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  1. Good evening everyone, thank you for likes and comments Day 26 deck beam supports i have realised tonight, that there is so much to think about on this build, im not in a hurry to do things that are not in sequence, that might be for two reasons, 1 i dont have anything else to do that is out of sequence, and may be the 2 is the same as the first i have the next two part to the build, but CAF are resupplying some of it, hopefully will be here this week the point i was trying to make is that im in no hurry to go and make deck fitting or cannons
  2. Good afternoon everyone day 22 hawse timbers fitted thank you for comments and likes i would like to think im getting better at the wooden kit building, or the quality of the kit is, lol must be the latter thats the hawse timbers in, although i needed to remove a bit of wood
  3. good evening everyone Day 21 last of the cants been a quite week, lots of things happening, and not a lot of boat building, but today the last of the stern cants were put in, that leave the hawse timbers and stern timbers, Parts 2 and 3 arrived and i will show photos at a later date
  4. good evening everyone, thank you for comments and likes Hawse trimbers these are the timbers that fit at the very front of the ship, although not fitted yet they still need to be built jig made up most timbers have a lasered fairing line, which is removed the timbers then fit very nice infills placed Jig removed Cant Frames Fwd these fit after the hawse timbers upto where the full frames start, 7 sets After cants after the full frames upto the stern timbers 11 sets made
  5. good evening Steve watch out for my next update, on releasing the hull, in the next hour or so, there is some different sized strip wood included in part one but at this time i dont know what its for, some of it might be to brace the ribs but parts 2 and 3 arrive this week, so i might be better informed
  6. lovely to catch up with your work. she looks stunning
  7. Good afternoon everyone lets bring you up to date the keel with a minimum of fuss and a quick touch against the bench grinder, to remove the laser char, tall the bits fit together very well against the 1/1 plans, the problems arose because i took it all apart again to put the ribbit line in lol using a new glue to me, brilliant stuff Frames 57 frames make up most of the hull, most are full about quarter of them are 1/2 frames full frames the full frames are made up in layers, mostly doubles, a few trip
  8. i was recommended this one and recd it at a very good price one other book i wishing to obtain is the Pandora (autonomy of a ship) but quite expensive on fleabay and other places
  9. lol refits normally are done a few years after the vessel has been in commission. she will be finished one day,i actually enjoyed the rebuild, as she looks much better, but the HMS Enterprise project has taken over, for now anyway, all my other new projects, as in new kits have been sold so my options are presently for what i have already started
  10. glad to have you along, i will catch up with the build tomorrow,
  11. updated as she is now back on the shelf, but not the shelf of doom, as i have yet another project on the go
  12. good evening everyone, good to be back and with yet another new build yes this is a kit, but the closest i will get to a scratch the kit is available in one big package, or can be ordered in 3 sections, i chose to order part one £250 + plus shipping (7.5 kg) and export duties which added about £150 on top most of the weight for part one comes from the building rig, basically a frame to hold the frames in position there are no written instructions, what is written (occasional sentence i in Chinese) a few diagrams are shown which helps, but on the jig an
  13. HMS Enterprize was the lead ship of the Enterpize class of 1770. The class was designed by Sir John Williams with a gross dimensions and tons of 120’6” (gun deck), 99’6” (keel), 33’6” (beam), 11’ (depth of hold) and to carry 200,men. Armament was 24 x 9 pound guns on the upper deck, 4 x 3 pound guns on the quarter deck, and 12 swivel guns. She was ordered in January 1771, Keel laid on September 9, 1771 at Deptford, launched August 24, 1774; hulked in 1791. Twenty-seven ships composed this class. A pair of paintings of the ship by Joseph Marshall in 1775 is held by the Scien
  14. Good evening everyone thank you for the comments dont think i have ever built anything, quite like this, yes the box art is very different to the kit, but for an OOB kit the instructions are good, the material is good, everything fits, and it is certainly a nice looking subject, would be even better if i was a half decent builder the deck fittings have had attention today, the cockpit breakwater, cabin hosing and various bits are in progress on the table, including making your own blocks
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