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  1. With the wheels and bazooka plates on I reckon green is the best choice! A bit of dusting under there and you aren’t going to notice. Coming along nicely now though
  2. Just goes to show!,just done a set for my chally 1 didn’t have to tidy them up or drill any of them out
  3. You should be ok then as long as you can get at the sprocket or idler you will be ok.
  4. I hope you haven’t joined the lower and upper hull together! If you have it’s going to be fun getting the fruils joined when the last pin goes in.
  5. Nice work and I love the idea of gouging the top of the tie downs.
  6. well you obviously can’t use those because we will all notice they are wrong!
  7. Yep nice one Gmoss been scrub bashing alright
  8. Nice work as usual Dan Keep taking the tablets mate and look after yourself!
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