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  1. The Alain Rivard's models are superb, I bought one of the 1:48 kits from him a while back and built it last year and you can see it here:
  2. Just discovered this thread, lovely stuff, I'm a sucker for a good bit of what-iffery, especially around my favourite Anderson show UFO My only complaint about it is its too dark and you can't see all the lovely details you added!! Looking forward to what's next!
  3. The main areas are airbrushed but I do hand paint small details as the airbrush is in the shed and in winter months I can't be bottomed going out there in the cold for small bits of painting
  4. The Hawker Tempest II build has now been posted here:
  5. Further update for the Hawker Tempest II for 1946-47: 280 Sqn ASR: Avro Anson here RFI here 81 Sqn: Spitfire Vc (Trop) here Spitfire IX here RFI here 5 Sqn: Hurricane IIc here Hurricane IIc Diorama 'Clang!' here Hurricane IId here RFI here Thunderbolt I here Thunderbolt II here Plus as associated builds for 5 Sqn outside of the period my Father was attached to them: 1942-43 Curtis Mohawk IV here 1946-47 Hawker Tempest II here 1950s Gloster Meteor NF 11 here 1960s Gloster Javelin here 1970s EE Lightning F6 here 1980s Tornado F.3 here
  6. A new entry to the long-running project I've been doing on and off over the last 10 years, namely Aircraft my Father Fixed. I started this project with this topic back in 2012: Aircraft my Father fixed! This is part of the side-project to build aircraft from the history of 5 Sqn outside of my Father being part of the squadron. In this instance it is the next step of the history of 5 Sqn after my Father was demobbed at the end of 1945. After the war against Japan, the squadron returned to India from Burma with the Thunderbolts they had been flying. In Early 1946 these were replaces with Hawker Tempest II which they flew until the squadron was disbanded in August 1947. This build ended up being the first one I've completed in quite some time, having had a bit of a mojo failure in the latter third of 2021. It the releativly new Eduard kit Its a perfectly decent kit, goes together without any fuss, so it was an enjoyable build even though my lack of mojo was fighting me all the way However I DID complete it and it also spurred me on to complete the AIrfix Sea Fury I started building at the start of last year that suffered from the mojo loss. I had to assemble the decals from the spares box as the kit didn't provide for any 5 Sqn aircraft but consulting various refrences including John Rawling's Fighter Squadrons of The RAF provided the appropriate detail. So here is the completed build Here you can see the underwing serial decals which needed careful cutting to fit on the undercarriage doors properly. The kit decals are already cut to do this, but to get this right I blue-tacced the doors closed when painting and decaling and then used a sharp scalpel-blade to cut them once settled down. You can see the hawker Sea Fury build here:
  7. So eight months later, I finally summon up the oomph to complete this build! Yayy me It must be said that in the meantime I've started about 5 or 6 builds that have gone nowhere until I finally finished one the last couple of weeks and since that was the Eduard Tempest II (will be posted later) it spurred me to get out the Sea Fury as it was the next step in the evolution of the Hawker single-seater fighter. Anyway, here are the completed photos: Probably not my best but its a completed model which has been sparse for me since last August so I'm calling that a win
  8. What a stunning transformation! I've never built a Sevans Dalek kit but have done a couple of Comet Miniatures and building the skirt to me is always the trickiest part of the job and especially with what you were dealing with, you've done a fantastic job!
  9. Looks great - I built mine as the white version and still haven't got round to building the alternate colour scheme! Are you aware that this year Round 2 are planning to release a large scale Hawk to match the scale of the 22" Eagle? Thats going to be a MUST BUY and BUILD
  10. Love the Raspbery ripple Harrier, good stuff!
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone, I should clarify in that the 'pathetic' refers to the number completed compared to the number started
  12. Just realised I forgot to add links!
  13. Just caught up after a while - 10 years, blimey Manfred, you have an amazing stamina and focus to keep working on this project for so long, hence why we are up to page 90 in this thread Keep it up, this continues to be a marvellous look into the intricate details of the shuttle and everything around it. Happy New Year!
  14. It would be nice if there was some scope available in the GB voting to allow some of the more unusual topics to grt covered rather than the same old same old each year, but then its a popularity contest so the same or similar ideas will always get the most votes
  15. That is a brilliant idea! I think the problem with Primrose yellow is there isn't a standard 'off the shelf' modelling paint that will match. I bought a small bottle of touch up paint from a specialist, but as soon as I opened the bottle and smelled the Xylene I knew I didn't want to use it on the model. Instead I paint it onto some scrap plastic and colour matched a custom mix of Tamiya paints to it and used that instead.
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