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  1. The thrust line (prop axis) must meet the center of the wing leading edge with all engines.
  2. https://www.flugzeugforum.de/threads/scale-model-world-2019-telford-uk-09-10-11-2019.93753/#post-2689053
  3. ABeck

    Airfix 2020

    The announcement the brotherhood is waiting for: The tooling quality of all coming products will decisively be improved, regarding fit (not that big issue), surface structure (very big issue) and thickness of clear parts.
  4. WIP said: …... Always buy early releases of Monogram kits, by the way, and the fit problems are generally non-existent. ….. yupp! Recently bought the Tiffy, only for compare . What a nice kit in terms of fit and shape.
  5. just to add Me 262 F-100 ??Mossie?? shapewise the best is still Airfix, BiG T wrong fuselage cross section vs too tall tail with Monogram
  6. Just two biplanes in 1/32 urgently awaited : Po-2 and Curtiss Jenny
  7. Sorry, a bit off topic: AccMin announced the Beau very very early on a leaflet. Typical beginners mistake. Tamiya then jumped on the train to beat out an advancing competitor and hastily issued their own kit. In a way the same happened with the Mossie. AccMin was working on a 32nd Mosquito and the big T got knowledge about this, hastily sent a research team to the UK and made their own, starting with the 48th kit. This must not be generalized. Many, if not most, double, tripple or even quadruple approaches to the same object are based on independent decisions. AMK has made at least two severe mistakes in their strategy, hope they learnt. No 1 is to announce a kit too early and no 2 ist the Achilles heel of all new brands: the need to build up a trustful and reliable marketing line to serve the customers LONG BEFORE the product is ready for the market. Regards Andreas Beck
  8. SUGGESTIONS to justify a new F-104 on the side of a good and a very good competing kit: 1.include a turned brass pitot, 2.include all main wheel options, 3.include the F-104S options (intakes, fins, underwing stations), 4.make extensive use of slide molding, 5.include AS-38 and B-61 weapon options and the recce variations, 6.make a decal that is comprehensive, well printed and designed
  9. Shizuoka 2020: Tamiya announces a retooled P-51 and Lanc in 48th Hasegawa shows their new tool Bf 109 G and announces a new tool series of F-4s (with extensive slide molding), also 48th Rumours also tell that GWH, Kinetic and another Chinese brand work on Tomcats and Phantoms, GWH also on a Starfighter In the next 18 months at least three or four injection molded SR-71 / YF-12 will come out. Kitty Hawk announces a 32nd Pucara. Takom goes into aircraft models and shows a 3D print of a 48th Gina, Phantoms in consideration. And more Starfighters to come…...
  10. https://discover.revell.de/2019/teil-3-testshots-des-land-rover-series-iii/
  11. https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/Flugzeuge/Flugzeuge-1-48/Alliierte-WK-II/U-S-Airforce/Chattanooga-Choo-Choo-P-51D-LIMITED-1-48
  12. 1.ordered via website 2.received an email with demand bill from the contracting bank in Latvia 3.performed the money transfer from my bank account (IBAN and BIC procedure) 4.received an email from Latvia only the next day (!!) confirming the money transfer 5.12 days of waiting 6.model arrived in a cushioned envelope as registered letter HTH Andreas Beck
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