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  1. What Llydylloyd said, I very much agree. I've used them and they have very good bases and an excellent service.
  2. Nice idea, just remember to take it off the car roof when you drive to a new location!
  3. Interesting article in the link, but I think the writer was wrong when he stated the pilot was responsible for maintaining the height in the attack. It would have been impossible for the pilot to see the beams from the lights on the water, this would have been the responsibility of the flight engineer looking out of the cockpit side windows. Additionally, not all the bomb-aimers used the wooden sighting device; Max Hastings, in 'Chastise' has this to say: 'Most crews, indeed, used Dann's sight on the night, but some - for instance Dave Shannon and his bomb-aimer Len Sumpter - made private ch
  4. Basil Rathbone is the favourite Sherlock Holmes of SWMBO, although personally I thought Douglas Wilmer was better, as I keep telling her I have to say, though, that Nigel Bruce's Doctor Watson is the kind of doctor you wouldn't trust to treat a cut finger!
  5. 593jones

    Lockdown Genealogy

    My daughter did the family history a couple of years ago, and discovered we are related to Sir John Colborne, later Lord Seaton and a Field Marshall, who commanded the 52nd Foot in the Penninsular War and at Waterloo. He's my second cousin six times removed, which gives me a certain glow of pride. Unfortunately in the last two hundred years the family has rather slid down the social ladder, so much so that I doubt if he would talk to me if we met!
  6. Outstanding work! Great modelling and painting, and the arrangement is excellent.
  7. I would certainly be interested in a Bomber Collection collection, certainly a Lancaster, Stirling, Halifax and Manchester would be very welcome. Oh what the heck, include a Wellington, Hampden, Whitley and Blenheim. I don't imagine I will see them in my lifetime, but a chap can hope, can't he?
  8. What's the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? With a drum machine you only have to punch the instructions in once.
  9. Wow, the old saying about a silk purse and a sow's ear comes to mind. Outstanding work!
  10. SWMBO's ancestors were Armstrongs as well. I'm always very polite to her when she has something sharp in her hand, it's in the genes, you know.
  11. My grandfather joined the army in January 1915, 14th York and Lancaster Regiment, 2nd Barnsley Pals. He was serving with them in France when he contracted influenza and bronchitis, which meant he was sent back to hospital in the UK on 25th June, 1916. This may have saved his life, as he missed the Battle of the Somme and the company he was in was very badly hit on the 1st July. After convalescence in England he was posted back to the BEF, to the 6th Y & L in January 1917, just in time to take part in the Third Battle of Ypres, Passchendaele. He ended the war as a WOII. He never spoke
  12. You just have to love local newspapers, don't you: https://www.ayrshiredailynews.co.uk/post/south-ayrshire-golf-club-owner-loses-2020-presidential-election
  13. SWMBO's ancestors were Border Reivers, and don't I know it!
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