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  1. Quick question 'coz I don't know, why are internals at the side windows different colours to th interior green? Stuart
  2. Just back from Partizan Wargaming Show and acquired these 28mm miniatures; British Line Infantry, Hussars and Light Dragoons out of the Perry camp. This was my first visit to a games show and didn't quite know what to expect, what a blast. Having never painted miniatures in this scale, I wanted to see what can be achieved, it can be impressive but can I step up to the mark. The cunning plan is to paint these dudes for the Peninsula ETO but they're not for wargaming but for display only. Stuart
  3. These things are sent to try us, at least you kept your cool. Stuart
  4. Glad to see that you've found your bench and the F-5. Scheme looks great. Stuart
  5. Lots of work to be done, so, I'll tag along to see what I can pick up. Stuart
  6. Thanks Alexey. The way the crew move about in the cockpit, one looks like he's standing up while the aircraft is airborne. So, I think I'm swayed towards 'no belts' fitted...unless proved otherwise. Stuart
  7. You're welcome and what an excellent job you have done too. Next step is rib reconstruction, will be interesting to see your technique. Stuart
  8. Thanks for the references @Pin I came across your supplied link earlier and although they are useful images, I am still left wondering. One of the images of the airframe has an aerial fitted which is obviously a later addition and this could be the same for the belts. As I am wanting to build the ambulance version K8, I'd like to get this clarified if possible. Stuart
  9. With help from @Moa and my own searches, we find no images of belts fitted to the SH-2. That's not to say that they weren't fitted, just can't can't find evidence to support either. Were contemporary aircraft fitted with belts? Maybe @Pin can help? Stuart
  10. Cheers Murdo and Rob, must be doing something right. Anyhoo, a little update. After painting the deck. it was time to tackle the hull. The deck was masked as were the 'holes' and the bulwarks were painted white. When dry, 1mm masking strips were added along the top and bottom of the bulwarks and satin black applied overall. De-masked, et voila. Next, I'll apply a coat of Future, ready for adding decals. Stuart
  11. You obviously didn't notice my growing interest in float planes when we met at Telford last year...and this is a recent acquisition. Stuart
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