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  1. What they all said. I too are having thoughts of the undercarriage geometry, not that their is anything for the 714R. I think this fairly typical: Stuart
  2. As others have said, nice to see a different scheme for a different operator. Stuart
  3. That's what it looks like to me. The decals are there to do the rear boxart but the instructions paint guide don't mention it. You're a clever bloke, you'll sort it. Stuart
  4. I saw the cockpit built up. enclosed and was wondering if you were going to paint it or not. Now I know and it looks great, nice and clean. Stuart
  5. Cheers Rich & Col. It may come down to generic boxes/ panels as the only images I have are for the renovated bomber version and the signs in Swedish don't help. The biggest area will be the navigator/ observer/ gunner hole... Cheers Martin. Sometimes you've just got to build something different. Cheers Dave, I'm enjoying it so far. Bound to have fun 'n games later. As for Marivox kits, loads on Evilbay. Stuart
  6. No gripes about this kit so far. I think this kit has a little more detail in the cockpit. More depth to the wheel wells. As to build rate, mainly down to my own fault with my imposed deadlines. I'm wanting two models finished for our next club meeting and obviously we have have the GB deadline. So, I have four ponies on the go, a racer and a sub, all wanting attention. Stuart
  7. Cheers Cookie. Vacuforming is just another skill to learn, I've used existing canopies to get what I need, the real skill is in 'making' the former. The white needed another coat before I was happy. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get the sky band and yellow leading edges done. Stuart
  8. Good idea. If they play around with metal tracks, they have link pins between every pair of treads! Stuart
  9. Not as much as greys used for 'home waters' apparently. The Med being so clear, subs could be seen down to 150-200 feet when viewed from the air. This royal blue' was still dark before going lighter to PB10 in '44.
  10. Lunchtime update. This 'floater' has a large canopy and although it's not 100% clear, things will be seen and add an open canopy into the mix, I thought I'd add a few ribs using 0.5mm square rod. Might add some stringers but we'll see. ...and with the cockpit deck held in place. I think with some generic throttle blocks, controls and boxes, it will spruce-up a bit. Stuart
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