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  1. The underside are. The main areas of work were forward of the wing where there was a dip that needed building up and the area aft of the radiator outlet which was missing, so plasticard and filler are needed. The radiator intake shroud was pinched from the donor kit but needed widening to fit. Also built up the propeller using the donor kit hub and the kit boss & blades. Stuart
  2. With the undersides done, it was time to fit the canopy bits, cannons and mask up. Primed with a light sanding. Ready for paint. Stuart
  3. I have the same kit, so it'll be interesting to see how this builds. Stuart
  4. With the S.55 being completed in the 'Twins' GB, it's time to get back the MiG... This stage was the fitting of the undercarriage doors to the closed configuration and a fiddly job that was too. The wing doors were all oversize, so needed a little fettling to fit. With them in place, it was time to tidy up the gaps around the doors. Stuart
  5. Cheers guys. I think I over did the enthusiasm with having so many builds on the go that I hit a wall. I've finished the S.55 in the 'Twins' GB, so now I can get back on to this racer. While the fuselage was sticking, I turned my attention back to the wings and having decided to drop the flaps, these were cut away from the wings. With a bit more fettling, the wings were attached to the fuselage. All the joins need seeing to, so that will be a few cycles of the filling, sanding and priming. Stuart
  6. Thanks for the praise Craig, much appreciated. I like to add a figure or something for scale, a base helps too in my book. Stuart
  7. Cheers Martin, much appreciated and yes, I consider this variant ugly too but I think that it's just the boring grey, now a pretty red one... Thanks for the praise. I think it was the engines that attracted me to this kit. And to think that if there were any inflight engine issues, the poor mechanic had to get up there and fix it! Stuart
  8. Here all. Here is my recently completed build of a Savoia-Marchetti S.55 Torpedo Bomber of the Regia Aeronautica Italiana using the Dora Wings kit in 1/72 and was built as part of the World War 2 Twins GB. Built out of the box with only a figure and rigging added and mounted on a sea base. Build log here: This thing is big for me, taking the space of 4-6 of my 'normal' sized subjects... Stuart
  9. Here is my second build for this GB: Savoia-Marchetti S.55 Torpedo Bomber using the Dora Wings kit in 1/72. Build Log here: Stuart
  10. Endgame... Decaled rudders attached. Tail assembly with booms attached. Engine mount assembly, propellers and the mechanic fitted. Also fitted the open cockpit windscreen. Job done. Thanks for @81-er & @modelling minion and their regular flybys and other visitors throughout this build. Glad this is done, time for something smaller. Stuart
  11. A splendid job there Chris. Glad the oil wash worked out well, looks fabulous. Stuart
  12. Getting closer to the finish line... Like the underside, the topside of the wing has its PE bits and control wires fitted. The 4 off MG's have been fitted at the gunners positions. Stuart
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