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  1. Lots more progress, with more detail in the engine which I think looks pretty good out of the box. There are a few decals that still need to be applied but in comparison to the real thing, I'm quite pleased: Then there is the dashboard which has had it decals applied and also looks pretty decent I reckon.
  2. I highly recommend it, excellent premise and makes you wish it was a documentary rather than fiction
  3. Progress has been made on the build - one of the first things to sort out was priming the dark green parts to be able to be painted Primrose Green later. After multiple attempts with Tamiya white primer, I came to the realisation that it wasn't up to the job on its own. The pigment is too thin and particularly on sharp edges doesn't provide good coverage and has a habit of pooling and running. So instead I laid down an initial primer of Tamiya grey which has a denser pigment and better coverage. Over the top of that once cured I put the Tamiya white primer to be used as the base for the Primrose Yellow later The kit instructions begin the build sequence with the engine which looks neat right out of the box and has plenty of opportunity to add detail. I'm not sure just yet whether I can be bothered adding leads etc right now The next sequence is for the rear axle and suspension which goes together with a bit of fiddling Here you can also see the Primrose Yellow over the white primer and I reckon it looks the business! The black you see on the underside is Tamoya XF-69 Nato Black while the black on the rear suspension is a mix of Tamiya X-18 semi-gloss black with about 20% XF-69 added to dull it down a bit. The 'silver' is Mr Metallic Color Aluminium The engine bay bulkhead has also been primed and painted yellow and the front axle framework too
  4. I was in Gravesend at the Gammar School so we only had one chance to visit the Tech College to see the computer but I was off sick that day All our stuff was sent by post and we got the results a week later...
  5. I wrote my first computer program at school in 1974 using punch cards that were sent to the Medway College of Technology computer and we got the results - usually a compiler error) the following week on print out with the program on a punch tape that we had to literally cut and paste with scissors and Sellotape to fix the bugs It took 6 months to get the program to compile and run to produce the mathematical expansion that calculates pi Almost 50 years later I'm still debugging my code but now for a system that processes mortgage applications for a bank!
  6. Okay I'll bite - there are a few thing in my stash I've been meaning to get round to building but never seem to do because some new shiny comes along that distracts first
  7. I've got a 1:48 Standard Tilly from Accurate Armour I'd like to build at some point so count me in and I'm sure I've got some other gubbins that would quality
  8. Gosh, my gob has been well and truly smacked by this stunning revelation... er... thanks... I think...
  9. Well it seems I missed out the sprue shot from the original post so here it is again
  10. I hesitate to reply to this thread as its currently sitting on 666 replies, but needs must and I can become the "Neighbour of the Beast". This has been a thoroughly enjoyable GB even though I only finished one of my 3 proposed builds Its been great to see so many alternative building styles and techniques along with unusual subjects. Can we do it again next year please?
  11. I seem to have picked up a new habit of building sportscar models in the last year or so so with the recent release of the Revell E-type kit, I thought I'd indulge myself! Interesting that the box art seems to have a 1990s Sean Bean driving a 1960s Diana Rigg in a left-hand drive car with a German number plate outside a English country house. That would be in interesting story in its own right! Hmm, I wonder if I could find a 1:24 figure for Emma Peel? Here are the contents of the box - the body is moulded in dark green plastic which may be tricky considering the colour scheme i want to use- more on that later! There are two sprues that have been chromed... The wire wheels are moulded quite well it seems - it will be interesting to see what they'll look like once the chrome is stripped off - yes of course I'm stripping the chrome paint and applying my own, wouldn't you? The decal sheet has an interesting selection of number plates with one glaring omission There is no "proper" UK number plate, just "1962 E" which isn't a real registration number. This will of course be built right-hand drive. On the recommendation of fellow model club members, the chosen colour schem won't be the Sherwood Green that is implied by the kit, but Primrose Yellow instead, ie to make it look like this which is rather attractive I reckon! So the first task is to get rid of that chrome plating so into a zip-lock bag with them along with some Mr Muscle Oven cleaner: After a couple of hours the chrome was gone and the bare green plastic was left I then gave the sprues a light scrub with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush to make sure any resodue was removed. The dark splotches you see in the photo above are an artefact of the photo and aren't there in real life. Thats the progress so far...now to look for a 1:24 Emma Peel
  12. Good Lord, just stumbled across this thread and I'm blown away by this master class in not only scratch building but rust creation! Will be watching from now on!
  13. I was given this kit as a birthday present from my work colleagues back in February as this year was a significant milestone (or mill-stone?) birthday. I finally got round to building it in the last few weeks after the marathon of the Babylon 5 Starfury for the Anything but Injection GB. I can't honestly say its a great kit, there were major fit issues, particularly with the roof (which has the driver and passenger door windows moulded into it!!) However, these problems were eventually overcome and it turned out be a nice little model that looks good on the shelf with my other fire engines. I can't in all honesty say its one of my better builds, but it will do
  14. To be honest you are probably right - just found this screenshot from the series with two angels on the flight deck of Cloudbase and both are showing "A" on the tail. I ran out of "A" tail decals so used the alternatives provided on the decals sheet I'd got some time before from JBOT
  15. but... but but you can't fit the Library into normal space, it extends into L-space... ook Ook? OOK! (where's me dried frog pills?) Superb job so far love the details! I once spent a very enjoyable afternoon getting drunk with Terry at the bar of a convention back in the late 80s just before he became super famous, brilliant bloke and genuinely very funny.
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