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  1. Colourcoats do a German intererior cream, which, on the tin I have, is called 'Elfenbein Interior Cream'. The current item on the Colourcoats site does not call it Elfenbein, however. https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/wehrmacht-german-army/products/arg01-german-tank-interior-cream
  2. Thank you gentlemen, that would seem to fit, probably explains why it doesn't appear on every Swordfish too.
  3. No, I know about the torpedo aiming sight, the object I am referring to is attached to the upper wing, It can be seen clearly in the second of JackG's screen shots above, and at 5.55 and 15.57 on the film. It is attached to the leading edge by three brackets/fixings. I can't imagine what it could be, but it is quite intriguing!
  4. Fascinating! I noticed that the Swordfish had a cable or wire on three supports on the forward edge of the upper wing centre section; I've never noticed this before, does anyone know what it was?
  5. A great film! Loved the final lines "This is the west, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend".
  6. Worth every penny! It's got a sliding canopy and flashing machine guns!!
  7. Unless Takom are including two types of track possibly the jig is for the links going around the drive wheel/idler?
  8. 593jones

    Grumping into the 20s

    That reminds me of the old vampire films, when the hero and his party always time their arrival at Castle Dracula just as it's getting dark and the Count is becoming active. Why don't they set off earlier and arrive in daylight, just hammer the stake into the Count and no need to be waving crucifixes around? Should be on page one of the vampire hunter's guide - get there in daylight!
  9. 593jones

    Grumping into the 20s

    There are such people, fortunately most of them live in the USA (No offence to any US forumistas, I know you're better than that!) My pet hate is 'Ghost Adventures' with Zak Bagans and his intrepid team, a programme to which SWMBO is addicted An honest description of this programme would get me banned from the forum for bad language. If you are lucky enough never to have seen it, just imagine a programme where the 'ghost hunters' lock themselves inside an old prison/hospital/orphanage/house of ill repute and attempt to communicate with the resident spirits, squealing like schoolgirls at every creak or bump. It really beggars belief that this programme continues to be commissioned.
  10. AFV Club IDF SHOT Centurion off Ebay for £16.00. Came without instructions, but I have another one in the stash, so no problem. Very pleased
  11. 593jones

    New matchbox kit !

    I wonder if it will be in multi-colour plastic? Fifty shades of grey, perhaps?
  12. Thanks, you learn something new every day on here.
  13. That's an outstanding piece of work, and the figures complement the aircraft beautifully. Well done that man!
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