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  1. Paragon did some exhausts for it, along with some other stuff. Neomega did a cockpit set, but I'm not sure for which version it was
  2. Here's my 1/72 Platz FS-T2 Kai. Markings from the kit, painted with Mr. Color Thanks for looking! Pete
  3. Calling this one done. Great little kit, if not a little fiddly. I decided on a light load of a CBLS and some fueltanks. Thanks for the kind words everyone. More pics in the gallery.
  4. The largest I can find is the 1/72 Belcher Bits kit. Maybe you can find someone who could do a 3D print? A missile seems like a fairly simple thing to design, if you know the dimensions of course.
  5. In general, the newer their kits are, the better. Especially their Gold range in the black/gold boxes are pretty good. I've built a few Kinetic kits and they were all buildable, their F-104 being the best of the bunch. The Hornets are very nice too, with a few minor fit issues, but this seems to be a Hornet thing in general.
  6. Thanks guys! @bianfuxia Yours is looking good too! As nice as this kit is, the Hasegawa one might be more fun to build. This one feels a bit over engineered. @cpoud117 Yeah, Cartograf, so pretty thin. Didn't have any trouble with them, except one little silver dot that moved after putting it on and I didn't see it until after sealing it. Got all the decals on the plane itself, and gave it a coat of VMS Satin, Now it's time for all the smaller bits.
  7. Clement! You're back! And what a lovely return to the hobby this is. Good work. Pete
  8. Hmmm, I think it's the Automatic Direction Finder antenna. That's what it says in multiple books. Looks like a typical unpainted fibre glass cover, some sort of grey/tan color would probably work.
  9. It appears to be the M989 HEMAT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer). This was later replaced with the M989A1, which had a lower profile, and the wheels moved to the front and rear for better stability.
  10. If you like lots of stencils, this is the kit for you! Actually, I quite like doing these, it just takes some effort to find the decals on the sheet, they are all over the place,
  11. Got most of the paint on. I'm not unhappy with it. A few touch ups and it's ready for decals.
  12. I started with spraying the orange bits on the tail, nose, and wing roots. Platz suggests Mr.Color 59 for this, but this didn't look right. Compared to the real thing, this is much too light orange, and not red enough. I then looked up some Hasegawa instructions online, and they suggested a mix of 60% red and 40% of 59. I gave this a go, and it looks much better, even though most of it is masked of by now. I forgot to take a pic before masking. After the masking is complete, I will spray the main color on.
  13. I had to cut away some of the rear cockpit wall to make the rear canopy fit, but you won't be able to see that anyway, because of the cover under the canopy. After that the rest of the canopy was added, masked, and then the whole thing was sprayed first with black on the clear parts, and then primer on the whole thing. I might start painting it tonight, or maybe tomorrow.
  14. Wings and the tail got glued on. One weird thing about this kit is you have to cut slots in the plastic for the strakes under the fuselage, and for the pylons under the wings. You'd think just drilling some holes would be much easier and precise enough. Another minor issue is the rear canopy. For this version you glue a cover inside the canopy, but this interferes with the rear cockpit frame. Some cutting here is required. Oh well.
  15. I've made some good progress on this one. The cockpit has decals, and for 1/72 I find them quite acceptable: This was then sandwiched between the fuselage halves: The intakes were then installed too. Oddly enough the one on the right didn't fit very well, leaving a gap. Some grinding and sanding was needed. The left one fitted with no trouble at all. On the underside of the fuselage, some panels have to be glued in. Again a pretty good fit everywhere. Next up is the gun panel, and then the wings.
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