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  1. you will recover - I lost last year 21 years of marriage and a big divorce bill - and i've rebuilt - good luck sir and thank you for your service to modelling
  2. my source - Brett Green - I point out that he is wrong in the review - regards the Canopy issue - as you clearly can also have the Canopy in the Open and Closed Position - according to the Photos of the Clear Sprue http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/kits/dw48017reviewbg_1.htm Dora Wings Kit No. DW48017 – Marcel Bloch MB. 151C.1 Review Type: First Look. Advantages: Cleanly moulded; crisply recessed and subtle surface textures; welcome subject; useful options. Disadvantages: Canopy moulded closed ( wrong ! actually 2 options - closed and open ) ; absence of locating pins on major parts means that care will be required for alignment. Conclusion: This is a good looking and well detailed kit of a neglected subject. Dora Wings' 1/48 scale Marcel Bloch MB. 151C.1 is cleanly moulded, features crisply recessed surface textures and useful photo-etched parts. If you have a few models under your belt you won't have any trouble with this kit. Just take your time cleaning up, aligning parts, test-fitting frequently, and you'll have an attractive and quite unique result. This is a far better review - shows the entire Model and the Instructions Sheet really nice Model Kit by the looks of it ! https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-48-bloch-mb-151-dora-wings/
  3. That is great news - could you quietly implore them to have fixation locating pins on the fuselage for the new stuff for 1/48 scale - eg the Planned MS 406 French Fighter as that's the downside regularly pointed out in reviews I do agree it seems to be a great company - when the MS 406 is released for sale ( or announced ) I will buy direct from you kind regards David
  4. I reckon the reason the kits that are made from the company is due to the ' World of Tanks ' video game ( I used to play it ) the only one never made so far was the FV215b - Tier 10 Heavy ( with a rear mounted Conqueror Turret ( you do get the 1/35 Death Star FV215b 183 though !! )
  5. I can state the Fine Molds Ki.43-III ( 1/48 ) is the best Ki.43-III to build over the Hasegawa Special Version released in 2015 - which has a resin Cowling and extra parts I can also provide an in-depth discussion of the aftermarket parts and scratch upgrading you need to make the Fine Molds kit really nice I would state the reviewer did a great job with his review - but I would add that the internal cockpit detail is pretty sparse for the side walls on the Fine Molds kit ( I would say 1970's sparse - its not like the Hasegawa Side Walls you get with the 2015 version ) I built the Fine Molds kit and exhibited it here - https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal11/10201-10300/gal10231-Oscar-Walker/00.shtm I would add that you need ( I used the Aero-Detail Book for research ) to provide extra detail for the wiring for the water-methanol filler ( behind headrest ) and fuel warning buzzer (fitted to the headrest on right side) which the real aircraft had fitted - otherwise , the Fine Molds III is a grand kit - but its developed from the original old Moulds in 1993 when they first made the Ki.43-II version (Fine Molds produced in 2000 - the III version as the Kit Number FB-3
  6. Pleasure - I believe the Kit is for sale from July (you can get it now on Pre-order ) it looks like a really fine Model
  7. The ' Ace of Aces ' I have the New English Library book on him - great read This looks a great kit
  8. I had a hard time last year where I never built anything for a year - due to depression over the money I had to throw at divorce - for an alcoholic wife , that never cleaned , never cared about me , and called the Police on me ( she felt her life was in danger through an alcy daze ) no action was taken by the Police as I did nothing I went from no debt , no mortgage to having to spend all my savings and take a loan of 20K , but I bounced back . You will as well , trust me - read a good book ( Pierre Closterman , the Big Show ) or a comedy book ( eg Fred Bassett ) I sold the Merit Ark Royal 1/350 got a good price for it - but regretted it afterwards - I rebought it a few months ago , and felt better I was tempted last year to sell the Hood in 1/350 scale with a lot of aftermarket items inside - but didn't and felt so much better If you dislike the model so much why not sell it on Ebay ? - and recoup the money want a bit of advice - get the Matchbox Hawker Fury 1/72 and build it , have a blast its a great kit above all , take care - I never give harsh words to anyone's build - as its just a beloved hobby , and its for fun
  9. To give an example - if you get just the full hull ( just 21cm long ) its in Versatile Plastic for £ 37.97 ( nearly £ 40 ) ( which is nylon plastic printed using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), If you want the far better Smooth Fine Detail Plastic then its £ 71.80 - over £ 70 when you add in the main deck ( £ 23 ) and rear shelter deck ( £ 20 ) - just to get a basic hull - and the 2 decks - you are talking £ 110 - and that's before the Superstructure and Funnel ( £ 22.70 ) and Fittings ( £ 32 ) - about £ 160 or another example , I bought for 35 euros ( incl Tax ) 3 HMS Repulse Turrets in the Finest Detail - now in the very basic material it is now 50 euros ! For that Shapeways Minesweeper - for that money I can buy a full new kit from Trumpeter with etch and metal chain in 1/350 scale .
