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  1. The 1/48 Starfighter and the Mirage III are advertised on the glow2b website. Release date is July, MSRP is € 49,95
  2. Let´s not give up hope: MiG-23 BN, MiG 27, Su-24... and if Luft "4X": Il-22, Me 263 successors, Su-12, Su-9, EF-150, DFS 346
  3. 1.Horse´s mouth 2.Inofficially announced during the Revell Press Conference ´19 (-past Telford- )((which I never attend)) 3.The rumor had been world wide around, latest since Tokyo Hobby Show ´19 From my knowledge Jeffrey´s and Revell´s project do roughly have the same status. I think they will not interfere too much on the market.
  4. Hobby Search is showing a Dragon reissue (A). The Revell preview picture shows the E although Revell intended to do the A.
  5. ….and some beloved moulds are lost in space (PRoC)…..hard to believe that we will see any of these again…. (Me 410 and others)
  6. It differs from the CA model, held them together yesterday. The tail of the CA-kit is too shallow (easy correction). Clear parts of the MS-kit (there are two of them) should work on the CA. Regards Andreas Beck
  7. ABeck

    Jagdpanther tracks

    The Rye Field set works wonderful on my Meng Panther D with 87 links per side. The pins are a bit heavy, the resin ones from MasterClub are much finer. To make the whole arrangement less fragile I drilled trough all holes (easily done!) and inserted metal rod (0.3mm) and attached the bolts only on the outer side and the visibel ones on the inner side of the track. The moulds of the current MasterClub tracks are rather worn out. The owner told me in Telford that they will be replaced in 2020 or 2021 with new moulds.
  8. Nice selection, nothing to complain about...but... please, some Yaks, Las, in 1/32 and a decent MiG 23-BN in 1/48
  9. The first batch of kits directly purchased from China have reached their destination during the last couple of days. Useful information here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/ Regards Andreas Beck
  10. BTW hlj as well as Plaza Japan are currently selling the Tamiya Il-2 (1/48) at VERY good rates.
  11. canopies neither undersized nor oversized- sorry, this was not a fact based critic on the existing kits - please, understand this as kind of a moral imperative. The (minor?) differences were once mentioned in Brett`s compare review: www.hyperscale.com/2012/features/il2amtamiyacomparison48bg_1.htm I hope we will get competent information from Sergej, Andrey or other specialists.
  12. What could set it apart from Tamiya or Accurate Miniatures? correct spinner and prop blades neither undersized nor oversized canopy refined exhausts correct setting of undercarriage struts
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