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  1. Running weekend training for the Cadets. Had a young lady, new recruit, never fired a weapon in her life. So, spent the morning teaching her the correct operation of the BSA Scorpion Air Rifle followed by principles of marksmanship. Very switched on cadet, took them on the range, and bu their fourth shoot they had shot a 25 point group (size of a 5p piece). With them being a total novice, they had no bad habits to break, and followed my coaching to the letter. Went away with a massive grin, and a reccomendation to try out for the shooting team.
  2. Remember the oil pedal (A cunning feature on Soviet Cars)
  3. Lovely build. Looks to be taken straight out of the German book of late war projects that never flew.
  4. with a broken remote
  5. While the materials may have improved and the cost come down, the concept of piggy back launching of sub orbital vehicles was proven by the X15 in the 1960s.
  6. My mother once got a Trivial Pursuit question "what is the difference between a Stallion and a Gelding?"
  7. The Funeral Directors we used for my parents were Box and Sons. The personalised plate on the hearse was "1BOX"
  8. slain enemy's severed skull
  9. My Grandfather was on the North West Frontier in the early 1920s. Royal Engineers, skirts optional...
  10. Now moved on to Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff. A series of connected stories about demonism in 1950s America that also addresses Racism and Segregation. Well written with good characters. This is the third of his books I have read, Bad Monkeys and The Mirage are also well worth reading
  11. Yes, it seems to form a "Skin" as it cools, but cut it or sand it and it becomes a darker grey colour as the surface is removed. It was more noticeable back in the 70s when more kits used silver plastic. Many of my childhood NMF builds were unpainted.
  12. I was reading about the dispute over the Karman line. Like so many transatlantic disputes it seems to arrise from rounding up to whole numbers and the difference between metric and imperial. Personaly I consider "Space" to be in orbit. I appreciate that the official definition is more nuanced and based on atmosphere and gravity etc though.
  13. Nice build. The 1980 tooling wasn't a bad kit, especially compared to its predecessor with "Graph paper rivets" and clumsy moving features.
  14. Nice collection. What next? I remember a few "Guest Stars" including Jimmy Carters Presidential Limo and a "Naked Baby Ice Cream Truck" (It had cherubs on it).
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