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  1. Almost the hardest thing to get 'right', as this is nothing you can quantify. Getting something scaled down and look correct is not a matter of scaling down a CAD model by a given factor. I'm very curious to see how GWHs Tomcat turns out. So far I really like their kits (I tend to prefer accuracy over ease of construction).
  2. Ok, understood, thanks! Revell sells certain 3rd. party manufacturers thru their website, but there's not necessarily a connection. Revell itself belongs to Quantum Capital Partners' 'portfolio'. Heller was purchased by Glow2B which are (afaik) an independent entity.
  3. Interesting info. Who is that owner? On QCPs website Glow2B is not listed.
  4. I bet it's the KP kit.
  5. Mine just arrived (the D). VERY nice kit. Much finer moulding than I anticipated. And I'm not speaking about the surface quality here, all the small parts are very crisp. Wing trailing edge in area of the flaps (the small upper skin overhang) ist beautifully thin. I expected a good kit, but I was positively wrong Didn't do any comparison to other early 109 and to the original yet. I time permits I'll follow up on that. Also, if anyone has a question I'll try to answer it.
  6. I'm really looking forward to this. Revell is capable of doing / developing great kits, and this is really the first new announcement after the takeover. And they choose an iconic type, which isn't small. So, not really mass market (even though almost everyone knows this please) and a considerable investment in the mould.
  7. Here goes my hope for some Eduard plastic on this subject. sigh. Still, let's see what they bring.
  8. You are correct. They purchased the brand name rights and the moulds.
  9. And a quiet extensive photo tour: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2020/Bilder_AT/index.html (also linked above the list. Watch out for additions from. other folks there)
  10. Main 'difference' is the number of produced airplanes. The C was only produced in small numbers, and the D was planned to be the next main version of the 109. Featuring DB 600 engines instead of the Jumo 210. Well, it ended up with the Jumo 210D of the Bf-109B, whereas the C had the more advanced 210G engines. Fuselage was identical, as pointed out by TBolt. @Adam Poultney if you're unsure which scheme to build, the D is the better bet I' say. Next edit... Somehow I wasn't paying attention Modelsvit actually did the C3 only. Well, that's a very niche thing as TBolt also pointed out correctly.
  11. The large parts looked short run plastic to me, I didn't look at the description. Will be interesting to see the parts. The price makes more sense this way Let's see what other versions will come, if they come. The changes would be quite extensive, although those versions would easier convince me to spend the money. Anyhow, great news that this kit comes soon.
  12. Would have never dreamed to see this as an injection moulded kit in 1/48! Details seem to be resin. Looks really good, as far as the resolution of the photos allows to judge. The price is challenging (although not final according to Hanna ts).
  13. That is a really cool thing Airfix is doing here imo.
  14. Well, they both could just include both engine sprues in their releases, and make many customers even happier
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