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  1. Thanks, though with the current titanic struggle you’re waging with your Mustang I’m not surprised this one escaped your notice! Thanks, yes it’s a fine looking aircraft; I haven’t made a Lanc for neigh on 30 years I reckon but there will be more - so many stories to tell...
  2. This WIP is a real wrestlemania! Bravo for your perseverance and execution. NA put progressively more paint/corrosion control into the wheel wells throughout production. It’s quite possible though that there was none at all this early in the type’s production, even including the main spar. However, if it were my model I’d represent a main spar painted in YZC with the rest of the wheel well left natural metal - note that at this stage in production it wasn’t a silver or aluminium paint, just natural metal for the ribs, stringers and the underside of the wing skinning. When the r
  3. Thanks Ray, I appreciate the comments. And with that said, George is actually finished. Final assembly was quick and painless. I knew the major components all fit well from previous dry fitting so it was simply a matter of gluing everything up. I’ll take some glamour shots in a few days and post to the finished gallery. thanks for following. Cheers.
  4. Progress continues apace, I'm almost ready to begin the final assembly. The last major effort was the wing weathering in preparation for joining them to the fuselage, a task I completed this afternoon. I used these two images as my primary references for the exhaust staining, note that the B/W image is of George during one of its War Bond Tours in Australia. Other tasks that are now complete include the undercarriage, propellors, turrets and canopy, and bomb bay doors. These will all be attached as par to the final assembly proce
  5. Coming together nicely, looking forward to the paint phase.
  6. Thanks Chris, I’m glad to hear that about the cocktail stick, I know I’m trying to take an easier route and that frequently doesn’t make for a better result.
  7. An experiment. I dislike masking at the best of times, but this canopy has had me in fits. So, in the absence of a masking set I am going hand-painted, though the turrets are nicely masked and painted the old-fashioned way, with the airbrush. I've always used a toothpick dampened with thinner to clean up minor blemishes in my canopy framing so this time I've just go a bit more to do. As seen below the canopy has only one coat, I'll add another before the cleanup. Forgive the crappy photo please, you get the idea. Otherwise George is ready for his flat
  8. Shaping up well, looking forward to seeing the paint work
  9. Very nice indeed, the rear fuselage interior is great.
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