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  1. Knowing his previous work with Tigermeet builds and digital camo, it 'should' be a walk in the park. Stuart
  2. Update time... As with my floatplanes, I like them to be on water, this one is no different. Another bit of experimentation with water, this time I wanted a shallow, clear, sandy appearance. Not perfect but stash and time wait for no man, time to move on. RFI here: Stuart
  3. Here is my recently completed interpretation of MisterCraft's (KP) Piper L-4H Grasshopper on floats in 1/72. With so much glazing, I decided some extra detail was needed in the cockpit, not that there is much extra to put into it. From walkaround pics, the cockpit bracing needed correcting, belts and bits added and doors to be opened. IMHO the kit decals were overscale and replacements were obtained. Build log here: Thanks for looking. Stuart
  4. Not quite an idiots guide but my build help a little. Stuart
  5. An impressive structure you've done there, how you managed to make holes that align with the tripod legs . Stuart
  6. Will be interesting to see how this builds. I built one of this type not long ago, my build thread here. Stuart
  7. Always nice to see a vacform take shape, especially of a type I know nothing about. Stuart
  8. Another great build Martin, glad it made the finish line, I know how finicky you can be. Stuart
  9. Moving forward... Cockpit, wheel wells and undercarriage painted green. I say green as it seems Bell had their own idea of interior green and like 'olive drab', it's still being debated, so I decided on this NATO green from AK, I/P painted black and dry brushed grey and details painted. Cockpit/wheel well assy fitted into fuselage...nice fit. The other fuselage half was fitted with no problems except for the upper nose area but that's simple enough to sort. The engine intake section behind cockpit had the expected gap along the seam. The intake is a separate section to cater for another variant and the instructions tell you to make this separately, then add it later. Experience has taught me not do this but to fit the intake section to its fuselage half, hopefully fitting nicely on three sides and if there are any problems, like the seam, it'll be easier to sort and I did with a thin shim of plasicard. Wings fitted beautifully with only a few minors to sort. Nose fairing fitted. It was shortly after I'd done this that I stumbled across 1/48 build of a P-39 Racer where it was stated(ish) what had to be done to turn it into a racer. The obvious thing like weapons were removed but also things like the propeller boss got its cannon hole removed, .50 cal ports were blocked off, radio removed plus other stuff. The observant of you will see that the radio on my build is still in place. I have tried to remove but no, it's staying where it is. The will be easy enough to sort as will the mg ports on the nose. Stuart
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