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  1. good morning everyone well the bowsprit rigging is completed, and it was actually more to it than i thought, all the ends are trimmed and im 75% happy with it, still dont look how i envisaged it safety nets next
  2. good evening everyone i continue to work on this beast, often going backwards, but getting there all blocks that attach to pintles or none rope tend to have round collets, i have tried to replicate this using and alternative evergreen tube at this stage she was put away for a month or so whilst i did another project which has since gone on hols again in an attempt to complete the running rigging by Christmas this year main mast after 13 years the Amerigo has some mast rigging,
  3. good evening everyone quite a bit done to the chassis today, although you wont believe it the brass round will eventually be bent and attached to the handbrake lever, however the way the kit wants me to join them to the raft made me look at alternatives, but there would need to be more room required to achieve it so i came up with my own idea, which is tidier and looks better the lever moves this raft which in turn creates friction on the wheels to slow them down these bits of brass sandwich the raft which is tidier then a 1mm hole to attach carriage suspension each corner has a vertical metal bandings and has taken some time to get right two metal strips are turned at one end, and fixed to the frame the other, a folded bands secures them, and a rod stops them from collapsing still very much work in progress
  4. i sent of for this, no idea what its going to be like, will let you know, if nothing else it will give me a rough idea of size Shop Horse Bus Plan 1/20th Scale | Hobby.uk.com Hobbys sent of for a few of their plans and handbooks as well
  5. im finding my long term builds, just are that, long term, but the more i try something else, the more i enjoy them and worry i wont go back
  6. some stunning work here, i have just ordered a set of 1/20 plans for an omnibus, that i want to take to 1/10, i may just steal your running gear LOL
  7. good morning everyone never got quite as much done yesterday, as the wife walked out on me when i say the wife walked out on me that not quite what happed, for a start she got in a car, not walked, and it was our car, and i was driving, and i knew where she was going, oh and she comes back Tuesday the horse is still being worked on, but already i am changing things the instructions call out for a simple 3 sided brace but looking through other logs i am going with a full brace
  8. good afternoon everyone day 2 of my latest build, wheels are first, But having done them last on the hearse build i am going to wait a while, however i did the hubs as i am using a different sort of acrylic paint, they are taking some work to make them presentable starting the chassis the kit provides 5mm x 5mm walnut for the longitudinals and have a cleft put along the full length, i did this by hand, it looked a utter mess, so i used some 6x6 and used the table saw, 3 clefts are on either sided of the chassis front and rear mainly only the laser side is painted, most of this has now had at least 3 coats, with no primer at present i am now doing the hounds
  9. rated as one being better detailed than the 1/12 Model Trailways Concorde Stagecoach i fancied this after the discovery of my Tudor mansion, built and forgotten about, and it quickly follows my completion of the hearse build what i have found to be a pain, no instruction handbook, just a CD, or you can download from different places priced at about £130 im sure it will keep me out of trouble for the next few weeks
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