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  1. That looks the business! Come the summer and I'll be building this along with the Kits for Cash 24" Angel Interceptor!
  2. Kallisti

    +++Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: at 30!

    Blast, just checked the GB timetable and I don't think I'll have time before SMW 2019 to do an idea from Independance Day for an F-16 in RAF 43 Sqn markings: The reason I'd want to complete that scene is so that it could also appear on a SIG table I'm a member of.
  3. Ahh now I had another idea for my original trench diorama that I never built... across the trench is a broken conduit with lots of wires hanging out Seems to happen a lot around here...
  4. You might as well scratch build using sheet plastic - its only a box with a curved roof after all! Most of the surface detail could be added with extra strips and its doesn't have to be exact. The most complicated bit would be the roof!
  5. Kallisti

    Ikea Coffee Table!

    Would that be big enough for a DeAgonstini MF? I just bought my first Detolf yesterday and was a bit disappointed at its size, particularly the height - it was smaller than I expected. I've got some extra shelves on order.
  6. Kallisti

    Telford 2018

    ...and it took 20 mins to get everyone inside instead of the 2-3 hours it took last year! There is ALWAYS a queue to get in first thing in the morning but the important thing is getting the queue inside as quickly as possible which is what happened this time.
  7. I should have added the qualification "for a reasonable price" There is also a Verlinden resin portaloo for silly money...
  8. This was what I always intended for my excavator have it parked by a portaloo with some muddy footprints leading up to it However, try finding a model of a portaloo in 1:35 scale A scratch build would be doable I suppose...
  9. Kallisti

    Telford 2018

    See told you the queue would be sorted out this year! On the Saturday it was cleared in just over 20 minutes
  10. Last few photos before Telford - almost there!!! Decals and dirt applied, undercarriage attached You can see in the second pic the exhausts that have been painted with Alclad and overpainted with burnt metal. Finally the wings So thats it for now, I'm off to Telford in a couple of hours and won't be back until Monday so hopefully I'll have enough time on Monday to complete the final assembly and put a matt varnish coat over before our club meeting on Monday night! See you at Telford... if you are on a table in Hall 1, I will be coming to take your photo at some point during the weekend for the IPMS magazine
  11. Yes I did 'cheat' on the pinstriping a bit - I did look at using decals but the curves and the amount would have just made it silly. In an earlier buld I did the Steam Roller from Bandai and it too had some pinstriping on the wheels but I tried a technique on that where i got an old eraser and turned it into a 'dabber# type of brush where I got a small amount of paint on the side and carefully dabbed it onto the raised detail to just transfer the paint from the eraser to raised detail and avoid touching the rest. You can see the results here: Its a little ragged, but I was using Tamiya paints which have a habit of drying a bit too fast. It might work better with a different type of paint. You can see my entire Steam Roller build here In the end on my build I didn't do and accurate 'Pendle Princess', but 'another' Showman's Engine that shared similar features with the Princess - that gave me the excuse to play around with things a bit since every Showmans engine has different paintwork and even the Pendle Princess has looked different at different times in its past! Good luck!
  12. Kallisti

    First diorama, bocage Normandy?

    I did a Normandy diorama 4 years ago for the D-Day 70th anniversary GB which has multiple elements including Bailey Bridge, Cromwell, solders, French farmer and livestock, aka "Road Hogs" which you can see here Dioramas can be a lot of fun, but they are not easy
  13. Kallisti

    Telford 2018

    Regarding the queue - for the public queue I will be one of the team who will be going down the queue early on Saturday morning selling tickets, so if you have cash and the exact money things will be much easier - remember the entry cost is £12 on Saturday £9 concession £10 on Sunday, £7 concession Two day pass £20 (not sure if we'll be selling these in the queue) We also aim to have 6 cash desks open at the entrance for the first couple of hours. 3 of those will be manned by my club, IPMS Farnborough so we can guarantee they WILL be fully manned. The other 3 will be volunteers from other clubs and we have no control over that. One of the problems last year was volunteers not turning up, hence why we have volunteered en-mass as a club to help out (that and we were all getting too old and decrepit for the Sunday breakdown :)) So, bring the exact change if you can, say hello and fingers crossed things will be a lot smoother this year (omg why did I just say that, I've just jinxed the whole bloody thing!)
  14. Oh nice to see someone else building this I did one about 3 years ago in the Made in Britain GB - you can see it here: The decals are tricky as they are so old and the kit is definitely showing its age! If you look closely you can see a copyright date moulded into the plastic - its a very old kit! I was going to add LEDs and light the canopy but in the end decided not to as it was waaay too complicated I look forward to seeing your progress, good luck!
  15. The new design looks very utilitarian whereas the old one has classic curves. It wasn't a complex kit and I wanted to get it finished for Telford