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  1. And... I ve already changed my mind back to light blue. The “light blue” triangle of colour extends lower than the steel panel, which ends at the panel line visible through the name. If it were simply the unpainted steel panel the “light blue” colour would end at that panel line because below it is aluminium. it also interesting how in black and white the yellow line around “Lou IV” and the “light blue” triangle are the same shade but in colour are clearly different colours.
  2. I think probably so for the wing tip. I can’t think of anything else it could be.
  3. Yes! Of course you are correct, I completely forgot about the steel surround to the exhausts. I think my original assumption that the area around the gun barrels was left unpainted may be closer to the mark then.
  4. Great progress and results so far, it's shaping up really nicely.
  5. So, now it's time to get to the upper colours... The first two images below are the best quality scans I can find. I have processed both images to improve their resolution and quality, but have NOT changed any of the colour mixes, hues or saturations. The colour image is taken from what I believe to be a first or second generation Hi-Res TIFF. This of course is impossible to know for sure, and I have no way to know how it was processed. However, the overall image quality and its colour balance looks quite natural to me and therefore I accept it on face value. The black and white image is
  6. Progress so far on the underside of the wings. From top left and going clockwise; I was unhappy with the quality of my panel line filling. I remade some panel filling goop with liquid glue and Mr. Surfacer 1000 and made another attempt at filling in the line. Happy with that I painted the outer wings with Vallejo Model Air Duraluminium. I used some Bare Metal Foil for the centre panels. I applied the D-Day stripes with Tamiya Acrylics and then weathered the middle white stripe with some heavily thinned medium grey. I also applied this thinned mixture to the outer wings to begin the proce
  7. Thanks! your seat at the bar is always available I think you’re right about the middle stripe, the more I look at it - particularly the starboard wing - it’s clear the white paint is present, just dirty (smudging is correct).
  8. As to what/how I'm going to paint my wings... undersides first. As we know, Mustang wings were painted with a silver paint out of the factory; the exceptions to this being the large square-ish panels either side of the centreline, the flaps and the ailerons, all of which were all left natural metal. Nothing unusual on Lou IV in that regard but there are some interesting things about its D-Day stripes... The fuselage stripes don't seem to wrap around the bottom of the fuselage, instead stopping at the bottom edge of the flanks. In the three versions of the
  9. Things have progressed sufficiently such that I can begin painting. I've test fitted the wing and found the fit to be quite good, and as such I'll be able to join the wings to the fuselage after painting. I've part number C01 to the wings to give me something to hold them by, but more importantly to avoid any touch-ups later in areas that would be very difficult to mask around. As it is now, when I make the join it will be on seam lines in areas I am almost certainly going to use Bare Metal Foil.
  10. Lovely work there. You may or may not care, but I’m fairly sure for early Spitfires (pre Mk.IX) the walk line on the starboard wing did not include the portion that ran down to the trailing edge.
  11. CC, it’s a bit late to tell you this, but I’m building an Airfix P-51 as well and those ejector pin marks can’t be seen in the assembled cockpit. I didn’t bother filling them...
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