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  1. With your user name surprised you took so long to see it
  2. Very nice. Looks better than the original.
  3. Well further research put us in touch with another descendent who has letters and documents from Henry/Heinrich, and it turns out he was at the farm that day and not on the ridge. Turns out yet another of my wife's relatives was a private with the 71st Highlanders also at Waterloo. According to family legend, I had an ancestor on my father's side who was a drummer boy in the Irish Guards. Loving the progress.
  4. I do love the early Cobras before they started getting all the lumps and bumps.
  5. Very nice. Mine now sits on a cradle as the nose weight buckled the main undercarriage.
  6. A two seat Thud, in SEA Camo with a Sharkmouth. A perfect combination and a stunning build.
  7. Very nice build. And very clean, as befits the Post War RAF with lots of national Servicemen with time on their hands...
  8. Very nice build of a "Classic". Nice scheme too, a bit of a change from some of the bland WW2 full NMF aircraft.
  9. Very nice. That's an interesting nosewheel arrangement. I guess it makes the aircraft more stable on the ground and during take off asnd landing
  10. Nice build of a pretty ancient kit. Airfix didn't use plans for their riveting, they just laid a sheet of graph paper over the mould and ran a riveting wheel along the lines...
  11. Just finished watching this on IPlayer and not too bad if you suspend belief. Notice that like "The Last Post" badges and emblems have been altered. The dolphins in the badges face the wrong way and no one wears the White Ensign, so presumably the navy didn't grant permission for their use.
  12. As he was a private, his name didn't make the Roll Call. I was unaware of the severe casualties inflicted on 5KGL by the French Cavalry. Nineteen survivors out of five Hundred is appalling
  13. Very nice work. A bit off topic, but my wife has been doing some genealogy, and it turns out that one of her ancestors was Henry Oetzman of the 5th KGL at Waterloo. I am sure as a student of the battle you know how fortunate he was to survive.
  14. Nice to see this back in progress. Being a James Bond fan, I have always loved the Esprit in white as it appeared in "The Spy who loved me".
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