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  1. that's really a nice piece of work.
  2. An image I did of the Calamity Jane (one of several with the same name, apparently) a B-17G that crash landed in Sweden, August 1944 due to flak damage on a raid against Peenemünde
  3. Nils


    Beautiful work
  4. Thank you both, regarding the atmosphere, I’m not sure how well it shows but I tried to add some insects dots deeper in the background, to add some more life to the late afternoon scene..
  5. That’s looking just great, the first jumbo so to say..
  6. A pair of 5./LG2 Hs123's is dive bombing ground targets during the polish campaign
  7. Wow, thanks, that’s must have been tough times.
  8. Thanks guys, @ JohnT, I'm deeply honoured 303sqn, thanks for your enlightening upon studying my information V6665 coded RF-J, was shot down on the 27 September, Sgt Andruszkow was killed in the incident. I was mislead from the info given on this site: http://www.polishsquadronsremembered.com/303/303_story.html
  9. Here a picture I just finished today, a 303sqn Hurricane hitting a Me110 over Dover during the Battle of Britain.. 80 years ago now. The Hurrican was piloted by F/O Cebrzynski when it was lost 27 September, in a dogfight.. PS! My scene is pure fiction..
  10. That's some really nice and truly unique pictures, I like the a bit rough style of the pixelated pictures and the P-40 under engine maintenance must be my favorite.
  11. On top of a great modelling result, it’s also splendid photo work. Really nice photos, the dark environment suits the model!
  12. Thank you for helping. As I’m doing digital artworks, (mostly planes) from time to time, I do some maritime related stuff as well and see that smaller boafs and vessels would fit nicely into some of mh scenes. Of course I’m able to paint just «a boat» , but it would be so much nicer to have a selection of correct crafts, motor launches, sea plane tenders and so on, to make. I’ve always admired the design of older marine vessels in general and Royal Navy and RAF in particular. So, really simple scetches, b/w photos or whatever would be nice, as long as they’re right for the scene and t
  13. Hi Does anyone know if there's a place on the web that has images and/or drawings of Royal Navy motor launches, smaller vessels types and so on? Especially from the era before WW1 until 1960's... I've tried to find such a place, never really had any luck….
  14. Beautiful ship, and beautifully weathered
  15. Thanks for your explaination I fully understand the crawling around bit, hehe Sometimes I think «normal» people must believe modellers are some real lunatics
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