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  1. After a bit of a delay, mainly due to me being lazy and not posting any updates, here is the remainder of the build. Where I left it last time I'd pretty much completed the build of the main components - there were not many parts in this kit - so the main work was painting. The main colour is white, which is a notoriously difficult colour to cover with so it ended up with multiple coats of Halfords white primer left over from the 24" Angel Interceptor build. I did paints some black in the grilles on the sides of the body as a pre-shade and I took these photos somwhere during the process You can see here there were areas where I'd sanded back the primer so these areas needed extra coverage to get back to being white. I'd also painted the tracks using Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Grey After all this, I decided to stick with the white primer as the main paint for the model, so the next task was to mask and paint the black anti-glare panels for the windows. Paintign black over white is always a scary task so the masking had to be precise and solid to avoid paint creep. I did this by giving the masking a coat of white primer over the top in an effort to seal any gaps I'd missed. Giving that a day to dry made sense and when the black had been sprayed I was very relieved to see next to no problem with black paint creeping where it wasn't welcome. Sadly I didn't take any photos of this stage Next, in preparation for the decals, the various components got a coat of Klear. There were a few decals but the placement guide in the instructions is a bit random in showing their placement. I also had to source a load of extras for the various stripes, grey bands and panels. I decided to not paint grey panels so resorted to a set of decals I had printed for the 22" Eagle Transporters which had assorted red and grey bands. This was also the time to complete the assembly of all the components onto the main body. The tracks were a tight fit, particularly at the rear and some careful trimming had to be done to get them to fit into the slot. The last step was to dirty it up. I used some Mig washes and pastel chalks from a set I'd picked up from The Works (for 3 quid) a while back that has 12 chalks that shade from black to white, with various shades of grey in between. This is a really useful source of weathering powders, much cheaper than the usual Mig or other pots! So this meant the the model was complete! Here then are the final photos: I'm really pleased with how this turned out, it wasn't hard to build but the painting was tricky. In the stash I've now got the second Laser tank that appeared in Space:1999, that will get built in the fullness of time.
  2. I've got the Carlton boxing of this and every so often I take it out of the stash, look at it, and put it back in the stash Nice to see it built!
  3. Thanks Its now going out on tour - was last on show at Boscome Down and next at IPMS Farnborough show in mid-September.
  4. I quite liked the TV series, it wasn't Wells' WotW but it was pretty good. Of course they messed it up in series 2 and it got cancelled.
  5. No sadly the TV series is frankly rubbish but the models were good
  6. Joining my 22" Eagles I picked up this resin kit from Bill Oram aka UNCL a while back and since I've been working with resin for the last few months I thought I'd carry on and start building it. Here are the contents of the box: There are not many parts as you can see, with the tank tracks cast as two complete pices with the tracks and running gear combined. The full size studio model was based on the Tamiya 1:25 Cheiftain Tank kit. A bit closer up: The resin casting is very good with very little sign of bubbles or voids - makes a change from my last build! The first stage of the build says you need to attache the track gear sprockets to the drive wheel... hmmm no sign of them in the bag of small bits. Thankfully the spares box(es) had enough old tank bits and a pair of drive sprockets from a CRV(T) Scorpion fitted pretty well with a minor bit of trimming After sanding off the various pour lugs, the main pieces fitted together quite well There is a collection of small pieces that need a bit of assembly and a small PE fret to use in the assembly of the radio antenna The piece to the right of the antenna attaches to the back of the dish and then rests on the pin that is sticking out from the piece of the far right which is then attached to the tank itself. This is basically the main components assembled. Next is painting...
  7. Yup enjoyed the show at the new venue, well done on growing the show , its become a favourite of Farnborough as you could tell from all the red shirts The Squires stand meant my credit card got a bashing
  8. Started over the Easter weekend, finished 1st July, with a break in the middle for a hernia operation - not bad going considering This is the resin kit by Simian Stuff, available from Kits for Cash It was a bit of a beast as this was one of the earlier kits, the newer ones have a different parts breakdown. It was painted with Halfords primers and Appliance White, but given a Daler & Rowney matt varnish at the end. The decals which come with the kit were printed by JBOT and are lovely. I added a load more from the spares box for the "No Step" stencils and so on. The build thread is here, in which you can see me 'wrestle' with the resin, hole, gaps and voids! It measures: Length: 2' 6" (80cm) Width: 17" (43cm) Height: 7" (18cm) This is not a decal - it was masked and painted! Some details not easily visible now: Instrument panel Now my main problems are two fold: 1) Find a box big enough to transport this to model shows and protect it in transit 2) Find a place to display it in my house! At the moment it has pride of place on my coffee table!
  9. Dacals on!!! The decals from jBOT were superb, thin and flexible. I added a few from the spares box, particularly various 'No Step' decals you see on flying surfaces on aircraft. Details have been painted in the cockpit and this has now had two coats of Klear to protect the decals. Next steps will be to matt coat the main body then finally add the metallic exhaust and final assembly of the cockpit. The finish line is getting closer!!!
  10. Next step was drawing the panel lines in with an H pencil. I used some Dymo label maker tape as a straight edge as it can stick down nicely and peel off again without damaging the surface. Once the lines were drawn, various smudges had to be cleaned off and then the whole lot was protected with a coat of Halfords Clear Lacquer. Because this is a 'hot' lacquer, this did cause some minor issues with the existing red paint - some white spots appeared but were easy to fix once everything had cured. You'' also notice the cockpit has been given its intiial coat of cockpit green. This will then get some more paint to pick out the details and a wash to emphasise. The next task is decals!
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