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  1. These are Tiger Moths of 35 E&RFTS at Grangemouth in the Spring of 1939.: They look to me like they were delivered in overall Yellow then given an ad-hoc pattern of Dark Green and Dark Earth over the upper surfaces post Munich. Another view: Tiger Moths and a Hart : I have a better photo of the line-up in the top view, I'll see if I can find it. John
  2. I'm not the greatest builder of airliners but the BOAC livery just oozes style. Lovely job. I can see me picking up the Airfix 707 reissue when it comes along, to remind me of trips to Prestwick back in the days when it was busy. John
  3. Here we go again. I've been using this kit at work to illustrate how to build a model with my school modelmaking group so I'm using even more basic tools and acrylic paints. I'm usually a dedicated enamel user. Humbrol acrylic 123 was originally a satin grey green so that's what I've used in the cockpit here: John
  4. I think it's reasonably proportionate, just a bit bigger than advertised. I have a Revell MiG-21F here which I can compare the FROG kit with when it arrives, but my memory of the Hasegawa boxing is that it's also fairly well proportioned, just too big. John
  5. John

    F-263 MiG-21

    Towards the end of my primary schooling, so either Christmas of 1971 or 1972, we headed down south to visit my aunt and uncle who at the time were living in the village of Islip, near Kettering. My cousin is about the same age as me and was then a mad keen modeller so we stopped off in Lockerbie on the way down to see if we could pick up a kit for him. The MiG was in a shop window, but it was the other artwork and it has stuck in my mind all these years - it was quite striking. I recall the model being built, painted and on display within 24 hours of it being handed over - these were the days That's the only time I can remember seeing this kit, apart from on trade stands at shows or swapmeets and even then not often. There used to be an old fashioned bike shop in Thrapston, just across the River Nene from Islip, and my cousin and I spent many a happy time browsing their stock of Airfix kits. Sadly, my uncle's work took him to the USA a year or so later and I haven't been back in that part of the country since then. When they came back they went to live just outside Bedford, which had a couple of great model shops in those days, so that was OK J
  6. Recent delivery from King Kit: Here we go again... John
  7. John

    F-263 MiG-21

    Absolutely no promises that this will be finished by the deadline! I was browsing on Ebay when I saw this: I was intrigued. I remember my cousin having this kit but the box art was a Soviet MiG roaring down a dark and rainy runway in full burner. I've never seen this version. I've built the Hasegawa boxing, mostly because it had Ugandan markings, so I know it isn't the best MiG out there. Apart from anything else it's noticeably larger than the Airfix kit, which was about the only other one easily available at that time. It also has the transparent parts behind the main canopy moulded solid. However it's another FROG kit I have fond memories of, so it's worth getting. John
  8. I've never even seen the FROG boxing but I did build the Hasegawa kit back in the day. My memory is that, like the MiG-21, it's a bit out of scale? I certainly remember it looking hefty compared to the much finer ESCI kits. John
  9. I remember seeing this kit in a Novo box but I never saw the FROG. Looking very nice indeed. John
  10. Now that's quite something. I have no recollection of this kit at all - it would certainly have been on the Christmas list if I had! I did have a Nichimo Chieftain that was remotely controlled via wires connected to a battery control box. I never built it though. J
  11. John

    F192 Bf109F

    Time to slap some markings on this: Sadly the FROG sheet was a bit out of register, which showed up particularly on the crosses. Fortunately I had the sheet from the final release of the old Airfix Bf109E lying handy so I used the crosses from that: Smaller markings and swastika came from the FROG sheet where the register issue isn't so apparent. Once again I used the old, milder, Humbrol Decal Cote 1 and 2. John
  12. The rear cockpit is essentially a shelf with moulded ammo drums and a Vickers VGO on a stand. There's not much there but it's better than Airfix managed. The glazing is one piece so not too much is going to be seen. John
  13. Nope. I've nearly completed the Macchi and the Bf109 and have a bit more to do to the Spitfire and the Meteor. When the first 2 are finished I'll start on this and my new Yak-3. John
  14. Well, it's been an interesting few days having to take the toilet apart to replace a broken syphon, but finally back to the bench. I dug out venerable tins of HB1 and HB3 from the depths of the paint locker and sorted out the camouflage pattern: Good practice for the lovely Airfix 1/48th scale kit. I just love old Humbrol enamels. John
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