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  1. Old school scratch building, love it, not a 3D printer in sight! Keep up the good work and hope the move is/has gone well!
  2. This is a tricky one, I'm not sure I HAVE a comfort zone! I've built things in all manner of genres... except German Armour or WWII aircraft No I will NOT be going there for this GB, but I have a couple of figure kits, including one in vinyl that are very much off the beaten track. Oh and I've just remembered I've got a large resin figure of Jon Pertwee as Dr Who
  3. Nice find! Can you show the figures out of the packaging? I'm wondering if they are recasts of the AEF figures which make hens teeth look common! I finally got round to building mine last year using the AEF figures and with scratch built interior
  4. Id forgotten! Will need to download it
  5. I built one of those a few years back, basic kit and a bit dodgy shape-wise but builds up to look like Stingray
  6. I stripped the chrome using Mr Muscle Oven cleaner and repainted using one of either Alclad chrome (for the larger bits) or Mr Metal Color Aluminium for the small bits. The wheels, windscreen frame and bumpers are Alclad although the bumpers aren't as 'chromy' as I would have liked It all turned out okay however I reckon.
  7. Not a lot to be honest, it is a custom Tamiya paint mix but uses both matt yellow and gloss white. The base colour is tamiya white primer over tamiya grey primer, which was given a light sanding with micromesh before the yellow was applied via the airbrush. I haven't put a gloss or matt coat over the paint though so you are seeing the true paint finish.
  8. I took some care over that, I wanted to give it a slightly 'used' look so painted it with a mix of Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black (which is actually a very dark green) and some X-18 Semi-matt Black to get that 'not quite black' look. Then gave it a wash with Flory Black wash and when that was dry gave it a light scrubbing with a kitchen towel to get the wash off the raised parts, which also make them a bit more shiny so they catch the light and look like they have been highlighted when they haven't That description sounds like I knew what I was doing As that great Philosopher Bob Ross said "You don't make mistakes, you just have happy accidents!"
  9. Nice build from (IMO) a rubbish kit I much prefer the Aoshima Mole kit which is slightly larger and better detailed, but you've done an excellent job on this one and I love the base!
  10. Great TB3 silo! Love the realistic weathering I have this in the stash and one day I'll build it to go along with my TB3 launching through the roundhouse I built quite a few years back to build up the launch sequence
  11. FAB Thunderbird 5 is a kit I've never been tempted to build - never really liked TB5 as it didn't DO anything! Some of my club mates routinely nag me to build FAB 1... sigh... I love the Aoshima TB4 kit, so much better than the Imai/Bandai one, for a start its the right shape!!! Excellent collection!
  12. Your model beautifully illustrates two of the problems with the TB2 hanger in the series: 1) How does TB2 lower itself onto the pod without breaking its wings 2) How do the pods fit between the front and rear legs when there isn't space for them Thunderbirds are Go solved this by making the wings fold up and lengthened TB2. In the end who cares, we loved it as kids and still love it as adults Lovely build!
  13. Thats a good colour for TB2, lovely build!
  14. Completed this rather nice kit at the weekend. Its a good kit, reasonably priced without any major faults IMO. Parts fitted well, there were a few mould lines that needed scraping/sanding and a few ejector pin marks but most of these are well hidden. The body shell is moulded in dark green plastic but it was suggested to me that Primrose Yellow would look good. I got a bottle of touch up paint from M.A.D. Paints and used that to colour match a tamiya mix to use in the airbrush. I used Tamiya Grey primer to cover the green plastic then Tamiya white primer to give a good base for the Primrose Yellow and its come out rather nice I reckon! The biggest fault with the kit is the lack of a proper British number plate! However I don't believe that is a serious problem - there will be aftermarket or you can make your own! The best bit of the kit though is the box art: So thats a 1960s Diana Rigg being driven in a German reg left-hand drive car by a 1990s Sean Bean, with Lassie about to be run over outside a Bavarian looking country house. I bet the artist thought the mushrooms tasted a bit funny...
  15. ...and now for the great unveiling, yes its COMPLETE!!! I've really enjoyed this build, the kit is great with good parts fit and just enough work needed to be done to clear mould lines and such that makes it interesting without being a PITA. It has huge scope for added detail, particularly under the bonnet which I did a little of but chickened out of adding the spark plug leads etc The biggest problem with the kit is the lack of a PROPER British number plate, but that could be fixed with aftermarket or even just making your own. We are modellers after all aren't we I should note at this point that the chrome trim on the bonnet is actually a decal provided in the kit. With a bit of Microsol, it went down on the raised plastic a treat and looks the business IMO! I put some dark wash around the door panel lines as these do stand out in the photos of the real thing. The 'badge' on the bonnet is a decal and at this scale does the job well. I had to put a small db of blue-tac at the front to keep the bonnet open for this pic The grille is a decal. So there it is, I'm very pleased with this addition to my fledgling car collection. Must now get round to doing that Lotus Europa I've got in the stash!
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