to you. I got early warning of problems with mine when I didn't break-even at a couple of shows.
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