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  1. Thanks. It's still on the go but I've had little spare time over the last couple of months and most of my ongoing projects are progressing very slowly. Getting a bit of bench time is something I'm really looking forward to J
  2. Sadly pressure of work has dug a big hole in my modelling time over the past couple of months and my little jeep remains info unfinished. I decided to rebuild the gun mount on the passenger to better represent the twin Vickers K mount, which probably didn't help with the timekeeping I've recently acquired the Rubicon Chevvy truck, so a wee diorama might be on the cards. John
  3. Slightly off topic but the original Airfix Spitfire Vb in 1/48th scale featured 2 different radiators. The kit was reviewed in Scale Models and the reviewer, I can't recall who it was at this distance in time, commented that it was the first time he had come across this but assumed the Airfix designers had done their homework. The actual difference in the parts was barely noticeable, even in 1/48th scale. It's been a while since I checked but I agree with Claudio that there's no mention of a deeper radiator fairing in Shacklady and Morgan, so these 40 years later it still doesn't se
  4. John

    Airfix 2021...

    The Beach Buggy! Be stilled my beating heart I've *always* wanted one of these since it appeared on Woolworths wall of kits. Sadly it didn't seem to hang around for long and I wasn't prepared to pay collector's prices in later life. I did get the Bond Bug for my birthday the year it came out, hopefully I'll get another crack at that in the not too distant. John
  5. I'll make a start on this when my current GB builds are a bit more advanced. John
  6. Main airframe bits put together - fit's not bad but there are areas around the wing roots that will need a bit of work: AZ prop in the Heller spinner: John
  7. I've got an Airfix MiG-17 and the Xtradecal sheet - tempting... John
  8. No problem, the more the merrier Anyway, not much time for kitbashing this last week but some small progress. Interestingly, there are very few locating pins in this kit, only 2 on the fuselage halves and none on the wings: A dive into the spares cache uncovered an AZ 109 prop - and wheels: Those should improve the look. John
  9. Box top - definitely had one at some point: Classic Heller : I'm no expert on the late model 109s but purely as a kit this looks nice. I'll remember to reverse the prop. John
  10. I came across the Airfix "Aircraft of the Aces" boxing of this kit. It isn't a kit I've ever built in any of its incarnations so this should be a bit of fun. I'll post up photos when I get some time. John
  11. Time to throw some paint at the model. Most of the interior is Humbrol 33 Mat Black with Revell 17 Africa Brown for the wheel wells: As far as I can tell Magisters have black cockpits with brown seats, Humbrol 33 and 29 in this case: John
  12. That looks like a nice kit. I bought a load of bagged but unboxed Heller P-40s from Hannants a few years back, for the school modelling club. Apparently there had been a leak of some sort which had destroyed the packaging but the kits and decals inside were fine. On inspecting an example it turned out they were all Airfix mouldings which, you would have to say, weren't as good looking as the Heller original. Curious. There were P-47Ns in the box as well but they were undoubtedly Heller kits. John
  13. Having gone to university a matter of yards from where Frank and Harold Barnwell built their first aeroplanes, I'd like to join as well. I used to have a book that belonged to Frank. I gave it to the Smith Museum in Stirling a few years ago. John
  14. I'll have to think about DayGlo, it's not something I've had a lot of luck with over the years. The last Magister I built was the Airfix kit for a GB on here and that was an overall aluminium Luftwafffe example, so maybe a bit more colourful this time. The first 1/72 Magister I built was a Heller example finished with Irish markings from the legendary Scale Aircraft Modelling sheet. John
  15. I had a double album "Now That's What I Call Music". The only track I can remember it having was Buffalo Girls by Malcolm McLaren. My 14 year year old Granddaughter has a turntable and is buying vinyl. I can't get over having every track I've ever owned in a wee box in my pocket. I had the Binatone version of the original cassette Walkman, that had a battery life of about 90 seconds. She thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. I built the Revell boxing of Ar196 a couple of years ago. It's still a nice kit and with much better decals. J
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