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  1. I can't see Humbrol not having at least one Sky-type colour in their enamel range. John
  2. Airfix kits of this vintage were built on a newspaper-covered coffee table in the living room using tube glue, a nail file and pointy scissors. The background was usually the teleprinter football results on BBC1. If you think this type of kit would put kids off model building you'd probably have an aneurism at the batch of PM Freedom Fighters I've got for this term's school model club John
  3. It's a really neat wee kit with loads of options - here's the ScaleMates page : https://www.scalemates.com//kits/italeri-15766-char-b1-bis--1110756 J
  4. The latest completed addition to my growing collection of 1/56th scale vehicles: John
  5. You get some of the same figures in polystyrene in the Refueling Set. Lovely job. John
  6. ...this one I bought this a while ago but with all the talk about K2 ambulances I feel the need to give it a start. This is the 1/56th scale Perry Miniatures resin and white metal kit. It's a little beauty: I'll have to source some decals but apart from that everything else needed is in the box. John
  7. The Airfix decals are, of course, excellent and bedded down well with Decalcote: I used Humbrol 40 for the underside, which is gloss and therefor doesn't need any further work before the Decalcote goes to work: John
  8. In the middle of July my son and I finally managed to make our Covid-delayed trip to the Tank Museum at Bovingdon. It's something we had been promising ourselves since before Covid, originally as a 21st birthday trip for him. Turned out to be a combined belated birthday and graduation trip (MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Distinction) Naturally we had a great time and were there for the whole day, studying the exhibits and taking in the atmosphere. I came back home enthused to build some armour - I'm more usually a soft-skin sort of guy for my military vehicle builds. I decided on the Italian Ansaldo Carro Armato M13/40. It's the first Italian tank I've ever seen in the metal, as it were, and it just so happens I've got the Rubicon kit in the pile. Cool! Andrew's memory from the museum trip is a Hobby Boss 1/35th JagdTiger, which is a bit bigger... John
  9. I think, back in the halcyon days of the FROG Group Build, we came to the tentative conclusion that there may have been a retooling of the clear sprue at some point in the production process as at least 2 of the builds seemed to feature canopies of different sizes. For me, I always loved the open option even if it's almost impossible to paint. John
  10. https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p1246/AKAN70004.html#/ J
  11. Many moons ago I had a wee daydream about the Boulton-Paul Dauntless, a dedicated dive bomber and ground attack aircraft based on the Defiant single-seat. A sort of cross between the Stuka and the Il-2. Mines, when I eventually get round to it, will probably be toting a couple of 40mm cannon to hunt Rommel's tanks John
  12. I don't *know* but I do *wonder* - given the RAE's role in developing colours for the army could G4 and G5 be the same colours as RAF Light Green and Dark Green, maybe showing some variation because of the different formulations for the different applications? I've been using the old Humbrol French Artillery Green for G3. It seems to sit reasonably well with Mike Starmer's chip in his booklets. John
  13. That is just spectacular. I'd buy one even if I wasn't going to anyway My great uncle Bil Chalmers's war medals are in the Malta War Museum at Fort Saint Elmo. He was in the Royal Artillery and was a layer on Bofors guns during the siege. He was badly wounded in an air raid on Saint Andrews Barracks. John
  14. A couple more to round off. I'm not planning on buying any more light/medium/dark/greyish blue paints Hakata RAF In Africa paint set: Not great. I'm curious about the Dark Earth and Middle Stone now though... Ammo by Mig: It's actually better than it looks in the photo - I'd be happy to use it. Compared to Humbrol 157: Ammo on the left, Humbrol on the right. It has a nice violet tint but I think it looks darker than Humbrol because it's a bit more grey. Well in the ballpark I'd say though. I did have another problem with it as you may be able to see from the photo - it didn't want to form a coat on the plastic card. I know the card's clean because it's the same sheet that I've used for all the other acrylic brush-outs. Not sure what's happening there. Finally, the question of what can you do with old Humbrol 157 enamel? It's not a bad faded PRU Blue: The brush-out is very matt whereas the sample is satin, which accounts for some of the difference. Also, my F4F-4 build: Nice! John
  15. Akan. Case in point - this looks like not a bad match for BS381c-104 Azure, but it isn't the same as MAP Azure Blue: https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p1246/AKAN70004.html#/ Their set of 6 paints also has Light Stone rather than Middle Stone: https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p123/AKAN47003.html#/ John
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