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  1. Airfix Comet Racer as well, if I remember correctly. The original Lysander had seperate upper torso that you glued onto a flat shelf under the canopy. Actually I think I might have a Type 3 Lysander somewhere. I always liked the artwork. John
  2. He looked like something out of Henry Moore's nightmares. I'm going to adopt the age-old cheat of painting the inside of the canopy. John
  3. This is pretty rough: Curiously the only thing I can really remember is the way the undercarriage legs fit. It's very like an early Eastern European short run kit. Still, it's a product of its time. John
  4. Old vacform modeller's solution to aligning the fuselage halves: Worked reasonably well... ...but would have been even better if both halves were the same size: John
  5. No locating pins on either version, interesting: John
  6. Well, better than the original. Still needs a bit of tidying up but not bad: John
  7. A bit more progress: I swapped the cyberman pilot from the Kittyhawk with Algy from this one, as you're not going to see much through the canopy and I remember the older style of figure in this kit. Not the best Bf109 I've ever built but probably the coolest. John
  8. Years ago some visionary modeller made the P4/34 prototype from an Airfix Bf110 kit in an article in Airfix Magazine. Sadly I can't remember who it was but it was an impressive piece of work. Those were the days... John
  9. Superb. Much better than I ever managed from this kit, usually because I'd got confused glueing the wheels on. John
  10. Well, I'm going to have to use both kits to get one model because my Type 3 is far from complete: Maybe no bad thing as Humbrol had clearly made some effort to clean up the mould: Still not ideal, but we'll see how it goes. The kit's 5 years older than me, so I should give it a break John
  11. That's a great idea! Kits you drooled over but for whatever reason you never got John
  12. The last ever release of this kit by Hornby reinstated a 3-blade prop and came with markings for the Maltese Sea Gladiators. I managed to find a couple for a good price at a local swap meet and still have the decal sheets for future application to the new Airfix kit. The plastic...long gone John
  13. By great good fortune the Falkirk Burgh Engineer took a series of photos of some shiny new flats in Carron Road, Bainsford, in the late 1960s and captured Uncle Bill's shop: This isn't the shop the Gladiator came from though. Flushed with the thrill of modernisation, the old building was demolished a couple of years later and replaced with an early 1970s concrete box. Uncle Bill took the shop in the same relative position, and it was from here that the Gladiator departed in my hot little hand. The shop's still there, used as an optician these days. I pass it twice a day going to and from work: I wonder if it's the same pillar box? It probably started life about 400 yards along the road in Carron Works. Anyway, this is my bagged Type 3 Gladiator: This is a Humbrol era version from the 90 Years of Fighters gift set, of which I bought a couple for the school model club. The red, white and blue of the roundels was reversed on the gift set decal sheet so it was a French Gladiator: I'll probably use this one. John
  14. Nice little collection. I don't have any memory at all of the previous 109 kit, it must have disappeared from the shelves by the time I was interested enough to notice. Either that or the new Roy Cross artwork captured all my attention and the older kits faded into the background. I do remember my local model shop having a few Type 2s, but not many. John
  15. Cool. I've never built the J but I did have a Type 3 E, resplendent in Airfix Blue plastic. It's a big beastie once you put it together. John
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