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  1. If it helps, the Modeldecal sheet no. 103, British Roundels Large Types, gives 100" for the Sunderland.
  2. Looking very good. He seems to be marching at a pretty sprightly pace!
  3. A housing development was built some years ago on an existing road, probably been there since the Norman Conquest, but the new residents applied to the council to have it changed, apparently they didn't like living on Mucky Lane.
  4. That's an amazing piece of work! I'm gobsmacked!
  5. Very nice build there, and the rigging! Respect!
  6. Outside the village of Jump, here in South Yorkshire, was a sign saying 'Jump 1 mile'. It was stolen so frequently I'm not sure they bothered replacing it after the last time.
  7. Yes, that's the one, what was your opinion of it? Wheatley is one of my favourite authors, too, particularly the Black Magic and the Roger Brook series', I learned a lot of Napoleonic history from reading Dennis Wheatley! I always enjoyed the Duke de Richeleau and Gregory Sallust characters as well. It's a pity Wheatley is little read these days, not in the current fashion, I suppose.
  8. I wonder if the CIA wanted their money back from the spy who provided the blueprints for this?
  9. Yes, it was very annoying, it was a book I really wanted to read (biography of Dennis Wheatley). Returned to Amazon and refunded with no problem, but still annoyed. Glad to know V2 is all present and correct.
  10. Revell's rebox of the Dragon 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW 2 for a nice price off Ebay I know it has it's faults, but I don't care, it's a Sea Vixen and will suffice since I don't see Airfix downscaling their version.
  11. I had a book like that, The Devil Is A Gentleman, turned out that it had been printed with around twenty pages missing.
  12. That's a lovely job! Always liked Starfighters, and always wondered how they managed to stay in the air with those diminutive wings!
  13. I read a book some time ago called the Battle For Coral concerning Australians in Vietnam. There was one incident that amused me, General Westmoreland was visiting an Australian unit and spoke to a corporal who was cleaning an M.60 machine gun. Gen. Westmoreland asked the corporal what he thought of the M.60. The corporal did not have a high opinion of the weapon and proceeded to tell Westmoreland in no uncertain terms. The book contained what it said was a photograph of the incident, with the Australian standing up, gesturing at Westmoreland, the general looking stunned, and behind the general, an Australian officer laughing his backside off! Aussies, you've got to love them!
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