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  1. Thanks guys, very reassuring I was quite surprised as I'd been very happy with them when I was living in the UK - the online reviews freaked me out I'll admit Let's see when the parcel arrives then, I'll keep the group posted Arnaud
  2. Dear friends, I placed a rather large order with Modelhobbies two weeks ago, got dispatch confirmation on 29/07 and nothing arrived yet while a parcel posted the same day from our good friends from Cyprus (the 48ers.com) arrived a week ago. I sent them an email this morning, no reply yet which might not be an issue as it would be unfair to expect immediate answer but the reviews I found online got me quite anxious. Should I worry? What's your experience with them? Thank you, Arnaud
  3. Great work, I love the seat and the attention to detail overall. As I have 3 Rafale kits in the stash I've design and printed full length intakes which plug at the back end of the kit parts, let me know if you'd be interested Arnaud
  4. Beautiful work! How did you account for the curved surfaces when designing the masks? Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  5. Nice job Rob, next time try using a Silhouette to cut the masks you'll save a lot of time and it's quick to amortize Arnaud
  6. I have a couple of sets from them (1/72 F/A-18F ACS and 1/48 AH-64 sets) and they are very good Arnaud
  7. Very realistic and lively scene, would love to see a WIP to do it myself Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  8. Beautiful work, makes me want to build some! Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  9. Absolutely beautiful, looking forward to seeing it finished! Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  10. I heard adding a bit of IPA makes the varnish dry faster, and hence matter. Never tried it though as what I have is matt enough for my needs Might be worth a test though, let us know! Arnaud
  11. Beautiful build and paint finish, congratulations and thanks for sharing! Arnaud
  12. I'm in please, with either a 1/48 Kinetic Legacy Hornet or a 1/48 Hasegawa Super Hornet Arnaud
  13. Amazing attention to detail, thanks for sharing! Arnaud
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