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  1. Thanks Silenoz,there was no way the kit was not being fixed to costly to bin . The axles were glued back in place and will be alright with no more heat treatment. Ivan
  2. Well that caught my eye! super job very nicely done indeed
  3. Bit more progress windows are in! They are cleaner than they look some bolts missing here due to the casting. cheers, Ivan
  4. It’s amazing how that Daco solution makes them conform, it looks in the photo that they are lifting on the inside of the leg but it is a seam I missed taking off. Back to the main job soon..
  5. Wheels back on,looks like there was too much heat for the glue and resin to cope with when I was moving the wheels about. Hay ho live and learn DPM put on the driver,don’t know whether that restored my sanity or improved my mood or not! Cheers, Ivan
  6. Don’t suppose you can swear on here! Ivan
  7. Leave it open if your happy with it! You have made the effort so enjoy.
  8. Morning all,just primed the parts for in the cab as once the windows are in I don’t want the airbrush near them! So hand painting later after they are in. more later, Ivan
  9. Looking good indeed my DPM arrived today so I’ll have a tinker with that during the week.
  10. Two intakes at the rear of the cab sorted the air,and how Tommy kept his toes warm will be in be made clear in the next instalment Ivan
  11. Hi guys another hour or so grabbed,started on the cab pretty straightforward.Probably done till next weekend so I hope you can be patient thanks, Ivan
  12. Oh dear a bit of a fight today! Side tie downs on this side,went to find the drop handles not anywhere to be found out with the plastic card and scratch my own! One down another to do. Ivan
  13. I am toying with the idea to invest in some . That other project would not involve a certain 432 would it?
  14. Top stuff Dan! Are those uniform decals worth the effort? Ivan
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