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  1. Here's an updated version with the earlier type fin flash and roundels
  2. Mr. T I got your point, I'll fix it right away, thanks
  3. Thanks Keith I figured if I post it here, I'd be able to weed out all little errors with all the expertise is this forum.. feel free to point out your comments of correction
  4. I tried to recreate a scene from the search of the fleeing Bismarck escaping the british Home fleet forces, 26 May 1941 (80 years ago!) One of the three Catalinas spottted her through the cloud cover and reported back to the search party, but was instantly peppered by the german ship, with all her barrels.. I wanted to show 209sqn Catalina WQ-Z, the second before her pilot throws the plane in an evasive turn from the glowing metal.
  5. Nice going! Crisp and clean modelling, are you planning to 3D print it yourself?
  6. Thank you, those are great! Yes I said turret.. sorry ‘bout beeing somewhat unprecise. I should have said forward gunners position.. as some had guns were placed in the turrets and some in the surrounding fuselage..
  7. Ok thanks, but I’ve seen one with two 50 cal fitted just below the turret ( no gun in the turret itself) and another with a single 20mm cannon below the turret (field mods?) I seen turrets with the raised bulge as you say with the gun pointing through a circular perspex window, another with the same bulge but an opening in front and double guns..
  8. Hello I wonder if anyone knows and can perhaps direct me to a site showing the variety in nose turrets for the Catalina? So far I’ve seen three different types.. Were they different because of the different type of guns and mountings, or were they simply different because they were by by several operators in different countries? The reason I ask is, I’m doing the 3D model below, and I want to have all types available for different future scenarios...
  9. I see thanks for that. One of the real benefits with 3D is that you can easily change the wieving angle and direction of the object. But 3D, photo or whatever source, one still have to use ones skills to do the painting and I think you do it well..
  10. Thank you Keith, glad you like it.. By depicting the prelude to the battle, I feel it’s more up to the wiever to decide what’s happening next..
  11. Prelude to Black Friday - 9th February 1945 Not showing the clash between allied and axis forces directly. My image is showing the first units of JG5 from Herdla entering the scene of Fördesfjord, western Norway, where the Black Friday clash took place on february 9th 1945 as RAF Dallachy Beaufighters is attacking the german destroyer Z33 and suporting vessels in the area. The Fw190A-8 Blue 4 was piloted by Rudi Linz, a 69 kills ace, whom also was killed that day. Shot down by an escorting 65 Sqn Mustang. 10 allied and 5 german planes were shot down. 18 allied and 2 german airmen
  12. Thank you Rabbit leader, that’s the greatness with this place, all the tips and help you get along the way.. and yes you’re right, it is s Mk1c. Your comment is much appreciated.
  13. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you liked it and shed your thoughts around it. My intentions was also as said above, never to ‘take a side’ of the battle. It’s just a story I’ve heard so much about and I’ve always found it a shocking story that’s been burning in the back of my head for years. On the other hand, that’s a danger with depicting war. There are always two sides to a battle, and it’s so easy to hurt one or the other side, unintentionally.
  14. that's really a nice piece of work.
  15. An image I did of the Calamity Jane (one of several with the same name, apparently) a B-17G that crash landed in Sweden, August 1944 due to flak damage on a raid against Peenemünde
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