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  1. John_W

    Bücker-131 D

    Very pretty. Shame wartime trainers are not better represented by mainstream kits.
  2. Very nice build of not the prettiest of aircraft.
  3. Once upon a time a Skyraider and a Corsair got drunk and had a baby...
  4. John_W

    The Charger

    Nice build. The figure should have some tattoos though
  5. It is a folding ventral fin. In flight it rotates 90 degrees and becomes vertical.
  6. Very nice, but why do some pictures say P35?
  7. John_W

    Lockheed Hudson Mk.V

    This is a challenging kit. You may want to get the Eduard masks to make life easier.
  8. John_W

    Viking (IX Century) - 1:16

    Very tempting. Lovely straight teeth he has though.
  9. John_W

    Spitfire 22 "Vintage" Build

    I paid a massive £1.50, which took a lot of saving on 10p pocket money a week.
  10. John_W

    HP Halifax

    A proper Halifax, square fins and radial engines. Lovely build.
  11. Each strut on the Roden kit is a separate part, and getting the angles right is difficult without some sort of a jig, especialy with the length of the cabane struts. I like the look of the Merit struts with their "all in one" moulding. The Roden instrument panel is a clear moulding, and you put a reverse decal on the back and paint round the dials.
  12. Looking good. I have the Roden kit, but the struts are a pig and one wing collapsed under the strain of rigging and the cabane struts were totally the wrong length. Might get one of these and graft the Roden cowling on to it, as I know the shape is the weak point of the Merit kit. Someone will be along shortly to tell you that the collector ring wasn't copper, but a burnt steel colour...
  13. The FT-16 is in the markings of an American unit, and they only got them in May 1918, so quite possible still fairly clean.
  14. John_W

    K5054 in 1/72

    Start with an easy one (so why has it been on the shelf of doom for so long) Almost finished conversion of Airfix Mk1 to K5054 prototype.