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  1. this one currently on sale with: ms-plueth https://ms-plueth.de/detail/index/sArticle/65283 € 29.99 most reliable shop!
  2. Most Beautiful ! Tempting! but Do you have an opportunity to use a long focal length (50mm to 100mm) ? There are so many wonderful models which deserve to be portraid in another way than just with a mobile.
  3. Finally a correct cowling for late 109s with large supercharger, here: for WNF built G-10, Vector 48-131, for the Zvezda kit. Thank You Sergej
  4. From LSP: 2 hours ago, MikeMaben said: So are you involved ? Inquiring minds want to know. If it's a secret, we won't tell ... Expand Yes, it is a secret, so don't tell anyone. Radu So design quality is more than just guaranteed , possible week poits remain the tool shop and production quality.
  5. I am looking forward to the compare reviews......!!!! .... and price wise: the AccMin rebox of the F3F is offered for just € 18.- in MLE (MainLandEurope). .....
  6. Q to the rumormonger: Can it be that the announced Zeke and Wildcat are indeed new toolings, but that these tools are not of South Korean but of Czech Republic origin ? The only true Academy tooling might be the A-10 which will consequently be repacked and upgraded in a Czech boxing? - Three completely new designs within one year by Academy sounds a bit steep.
  7. The choice is rather limited as the kit comes w/o tropical fillter and wing gondolas. There is very few photo evidence of planes in tropical dress with absent trop. filter (if so, mostly at repair/maintainance facilities). Most likely are JG 54 in the Soviet Union, JG 5 with splinter, boring "Mölders style" or a "North African exception". Only with some luck there will be more than 2 versions. Blessed are all modellers who still have the decal sheet from the Hasegawa G-2/4 boxing. One of the best decal sheets that has ever been made by Revell.
  8. Chance for a well made MiG-23BN missed out.
  9. Let´s make a Toss Away Meeting next Telford for all these non fitting, out of scale with dubious surface structures old Tamiya kits. Relief from MiniArt, yeah, yeah, yeaaaaah.
  10. It is as it is: Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese companies are running our hobby. I for myself can only congratulate! - and please excuse, most exciting news for me is the Unimog S 404 (proposed for decades inside RoG and again and again rejected) in 35th and I only wish to see it in 48th as it was present on the Westgerman flightlines for different purposes during the Cold War (also on BAOR AFBs?). All the Best and Season Greetings from Charlottengrad
  11. Found this here : http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2021/12/62_19.html
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