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  1. In response: please, more ground support gadgets and vehicles as well as helis in 1/32 ! Even trucks and tracks.
  2. Thank You, great work and inspiring. Will we ever see a decent quarterscale kit apart from the old CA ?? I mean to remember a certain manufacturer of injections molded kits in the UK, wasn´t there one ????
  3. ....and though we claim to replicate the realistic world, all we do is just an interpretation, a branch in arts. - Here and in other forums and on printed paper we have - and will - see MOST attractive models , a bit overemphasised here and there with shadowing or highlightening, very well photographed and honored with tons of emojies. But more than one time I was disappointed when I saw these gimmicks in 3D reality. In consequence there is not ONE ultimate finish of a model, it always depends on where and how it will be represented. Have a nice day, not only on the workbench!
  4. Looks very good with a perfectly balanced weathering and shading. The only BUT: The big wheels won´t fit into the small kidney shaped bulges!
  5. It is a collection on the NW edge of Zehdenick (a village South of Templin). You should find it with the address: Zehdenick, Gewerbegebiet Karlshof 10
  6. I am just putting parts together. I strongly recommend to buy the LEPT photo etch fret for the Tempest V Weekend/Overtree kits (Eduard) as the SH offering omits some cockpit detail. The only PE parts are the straps. With € 40 (+) the SH boxing is (a bit) overprized. Perhaps waiting for an Eduard ProfiPACK will make sense. Q: I want to make MW 767 as BAFO a/c. This aircraft is documented in a photo behind a Me 262 B NF at Schleswig/Jagel . MW 767 has no lettering on the fuselage but the white ident-stripes on the tailplane. Is there any further information? Regards
  7. IIRC the announcement back then consisted of three subjects: P-51 B/C, Bf 109 G-6 and Arado 234. Taken into account that design and knowledge on subject specialist of the aggregated subjects are VERY limited and a little knowledge in the GUESSWHO circus leads to the conclusion that we will see the highest class of correctness.
  8. .....and please take care of the wing profile / airfoil. The wing leading edge looks a bit.........
  9. just now, from the same fb tread: Source: https://www.facebook.com/yufei.mao.940/posts/1118861695297521 Stellar Shu Beautiful, but still want to ask...will Su-27SM be next one? Gefällt mir · Antworten · 1 Std. Yufei Mao Stellar Shu next is Su-30SM 2 Gefällt mir and I thought this year would be less expensive...
  10. Get this kit wherever, whenever you have a chance ! The molds are more or less nailed in a Chinese warehouse. An activation seems to be too expensive due to different reasons. A reissue will not happen in a foreseeable time.
  11. hope is a Gina, expectation is the Mirage F.1, likelyhood is F-4/14/111
  12. a one piece fan in this shape/form cannot be replicated in traditional core-cavity injection molding. The devil hides in detail (like this). No question: a marvelous design. An unexperienced tool shop has the potential to screw it up totally while an experienced one will have its price.
  13. Just stumbled over this on the Begemot fb-site:
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