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  1. Next Rafale-related item will be the Rafale M's Exocet AM39 pylon Still in the very early stages Cheers, Arnaud
  2. Great news! I managed to source clear green sheet, the HUDs will come both plain clear and clear green in BAM48002 Arnaud
  3. After a couple of light coats of Tamiya clear green, I must say I quite like it Arnaud
  4. And the final item that was still missing: the HUD! Vacuum forming was the best solution I could find to get crystal clear, repeatable HUDs so while it's a bit more work than a resin-cast part I felt it was worth the trade-off. It needs cutting, a few light green coats and a final bath in Future - if anyone knows where I could find clear green HIPS I'd be very glad, I looked everywhere on the internet without success Thanks for looking, Arnaud
  5. Upgrade set BAM48002 is now officially released! Let me know what you think RAM panels for Rafale B/C: RAM panels for Rafale M: Fuselage grills: Arnaud
  6. Quick post to explain the BAM philosophy of making things as easy as possible for the modeller The Rafale updgrade set will not only contain the necessary parts to address what I see as the most visible shortcomings, but also provide the modeller with everything needed to make this painless: jigs! For example, the front formation lights are right on the kit's top/bottom fuselage seam, making it a pain to preserve while removing the seam. Using the set, it will just be a matter of fully removing the seam (including the lights), position the jig and set the lights - et voila! Some (ba
  7. Not very long, I'm producing the sets now but waiting for packaging to arrive, I ran out of boxes
  8. VHF antenna and attaching plate prototypes are ready: As are the fuselage grills: and the auxiliary exhaust: DDM-NG coming soon Arnaud
  9. Thanks Alex! The detailing set is well underway and will cover the highlighted areas below (along with the rationale as to why I felt they are required): Under fuselage RAM panels, both the B/C and M versions - half missing in the kit Head-Up Display (HUD) - flat in the kit, and I will run a test on Monday to make a holographic, curved HUD Fuselage sides grills - wrong shape and location in the kit, New F3/F3R spine antenna - missing New DDM-NG on either sides of the vertical stabilizer - only the old version in the kit Flare launchers detail (3 versions
  10. It is very surprising to me that they do no react to what seems like a lot of incidents. They seem like nice and honest people with a great product range and reasonable prices, it just seems they are not focusing much on user experience and communication. In short, the fundamentals are there but not the final layer that would make them a great place to shop at. I'll simply ask them about this to understand their perspective, I'll let you know. Arnaud
  11. Thank you all for your support, I was not quite expecting so much traction - the vacuum pump has been working more in the past month than in the year before!! Pre-ordered sets will be shortly at the48ers, you can also order directly from me. Another set to update your Rafale both in details and in standard (F3/F3R) is nearly complete too Best, Arnaud
  12. Looking good! While I found the wing root fit to be very good with strategically placed spacers on the insider of the fuselage, he bottom part fit is indeed terrible, especially at the front. A good trick to make it a perfect fit at the rear, near the engine, is to add strips of thick plastic sheet on the inside of either parts so that they force the kit parts to sit flush with each other. Looking forward to seeing it completed! Which paints are you going to use for the camo? Arnaud
  13. Thanks Salomon! These are great pictures, a friend at ARC answered faster though Let's see what we can do though Here are the results of the amended design: Use is fairly self-explanatory I think! They will be part of a broader Rafale exterior enhancement set, stay tuned! Arnaud
  14. Hello, I'm designing a set of vinyl parts to add RAM panels under the Revell kit. I have started with the rear fuselage (see here) but I have a question for the experts here on the forward panels. I can't find any good picture of this area, which geometry is correct? A free set (rear and front RAM panels) to anyone bringing definitive proof! Thank you, Arnaud
  15. Thank you Werner for your kind words, I'm very glad you like them. Looking forward ot your build now! Arnaud
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