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  1. Looking great, I can see the classic Phantom shape is already in place. A great alternative to travelling
  2. Thanks all, I’ve updated my image a little, well quite a bit in fact, in some areas. The sub has crash dived before veeing attacked, new explosions and reworked the sky/fog background
  3. A piece I finished today, showing a heavily weathered 330sqn Short Sunderland attacks a german type VII sub with depth charges.. All CGI
  4. Nice.. a little tip when working on perspectives, hold your drawing up in front of a mirror and if any errors, they reveals themselves instantly in the mirror
  5. I have updated this image, I wasn’t really happy with it so I adjusted the composition completely and removed the contrails to calm it down a little.. I think this is better..
  6. Bumped into your Flickr Rob, really inpressed by your work. You have a brilliant pencil hand!
  7. Hmm yeah, they look static but they are rotating together with the propeller. The shutter speed is a bit fast I guess. Perhaps I should give them another shot of blur for safe.. Thanks for pointing it out. I updated the image some with more blur to the spinners plus a few minor 'dents' I needed to straighten.
  8. A piece I just did today, a flight of JG3 190's overflies the channel coast looking for stragglers from a passing bomber stream. .
  9. Thanks to all for your feedbacks.. and I must say it’s truly has been a useful learning for me. As I said when doing the piece, I had no thought for who was doing what in the conflict and certainly never meaning to take any side. A bit naive I guess, looking back but that’s how I saw it. Just feeling sad for all innocent civillian lives beeing sacrificed on the altar of war all over the world. So if anyone felt bad about this image it was never my intention to step on your feelings..
  10. Thanks It’s computer as all my other works here.
  11. A quickie I did of a Fw190D-9 running up it’s engine..
  12. I see it now. And yes, very dramatic and with a great sense of speed. The Eurofighter is a great looking plane all together..
  13. I say these are pretty good, considered the age of the artists I fear l’ve «lost» all my scetches from those days.. more than 50 years ago and several change of houses to blaim.. or someone else.
  14. Yes I agree, there will always be many wievs on this. Luckily most of us (well all, really) have never needed to experience that war. It’s now soon 80 years ago, but I realize there are still sore feelings. I’m sorry if some feels it’s inproper to display. I wasn’t meant to step on anyones toes or certainly not taking any side. For me it was ‘just another work’ inspired by historic facts..
  15. Thank you gentlemen. Researching the full story behind ‘Operation Gomorrah’ before I did this piece, was really a heart ripping story to read. Really shocking material. Mancunian airman, this work is a mix of both. The plane and bombs are CG whilst the background is digitally painted and everything baked together in Photoshop.
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