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  1. What they all . Fantastic collection of 'oddballs'. Did they all fly? Stuart
  2. Courageous

    Cornish Fishing Luggers

    What filler are you using Kev? Stuart
  3. Now, that S4 is looking very neat and impressive. Decals look fantastic too, may have to look to those guys when the time comes. Stuart
  4. I really like the underside, nice and colourful. Do you see the sad face on the front of the engine cowl. Stuart
  5. Looking very nice. I have never used Alclad but I have heard that it is prone to lifting if you mask over it for different panel shades, do you have any problems? Do you airbrush your Klear as I have heard stories about it being a nightmare to clean afterwards? And if so, do you dilute it? Pressure? Stuart
  6. Courageous

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    My words exactly. Bloody good show that Steve. Stuart
  7. Courageous

    1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Cheers Rob. Kit windows not recommended... don't have any Kristal Klear, I have some 'Formula 560' canopy glue though. Just tried some Trainer Yellow over grey...no likey, so, it'll be yellow over white. And as for the neglected MGB 40, I'm sure you'll get round to it sooner or later...hopefully. Stuart
  8. Courageous

    1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Hello people. Well, after a little bit of a hiatus for all sorts of reasons I'm able to tackle this outstanding subject. After a bit of filling and sanding the subject got a blast of Halfords primer, a little more work and a final coat of primer. Everything else was cleaned up and had a blast of primer, except the turret glazing. The turret glazing took a couple of hours to mask up before it had priming layer of acrylic yellow to act as a base primer. The question I ask myself is whether to use the windows for the cabin or use PVA/ Clearfix... Stuart
  9. Nice gaggle of Spits. Where...I want some. Stuart
  10. Courageous

    Scratchbuilt 1/144 Avro Bison 1A

    Not my scale but I can't help but admire the 'mentalness' of this build. Lots of skill to work on something so small, hats off to you sir. Stuart
  11. Hi Bob, I saw on your FB feed about the damaged incurred, really bad news for such lovely model. Unfortunately, this has had a knock on effect with your future builds which is both understandable and regrettable. Hopefully, we'll see the occasional build from yourself, and all the best with your writing. On a side note, did you ever write an article about how you do your sea bases? I have the article on making the case, very nice. All the best. Stuart
  12. Courageous

    Falmouth Working Boat

    Looking very nice. Stuart
  13. As they've all said, great progress. Keep up with the momentum Fairmile B 'cos their are so few of them and forget about the F-16...too many of them. Stuart
  14. What metallic paint are you using there Moa? Stuart
  15. Courageous

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Lovely bit of whittling. Stuart