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  1. The Rafale A intakes are released and ready for order! They bring much more detail than the kit parts - the Heller kit offers a blank wall as intakes They are a drop fit, just a tiny bit of sanding of the kit parts is required (3 minutes worth of work in my test ) compared to massive sanding/filling required with the kit parts, as shown here These will combine nicly with the recently released exhausts (early and late) to finally give this otherwise nice kit of an awesome prototype justice!
  2. Breaks fluid or Oven cleaner will remove most paints without touching the plastic
  3. The prototype is being finalized for review by the submarine's crew to make sure it's as good as possible before release
  4. That's a wild but incredibly accurate guess
  5. It looks interesting but I can't see any picture; am I the only one?
  6. Their catalogue is very mixed but don't discard them as a whole. As SD said there are great kits (their 1/48 Rafale or 1/72 F-16 are fantastic and wonderful value for money), others are outdated or weirdly designed. It is a matter of reading reviews before buying I guess Arnaud
  7. Dear Tom, So far I focused on external parts but why not, you're not the first to request it so I might go there Arnaud
  8. Two sets are now released! Late Rafale A with two different engines; SNECMA M88-2 on the left, early GE F404 on the right (notice the early F404 differs from the legacy Hornet's nozzle as it does not have the small cuts at the end of the petals) This sets includes decals for the tail markings specific to this version Production Rafale B/C/M M88-2 Cheers, Arnaud
  9. I sized the A for the Heller kit and when I checked with the Revell kit they turned out to be the same diameter Some details change though which is why it will be two different references
  10. After a lot of trial and error regarding printing parameters, I am finally prepared to call this a success 1/48 Rafale A 1-piece exhausts
  11. Yes you did, intakes and exhausts The intakes are nearly ready for casting, the exhausts are finally OK after much trial and error - stay tuned! Arnaud
  12. Well I've been busy recently: Rafale A (Heller) Seamless intakes M88 and F404 exhausts (two sets: two F404s for the early test phase, F404 on the right and M88 on the left for the M88 test campaign) Rafale C (Revell) M88 exhausts Eurofighter (Revell) seamless intakes F-16C Barak tail art masks (Two references, one siwed for Tamiya the other for Kinetic) so the sand-coloured markings are the same shade as the camo All should be available by end of week Arnaud
  13. The most visible differences are indeed the DDM-NG on the vertical tail and the larger antenna behind the cockpit. BAM48002 has you covered on both and more I look forward to seeing the Greek scheme indeed, Aegian would be awesome but quite unlikely Arnaud
  14. I'm very excited to announce that the main exhausts are now ready for order In addition to the exhausts themselves a set of self-adhesive guides is provided to help with the kit correction/rivet-engraving. As always the objective is to make this an enjoyable, stress-free experience http://bam-models.com/1-48-exhausts-for-eurofighter-typhoon-ef2000-bam48005/ Any feedback welcome! Arnaud
  15. Logical complement to the auxiliary exhausts, 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon main exhausts are coming soon Arnaud
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