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  1. @thepureness That depends on how much stencil data you want. The kit sheet comes with plenty of stencils already (review with pic of sheet), the extra sheet sold separately is for the modeller who wants to go the extra mile with all the panel door numbers etc.
  2. You could do it as a US Navy F-4G. They had some interesting camo jobs, and I suspect, as a vac form builder, you'll be able to do the small mods needed. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/remembering-u-s-navy-f-4g-phantom-perform-automatic-carrier-landings
  3. Some pics in this blog. Nice looking scheme https://danangafb.blogspot.com/2017/
  4. Before starting this post, I checked what people were posting in this section. I noticed a lot of high performance cars, so this one fits right in. It's the Arii 1/32 Mazda K360. This is a very simple kit, with some flash on the parts here and there, but these Arii kits are dirt cheap, fun to build, and just look cool and retro. Last year I finished their 1/32 Daihatsu 3 wheeler, and this one is even smaller, as you can see. Thanks for looking! Pete
  5. The two F-4E squadrons that were based at Da Nang (assigned to the 366th TFW) were the 4th TFS with the LA tail code, and the 421st TFS with LC as a tail code. I don't think DA was ever used by any unit. The Finemolds kit already comes with a 4th TFS option. There's also an old Wolfpak sheet that has a 421st TFS option, but this one might be hard to find (72-011). As for size, I'm sure someone else will chime in.
  6. Yes, @Dennis_C,you could build a very early Israeli F-4E with the USAF F-4E boxing, or with the non Kai F-4EJ boxings too, I guess. There are no parts in the kit for a slatted wing F-4E, or the bolted on refueling probe the IDF/AF later used.
  7. Thanks! @Tbolt, I used the rolls of white tack method. @Ilan, I used Mr.Color 374 and 375. They are specifically for this scheme.
  8. Thanks. I currently still have 3 more in the stash, the two retirement schemes, and the RF-4EJ boxing. I have the early F-4E boxing on backorder and the announced future versions all on pre-order.
  9. Hi all, Here's my Finemolds F-4EJ Kai Phantom II. This is the 8Sqn boxing with the blue camouflage scheme. A very easy and enjoyable build, and despite its finesse, it's much easier to build than the Hasegawa ones. Like others have said, the kit decals are a bit thick, but they settle down nicely, and you can't even tell anymore under the flat coat. Painted with Mr.Color for the blues and various Vallejo Metal Colors for the exhaust area. Thanks for looking. Pete
  10. I would take that with a large grain of salt. Scalemates is like Wikipedia, any member can change the date.
  11. You can find quite a few pics of Vietnam era USAF Skyraiders with yellow tips. The USN ones always appear to have had the red/white ones (like all the US Navy props), and some USAF ones as well, but I guess the USAF liked the yellow tips better.
  12. Here's another shot of 973 with the Wisconsin ANG https://flic.kr/p/26fkkW2
  13. Here's a German example. Looks like they mounted it on an Unimog.
  14. CR is Soesterberg, yes. How to contact Rob: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/contact.htm @Rob de Bie
  15. Here's a Dutch one, they don't look like the ones in the Hasegawa set. Edit: You could try asking this guy for the plans and get one 3D printed https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/startcart.htm
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