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  1. What do you think of the Aires cockpit? Is it worth the trouble/cost? Is the gap at the front normal?
  2. Simple: Hasegawa and Hasegawa As said by others, nicer kits are twice the price
  3. Very nice seat/cockpit! If you need seamless intakes or detailed exhausts let me know https://bam-models.com/product/bam48006-1-48-rafale-a-late-exhausts/ https://bam-models.com/product/bam48008-1-48-rafale-a-early-exhausts/ https://bam-models.com/product/bam48009-rafale-a-seamless-intakes/ I look forward to seeing the next steps, Arnaud
  4. Thank you. They carry Arma Hobby (plastic model kits) but not Arma Models (3D-printed Hind rivet decals). That being said it seems they actually take international orders, just not directly on their website but rather through the comments section Arnaud
  5. Very nice and clean build, well done! Arnaud
  6. Hello, Would anyone know how to order from Arma Models? There are a few things I'd love to order from them but they only ship within Russia/Belarus. Can someone help? Thank you so much in advance, Arnaud
  7. Yes, the LAU-128 launchers are included in the Revell set as well as a couple of other things (small GP antenna on the right side of the upper fuselage, slanted antennae) as the Revell Monogram kit represents a Strike Eagle from before these appeared
  8. This looks incredibly cool, both the subject and the plastic
  9. I think you can remain relaxed - it may take a bit of time but you'll get your kit. I'm now convinced that it's a funny misunderstanding: MH operates like they probably did 20 years ago and their customer base expects Amazon-style reactivity The good side of things is that they carry hard to find kits at very reasonable price - I had exactly the same experience as you regarding my Hannants cart which got transfered to MH lol
  10. The F-15SA conversion sets for the 1/48 GWH and Revell-Monogram F-15E kits are ready for order! With this and the Caracal CD48210 sheet you're all set to make one of the most striking F-15 schemes Photo credit The Drive
  11. Awesome vintage kit, I look forward to seeing the great aircraft you're going to turn it into! Arnaud
  12. Our latest releases are two sets for 1/48 F-15s: 1/ F-15 C/E/EX/QA/SA current wheels - all Eagles have received these wheels and no kit provides them 2/ GWH F-15I update/upgrade set - The GWH kit instrument panels are wrong for a Ra'am, the set also includes the very recently added large GPS antenna aft of the speed brake F-15 current wheels F-15I set
  13. Great looking MiG, this type has such a brutal look . Makes me want to open mine
  14. Full instructions for the Reaper Landing Gear Bay set are now online! Enjoy, Arnaud
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