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  1. Did the Ship Binoculars set fitted on the Ships Bridge come with the Kit ? or is it aftermarket , looks really nice and high quality . I also spotted your Flyhawk etch instruction is very good ad easy to follow ( like the Repulse set ) Far , far better than my own experience on the Hood 1/350 Flyhawk etch set instruction sheet ( as detailed on The HMS Hood association website review I did ) where the instructions were awful and you had to put a lot of guess work where etch folded parts were assembled and where to place them , some were okay and gave you a decent instruction , but you only got 1 sheet of 4 A4 instruction with some photos .
  2. The Infini etch sets are excellent , comprehensive and come with brass guns and fore /aft brass jack / Ensign staffs and metal propellers I used it on the Tamiya 1/350 Kit for Yukikaze , it was superb .
  3. I am certain World of Warships has a big influence , however I also think the easy accessible existence of 1/350 line drawings for it ( I have a set forWeser robbed from the Admiral Hipper ( now sadly defunct AJ Press of Poland ) Part 3 edition . another HUGE source for Trumpeter is Profile Morskie , I think the next new RN subject will be ( Trumpeter ) Dido class cruisers , why I think this ? as the artwork by Randall Wilson is completed and ready . As regards VeryFire , it would be a guess , but it’s probably King George V Class ,as they have a track record of beating the opposition (Flyhawk ) to the market as proven by VeryFire Missouri beating by many months the Joy yard Missouri . Plus the KGV will sell , and there is a big gap in the market , the old tool 1986 era PoW not withstanding . The RN Carrier that would be viable would be Hermes , Eagle or the Furious Hermes would just need an up scale , and would not be that big a kit .
  4. The best 1.350 kit for Bismarck ( for me ) is the Trumpeter , followed by the Revell then coming in third ( great fit ) is the Tamiya which dates from the 1970’s and really shows in the soft detail . Although I add the caveat that it depends on how much aftermarket you throw at either of the 3 kits . Agreed the Airfix Bismarck 1/600 is a dog ( and not that accurate )
  5. Checked on behalf of a fellow modeller , and discovered from the website amp.rocket.bizz that AMP of Australia are running down their stock and closing down due to vat changes caused by EU and UK , losing them half their customer base . real shame as I used their 1/350 White Ensign Silk Flag on my 1.350 Hood and the quality was literally world class ( far superior to BECC flags White Ensign ) . sad indeed .
  6. Apologies i checked and Accurate Model Parts of Australia are closing down due to VAT changes in uk / eu losing them half their sales customers bad blow - as that’s the company that make those world class flags your best alternative is BECC flags ( widely for sale in UK ) saddened as the flags were amazing , thank god I still got 2 flags left for the Ark Royal to be fitted to her .
  7. Just to announce that Trumpeter are bringing out the Seydlitz WW2 Cruiser ( sister to Hipper , Blucher and Prinz Eugen) as a conversion to a Carrier renamed to ‘ Weser ‘ at the start of February ( 1/350 scale ) 2022 Also in addition to PoW from Flyhawk , in 1/350 scale , VeryFire of China are slated to bring out the HMS King George V ( new tool 1/350 ) and Renown/ Vanguard in 1/350 scale if I was a betting man , the next VeryFire will either be King George V 1940 or the IJN Aoba Heavy Cruiser "....... depending on how well the Taiho sold Starling Hobbies ( Mike McCabe ) reckons it’s a further 2 year wait ( if it ever appears ) for the PoWales
  8. Just to say this kit is released for sale in February 2022 by Trumpeter in China and should be available for sale in Europe in a month or two later
  9. Ordered the Ark Royal Anchors tonight ( not aware they were available , so thank you for that very helpful post ) it was your discovery that the Ark Royal anchors with the kit were undersized that is extremely helpful as well , thank you
  10. I can help , it would be Battle Ensign at main mast , and Admiral’s Flag at the foremast - the book Battleship by Middlebrook - might - have the details of the signal flags flying from the Upper Bridge area . as regards the Main White Ensign best bet is AMP (they do various national flags ) of Australia do a cracking Silk White Ensign kicker is they don’t sell to the UK or EU now ! i have 2 of the Flags left from the 4 in the set another option is BECC flags ( for sale in UK ) second kicker is the IJN flags is fine , but RN flags is just so-so in print quality
  11. If you are after a Bomb for the underside recess , BrenGun do a nice one with etch fins and a good etch underside bomb cradle - it’s on eBay for sale . also be aware the bomb dive bombing release crutch supplied by Special Hobby is too short and also missing detail . plus the rear gunner seat had no full sized seat , just a bench with a back support strap another omission is no gun sight for the pilot . good luck with the build , following this one .
  12. Masterful ‘ A to I Class ‘ Destroyer - especially the masts and gun turrets
  13. Probably they are stopped by the ownership of the moulds which would be owned the previous company , WNW . Any type of new mould costs a great deal , especially with tooling and all the paperwork involved with instruction leaflets .
  14. Welcome .. or Siema Have a great time , niceMatilda , who is the manufacturer and the scale ? ps look out for Metal Exhausts by RexXx
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