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  1. Hello Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate if you like it. Jorge, Joachim : I concur, the Eduard kit is a gem of a kit and I'll probably build more.. Regards Eric B.
  2. David, Small is beautiful then! Absolutely stunning fantastic build. Very inspiring. Photos are real, just real. Congratulations Cheers Eric B.
  3. Hello A fancy AeroMaster decal sheet attracted me to this nose art adorned Spitfire a few years back. I did not know about this aircraft at the time but a Spitfire with a huge painted lady was a bit surprising. Later on, a newer and even more precisely designed Kitsworls decal sheet increase the interest. I started documented the aircraft, only to find the aircraft was part of long range Spitfire tests mostly conducted at Wright Field (USA) and basically combining an additionnal fuselage tank and underwing P-51 tanks. Rel
  4. Hi, I am definitely with you. Hoping for a Mig-21Bis and why not SMT. The Eduard Mig-21 series are gems but my building projects are complete now for the MF, PF and PFM (and even FL combining boxes). I now have all the necessary boxes I need in my stash for the future. My next Eduard Mig-21 buys will be a new Mig-21 version only. Eric B. Hoping
  5. Wow, Very nice Corsair. Good choice, Beautiful model, sharp photography. Congratulations. Eric B.
  6. Wow, Absolute gem... they are spot on Fantastic build - Congratulations. Eric B.
  7. Hi Congratulations, this is a fantastic build.. Really awesome result. I love it.. Eric B.
  8. Hi, I obviously am not in the model business but I have kept wondering (and execting/hoping...) - for years now - why Airfix are not releasing a Sea Vixen and Javelin in 1/72nd scale. I was also hoping for a Buccaneer which is out now. Come on Airfix : Sea Vixen and Javelin. They are all yours Regards.. Eric B.
  9. Hi, Thank you both. So a matter of availability and price, not kit quality then. It would be great if Revell could make some of their older kits available again. Cheers Eric B.
  10. Hello Just to know : what about the Revell A330? (besides it's a -300 IIRC) . Just because I had my mind set on the idea that the B757 was poorly served in 1/144th scale (as probably the B727, B707, A300-600 or later versions of the A340 plus some others) and I did not have included the A330 in my list. Anything to know about the Revell kit? Best regards.. Eric B.
  11. Hello all, As for the 1/200th scale kit, if it is the original Tupolev Bureau original kit, as far as I remember it is nice little kit but no landing gear or wheels are included. Best regard. Eric B.
  12. Hi Marques, You may want to try Reedoak models. They do figures in all major scales. Price maybe on a high range but poses are natural and figures are extremelly sharp being 3D prints. I have seen some and they really enlight a diorama. I know the do pilots and US deck crews in 1/72nd scale, not sure they have crews in lauch attitudes though. http://reedoak.com/ This is a very nice project indeed... Cheers Eric B.
  13. Hi, ... Add to this the seldom cited odd airfoil of the stabilators : stabilators are thick and airfoil seems to be reversed upside down. I had discussed the matter with Braz Models boss in Telford a few years back hoping he could produce some corrected stabilator sets. At the time the Zvezda kit was not in sight and I had happily bought 5 Revell kits. I ended up buying 6 B737-800 engine sets from Braz. No doubt I would have bought 5/6 stabilator sets as well. This said, with Braz engines, window decals and a bit of shortening on the mains, The Revell B738 can be built
  14. Although there is a slight difference lengh wise, I always thought it's on the Heller kit Academy copied their Tempest from. Eric B.
  15. Hello, I am 100% on par with you - same exact words... Eric B.
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