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  1. John

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    Interesting discussion, thanks to all. I admit I hadn't checked the date of the scheme and hadn't realised that it was quite a bit post-Caunter. I'm going to have to get one now... John
  2. John

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    I've got all of Mike Starmer's booklets I think the kit will meet my "reasonable facsimile" test, given that it isn't a Spitfire or Hurricane where millimetric accuracy becomes an issue... I did wonder about the colours. My tin of Humbrol 36 isn't anything like as pale as suggested in the instructions, being a brighter and stronger shade more akin to green zinc chromate: I can see how the original OD might work as Slate in a Caunter type of scheme. Interesting, thanks. John
  3. Strange to say but in over 50 years of kitbashing I haven't built a single 1/35th scale tank. I've bought a few, been gifted others but as yet I haven't actually finished one. I fancy the Airfix boxing of the Academy M3 though, in the early British desert scheme: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-arrivals/m3-stuart-honey-british-version-1-35.html Any thoughts about the kit and/or colour scheme? TIA John
  4. Getting started, no problem. Finishing it, on the other hand... John
  5. So, what's in the big box? 4 individually bagged ABS sprues: TigerTiger5 by John Walker, on Flickr Rubicon's trademark glossy instruction booklet: TigerTiger6 by John Walker, on Flickr TigerTiger7 by John Walker, on Flickr TigerTiger8 by John Walker, on Flickr Rubicon's trademark generic decal sheet, nicely printed and individually bagged: TigerTiger9 by John Walker, on Flickr The kit is designed to produce early, mid or late production Tigers so there are a lot of alternatives including 2 different styles of road wheel and 3 turret roofs: TigerTiger10 by John Walker, on Flickr TigerTiger11 by John Walker, on Flickr TigerTiger12 by John Walker, on Flickr TigerTiger13 by John Walker, on Flickr The tracks and some of the wheels are moulded as one piece with other wheels being added so we'll have to see how they build up. I want a Tunisian vehicle so fortunately the air pre-cleaners are included: TigerTiger14 by John Walker, on Flickr John
  6. OK, we're off. First thing on the agenda is to take a look at the multipose-style crew figures, available separately from the vehicle kits: TigerTiger2 by John Walker, on Flickr There are 2 sprues of assorted body parts which allow you to make a total of 4 figures: TigerTiger3 by John Walker, on Flickr TigerTiger4 by John Walker, on Flickr The parts look a bit shiny because they're moulded in ABS, as are the vehicle kits. This isn't a problem as it reacts well enough to most polystyrene cements I've tried on it. I usually use a Humbrol precision applicator or Tamiya Extra Thin for small parts and either Humbrol tube glue or Plastic Weld for more structural joins. Nothing's fallen apart so far... John
  7. Rubicon has grown out of the 28mm wargaming scene, along with other manufacturers like Bolt Action. Italeri also have quite a few kits in their range, many of which are reboxed by Bolt Action. My eye was originally caught by the Rubicon CMP 15 cwt truck at the Carronade show this time last year. I bought one and it was a fun build. It needed some help to reach a reasonable display standard, glazing the windscreen and adding other things like the wing mirrors but it certainly looks the part when it's finished. It isn't as detailed as, for example, the Airfix Bedford MWD but it's also somewhat smaller. I followed the truck with the Crusader, finished as a MkII in Tunisia. Again it needs some detail added but it looks really good and is presently sitting on my computer desk. The kits have become more sophisticated with the sdkfz 222 and the recent Kubelwagen needing less help to get to a good display standard. The Tiger is a bit older so I'm expecting a bit of scratch building for the smaller details. 1/56th scale produces models of a nice manageable size, better for my aging eyesight than 1/72. Uncharacteristically I did remember to pick up the kit on my way out of work, so we're all set for Sunday. John
  8. I've been building up a small collection of Rubicon 1/56th scale models, mostly wheeled transport but including their impressive Crusader II/III. Seems like a good time to add something from the opposition: TigerTiger1 by John Walker, on Flickr I bought it especially for this GB, and also acquired the Panzer Commanders figure set. I'll be going for a Tunisian or Italian campaign vehicle. They are safely tucked away in my desk drawer at work, so I'm not tempted to jump the gun. Just hope I remember to bring them home tomorrow... John
  9. Lovely job. The big Airfix helos are great kits and it's a shame their availability has been so patchy over the years. The last kit issued by the original Airfix Industries, IIRC? John
  10. John

    Carronade 2019

    There's also a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2209936255709858/2599113676792112/?notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity&notif_id=1557067913120033 J
  11. God that concrete floor doesn't get any easier on the feet! Fantastic show, as always. Andrew added a number of Airfix 54mm figures to his collection. Me, I resisted and just enjoyed the atmosphere, craftsmanship and craik. Great to see Rubicon Models there, with an impressive display of their 1/56th scale military kits. John
  12. John

    Carronade 2019

    A bit of advanced notice for Falkirk Wargames Club's annual show: http://www.falkirkwargamesclub.org.uk/Carronade_2019_Home.php Loads of trade stands for the non-wargamer, always plenty of kits, paints and tools from a large number of traders. There's also a flea market with a regular turnover of second hand stalls. The show takes up the assembly hall, gym, social area and some smaller halls of what is a big school, so there's lots to see. I never leave empty handed! John
  13. Train tickets booked for tomorrow for myself and my son. One of the highlights of our year. Can't believe it's been a year since the last one though. Old age doesn't come itself... John
  14. Das Wertherpanzer is finally progressing, if a bit slowly. Main construction is completed and the model has had a couple of thin coats of Humbrol 26 Khaki enamel to kill the lurid plastic and as a reasonable match for the RAL 8000 of early Afrika Korps vehicles: Panzer8 by John Walker, on Flickr Panzer9 by John Walker, on Flickr Panzer7 by John Walker, on Flickr There area couple of touches of Games Workshop Green Stuff filler, but nothing major. The plastic is not only a horrible colour, it isn't nice to work with. It's quite soft, almost half way between normal polystyrene and the polythene they use for their figure sets. Even my good Xuron clippers are struggling to give a clean cut. John
  15. Check Tamiya Buff against the Humbrol 168, they used to be very close in colour but its a while since I did any comparisons. John
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