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  1. Welcome back Lars, hope to see your build progress soon. (Ooh err, this post was posted thee times...weird) Stuart
  2. Thought I'd plonk this here for handiness sake. Stuart
  3. Have you found it yet Thanks @Sabrejet for the conformation on bomb loads, just need to pop across to another thread where you showed the hard point stations. Welcome aboard Martin, pick-up what ever you can. Welcome aboard. Stuart
  4. Sorry Rob but you'll have to give me a link as I can't find the pics. Stuart
  5. Fantastic work on the intakes, great attention to detail. Stuart
  6. Absolutely stunning Mick, definitely a benchmark. I take it that the ships wake is done by using cotton wool and moving it around within acrylic water? Stuart
  7. Welcome aboard John, you like Sabres too. Horses for courses Rob, I sit between the two. As a matter of interest, what's the size of those 1/48 emblems, just want to make sure my 1/72 ones measure up? You are correct but IIRC, the total bomb load is 1000lbs; one 1000lb'er or two 500lb'ers? There's a bit of work to be done before we get to that 'old chestnut'. Stuart
  8. Cheers Joachim & Patrik. Cheers Terry. Wasn't sure about doing another WiP on a Sabre, can you have too many Sabre builds... Stuart
  9. Welcome aboard Clive. I personally don't get bogged with the minutiae of the Sabre wings. If you have a photo of the intended, work from that and you can't go much wrong. You're right, you can't, welcome aboard Terry. This kit was my last Sabre purchase and happened to be within easy reach, didn't even need to get off my bum. Stuart
  10. Maybe it should be your next maritime build . Stuart
  11. Lovely attention to detail. One can understand why these projects take an age, all good stuff. Stuart
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