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  1. I will be totally honest , I was actually very surprised that this was released first over Nelson / Rodney ( which have no artwork ) and the Dido Class ( for the record - artwork has been done and is all ready for their release ) , as these were never laid down however , there must be a demand ( thanks to World of Warships ) to release these in 1/350 scale plastic , although I would prefer an 1/350 scale A to I Class Royal Navy WW2 Destroyer, or a JKN Class !
  2. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-05370-dkm-o-class-battlecruiser-barbarossa--1422597 new release announced .
  3. DKM O Class Battlecruiser ' Barbarossa ' Trumpeter | No. 05370 | 1:350 release announced for August 2022 - new tool plastic injection kit ( name Barbarossa - is from World of Warship game - where she is a Pixel Warship
  4. Here is a better photo - like I say , build the Model they way you want , I probably went over the top in my additions , and spent £ 70 getting a scan of the HMS Walpole Ship Plans from NMM , Greenwich . http://www.alternateuniversewarships.com/Royal Commonwealth Navy/DD 1917 Vanoc-VW/DD_1917_Vanoc-VW.htm This link might be of interest - anyway good luck !
  5. This is the Reality in Scale set I used for my Japanese Airfield Diorama - in the flesh it looks even better - The Ki.61 is awaiting a final move to a new home ( so the canopy opening is plugged with tissue ) Jungle Plants Set 1 Product no.: PLA01 - Kit contains 4 different plants. Kit includes 6 resin parts, leaves made from strong, polyurethane foil, straight steel wire and full A4 instructions They make lots of different types , its stated as 1/35 scale , but at 1/48 scale , its fine , and not overscale at ALL .
  6. to answer your question , the Ship was portrayed in 1940 , your kit has the painting guide for 1917 Royal Australian Navy / or 1917 Royal ( British Navy ) - so if yours is portrayed to be in 1939-45 , the upper decks would be Home Fleet Gray . always remember - what you have here is a 1917 Ship - so its needs work if you want it 1939 era This is my Guide to updating the kit - posted on Scale Model Warships as a review - which might be handy it goes into this kit in detail .http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=220920 to say again - if I am in time for your build 1 ) - The Model does NOT have etch railings provided for the 2 ' bandstands ' for the two 4 inch gun positions ( B and X guns ) - so you need to remember to fit that , as the kit instructions do not mention this - ( 3 ) you will need to source 1/350 Depth Charge Throwers as there are none in the kit provided - I had them designed and made by a designer on Shapeways . I sourced Rainbow ( 1/350 Rb3545 ) IJN Depth Charges for use with these . I had mine made with no Depth Charge loaded ( an empty thrower )- with 2 sets . and used Brass aftermarket IJN Depth Charges that were fitted on top of these and also fitted inside the White Ensign photo-etch depth charge racks at the stern . This was well worth the effort and you get 40 Metal Brass Depth Charges so you have plenty spare for other projects ! you don't get any depth charges provided separate with the kit - and the 4 depth charges with the kit are correctly ( for 1917-18 ) moulded onto the deck - but they are needed to be removed - if you want an inter-war or WW2 Ship . ( 4 ) As stated earlier if you want 1/350 depth charge racks , rather than the kit paravanes at the stern - you need to source some - ( the WEM G & H set provides them ) and you will need to remove the 4 x 1917 era depth charges at the stern in the little deck racks - as kit plastic - as mentioned earlier .
  7. love the work done so far ... I went for etch smoke stack Funnel Covers and aftermarket depth charges in brass ( plus throwers and racks ) nice start, the Shapeways Bridge extra parts are well worth it ( as seen here )
  8. delightful build - Profile Publications ( 1971 ) did a great booklet on theses ships , if you ever want a good read
  9. Micromaster ( from New Zealand ) 1/350 HMS Hood Next Generation 3D Printed Turrets - take a look at these compared to your Resin Flyhawk replacements
  10. Yeah , with the Hood - I got there in the end - it is a small world I liked doing the review , I actually DID enclose photos of the Flyhawk instruction sheet - but the Association never used them in my review ! one piece of advice , invest in the Eduard etch set for Hood ( you won't regret it ) that and the Micromaster Turrets ( I did )
  11. I have used the Hood Flyhawk etch set ( and reviewed it here - http://www.hmshood.com/hoodtoday/models/trumpeter/flyhawk350set.htm?code=350098 ) The Flyhawk Instruction sheet for HOOD is pretty poor , more guesswork than I prefer was involved - I found the etch itself great and easy to use , well engineered , you just needed your ' Anatomy of the Ship - Hood ' to hand to use most of it !! I also used the Eduard Etch set for HOOD , and it was a revelation - concise and easy to use instructions , great fit , and it provided missing detail that Flyhawk didn't bother with , plus it needed less ' guesswork ' than Flyhawk I found the Flyhawk Repulse etch set instructions sheet , far , far better
  12. I can recommend Green-Line Grass , in 1/35 Scale ? ( you didn't state what scale ) , you get variable tufts lengths ( and different colours ) I can also say this is a great product Mig Jimenez’ AMMO range https://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/09/clayton-gets-on-grass-as-he-reviews.html I have here the Green-line Grass in 1/48 Scale ( sure they do it in 1/35 scale ) good luck
  13. I finally found my old build photos - I thought they were lost after computer problems last year , which are very instructive just how good the engineering and design features are in a Tamiya Model Ship ( 1/350 Scale ) Kit . The Hull - note the Plastic Stiffeners in the Hull ( with slots half-way down you would cut through if you wanted a waterline hull - impressive ) This allows a good fit and also makes certain when the decks are fitted there is adequate support throughout - the build was a joy , thanks to this foresight and engineering . Note - the 2 Washers are reinforcement mounts for the 2 plastic kit pedestals which fit onto the Kit Display Base ( which comes with 2 Tamiya Decal Stickers for the Ships name - one with 2 Decals with Japanese Writing and 2 Decals with English Writing I only used one Decal and the other side of the Display Base had the Infini Name Plate fitted ( as per photos ) The Main ( Aft ) Mast - note Tamiya Kit Jig to make certain the alignment is perfect - and the finished article with etch added Fore Mast - with Tamiya Jig ( note plastic arrow showing you how it will be installed in the Ship , facing the right way ) and finally the Funnel - with photo-etch - which makes a huge difference to the look of the Kit I hope post this might be of help to any Modeller planning this Kit in the present or future
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