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  1. The thread originates from 2012, the site is dead. So I guess hc remains 'dead' for now.
  2. ^^ exactly my thoughts
  3. Indeed. But this is strangely not possible when you are in the Eduard and HobbyBoss section...
  4. Am I blind, or is it indeed impossible to sort by scale in the shop?!
  5. As indicated earlier, they're doing a mixed calculation on this. Subsidising their new mould kits with that. Their target customers don't have any background understanding why a 1/72 Spitfire would cost twice the process of the 109, and what that would have to do with old and new moulds, or kits repackaged from another manufacturer. In an ideal world they would just not sell these old kits anymore... but, well we would then have to complain about even higher prices. I feel bad for everyone who gets fooled by them this way. But I'm not mad about the benefits for me who knows the kits... as you said, it's now easier than ever to research this. (I deliberately did not put into the equation what this could do to the reputation of the manufacturer etc.)
  6. That's how Revell is doing it since decades. They always had kits from almost ancient moulds and various other manufacturers together with their new stuff. In most cases for similar prices points, as they set them so that the customer don't get confused. Result is a comparably high price for the old stuff, but a good price for the new stuff. You just need to know... Generally I don't see much change at all here. Their new Beaufighter e.g. is €39.95. Which is where it is to be expected.
  7. Sorry, my mind manipulation powers are currently busy to make them do a P38
  8. These are test shots. Production kits will most likely be white or light grey plastic.
  9. So it'll become my first EE kit
  10. Comprehensive review with good photos and a (imo.) spot on verdict: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/cmk-unimog-doka-flugzeug-und-hubschrauber-schlepper-in-148-8055/
  11. So tempted, but the price point really hurts... At something around €40-50 I might be able to shut my brains down and just buy it... Sigh. Looking to be great kits...
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