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  1. Really hope this line of kits will be a success for Eduard. Great subject, great kits.
  2. Wow you are fast! I just received the kit, ordered right after availability. Great build and photos! I must admit I find it quite hard to decide which one to do
  3. Looking good what Zvezda designed there. For me ModelSvit was faster. I'm covered.
  4. I'd be surprised if there are actually round head rivets used on the Su-25. But you never know. It's a flying tank after all
  5. Main Deck Cargo Door. And, yes Polaris is essential an MRTT like the GAF ones. 10+23 is a Pax A313. As the MDCD contour is supplied as a decal I suppose the fuselage is the Pax one. But, as written above, I'll find out. There were MRTT with tail boom. Don't know how many right now. At least one was used by Airbus Spain afair. Could we change the Topic of the thread? We're well past the -200
  6. Well, Polaris is the Canadian designation. No need for this on the GAF boxing. And the 10+23 is no MRTT. No MDCD. Don't know if the moulds depict it, so one will see if it needs to be added for the MRTT or deleted for the 10+23. I guess I'll soon find out
  7. Same here. 162 parts shouldn't mean it's not overly simplified.
  8. Well the lighting in the cockpit is very much screwed up... Hope ILM is better than that Come on Revell, release that thing now
  9. Those photos of the finished model look very much CGI to me... But, well, soon the wait is over and the real thing is to be examined. And build.
  10. If FB is not an option: https://www.das-werk-models.com/products/brückenlegepanzer-m48-a2-avlb/
  11. Nice! They are currently giving some pe-order rebate on their website. As I really like their Spartan and Gee Bee I ordered this one as well
  12. Well, and their website knows what they charge for their 1/48kits. I found that quite reasonable for what they offer. Looking forward to this one!
  13. Hm... there are various aspects of the Beau mould I don't like. But that's not relevant here. Looking forward to the SR-71. Thanks!
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