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  1. WIP here if you have a week or two to spare😂 thanks everyone for your likes and comments👍 Ivan
  2. Hi guys done at last! This is a fantastic albeit expensive kit,the only gripes that I have encountered are,the resin is very brittle and will break as soon as you forget it’s not plastic,it’s a bit over engineered for my poor eyes some of the parts are SO small once they are off the block you can hardly see them let alone work out which way they go on🙄 anyway we have got here in the end I hope you like it. I have a full width mine plough to build and swap with the blade but I’ve had enough of resin for a bit and going back to plastic😉 cheers Ivan
  3. 👍no problem Daniel, 6 mm diameter and cut to 13 cm long and 75 in the bundle your good to go😀 I’ve looked at doing one of these so I’ll look on with interest! Ivan
  4. As Pete says get on with it😂😂
  5. Thanks Rob just some more fiddly bits now👍 Hataka IRR green is the colour although I’m not that satisfied with it it seems a bit too dark and then in another light it’s ok🙄😂 Ivan
  6. You can’t leave it at that it’s not fair🙁 go on give us a clue whenish and where👍😀
  7. I’ll watch along 👍memories of 32 Armoured Engineers coming out😀 Dont be tempted to get the AFV fascine it’s not worth the money! You can make your own with drinking straws. Ivan
  8. At last was able to do a bit of hose porn today that’s it done just needs touched up when it all dries😀 and just for something different some netting on the side of the fascine, it’s been a bit of a slog today but all the hose work is done😀🍺 Ivan
  9. Excellent job👍 I had a very enjoyable tour for 3 months with DanCon in Skouriatissa in ‘82’ as engineer support for the green line😀
  10. Bit odd! I haven’t seen anywhere that we have actually trailed and assessed the platform! Yet we have confirmed its purchase? To me it looks a bit of a bodge and very top heavy. You know the saying “ if it doesn’t look right it isn’t right”😀
  11. Very nice that paint job is spot on 👍
  12. Hi Antoine,nice work and a very interesting paint scheme👍 Onthe track problem you could ‘pin’ them, You can just see the pins above the second road wheel and just in front of forth one. HTH Ivan
  13. Kind words indeed thank you👍 however the quality of this kit is outstanding (albeit expensive).as I’ve said the only issue I’ve had is it is probably a bit over engineered with some of the small parts. Ivan
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