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  1. I didn't realise how small the kit was until I saw your hand in the photos. Stunning work.
  2. https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/things-to-do/festivals-and-events/the-spring-bay-squid-festival/ Will there be airships?
  3. Nice work. I came here expecting a four engined bomber and got further educated on Swedish aircraft.
  4. Outstanding work once again. You have a real genius for sculpture.
  5. Maybe cut ovals of foil to add a second layer over the turrets as "blanking plates"?
  6. That's a very smart finish you have achieved. It will be stunning with the decals on.
  7. Nice build. I remember watching that video in my days as a Space Cadet. I think secretly we all hoped we would get the chance to bail out, but never happened.
  8. I once ended up as a member of a military reenactment forum and some of those guys could give lessons in "rivet counting". You would get stuff like "those are the wrong kind of bootlaces for the 5th SOG in Da Nang in June 1967"
  9. Nice build, considering the age of the Airfix kit.
  10. Impressive. This 3D printing malarkey seems perilously close to witchcraft...
  11. I remember the days when I had a steady hand and decent eyesight and I could paint a canopy freehand with a OOO brush. Nice work. I like your neatly labelled spare parts drawers in the background. Impressive organisation.
  12. Very nice. Glad to see up to date kits of civil light aircraft getting released.
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