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  1. The turret is a complex little assembly that repays care in putting all the bits together. The kit has options for the earlier or later pattern turrets: I didn't notice that the tanks used in the Pacific campaign had their headlights removed - ah well... The complex Vickers suspension system assembles simply but looks effective: John
  2. Very nice. I'll check out the thread. I've finally found the time to make a start: More soon, hopefully. John
  3. I don't think 241/641 was specified for Army or RAF vehicles? I could be wrong. John
  4. Very interesting thread. Some random thoughts, which may or may not add to the discussion My home town is also home to Alexander Dennis, who started off as Walter Alexander (Coachbuilders) Ltd. An old friend had a relative who worked for them and who could sometimes liberate small samples of paint from the paint shop. My friend used that to repaint his Corgi and Dinky buses into representative, mostly Scottish Bus Group, schemes. Our local SGB operator was Midland Scottish who used a bright French Blue and Cream: https://images.app.goo.gl/Cjq9A1AUuULAp3GDA
  5. Thanks. I'm a great fan of Mr Starmer's work and I have all of his books. I'm planning to finish this in the Caunter scheme, The primer coat showed up a flaw in the printing/casting in the shape of a diagonal scar on the near side rear. I superglued in a bit of Microrod and sanded it flush: The model then got 2 coats of Sovereign Hobbies Portland Stone. This is it after the first coat, it's still wet in the photo: John
  6. Branching out a bit in my 1/56th scale vehicle collection with a 3-D printed Dorchester from these good people: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/3dprintingvalley Nice detail and not too much obvious stepping: First thing is a base coat of good old Humbrol 33: More shortly. John
  7. In terms of the tank, no time so far but I did buy some 28mm Chindits which I'm painting up as New Zealand troops to support the armour: John
  8. It's been a lot of years since I built a Hasegawa Skyhawk, in fact it might even have been the FROG boxing, but I do remember that it seemed to be a bit out of scale, being noticeably larger than the Airfix and ESCI versions. Their MiG-21 had the same issue. John
  9. I built a few of these kits with my son when he was small and they do look good when they're finished. I think the body shell is essentially the one from a Scalextric racing car with some detail parts added. One of Airfix's trade show stands from a couple of years ago suggested that they were thinking about bringing them back. I hope they do - I never managed to get a hold of a Caterham 7 John
  10. I'm struck by the similarities in design between this kit and the Trumpeter MiG-15s. Following with much interest. John
  11. I remember building the Airfix boxing of this kit. I think it has its origins with OEZ but I don't think they ever released it under their own name. It's very similar in style to their MiG-21. I bought an Eduard etched set, which I think was one of the first they put out, and finished it in the supplied North Vietnamese markings. Even with these minimum additions it's a good looking model. I've occasionally thought about getting another and going to town on it so I'm watching this with much interest. I really fancy their Su-7 as well John
  12. I'm fairly sure mine had Israeli markings? John
  13. The book arrived this afternoon and I've left it on my desk so I can have a leaf through it tomorrow. Initial impression is of a very comprehensive collection of photos but since I haven't seen the older book I can't really compare them. More than good enough for this project though. John
  14. Perfect, thanks. John Edited to say that there's a photo of the rear of a Valentine in Plowman's book. According to the caption the telephone storage box was adapted from an ammunition box, which should make life a bit easier John
  15. Hi Enzo, does the resin set have the infantry telephone box? I'll need to fabricate one for my Valentine and I've no idea what it looked like. Thanks, John
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