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  1. I remember these well. Shame they used vinyl (again) I would have thought it would be possible to use polystyrene in the moulds.
  2. Beautiful build, looks like something from a 1950s comic book.
  3. Lovely build. I remember getting a poster of this in an aviation magazine at the time, and thinking it was the most beautiful jet aircraft ever. You have realy done it justice.
  4. Beautiful Build. Unfortunately the Sperry Autopilot (The bulge on top of the nose) was only fitted to the Australian Mk 21.
  5. Well, after two years, I have now completed and passed all eight "taught" modules of my Masters (which gives me a PGDip should I wish to stop here). My research proposal for my dissertation has been approved with no amendments, so now to knock out 12,000 words by January to get me over the finish line. The results did of course come through the same day as my Arthritis was diagnosed, but that went in the "Grump" thread...
  6. Nice build there. Had to Google it, for a moment I thought Trumpeter had tried to to an F80...
  7. Very nice Build and photography. Bit of Trivia, my Brother was part of the REME/AAC team that got them back in to airworthy condition.
  8. Well, my sore knee has turned out to be Arthritis. Got medication and a ticket for physiotherapy. Getting old and falling to bits isn't fun.
  9. I have nothing but admiration for anyone who paints a Viggen in Splinter Camo. Beautiful Build.
  10. Hope to crack on next week. Had to submit a revised research proposal for my dissertation and take a few trips to the doctor with my knee. Real life does get in the way a bit...
  11. I love the way you use that giant pen to make it look smaller than it is.
  12. Kanye changed his surname to West by Deed Poll. It was originally Fixit, but he got fed up with being confused with Bob the Builder.
  13. Came out OK. Back when I was still brush painting, I would often finish off with rattle can varnish to get an even finish and take the shine off the decals.
  14. Many many years ago, one of the first models I build was an Airfix Jet Provost in the old bubble pack. It had a tailwheel, as I was still unfamiliar with nose weight, and it was moulded in silver plastic, so my brother only had to paint on the yellow trainer stripes for me. So, in the hopes of actually finishing a group build, here is the new mould of the Jet Provost. Lovely crisp grey plastic. Any colour you like, as long as it's black. Literally falling together, lovely little kit. And done for tonight, not a bad few hours work.
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