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  1. Reds and yellows are difficult to get right as there colour is influenced greatly by the base colour. I always put a white base down for my red & yellows. Some say that pink is the best base for red... Back to the Furies, looking good, even if it is 'one step forward, two steps back' with the paint. Stuart
  2. How do you mount these; cut slots or just stick to surface? Stuart
  3. I have a number of future builds that require either DIY or custom decals and I'm wondering about the average cost for a set of custom decals like this? Do you supply the artwork to them? Stuart
  4. Nice work there Moa, coming along nicely. Stuart
  5. Courageous

    FJ-1 Fury

    From the photos I've seen, their looks like their are more little stencils than come in the kits but ho-hum. I used 'Post War USN Glossy Sea Blue' (ACUS35) enamel paint by Colourcoats´╗┐. Stuart
  6. Slow progress is better than no progress. She's looking good on her floats. Stuart
  7. Very impressive work on the cockpit.
  8. Courageous

    N.A. FJ-1 Fury, Valom 1/72...Finished!!

    Thanks guys. Thanks Terry. Glad this kit build has inspired. Stuart
  9. Very...very...nice.
  10. Courageous

    Vulcan XH558 - Airfix 1/72

    Not to a bad job there Ced. Stuart
  11. Courageous

    Cessna 150 - Revell 1/48

    Our Ced looks like he's in a marathon. Am I to take it that this bird is taking to the ceiling, and if so, what are you using for a pilot? Stuart
  12. Courageous

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Great work going on there Martian. Stuart