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  1. I sprayed some MRP's ADC Grey on it, and I'm quite happy with the shade. A bit less happy with the seam between the front and rear fuselage, but I can live with it. The anti glare panel was painted with Tamiya NATO black, and the radome with regular black was glued in place. I will probably start on the decals tomorrow.
  2. Haven't done a lot of modelling lately, but here's some progress. The clear parts have been added, masked, and sprayed black. I also did the nose cone and the metallic bits with the same black. The other week I got one of the FM weapons sets, which I plan to use on this build. I put together the gun pod and sprayed it with some metallic paint to check for seams. It needs some more work. I think I will spray some of the ADC Grey on it tonight.
  3. Pretty sure it's a camera pod indeed. Some more pics: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/49/Targeting_pod_on_F-4D_Phantom_at_Eglin_AFB_1983.JPEG http://www.usafcombatcamera.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Gun-camara-4.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/55/F-4D_with_HARM_near_Eglin_AFB_1983.JPEG https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/aa/F-4D_with_Pave_Spike_laser_at_Eglin_AFB_1976.JPEG
  4. Those walkways could be clean with just an outline, or very dark and dirty, or anything in between. Some might have even been painted on the front to be in the same color as the rest. And pictures tell a 1000 words: I'd say these were painted on. They look too neat to be dirt and grime, especially on top of the vari ramps.
  5. It should be on the same sprue as the F-4G specific weapons?
  6. Thanks guys. @lasermonkey there are some photo's on Flickr from Cobra's along the German-Czechoslovakian border from the 1980's. Some interesting stuff. Sadly they aren't in one album, but you can find them here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vzlet/page5
  7. Thanks. About the glue. It's simmilar to Tamiya's extra thin. It's smells a bit stronger, though. The black does help with seeing where the glue flows, but that's about it. I just bought it to give it a try.
  8. Made some good progress the last few days. The intakes were painted on the rear, and the front fuselage has been glued to the rear. The wings have also been glued in place. Those dark seams look like massive gaps, but I used black glue on them (Mr. Cement SP Black). I also glued to the wing tanks together (they're not glued on the wings yet), and the radome got it's fairing mounted.
  9. Well, I made an error. Right after I finished it, I checked some pics of the real thing, and I immediately noticed that the front window/door hinges at the front and not at the top. Special Hobby suggests otherwise, and I just followed the instructions. I have fixed it now. Lesson learned here.
  10. Hello, Here's my just finished 1/72 Special Hobby AH-1S Cobra. I did mine as 71-21024 of the 503rd Aviation Company, based just outside Hanau in (West) Germany in around 1980. Lovely little kit, just a little fiddly. Painted with MRP's Helo Drab. Thanks for looking, Pete
  11. Hey all, I'd like to join with a Finemolds F-4C, in Michigan ANG markings, please. I'm doing 63-7583 with Garfield nose art, kinda like this, with minor differencess in the looks of the serial: Clickety I started working on it this week, and being a Finemolds kit, and my 2nd build of one (did an F-4EJ earlier this year), no problems were experienced. The kit has a pretty decent cockpit, which I drybrushed mostly, but I did use the kit decal for the front IP. The dials for the engines were a little too faint to paint them properly. The front fuselage was then closed and I started working on the intakes. I've done a little more work now. More pics wil follow this weekend.
  12. This should answer some of your questions: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/waF4EJ.html Looks like on the F-4EJ Kai, the grey went on a little further inside the intake. Edges of control surfaces are red. Usually, on Phantoms the interior of the air brake housing was the same colour as the rest of the wing in that area, with the door itself being red. But I'm not 100% sure if that was the case on these.
  13. There we go: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/posts/3048887968713567
  14. Speaking of which... I might join with this, after I finish another kit. If that is ok.
  15. Well this is original. I like these unusual subjects Takom keeps producing. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1628036154071594&id=354803674728188 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/takom-6004-flak-tower-i-berliner-zoo-g-tower--1371586 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/takom-2148-mk38-5-38-twin-gun-mount--1371584
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