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  1. Hi Paul, Love the idea of using old tights as a mask to simulate carbon Fibre. I'll give that ago on my Sesto Elemento when I start it (when ? … ) Cheers, Alan.
  2. Spotted earlier today (about 40 minutes ago), A very tidy Jensen Interceptor/FF (not sure which). Haven't seen one of those for a considerable time. Cheers, Alan.
  3. Will do. I love bike kits. I have made a number over the years, I used to be a biker once (over 35 years ago.. ). I owned a Hondat VF 750F. Sadly it had to go... Cheers, Alan.
  4. Looks suitably grubby and used (and slightly abused). Superb. Those Noo Yawk streets are tough! Cheers, Alan.
  5. I have two on the go, but stalled! Anyone here will tell you that I am a serial model starter … Cheers, Alan.
  6. Hi Ian, That is a thing of beauty! I certainly will be using your build thread as reference when I finally come to build mine. Cheers, Alan.
  7. Hi All, I don't use 2k clear, as I am bothered about the toxicity of the stuff. However, my preference is for a more 'scale' gloss finish. I have managed that using Tamiya X-22 thinned with Mr Color Levelling thinners. The clear coat is not as robust as lacquer clears, but I am happy with it. As for decaling, I always thought that putting a clear coat before and after decaling was the way yto go. I'll try putting the decals onto the base coat, then clear coating. ZP base coats do have a fine satin finish, so silvering may not be a problem … I hope! Cheers, Alan.
  8. Nah! I have about seven or eight aircraft models part-built. The best I have managed is about two a year! Cheers, Alan.
  9. Hi Spiny, To be honest, it was an experiment that went well. I shall be using that technique again. I have given up using enamels partly for environmental reasons, partly for toxicity and partly for the faff of cleaning the airbrush. So sticky and messy. Even as a kid, I hated getting mucky hands. Still don't! I was that child that could play with mud and still end up wit clean hands Cheers, Alan.
  10. Hi All, I went to see 'Rise of Skywalker' with my adult daughter. I thought it was an absolute delight. No spoilers, but there were some unusual plot twists that stepped up the tension. Came out at the end wanting to see it again as there was so much going on. The Blu-ray (when it comes out) is on my wish/birthday list... Cheers, Alan.
  11. Hi Spiny, The leather seats and interior both look really realistic. I wanted to create a light (ish) grey interior for my BMW 750iL. The grey I wanted was Tamiya XF19, but that's matt! I mixed equal quantities of XF19 and X22 gloss clear. Because it made the paint a bit transparent (not much though), I had to spray a bit more than usual. Came out pretty good though. Cheers, Alan.
  12. I had two of these (not at the same time!), and always loved driving them. Superb driver's car!. Alan.
  13. I'm in the UK, Response times were almost instantaneous. On Wi-Fi. Wonderful models, by the way. Cheers, Alan.
  14. Hi Noel, I used to do that, but found that the time saved by blasting cellulose thinners, et. al. through it, was lost when I found that the thing was still gummed up with the time taken to re-clean it before use later. As you said, "It is really what works best for you", but I find that it only takes 10 to 20 minutes to clean the brush after a session. Maybe I'm doing the 'blast-through' thing wrong, but I seemed to spend more time "retro-cleaning" it before use when I tried that. As always, "Your mileage may vary"... Cheers, Alan.
  15. Brilliant build. I still maintain £5.50 a pint is cheap for Guinness. Cheers, Alan.
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