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  1. Probably they are stopped by the ownership of the moulds which would be owned the previous company , WNW . Any type of new mould costs a great deal , especially with tooling and all the paperwork involved with instruction leaflets .
  2. Welcome .. or Siema Have a great time , niceMatilda , who is the manufacturer and the scale ? ps look out for Metal Exhausts by RexXx
  3. Hasegawa produced in the last few years a ‘ new ‘ limited edition release as the late War version of the Ki.43 III - trouble was that they cut costs and instead of a new tool injection plastic cowling and Exhausts pipes -( all that it needed ) they used an awful resin manufacturer that made the Cowling and with the pipes that needed a lot of cleaning up and trimming to fit . when you compare the 1/48 Fine Molds Ki.43 III - it’s basic inside the cockpit walls but is more accurate , fits well and looks the part ( and is far cheaper ). i have it , and it’s great . Check out the eye watering prices on eBay for the limited edition kit by Hasegawa ( 2 different box art versions ) for the Ki.43 III . simply put Hasegawa seems to not want to spend money on new aircraft kits .
  4. Sorry , I had ordered my AMP set before Brexit for the 1/350 Hood and the Ark Royal back in early 2019 to cheer myself up after divorce , try the BECC fabric flags if you are doing a French warship , I used one on the Tamiya 1/350 ‘ Yukikaze ‘ and it was far superior to a decal flag . Not dear either although the White Ensign BECC Flags weren’t as crisply printed as the Australian ones , perhaps an Australian modeller can help you here , and order one for you and post it to you ( you pay him ) ?
  5. If interested there is a Australian manufacturer that does highest quality fabric flags in 1/350 scale , that were used on the Trumpeter HMS Hood to fine effect . Its Accurate Model Parts ( AMP )
  6. If interested AJ Press of Poland ( now gone sadly ) did a book on the Carrier GZ ( I have it ) with world class diagrams and artwork . If you need a photo of any PM me , and I can post them via email or post them here . I also have a few WW2 original wartime photos of her at Gotenhafen and Stettin , including her under camo nets in the river later in 1943/44 moored further away from Stettin up river . best one is the one taken of her under completion in 1940 in the shipyard with one taken on her deck ( I was only bidder ) next to the Funnel and the 2 masts .
  7. Nostalgia ... the re-release of the Ki.84 Hayate ( Frank ) in 1/48. still the finest 1/48 aircraft model of that aircraft .. and yet when was it released ? Late 1990’s ? Yet in the 1990’s they produced a lot of new-tool 1/48 kits that are still cutting edge even today ( A6M Zero , Ki.43 , N1K2 George , J2M Jack ,P-51 Mustang ,Hawker Hurricane , Ki 61 Tony and others like C.205 Veltro I have all those on the display shelf , and they are still world class but since 2009: nothing new from 1/48 for WW2 for over 10 years , and that was a Naval Biplane Hasegawa clearly is focused on the domestic market but how long can those old moulds last them for future sales ( talk about amortising moulds )
  8. Imgur is fine , easy to use - will never forgive photo bucket for their greed
  9. I am in the same boat , I am literally desperate to replace my 1986 Tamiya Model with a 1/350 Flyhawk example ( and not have to go down the Pontos Super detail route where you have to scrape off the Tamiya kit plastic ) Anyone in the know - who knows if this HMS Prince of Wales 1/350 kit will see the light of day . I would buy it hands down , no question . Regards to Forum
  10. It might not be so ruinous - as it’s based on a Hipper Class ‘ Cruiser ‘ hull after all , and the aircraft parts and ship boat’s , and the ‘ Graf Zeppelin like ‘ warship parts ‘ are already modelled and pre-moulded - plus the Funnel is probably the same size as the Prinz Eugen albeit a bit taller - so not a big re-design . so it might be the same price as a Cruiser . The only real new parts would be the Carrier superstructure and the Carrier Upper Hull mated ( or faired in with the ‘ Hipper Class ‘ Hull ) , which could be achieved simply with a Upper Hull with guide pins into a Hipper Cruiser Hull . in short it’s doable . I have the 1/350 Ship plans for it from AJ Press ( in Polish ) for the Hipper Class which has a lovely set of Weser plans included ( which I kept ) sadly AJ press went out of business . Question - did Profile Morskie ever do a set of plans for the Seydlitz Carrier ? as it seems if Morskie do plans , Trumpeter uses them regardless of Copyright . ( and follows the rigidly , despite flaws or mistakes )
  11. Simply wonderful so far , Scale decks are well worth the money ,flawless installation despite the fit issues ( I always used 1/350 ArtWox decks with no problem - but apparently they are no longer made )
  12. The Graf Zeppelin and the Seydlitz ( Carrier Weser ) are already featured in WoWS - I think the new ‘ German carrier line ‘ has had an impact - this will be far superior to the HP Models resin 1/700 Kit . I think the reason we have no Argus , Eagle , Hermes , Courageous Glorious or Furious in 1/350 scale is that the vast majority of the public have never heard of them , and only Flyhawk / Aoshima made the 1/700 injected kit of the Hermes and Eagle if my memory is correct .. its why the 1/350 WW2 Carrier Ark Royal was made ( name recognition and it was famous ) for the record - I have 2 original old wartime small photos of the Seylitz virtually complete in the BremenShipyard in 1941 or 1942 ( her fighting mast looks like HMS Repulse with the scaffolding ) and one of her hull after launch in 1939 ... also Very Fire have made the Taiho in 1/350 and that’s affordable 🕰
  13. Great news that Trumpeter commissioned Randall Wilson ( the artist that does most, if not all of their box art for their kit art ) to do a painting of the German Carrier WESER ( SEYDLITZ Heavy Cruiser ) and he has confimed on facebook that it will be injected plastic in 1/350 scale . The box artwork is visible on my post in ' Rumourmonger ' in the Forum tonight .
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