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  1. Oh, I certainly agree with you regarding the first book, Coward On The Beach, it was poor, but the second was somewhat better (I've certainly read worse). I bought both books at the same time, had I not, and just read the first, I would probably not have bought the second. The Flashman link was, quite obviously, a non-starter, just something to hang a proposed series of books on; as you say, the author does not have GMF's writing skills or imagination, so if you're biased regarding GMF then so am I! Incidentally, my favourite in the Flashman series is 'Flashman In The Great Game', but they
  2. Just received the Dragon 1/48 Junkers Ju 188 A1 for the nice price of £28.00 from Ebay. I already have the A2 in the recent Revell re-boxing, so very pleased now.
  3. Nothing new there, then. Sometimes I wish I'd read Law.
  4. Dredged another one from the stash, 'Coward At The Bridge', by James Delingpole. This was the second book in a series set in the Second World War and featured Lt. Richard Coward, who, to inherit the family estate from his father, who dislikes him, has to win the Victoria Cross, otherwise the estate goes to his brother. This book takes place during Operation Market Garden and is quite a good read, rather better than the first in the series, 'Coward On The Beach', Operation Overlord. There was supposed to be a third book, 'Coward In The Woods' but that either never appeared, or if it did, dis
  5. You have to be careful when your dog chews sticks. Mine did, got a small piece of the stick in his throat, a very nasty infection and an £800.00 vet bill. Thank god for pet insurance! I never let ;him chew sticks again. If you think that's over the top, just wait until HM the Queen goes.
  6. You could always watermark them, although that does tend to detract from the image.
  7. A couple of clips from Empire of the Sun
  8. Yes, it's a horrible smell, on one occasion the vet had a slight mishap when performing the procedure and got sprayed in the face. She finished the procedure, though. She earned her money that day!
  9. If you really want to annoy him, take him to the vet to have his anal glands emptied. He'll do his best to avoid you for a week after that!
  10. I've just finished re-reading 'Goodbye, Mickey Mouse' by Len Deighton. If you don't know it, it's a superb novel based around an American fighter group in 1943/44. Great characterisations and the flying combat sequences are brilliantly written. Of course, you do come away from it with the necessity to start building P.51's! I wish some enterprising decal manufacturer would produce decals of fictional aircraft, I would love to do 'Kibitzer' or Major Tucker's 'Jouster'
  11. Might have had something to do with Marshall Zhukov and the Red Army.
  12. I can't help thinking it might be easier to dig a new canal.
  13. Pattern 1907 and No. 4 Mk 2(?). I always thought the P.1903 would have been better for use in the First World War, being slightly shorter (12" as opposed to 17") it would have been handier in the trenches. Not sure what the second bayonet it, possible for a Mauser? The Mosin Nagant is the M.91/30 with the spring catch, yes? Good call. The Home Guard would have been the most likely to have used them in their early LDV days before there was uniformity with their equipment and they were issued with the US M.1917 rifle. I suspect any LDV unit that could acquire any type o
  14. One of Miniart's boxes of accessories, British Infantry Weapons and Equipment, a new release. When I receive it I was more than a little surprised by a couple of the parts. Included are a couple of SMLE rifles, one of which is the usual Mk.lll, but the other is a Mk.l, the very first SMLE introduced in 1903. Also included is a P.1903 bayonet, perfect for the Mk. l, rather than the usual P.1907. https://imgur.com/cOZLGwI https://imgur.com/pBJqNbL Yes, the plastic does match the pictures. I can't imagine why Miniart would have modelled these as they are highly un
  15. I wish you hadn't posted that link as it also shows the model shots. Of course, I had to look at them and be reminded of what we are no longer going to get! Would have knocked the HK Models Lancaster for six. Shame on you!
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