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  1. The Rufe looks interesting, I hope they produce it with beaching gear, though, or it will mean having to make a sea base
  2. I'll put my two pennoth in, 1/48 Hampden. They could do the bomber and torpedo bomber versions, then give it new engines and release a Hereford. I'll go and lie down now.
  3. Good lord, how did I forget Quatermass and the Pit? Scared the out of me, but I watched every episode! Andre Morrell was definitely the best Quatermass.
  4. Can't at the moment, my copy fell to pieces through use and I haven't yet replaced it. I agree, Dorothy L Sayers was definitely the best, I've read all her Wimsey books and The Nine Tailors is my favourite. Clouds of Witness is probably my second favourite.
  5. I like the sound of church bells on a Sunday morning. I grew up in a small village with an ancient village church. It had bells, but the tower was not safe to ring them. In the 1970's the church managed to raise the money to have the town repaired and bell ringing commenced. A few years before this, however, a developer had built a number of houses on land next to the church. When the bell ringing began the occupants of the houses were not best pleased and did their utmost to have the bell ringing stopped, including going to court. Happily the court decided the litigants had no case and the ringing continues to this day. I think I'll watch 'The Nine Tailors' again.
  6. Very well executed! Took me back to when I was in the TA and did an anti-tank course at Netheravon, firing 120mm HESH at hulks on the range. Loadsa fun!
  7. A box of tea bags I once bought had a serving suggestion on it - a picture of a cup of tea. I would never have thought of that!
  8. That looks interesting, I do have a soft spot for these French aircraft, they always make me think they were designed by Jules Verne on a bad day!
  9. Second favourite Andy Capp Andy, leaning on the bar, somewhat the worse for drink 'Flo, nip round to Chalkies and ask if I can borrow his bike. Flo 'His bike, what do you want his bike for? Andy 'To get home on, stupid, I'm in no condition to walk!'
  10. My favourite: Flo: It says in the paper the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh won't be going to the cup final. Andy: I wonder what they're doing with their tickets?
  11. Which sci-fi series do they come from, I don't recall them on Star Trek?
  12. If it had been Northern Rail it would not necessarily have had toilets. Apparently Northern Rail regard toilets as an amenity, not an essential.
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