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  1. I recently upgraded from Tamiya acrylic gloss to Mr. Hobby GX112; One light coat followed by one thicker and finally a misted coat of pure MLT. Gives the best and most durable gloss finish I have ever experienced in 35 years of model building. Bjarne
  2. If you check under "View Order History" you can see if it's been despatched. Also check to see if your credit card has been charged. https://www.hannants.co.uk/help/question.php?question_id=91
  3. Is this a reliable source or is someone pulling a prank on us? I wouldn´t consider it much more than a rumour until Sio or Martin make an official annoncement.
  4. Try doing a Google search for "jigsaw paint shaker". Looks interesting.
  5. For recessed lines, scribe them even deeper before you start sanding. That will preserve more detail to restore the lines. For raised details, cover the raised area with some sturdy masking tape and then sand around the tape. Now move the tape and take care of the raised detail. That's the way I normally get around it.
  6. Sven, Another great series. Thanks very much for spending the time to post these. Bjarne
  7. Now available on German eBay in limited numbers. With a price tag of EUR 29.99 (less than £26) it sounds like a real bargin (- postage not included).
  8. Courtesy of Big H: Rest of the text is missing. Pre-order price is £37,53. Doesn´t sound too bad....
  9. If my interpretation is correct (= the option "Pre-order" has been changed to "Add to chart"), HobbyEasy now has the AMK 1/48 Ordnance Set in stock as of 2019-01-22. If this is correct, I guess there´s still hope that AMK is alive and well but just layin' low. Still puzzled why the decals for this set is seperately available from HGW, though...... https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/xg2xtngbl4jnxl4g9ajt.html https://hgwmodels.cz/en/wet-transfers/721-us-ordnance-set-stencils-148-248054.html
  10. AFAIK, SELCAL is merely a mean of letting the crew of the aircraft know that someone wants to get in radio contact with them - usually on HF. This requires the aircraft radio to be tuned to the frequency on which the SELCAL signal is transmitted. Somw military Base Ops/Command Posts/Command HQs have the possibility to establish a "phone patch" where the HF/VHF/UHF communication can be conncted to the civilian phone system, thus allowing two-way communication between an aircraft in-flight and an ordinary phone.
  11. They retail at around £45-50 in the UK so £20 is a bargain. And on top of that it's a very good kit OOB. Heck, I'd say buy the whole stock, keep one and sell the rest at £30 a pop and you'd have yourself a free Flanker in no time!!
  12. The Danish Lynx fleet could be equipped with door mounted .50 cal machine gun only. The aerial running along the lower part of the tail boom is a good oldfashioned HF antenna!
  13. Mind you there are (at least) four different versions of the MRP with different sensors. Useful links: http://www.f-16.net/f-16_users_article2.html http://www.f-16.net/f-16_versions_article24.html https://www.terma.com/surveillance-mission-systems/mission-solutions/airborne-tactical-reconnaissance/
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