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  1. Whilst out on my daily walk, a Porsche Taycan, twice!
  2. I have always had a soft spot for red (I know this one's green!). There's an immaculate example in red, in our village. Cheers, Alan.
  3. My Wife states that Bagpuss was Orange on their B&W TV! We were really privileged. We had a Colour TV! Cheers, Alan.
  4. Hi Keith, I image nail varnish is pretty tough when cured, judging by the way my daughters nails seem to last before cracking/flaking. She is fastidious, as soon a a chip appears, off the varnish comes... Lovely colour, BTW, Cheers, Alan.
  5. Quite right! Still the best. I remember my driving instructor telling me that I was to treat all other road users as homicidal maniacs out to kill me and drive appropriately. In nearly 50 years of driving, I have had few accidents, even though I did dive quickly. Cheers, Alan.
  6. I have found that careful use of Mr Color levelling thinners will remove really set paint and more importantly not damage the plastic. Cheers, Alan.
  7. As long as you know the limitations of the tool, you can still get decent circles with it. I used mine when I was adapting the Nissan Disc brakes for my Z1. I think that smallest diameter was just about as small as the cutters could go. I think I lost more to the carpet monster than bad cuts though... I found also that you need to clean up the edges as the blade tends to produce furrows with raised edges. Still a useful tool though. Cheers, Alan.
  8. I have the same circle cutters, and when trying to cut small circles, they can bend and distort the resulting circle. Ian, I know what you mean.... Same question 'Ask me...' Cheers, Alan.
  9. Neither am I too keen on them. If I was to do this again, I would just carefully paint the vents with matt-black. They look pretty rubbish to the naked eye as well. The dash is installed now, so I'm reluctant to muck about with them. We'll see later. Cheers, Alan.
  10. Cabin and Floor: This section shows how far I have got with the cabin and the floor. The floor has had the gear-stick and hand-brake lever installed. There is a very small decal in the gear-knob. It was a bit of a bugger to apply and keep there. It probably needs some more Micro-Sol to make it settle further. The dash-board and floor are a very dark grey. The engine installed: Seats installed: So far, I am pleased with this. More views: I touched up the floor by the exhaust manifold, t
  11. Good evening All, This weekend was a very profitable one for the Beemer. I polished up the bodywork using Halford's rubbing compound. I have had this for a long time and I am not sure if you can still buy it. This comes in an aerosol and produces a rapidly expanding foam. So here are the shined up body panels: The polish is good enough for me. Here are the seats attached to the backs: I I used epoxy resin to glue the backs to the seats. I think that the epoxy is a bit defective, or I didn't use enough hardener. The resin took ages to cure (over
  12. Link: http://rbmotion.com/rbmshop_3.0/index.php?route=product/category&path=107 Cheers, Alan.
  13. You might try RBMotion. They have a number of machined from metal spark plugs that may fit the bill? Cheers, Alan.
  14. I've had this problem with Zero Paints and plastic, but only a few cases (3 or 4?). I think that, as alluded to earlier, you have to carefully apply the base coat. I find that in all of the cases that I had, it was due to a mixture of impatience and over-enthusiasm, resulting in a heavy handed application of the base coat. If you allow too much a build-up of the paint, it seems to soften the primer and the attack the plastic. So, I found that a few thin layers applied with a few minutes (5 - 20,depending on the environmental temperature) gap before the next application seems to wor
  15. Hi Spiny, I found that those tubes of Poly cement (no specific brand) 'problematic'. I always find that they can by 'stringy' and if you are not careful, it will spoil the model as the string spills over the plastic. I stick with a liquid solvent or Revell contacta (I think Humbrol offer a similar product) for most work, and occasional epoxy for more 'difficult' bonds. Cheers, Alan.
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