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  1. As you may have noticed from the like-spam, I just caught up with this splendid build Alistair. You’re tearing through this one with great pace without any loss of quality. I expect we’ll see an RFI by week’s end!
  2. Thanks Chris. It is a big box, but not a Matchbox… Thanks Alistair, wait till you see what I did with the searchlight structure …... Thank you. I think it was @Bertie Psmith that mentioned elsewhere that one can get in a flow and time is no longer a conscious factor in modelling. Thanks for the birthday wishes, gents. My wife remembers almost everything I’ve ever said in our 35 years together. For example, she still remembers me saying in 1989 that I thought her sister was quite attractive. She also remembers that weeks ago I said that one day I’d like to build a detailed large scale HMS Hood, when I became sufficiently competent at ship modelling to do it justice. Turns out she thinks I’m already competent enough. It’s a very big box! Happy birthday to me Cheers.
  3. Speak for yourselves my friends…. The planet has a Southern Hemisphere too! The Corsairs look good, even in the northern hemisphere.
  4. Some progress to show, though not much in results terms, there's a few hours in this. I completed the detail painting on those parts installed on the deck. I'm not sure if the PE railing just before the front deck (foredeck?) looks better or worse than before painting. It's messy, anyway. I turned my focus to some of the structures, notably the torpedo launchers and rearmost gun. It's very tricky even taking photos of these parts they're so small. I used the kit parts for the torpedo launchers and some Masters turned brass gun barrels. I then began attaching some of these bits and pieces to the deck, this is how it looks tonight. I'm finding the small PE detail work very difficult, and I've made an absolute dogs dinner of the searchlight stand (I'll unveil that sorry mess in the next update). I'm working through a combination of [lack of] patience - nothing new - and inexperience so I remain hopeful that it will get easier (at least the competence part...). This isn't say I'm not enjoying this build, far from it actually. In fact, I hinted strongly to my wife that for my birthday, which is tomorrow, I'd quite like another ship model. She went to the store today and forbade me to watch her bring in the package. I shall report tomorrow. Cheers.
  5. Old mate looks pretty relaxed singlehanding a boat like that, hats off to him. I like the wind in the sails photos, especially the third one down. It’s a sail boat, well made and seemingly perfectly functional. Well done.
  6. As you should be. This one's coming along at a pace, I'm having trouble keeping up!
  7. I hope you're there for the week and half every year when it's not raining or snowing in the Maritimes... It's a beautiful part of Canada, though I'm biased towards Niagara Region (lived there for a long time). The Hawks look splendid. I'm so looking forward to you painting them.
  8. Almost everything we do is overscale; it’s physics, if it were scale it wouldn’t support its own weight, thinking particularly of the sails and a tonne of other things on boats and airplane models. You’re being a bit hard on yourself there, though there are better quality ropes I believe. I think you’ve done a great job there; no way I’d know it was your maiden voyage, so to speak.
  9. Over the top or not, it's. lovely model. That link is very interesting, thank you for that. I'm starting to realise that these little Destroyers (ships in general??) are just as complex in their variations and history as that bl**dy Wessex I just finished! I made some progress over the weekend and will post some pics soon. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the detailed answer, much appreciated. Insofar as the corrections for the depth charges and the parravanes at the stern, I’m not going to change them as the kit representation is close enough for me in this instance (and photos show that in 1936 she didn’t have them, though of course they could have been converted after then). What’s interesting to me is the colours though. Agree on the Home Fleet Grey and that it would be 507a, a dark grey matt finish. But whether that was applied to the decks is debatable, especially on a home fleet destroyer (from what I’ve read, at least - my primary reading was at https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/pages/full-view-of-all-schemes). It seems to me, absent proof otherwise that the decks could have been the original corticene which was in use even into the 30s and might well have still been on the Wren’s decks in 1940 (she'd been on active service nonstop since war was declared and for some time prior) Even though it will make painting much easier to go with grey overall, I’m going to stick with what I have for aesthetic reasons, if no other. Hopefully I’ll have some progress to show by the end of the weekend. Cheers. Edited to add... Oh, and yes, this is a big miss. I’m going to have to find some railings I guess.
  11. Well, that sucks. I hope you can muster the enthusiasm to finish it when the various decal and such requirements are in place.
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