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  1. 73north

    Bf 109G14 1/48 Eduard

  2. The Diorama was made by Uschi van der Rosten and is the 1/48 airfield Runway Sheets
  3. Thank you I have never shown the Model outside the house , only on the internet - here in the last day or so - although , the model will be shown soon on the Aviation of Japan website Interestingly . I note that the new tool 1/32 Raiden showed that I got the extra detail that I added to the basic model , exactly right , and even the new-tool Raiden doesn't have the wiring on the right side emerging for the Radio , behind the Pilot ( I confirmed this detail , with a photo of the Raiden Survivor in California that shows this detail ) I wanted as much extra detail as I could fit to the basic cockpit - and it paid off
  4. Thanks for your kind comments - Hasegawa make the best Raiden in 1/48 scale - no doubt about it ( the Hasegawa Kit dates from 1996 ) The trouble with the Tamiya 1/48 scale Raiden ( they do not advertise this fact , that its an old tool on the new boxing ) is that the mould dates from 1973 - and it shows its age . Okay , The kit is a model of simplicity with only six steps in the instructions needed to complete the build and the exterior detail is scribed, which is impressive for a kit of its age. However , the big problem with the kit is that the cockpit is sparse, consisting of only nine parts. Detailing out this cockpit would be a tough job using a variety of aftermarket details that are out there and a little scratch-building skill to pull it all together. While you're at it, you'll need to modify the kit canopy as it is one-piece with the windscreen. Also the exhaust stacks are moulded into the fuselage sides which is also fine for most modelers , but it does not look that great . The kit comes with the option to build the model gear-up (one-piece gear doors) or gear down; and a centerline drop tank. coming back to the Hasegawa Raiden - below is the PDF for the instructions for the kit , to allow anyone to realise what exactly is part J6 etc , also note that Part N4 - is a plastic deflector gunsight that you get with the kit , however , my model had the thick plastic ' glass ' shaved off and replaced with ultra thin clear plastic - and the etch ring and bead gunsight was added as well https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/7/7/149977-56-instructions.pdf
  5. 73north

    Protecting Your Models

    the clear lesson - invest in a display case - either of glass or acrylic - either way it pays its cost rapidly , due the dust being kept at bay
  6. 73north

    SBD-5 Dauntless 1/48

    Simply Outstanding - no criticism is possible - this is a ' Museum Standard ' Model
  7. and a bonus photo - much larger and better - which should show off the MOSKIT EXHAUSTS in all their glory ( note they are totally hollow ! ¬ !!!! ) and better cockpit detail - including a MOBILE PHONE photo taken today - of the Reflector and Ring Gunsight - I added to the Cockpit ( which the real aircraft had fitted ) which is also confirmed by the Air Enthusiast issue , I have on the Raiden from the 1970's and a final photo -
  8. I was delighted with the end result - amazingly there is actually only a few extra items supplied by EDUARD to the Kit Cockpit , and when you studied Wartime and Post-War Photos of the lone survivor in California you really pick up on the fact that you can add a LOT more detail and switches to the Cockpit - one thing I should have stressed !! you DO NOT get any etch IJN 1/48 Ring and Bead Gunsight for the Raiden - from Eduard !! I had to use the extra N1 K2-J ( George ) etch set to provide this extra , and vital detail these are the links to the Eduard website , and you can view the PDF files , some parts are duplicated on each etch set , but others have UNIQUE detail ( so you must buy both sets , really ) https://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/J2M-Raiden-1-48.html?cur=1&listtype=search&searchparam=raiden and https://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/J2M3-Raiden-type-21-1-48.html?cur=1&listtype=search&searchparam=raiden
  9. Thank you !! forgot to mention that the Radio Antenna wire is made from Ultra Thin Synthetic Fishing Line
  10. For this Model - I used the Hasegawa Mitsubishi Raiden J2M3 1/48 Model kit 09667 “ 302nd Flying Group “ and used the following Aftermarket parts used in the construction: 2 Eduard PE sets - 48 201 and FE117 - both are essential to buy as they each have etch parts that the other doesn’t offer N1K2-J etch set to supply extra handles and switches Eduard Express Mask EX 095 and Squadron Vac Canopy 9587 Fukuya Brass pitot tube ( and the metal end is hollow - so more accurate ) Airmaster Brass 20mm Cannon Barrels (these are highly recommended as they have hollow ends - and are far more accurate and realistic ) Moskit Exhausts ( extremely rare - now - and out of production for over 15 years ) The essential super-detail modifications which I made was adding copper wire (taken from a piece of ordinary insulated wire) to construct the 2 Radio Electrical cables, and at the sides of the cockpit, which I found were necessary due to a close study of the cockpit drawings and photos kindly supplied by the Japanese Aviation expert, Mr Jim Long. The kit pitot tube was replaced by the Fukuya Brass Pitot tube and the Eduard express mask Ex 48 095 was used to mask the canopy frames. I used the out-of-print 1/48 Decals by Aeromaster “ Empire Defenders Part 4 “ which was the J2M3 belonging to the 332 Naval Air Group based at Naruo Airbase in 1945. I used Modellers putty to construct the triangular Leather Headrest which the actual aircraft was fitted with, and was delighted with the result. After I applied the Copper wire at the fuselage sides (fitted to part J6), I then fitted an extra smaller receiver box (scatch built) fitted behind the kit supplied radio (part J14) which the real aircraft was equipped with. Please note the radio electrical cable emerged in 2 places on the right side of the aircraft (see photos) and went around the radio. I used 4 extra handles and switches to the rear of part J8 as the actual aircraft was fitted with 4 extra control handles that are not on the Hasegawa parts - or offered by Eduard used the technique of pre-shading to avoid the purely green boring look to green painted Japanese aircraft and used black Humbrol paint to achieve a weathered look to the Model using my Aztek to apply engine exhaust and cannon barrel staining to the wings and fuselage. ][/url] I love the unusual look of this Japanese aircraft. My only gripe with the model kit is why they don’t supply the kit with a canopy that can be opened, as the Squadron canopy must be purchased to allow you to do this - the same gripe as for the Hasegawa Ki.61/ Ki.100 Tony’s canopy.
  11. 73north

