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  1. Nils

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Something I learned in my younger days and still use to check a drawing is to mirror it for any errors. It sticks out instantly in a mirrored image.
  2. Nils

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Now rhat’s a lovely piece of art. Truly well composed and beautifully painted.
  3. Nils

    Spad - Douglas A1-H Skyraider

    Thanks a lot guys gld you like it. The Skyraider ha always impressed me too. Both it’s looks but even more it’s performance and versatility
  4. One of my more recent work, the immaculate Skyraider. Here seen in the colours of VA-176. Modelled in Modo with very little Photoshop post render work needed on this one, more or less just changed the contrast and added a tiny bit of grainy 'noise' to the image.
  5. Nils

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    Awesome F-14! I really like the detailwork
  6. Nils

    Neptunes, can someone enlighten me please.....

    The Neptune family vas been a favorite of mine for a long time, with it’s exiting career and so many very fifferent types.. It was begging to be modelled. As a 3D modeller I’ve built several types of it and done quite a few scenes’ with it. Also it’s competitor, Martin Mercator has had my attention since I discovered it some time back, with an even more exiting but shorter life, it too has inspired me with it’s sleek and elegant lines.. I’ll post some shots of them, some day later ..
  7. Nils

    Bedford QL recovery truck

    Fantastic, all that´s missing is a nice wreck to recover. Great looking, weathered finish.
  8. Nils

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    See if you can find that album, it´s greatly overlooked and little known.
  9. Massive, and yet so small.. how do you manage to get it all in there.. Reminds me, german guy I used to know, changed to the dark side and moved to LA as a VFX artist in the movie industry. He made a fantastic DDR Volksarmee Hind 3D Hind model, not sure if he ever completed it but here´s a gallery I found with images of if it: http://www.andrecantarel.com/personal-work/
  10. Nils

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Yes, me too. I remember buying my first Cure «17 Seconds» and «Going deaf for a living» by Fischer-Z while beeing on inter rail in the Netherlands in 77. It went «straight in» on first hearing :) Does anybody else here remember Sad Cafe with Fanx-ta-ra? I sti,l love that record.
  11. Nils

    B+V138 taking off

    As proposed, here's wires (screen shot from Modo) and the original colour version (which I didn't like), and a closeup of the background..
  12. Nils

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Dam, I haven’t visited this thread before but I honestly believed it was a real wreck, until I studied the images more closely. Remarkably well done. It truly looks burnt out.
  13. Nils

    B+V138 taking off

    hehe I can post the wire mesh of the scene, if you like?
  14. Nils

    B+V138 taking off

    Thanks for kind words Keith. There is not many public photos of today that haven’t been tampered with, in one way or another. Even winners of professional photo competitions has been discovered for cheating.
  15. Nils

    B+V138 taking off

    Another seabird leaving the surcface. This time I've been toying around a little in Photoshop with my Blohm+Voss 138C model. I got inspired by a photo I recently saw, and wanted my image to look as an old photo from that time. These 3 engined flying sabots were a pretty common sight up here during WW2 together with the He-115's, but this one here is from more southern waters.. I imagined France somehow, or perhaps Germany