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  1. Here's some inspiration for your build courtesy of the late Alf Blume https://www.flickr.com/photos/alfblume/albums/72157638528692053/with/4056132029/
  2. Quick question: Is it only the Mr. Hobby line that's affected by this new formula or does it also apply to the Mr. Color line of paints?
  3. Available now on German eBay with estimated delivery at my doorstep June 30
  4. A clever, fellow modeller once told me; when you can't smell the enamel anymore, that´s when you can apply an acrylic layer over enamels. That's been my rule of thumb ever since. Bjarne
  5. Well, photos are surely showing now: What a beauty. Love the digital camo on this bird!
  6. Still no joy on my computer. URLs have been replaced with clickable grey squares. When clicked a new window appears but then nothing happens.
  7. Sebastian, I can't see the pics - only the URLs. When trying to click any of the URLs, I get a "access denied" message.
  8. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/148-aircraft/f-4-phantom-ii-decal-set-a/
  9. Very interesting comment from Kinetic (Raymond??) in the G-91 postponement thread on FB:
  10. I doubt that it's photoshopped. It looks like a picture from the ODS-era and back then aircrew had a somewhat more "liberal approach" to certain regulations compared to the pilots of today. I 've seen maybe a handfull of photos of fighter jocks wearing no helmet or mask in-flight - most dating back to the 60s, 70s or 80s. Not being familiar with the Tornado, I'm guessing that the half-open panel is some sort of inspection hatch not fully secured by the ground crew. The crew may not even be aware that it's not fully closed. Bjarne
  11. EUR 56,25 (pre-order price) plus P&P from AMMO: https://www.migjimenez.com/en/preorder/4215-148-xa2d-1-skyshark.html?utm_source=AMMO+NEWS+ENG&utm_campaign=b101c65506-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_06_21_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b3a458374c-b101c65506-425688317&mc_cid=b101c65506&mc_eid=8131ea1f86
  12. I had to chuckle a little when I read this. In my book, the KIN Mirage IIIE is the putty monster of all putty monsters. I've been batteling one for a number of years now and I keep on returning it to the shelf of doom again and again. Having seen you approach this kit's issues, I'll follow this thread closely and try to apply whatever techniques I can lure from you. Especially looking forward to see how you´ll tackle the intakes.
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