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  1. I agree, it was more of an incident; as a battle it was pretty one sided! It does make you wonder about the capabilities of the Czarist navy, though, mistaking trawlers for Japanese torpedo boats in the North Sea. Maybe they'd had a larger then usual vodka issue that day
  2. At least we now know the period it's set from the mention of the Battle of Dogger Bank - October 1904. One or two detail errors so far, but not too bad. Will be watching next week.
  3. I'm not normally bothered about civil aircraft, but that is a corker! Very well executed
  4. Sometimes I thank the lord for poor eyesight! If I can't see it, it's fine
  5. Hopefully that is the case as the rest of the part should be in the bag and repairable. I'm very pleased with my kit, it's quite near the top of the to-do pile
  6. Excellent review, but a little disappointing to see that one of the parts appears to be short shot. In the third sprue shown, the bulkhead, part B14, bottom right is incomplete. I've checked mine and it's ok, so I wonder how widespread this is?
  7. Cpl Lawrence Thomas 14/209, 14th Battalion (2nd Barnsley) York and Lancaster Regiment, 1/7/16
  8. Well, it does give us a chance to save up the pennies so we can buy one (some), so makes the blow easier to bear. To me it looks a superb kit and I am really pleased we are getting a proper bomb bay and conventional load. Mind you, painting 21 1000 lb bombs will be a bit of a chore!
  9. Well, that's kicked the legs of anticipation from under me! No need to rush home on Saturday morning now. I probably will buy one, I do have both Victors and a Valiant in the stash, so it would be rude not to. It will remain to be seen how the model is tooled, and whether other versions will be possible; if so, that would probably persuade me to buy more, certainly if a B1 was to appear. I suppose I'll have to wait another year for the 1/48 Hampden now.
  10. The car that Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were riding in when they were assassinated in 1914 had the licence number A111118. Who says there's no such thing as coincidence?
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