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  1. Very neat. It is interesting to see how much of a model is built before the paint goes on. I am starting to think that I'm overly cautious with me keeping things separate and painted before final assembly... Stuart
  2. Why is it that we modellers have this draw to do interiors in what we build and in many cases, can see very little of it when it is done . Anyway, the bridge externals do look nice and detailed, looking forward to seeing the interior. Crack on good sir. Stuart
  3. Thanks Mike, I wasn't aware of this kit but it looks like this kit, together with HMS Courageous resin kits are in the world of 'hens teeth' Stuart
  4. Glad to hear that you're on the mend Ben. Looking rather nice that before the paint goes on. Stuart
  5. A nice bit of scratch building there John, looks great. I've taken a few notes as I plan to scratch a 1/72 Humber Pig. Stuart
  6. Just caught this thread, nice to see your work again Patrik. Never liked rescribing myself. Stuart
  7. Stunning work. Wish I had the time to do something like this. Stuart
  8. Hi all, Started this build sometime ago, it's the Mk A 'Whippet' Tank of WW1 in 1/72 from Emhar. It was my first with an Emhar kit so didn't know what to expect but it what ever problems I had, I seem to have got round them with no problems. Like most of my AFV builds, I like to do something different with the subject and this was no different, so I decided to open the rear door. I put ammunition storage racks and a driver's position and short of you putting a small camera in there, you can't see bug*er all...why do I do it. It built up alright up alright, painted in 'dark earth', kit decals and weathered with a pin wash to bring out the rivets, a bit of pastel dust and some 'slop' in the mud shoots(?). Many whippets were fitted with 'canvas' track guards, so I made a pair from paper and added at the end. Knocked up a simple base and added some Emhar figures for scale. Thanks for looking Stuart
  9. A very nice looking weathered T54. Great photography too. Stuart
  10. I have this kit and a couple of other MAC kits in the stash. Nice to see the corrections/improvements and taking notes . Looking very nice so far, love the cockpit. Stuart
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