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  1. First testshots late April. I hope they will not be published as ts1 always gives room for bad and evil rumoring. It is different with later testshots or test builds.
  2. Good Nite Mr. Tamiya, and sleep well!!!
  3. C/N 7411 (26+65) came to Marineflieger on May 10, 1972 and served with MFG 1 and MFG 2 and ended its career in Luftwaffenversorgungs-(supply)-regiment 1, LVR 1, a temporarily unit in the transmission period to the Tornado as a combat reserve unit and for pilots who would not receive a conversion training for the new a/c. (according to F-40) 916 website tells a little bit different story. www.916-starfighter.de/Large/2665.htm
  4. Great work, a big impulse for a re motivation to put my hands on Soviet aviation again. Thank You!
  5. I just stumpled over these old pictures. The model was built soon after release way back in 2006. The pitot is made from injection needles.Colors are Schmincke AeroColor (self mixed).A word about the camo. The Berlin Gatow Museum keeps some original He 162 parts (parts from the rudder, ailerons and more). These are CLEARLY RLM 71 DunkelgrΓΌn. Some details would be solved different today like dampers/oleos on the landing gear legs or the detoriation on the front wheel which is movable.... Andreas Beck
  6. From my experience a well pricing source with immaculate reliability. Ordered my Su-33 on Feb 11, now counting down for delivery... will let you know. Cheers Andreas Beck
  7. More eye catching than the tail is the unsatisfying representation of the cowling suspension struts. I am still considering how to do with normal means. Best solution would be something like a 3D printed metal construction (like Eduard Brassin landing gear legs), hmm.... would become very expensive....
  8. The hue of Top Gun Gray FS 36007 should be more "Q" than "M".
  9. I grew up in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein. The howling of the J 79 was a daily experience as the view of the low flying machines with their orange bandage on the tip tanks.
  10. quot:........the Ark kit also has two identical one-piece canopies. ThatΒ΄s what I meant, The Mikromir kit will benfit from that.
  11. I bought it from MBK, around € 16 ( and have no p&p for orders above € 30).
  12. Yes, I have it - and it is a very simple AND good model. But the model will benefit from filling the exagerated lines and rescribing.
  13. very sharp very deep very broad trenches , do not throw the Mikromir model away, you get two canopies (at least in the La-11).
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