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  1. Should hit local stores very soon now: https://www.kitreviewsonline.de/westland-whirlwind-f-mk-i-in-132-von-special-hobby-32047/
  2. Very glad to see this! I hope it sells well enough, and am curious to see what versions and markings Kinetic will release.
  3. So everyone who guesses right will receive one of these kits... I would guess in this case it's something that is not already widely rumored. But I'd love it to be the F-1.
  4. It's the only one of the three I consider buying. But I can also see it's the least commonly popular, unfortunately.
  5. Sounds like you are living my secret dream job
  6. Every kit they announced so far was something I was waiting for. How do they do that?
  7. I like what I see here. If the shape is good, and price not too dar off, I'm in.
  8. I think you are spot on with this thought... I already have prepared myself for the need of doing conversions. Or being satisfied with what comes from Mikro Mir (all based on the assumption they get it right of course).
  9. Very interesting subject. Especially the Arctic Expedition Version
  10. Those information on the IPMS D listing is usually to be taken with a bit of skepticism. Although they try hard to be as accurate as possible.
  11. Those detail renders look quite 1/72ish... but there's still time to refine I assume. Definitely looking forward to see more of this.
  12. They'd definitely sell one of those to me! By the way, the title of the thread could use an exchange of 1 to I
  13. Judging from their behaviour so far I think that's rather possible
  14. Wow, after the Go 242 the next 2021 win from ICM (for me anyways)
  15. Here the official announcement. Mind the date! https://www.quantum-capital-partners.com/en/company/news/article/quantum-group-acquires-stadlbauer-marketing-vertrieb-gmbh.html The changes to the distribution are thus results of the restructuring. Takes them some time.
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