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  1. Gotta love those search light towers. Stuart
  2. Looking very nice, nice work on the ensign too. Stuart
  3. Nice work Kev but you'll have to explain that configuration at the stern. The photo shows the mizzen mast and its boom but what is the boom that looks like its attached to the tiller/transom? Stuart
  4. Great start John by going straight into the deep end with scratchbuilt MG's. Stuart
  5. Very nice looking quick build there JJ. I know nothing of the class, so I need to ask, what are those rectangular patches you've masked off? Submarines by design are rather boring things, so to make them less so, what I would suggest with these black/dark grey tubes is to paint them a satin finish, matt the non-skid areas and gloss areas like the sonar arrays, works for me. Stuart
  6. Nice correctional work there although this would make you canopy too high now, so canopy correction (if any) will be interesting. Stuart
  7. And some how they keep turning up, big boys again is it? Stuart
  8. This is modern day sorcery, can't believe that you drew that compass dial?! Stuart
  9. How many times has that got to happen before one relents and makes more that one, make six...don't feed the 'monster'. Sorry, no idea what the arrowed parts are. Stuart
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