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  1. That's got to be a giant lighter, no one has eyesight that good.
  2. Wow. The Hunter is still one of the most beautiful aircraft built, and that is a superb model of it.
  3. On the Love/Hate for Badder, he was my father's CO for a time after the war and my father couldn't stand him.
  4. Looks lovely. The after marked decal companies could have a field day with this (and will we see a crop duster version?)
  5. Very nice. By my reckoning this kit must be at least 40 years old. I think the one I built claimed it was 1/50 scale.
  6. Lovely "Salad Tin" much nicer than the vintage Tamiya kit.
  7. A beautiful build of a rather ungainly helicopter.
  8. Just started a new job and noticed my assistant had a picture of the SS Politician on her desk. I asked her about it, knowing a bit of the history, and spent an interesting ten minutes chatting with her about how her late father was the first islander on board the ship after she foundered, and they still have two bottles of whisky from the ship and various other mementos from the wreck.
  9. Very nice. Always interesting how well it did in Finish service than it did in the hands of the British, Dutch and US against the Japanese
  10. Nice. Don't think I have ever seen one in FAA colours before.
  11. Beautiful build. Nice to see some different schemes to US NMF.
  12. Very nice. love seeing the Tomcat in camouflage instead of grey.
  13. Nice work. Mine sat on the shelf of doom and nearly flew in to the bin a few times. The nose glazing is a challenge and the wing to fuselage fit is not brilliant, same with the fit of the cowlings to the nacelles. Remember to drill out a hole for the astrodome.
  14. Its seems bizarre, surely it would be easier to put a tailwheel on the aircraft instead of designing a special trolley to lift up the rear skid? Your courage and patience with this kit is admirable.
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