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  1. Beautiful build. The Eduard Hellcat is one of the best engineered kits I have ever built.
  2. Stunning. Only ever seen one of these built, and it was huge.
  3. The design looks like it should be in splinter camo with black crosses on it. Nice build.
  4. Lovely build. Reminds me of the 1970s when the posh travel agents would have model airliners in the windows.
  5. Very nice. I always loved the colour scheme. Like so many it fell foul of the ban on tobacco advertising though.
  6. That is incredibly good NMF. What was your issue with the kit? You have certainly made a brilliant job of it.
  7. I would be very nervous about the reveal and worried about paint creep under the tape, masking is not my favourite thing...
  8. I have the book too. Has DR1, Ryan NYP and a very complex Hawker Hart in it as well. Built and flew some of the momoplanes.
  9. Nicely done. The Pilot was lucky, Komet crashes usually just left a big crater.
  10. Nice build. I remember building this in a Monogram box many years ago.
  11. The shuttlecraft are the correct shape, as this is the Refit Enterprise from the movies.
  12. Very nice build of an unusual type. Reminds me of a slightly shrunken P61.
  13. P38 filler? Was there no P51 filler available? Stunning work as ever.
  14. Nice. I built one a while back and drilled out the windows and used pva to fill them. I left it as is, but the windscreen is the wrong shape compared to photos of the real thing.
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