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  1. Amazing. I didn't realise quite how many different rail guns there actually were.
  2. Another masterpiece.
  3. The two colour style was called the "Celtic Boss" and was based on ancient Celtic designs. The three colour version in use today is known as the triskelion.
  4. Beautiful build, but it's not Spanish!
  5. Very nice. Wouldn't have realised it was Dutch if you hadn't put it in the thread title...
  6. John_W

    S.W.A.T Team Fighter #3 - ICM 1:24 24103

    Slight error if you look closely. Both pistols have tac lights. The empty holster on the sprue is for a pistol without a tac light.
  7. John_W

    Misheard Lyrics.

    I remember mishearing Adam Ants classic Prince Charming as "stand in the river"
  8. John_W

    Misheard Lyrics.

    Atomic Kitten and "you can take my hole again"
  9. John_W

    Misheard Lyrics.

    I worked in an office with a gentleman called Vince Cleary. One day, he had a visit from Lorraine in sales. After she left we sang outside his cubicle...
  10. Your rail gun dios are absolutely outstanding.
  11. John_W

    Soviet T-34/85 with Riders. 1:35

    That fourth weapon is a PPS, not an MP40. It's a derivative of the PPSH designed to be lighter by not having a wooden stock.
  12. John_W

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Well, I didn't get the job, and was going to turn them down anyway as I wasn't doing two people's work. On the plus side, all this sunshine has given me a mega crop of chillies.
  13. John_W

    Misheard Lyrics.

    Oh, Oh, me ears are alight.
  14. John_W

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    Ooh nice. I have this one in the stash but never the time to do it justice.