  10. OH YES !! - the difference is night and day - if its the Tamiya kit you bought , its essential another worthy addition ( I as I told you earlier ) is the Fruil metal Tracks
  11. I am facing a long delay - getting some 1/350 Big Blue Boy paravanes ,and 1.350 IJN Brass voicepipes from a Hong Kong Seller - a number of days ago its having to go via Surface Mail ! - and as of today , has not even sailed yet - also due to the COVID restrictions ( surface mail only ) as Airmail is correctly restricted - its not a big deal , as I am not yet ready to build - but I am steadily assembling over the last 2 years all the aftermarket goodies for it - including Shapeways Turrets and Pontos Pedestals - I also 2 years ago , was dead lucky and bought the ArtWox Wood deck , when the company was stopping making them ( I got mine from Germany ) I am trying to order all my model stuff over the last year from UK sellers - and the results have been worth it ( and support a uk busness ) I think the Covid thing has taught us all , to try to buy from Europe and the UK more often - as its more reliable .. and on a sidenote - I am certain STARLING MODELS sell the Jadar Model stuff ( I got their 1/350 single pom-pom gun ( it was fabulous ) try the uk seller first , is my mantra now
  12. my own ones The Box Artwork is special to me 1/600 HMS Hood - I am convinced I bought this exact kit in the 1970's ( I have built the kit three times ) - interestingly the image does not represent Hood as she was after her 1939/41 Refits with no 5.5 inch guns and the openings plated over - this image is of her in the 1930's . another one - they don't make them like this anymore , I built this kit , its no too bad of the Jagdtiger and below - Hawker Fury - a wonderful kit to assemble , probably the easiest biplane I have ever built ( a tribute to the kit designers ) interestingly the kit sells for a lot of money on Ebay - secondhand and the best Jagdtiger illustration of all time - they definately don't make this anymore due to the ' anti-war ' anti-violence campaigners in the the late 1970's and 1980's , I prefer action box art - and I would buy this kit - but its ssems really rare trouble is the kit itself is really dated - and not that great - Dragon do the best Hunting Tiger on a side note , when i won the Ace Tanker in World of Tanks - this was the artwork I choose for the thumbnail ( as 73north )
  13. I am seriously astounded that yet again SHAPEWAYS has increased prices -from Price Change Notice - April 8, 2020 note - I am just a buyer ( not a designer ) but I have bought quite a few items for 1/350 Scale Ships , which were really good and better than the kit example - but the prices have become ridiculous in the last year , I was going to buy a little 1/350 Scale Minesweeper in 1/350 Versatile Plastic this week , but the total cost was nearly £ 175/185 excluding postage - for all the different parts , and that's before you factor in the fact now I haven't bought anything for ages due to the fact there are now NO Shapeways Price Reduction Coupon Codes anymore - I am not a skinflint , but I can get a Resin Kit for £ 60 for another Minesweeper ( I give this as an example ) - and for £ 180 I can buy 2 !! Model Battleships for the same price point is Shapeways - you are pricing yourselves out of the market !! I wouldn't recommend Shapeways anymore due to the daft greed and I have pretty much gave up here. I also found a lot of anger on the Shapeways Forum - this from a Designer on the site " eg I deleted well over 100 models and removed everything from my own store here last week. An increase from $300 to $1300 overnight for the exact same model printed in the exact same material, is the equivalent of giving makers both middle fingers while laughing. This was late 2019/crossover to 2020. And with the recent new increase to everything, the last bit of fun using this service was put out of it's misery. " Shapeways will not be around much longer with this model they have..Sorry to see this..
  14. You can get the Tirpitz deck which will fit your Bismarck - with ease - its designed for the Tamiya kit and in stock https://www.model-dockyard.com/acatalog/mk1-Wooden_Deck_Packs_for_Kits.html for some reason the Bismarck deck is out of stock from a lot of UK sellers - I tried looking - quite a shock the Tirpitz was identical to Bismarck except the Aircraft Crane was one deck higher - so that is not going to affect your model
  15. Thank you , you would have thought that the Dragon King Tiger was ' the one ' to go for ' but the fact is that you get just as good a model without loads and loads of tiny parts and its too complicated - the Tamiya kit to go for is the 1993 Edition or anything later - do your research on Scalemates - before buying the Model Box I obviously highly recommend you invest in a photo-etch , a Brass Barrel for the 88mm and if you can afford it , the brass MG 34 gun with Moskit Tracks being far ,far superiors to the kit tracks - I tried ModelKasten tracks , but found the metal ones far more realistic with the real ' sag ' effect
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