    Photobucket...what happened?

    Photo bucket got greedy and I will never forgive them for what they did = I also hear their business model has suffered , thankfully , since .
  12. I thought I would share a potentially different idea for using the existing Trumpeter Display Base Stand - I got the Trumpeter ' Dry Dock ' Display Stand coverted to accept 2 Silver Ship Pedestals for the 1/350 HMS Repulse Model - the Plastic Kit Display Stand was strengthened underneath with 2 Aluminium Supports to transfer the weight of the completed Model to the ground - rather than the Kit display stand plastic - and 2 proper steel screws and washers to fix the Model to the stand - maybe of some interest ?? note the method works perfectly for any Trumpeter 1/350 Kit ( I recommend you take the Display Stand and 2 Pedestals to an Engineer and get it altered like this ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Model-Ship-D ... 3446606152? These are the ones that I bought on Ebay , from the same seller , but there are others on ebay as well ( search 1/350 Pedestals Ship )
  13. 73north

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    frankly , the Airfix Repulse is pretty Modern ( 1980 release ) AND accurate - eg there are no gun tubs on the rear turret fitted , and Airfix got that right nothing to be aware about - it fits together really nicely - I have built it , and its a good kit
  14. 73north

    Looking for Bismarck Experts

    I will take you to the expert who has written a book on the Tirpitz ( Norwegian Language ) and whom I provided 4 of my wartime photos and old postcards to the project - I also helped him with GERMAN NAVAL CAMOUFLAGE Volume 1 - rather more extensively ( I am named on Page 10 ) so the guy runs a website John Asmussen - who also accompanied James Cameron for the dive to the Bismarck Wreck - anyway I digress - he has a website ( I am also 73north on that forum ) - the section you need is here http://www.bismarck-class.dk/bismarck/paint_schemes/paintbism1941rheinubung.html That shows images that you click on , of each part of her brief life , what her colour scheme and camouflage pattern was in 1940 to 1941 . This will answer all your questions kind regards David Walker
  15. 73north

    Worst model quality?

    for me the old Revell Heinkel 111 Bomber , the fuselage halves did not fit at all , and I ended up leaving the hobby for 5 years due to the stress of that damn kit ( was it 1/48 scale ?? ) another honorable mention , the Revell 1/32 Hawker Typhoon = I ended up throwing mine in the bin