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  1. The current AIMS 1/72 Do 217 N2/R22 conversion set now contains the parachute tail which was lacking in the first initial release years ago. The parachute tail piece is excellent and can be seen on the AIMS website
  2. Thank you for trying. The 1/72 Hungarian Ca-135 joins my holy grail list of rare extinct limited run war bird models such as the RS Ki 201.
  3. Thanks for the scalemates link. Do you have an email address for planes resin? I can not find any contact information for planes resin nor any vendor who sell them.
  4. Many thanks. I just emailed Davide an inquiry. I hope he will produce Italian WW II subjects in the near future.
  5. Those figures look fantastic! How can one contact Davide Bellucci directly?
  6. Thank you Michael for your kind help. I also have photos of the 3 Ki-61-II's in Kagero's excellent Ki-61/Ki-100 book. The razor back with the Japanese kanji character for thunderbolt is a post war captured Ki 61-II with fictional markings applied for display at Paterson air base in Dayton, Ohio. So far I only found photos of 2 original operational Japanese Ki-61-II (razorback #17 and the bubble top from 56th Sentai which is surprisingly dissapointing considering recent references state about 99 Ki-61-II were completed).
  7. Recently read a fascinating article by Don Marsh and James Long at j-aircraft about the sole surviving Ki 61-II "5017" marked #17 at Fussa test center. The article mentioned a second Ki-61-II razorback version marked #10 for 5010 from a full-profile photograph. Although #17 is well documented and photos easily found in references, I can not find the photo of #10. Would appreciate any reference source for a photo of Ki 61-II marked #10. Fine Molds and RS have #10 on their respective decal sheets. The first edition of RS 1/72 Ki-61-II razorback version also features #30 at Fussa, but I
  8. Luftwaffe Im Focus #3, page 37 shows the tail of Lt. Udo Cortes's Ju88 C-6, werk-nr. 360379. The caption states 5K+RT. Unfortunately the fuselage side codes are not visible in the photo. Don't know how the authors derived the fuselage code. Usually a clear photo of the fuselage code, eye-witness testimony, records, etc. would help, but I am not aware of any of these for Cortes's Ju 88 C-6, werk-nr. 360379.
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