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  1. Cheers , it was easy to use,fascine was just plastic pipe from that LHS
  2. Nice work coming on well Can I suggest you use a darker shade of green on the commander’s helmet. Ivan
  3. No good asking this old codgerif you have a way to do it feel free
  4. A nice little Gazelle popping into Portadown police station one or two times a day
  5. Yep that looks very nice I have the Mk3 conversion set for mine
  6. Here you go, This might help General markings would be Veh No plate,Union Flag back and front in Germany and a Callsign,sometimes a disk on the front for the Bridge weight. about all really. You would have gotten more hits if you put questions in Armour or real Armour chat Ivan
  7. Lovely build yet again
  8. Hi, bits and bobs time now sink holes in the ramp filled and anti slip added,20mm and .50 cal ammo boxes to be painted,all these are in the conversion kit so you don’t have to raid the spares box thats all for now Ivan
  9. ivan-o

    1/35 Jackal 1

    Ouch! £68 from Hannants
  10. Right a bit of etch on the beast! Not my favourite stuff to work with. .p a bit of spare etch on the shovel,and spare track added. That is the Callsign stuff added,apart from the .50 cal it is quite good quality. Ivan
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