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  1. Be fair, only 50% of the models are wrong!
  2. If we start a thread for every scam tried on us then Britmodeller would become unusable because of the number of posts we'd make. I think maybe it's time to stop posting about them. These sorts of scams are now the background noise of normal life. Unless there is something genuinely novel about them it's a bit like posting that it's raining where you are.
  3. I think it's a poor choice of subject. Potentially offensive to some customers and unnecessary as there are lots of other subjects that could be picked. Airfix promotes modelling as kid friendly, so sexual references on their models don't sit well with that. Hopefully, wiser heads will prevail and they'll pick another subject.
  4. Each to their own, but not currently for me. I did the Revell Flitzer 20 years ago and although I quite enjoyed it at the time, I wouldn't do another one as I can't see the point of modelling something that never existed. It's not like I need a concept model to persuade the RLM to give me money to move a project on. I can see the point in modelling things that were seriously considered for development, as modelling has a long and venerable tradition of being used as a design or promotional tool to explain a concept or idea that somebody is trying to advance, but do these ideas qualify?
  5. It doesn't just have to be for dioramas. If you're primarily an armour modeller, but fancy the occasional aircraft then having one that's the same scale means things look correct on your display shelf. Or maybe you've never done a large scale aircraft and this is your first one. If its nice and a good scale why not go 1:35? I think it's a slightly risky venture, but it's not my money so good luck to them.
  6. Jason C, you are quite right. The problem is not tight tolerances but inadequate clearance. In these days of CAD tooling it's surprising it happens. The tolerance you can realistically achieve on plastic mouldings should be well known, so in general the required clearances should should be easy to work out and then the nominal size of the CAD parts adjusted to suit. It's also not difficult to assemble the parts in the CAD model and check there is actually sufficient clearance when at nominal size. It seems another misuse of engineering terminology by people in the modelling press who wan
  7. I think they've got supply chain problems. If it was just import tariffs they could still export at the importer's risk, which is zero, as scale models have a WTO tarrif of zero last time I looked.
  8. I think the first necessity is to have a reason to write a book; either because there's a story inside you that wants to get out, you enjoy writing, or somebody is paying for it.
  9. It is seasonal page on their website that mimics a traditional advent calendar. Behind each daily door there is a Christmas related promotional intended to sell their products. When they first ran it three (?) years ago they had serious cash flow and over stock problems, so there were lots of offers to buy kits at significant discounts. Since then their fortunes have improved so the deals are much less numerous and less attractive. You may find the other promotional stuff entertaining or informative, but few modellers I know do. I think most of us feel that if Airfix want us to appreciat
  10. 3DStewart

    Lockdown Genealogy

    My mother's cousin worked at the British Museum and he always said that for most people in England and Wales the best you're likely to get by way of documented records is the 16th centuary when parish registers were introduced. To be certain of your genealogy before then you have to be aristocracy and the only way to prove your ancestors came across with William the Conqueror is to be of royal decent.
  11. Give your kit stash to me and take up boxing. That will sort out your modelling mojo!
  12. I had no idea this had happened. I wonder if there are more widespread problems in Sir Peter Jackson's business interests as his replica aircraft company (The Vintage Aviator) has also suspended trading. I always wondered how WNW kept going without significant cash injections from him. The development costs of the products looked massive to me and without equally massive sales it didn't look sustainable. Maybe they got the sales, but I suspect not.
  13. I have never had any problems with shipping items to Italy, Greece or anywhere else for that matter. In general I've had maybe 1 in 500 parcels go missing somewhere (including the UK), but I can live with that. It's no harder to post to Italy than anywhere else in continental Europe, and in my opinion there's an ebay myth that the Italian postal system is rubbish or the recipients are all crooks, which leads to many kit sellers explicitly excluding Italy. Well I'm all in favour of that, let's big up the myth as it means less competition for me! If you don't want the bother of shippi
  14. Hornby returning to profit is good news, especially as Airfix was one of their strong selling brands.
  15. No, but in the UK most dwellings are naturally ventilated, so there's no point in having a target range to aim for in the design!
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