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  1. That came really well out Bob, I love how you’ve done the light effects and how you have managed to create the right blur to give a true sense of speed and drama to ti piece..
  2. Such a beautiful painting ( and story) the days when the pilots were the knights of the sky and heroes and really a bunch of bravehearts. I doub’t the odds they fought would have tempted many young pilots of today...
  3. This could easily pass as a ‘50’s boon cover. Lovely classic style. Got to love the G.1A’s lines
  4. Beautiful work, Bob. What a great idea to use it for fund raising. You catched the great looks of the ‘Tiffie’ well
  5. Nils

    Desperate days

    Desperate days A 725th BS/ 45th BG B-24H, nicknamed ‘Extra Joker’ was attacked 23. August 1944 during a raid on Markersdorf airfield in Austria. Two FW190 of JG3 attacked them and in seconds a fuel tank was penetrated, almost instantly it caught fire and ‘Extra Joker’ plummeted downwards in a death dive and eventually exploded, taking all ten of her young crew with her. The kill was well documented as their photographer flew as guest on an other ship on this mission, to take photos of their plane. Shocked to see him friends fall to earth in flames, all he could do was to cover their death on film..
  6. Again, I like your clean and fragile, light stroke pencil drawings... Looks like you sat next to them there, scetching... I wouldn’t mind at all, having one of those on my wall...
  7. That’s a really nice piece of work John. I like your style, mood in the painting (looks very correct for the era) and last but not the least the choice of subjects. A really nice collection. Very very nice work.
  8. Lightnings are great, no room for discussions your work is also coming along nicely and has all the potential to be great. Nice angle and great sea surface.. I shall follow you
  9. Ok but if you came in second place last year, competing with a waterline model of a sub, against a battleship, that’s still pretty dam impressing I’d say.
  10. Sooo, how did it go at the expo?
  11. I wanted to say it looks great, it does but in a tiny way. It’s beauty. Beautiful sea too
  12. Congratulations with a fantastic job done! It’s when your model sits next to the coffee mug, one really sees how tiny it is ... It’s truly awesome.
  13. I can’t wait for the exitment and shock among the audience when Kate Winslet appears on the scene to switch those beautiful LED’s on. When they dim down the lights in the show room, it will be an breath taking sight!
  14. Now that really start to look like something. Great work on the sea and bringing it to life..
  15. I love your work with the sea, it’s getting better and better. So the milliput, is that some kind of plastic/acrylic clay? and will it harden quickly or can you continue to form it a later stage? I got to try this.. and secondly, the wiring for the lights are they supposed to come up through the base? Have you considered to install some kind of toot as well (of course only if there’s time)
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