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  1. ......and what about the wing leading edge ??? Kit reminds me to a Wellington. Would be something for Jeffrey.
  2. Version --- slatted - clean ---- long span - short ---- 6-3 - normal chord ---- operator F-86 X4 x x x Timbuktistan AF Dear experts, would like to see a table like this one Cheers Andreas Beck
  3. To ease mounting of single link tracks some drilling and adding Evergreen tubing makes the spocket wheels movable. Be carefull with the use of Master Club tracks. Either some sanding inside the spocket blades is required or the space between the blades has to be widened.
  4. They were part of a conversion package for Hasegawa kits to convert them into Iranian Tomcats. I purchased this conversion kit by Wolfpack from Lucky Models.
  5. Hello, These are self-mixed artist airbrush acrylics by the brand of "Schmincke" from the "Aero Color Professional" line. These colours have an extremely fine pigment and the coat is also extremely thin (and sensitive). Base is a normal 1component automotive primer/filler (like the one from Alclad - but ten times cheaper) which is polished with micromesh. Canopy frames are based with MrPaint. White surfaces preferable also with Mr.Paint (their acrylics which are aceton based). The jet cans are based with Gunze metal colors (as the leading edges of the flying surfaces are), then layers of
  6. Picture by Rainer Bexten, taken at former AFB Hahn this year. If you google for Rainer Bexten you will find big and lovely treasures!
  7. The opposite side of the bird´s career : New Hahen decal with TTE, LVR-1 and JaBoG 38.
  8. sorry, forgot the source: LM homepage: https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48089
  9. Please, you will need a lot of patience. No release this year.
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