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  1. 73north

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    Just to give a head up that a Chinese Company is making a lovely set of 8 inch gun Brass Barrels for the HMS Exeter and York ( and have an metal attachment pin for the 2 Gun Barrels to fix inside the Turret - like Pontos uses that will save a lot of work ) its sold on USA Ebay by CY Models - look for " 1/350 203mm Brass Gun Barrel for Trumpeter 05350 HMS Exeter CYG029 6pcs/set " and also a WOODEN DECK . " 1/350 Wooden Deck for Trumpeter 05350 HMS Exeter Heavy Cruiser Model CY350055 "
  2. wish they would make this in 1/350 scale - its a beauty
  3. 73north

    Flyhawk HMS Prince of Wales 1:700 kit review.

    if and when Flyhawk produce the HMS Prince of Wales as a 1/350 Kit , it will replace the Tamiya Kit as the finest Model of the KGV Class in injected plastic , no doubt about it I for one , can't wait for it to be produced in 1/350 Scale - and superb review of the 1/700 Flyhawk kit ,thanks
  4. 73north

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    got to add that the Model of Exeter is lovely , AND the extra work involved on the Funnels is really great and adds to the detail - stunning work I also agree that the SHAPEWAYS turrets ( when printed with the very best materials ) really DO add to the Model - this is my Repulse 15 inch Turrets , that were finished by Steve Bowe for my own Repulse
  5. 73north

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    Pontos do a very comprehensive etch and detail parts ( tripod brass masts , brass barrel and brass deck vents etc sets - ) that can be altered to either be the December 1941 action or the May 1941 Action - for the Tamiya 1/350 Kit for the Prince of Wales
  6. 73north

    SMS Seydlitz 1/350 Hobbyboss

    well done mate , lovely modelling , if you ever want a great read - on this ship get the ' Profile Warship ' booklet on the Seydlitz ( 1972 ) but very detailed and well written SMS Seydlitz, Grosser Kreuzer 1913-1919 by F. Ruge
  7. 73north

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    been following this Model - build with great interest , wonderful modelling so far , thank you for the details I hope someone like Flyhawk or Infini does a comprehensive etch , octuple pom-pom and brass masts set for the 1942 Battle of the Java sea version
  8. and anything British / Royal navy that gets made is Chinese ( from Trumpeter ) or by Flyhawk ( looking forward to their modern 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales ( its totally new tool ) to compete with the old 1986 era Tamiya .
  9. 73north

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Exeter - released !

    This is the box art on display at the Tokyo Show ( the kit is for sale from 1st November 2018 for about £ 75 ) for HMS Exeter - - there are sprue shots at the Trumpeter website , but they are small photos , note the Hull is not waterline - and comes as a single piece casting hull
  10. 73north

    HMS Rodney with Shagbat: Mainmast

    wonderful work , I believe ( from Raven Roberts - British Battleships from 1976 ) that the Aft main Mast and substantial deck parts , searchlights and boats were from Admiralty material that was bought and stored for the 3 cancelled HMS Hood sisters from 1918 - then was going to be re-used for the 4 Design G-3 Battlecruisers that were then cancelled in 1921 due to the Famous Treaty of 1922 at Washington you can see the First World War era vintage from the Original Ship - HMS Hood if you compare them to HMS Rodney / Nelson - especially the rear Main Mast )
  11. superb model - and great extra added scratch built detail - I can recommend PROFILE WARSHIP - on the Graf Spee - Warship Profile 4: KM Admiral Graf Spee, German Pocket Battleship 1932-1939 Paperback – 1971 Interesting to see the ' missing ' detail from the Graf Spee , its the same with the 1/350 Repulse , The rear Superstructure deck is missing the enclosed section and above all , the 2 rear deckhouses are from 1936 and were changed in the 1939 ( Admiralty Modelworks does a resin correction set ) , plus they set the stern anchor hawse pipe hole - too high at the stern ( and missed out the second of the Prop shaft supports ) - they only provided one ( which a lot of guys fit , not knowing this error )
  12. This is a great review - of what you get in the Kit http://www.modelwarships.com/reviews/ships/ijn/dd/ayanami-350-fm/fm-review.html
  13. Lovely review - I should also add there is a lovely series of kits in 1/350 Scale by Fine Molds of Japan ( very detailed and accurate ) of the Fubuki Class and you can add aftermarket 5 inch Brass Barrels and brass + etch AA 25mm guns ( from Infini ) - althought there is not an dedicated etch ' Up-Grade Set ' for the Fubuki , you could cobble a few things from the etch sets for the Kagero Class , possibly
  14. 73north

    Ship kit recommendation?

    You might want to consider Tamiya , Pit Road , Aoshima and Fine Molds ( of Japan ) , plus Showcase Models of Australia do a lovely V & W Class Destroyer HMAS Vendetta in 1/350 I advise 1/350 as the details are easier to work with , and view with the naked eye ( rather than 1/700 ) - Trumpeter are good , and their Tribal Class is good ( if you add 3mm to the front of the bow - to add Sheer or a Raised Bow ) you can correct the errors , note also ditch the kit 8 barrel pom-pom and fit the North Star aftermarket 4 barrel pompom instead plus buy Shapeways kit boats ( the kit one look German ) ps - "" Revell 1936 class destroyer *is* the Zvezda kit. No problem with that and it seem like a worthwhile kit to consider. "" sorry - but That Kit is a dog and has NO after market detail etch set to bring it to life or make it worthwhile - with a comprehensive super detail etch and barrel set , ship kits are not the same an out of box Ship Model is a poor relation to that of a Super Detailed Ship Model - in almost all cases
  15. 73north

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Exeter - released !

    I agree , I will wait till the Kit is released - and see what a reputable reviewer has to say about it the research part is a problem ( like the Repulse Kit having 1936 Deckhouses and single support prop shafts , to name a few . ) Trouble is that the Exeter kit will be the only game in town ( like the Belfast ) - so a Shapeways correction set is an viable option