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  1. I shall be following this tour with great interest. I’ve always been attracted to these frend oddies with their beatiful lines and strange gun arrangements (after all, they were french) Equally beautiful and not less impressive were their successors the Richelieu class.
  2. Nils

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Lovely detail work and an impressing patience to do it right. I see there were quite a few modifications done to the Tirpitz over the years after her completion, that differed her from Bismarck. the only little thing that seems a bit off scale is the patterns on the tear drop flooring plates and the perforated plates. But if they were on scale the patterns would hardly be visible as the round holes in a perforated plates is about 1 cm in full size and the tear drop patterns are about an inch long
  3. It's really when you post the image with the pen and sunglasses that shows the scale of this little beauty. Inspiring work. I scratch built a few local steamers in my younger days 30-40 years ago . No true scale, but they were all about 8-10 cm size from full scale size of 30-50 meters.
  4. Totally impressed!
  5. A happy new year to all. I’ve spent the last days of christmas and new year to finish a couple of Ju-88 models. I thought I’d show you my C-6 together with a Wellington I built long ago. I just gave the Wimpy a new coat of paint in a Coastal Command livery. Here the pair is shown in two different settings. Personally I prefer the one with the Ju closest to canera. All modelled in Modo, by me with some touch up in Photoshop afterwards
  6. Nils

    Bitesize Spitfire in Oils

    Very nice painting, and water colours are indeed a tricky and unforgiving medium. As I’ve said once or twice before, an easy and quick way to check your perspective and roundness, is to mirror your work and check as you go along.
  7. Nils

    F-84 Thunderjets, manouvering drill

    Thanks for your comment. I’m happy you like it
  8. Beautiful work and beautiful paint scheme. I’m currently working on a A-4 of KG30 as a digital 3D model and is now working on the detective bit with finding the correct markings for the era (april 1940). So sometime early 2019 I might have something useful to show for me
  9. As I said in my other post of the norwegian air force 338sqn Thunderjets. Two machines collided during high speed ‘break’ drills. The pilot of the closest plane, MU-R managed to eject and survived the inident, the other pilot, sadly, was killed. The surviving pilot, later became commander for our entire airforce. This is my finished artwork from the incident. It shows the planes the moment before MU-S pushes it’s starboard wing tank up the tail pipe of MU-R. in respect for family members still alive. In respect of family members still alive, I didn’t want to depict the crash itself. This all happened 10. january 1956. It’s a piece I did for my friend. It was his father surviving the bail out. His dad passed away some years ago but the story naturally coloured their family life after this incident. This is done to try to shed some light for them how it might have looked, back then. All is modelled and created by me, in Modo. The background is constructed with a mix of Google maps and rather heavy Photoshop paintwork. I will give him a print of this as a christmas present.
  10. Nils

    A-4E Skyhawks

    This time I've imagined a pair of VA-163 A-4E Skyhawks buzzing a US destroyer, sometimes during the Vietnam conflict era. Everything is modelled and rendered in Modo with a little postwork in Photoshop.. The lead plane AH300, was the plane of later senator John McCain. It's the same plane he later were shot down with an happening that led him into years of pow captivity.
  11. Yes me too. I can’t stop admiring your metal look. Extremely well done paint job
  12. Beautiful work, what are those three cutouts at the tip?
  13. Nils

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    Cheers Bob, I really appreciate your comments. Beeing a fan boy of Bill Phillips myself, I’m truly honoured to be mentioned in the same sentence as him! Now I’m working on Liberators in various types, D, H and J type. They’re soon ready for making some shots. I first thought about the Ploesti raid but I guess that’s been done by so many already. I will try to find something more original to show for myself ( even though I’ve already built half an oil refinery for the scene... )
  14. Nils

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    Those are fantastic. I really admidre you character modellers both for your patience and skills.Love textures too. Yep I’ve done a Skyraider, it’s on here somewhere together with some of other stuff I’ve done over the years...
  15. Nils

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    Thanks for you kind words. Got anything to show here?? I love Modod, changed over from 3DS Max. Purchased my first 301 version years ago. It took a while for me to get around it, but now I’ll never go back. Didn’t upgrade after 902, but I got what I need there. Been thinking about Mari or Substance painter or something but haven’t invested in it.. I’ m relative happy as I am now with PS CS and Modo..