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  1. Sorry for delay but it looks like the early type had a metal roof with canvas sides, I think it's the later ones that seem to be all canvas . Anyway, as the subject nears primer stage, it's time to move it to the home workbench Some how I've missed a couple of things. Firstly, the chassis had a noticeable twist to it which mad fitting the cargo bay interesting. Secondly, the sides of the cargo bay bow outwards slightly and this make the tilt interesting. The cab went on with no problem. Stuart
  2. That reminds me, I've got my tug to complete...shame on me. Stuart
  3. Pretty. Looking forward to it being folded up and used. Stuart
  4. Now't wrong with that at all John. Nice to see some small scale, particularly British stuff. Think I'll take a look at the IBG range...Fathers Day soon . Stuart
  5. Got there in the end Terry and she looks great. Stuart
  6. Lovely work with those leaf springs. Don't envy your rivet task. Stuart
  7. Nice to see a couple of Moths on the go albeit 'twiddle finger' jobs. The float version is on my wish list but your Jedi powers have been diluted for the moment. Nice corrections there, that's what pathfinders are for. Stuart
  8. Better move my butt on this... The Challenger has been completed for a while with the exception of fitting aerials and weathering. Base has been made up from insulation board, filler for the slightly raised banks. Various sized rocks and fine sand was used overall, rocks being located at verges and down centre of track. Everything was then painted a dark brown and dry brushed with a sand colour. Stuart
  9. Has been a while since the last update but mojo has been a little low, so it's time to change that... a little. Sand channels, accessories and figure painted and the whole lot has had a coat of gloss, ready for decals and wash. Also started on base with a mixture of rocks and very fine 'play' sand. I want to add a 'height' element but not sure how/ what to use as yet. Stuart
  10. Time to turn my attention to the cargo deck. Under boxes and mudguards fitted. Images show straps fitted to the mudguards, so I better do something there before fitting the last lower box. Still to be fitted to the underside are the steps but fitting them might be asking for trouble. Made up the passenger benches but had to make a rear rest as the resin option had broken. The spare wheel will be mounted inside the cargo area, together with a rack of rifles. The rack of containers on the right in the above pic was included in the kit but haven't a clue where it's supposed to go. Also want to fit other 'stuff' in the back but we'll see. Also toying with the idea of the tailgate being open. Question about the tilt. Was it ever removed to show an open rear, with frames or was it generally always fitted? Stuart
  11. looking very nice, especially love the torps. Stuart
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