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  1. A really great job. I enjoyed ALL the pictures. Well kitted out and the added detail is an improvement as it builds from the box.
  2. Really nice finish. It is great to see the inspiration picture and then the finished article.
  3. Is this the 1/16th scale one? Regardless of my question, the whole thing is brilliant, the vehicle, the figures and the base. The difference in figures is interesting, but as you say in real life there can be a large difference in heights, which is not usually depicted in scale, so not so much an issue.
  4. Fabulous rendition of a classic old Tamiya kit. Very nice.
  5. Converted from Revell German Navy Lynx. I will confess now, that it is not strictly finished, it needed some weathering, but I have run out of steam on it, but I thought it has come out not too bad, to this point and given the amount of time, I have put into it, I thought it worth sharing. The nose adapted from the kits, with the use of epoxy putty and lots of sanding. The tricycle undercarriage is a mix of the kit’s wheels with white metal set for Horsa glider and some aluminium tube, which is overscale, but captures the look. There are 2 pilots, which are Trumpeter Chinook figures, with Live Resin heads, which I modified the visor to look more like British ones. At some point in the future, I may finish it off, by adding some mesh FOD guards over the engine intakes and a sniper crew figure, either sat or kneeling in the cabin. For now it has been stuck up in the loft in the box of shame . Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi Marcello, it did require some care assembling, some mis alignment of the Island and the hull. I had to use a bit of filler and sanding to make it look ok. Fitting the gantrys took a bit of alignment and gluing a section of it at a time using plastic weld, so that they did not move and even then I could have done better. Nothing too bad really, just basic modelling. Cheers Neil
  7. It looks very presentable. You cant tell the seat is dodgy. Cheers Neil
  8. Nice to see something a bit unusual, both subject and finish. It looks very good. One comment, the markings look very clean in comparison to the rest of the aircraft. Was that intentional? Cheers Neil
  9. An excellent pair of Mustangs. I am very envious of the finish. Cheers Neil
  10. Ships are not my usual build, but I fancied a build of her, remembering my time on her in 92 & 93. Built from the box, with the exception of a phalanx added at the bow, not strictly accurate, but looked a bit better with it and some etched brass guard rails around the top of the Island and along the Alaskan Highway. The one thing that was a pain, was the white lines on the deck, which are raised. I tried masking, but did not go so well and looking at the pictures, some of the etch is a bit wonky and no pingers, which is a big minus. I will have to have another go at this kit and make a better representation of her, for the 1992 period. Thanks for looking. Yours Aye, Neil
  11. Hi Steve, you are correct, it is roughly 6 inches long. I managed to get a good close in picture, using the macro feature on one of the digital cameras. Usually I only manage to get longer out shots or blurred ones. Cheers Neil
  12. 1/35th Dragon kit with the figures modified to be in the canoe. One has a Hornet resin replacement head. The suppressed Stirling smg is also from Dragon. The paddle is an oar from the old Italeri inflatable boat. The base was made by sticking some plastic card together, then sprayed black. The water is clear resin from one of the railway modelling supply companies. Thanks for looking.
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