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  1. Cheers Iain, I will get back to this as soon as I've sorted out this stuff, it'll be nice to complete this particular built as it fill the final gap in my Dad's story. After that I guess my next challenge in that sequence would be to replace the 1:48 Thunderbolts with 1:32 versions to keep the whole thing consistent!
  2. There will be a pause on this build for a while as I've got involved in clearing my Meccano collection out of the shed and selling it on eBay as I havn't done any Meccano building for night on 10 years and see no point keeping it any longer. The build will resume in a few weeks...
  3. Here it is after surgery! This fitted remarkably well with only a minimal bit of fettling required. The gap cut out of the piece in the middle was made during the previous Spitfire I build to allow the fitting of a resin Oil filter that replaces the misshapen thing in the original Revell MK II kit. So with this initial bit of plastic bashing completed, it was time to take a look at the front end of the fuselage. You can see here the taped together fuselage halves along with a pencil line showing where I need to cut to remove the lengthened
  4. Here it is finally complete! The last job was to attach the forward facing lights and the rear-view mirrors plus the forks themselves once they'd been suitably weathered. # This was an immensely fun build, looks utterly superb and takes up little space on the display shelves so its a win all round. Oh, one last thing: I've been told that it is very careless to leave the forks raised like this but I'm afraid thats as low as the kit will allow you to pose them, so I'm afraid Health n Safety are going to be having s
  5. My intention is to use most of the Revell fuselage and wing, cutting off the nose of the fuselage along the engine panel joint and replacing that with the bulkhead and framework from the Hobbyboss kit and add in the Merlin engine from the Hobbyboss kit along with the instrument panel and various cockpit elements that have been salvaged from the previous builds. The first task I'm looking at is a fix for the Mk IXc wing to convert the oil cooler/radiator back into the Mk Vc oil cooler The lower wing is from my aborted Mk II to MK I conversion from last year and the uppe
  6. Waaaaaaaay back in 2013, I started an attempt to build a 1:32 Spitfire Vc using the Hobbyboss Vb Trop as the doner kit. It failed. The original build thread is here However, nothing got wasted and it all got put into storage. Then last year for the BoB GB I started a thread to convert the 1:32 Revell Spitfire Mk II into a Mk 1 and sadly this too failed. Build thread for that is here However what that made me think of was the Revell Mk IX kit that was released a few years back and that made me think that maybe a better route to getting a 1:32 Spitfire Vc would be to convert
  7. Assembly has progressed a bit further and decals have been applied and weathering is ongoing: Still need to add the forks at the front, front lights and the rear-view mirrors. I'm working on the weathering for the forsk - my initial attempt at using the hairspray technique for paint chipping failed dismally, so had to start again, but they are looking much better second time round. This should be pretty much finished later today...
  8. Progress has been ongoing and the central platform which includes the dashboard hase been installed, along with the rear body You get a better view of the dashboard and the controls here The driver's platform and seat have also been assembled and ready to add, but before that the cab framework needs to go on and that is the next task Should not be much longer on this I reckon!
  9. Now THIS looks interesting!!! I'm most likely to be heaving a go at this 1:48 scale 3D printed kit... Babylon 5 Starfury!
  10. Just for reference this is my current collection of Angel Interceptors. Its still missing a couple of smaller scale models from the Imai kits which I should try to build to complete the set (for now) :)
  11. Having completed the otehr builds for the end of 2020, now it back to the forklift and slowly things are taking shape. its a much more complicated and fiddly build than the last one of the Angel Interceptor which was essentially about a dozen parts to assemble. This build requires most parts to be painted before assembly. So far the maon body is coming together with the engine and the rear steering axle just been added. This is all moulded in orange plastic and has to be painted with multiple shades of black! Then on the underside... some tidy
  12. I was worried that I'd messed it up with the canopy this evening but I recovered it at the last minute! I'd been looking for this kit for years and then found someone selling one on Facebook back in November so jumped on it. It was a pleasure to be able to build it so soon after getting it - I was resigned to waiting until the weather got better to build it outside considering all the resin sawing and sanding I had to do, but of course it was doable indoors wearing a mask and we're all so used to wearing masks nowadays!
  13. Final completion for 2020 in the last hours. 1:48 Angel Interceptor, a resin kit by UNCL, build thread here
  14. 1:48 Angel Interceptor, resin kit by UNCL Decals from the spares box, scratch built front skid. Build thread here:
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