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  1. As said above, an unusual scheme which you’ve executed really well, Alistair. Your PR Spit is definitely going to stand out, and not only because it’s got funny little blue roundels!
  2. The flaps were a little annoying but relatively easy to fix (the "dropped" flaps didn't fit either, also too small). More annoying was the seam around the carb intake. I'm puzzled as to why Airfix engineered it the way they did, with the carb intake sitting in a pocket in the sump cover rather than simply sitting on it. The seam is very difficult to get to and harder still to fix. I must admit, in the end I gave up and it's still quite visible. So be it. Next, I completed the preshading and then started with thin coats of PRU Blue. After my usual back and forth, varying mixes and shades I ended up with this. I'm mostly pleased with the paint job but my airbrush wasn't cooperating at all (later, upon disassembly I found it to be desperate need of a clean and de-gunk). Consequently, I wasn't able to get some of the fine variations in the paint finish that I like to attempt. I may revisit that when the markings are on and I complete the finish. Looking at the above pic I'm still annoyed about the carb intake. You may have noticed it's been quiet in my model room for a week or so. I'm employed, for want of a better description, effectively as an internal consultant at an intermodal rail company. I'm lucky to have somehow become an SME in a fairly niche area of intermodal operations and most of the time I'm working with ops, vendors and service providers on a continual improvement goal in my area. Things rarely get stressed, but when they do they get really stressed. The last week or so has been a stressed week and my focus has been entirely on solving the issue at hand; it was finally resolved at about 11pm last night. I'm very happy to be back at the bench, and will now take a look-see a what I missed around the grounds these last few days. Cheers.
  3. I like it a lot! It'll tone down a tad after the finishing coats are on. Tricky, but doable. With a bit of care, and assuming the nozzle isn't completely blown out, the needle can be straightened sufficiently to apply a clear gloss for the decals (ask me how I know...). Looking good overall.
  4. Looking at this again, I think the underside is so mucky (and, such fun to be had weathering this one!) that new paint would very quickly merge into old, especially as it’s the same colour. The underside would have (probably) been overpainted in October ‘44, three or four winter months before the reference photos were shot. As for the uppers, the saddle area matches, more or less, where stripes would have been. Overpainted stripes is still the most plausible theory and as such would necessarily include overpainting on the wings.
  5. That’s an interesting approach. I’m not trying to do that on mine, I’m trying to represent the variations in the paint finish caused by age, wear and grime. An art teacher once told me nothing is the same colour all the way across its surface. I always go with what I see (and can reason) over what is supposed to be there. If you don’t see the markings on the real thing, having paid due attention of course, then they aren’t there. That EDSG looks to be perfect. The whole is looking very imposing now, it’s quite an airframe, isn’t it?
  6. I’m quite certain that is very kind and overly generous; and hyperbolically unlikely!
  7. Welcome, latecomers; in the words of Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner; just take a seat they're always free/no surprise, no mystery/ Well gents, consider the fettling complete. Just prior to an unplanned two day work trip to Sydney I had a final fettle. This evening I permanently attached the rear glass and windscreen and this is the result. I'm quite happy with that; hopefully the paint later on doesn't show any areas requiring further attention. With the clear parts done, I could move forward with assembly. I like to use electrical tape for this as its elasticity provides manageable tension/compression appropriate to the task. I will make sure to clean off the sticky residue that often remains from this tape though. When the wing was set, I offered up the remaining flaps and was a bit disappointed in this... Operator error or Airfix's, I'm not sure but progress ground to a halt while I glued up some additional sheet styrene to extend them to their correct width. Elsewhere I attached the lower engine cowl and carb intake where there will be more filling/blending work required. That'll be for the next update. Cheers.
  8. The photos with tweezers are a great way to illustrate the Hawks are in fact 72nd scale models.
  9. That all looks very good indeed. Notwithstanding their absence from the kit, the seatbelts look very convincing.
  10. Looks fabulous! I’m looking forward to painting mine, I hope it turns out as nicely!
  11. Catching up here Alistair, and a nice catch up it is. The little Harvard is shaping up magnificently.
  12. Totally agree with the final version of the paint job, Roger. And, you did a great job with its execution. The markings came out really well, too. The piece de résistance though is the undercarriage which looks spectacular, great job there.
  13. I think you’ve done a very good job at a used white paint effect. I’d be happy with that if it were mine. The randomness is the accuracy in my opinion, that’s what I strive for in my paint work, and they way you achieved it is how I do it too. I like it.
  14. So far so good, I like where you’re heading on this.
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