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  1. Absolutely beautiful, looking forward to seeing it finished! Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  2. I heard adding a bit of IPA makes the varnish dry faster, and hence matter. Never tried it though as what I have is matt enough for my needs Might be worth a test though, let us know! Arnaud
  3. Beautiful build and paint finish, congratulations and thanks for sharing! Arnaud
  4. I'm in please, with either a 1/48 Kinetic Legacy Hornet or a 1/48 Hasegawa Super Hornet Arnaud
  5. Amazing attention to detail, thanks for sharing! Arnaud
  6. Thank you all, calling this one done! SImple base made from plasticard and pine wood. Two completed builds in a year, hum... Happy New Year! Arnaud
  7. Hello friends! With the F-15I nearly done, I am finally ready to enter the GB I will use (links to reviews in hyperlink when available): Tamiya's 1/48 F-14A with kit decals, although I may use masks for the larger markings Eduard Big Sin sin64831 Quickboost GRU-7 QB 48 223, because I don't quite fancy PE belts as provided in Eduard's otherwise very nice seats ) Quickboost F-14A Tomcat position lights QB-48776 The idea is to build this classic VF-84 bird as I already built the VF-2 scheme in 1/72 a while ago First build steps coming soon! Arnaud
  8. Hello, A bit of progress , namely the antenna covers. First i made a master from plasticard, then used made cheap molds by pressing the masters into Plasticine and cast them in resin. The masters side walls do not need to be perfect as their shape is not captured when pressing the master Next are the exhaust nozzles and seats! Comments welcome, thanks for looking, Arnaud
  9. Quite a bit of progress since my last post: She now has wheels and most weapons are done Surprisingly, the "B" decal sheet which contains most colour markings is significantly thinner than the "A" sheet dedicated to stencils. Nice surprise though as it would have been a nightmare to mare thick decals disappear on weapons I used AeroBonus RBF tags, very nice and easy to use. Comments welcome, thanks for looking, Arnaud
  10. Hello friends, I finally get to post some progress, after spending a couple of week ends on the stencils... As reported by Doog in his Su-35 build, GWH decals are pretty thick but get on fine. I'm glad I painted all large markings though (including the tail and nose numbers). Comments welcome, Arnaud
  11. Thank you for your kind words. The project is making progress, I'm really more into building than painting so the second phase is always a bit slow/painful Next are the decals Arnaud
  12. Amazing build, congratulations! I hope my 1/48 one turns out half as good How did you manage to make the demarcations so tight? Did you use especially thinned paint and paint very close to the plastic? Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  13. I'm in with a 1/48 Tamiya F-14A if still OK to join Looking forward to it, Arnaud
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