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  1. All caught up. That Fulmar looks great, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  2. Thanks Chris, I used some old and now very viscous Mr Surfacer 500, it behaves very much like spru-goo.
  3. Excellent news! We likely move in August, granddaughter arrives in the next week or two. I've been working concurrently on the cockpit and wings but nothing worth photographing up till now. The wings have required a lot of panel line filling as modern Wee Willy II doesn't have any panel lines particularly visible on its wings. I've removed the blast tubes and filled all panel lines as well as the IDF lights on the underside. The assembly sequence also required some rudimentary work in the wheel bay, but there's plenty more to do there. For expediency's sake I've filled all of t
  4. Been away for a few weeks and missed all this goodness. Glad to be caught up.
  5. After taking a break form the bench for a couple of weeks for work commitments (the nerve of my employer... sheesh) and some other distractions to do with an impending interstate move and the impending birth of our first grandchild, I've taken on one of my very rare commission builds. I'm pretty picky in what I do for commission, mostly because the commercial aspect often removes the joy of the process for me. However, in this case my client wanted something a bit out of the ordinary for me, a warbird not a warplane. This one... This will bring some new challenges!
  6. Two very nice models, totally agree with @billn53 that they could be 48th scale
  7. We do! It's such a great shape, the epitome of the "if it looks right, it'll fly right" axiom. Thanks for the kind words Dave, cheers.
  8. That's beautiful, I love the subtle texture you built into the paint finish, that was extremely well executed.
  9. That’s a very nicely done Corsair, bravo!
  10. Neither had I, it was a random post on Instagram that my wife sent me which triggered the project. Will do Brad. Hopefully it will be only a couple or three weeks until I get the test run to try out. Thanks to all for the comments, much appreciated.
  11. Hello all; After a week on the road - business travel is back - I got the chance to take the glamour pics and finish the piece. The RFI is posted. Thanks for following along. Next up, an FAA Avenger. Cheers; Mark.
  12. G'day all; Here's my recently finished Airfix 1/72 Dakota finished as an aircraft belonging to No.233 Squadron, RAF. I chose this particular aircraft to build for a few reasons, not the least being that I've actually been inside it as it's housed in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario (not far from where I used to live). The build itself was inspired by the story of the "Flying Nightingales" and I built the model and wrote my piece around those remarkable, courageous and largely unsung women who risked their lives in these Air Ambulances; the aircraft weren
  13. Nice! I like those a lot, congratulations on three fine builds. The blister windows look great, by the way - no squinting required.
  14. And that's a wrap. The only thing I'm not happy with is the astrodome being off kilter. I've tried to prise it lose to reset it but it's well glued and I think it'll cause too much damage to get it out. It is what to is. Otherwise though, I really enjoyed this one and am happy with how it turned out. RFI coming soon, once I've taken the glamour pics and finished the accompanying article about the Flying Nightingales, those brave women who inspired this piece. Cheers; Mark.
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