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  1. Stunning work, all at the standard we've come to expect from you Rob, well done. Next!? Stuart
  2. Nice corrective action on the funnel John, well worth the effort. Stuart
  3. Fantastic work Rob. As Pascal says, everything is there. Stuart
  4. A very interesting task there Steve. I'm sure that this build starts, it'll show the usual skill, looking forward to it. When the time comes it'll be interesting to see what scheme you choose. Stuart
  5. I will but at 1/350, you won't recognise me. Thanks for the 'heads-up'. No reason for it not to be, the Fushimi Maru will get attention after this...hopefully. @Terry1954 @Whofan @Pappy @RichG @Martian Cheers for turning up guys. This is a very welcome kit from Mikro Mir, especially under the current circumstances...HM Submarine Dreadnaught would be very nice too. The kit currently sits on the build mat and as soon as I'm back at base, it will start. Stuart
  6. A very interesting build there Bertie. A thought for your sails, you could make the sails 'furled', it's what I plan to do when I build the 'Bounty' plastic kit? Stuart
  7. Decals for 1/35 figures, seen it all now! Stuart
  8. Cheers Martin, you'll be seeing it on the club table next meeting. It was going to be a Norwegian but you may have noticed that it's now Dutch Thanks Jason, you can never have too many Sabres. Much appreciated Martin. Stuart
  9. Thanks Giemme. When it's the only kit on the block... All of the above Terry, it's all about decal availability. Stuart
  10. @Rob K. @Terry1954 @stevehnz @Wulfman @Cookenbacher @Pantherhawk27263 @Lewis95 Cheers guys, much appreciated. More 'dogs' to build but when ? Stuart
  11. Another but this time a F-86K Sabre Dog Q-333, 700 Sqn, Royal Netherland Air Force, 1962. Built OOB. Build log here Stuart
  12. Hi All, Here is my recently completed build of a F-86K Sabre Dog, described as a 'NATO All Weather Fighter' in 1/72 using the Special Hobby kit. The kit has some lovely detail but the lack of location pins, etc, makes the build process somewhat tedious at times but the kit is what it is. The most taxing was the fitting of the PE vortex generator blades at the tail end, not for the feint-hearted but it had to be done. Decals were beautifully printed and generally applied with no problems except the long stripes which needed a little tlc. Scheme is that of Q-333, 700 Sqn, RNAF, 1962. Build Log Here Thanks for looking. Stuart
  13. Thanks Serkan. As for the golf balls, we have had near misses, the worst off-course ball landing on the front drive, says a lot about the golfers ability at the club! Cheers Opus, be assured a Norwegian bird will be done but not just yet. Calling this done. RFI Here Stuart
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