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  1. Alan R

    Ferrari 246 GT

    Hi dbostream, This isn't the first "enthusiast" kit I have built. I built a very long time ago, two different Porsche 911 kits in the range. They are somewhere in my loft, but I can't find them. If I recall, they were superb kits, but a bit fiddly in places. When you get around to building yours, I'm sure you will find the building process rewarding. All the best, Alan.
  2. I echo that. It just stops you form cocking up the model before you even get started... It avoids having to strip the model if you do... Cheers, Alan.
  3. I have down-loaded the files. Watch this space... Though it might be a while before I get around to it... Cheers, Alan.
  4. I might give this one a go... I have been working on a Paper Yamaha MT-01 kit and that has many complex and fiddly tiny bits... Cheers, Alan.
  5. As a general rule, I use ZeroPaint grey primer and ZeroPaint colours, as I find these easy to use in my air-brush. They also have a huge range of colours that you can choose from. I also have used Tamiya Acrylics (the stuff in the little bottles) thinned with Mr Color Levelling thinners. That has produces pretty great results as well. I both cases, I have used ZeroPaint air-brush cleaner to clean the sir-brush. Cheers, Alan.
  6. Alan R

    Ferrari 246 GT

    Hi All, Some minor updates. I have managed to get the seats and cockpit painted. I used ZP grey primer followed by a top coat of Halfords' Satin Black to simulate the leather. After the paint was applied, I noticed that some filling I had done wasn't very good. So I had to re-sand the backs and re-paint them. Anyway, here are the results: More to come. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  7. Alan R

    1/24 Ferrari 348 tb

    Hi All, Another small update. The seats and the front valance have been painted. When I looked at them, I noticed that the filling I had done on the seats looked decidedly dodgy. So, I re-sanded the sides of the seats, and re-painted the seats. I think that the end result was worth the extra effort. Some pictures: These are ready to put in the cockpit. More soon. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  8. Alan R

    Ferrari 246 GT

    Hi All, Another one that I haven't updated for a while. Actually, I have made some considerable progress. It's just that I haven't uploaded the images! Anyway here we are: I have managed to install the exhaust system and a floor pan for the trunk. I think that there was some luggage space at the rear as well as the front. Sorry it's a bit blurry. The next is much better... The exhaust system on this car is a a bit convoluted with pipes going all over the place... Here it is from the side. All very compact. From above. Finally, I managed to get the cockpit tub assembled (from five pieces!). Tamiya would have moulded in one bit! I have also primed it and the two seats as well: Here they are, primed and ready to get their top coat. There are three bits from a Ferrari 348 there as well. All in all, some decent progress made, I think. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  9. Alan R

    1/24 Ferrari 348 tb

    Hi All, A small update. I have managed to prime the seats, ready for painting black leather colour (Tamiya X-18, probably). I do have a very large aerosol tin of Halfords' Satin Black which I may use, as it does produce a particularly good finish even from the can... Anyway, the picture: Now, the sharp eyed of you will notice that there are four seats and the 348 is a two-seater. That's because I did a batch priming session, and the cock-pit and the two seats at the front are for a Fujimi Ferrari 246 Dino I'm working on. The front valance is from the 348 though. Hopefully, I'll get all of these sprayed satin black soon.
  10. Alan R

    Lotus Esprit - quite big

    Hi All, Jut a minor update. I primed the shell with ZP grey primer and then left it for a couple of days to allow the primer to cure properly. Then I noticed that there was a blemish at the rear of the roof. This blemish was caused by a split that had occurred in the roof many years ago, and my consequent repair, which was to widen the crack into a slot, then insert some polystyrene card into said slot and glued it in place. I had sanded it so that the repair was completely smooth, but obviously not quite smooth enough. It showed up after the primer had dried. So, a thin sliver of Mr White putty over the blemish should clear the blemish up. So, this is where I am with this at the moment: I have since sanded it, and it looks OK as far as I can tell. Just another bit of priming to go on this... Thanks for looking, Alan.
  11. Alan R

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    I actually owned one of these, in red in 1989. Straight-line performance was impressive. Round the bends ... less so. I'd still have one if one came up for sale at a "sensible" price. Just needs the suspension and steering geometry sorting... Cheers, Alan.
  12. Alan R

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    That is another tasty bit of kit...
  13. Alan R

    Tamiya Kawasaki H2R Trickstar

    That is a tasty bit of kit...
  14. Alan R

    Lotus Esprit - quite big

    Hi All, Another update. Having re-cemented the A pillar back into the body shell, I decided that after a couple of days, that I would attempt to strengthen the join a bit more. So I carefully put some more contacta onto the joint, and left it for another day. After that, I put a slathering of Mr. Surfacer over both joins, and left it for another three days to ensure that the filler was fully cured. This stuff has a habit of breaking off while sanding if you don't leave it long enough to cure, especially if it's getting a bot 'old'. Anyway, this is the result after some sanding down with 240 & 600 grit wet 'n' dry: The whole join The bottom join The top join. Using my fingers and looking at it under a strong light, the join seems nearly perfect. However, the joins are never as strong as the original plastic, so I am going to be very careful with this one... It will probably need more sanding and filling and sanding... after I have primed it and the inevitable imperfections show up. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  15. Alan R

    Lotus Esprit - quite big

    Hi Marco, I have a number of Bandai 1/16th scale kits in my loft awaiting construction. These include: Jaguar XJS Porsche 924 Duesenberg Straight 8 (Not sure of its proper name) A Fowlers Showman's engine. I also have a number of Bandai 1/20th kits. I believe that the FIAT X 1/9 was 1/20th as well. The one I had way back was. They are rarer that hen's teeth these days. I have seen two on eBay in the last four years, one was a re-build job, the other pristine. Both went for more than I was prepared to pay... I think that the Lotus will build into something quite good. Cheers, Alan.