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  1. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful work There's no clue that is 1/72nd scale whatsoever. Original kit is improved in a "professionnal" fashion down to the sharpness of surface details. Just as if Eduard had already released a 1/72nd scale Tempest. Confratulations. Eric B.
  2. Thank you, very useful, I will gratefully use your information. I have been following you on the "Ready for inspection" forum for quite a long time but I was not aware you had some topics in the WIP chapter. Great job indeed, very inspiring and very informative. I will look into the WIP for more of your work. Cheers Eric B.
  3. Thank you both for your kind replies... It is basically what I figured in both case - real aviation and model point of view. What made me wonder is that none of the illustrations about the Zvezda A321ceo showed the sharlets. But if they are in the box that alone would justify buying Zvezda A321ceo 7040 besides A321 7017 I already have. Regards Eric B.
  4. Hello, I can't get my mind set on this. Is there any difference in molding (new kit parts or new tool) between th original Zvezda A321 kit (factory livery - 7017) and this new A321ceo (7040) or is this just a matter of decals. By the way is the A321ceo exactly the same aircraft as the A321-200 or are there any physical differences Cheers Eric B.
  5. Hello, It actually what was advertized by Zvezda as ref. 7040 - It reads "A321ceo". We might expect one later but it seems Zvezda has not announced an A321NEO yet. Or did I miss something? Eric B.
  6. Hello, And you replicated it very well. Very nice build, congratulations. The DH Hornet is such a neat aircraft. Eric B.
  7. Hello, I just checked because this is exactly what I had read and had kept in mind : "Academy is an engraved Heller copy with a huge lengh difference". Copy it may well be but my surprise is I thought I would find between 2 and 5 mm difference (grossly 0.1 or 0.2 in). I actually found around 0.5mm difference in lengh between an Academy and Heller Tempests (ie around 0.02 in). As I prefer the Academy details and plastic, I had kept one Heller kit main parts only as a gauge to correct my Academy builds. Finally I might well start my Academy Tempest before the Airfix (or SH/Eduard?) kit is released. (Yes I plan to buy future Tempest kits ... not the KP model) Regards Eric B.
  8. Hello, Thank you dearly, Could it be a 4th (unknown to me) camo? I believe photo colours are altered and green somehow greyed. I guess it is delivery camo with original Russian colours, with a slightly duller and greyer green . Thank you dearly for your very kind words. Beyond this, though I not a DCS player I am amazed with the sharpness and realism of their design. Thank you Sir... Eric B.
  9. Hello 109, I am Sorry I did not record paint mixes. Except I know for white (H11) colour I know it was between 10% - 20% white on 90% - 80% main color. For other colours it was more like eye guestimate : due to the colours being close I guessed a variation in mix ratio would not show that much. Ii is more a matter of balance between different camo colours (I personally built up painting in different phases and different mixes...) Cheers Eric B.
  10. Hello This is a short addition on colours mixes : All paint from the Gunze/Tamiya ranges. * Light green : H312 + H303 * Sand : H72 + H11 * Dark brown : H304 + H84 +XF1 * Undersurfaces light blue : H67 + H11 * Middle green : H304 * Dark green (repair work?) : H26 +XF1 + XF5 + H302 Regards Eric B.
  11. Hi, Malaysian Fulcrums : I am not a specialist but :rom information I collected : * about IFR probe : I read (and found a photo) of a Malaysian Mig-29 without probe. Probe has been temporarily removed for overhaul. It was obvious from camo discoloration that the IFR had been there before. I can not remember if Malaysian Mig-29s were originally delivered with or without probe. * this actually is second Malaysian Fulcrums paint scheme. First was delivery scheme and was the original grey-light green Russian camo. Second (this one) is nearly identical - same pattern with similar colours but colours are from US origin (FS standard?). Third is dark grey (FS36318 or close) overall. Cheers. Eric B.
  12. Hi, Thank you all. Mike, very different builds : Italeri was heavily corrected and stuffed with resin, Trumpy builds smoothly. Cheers Eric B.
  13. Thank you Martin, In case some others would like to know, I am reproducing my paint mixes here.. Colours are Gunze Light Green is Gunze H422 (60%) + H312 (40%) Dark Green H309 (70%) + H303 (30%) Tan is H310 (80%) + H11 (20%) Dark Brown Is H17 with drops of H84 Light Grey is H338 + drops of H11 Nose cone and antennae grey panels are H305 Eric B. Hello, I would have loved to, and I would have told everybody Thank for your kind words... Cheers Eric B.
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