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  1. My son has acquired a few of these paints as well. He's a brush painter and he says that the paints cover well but to be aware that the matts dry very matt. Most recently he's been using Intermediate Blue on an Airfix Kingfisher and he's happy with the result. John
  2. Although these kits are intended as gaming miniatures, Rubicon do provide extra enhancements for some of them, including the Tiger. In this case they provide resin running gear with extra detail on the tracks and wheels: I've acquired a set, so we'll see how they look. John
  3. Well it's been a while, but I've finally got back to my Tunisian Tiger. The plan had been to go to Bovingdon this Summer to see Tiger 131 up close but sadly that hasn't been possible and looks like it won't be until next Summer so judgements on colour and detail have had to be drawn from the web, particularly this excellent video from the Tank Museum: I used Humbrol 225 Middle Stone for the RAL 8000, lighter than the real colour but the effect looks quite good to my eye: For the low contrast disruptor I used Humbrol 84 Mid Ston
  4. A bit more progress. I noticed in numerous photos that desert Jeeps don't seem to carry tools on the driver's side, so I shaved them off: They did, however, carry a lot of jerry cans so I raided the spares stock. I also replaced the gear stick with some Microrod for a better scale appearance: They also carried 2 spare wheels rather than the one included in the kit. I bought the Rubicon MB-T / T3 Military Trailer, which provided the wheels and the towing hitch for the rear of the Jeep: https://rubiconmodels.co.uk/products/us-j
  5. There's a bit of an art to knowing how long to leave your decals on the window - check regularly There are a couple of MacMillan Cancer Support posters on bus stops outside my work and over the Summer the familiar MacMillan green was de-yellowed to a bright, and somewhat disconcerting, cyan as the sun did its work. John
  6. Brass Besas Almost a shame to paint them... John
  7. Basic construction of the chassis and body, balanced on the end of a set of Xuron snips to provide a bit of scale: Basic paintwork with Portland Stone: John
  8. I'm waiting for some brass Besa barrels for my Comet tank so there's a gap for a quick, simple build. A Jeep seems to suit the bill: This is another of my small collection of Rubicon 1/56th scale kits. It's a wargaming miniature but nicely detailed. The kit consists of one sprue of parts and individually bagged body and canvas top parts: There's also a nice sprue of optional crew figures suitable clad for the Western Desert: Usual Rubicon high quality instructions: Generic decals:
  9. The metal Besas should be here shortly, when I'll complete the finishing touches: John
  10. Superb work. I've only ever built one of these, and it came moulded in Airfix sand coloured plastic in the El Alamein Battlefront set that I got as a birthday present many moons ago. Of course it had to be built as the Grant, but the thing I remember about the turret was that there was a collar of some sort moulded on the base that meant it wobbled. Very disappointing I had no idea it was too small as well. Incidentally my son, who is a keen acrylic user, as been really happy with the new Humbrol dropper bottle paints. John
  11. A bit of weathering, in this case well thinned Humbrol 94 Brown Yellow: The Commander's vane sight is a cage-shaped contraption to the front of his cupola. The kit supplies it as a solid part, so a bit of careful painting will be called for: I cut off both the overscale Besa muzzles. I'll replace them with turned brass 1/48th scale parts, which will still be a bit too big but should look finer: Next job is to tidy up the finish of the tracks. John
  12. The front and rear skirts don't have big contact areas so the heavy weaponry was brought out: Fit at the rear of the hull is OK but needs a bit of persuasion - more heavy weaponry deployed: Most of the basic construction done and the basic markings for the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry applied: Next steps are tidying up the paintwork and starting some basic weathering. More soon. John
  13. Excellent job. I built the Revell rebox in the Matchbox GB a couple of years ago and it's easily the worst fitting Matchbox kit I've ever come across. I never built the original release so that came as quite a surprise. John
  14. Actually...I have a Noratlas in the stash, black box version. Been a while since I've built a biggie John
  15. I'm in. No idea what with, but I have a lot of happy memories of Heller kits from the early 80s. John
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