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  1. Hope they earn their money to stay in the market ! Maybe the second or third kit will be a bit more esoteric. Wonder how Big T will react. From their view a new Spit in WNW quality is a major character attack in a field they believe to possess - rubbing their hands means something different from this perspective.
  2. testbuild from fb: www.facebook.com/Zvezda.ModelKits/photos/pcb.3648718591897585/3648718201897624
  3. I had asked K. about the arrival of the G/S-Pizza kit in Europe on their fb site. The answere was : Q4
  4. ............... so I might as well use the money for something............. coming in the future. Surely this or that Chinese company will do an injection copy.......more or less lousy.
  5. Q the other way around: Is it possible to make a relevant recce version by using the clear sprue "A" (unchanged) without alternative parts?
  6. So it is. Molds are ready and packed and queing up in the long line of containers and goods in a Chinese harbour. Release in October is in question more likely November. Reagards Andreas Beck
  7. I am not sure about that. If anybody has a box at hand, mine are stored away: Does it say "Produced in the Republic of Korea" ? or anything like that ??
  8. Cigarette man ? His name is Fan Cheng Pin, don´t know what the surname and what the Christian name is. He was a winner at the Moson Show several years ago (Mi-24, I think 1/35). Would be really nice to welcome him here on this side of the moon. - Not to forget: WNW also produced in South Korea (Ace?) !
  9. Thanks! There are still "bread & butter" gaps to be filled in 1/32, more than enough to earn good money and to ensure a long company life. In case of WWII: P-47 Razorback, P-38, Allison P-51s, Griffon Spits, Hurricane, 109 A,B,C,D,E,K, 110 G and others, perhaps.
  10. www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=614981062799868&set=pcb.614981772799797 Fan Cheng Pin from Taipeh has his hand on it. Worth watching his fb account (build of the coming GWH P-40 e.a.)
  11. This very monger we are in allows for asking if a Bread&Butter project will be first or if the risk with highly exotic subject is ahead of defloration. Anyway, best wishes!
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