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  1. I got the TFX. Would a shot of the clear sprue be of assistance?
  2. I must admit, I'm a bit torn on this. The vast majority of manufacturers seem to prioritise 1/48 these days. And as much envy I felt about Arma only doing their great kits in 1/72, I felt the 1/72 community deserved such a manufacturer. But of course I am personally very happy to see Arma stepping into 1/48. And the chosen subject is great as well. So far I only have one Hurricane in my stash. CAs Mk. I. Sometimes to wait pays off
  3. They tend to do that for optimising the aerodynamics!
  4. Nice, the F5A Lightning conversion set with Saint-Exupéry decals. That'll enlarge my stash.
  5. Revell is showing the E version... so let's see what happens.
  6. Never thought that would happen. It'll be at least two for me
  7. That's a lot cheaper than I expected. How mean of them
  8. That's what their machines seem to need, judging from their other kits. But they place those gates with care, see the wings, prop, ldg leg doors. Even though I planned to pass on the P-43, I fear it will not happen
  9. 'Eduard Plastic' for the Lysander...?
  10. ASSTA 3.1 is (afaik) mainly an electronics update for the Luftwaffe ECRs. Affecting also the rear seat 'workspace'. Is being implemented since end 2015. I have no knowledge how it compares to RAF Tornados though.
  11. I'll buy at least 1.4 of them!
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