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  1. tyres from Kwik Fit (other tyre retailers are available)
  2. I had a similar problem with nose weight in the old Monogram 1/48 B25, that glass nose doesn't hide anything. I resorted to weight in the nacelles and cowlings - Monogram provided a ladder to sit below the rear hatch and prop the tail up.
  3. I looked at that photo sideways on, and thought you were building a scale model of "The Gherkin" for a minute...
  4. Wow. I scrolled back up to the top to check it really was 1/72 scale. Impressive level of detail.
  5. The risers (straps between the harness and the cords) run up the back straps of the harness to the shoulders and are held in place by press stud covers.
  6. My wife always does... (We never lose anything in the house, I have always "put it in the wrong place")
  7. for budget conscious superheroes
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