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  1. Today while taking my car for it's four weekly run ... A Silver Mk1 Golf Cabriolet, with GTi grille. Two smaller lights inside of the normal headlights. Looked in good nick. Then ten minutes later an immaculate E-type FHC in red. Not sure of the age or series number. Cheers, Alan.
  2. This agricultural machinery is pretty damned expensive these days. I hear that they are still using keys from the dark ages, hence all the rural crime... Cheers, Alan.
  3. I grew up in west Kent. There are some beautiful parts there, but I do prefer the west country. Mind you, where I live it's all a bit suburban... Cheers, Alan.
  4. What a miserable looking soul! What with a brand new tractor and all... Lovely build, by the way. Cheers, Alan.
  5. We live only a few miles from Lacock, so it is one of those places we visit on a quiet Sunday afternoon. You often see some good (and not-so-good) examples of older British cars there. Must be the ghost of Miss Marple, or something! There used to be some pretty good hostelries, pre-pandemic. Not sure what it's like at the moment... Cheers, Alan
  6. Nice looking build. I am much inclined to add this to my stash... Cheers, Alan.
  7. Hi Mr Mansfield, I believe I saw that self same Daimler Dart a couple of weeks back. Would the 'sleepy village' be Lacock, by any chance? The Dart was a rather nice example, if I recall. Cheers, Alan.
  8. You wouldn't want to mess with those guys! Cheers, Alan.
  9. Looks pretty damn fine to me! Great work! Cheers, Alan.
  10. Yesterday in Lacock, An off-white Triumph Vitesse soft-top, A bit tatty, but lovely to see anyway...
  11. Hi Jeroen, Yes that's what I meant. The one I got up close and personal to was in Uganda in the late 80s. Tis a big bugger, up that close! Yours looks like it has Disc Brakes. I'm sure (though memory may well have failed me) that the one I saw had Drum brakes. The Unimog has always been one of my favourite trucks. I'll have to try and get one of these kits. Cheers, Alan..
  12. Hi Jeroen, If I recall, the Unimog had Transfer cases built into the hubs, presumably to lower the gearing further, This also meant that there was more ground clearance due to the vertical nature of the transfer case. Does this kit replicate that? P.S. Great build, by the way! Cheers, Alan.
  13. That is a little gem! Love it! Cheers, Alan.
  14. Love the moody monochrome picture... Nice result. Cheers, Alan.
  15. I like the fuel prices around your way. 34p per litre for petrol and only 13.9 p per litre for diesel...
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