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  1. No disagreement here,should be more but we are where we are.
  2. It’s not a bespoke tank though! It is a drop in new turret with some upgrades to the rest of hull,engine etc. Also you have to take into account AVRE,AVLB and ARRVs are all based on the Chally hull.So IF we bought Leopard/M1 we would be running two supply chains for our heavy armour! Not really sensible is it? Unlike Nimrod Mr4 this turret actually exists and has been proven by Rhienmetall to work saving us the R&D costs.
  3. To buy a small number of Leopards and change the whole support structure for them would have been hideously expensive for that amount! The Germans are actively looking at a replacement for Leopard so why would we want to buy a tank that is in reality older in design than Challenger albeit with at the moment better upgrades. These ‘ new’ Challengers will be a step way above what we have now and still all these years later still have better armour than anything else out there.
  4. A bit of spiel here. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/what-upgrades-will-britains-challenger-3-tanks-get/
  5. About time they are on the way https://www.defensenews.com/industry/2021/05/07/britain-awards-1-billion-contract-to-upgrade-challenger-2-tanks/
  6. Not a new idea that happened with Chieftains in BAOR! Went onto a line in the workshops at Willick completely stripped down and came out the other end to all intents and purposes a ‘new’ tank!
  7. Very nice indeed Got mine in the stash with the Mk3 conversion kit! You might have given me a shove to get it out
  8. Hataka do IRR green or you can mix modelair olive drab,interior green 50/50 ish and that will be fairly close. Ivan
  9. Crayons is it right that the Challenger had a good chance in being selected but failed mainly due to the rifled gun? I seem to remember reading this on Aussie Modeller.
  10. A very welcome set of decals here http://www.kingfisherminiatures.co.uk/berlin-brigade-insignia-for-vehicles-i613.htm
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