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  1. Courageous

    Typhoon Class SSBN- waterline

    A bit more done. Before the sail was fitted, the sail top was re-scribed for the lowered masts. The sail was glued on, a little PPP was applied around the base and a blast of primer appled. Rudder fitted and primer applied. Halford's Satin black from a rattle can applied, nearly time for some stickers...what few their are. A little left field is this little critter. I thought that when the Typhoon gets onto its seabase, it might need some company, so I decided to add a boat. So here is a Shapeways offering, a 40 footer that used to belong to the USN. It was cleaned as carefully as I could and was expecting to have hassle with the primer but I shouldn't have worried. Stuart
  2. Looks interesting, so I'll take a pew. Stuart
  3. A lovely and very weird aircraft...wouldn't get me in it! Stuart
  4. Courageous

    Le Saint Louis AIRFIX.

    Excellent work and the sea base looks fantastic too. As Kev says, a work-in-progress would be great to see. Stuart
  5. Great looking 'wing' with an interesting back story. That pink engine cowling, is it vac, plunged...? Stuart
  6. Great to see you back on these aircraft. The scratch wings sound interesting. Stuart
  7. Courageous

    Airfix 1/72 therapy build thread

    I hate intake masking too. Stuart
  8. Courageous

    Landing Ship Medium

    Looks great, you should be chuffed. Next! Stuart
  9. Thanks Moa, a very nice trolley. Wheels...scratch? Stuart
  10. but wasn't you going to put Rhodesian markings her or am I getting mixed up with another build? Stuart
  11. The list getting smaller and she's looking great. Can we have a close-up of your fuel trolley as that looks rather nice in its own right? Stuart
  12. Courageous

    Tug S.A. Everard

    You're diamond Kev, I agree with everything you say and basically, it's up to me. I'd like to attempt something and if it doesn't 'fly', I'll throw a tarp' over it. Thanks again Kev for you're help. Stuart
  13. One odd subject but brilliantly built and presented. Nice to see links to those archives. Don't know if I've asked you this before but do your control horns go right through, sit in recesses or sit on surface? Stuart
  14. Courageous

    Vosper MTB Airfix 1/72

    Looking very nice, like what you are doing with this kit. Just as an idea, I think you need to crop your photos as their is too much dead space above/ below your subject and save them in a 800x600 format, we'll be able to see the quality better. Stuart