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  1. Creepy Pete

    Gunsmoke 1983 - 52TFW

    Hmm, never noticed those extra static dischargers on the wingtip and the fuelvent before. After looking at some more pics, it seems like only late model E's had those. You learn something new every day. Thanks for the nice pics.
  2. Creepy Pete

    Odds on seeing an F14 in the air?

    You mean like this? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1103664-afv-club-ar48111-hesa-saeqeh-80
  3. Creepy Pete

    Odds on seeing an F14 in the air?

    You could just go to an airshow in Iran. They just had one in November at Kish. Perfectly legal, and no need to crawl under bushes. It might be a bit of work to sign up for it, but it would sure be worth it. Here's a nice report from it, including flying F-14's: http://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=82757
  4. Judging by that sprue photo, it looks like the Italeri kit reboxed. http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Italeri/Italeri_F-35A/Ita_Lockheed_F-35A.html
  5. Creepy Pete

    euro one wrap around F-105 D

    Yes, TwoBobs covered that one. It was printed in all 3 scales, but long ago so good luck finding one. Sheet numbers are 72-079, 48-049 and 32-015.
  6. Creepy Pete

    Luftwaffe F-4 drop tanks

    Nope, they used the same external tanks as any other F-4 user since the 70's. 370 gallon wing tanks and both types of centreline tanks.
  7. Creepy Pete

    1/32 Decals for F-15E RAF Lakenheath

    This looks worth waiting for:
  8. Creepy Pete

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    Never worked on airplanes, but since they all seem to be placed right on the edge of two panel, could they be stress indicators? Like when a lot of G's were pulled during flight, you could easily tell where the stress occured when two halves of the circles don't match up anymore. Canadian Hornets had them too, btw.
  9. My name is Pete and I have failed this Group Build Vacation and work got in the way, sadly, so my RF-4C is still unfinished. I might be able to have it done by next weekend, but that's way too late, obviously. So far it is painted, all the decals are on, and there is some weathering. All I need to do now is to give it a flat coat, and put all the small stuff on. I am sorry. I should start building earlier in the GB next time.
  10. Creepy Pete

    German Navy aircraft tow tractors and service vehicles

    Yellow ones. Skip to 2:18 for a P-3C being towed.
  11. Creepy Pete

    JASDF Hyakuri Sept. 2018

    Forgot to thank you both. I went there on November 1 in the afternoon, using the shuttle bus from Ishioka station. I only stayed on the civilian side of the field, but like Andy said, this is perfectly fine in the afternoon. Unless there's some airliner parked on the ramp next to the terminal, you get a pretty clear view of the field. Now, if only I had some slightly better camera equipment. This is about as good as I could do.
  12. Considering the whole fuselage including the cockpit section is a one piece affair, it wouldn't be of any use in the short nosed kits. Also, I kinda suspect the partial model on display is not even the real new tooling but just a (maybe) 3D printed fuselage piece with the tail from the older kits glued on.
  13. I found this nice video of RAF Alconbury in 1967-68, when I was looking for references for my build.
  14. Well, final update before I go on vacation to Japan tomorrow. I'll be back on the 8th, so just enough time to finish it before the deadline. Got most of the paint on, only the metal shades left to do. The white and black is Tamiya, the Light Gull Grey is Gunze. I'm not sure if I like their version of it. Andre, I have that sheet. When I get back I'll compare it with the kit sheet and photos of the real ones, and see what I will use.
  15. Creepy Pete

    A-6 Intruder (1/72 Fujimi)

    Those AN/ALQ-100 antennas should go on the outboard pylons on late A-6A's (and a few early production A-6E's). You can read about it here, in an article by Tommy Thomason. As for the fueltanks or ordnance on the different pylons, it doesn't matter. Both could be carried on every pylon.