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  1. John_W

    1/10 SBS Fanning Head, Falklands War 82

    Nicely done, especially the mis matched pouches. I see he has been smart enough to dump the kidney pouches and add in an extra water bottle pouch.
  2. John_W

    1/10 Waffen SS Soldier

    Nice figure. Seems to be based on this photo.
  3. Nice. Looks like a Mig 21 on steroids.
  4. John_W

    1/48 Italeri F-14 in Iranian C/S

    I do like this scheme. Less going than grey.
  5. John_W

    Japanese UF-XS

    Interesting. Do you know why they used two bladed props for the outer engines?
  6. The kit is slightly anachronistic. The Flying sub didn't appear until season two, when the Seaview was modified to the single row of Windows to accommodate the hangar.
  7. Astounding. Love the blurred ground effect.
  8. John_W

    Tamiya M5 Stuart

    Looks ok so far. Are you going to matt varnish the figure? The US Army wore cotton, not polyester
  9. John_W

    Dornier flying boats 1\72

    Gorgeous. Allegedly some of those "Red Cross" aircraft were later found to have been carrying ELINT equipment...
  10. John_W

    RUN (In Russian)

    He should have two. The PPSH was a little sensitive to drum mags. Each one had two tested at the factory and numbered to go with the gun. When the straight mag came out it solved the problems. Sorry, a bit of a small arms bore. (Mine is only a replica)
  11. John_W

    RUN (In Russian)

    Nice. Guy on the left has lost the drum mag from his PPSH though.
  12. John_W

    Airfix FGR1 Phantom questions

    I lived at Leuchars in the early 1970s. Always loved the Battle of Britain open day, and recall vividly one of the phantoms on display with all the weapons laid out, including the gun pod.
  13. John_W

    FOURtunes to be made

    baby, its cold outside