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  1. 3DStewart

    Wire for motors

    Strictly speaking it depends what current your motors will draw, but as any motor you can fit will be small it doesn't really matter. I would go for the smallest gauge practical; i.e. what you can reasonably see and handle. Any wire with a conductor with a cross section of 0.5 mm2 or greater should be ok. I'm assuming a single 3V motor. If you've got long wire runs, say wing tip to wing tip, I'd increase the diameter a bit, so the wire's resistance isn't too high. There's a calculator here that should help. You'll need to know your motor voltage and the current it will draw in use. Don't forget to multiply current by the number of motors for your main supply wires. I'm assuming you'll wire the motors in parallel.
  2. The law is already adequate, just enforce it. One exceptional and highly unusual case isn't a reason to alter the law. In any case you can't legislate away insanity.
  3. I believe he was for some time Nationals/SMW show manager and a very well known face to many UK modellers. I didn't know him well but he always seemed to me to be full of energy during the event and a safe pair of hands to trust it to. My condolences to his family and friends. His life ended too soon.
  4. 3DStewart

    Airfix 2021...

    If they won't do WWII I think there's even less chance of inter-war.
  5. What evidence is there that 80% of their sales are from Japan? Genuine question.
  6. If I was the shareholder of a company that had my home market sewn up and felt it didn't need the world wide market I'd be looking to replace the MD with somebody who wanted to grow the business. Maybe there is a whiff of complacency the OP alluded to.
  7. Depends where it's produced, in what quantities and how fast it needs to arrive. I suspect I lot will move on the surface in one form or another. It wouldn't surprise me if major countries have local production facilities.
  8. 1:32 for cars because so far I've only done one! 1:144 for some military aircraft, because I like the miniaturisation and build time is quite quick. 1:288 for factual space and soviet aircraft to put alongside them for scale. 1:700 for ships, for widest choice of subjects. 1:72 for everything else aircraft or military related to give a massive range of subjects, convenience of display and affordability. Irrespective of these benefits it is the One True Scale; how can I betray my first love? 1:48? No, never heard of it! My eyesight has deteriorated, but I just take my specs off when I need to see detail close up. Maybe it's a short sighted vs long sighted thing?
  9. 3DStewart

    Airfix 2021...

    Being a Hornby shareholder I do have a bit of skin in the game, so I recommend: 1:76 A1 Tornado locomotive 1:32 Tessla Model S 1:72 Mosquito two stage, as everybody seems to want one. 1:72 Camel, including a Biggles marking option. 1:72 Mitsubishi G4M1. I'm astonished that Hasegawa have gone on for so long with a nearly 50 year old kit without challenge, though there's a risk that's telling us something. 1:72 Arado Ar 196. Not much coemption and Airfix keep on re-releasing their old one so presumably it sells. 1:72 SM-79. A perennial in the catalogue, but the old tool is very dated. Several exist in accessible museums so lidar should be straightforward. And for the show piece: 1:72 Sunderland
  10. All that hard work down the drain. I feel for the organising committee.
  11. Light bulb moments: Liquid glue. Gloss surfaces and decal setting solutions. PVA for canopies and some instances of general assembly. Alclad and its later competitors. Water based paints. Realising that completing a basic model to a good standard gives more enduring satisfaction than never completing a super detailed one. Discovering eBay. Model clubs. Britmodeller.
  12. I suggest a few ideas to prevent repetition of the problems above. Keep thinners and solvents in different sized bottles or ones with distinctively coloured/shaped bodies. Fix canopies after the main painting and spraying has taken place. Use PVA to fix them, so if all else fails you can soak them in water and pull apart. Vacuum out cockpits and fuselage spaces before adding canopies. Use an air duster as well if available. Wash completed models in washing up liquid before painting to remove grease and dust. Consider a light application of a cellulose primer which tends to self etch into the surface. Both reduce the likelihood of paint pull when demasking. Always pull away masking as hard back on itself as possible. This creates an intense peel effect on its adhesive which weakens it.
  13. 3DStewart


    Any further news about SMW Is there a go/no go decision date? I assume a key practical consideration is what level of trader support there will be.
  14. Planning for next year's show in April should already have started. The choice we faced was proceed on the hope that social distancing wasn't required by then, with the risk of considerable financial loss and wasted effort if we were wrong, or make decisions on the current facts. It might have been possible to have a very much reduced show with social distancing and masking, but who really wants that? How many would feel like volunteering and how many would actually attend? Hence the decision.
  15. 3DStewart

    Airfix 2021...

    I think they should add a cut away Z-80 micropressor to their Museum Series and Margaret Thatcher to their famous women from history series, though Florence Nightingale would probably be safer. Maybe Elon Musk's spacecraft? There was a time when Airfix was on trend and did things like this.
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