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  1. British destroyers, particularly the early ones. Life should be simpler if I stick to waterline, so much of it is finding the right reference. Stuart
  2. An enthralling build from start to finish, fantastic to watch. Just gotta wait for your next build which is.... Stuart
  3. Fantastic work Jeff, this build will be an excellent reference for when I get round to my own 1/700 builds of the 'not available'. Stuart
  4. Good progress Rob. Braver man than me Rob in adding the PE at this stage. Stuart
  5. Shouldn't worry about 'heavy' looking PE ladders, they'll look great when all painted up. Can't help but notice the growing gap between the weatherworks and the deck, hope is won't be a problem? Stuart
  6. Nice, neat work Mike. I find blacks difficult on my sub builds and limit it to gloss, satin and matt black, quite surprising how the blacks change with the sheen. Stuart
  7. Lovely work on the catapults and their hydroplanes. Stuart
  8. As others have said, fantastic PE work. As for the Kaga set, very impressive. Stuart
  9. Cheers Ralph, needed to be done and the Uschi fine has worked well. Thanks Terry, been a while since I've done maritime and never built in this scale. This time of the year isn't conducive for modelling, warming weather means garden and veg... Anyways... With most of the build done, I was getting more reluctant in handling this little thing in case I broke something, so I decided to get the base sort of done. The base is 6mm MDF with a rough watercolour paper added. Before I added the paper, I used the lower hull (wasn't used) as a template and cut that out. Primed black, Tamiya Royal blue applied overall before applying a lighter blue around the hull line and wake. to Sheffield added to the base, looks cool...to me any way. Still need to sort out the 'froth' along the hull and the wake, will sort that out at the end. Can't put off the PE railings any longer. Stuart
  10. I have to ask, would ALL the payload be dropped at once as I should imagine that would've played havoc with weight and balance...can't be that critical surely? Stuart
  11. Good work Beefy, everything coming together nicely. Stuart
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