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  1. True, but this was released way back in 2001, (doesn't time fly? ) so if you find one it's probably 2nd hand, so it might be just as expensive as a 2nd hand original Hasegawa release. Hasegawa did release the A-7D once with the sprues from one of their weapon sets included, which would be a nice deal if you can find it for a good price: https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/has/kit_has_09830.shtml
  2. Academy 1/72 P-40N, 120 Squadron ML-KNIL, New Guinea
  3. Well, it's finished. Bit mixed feelings about the final look, but it is what it is. I'll put more pics in the gallery.
  4. I don't think I've ever seen an EF-111 with external fuel tanks. Also, since it was converted to an EF-111, it no longer had a functional internal weapons bay, and they never carried any ordnance.
  5. The pods you see on some pics are baggage pods. The only other things I've seen on EF-111 wing pylons are ACMI pods, mounted on the side of the pylon on a Sidewinder rail, and I have a pic of one loaded with a training AIM-9 on an airshow, which I suspect was done just for the show.
  6. Thanks. Having lots of fun with this one. Already got the underside, prop and spinner and the flags painted. Have to do the undercarriage bays next and after that it's pretty much time for decals.
  7. Does this qualify? There's a new kit from Freedom Models, and AFV Club is supposed to release one as well. Or I might just do a F-104J.
  8. The 1986 Tactical Air Meet (they weren't called weapon meet anymore by that time) was at Kleine Brogel in Belgium. There was one in the Netherlands in 1984, though, at Gilze Rijen. 11-EF was there, pic of it in this thread: http://www.milspotters.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3029 I know it doesn't help you with the load under the right wing, but it might help narrowing down your search.
  9. It's a radar pod: https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/104604/anasq-236-radar-pod/
  10. I've started painting it. A few days ago I gave it a coat of Tamiya XF-20, and today I started with the top coat of Gunze's Olive Drab with some very light grey added for a faded effect, and a slightly darker tone on the engine section. After that I masked off the H on the tail and sprayed it with Gunze's Neutral Grey. Next up will be the underside.
  11. Made some good progress this week. Such an easy kit to work with. Cockpit all done and fuselage closed: After that, the wings were added, with one needing a wee bit of encouragement. Also the few seams that were there, got some filler added: And here's how it looks now, with the first clear part added:
  12. You're thinking of the single seater D, which does have a frame on the canopy that shouldn't be there. The one in the F kit is correct. It does have a frame on the canopy, but as can clearly be seen on the very first photo posted above, it should be there.
  13. Hi all, I will be building the 1/72 Academy P-40 for this GB. It will be done as a dutch one from 120 Sqn, which was part of the RAAF durng the war. The markings will be sourced from a Flevo Decal sheet, and I might paint some of them, due the to rather heavily weatherd look of the real ones. I'm not 100% sure yet which one I will do, but the one leading the flight on the photo below is a good candidate. It looks like it got some new engine panels at some point, or they were repainted, as the appear darker, and the serial just in front of the cockpit is also missing. I made a start on it this weekend, with some interior green (MRP) and aluminium paint. It looks like a nice and simple kit with decent fit. I also painted the bit behind the seat in the interior green colour, but I've read that this was actually the same colour as the fuselage, so olive drab? Thanks for looking, Pete
  14. I'd like to join with a Dutch one, please. I will be using the 1/72 Academy kit and Flevo Decals.
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