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  1. Stunning. I am envious of your collection in the shelf picture, some very nice builds there too.
  2. Correct. In 2007, Lucky Nine was in New Zealand being restored to flying condition, unable to find any further information about her.
  3. Finding an old photo of myself from 1973. Anyone care to guess the Airfield?
  4. Lovely build. Shame I don't have the room for 1/32.
  5. Very nice. The Box art always annoyed my Brother as he was REME/AAC and the scout was the first aircraft he worked on, and the upper canopy was black tinted, not green...
  6. Nicely done. The Monogram B25 is a decent kit for its age and you have made it in to a masterpiece.
  7. Very nice build. Just one niggle. The M1 carbine is lying on its right hand side, this means the cocking handle is downwards. No trained soldier would lay their weapon on the cocking handle.
  8. I would love to take part in this GB, but the kits I built as a kid are now valuable antiques and hard to get hold of
  9. Looks like the "Moonraker" shuttle there. I have the new boxing, taking notes from your build. I also built it back in the 70s when it was released as "Enterprise and Spacelab".
  10. I remember the matchbox kit. I brush painted it white and lost count of how many coats it took to kill the red plastic.
  11. Well then. It's been quite a journey and I must say just a little sad to see it end.
  12. Well done. Followed the WIP and it has been quite a journey. Looking forward to your next project.
  13. I remember an Article by Mat Irvine in Scale Models many years ago where he mentioned that there were two models used for filming and dimensions and details varied between the two and neither was the "Definitive Liberator".
  14. And I thought I was going insane in lockdown
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