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  1. The next question, of course, relates to the plywood bulkheads - how were they finished, varnished or painted?
  2. Post #24, to be released under the AMP label. Can't wait personally
  3. Just tried that. Told me I was from ****** Middlesbrough! Cheek!!
  4. You don't like it, don't buy it. Simple.
  5. I remember the Biggles story with the German piloted Camel. I thought the number was J9982, but could be wrong, it's been a (very) long time since I read it. I would imagine, although can't be sure, that it is not based on a real event, but just a product of Johns' fertile imagination. Loved all the World War 1 Biggles stories, they really got me interested in World War 1 aircraft, I had all the old Aurora kits, moulded in those interesting colours and with the markings engraved on the surfaces! (Why did they do that? It was pretty obvious where the markings were to go!!) Biggles did have a girlfriend, called Marie, in one of the stories, but she turned out to be a spy for the Germans, using her feminine wiles (!) to get military information from our hero. It came as a great shock to Biggles when Colonel Raymond revealed the truth, and possibly affected his relations with women as there were no girlfriends in succeeding books. W E Johns had an interesting career; on one occasion , as an RAF recruiting officer, he enlisted T E Lawrence into the RAF under an assumed name. Johns was apparently suspicious, but pressure was brought from higher up to complete the enlistment.
  6. Well, the box art looks nice, I suppose it would be too much to hope for a detailed bomb bay as it's shown with the bomb doors open? It will be interesting to see how it stands up against the GWH/Pit Road model.
  7. Flinn, that's a great video, thanks for posting it, loads of info there! It does give you an idea how much work was involved in bombing up a squadron of heavy bombers. Who'd be an armourer?
  8. A quick look on Google only shows one photograph of R5677, and that is of the cockpit area with the pilot leaning out of the window, so not much help there. There was a mention of R5677 on a previous thread on here in 2013, no photographs, but a profile from a decal sheet or kit instructions (Hasegawa?) showing the roundel proportioned as you mention (Post 19) There is some information regarding the aircraft's final operation on the Aircrew Remembered site: http://aircrewremembered.com/whyatt-hugh-richard-belcher.html Dave
  9. We must be due for a 1/48 Hampden, surely? Would be very welcome here, anyway!
  10. Pah, not a patch on this, and I'm not even Breton!
  11. 593jones

    What are you reading?

    Yes, I'm a big fan of the Jackson Lamb series, I've read the first four so far. Excellent writing and some great, laugh out loud moments.
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