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  1. Don't get your hopes up too far... John
  2. Well I have some holiday time during this GB so there's at least a chance that I can finish something Count me in. John
  3. John

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    Sadly pressure of work has dug a huge hole in both my modelling and forum time over the last month but both of my models will be finished because they're fun builds when I can actually get round to them Can I add my appreciation to our hosts and extend my admiration to the excellent models gracing the Gallery I'm definitely in for the Tiger GB! John
  4. John

    New tool Crusader III?

    If you don't mind the 1/56th wargaming scale the Rubicon Crusader is an excellent little kit. John
  5. John

    Humbrol & RAL: A Question

    There was a range of German rail colours, which presumably matched the RAL standard. John
  6. John

    Airfix HO/OO Panzer IV Tank

    I managed to set aside a couple of hours for some recreational kitbashing this afternoon and moved the Airfix Panzer on a bit. I've got the main structure pretty much complete: Panzer4 by John Walker, on Flickr Mostly it fits fine but there are a few minor gaps that need a bit of pressure to close and a few others that will need a bit of remedial work but for a kit rapidly approaching its 50th birthday there's nothing unexpected. There are moulding pips between the bogies that need to be carefully removed - or maybe not as they would be hard to see when the wheels are added. I took them off. I've started to drill out the muzzle of the long 75mm gun for a bit of extra realism: Panzer6 by John Walker, on Flickr Needs to be centred up a bit. Finally an aerial view: Panzer5 by John Walker, on Flickr Good fun. I think we'll be going for an out of the box build using the supplied Afrika Korps markings. At the moment it looks like it has been carved out of a lump of Werther's Original... John
  7. In tribute to the Ever Ready HP7 batteries that powered much of my childhood, not to mention my Formula 1 Tamiya S Tank, I've painted one of the metal cylinders orange and the other bright blue: MW15 by John Walker, on Flickr I've also added the road wheels and idler, and the rear halves of the return rollers. As befits a modern Tamiya kit, everything just slots into place. The Flak 43 is a lovely little model in its own right, and is currently being carefully assembled and painted: MW16 by John Walker, on Flickr John
  8. John

    Humbrol Number 4?

    What do you use the 39 for? John
  9. John

    Humbrol Number 4?

    4 Gloss Light Admiralty Grey and 39 Gloss Pearl Humbrol439 by John Walker, on Flickr John
  10. I don't think there's a thread for this kit in the GB, and that's a shame. I picked this one up a few days ago: Panzer1 by John Walker, on Flickr This was far and away my favourite Airfix tank kit from my young days. Easy to build, you didn't need to paint it because the colour of the plastic already matched the boxtop and most importantly it didn't have zillions of interleaved road wheels. This is an early Humbrol era example. The colour of the plastic is like nothing I've ever seen in an Airfix box: Panzer2 by John Walker, on Flickr It looks more like something Matchbox would have put out. I have seen a green one though, which I think may have come from one of the Battlefront boxes. Instructions and a diminutive decal sheet complete the contents: Panzer3 by John Walker, on Flickr I'll put it together alongside the Mobelwagen. It'll make a nice contrast. John
  11. John

    Best 1/72 Alpha Jet...?

    The more recent boxings of the Airfix kit feature a minor retool from the Humbrol era when separate flap actuators were added to the sprue. Prior to that the actuators were moulded with the stores pylons and had to be carefully separated if you were building the kit with clean wings. The Airfix plastic in Heller boxes presumably has the same update. It's a small but helpful alteration. John
  12. John

    Matchbox kits...

    I built the Revell boxing of the He70 for the group build last year. If I never see one again it'll be too soon. Nothing fitted. John
  13. John

    Airfix 1/72nd SM. 79

    I have extremely fond memories of this kit, being a somewhat exotic design in the early 1970s. I remember my friend Barry having one finished overall in Humbrol gloss enamels more or less matching the kit scheme, with the fronts of the cowlings pained red and white because we thought it was a unit marking of some sort. It would be a few years before we discovered that the engines were based on Bristol designs. Somewhat more historically, my Great Uncle William Chalmers served in the Royal Artillery as a Bofors gun layer throughout the Siege of Malta. He's actually in one of the well known photos. I remember showing him my model when I had finally scrounged enough to buy one and he was dismissive - "one hit and they fell to bits". Uncle Bill was badly wounded in an air raid on St Andrews Barracks and was eventually evacuated back to the UK. He never had a full night's sleep again in his life. John
  14. Pleasure. I have the original P-51D boxing, but not the F-51, as well and they do look superb in the box. I haven't found the time to make a start on either yet but Dooleybird has just gone straight to the top of the to-do pile as soon as current projects are completed. Mind you I do like the 3 Squadron option as well, happy memories of the second generation 1/72 Airfix kit. John
  15. Mustang3 by John Walker, on Flickr J