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  1. It does not, but there's a pretty good shot of it in this walkaround. (photo 198) Seems pretty easy to guesstimate it's dimensions. https://www.scalenews.de/rf-4c-phantom-ii-walkaround-291/
  2. From the Modern Phantom Guide, by Jake Melampy: VOR on Wikipedia
  3. Your link says: 404 Not Found. Can you find another pic, or at least describe what it looks like and where it is located?
  4. Hi all, Here's my 1/72 Airfix Gloster Gladiator Mk.II, done as N5583 with No. 605 Sqn at RAF Tangmere in August 1939. I bought this kit back in early January as a simple project to work on while I was away from home for a week, so without my airbrush. I hand painted it using Vallejo paints (Model Air ones actually), and some Italeri paint. Only the flatcoat has been airbrushed. Markings are from the kit. The rigging was done with EZ line, and then brushed gunship grey. My hand painting skills are pretty bad, so up close it's quite messy, but from a distance it looks half decent, I think. Thanks for looking, Pete
  5. In 1959 it had USAF on top of the right wing as well, but by then it has been on display for many years, so no idea how accurate it still was.
  6. This isn't the first time these camouflaged Voodoo questions pop up. Here's a thread from a few years ago at Hyperscale, with a link to the trials report, and a good youtube link in the last post. Looks like it might be Udorn RTAFB, and not Tan Son Nhut. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/looking-for-info-on-early-voodoo-camoflage-see-exa-t231155.html
  7. Those blue/white ones (and in the IDF/AF camouflage) belonged to BAE Systems. Those are no longer flying from Wittmund. The current company there is Discovery Air (now called Top Aces apparently), and they wear a couple different camouflage schemes.
  8. This gentleman visited the Tamiya headquarters the other day, and behold what's on the screen on the 5th photo.
  9. Pete to the rescue! I have built that kit a couple years ago, and used only a few stencils from that sheet, and the right column of national markings. You're welcome to have the rest of the sheet. Just PM me your address. Pete
  10. Here's my 1/72 Valom North American RB-45C Tornado. Used Caracal decals to do 48-035 when it was with the 84th BS in around 1957. Build thread is here: Thanks for looking!
  11. I'm in! Not sure what to build yet, but plenty in the stash.
  12. Finished! With a day to spare, even. First Valom kit for me, and I quite enjoyed it. Sure there were some challenges, but nothing dramatic. One pic here, the rest in the Finished Builds thread. Thanks for watching.
  13. Judging by the size, I'm gonna say they are finned BLU-27A/B 750lbs Fire (napalm) Bombs. Hence the red bands on the nose. Here are some on a Skyraider:
  14. Just about done with the decals. I'm using Caracal ones, which work fine for the most part, except around the nose camera. This is not surprising, considering the complex shape it has. Decals never really work well on curves surfaces. Luckily some spare red and black trim decals are provided so you can fiddle around a bit.
  15. I remember that bit about the exhausts. I just used the closed ones during construction, and put in the opened ones afterwards. Sorry, I don't have any more detail at hand about the panels. I just noticed it when placing the decals and the panellines in the instructions didn't match the kit ones. I didn't bother to fix it.
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