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  1. Nice to see you back Greggles and with beautiful set of exhausts too, must have used a few blades cutting that tubing. Stuart
  2. A fantastic intro there Steve. Lovely work on the hull and looking forward to the rest Stuart
  3. A man of your calibre will whip up that mast with no problem. Stuart
  4. I have no room to talk Terry. I have been trying to clear builds but it's looking almost like a gap year. Stuart
  5. Stunning work Rob. Love the moored option, the launch and figures bring it up another level. Well done. Stuart
  6. Cheers Terry. My eyes will testify that it is indeed 1/72, the gun housing will test it more so. Why do we do these things... Stuart
  7. Before I could close up the hull halves, I had forgotten the drivers side consoles. And here is a shot of the drivers position after I fitted the hull together, sorry. A bit of filler needed at the front. Lights fitted. Also, I had to scratch the block(?) stowage as there were deep sink marks in the kit part. Period photos show show the fitting of a large box on the right rear fender and stowage for 2 gallon POW containers on the left rear fender. Time to move to the gun housing. Stuart
  8. Back in the early 80's my submarine was used as the launch platform for trialling the submarine launched version when I was temporarily based at San Diego...the good old days when we had 'jollies' abroard. Stuart
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