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  1. Yup Orange is a difficult colour to lay down. I usually base coat with red or white first depending on the shade of orange required. I've built the excavator and its a fun little build but this takes it to a new level, looking great so far!
  2. Just a bit of fun following on from my previous "What-If" here: What if Spectrum from Captain Scarlet had been founded in the 1970s instead of the 2060s? The story continues: After the tragic and very public crash that claimed the life of Eowyn Angel, the Spectrum Angel Starfighter (F-104Q) was hurriedly withdrawn from service. It seemed that the problem plaguing the Luftwaffe Starfighter was not an isolated incident! In a stunning PR coup, the French government offered to gift the Spectrum organisation with a collection of Mirage IIIc airframes that they had had sitti
  3. Thats a monster and its beautiful! I've seen Mama's model several times now, but this looks utterly stunning! Will look forward to hopefully seeing it at a show one day!
  4. Well this isn't turning out to be the mojo motivator I expected it to be The white paint is now on - this was a Halfords white primer, given a polish with micromesh before spraying Tamiya X-2 gloss white over the top. Once this was all done, it got a brush coat of Klear over that. Next was an attempt to add the large A on the underside. The decals were supplied by JBOT and I completely forgot that you need to give these a coat of Liquid Decal Film before dunking them in water. So I cut carefully aroudn the decal to remove the carrier film th
  5. Having read the book at least twice, once as a teenager and once and adult, I enjoyed the David Lynch movie but its best to consider it not as a adaption of the book but more an alternate telling of a similar story. The best (worst) bits are the terrible overacting by Sting, Patrick Stewart and Brad Dourif
  6. The fit is truly bloody awful, how do you manage to make a kit with such fit issues?
  7. I've used a variety of varnishes over the years. This one might have been during my Tamiya matt varnish phase. The earlier Eagle was probably during the Vallejo Matt varnish phase and the most recent would have been Daler & Rowney, but that makes the model stink of turpentine for a couple of weeks after spraying so I have been known to skip it sometimes.
  8. Welcome along for the ride Norman! So the next step in the assembly of this kit is to fill the huge gaps that are present in the engine intakes. Here is a dry fit that shows how much plastic shim I had to add to close the gap that is left when adding the upper part of the engine intakes This was relatively easy fix as I have a range of plastic strip of various sizes and this one was the perfect size This show both intake parts ready for attachment. There is one small problem on the left on - the near bottom left got damaged as it came off the s
  9. Ah well this was obviously updated when they were acquired by Spectrum This whatiffery makes stuff easy
  10. The week has gone by and some progress has been made. This is an old kit with lots of flash, mould lines and poor fit, but I'm not expecting to make a masterpiece so I'm not all that bothered to be honest, I've not bought lots of aftermarket for it as shown by the ejector seat which is pretty basic, but will be good enough for this build The cockpit was built out of the box using the decals provided, the only change I made was to paint the side panels grey instead of black then put the supplied decals over the top which give good contract colours.
  11. Wow, that going to take it to another level (of insanity... oops did I just say that out loud?) You can also get the 1:200 Smit/Rotterdam tug from Heller to go with the platfom as well if you have enough space to display
  12. (cough) Opps now look what I've gone and done!
  13. This is a bit of a cheat as I already did a Spectrum Angel Starfighter earlier in the year which has a female pilot See here: But that got me thinking what other aircraft would work in this scheme and of course the obvious one to accommodate the big "A" is the Mirage III I have some further ideas about how the future of the Spectrum aircraft pan out, but those are builds for the future...
  14. I've lot my mojo on this build at the moment, so taking a break for a short time to try to stimulate the enthusiasm again with a different subject here: I am aiming to get back to this build before the GB ends...
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