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  1. The SG sets are now released for the GWH, Revell and Academy kits, EX/QA conversion sets coming in a few days https://bam-models.com/product/bam48011-1-48-f-15sg-conversion-set/ Zoom example on the MAWS tail booms:
  2. Excellent build, thanks for showing us what can be done out of the box! Arnaud
  3. I actually went the other way around and got myself some larger CA bottles from ebay UK. They are cheaper by the ml and last a pretty long time. The rigid nature of the bottle prevents the glue from going out too much without being able to get back in, and to hold the bottle firmly while wiping out any excess from the tip. As others have mentionned, it's always best to get a drop on a disposable surface (I use the sprues plastic wrapping), clean the bottle tip, close it and then use the CA drop. Arnaud
  4. Beautiful, and the building is fantastic too, great attention to small details! Arnaud
  5. Looking forward to seeing this one, I love Napoleonic uniforms
  6. Good question. My take on this is simple: 1/ I want to offer one-stop complete sets 2/ As a modeller I'm not prepared to pay 25+ euros for a paint job I can do rather quickly on good quality resin and even improve with Anyz decals so I want to give this option to others as well I'm in no way minimizing how impressive 3D-printed colour cockpits are though, to each their own and it's good to have options By the way I worked with Caracal on a decal sheet to go along with the update sets and we are happy to announce its upcoming release!
  7. Raymond told me it's completely the same kit, they just ran out of the old boxes and took the opportunity to change the box art. However the description on LM clearly says they also added weapons, surely from SMW's IDF weapons sets.
  8. Hi all, First of a series of BAM sets to update the 1/48 GWH, Revell and Academy kits, the F-15SG set for the GWH kit will be released by end of week. It will contain all parts required to update the plastic kit: GE F110-129 exhausts Cockpit sides antennae Updated tail booms Vertical stab top antennae Upgraded Front Instrument Panel Upgraded Rear Instrument Panel Large GPS antenna behind the airbrake Left wing antenna Tiger Eyes IRST Extended CFT pylons (front/middle/aft) CFT small scoop Sets for the Revell a
  9. The nozzles are 3D printed as some detail, notably the nozzle petal brackets, could not be cast without making multiple parts (like Aires does). The pattern is totally invisible to the naked eye after a coat of primer don't worry (I would be the first to be super annoyed!)
  10. The Rafale A intakes are released and ready for order! They bring much more detail than the kit parts - the Heller kit offers a blank wall as intakes They are a drop fit, just a tiny bit of sanding of the kit parts is required (3 minutes worth of work in my test ) compared to massive sanding/filling required with the kit parts, as shown here These will combine nicly with the recently released exhausts (early and late) to finally give this otherwise nice kit of an awesome prototype justice!
  11. Breaks fluid or Oven cleaner will remove most paints without touching the plastic
  12. The prototype is being finalized for review by the submarine's crew to make sure it's as good as possible before release
  13. That's a wild but incredibly accurate guess
  14. I'd be happy to join with BAM models' soon-to-be-released 1/350 Suffren-class submarine if I may It will be a full resin kit. Cheers, Arnaud
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