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  1. John


    My son and I went to see 1917 this afternoon. I've mentioned before that my Grandpa served in the 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and was seriously wounded in April 1917, a few days after the film is set. He was assessed as 80% disabled but happily survived. I've never been so affected by any film as I was by the last 10 or so minutes of 1917. I couldn't speak until after we had left the cinema. Don't set too much store in the plot, but see the film. John
  2. A few details to touch up but pretty well complete. Representative of the type rather than a specific vehicle but it is a wargaming miniature after all. Overall dusty finish is a very well thinned wash of Humbrol 237 modern Light Stone. John
  3. I may have a set of decals from the 21st Century Toys kit. I'll have a look if they would be of use. John
  4. One of my all time favourite kits I think it captures the industrial look of the Stuka very well, better than some of its smooth skinned younger cousins. John
  5. That's a nice looking kit. I was expecting the original Revell mould with the opening cowling and basic engine. Is this an Italeri rebox? John
  6. What we can say is that BS381 has never included white, or black for that matter. 302, if it existed, would fall in the yellow/brown/beige range. The Standard only goes up to 7**, so 802 would be outwith that range. John
  7. The 9 year old me loved the very short lived original 1/24th scale Bf109 box and I'm delighted to see it back. John
  8. Markings are representative of a Royal Artillery support vehicle in Italy in 1943. I can't trace a specific census number so it's simply a generic representation. You can't finish a Commonwealth car from the Rubicon kit's supplied markings but I've also got their CMP kit and pulled the decals from that. The arm of service and division markings on the front were seemingly mounted on metal plates so they'r simply trimmed from the decal sheet and superglued in place, backing paper and all. The kit has had a coat of Matt Cote. Next step is to tidy up the paintwork and get stuck in to some weathering. John
  9. I've repainted the disruptor with 67 Tank grey, looks a bit better. I've also remembered to add the headlights and tow hook... John
  10. I've used Humbrol 168 Hemp as the basis for Light Mud with 79 Blue Grey for the SCC14. The 79 might be a bit light but it will do service as an undercoat: The finished model will be closed up so there's no need to spend any time on the interior or the armament. I'll definitely get another of these kits and build it with everything hanging out though. In the meantime I've mixed a dollop of 23 Duck Egg Blue in with some 168 to get a faded canvas look for the tilt. So far,so good: John
  11. This little kit build up quickly and neatly: I'm planning a British Army vehicle in Italy in 1943, fully closed up, so I'm not investing a lot of time in the interior. John
  12. I really like these little Rubicon 1/56th scale kits for a quick and stress-free build. I've been watching out for their new M3A1 White Scout Car, one of my all-time favourite military vehicles ever since Airfix boxed the Max 1/35th scale kit back in the 1970s. One piece body moulding: 2 well detailed sprues featuring early and late styles of 0.3in Brownings and US crew figures: French, US, Chinese and Soviet markings: Rubicon's trademark high quality instruction leaflet:
  13. It's a Weymann-bodied Leyland Tiger: http://www.old-bus-photos.co.uk/?p=32363 John
  14. Moved over from the recent Flying Boats and Floatplanes GB John
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