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  1. Naval Guns: 500 Years of Ship and Coastal Artillery by Hans Mehl
  2. one world - superlative ! one of the best Elefants I have ever seen in the World of the Model Forum !!
  3. UPDATE - found a Chinese Model Hobby website where it was originally advertised for sale - and I used a translator program to decipher the Chinese writing this is what it says - which was in July 2019 " News JOY YARD HOBBY: 1/350 Latest progress update on USS Missouri Static model enthusiasts 2019-01-07 All the way to support so far the gold owners, I am sorry to inform everyone: because of mold processing problems, before the Spring Festival can not ship. If there is because the scheduled time expires and automatically refund - the gold master, can wait for this product shipped to the same store to the original " I am convinced the Project is dead in the water , as the Company have run out of Money to re-produce the Kit as a new , and Correct Moulding
  4. lovely Model - hard to believe ( when you play this tank in World of Tanks - its not very good ) that this had a vertical stabiliser and above all , saved us from a bad defeat in the Western Desert as it had a good accurate 75mm gun - that could fire a good High Explosive shell - so could take out Anti_TANK GUNS and above all , had a reliable engine and suspension , only the British made Valentine was as good ) at that time period ) I recommend Rude Mechanicals by AJ Smithers , to find out how bad our mid and early war tanks really were
  5. Its been removed from sale from all the Chinese Vendors ...always a sign a project is troubled...
  6. I heard from an internet Modelling friend in China that the announced 1/350 Joy Yard USS Missouri - which was to be superior to the Tamiya and even the 1/350 state of the art new tool brand-new Very Fire Missouri is dead in the water - the reason is that the moulds were made wrong, and then the mold factory did not agree that it was at fault. Both sides blamed each other and were unsuccessful at a compromise. This Chinese mould manufacturer has a reputation for being unreliable. Joy Yard then tried to get the police involved but it became counterproductive and they cannot continue to push them. Unless JOY boss comes up withs $700K, they cannot continue the project. Right now there is no way to create all the parts needed.
  7. Hi I was given the 3 D Printed Barrels also with the Purchase - with the sale - but I plan not to use them ( they will be either Metal - Master Models of Poland 15 inch Gun Barrels or the Supplied 15 inch Flyhawk Barrels from the Super-Detail set I also bought I have used Shapeways before ( usually from Micro master ) - always delighted with the results - seen here on the HMAS Vendetta 1/350 Kit from Showcase Models of Australia ( now defunct sadly ) for the ' Refit ' Bridge which replaced the 1917 era Bridge supplied with the Model Kit I have the out-of-production ArtWox Wood Deck ( and anchor Chain ) , Alliance IJN Battleship Mushroom Vents , G Factor HMS Hood propellers , and 2 Brass Pontos Ensign and Jack Staff's ( raided from HMS Prince of Wales set ) , and one one-of a kind in the world - I also got 2 Silver Pedestal Lintels added to the Kit supplied Display Base ) which have underside Metal Feet hidden underneath ( see photo of it used on HMS Repulse ) I will show what the Shapeways Turrets look like ( the Repulse and HMS Walker was built for me by Steve Bowe ) and when painted and fitted to the Model I will have to buy Tetra 0.5 inch AA Quadruple AA mountings as the Flyhawk ones supplied are just folded etch
  8. I think @73north is spot-on about the Morskie plans. I have both Morskie and Kagero plans (as well as the partial builder’s plans in John Roberts), and the Kagero researchers seem to see the same things as me in the photos. [e.g. the exact route of the DG coil, which Merit (and even Tetra) have almost right, but not quite]. Totally agree - they are using wholesale the Profile Morskie Plans - the release of the HMS Exeter - confirmed this beyond doubt
  9. I am certain Merit either is linked to Trumpeter or also uses their moulding company - eg the Display Stand is identical as regards ' errors ' its because they use the profile Morskie plans which sometimes are very accurate - and sometimes depict the Ship in 1938 whereas by 1941 the ship had refits ( eg Trumpeter Repulse rear deck superstructures ) they also add gun tubs where none were , or are wrong ( eg HMS Repulse Rear Gun Turret - being a prime example - where there were as circular walkways around the 20mm AA gun ) and are seen from original photos I think they don't do as much checking as they should , but they are getting better - and HobbyBoss is a prime example where they excel ( they too are linked to Trumpeter )
  10. For the German Army of WWII, the most basic frontline tank used in great numbers was the Panzer II. It was originally only supposed to be a crew vehicle training tank but ended up an important vehicle in Germany’s early-war Campaigns . For me, the Panzer II was my start into plastic modelling , and this dates back to the early 1980's . The Matchbox kits might be small, simple, but are well-detailed and they go together with a minimum of hassle Check out my early model above , which I still have and has been kept safe after many years in my loft , Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks to Matchbox, now I’m now a much better Modeller nowadays !!
  11. I ordered these replacement Turrets from Micro Master on the Shapeways website last week , which arrived today ( he is based on Shapeways ) for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Hood. The existing Kit Trumpeter turrets to their 1:350 scale Hood are a dog's breakfast. With all the effort that the company put into the kit, it is amazing that they could so botch the turrets. The crowns are wrong. The front face is missing vision ports. There are missing details at the lower juncture of side plates and above all rear Turret vents for B and X Turrets . ( the 2 inner turrets ) These replacements add the correct Hex Nuts, Rivets, Periscopes, Stanchion Holders, Sighting Ports and Hatches This is the final parts I really need to get HMS Hood built ( in the future ) the reason for the delay , was the sheer upheaval and stress of a divorce early this year - which I have finally recovered from it , although the financial ' hit ' still stings . The 4 Turrets and Turret adapters were not cheap ( about 91 Euros including Shipping ) but I ordered the very best quality in printing - smoothest fine detail plastic ( you only get what you pay for ) hopefully of interest to the Forum ? kind regards 73north
  12. Totally , Totally agree - without only one exception ( to build a Spitfire Mark 1 - in 1/48th Scale , it has to be either Tamiya or Airfix _ that's a surprising omission ) I have a collection of 1/48 Kits and all of them are by Hasegawa , with only 1 Eduard FW 190 , and 1 Tamiya Spitfire Mark 1 - the sheer Quality from Hasegawa is usually excellent
  13. If it helps the Original Poster - HIGHLY recommend he gets the 1/350 Trumpeter Kit http://bowemodels.blogspot.com/2017/09/trumpeter-1350-hms-eskimo-as-hms-cossack.html - if you have any questions please ask ( F03 was her 1939 to 1940 Pennant Number ) - note there is a You Tube video of her just after the Altmark Incident its a great thing for looking at fine detail ( artistic license was made by having the pennant as it depicts 2nd Battle of Narvik and its not certain she had the Pennant added or not Finely - get PROFILE WARSHIP ( 1971 ) of HMS Cossack which details the full changes made to her - its a great resource
  14. Just to give a head up that a Chinese Company is making a lovely set of 8 inch gun Brass Barrels for the HMS Exeter and York ( and have an metal attachment pin for the 2 Gun Barrels to fix inside the Turret - like Pontos uses that will save a lot of work ) its sold on USA Ebay by CY Models - look for " 1/350 203mm Brass Gun Barrel for Trumpeter 05350 HMS Exeter CYG029 6pcs/set " and also a WOODEN DECK . " 1/350 Wooden Deck for Trumpeter 05350 HMS Exeter Heavy Cruiser Model CY350055 "
  15. wish they would make this in 1/350 scale - its a beauty
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