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  1. fabulous build - used the Micro-Master parts before on the Trumpeter Repulse Turrets and the Vendetta - HMS Walker Minelayer Conversion they are out of this world - I have noticed that Shapeways Prices have skyrocketed - so haven't bought anything on there for over a year ( when I treated myself to the HMS Hood 1941 Turrets by Micromaster )
  2. I would love to know how well VERY FIRE are selling the US Navy cruisers . The Salem class seems damn fine . They also beat JOY YARD by 2 years for a new tool Missouri 1/350 class battleship . And thats a beauty by all accounts . I wonder if the Renown and HMS King George V ships will ever be realeased this decade . I doubt it .
  3. I think the US Navy Cruisers ( and the fact they seem to sell like hot-cakes ) have a lot to do with that , frankly , Very Fire are better at letting you know what will come next than Trumpeter of China frankly - I would grade very Fire as the best in the world , right now , I can't wait for the Flyhawk HMS Prince of Wales 1/350 mind !! sadly 1/700 probably has a low priority -and I prefer the easier seen detail in 1/350 scale .
  4. Just to share the good news that the next new Warship model by VERY FIRE of China will be the 1/350 TAIHO IJN Japanese Carrier . This will be the very first time it has been made in injected plastic ( or resin ) in 1/350 scale
  5. Just to give the heads up that the Japanese WW2 Carrier Taiho will be the next NEW subject by Very Fire - and for the first ever in 1/350 scale ! The Artwork has been completed and was posted on their website - along with the news of the other recent releases ,,, and for me , purchasing this kit , is a must have model ship for the Stash !
  6. I wish Flyhawk would speed up their 1/350 scale kit of this same ship
  7. very nice ship - etch makes a huge difference - especially the Cranes !
  8. Most kept in an IKEA Display Cabinet - which is very good and spacious I went for one wider than the other types as the other type is tall but you can't fit wide models like 1/350 Ships inside with ease It retails for £ 150 The other way I keep them safe ( I have 7 of these , is have 1 inside either Acrylic or Glass Framed Display Cases - again not cheap , but they do the job as they keep the dread dust off - and stop prying young fingers from damaging them and of course display the models - they are in alcoves , or on shelves - The one I ha
  9. knowing Trumpeter - zero chance of correcting it , sadly , although the fixes are not very difficult , apart from raising the Tribal bow for sheer - fitting an aftermarket British Ships Boats , correct 3 Bladed Props and 4 barrel Pom-Pom are actually dead easy
  10. It might come in the late December 2020 2021/2022 Catalogue sneek peek - you never know the 3 ship plans are there for them to use from Morskie here is what will be released first and in no particular order * stands for major design and new moulding work a lot of the Moulding work for the next ships announced are very limited - and ' easy ' . Certainly the Italian Cruiser Zara Class - Gorizia will come out soon ( the artwork is done ) - and that's a simple re-box with a new nameplate really Tashkent 1942 variant ( that's just new Main Gu
  11. I think you are TOTALLY on the money here - I looked at the selection that Profile Morskie does - and every ship that has been made or announced by Trumpeter has been listed and printed by Profile Morskie - eg Tashkent and Calcutta cheerfully - Profile also do drawings for 3 of the War Time Emergency Class Destroyers of the O Class - and the Interwar HMS Hardy so if they would produced either of those 2 Ship Classes , I would be very happy - the one I would want the most is the Inter War A to I Class
  12. I can confirm for certain - the Dido's are coming - their favourite box top artist ( Randall Wilson ) has done the Dido Class Paintings a few months ago - when you see his artwork completed - you know Trumpeter have the Model ready to be introduced - if he has no artwork done yet for a certain ship - its not ready yet ( eg Rodney ) a simple , yet full proof method
  13. Thanks - I built the G.55 and noticed at the time there was nothing available - but thought there might have been something introduced since Cheers !
  14. Pleasure - this is what the Model will look like when completed -
  15. Just to give the heads-up that 1/350 HMS Calcutta is now coming in July 2020 ( news from Trumpeter own Chinese website ) and 1/350 SMS Viribus Unitus is now released for sale by Trumpeter this month
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