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  1. Oh I wish! Sadly UFO didn't have the popularity in the USA that S:1999 did, which is ironic since the series was ruined in season 2 to try to be more popular in the US market! Ended up killing it - Fred Feieberger, the man who killed Star Trek season 3 base brought in by the US heads of ITC to make it more appealing to the US, hence the rubber suit monster garbage.
  2. This will be my last update for a short while as I have to go into hospital tomorrow for a minor hernia repair operation, so that means it'll be a couple of weeks probably before I can get back into the swing of things. Anyway the finaly update from yesterday's work is all good... First off the tail. I forgot to take a pic of the two parts of the tail joined but showing the large gap caused by the wire mesh. However, after some P38 and sanding it ended up looking like this: You can see from the filler how big the gap was! The darker patches aren't gaps, just where the superglue acted as a filler rather than P38 From the other side: After the nose sanding from earlier in the day, I gave it a coat of filler primer - you can'tr see it well on the pic but there is a visible indent along the joint. So it was out with the P38 again and after a while, it was sanded back again to give this: Then one final blast with the primer and all is well! Back in a couple of weeks all being well!
  3. With the weather improving this weekend, some progress has been made... First off the nose has been glued to the fuselage using epoxy glue: Bit of a gap at the top but that can be filled. next the mesh has been attached to the tail front section I've deliberately left the bottom part off as this needs to sit flush with the fuselage to fit The engine exhaust has been given a coat of Halfords Aluminium - i LOVE this paint! Its beginnign to come together!! As I said earlier, filling the gap would not be difficult... All those voids, holes and gaps noted previosuly have also been filled and sanded and are looking okay - I think! Other wing... Tail Finally for this update, the instrument panel has had dials added via Airscale 1:24 Modern jets set I've glued the front of the tail to the back of the tail this afternoon - there will be a big gap dues to the steel mesh but thats what P38 was invented for wasn't it More later...
  4. Cult TV man has preorders available for $39.99 as opposed to the retail price of $50 - of course that doesn't include shipping and import VAT pulse the inevitable Post Office extortion fee...
  5. That sounds very intriguing! Look forward to seeing them being built!
  6. To be honest I'm not in the slightest bit bothered by the 'studio scale' malarkey, I'm just happy to have lovely kits for the Eagle to build As for the pre-builds I was referring to the other part of the announcement where they have retooled parts of the original 22" Eagle kit to produce an Eagle 2 version which differs substantially from the Eagle 1 studio model with different leg pod panels and other details. The original MPC/Airfix kit was based on the Eagle 2. However they are only releasing this version in the pre-built range rather than the kit and there is no way I'll ever buy a pre-built, so I want that as a kit!
  7. I want a kit of the Eagle 2 not a bloody pre-made one, I know I can build it better than any factory can That said this is a good pre-cursor to the Lab Eagle for 2020! As for the 14" Eagle, its a puzzle why they went for that size as its not studio scale and neither will it really be 1:72 scale as the scales on this vehicle - like most Sci Fi models are all mixed up anyway. The figures in the cockpit of the 44" might be 1:24 scale Gemini but they won't fit through the doors behind them or the doors in the side of the passenger pod Never mind, its a NEW EAGLE so whopeeee! Price will be an issue although the Hawk wasn't an utterly ridiculous price last year. Finally we can ditch that horrible MPC/Airfix kit!!!
  8. The sink marks on the cranks was very annoying! Good luck getting and keeping it working, mine worked for a long time but eventually one of the joints in the crank broke and I'v enever bothered repairing it.
  9. It was a custom mix of Tamiya Orange and Yellow until I thought the colour looked right
  10. Now that the primer has dried and cured I can see the results properly and things are looking good for most of the previous problems... Funny thing was my cameras auto-focus was having issues with these pics - it just wouldn't focus properly! However, as you can see the gaping holes, voids and various irregularities have been smoothed out. We've lost some panel lines, but I'm not concerned about that, they can be restored later. On the underside there are no more problems, so I'm very pleased with that! The starboard wing leading edge is looking much better. There are a couple of small dimples but nothing too major The port wing leading edge will need a bit more work but not a big deal. The tail got a bit of a bash whenI accidentally dropped it while sanding. There has been a lot of filler added but still a few minor irregularities need sorting The port wing trailing edge still has a lot of holes that were missed in previous inspections The starboard wing trailing edge is in a much better state, just one small hole and a dimple to fix I've saved the best for last however as the canopy frame has now been painted. After a recommendation from one of my club mates, I picked up a can of Halfords Aluminium today when I stocked up on some more primer. I masked up the canopy over a week ago and then gave it a coat of Tamiya Grey primer earlier this afternoon. Then later this afternoon I gave it a coat of the Aluminium and wow, I was blown away by the result when I took the masking off...
  11. As promised here are some of the photos from the latest round of sanding and priming: So you can see lots of holes that needed filling. This was done using Squadron white putty and sanded down carefully. This afternoon I was able to give the result a new coat of primer and will upload the results a bit later...
  12. Glad to se you are painting the engine bells rather than wasting silly month on the Aluminium ones! It is a big model isn't it
  13. Yes I have been VERY careful about wearing the respirator when sanding the resin. The cold has gone (lasted 2 days) but sadly left me with a persistent cough which irritates my thrat which makes me cough... ad nauseam I'm asthmatic so this always happens with cold, its par for the course. There has been some more work done on this - the second round of P38 was sanded back which showed up some more small holes but these got filled with Squadron White putty and gently sanded back. It needs another blast of filler primer to check it out but the weather hasn't been good enough to do this outside.
  14. But you aren't the biggest and in all honesty nobody else cares. All people care about is having a good time (for punters) and selling lots of stuff to punters (traders) and both those things seemed to be a success and the charity will get some money at the end of the day - Result! By trying to build up hype that isn't true, you just start looking desperate.
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