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  1. Nils

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    Thanks for your comment, appreciated. I modelled the Oriskany both as she looked in the Korean conflict and how she looked after her big rebuild
  2. Nils

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    Ta’ very much, lads
  3. Nils

    Norwegian air force F-84G Thunderjet

    Takker These planes were both from RNoAF 338sqn, which collided during drills in january 1956. The pilot of the closest plane, MU-R managed to eject and survived, as the other pilot, alas, was killed. The pilot who survived, later became commander for our entire airforce.
  4. Nils

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    Thanks, glad you like it
  5. Something I did a while ago. It’s the USS Oriskany, running carrier operarions at sundown somewhere. A F-4 is on the approach for landing. There is parked A-4 Skyhawks on the starboard side on the flight deck. Oriskany is configured here as she was in the 70’s., with angled deck and new radars. New catapults and a closed bow. Everything is modelled in Modo with a little touch up in Photoshop. All, except the beautiful sundown - that can’t be replicated better than mother nature does it it might look a bit dark but it’s intentional.. t
  6. Nils

    Spitfire Poster

  7. Two norwegian Thunderjet’s in a taking off scene. Our relaive small airforce were neatly flooded with over 200 of these jets in rhe early 50’s, the largest one time purchase our airforce have ever done. All these new planes called for an urgent need of more pilots. A lot of new unexperienced pilots, just kids really, got to fly them. This in turn cause a lot of mishaps and accidents. These two jets here collided in mid air in january 1956. During a ‘break away’ drill, MU-S managed to stick his wing tank up the tailpipe of MU-R. The pilot of the latter managed to eject the other sadly, didnt and wa killed. All modelled and rendered in Modo with some touch up paint work in photoshop afterwards..
  8. Nils

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Something I learned in my younger days and still use to check a drawing is to mirror it for any errors. It sticks out instantly in a mirrored image.
  9. Nils

    Hurricane Mk1 Oil on Canvas 500 x 750mm

    Now rhat’s a lovely piece of art. Truly well composed and beautifully painted.
  10. Nils

    Spad - Douglas A1-H Skyraider

    Thanks a lot guys gld you like it. The Skyraider ha always impressed me too. Both it’s looks but even more it’s performance and versatility
  11. One of my more recent work, the immaculate Skyraider. Here seen in the colours of VA-176. Modelled in Modo with very little Photoshop post render work needed on this one, more or less just changed the contrast and added a tiny bit of grainy 'noise' to the image.
  12. Nils

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    Awesome F-14! I really like the detailwork
  13. Nils

    Neptunes, can someone enlighten me please.....

    The Neptune family vas been a favorite of mine for a long time, with it’s exiting career and so many very fifferent types.. It was begging to be modelled. As a 3D modeller I’ve built several types of it and done quite a few scenes’ with it. Also it’s competitor, Martin Mercator has had my attention since I discovered it some time back, with an even more exiting but shorter life, it too has inspired me with it’s sleek and elegant lines.. I’ll post some shots of them, some day later ..
  14. Nils

    Bedford QL recovery truck

    Fantastic, all that´s missing is a nice wreck to recover. Great looking, weathered finish.
  15. Nils

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    See if you can find that album, it´s greatly overlooked and little known.