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  1. Thanks guys that is really useful information and I reckon I can use that. So here are all the main components assembled, ready for painting There are a few pieces missing from this shot such as the dozer blade and some of the hydraulic arms. The bucket is going to be given an initial coat of Mr Color Stainless and will then get overcoats of dirt, a bit of rust and other colours to weathier it to look more like this: or this: That photo also shows the work I need to do on the rubber tracks to make them look realistic as well!
  2. Kallisti

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    In that case I'll make sure my Dalek is on the Farnborough table
  3. Kallisti

    The Real Color Debacle

    What is that video supposed to prove? Where to begin... They contaminate each test by using the brush from the previous test; The 'results' just show a diluted puddle of colour. No evidence that either the brush was actually clean or that the thinned paint was any use for painting; No advice on how to thin it for spraying. Load of nonsense PR fluff.
  4. It should be aluminium - at least thats what all my references came up with.
  5. So while watching the Royal Wedding today, was able to make some progress on what is turning into quite a complicated build. There is a lot to this kit and my feeling is its going to be quite complicated to paint! Anyway, onto some assembly of some more sub components: first off the boom arms: Upper arm - the seam along the top may need some more sanding... Lower arm - lots of pipe detail! Underside, showing the seam thats already been sanded Next is the bucket - this had some quite visible ejector pin marks which has been filled with Mr Surfacer 500 Next a dry fit of the main body to see how it all goes together The hollow in the far side of the upper surface is intended to take a representation of the top of the engine. This has been painted with XF-56 Metallic grey and will get some more detail painting and weathering before installation. This is a close up of one of the front pieces which has had some assembly with the lamp at the bottom and metal step halfway up and now with the inner cabin section fitted Speaking of the cabin, here are the cabing sections now painted with XF 63, German Grey and now for the most difficult part of the build so far, the windows of the cabin. The kit comes with sets of decals that are supposed to be fitted onto the transparencies, however they leave a visible line around the carrier film when applied which to my mind doesn't look very good. So I tried to make it look better by giving them a coat of Klear after applying the decals, but I'm sorry to say this has not worked very well and the surface looks even more uneven. I'm a bit at a loss as to what to do next... This photo doesn't really show the problem well - but you can see the line of carrier film I was talking about on the front windscreen at top left. If you look at the rear windoe in top center, you can see how the Klear has affected the decal and made the edge even more prominent that it was before Finally, the operator has had his overalls sprayed field blue to try to represent denim. This will need some more work to add wear and make it look more authentic. The hard hat has also been sprayed yellow, but its matt yellow and it should be glossier as it is hard plastic after all
  6. Kallisti

    Hawker (Siddeley) Gallery

    1:48 Academy Hawker Hunter F6 56 Sqn, RAF Waterbeach, 1959 KIt: Academy Decals: Xtradecal Paints: Tamiya, Mr Color Metallics, AK Interactive Extreme Metallics Extras: Heritage resin correction set Build thread:
  7. Kallisti

    1:48 Hawker Hunter, another Academy one!

    So here it is finally finished, all done up in 56 Sqn markings representing an aircraft from RAF Waterbeach in 1959 It was a fun build and it looks great on the shelf I'll post some pics to the gallery next...
  8. Its not that difficult, if they want to have EU citizens as customers, they have to be compliant. If they aren't there are a bunch of £20 million fines heading their way for each and every instance of non-compliance. Most companies will have a presence in Europe, so they will get hit. ICANN, the people who run the domain severs on the interwebs are going to get clobbered unless they switch off the Whois service because that is completely non-compliant - they've had over 2 years to fix it and haven't even bothered. They've been asking to be given an extra year to fix it but that isn't going to happen.
  9. Britain hasn't left the EU yet. GDPR is a very good set of laws to protect our privacy, even if they've been a pain in the whatsists to implement (I've been involved in that for the last few weeks at work and its wasn't fun, but IMHO worth it.) Ian's summary covers the main points, the only effect it should have on BM is it needs our consent to store private data (including your name, email or dob, but most here use nicknames anyway), and it must have procedures in place to allow someone to request all data held on them (functionality already exists in the forum), the ability to correct anything that is wrong (again already in the forum's functionality) and the ability to delete all data about someone (again we've seen this done already for people who have been banned, so the same process would apply). Anyone who uses GDPR as an excuse to give up running a site doesn't understand GDPR or can't be bothered to try to understand it.
  10. Kallisti

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    We'll wear them on the outside of them
  11. Kallisti

    IPMS Salisbury Model Show 2018

    I will be there with Farnborough... watch for all the red shirts!
  12. Kallisti

    Homemade Pigments, Powders and Washes

    I've been buying pastel chalks for a while and grinding them up in my pestle and mortar. You can get cheap sets of pastel chalks from The Works as well - bought a graded set of black to white in 12 chalks for £3 a few weeks back. Also can get cheap graphite pencils there for adding paint chips/wear
  13. I ordered it directly from Japan from here : https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10442798 It also appears on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hasegawa-WM01-Hitachi-Excavator-ZAXIS-135US-1-35-scale-kit-Plastic-Model-Japan-/162707089804
  14. Now that we have sorted out the names, work can continue on the cab... here it is fully painted, decalled and weathered, just the seat needs adding This looks dirtier than it will end up being as some of the washes are still drying on this and will be evened out once its all dried so its not quite so filthy The cabin shell is currently in the shed, having been airbrushed earlier this evening. The decals have been applied to the transparencies that will be inserted into the various windows of the cab shell and microset used to get them to settle properly. Once they are fully dry, then assembly of the outer shell can begin. I've also assembled the operator figure, which is also in the shed having been primed with Tamiya light grey or white depending upon wither it was a body part or head or hard hat. Once its had its overalls painted, I'll look at constructing a hi-viz jacket, probably out of tissue paper and PVA glue...
  15. I've got enough Dr Who figures already Sadly the Airfix Tardis is out of scale for these...