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  1. Beautiful bird. What colors did you use??
  2. AFAIK, SELCAL is merely a mean of letting the crew of the aircraft know that someone wants to get in radio contact with them - usually on HF. This requires the aircraft radio to be tuned to the frequency on which the SELCAL signal is transmitted. Somw military Base Ops/Command Posts/Command HQs have the possibility to establish a "phone patch" where the HF/VHF/UHF communication can be conncted to the civilian phone system, thus allowing two-way communication between an aircraft in-flight and an ordinary phone.
  3. £72 at big H. Wowwww. Bit the bullet and put a pre-order in with Lucky!
  4. Phantom726

    HB 1/48 Su-27 Flanker B

    They retail at around £45-50 in the UK so £20 is a bargain. And on top of that it's a very good kit OOB. Heck, I'd say buy the whole stock, keep one and sell the rest at £30 a pop and you'd have yourself a free Flanker in no time!!
  5. Phantom726

    Unusual Danish Navy MH-60R Stores Question

    The Danish Lynx fleet could be equipped with door mounted .50 cal machine gun only. The aerial running along the lower part of the tail boom is a good oldfashioned HF antenna!
  6. Phantom726

    Belgian F-16A MRP questions

    Mind you there are (at least) four different versions of the MRP with different sensors. Useful links: http://www.f-16.net/f-16_users_article2.html http://www.f-16.net/f-16_versions_article24.html https://www.terma.com/surveillance-mission-systems/mission-solutions/airborne-tactical-reconnaissance/
  7. Phantom726

    Unusual Danish Navy MH-60R Stores Question

    It's an Emergency Life Raft Pod (ELRP) for the crew in case they are forced to ditch. Unlike its predecessor, the Westland Lynx, the Romeo has no flotation gear installed to keep it afloat after ditching so the crew have very little time to get out - let alone get out with a dinghy. Since the Romeos are flying a lot in the North Atlantic region, it was deemed necessary for crew safety.
  8. Phantom726

    USAF F-5 Aggressors Part 6

    Outstanding!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Phantom726

    Det Key West Scooter

    What a beauty. Thanks for sharing!
  10. https://www.facebook.com/AFVCLUB.TW/?hc_ref=ARRgWxXB8APFf7BxR5OW0xj0kJipq0zxtRJAiLmSTqTh9qa98NE7iolOLN5mq7rsG_M&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARBBvHNi0721S2c0Tdmq2QUXwRwChWtGV6j7ngzFoOZV4jRKHHiwx905N-qxbweq9MrgIoGzBd5tuZ3z9f6tctE6gg8CntYlRZsl_0J48SvfxQdHg5ikHMZ_8MwpTaSwLnmUxzR-R7ukVIaUWsJCa41sr4iGIFqpUroPjyRDE5txkwx4sA4yrofQfhSdwndWGxOo827AiDs6WjBCBrcwTyq-Q6ortOIBTdwQfnqMNA&__tn__=kCH-R
  11. Phantom726

    Question about Danish Hunters

    This may be useful: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alfblume/albums/72157603904096563 (scroll down a bit for the Danish bits)
  12. Phantom726

    Danish Hawker Hunter

    Not sure exactly when they started painted them green but here's some inspiration: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alfblume/albums/72157603904096563
  13. Phantom726

    Moroccan RC-130H

    A SLAR is designed to look outward and slightly underneath the aircraft for mapping purposes. Some aircraft will carry a centerline or under-fuselage version designed to cover both sides of the aircraft with one antenna. Other aircraft may carry two separate antennas to cover one side of the aircraft each.. Very simple, the standard SLAR (usually) generates a picture of the terrain as it passes perpendicular to the aircraft. Thus, the platform need to be as stable as possible, and any aircraft maneuvering and instability (such as the antenna being mounted on the wing) will degrade the image produced. A Goggle search for “Airborne SLAR mapping” will give some interesting hits. The USCG tested a C-130 way back with a SLAR mounted under the tail planes.