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  1. I don't think so. According to the BofE inflation calculator £2.75 in 1973 is £35 today. 23p is £2.85. The costs of kits have significantly outstripped general inflation.
  2. I'm in full time employment and fortunate to be earning what most people would regarded as a good salary, but I find the prices of kits, especially most new kits too high for me to justify. It's not that I absolutely can't afford them, it's more that there are other people in my life (wife and children) who are also entitled to a fair share of the family's disposable income. The prices of Airfix's new tool kits are just astonishing. Time was when plastic modelling was a cheap pastime and accessible to all. Now it's not and I don't like it. I especially don't like the way that kits are getting more expensive in real terms. That's not supposed to happen. The nature of all manufactured products is that they tend to get cheaper in time as people keep on improving the productivity of production. So what's going on here? I would say that kits are being made too complicated, with too many parts, too much detail and too many options. Leave the complication and detailing to aftermarket/modeller and concentrate and producing simpler kits in larger quantities so the unit costs go down.
  3. I saw a re-enactor at Warwick Castle lie down in full plate armour (minus helmet) and get back up again to show that he was a lot more mobile than people gave credit for. He said that what made you collapse was the heat that builds up in the suit. He said on a hot summer's day he could only go for 15 mins before he was exhausted.
  4. With a bloated stash I'm getting quite fussy about what I buy now,. However, in previous years there's always been something in Airfix's new range that has tempted me to buy. So far there's nothing this year I want, so on that basis it's a 0/10 for me. As for prices? Well, as I'm not tempted to buy it doesn't matter!
  5. Has any one noticed how thick the trailing edges of the wings are in the CAD renders on the Airfix site? I hope the released kit does better than that.
  6. I believe the Encore Spitfire is the Heller kit re-boxed. The painting and panel highlighting looks good.
  7. I think the negativity is overdone. The box is clearly marked "Vintage Classic" so buyers should realise it's an old product. I'll now put the case for the releasing it: There are very few kits in 1:72 of the D4A1, or Vals in general, so having one readily available makes it attractive. The Fujimi kits have their own fit problems, are very hard to find and not cheap. I've no idea what the ZTS Plastyk one is like, but I suspect it's not good. The kit is relatively simple making it a good starter or quick-build subject. The shape isn't perfect, but it's not rubbish either. Good decals.
  8. Look at the feedback comments they've received. The negative and neutral comments would be a problem for me. Plenty more fish in the sea and all that.
  9. I have no idea what's going on here and why a tank is in the aircraft section!
  10. Have I missed something? Day three is a video about the 1:72 Sea King and there's no product announcement of a B-26 I can find.
  11. C'mon guys there's more to Christmas than just being interested in how we can benefit from it. See the 24 repeated days of disappointment as part of your personal fast and spiritual preparation for the joy of the 25th.
  12. 3DStewart

    Hornby news

    It's interesting that they are disclosing that their container costs have gone up by £10K each! I wonder how many kits fit in a container, but that looks like a noticeable amount per kit. It also means they are paying over £1 million in shipping surcharges! On a turnover of £22 million that's significant, especially as direct manufacturing costs might only be 30% of turnover. I wonder at what point it becomes beneficial to onshore production? It's not just cost, but now lost sales as well.
  13. 3DStewart

    Hornby news

    Curiously as at 12:00 today the share price has risen slightly.
  14. If a steel tool is worn out it's likely had 100,000+ shots through it. That's evidence of demand!
  15. I had always believed that these tools originated in the US and weren't Airfix's own. The subjects always looked more America than European to me.
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