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  1. 3DStewart

    Stoke show

    Yes, it's at the Stafford County Showground 10:00 - 16:00. Shropshire Scale Modellers will be there.
  2. 3DStewart

    The Weather,

    I'm intrigued by all the UK press coverage of 'empty' resevoirs with reports such as "Ladybower Reservoir was at 54.5% of its capacity as of 8 August". The dimwitted hacks don't seem to have graspsed that a resevoir that was much fuller after one of the driest summers in nearly 100 years, would have been oversized, a waste of money and an unnecssarly large impact on the environment.
  3. 3DStewart

    Cosford 2023

    There will be no Cosford 2023 show for the reasons given in the link above. We discussed organising a show at an alternative location, but decided against it this year.
  4. A Hastings? Really? If Airfix produce a Hastings I'll sell my Hornby shares as they clearly have a financial death wish.
  5. The overflow car parking mentioned in the flyer is to the rear of Tally Ho and there is direct pedestrian access from it.
  6. Generally later variants, simply because they are usually 'better' than what went before them: faster, stronger, better armed, more aerodynamic, more reliable, whatever.
  7. As far as I can see no one cares any longer in the UK. It's become like a cold, or maybe flu if you get it bad. Covid is cancelled. It's time to get on with life.
  8. I think there's room for a 1:72 Ki-21 Sally in Airfix's range. As far as I'm aware there is no full-run tool in the world after the only previous one sunk in Tokyo Bay many decades ago. It's just what Airfix need to establish dominance in the Japanese market. This suggestion isn't entirely serious, but I'm always surprised that one of the most important of WWII bombers keeps on being passed over by manufacturers.
  9. I spent the working day in an air-con building at a pleasant 23 deg. The only downside is that I'm responsible for the air-con (and all other building services) and I know that one of the roof chillers has a circuit with a refrigerant leak and its other circuit locked out due to a software fault. Fortunately the other chiller took the load and we got the software problem sorted out, so 3/4 circuits available for tomorrow. Peak temp in Birmingham (according to my system air sensor) was 35 deg, so a few degrees less than forecast. I was surprised as I was expecting a heat island effect.
  10. Spend to save, if you can. I will be having wall cavity insulation installed. Turn down the flow temp on your condensing gas boiler, so it works more efficiently. Most houses have oversized radiators, so running them a bit cooler won't be a problem except when it's really cold and then you just turn the flow temp up. Expect to reduce gas consumption by 2 - 6%. Buy fewer kits and spend longer making them. Don't buy etch sets. If the detail is really important scratch build it. Move to smaller scales as the kits are cheaper.
  11. It's worth remembering that VAT has gone up considerably. I remember it being 8% (it may have been lower on introduction in 1973); now it's 20%. There's nothing Hornby can do about that.
  12. Invitations to clubs went out last week. If you have any questions please email bluelampmc-at-gmail-dot-com. I've spelt out the email address to try and deter spambot crawlers.
  13. Sorry, got dates wrong. Next club meeting is this Tuesday (12 July). I'll update after.
  14. If newly released kits rapidly sell out and then shoot up in prices as collectables, it's a sure sign that they went on sale at too low a price!
  15. The show is still on, but the organisers have had a few things in their life that have distracted them, but should catch up soon. I'll give an update after the next club meeting, which is on Tuesday.
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