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  1. Courageous

    Nakotne 1/72 Polikarpov AHT-5

    Never heard of it but it's an interesting 1/72 subject. Will be interesting to see what you do with what I think, is a rather heavy 'corrugation' but what do I know. Stuart
  2. Courageous

    White Knight - Short Crusader

    Good to see some progress Gregs . I have a 1/72 Short Crusader by Karaya on my birthday/ Christmas list.... Stuart
  3. Courageous

    Trafalgar class SSN

    Well, how things change, you learn something everyday. Good find but it still holds that you need to build from an image if you want to be accurate. Stuart
  4. Courageous

    1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Thanks guys, let's see what those railway guys do. Stuart
  5. Courageous

    Vanguard Class SSBN 1/350

    Hi guys, slowly plodding along on this between other builds and killing/ raking moss from my back lawn. The instructions show the lower hull as a lighter tone to that of the upper and this is confirm by images on the 'net' but I only have one shade of black (indeed their is only one shade of black) so I've the darkest grey I've got and that is Tamiya's German Grey XF63. Lower hull was masked off and everything else was painted using a rattle-can of Halford's Satin Black. Next stop will be a localised coating of Klear prior to 'stickers' going on. Stuart
  6. Courageous

    1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Question for you guys on painting wood effect. The odd bit of wood effect I'm okay with, something like a buff/ sand base and then add/ remove burnt umber oil. But how would go about doing something a bit weathered like this: TIA. Stuart
  7. Courageous

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Fantastic Steve, a true multimedia build. Stuart
  8. Another great build Roman. Stuart
  9. Courageous

    HMS Spartan, Swiftsure SSN 1/350

    oohh, a working door. Will the door clips work Stuart
  10. That PE is looking rather smart. What are using to fix it all together? Stuart
  11. Courageous

    HMS Spartan, Swiftsure SSN 1/350

    I don't think anybody would have spotted anything wrong, I still can't but you look like a detail man, so it'll be sorted. Stuart
  12. Courageous

    Airfix Vampire 1/72

    Shaping up nicely. Stuart
  13. Courageous

    Směr 1/48 Macchi Castoldi MC 72

    Looking nice with the paint going on. Sorry, can't answer your primer question. Stuart