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  1. Alan R

    Revell Trabant Universal

    How about the Bond Bug?
  2. I have the Samba kit (Revell), but no R8... Not sure I want to Cannibalise the R8 when I do get one... Cheers, Alan.
  3. Alan R

    1/32 Airfix - Triumph TR4A

    That is such a pretty car! I remember bodging this together when I was a kid, probably in the late 60s/early 70s. Yours is a spectacular build. Cheers, Alan.
  4. Alan R

    Lucky find... saved from the dump

    I have this one in my stash. From around that time, if I recall. I did have the Scale Models issue mentioned. One day, I'll build it ... Cheers, Alan.
  5. Hi Paul, I use Crystal Clear PVA glue. I bought it from Hiroboy a few months back. I does the job well. Cheers, Alan.
  6. Hi Spiny, I do have a tripod. but it's located in an inaccessible place in our study (Box cupboard stuffed with family stuff not yet thrown away), and most of the time I can't be bothered to find it. I think that if I want better pictures, I'll have to make the effort to get the tripiod out... Cheers, Alan.
  7. I think he bought it locally in Rochester. This was about 1967, so I was only about 12 then. I think Daley motors is a franchise all over the country... Cheers, Alan.
  8. Today walking home from a hospital appointment. a Ford Granada Mk2 2.8 Ghia with non-standard alloys. Looked a bit tatty and rattly (The exhaust was really loose!). Engine still sounded sweet though. Cheers, Alan. The wife would kill me!!!
  9. Hi Marco, Thanks for the kind comments. I promised Spiny that I would get a better picture of the front end than the very blurry one I originally posted. It was just a matter of getting the camera to focus in the right place. Due to the relatively low level of light and the wide aperture, the depth of focus is really shallow. I need to use a narrower aperture! Next time... Anyway, here it is: The headlamp lenses were glued in place with Crystal Clear PVA glue. Even though when I put them in, they were fogged up with the unset glue. But since it has set, the fogging has completely gone. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Alan.
  10. My dad had a Zephyr 4 in the late 60's. White with Red upholstery. Had to get rid of it as he found that a previous owner had stuffed the gearbox with sawdust to keep the noise down. Cheers, Alan.
  11. Alan R

    Revell Trabant Universal

    I have only used Tamiya clear colours so can't comment on the Revell paints. I would recommend the Tamiya clear paints. But as I said earlier, I am going to try spraying them. Cheers, Alan. P.S. Looking really good.
  12. Hi All, I had hoped that this would be my last RFI of 2018, but I ran out of time on New Year's eve... So, it's my first RFI of 2019. This is one of the many Fujimi 911 variants. I have had this in my stash for probably 30 years, and I had partially completed it about 15 years ago, then for whatever reason, I put it away and more or less forgot about it. If you want to see the build thread, go here. Anyway, I finally finished it last night, but because I was tired, I didn't take pictures until this evening. So, here they are: A common complaint that I have heard on this forum is that Fujimi Car kits seems to have a very high ride height. This one doesn't seem too bad. It looks about right to me. This one looks a bit odd as the foreground is completely out of focus and makes the whole car look weird. The camera just focused on the top of the window frame! I might try to get a better picture later. I have just noticed that the rear wheel seems to be protruding from the bodywork on the right side. This is because there is about 2mm of lateral movement on the steel bar that is the axle. With careful positioning, the axle can be centred. What I really need is a spacer on each side, but that would require dismantling the back of the car, which I am not prepared to do. The only other problem that I encountered was that the decals appeared to be made of formica and just about as flexible. My decal softener didn't seem to touch it! Overall, though I am quite pleased with the end result. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Alan.
  13. Hi All, This is the final update of this as I am calling it done. Firstly, the cockpit attached to the floor pan: At this point, I was ready to put the body on the floor pan. This took a bit of perseverance, as each time I attempted to put the body on, one of the front seats would fall out. This happened five times before I finally got the seat to stick to the floor pan … Eventually, it fitted well: I used the ever useful Molotow chrome pen to ink in the headlights and the tail lights. At this point, none of the little parts, door-handles wipers etc were not fitted. Anyway, that's it. The completed model will appear in the RFI section. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Alan.
  14. Alan R

    Revell Trabant Universal

    I used to paint the clear parts on the inside, but as you have observed, it all looks a bit artificial because of the thickness of the plastic. My issue is that it can still look a bit patchy. I might try spraying the clear on to see if that makes a difference. Cheers, Alan.