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  1. https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/Flugzeuge/Flugzeuge-1-48/Alliierte-WK-II/U-S-Airforce/Chattanooga-Choo-Choo-P-51D-LIMITED-1-48
  2. 1.ordered via website 2.received an email with demand bill from the contracting bank in Latvia 3.performed the money transfer from my bank account (IBAN and BIC procedure) 4.received an email from Latvia only the next day (!!) confirming the money transfer 5.12 days of waiting 6.model arrived in a cushioned envelope as registered letter HTH Andreas Beck
  3. Ordered per website, arrived after 12 days, € 43,- incl. p+p.
  4. to my eyes the fuselage mid section with its rather complex cross section alterations looks more convincing than the older kit.
  5. From: https://www.lunajournal.biz/carrera-with-new-owner/ : Carrera is known for its original and detailed products in top quality and equipped with the latest technologies. Due to the growth of the renowned Carrera brand, Stadlbauer Marketing & Vertrieb GmbH is the world market leader for racetracks. SMV also develops and sells remote-controlled toys such as cars, airplanes, drones and boats under the Carrera RC brand. Stadlbauer also includes other well-known toy brands such as the soap bubble manufacturer Pustefix and doll manufacturer Schildkröte. Revell boss takes the lead The newly formed group, consisting of the brands Carrera, Revell, Pustefix and Turtle, has a turnover of around 130 million euros according to the QCP announcement. Revell boss Stefan Kings will take over the management of the company in the future. In addition to his role as Managing Director of Revell GmbH, he will manage SMV’s day-to-day business together with the existing management team. Stadlbauer managing director Norbert Frömmer will continue in his position. In addition, the Stadlbauer family will be available to advise the group in the future. “I am looking forward to establishing and further developing a leading toy group. We will identify trends in toy products even more quickly and develop even more innovative products for consumers and expand the Group as the innovative pioneer. In addition, the combined distribution network of both companies will enable us to develop existing markets and new markets even faster,” comments Stefan Krings on the announcement. “By combining the strengths of SMV and Revell, we are creating a player with an incomparable brand portfolio and international sales. Combined with QCP as a strong partner in the background, SMV is ideally positioned for the future,” adds Dr. Norbert Frömmer. Steffen Görig, founder and managing director of Quantum Capital Partners (QCP), adds: “The Stadlbauer family has built up a great company, we are aware of our responsibility to continue something special here and are looking forward to further cooperation with the family. The brands Carrera, Revell, Pustefix and Schildkröt are leading in their segments. We will build on this strength and further develop the brands with their unique positioning. We look forward to supporting Mr. Krings and his team on this path and to realize their full growth potential.” Tough times for the toy industry Already at the beginning of the year Revell was traded as a potential buyer. Many toy brands are currently suffering from the structural changes in the industry. The bankruptcy of Toys ‘R’ Us has broken away an important pillar of the industry’s stationary sales channel. An industry that also has to struggle with the competition from digital providers.
  6. of notice: air inlet on left (only) inner wing for cabin heating. ailerons with the long fixed trim tab ?whip antenna for added (RAF) radio equip. on top central fuselage? Regards Andreas Beck
  7. Q: Has anybody ever tried to adopt the front fuselage of the DML/Dragon kit to the ICM fuselage?
  8. Won´t be too long before we have the plastic in our hands, so speculation about the new kit doesn´t make too much sense. The Hasegawa was - and is still - is a good kit. Some issues were addressed with Danny´s correction kit. From my view the main issue is the fuselage cross section in the mid wing area and aft. Wondering how kinetic translated it.
  9. YUPP!! It won`t be surprising to see some more successors of other venerable Hasegawa kits in the future (incl. Tomcats!). Only hope that Pucara is still on the list and that the Gina-dreams will come true one day!
  10. Gorgeous work! Not your fault, but Hasegawa`s: The ailerons are wrong (due to a misinterpretation from photos). Dragon/DML did it correct with their 1/48 kit. From top (or bottom) view the trailing edges are "straight". The kink results from a change in the wing profile! There is a lot of very good photo evidence, e.g. in the Classic Publication book on the Ju 88. Regards Andreas Beck
  11. one of these new "Neo" kits will come w/o ldg gear as a level 2 kit, the other one with ldg gear as a level 3 kit, these features will be interchanged in later boxings.
  12. There is a new instruction which is no compare to the old Dragon version. A demand to the aftermarket are those bits to make later versions such as the bigger tailwheel, tailwheel struts etc. which are not included in this kit. Regards Andreas Beck
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