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  1. The Catalina is as you say a digital model, or a 3 dimensional object. Usually started out as a multi sided cylinder that’s beeind chopped an formed in a 3 dimensional room, until it resembles the shape of the fuselage.. time consuming but fun.. this is the ultra quick way of explaining it. Also check the thread here for my Me-110 wip model below.. perhaps it’s easier to see what I mean
  2. Thanks or your kind words Bertie. To put it simple, I use an application called Modo for modelling, texture work and rendering and I do so called post work in Photoshop.. (painted clouds, flames and so on ) All in all it takes me about a months work to do it all.. the modelling takes the most of the time Thanks again for your interest.
  3. Nils


    That’s a really fine piece of work. I like the dramatic light and the zeke hanging there, the second before impact, really adds tension to the scene. I would mind much hanging that on my living room wall..
  4. Those two new images looks great, the pencil schetch is also my favorite. I’ve done some works using a cheap black ink felt pen ( not permanent ) and washed over it all with water and soak up the water with a paper towel. Gives a nice effect , if you got a nice water soluble pen.
  5. I agree with Rob, getting familiar with the subject is vital. If not modelling, you can try schetching as many angles and versions as you can from photos to familiarize with the subject
  6. Thank you.. I just need a little tweaking to get a more realistc look on the AA fire muzzle flashes on the Bismarck.. plus a little more work on the cloud cover..
  7. Black Knight, I know and I find it confusing... I’ve seen photos of both WQ-Z as W8406 and AH545... I know the callsigns were transferred over to new aircrafts as older were written off. My question is what s/n did WQ-Z have in late May 1941? What caused the need to have two different series of serials in the first place? (one letter, four digits and two letters, three digits) Did one type replace the other at a certain date or what? Ok, to answer my own questions, I found out that by 1940 the s/n Z9978 was reached, and it was then decided to restart the sequence with a two letter, three digit, system that still exitsts today. So then it’s a question, when was the WQ-Z, that found Bismarck built. Had it been replaced before or after the incident? some interesting read here, oddly they all list WQ-Z as s/n AH545... http://www.rafcommands.com/database/serials/details.php?uniq=AH545
  8. Thanks Graham, and Z/8406 would ( to me at least) made sense.
  9. Why has there been such confusion around what serial WQ-Z had? Shouldn’t that be in written in all reports? I used W8406 too for my work.. will need to change that if AH545 is correct. Thanks for pointing it out
  10. A. Edited and enlightened edition of my image, which I’m a lot more pleased with..
  11. Amazing work, how the h*ll can you see those tiny tiny details? I have trouble seeing them all, even if I zoom in on the photos
  12. Here's an updated version with the earlier type fin flash and roundels
  13. Mr. T I got your point, I'll fix it right away, thanks
  14. Thanks Keith I figured if I post it here, I'd be able to weed out all little errors with all the expertise is this forum.. feel free to point out your comments of correction
  15. I tried to recreate a scene from the search of the fleeing Bismarck escaping the british Home fleet forces, 26 May 1941 (80 years ago!) One of the three Catalinas spottted her through the cloud cover and reported back to the search party, but was instantly peppered by the german ship, with all her barrels.. I wanted to show 209sqn Catalina WQ-Z, the second before her pilot throws the plane in an evasive turn from the glowing metal.
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