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  1. ...and we're back. Picked up a Hobby Boss F4U-4 kit - first time I've seen one of the newer style boxes: There are a couple of interesting schemes: and a reasonable-looking decal sheet. I've found their decals to be generally pretty good: Which one? Choices, choices... John
  2. I really like the Otaki kits, they were state of the art when they came out and look really good built. Some of them, like the Spitfire, may not have been the last word in accuracy but there was a finesse about them. The Spitfire in particular has a delicacy about it. John
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking - at last a use for Humbrol 30 John
  4. One of my acquisitions at Perth yesterday was a tin of Sovereign Hobbies Medium Green 42, which has now been painted over the Humbrol 163: Looks much better. John
  5. I love the wee P-12. You get to paint the plastic the same colours as the plastic John
  6. I go to work every morning and roll up on the site of what was the largest airfield in Scotland at the beginning of WW2. There's not much to see now, unfortunately, but before work commenced on our building in 2014 there had to be an unexploded ordinance survey done of the site. We have the site of one of Britain's biggest battles, completely lost. Only 2 13th Century graves in the local chuchyard. There's also the Antonine Wall, which you can find if you know where to look but most of the forts can't be identified from the ground. John
  7. Drilled out muzzle : Overall coat of Humbrol 72 as a reasonable match for RAL 7028 : J
  8. Just back home after a great afternoon. Well done to everyone involved. Plenty of chat and a nice wee restock from Sovereign Hobbies - including some stuff I didn't know I wanted Only downside - I'd forgotten the toll that the concrete floor takes on your feet John
  9. Just booked the train tickets - looking forward to the show. John
  10. Medium Green camouflage applied: I've no particularly clear idea of what colour Medium Green is meant to be so I used good old Humbrol 163 Dark Green, which has dried pretty glossy - better stirring needed next time. The model will be getting a coat of Matt Cote anyway. The surface detail looks much better and I'm liking this kit more and more. John
  11. I was trying to work out what the last Panther I built was, and amazingly enough it was probably one of these back when they were first released: I don't build a lot of German armour, in fact this one and the Airfix kit are probably the only Panthers I've ever built. This one's miles ahead of the Airfix... It's actually a neat little kit with some very fine parts, in common with a lot of the Matchbox vehicles. I've no idea if it's an accurate representation but so far it's a fun build. I've used Humbrol 94 Brown Yellow for the initial coat. John
  12. That's a lorra lorra wheels: John
  13. Somewhere in France, 82 years ago: OOTB apart from glazed windscreen. Paint - bodywork overall Humbrol 67 Tank Grey. Tilt 111 Field Grey. John
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