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  1. For their pre-order campaign AMK worked together with certain shops / distributors. Everyone pre-ordering there is getting the lower rates (backed by AMK) and the ordonnance set. If one has pre-ordered elsewhere, those do not apply / are on the discretion of the shop alone. 'Illegal pre-orders' is a bit heavy imo. As long as the shop hasn't implied this is the official AMK pre-order campaign.
  2. Must. Ignore. This! (have two Haseduard 202, one is already ready for painting... )
  3. I suspect both companies want to be the first two companies having an identical range of 1/48 scale aircraft. Seems like a valid goal to me...
  4. AFV and Freedom Model going after the same subject.. why does that seems familiar...
  5. I'll have a closer look on the ZM Phantoms when they release an F4F / RF4E. Together wich a correction of the rear fuselage, this will most probably be what I will do. I really value the efforts and dedication ZM is putting into this project.
  6. Ka-Efka

    Test shots of Revell 1:48 Beaufighter

    That really looks they're going to make this one a veeery nice one.
  7. The german version does not read as to be the translated version. If it is, at least is has received a very solid translation. 'toolbank' would verbatim translate into 'Werkzeugbank' Both versions tell the same story with the same verbiage. So they are 'interpretation compatible'
  8. "[...]We look forward to assist Stefan Krings and his team in that achievement and to realize the full growth potential of Revell.” I might be too negative, but this sounds like an underlying threat...
  9. Most of it is in German, may be that's the reason you didn't find much? Have found some articles in more regional newspapers. And the respective companies seem to do fine. But, this does not mean it'll work out for Revell as well.
  10. Interesting. My findings led to the conclusion they focus more on mid term strategy with focus on turn around, than go the quick way selling the assets to gain immediate profit and liquidating the company.
  11. I'm still on the fence about that... (hoping for the best of course) They don't have that reputation though.
  12. Ka-Efka

    Academy 1:48 Ta 183 "Huckebein"

    The sprues don't look any new. The X4 were included with the Amtech release. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/amtech/kit_amtech_484601.shtml