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  1. Thanks @JeroenS Progress this week invoved the arrival of the new AAA battery holders to replace the AA one that didn't quite fit in the acrylic box. This smaller 4 x AAA holder fits properly and is now glued in and all wired up properly. It looks a bit of a mess in the transparent box, but this wil of course all be hidden once the paint goes on Speaking of paint, this morning this got its first coat of paint, a good going over with Halfords grey primer. Once that is dry there will be some inspections for faults and so on before it goes further. The genera
  2. Had the day of work today so continued with the scratch building. Having completed the main structure yesterday, today was about adding some greeblies and sorting out the wiring. Digging into the spares box, I found a whole stash of bits which got added in various place, including some pieces from disassembled hard drives. So here was the end result So as you can see there are wires from the battery box through the superstructure and terminating in in that slot into sockets in the back of the Starfury So th
  3. Just read through this after seeing the gallery entry... superb, loved the history both industrial and personal!. I've also been a fan of fire engines since I was a kid as we had a part-time fore station at the end of the road so when the siren went off we'd drop whatever we were doing and get on our bikes to race to the fire station just like the part-timers and wait for the engine to leave. Sometimes we were even able to follow it if it was a local shout! I've built the Bandai 1:16 Dennis fire engine from 1914 which I built as part of the Made in Britian II GB back in 2017 and is
  4. So the previous post that I deleted was some photos of my first attempt at the launch rail and was utter rubbish and based upon some faulty assumptions, so I deleted the pics. However since then a LOT of work has been done on the launch rail and base and here it is (full size pic here) The transparent box with the black thing inside will be the battery box and the black thing is the batter holder. There is an on-off switch at the front. This box is a bit plain and will need some greeblies added to it as will the rest of the base (full size pic he
  5. The first spisode only lasted 30 mins It was a oddity at first but developed into some thing much deeper than most MCU stuff has had the opportunity to do. It took patience as it wasn't the usual WHAM BAM affair that Falcon + Winter is from the outset. I'm finding that becoming rather cliched already, reminds me too much of Agents of Shield, expecting Coulsen and co to arrive at any moment
  6. Further progress in the lighting and wiring front! Spent today soldering resistors onto candle effect LEDs and then using a hot glue gun to glue them to be the back of the engine exhausts. The advantage of the hot glue is the abiility as it cool to pull the LED a bit further away from the part so that the light will diffuse a bit more through the hot glue. I've also measure p and soldered the leads and connectors that will power these LEDs from the central source. You can see at the back that these leads have a connector - this is so that I can assemble the engines and
  7. Cockpit progress! Painting is done - I've followed the ethos of the original production team and some of the paintwork is a little rough The four white areas are unpainted and will be decorated later. I changed my mind about the base colour on closer inspection of the set photos and went for a darker green for the bulkhead, Tamia XF-26 Dark Grren, then used the XF-76 for the highlight braces plus XF-81 for the seat backing and XF-52 for the cushioning. The side walls have also been XF-36'd and I just need to pick out some of the control panels in a bit more detail.
  8. Its a custom mix of Tamiya xf-3 yellow and either X-7 gloss red or x-8 orange, can't remember which, it was a good few years ago
  9. The white flexible Tamiya masking tape over gloss white base coat, very pleased with the result here - it needs matting down but my main focus was getting that demarcation line spot on!
  10. Its s custom mix of Tamiya XF-3 matt yellow with a few drops of X-7 gloss red. It took MANY attempts to get a colour I was happy with and I've had to reproduce similar yellows since for things like The Mole and a a couple of smaller Thunderbird 4s in my Fireflash diorama and Thunderbird 2 and 4 build.
  11. Work has begun - first thing is to decide how much is going to be illuminated and I've come to the conclusion that I'm only going to light the rear facing thruster. The reason being it would (in my humble opinion) look silly if all the thrusters were firing/illuminated at the same time! I did this when I built the Revell one years ago, but I think now it just looks a bit silly So to that end, I've started preparing the rear engine exhausts. The 3D printed resin is actually quite transluscent so all I need to is put a layer of Tamiya Clear Blue over the engine ex
  12. One of the issues with vinyl is over time it can sag and if it gets a bit warm it will quite happy distort itself. What some people do is put some expanding foam inside the cavity to fill it out without adding too much weight to the model. Care needs to be taken, though not to put TOO much in otherwise it starts to bulge and we don't want a fat SPV!!!
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