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  1. Revell/Monogram/ProModeler 1/48 P-47N, with Kits-World decals. Done as a Thunderbolt from the 19th FS, 318th FG at Ie Shima in the summer of 1945. Painted with Vallejo Metal Color, ModelMaster French Blue and various other brands. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it.
  2. And done! I'll post some more pics later today in the RFI section. Quite an enjoyable build, and it really made me realize how big the P-47 was.
  3. @Christer A Jetmads is a fairly new company from Turkey. They do unusual subjects and/or scales in resin. They released a 1/32 Skystreak earlier this year, which looked very nice. They also have a Skyrocket and an X-3 Stilleto in the pipeline.
  4. Looks like Jetmads is working on a 1/32 Saab Viggen kit. To be released spring 2021:
  5. Started putting on the decals. Markings from Kits World, some stencils from the kit sheet. I tried using one of the larger decals from the kit, but it just shattered. Microscale's Liquid Decal Film to the rescue!
  6. And now we have some blue. I used ModelMaster French Blue for it. Next up is the thin black line that goes around it.
  7. Made some good progress this weekend. Most of the painting is done now. I have to mask and paint the cowling and tail bits next. It will be done with the blue colours of the one I posted above, not the one with yellow that I originally was going to do.
  8. It's an LBF2. He got his from L'Arsenal, a french aftermarket producer. http://www.larsenal.com/1-48-lbf2-container-with-exercice-bomblets-c2x15950975
  9. Just about ready for primer now.
  10. Rob, if you still feel like changing your mind, there were a few "Dutch" F-104's in natural metal. Actually they were built by Fokker for the Luftwaffe but they were loaned to 306 Squadron at Twenthe so they had a few more to use when they were just starting up with the 104. They all had the Iron Crosses covered but still used the KG 1xx plane numbers as used by Fokker for the Luftwaffe builds. When more Dutch ones were delivered, they were transferred to the Luftwaffe. Here's one: http://www.916-starfighter.de/Large/kg125.htm
  11. I got the Kits-World decals today, and the issue that I found is that they forgot the number that goes under the cowling. You can just make it out on the photo that I posted in the first post. That same photo is even used by them on their website. You can see it slightly better on the pic below, along with some new stripe. I might use the other option of the Kits-World sheet now, "Red E Ruth" from the 19FS, 318FG, also at Ie Shima at the same time. It has some nice blue colors on it: Anyway, before I get to that stage, I still have some stuff to do. The wings have been glued on, along with the engine. So far, so good.
  12. Thanks James. Compared to some of the kits that were released in the late 90's by other companies, this one is quite rough. Still, I'm having fun with this one, odd design choices and all. The cockpit is all done, with Captain Joe fully suited up, despite being based on a subtropical island in the middle of summer. You then have to glue the whole thing in place with the fuselage already closed up. Also note the antenna already in place on the spine, which is molded with the base you need need to insert in a fuselage half. The wheel bays are made up of three parts, with the gear leg and door already molded in place. Surely this can't go wrong, right? I've also ordered the decals I planned to use, and even before they get here, I've already found an error on the option I planned to use. More on that when they arrive.
  13. Hmm, I think I will do something Japanese after the P-47. Maybe a Ki-84 or something like that.
  14. A day well spent, I'd say. Proper pictures of original P-47N cockpits are hard to come by, so some things might not be totally correct, but it will be mostly hidden anyway.
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