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  1. Kallisti

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    Thank you - I forgot to mention that it has a title... "Road Hogs"
  2. Kallisti

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    1:35 its the Bronco Bailey Bridge - well about 1/3rd of it, plus the Tamiya Cromwell, Tamiya BSA Motorbike plus some Figures from Tamiya British Infantry, and a French Farmer figure from a MiniArt British Paratroopers set along with pigs and piglets from the Tamiya animals set
  3. Kallisti

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    When I built my Bailey bridge dio a few years ago I used a resin stuff that flowed when it was heated up and set hard when it was cool. Its called Woodland Scenics EZ water and you can see it in use here in my bridge dio from good lord 4 years ago!!!
  4. So here it is, finished. I've left the driver out as I was at risk of making a mess of the figure, so instead I've left the cab door open as he's obviously gone for a pi... rest break! I wonder if I can find a 1:35 scale portaloo... This was a very enjoyable build, something out of the ordinary for plastic modelling but something every ordinary int he real world!
  5. Kallisti

    1-76 Girder Bridge

    Great photos, thanks
  6. Kallisti

    1-76 Girder Bridge

    No progress yesterday apart from packing about 25 boxes of books and 6 enormous boxes of kits from the stash in readiness for the upcoming move. I get the keys this coming Friday and the first job is to covert the shed into the mancave... I have until the end of July when I have to vacate my current house so I ahve plenty of time, so hopefully I can make some progress on the bridge in the meantime while my back recovers!
  7. Kallisti

    1-76 Girder Bridge

    Last night I did some initial clean up and assembly - this is an old kit and the moulds have been passed around and look to be in a bit of a state to be honest. there is a lot of flash and the mould lines are quite pronounced and need a lot of work: Out of the box on the left, cleaned up on the right There is a large ejector pin mark in the plastic which the flash has mostly hidden in the centre but you can see where I've applied a dab of filler on the right. Speaking of ejector pins, they are pretty much everywhere, most noticably on the underside of the deck Some of these are quite deep pits but I don't think they'll be visible in the end so I'm goign to leave them alone. Here is the top side of the deck after its been glued together and you can see stress marks in the plastic from the ejector pins beneath More ejector pin fixing Finally, one side has been assembled! Some rivet surface texture has been lost due to sanding the ejector pins, but I don't think its worth trying to replace. There are a few minor sink marks in the stanchions and particularly the strengthening plates, but if I try to fill those I'm going to loose a LOT of rivet detail, so I think it will be okay.
  8. Kallisti

    1-76 Girder Bridge

    I've been doing some searching for real bridges and found some useful inspiration, including one girder bridge upside down! I like the look of this one a lot though
  9. Kallisti

    1/72 Angel Interceptor

    Derek Meddings designed most of the vehicles for the puppet series. Gerry Anderson was the producer and although he came up with the ideas for the series, left the design work to others. Sylvia did most of the costume design and character personalities. Lew Grade then ruined things by not selling Thunderbirds to the US Networks because of greed and then insisted on them coming up with new series that lasted just one season rather than building upon existing success.
  10. Kallisti

    1-76 Girder Bridge

    Thanks, as a side note, this was a favourite kit for the people who made Thunderbirds. if you look closely you'll see it EVERYWHERE, from Thunderbird 1 launch bay: Thunderbird 2 launch bay Thunderbird 2 itself: (note that this is showing 2 different Thunderbird 2 models!) ...and then there is the Mole, which sits on an upside down Girder Bridge
  11. Inspired by @BIG X and his pontoon bridge, I have dug out from the stash this venerable old kit I picked up somewhere a few years back. However I'm not going to build the original Airfix boxed version but instead the Dapol rebagged version, so I can keep the Airfix boxed one intact Here are the parts from the Airfix box and the instruction sheet from the Dapol version I'm tempted to do some sort of diorama of a rusty old abandoned bridge, but the deck when placed end to end is 13" long and about 2/5 " wide, which means the diorama base would beed to be something like 18" by 6" which is starting to get quite large. I'm supposed to be moving house in the next month or so, which means I have to start packing things up soon, so I'm not sure how much progress this will see in the near future... For our esteemed GB leaders: http://www.vintage-airfix.com/airfix/series-trackside/girder-bridge-p-390.html Airfix Catalogue information: Series: 2 First Issued: 1959 Catalogue Ref - 1st Edition (1962): 207
  12. Kallisti

    1/72 Angel Interceptor

    Glad to see you've got the Retro Kits resin cockpit which contains an actual female pilot figure! I built one of these a while back - its a ropey fit but can be built nicely with a bit of work. Watch out for the canopy as its not tall enough for the original and the resin pilot head can be a bit of a tight fit. Also, remember to remove the extra "fins" on the nose piece as these were added during the conversion of the kit to a "snap fit" toy back in the 80s and are not present on the original model. There was a build of this kit in Airfix Magazine Monthly a few years back which forgot to remove them... oops! I now have the large 1:24 scale resin kit from Kits for Cash to build at some point: Proper female pilot plus transparent helmet: Good luck with this, I have the popcorn
  13. I have this kit in the stash but keep putting off building it because... well you are dealing with the reasons! I remember as a small child in the early 60s this was the future of aviation and was in all my comics like Lion, Eagle and Tiger as "This is what the future will be". Sadly, reality and economics were more important than "The Future" as seen by technical innovators. The noise generated by the blade-tip jets was indescribable and even though the developers said they could fix that (and probably could given enough time and new materials), the Powers That Be called it a day. I shall be watching this with interest
  14. Kallisti

    Hurricane IIc Trop

    For a limited run kit this isn't bad. I built it for my 'Clang!' diorama last year and I've got the IID kit ready for another build at some point
  15. Kallisti

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    Great idea - I used this kit in my Thunderbird 2 launch diorama a few years back: Turning it upside dwon needed to build up the 'ramp" to be even so this was done using some balsa wood and plastic trip to create the edges Your build has given me an idea for this GB concerning some other kits I have in the stash...