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  1. Oh wow, cheers , glad people liked my APC it will be doing the rounds on the Farnborough table as the show year for us commences next month Thanks for organising this, it was a fun GB, pity I made a hash of the F-18, my first attempt, but it did at least pave the way for doing the APC instead!
  2. Late last year, Round2/MPC released a new kit of the Eagle Transporter that is nominally 1:72 Scale. This is a 14" long kit and is essentially a scaled down version of the 22" kit I've already built a few examples of (see the links in my sig!) . It is a lovely kit and priced much more competitively than the larger 22" kit. I didn't do a build log of this as I just wanted to get on with it after completing the Aliens Diorama after Christmas This was built pretty much out of the box. I used the weathering decals that were sold for the 22" kit to do the panels on this as there was no way I was going to mask them at this scale. The main colour is Ford Diamond White from Halfords, decanted fro the aerosol can and used in my airbrush. The red stripes WERE masked. The various coloured bands on the spine are from lining decals I've been collecting over a while for this very purpose The box: The completed model, 14" long. Engine bells painted with Alclad White Aluminium: ...and here it is with its big brother, the 22" from a few years back. I tried to build the small one to be a close match to the large one, possibly for some force perspective trickery with displays later... Its a lovely kit, however there are quite a few mould lines on the various spars and cages that need to be cleaned up. I didn't light it as I couldn't be bothered with that level of faffing about in this scale The decals for the cockpit windows are quite effective however.
  3. Kallisti


    Surely you mean ex-member?
  4. Some years back, I built a diorama with the Halcyon kit of the Dropship from Aliens, specifically I built the 'Dust off' scene from the move where the Dropship delivered the APC to the planet surface: You can see this build here: My intention since 2012 has been to build the next scene along, the initial deployment of the Marines from the APC, using the 1:35 APC kit plus some very rare AEF Design Colonial Marine figures. Finally, the Film, Fictional and Speculative GB afforded me the opportunity to finally do this so here I am posting the results. The inside is totally scratch built and lit by about 10 LEDs, with the batteries hidden in the base. Here are the photos: The Kit: The figures: The scratch built interior before the roof was put on: The build is documented in the GB thread here:
  5. Love this kit, built one a couple years back and got another in the stash to do in a different colour scheme. Still on the lookout for a Movie Dalek that isn't selling for a silly price. This looks great so far!
  6. Marker pen for the win!
  7. Okay I see what has happened, I've still got the old theme but its slightly different than before... okay nothing to see here... move along
  8. I was still using the old theme for the forum intil today when it has changed to the newer theme and when I go to the them select link at the bottom of the page, the other theme is greyed out. Is it no longer being supported?
  9. Paint it white and we are back at the Angel Interceptor again from Captain Scarlet which loaded the pilot from underneath!
  10. Now this is the kit I've been waiting for since the original releases Currently building the 14" Eagle, lovely stuff!
  11. This is one of my club's favourite shows, we'll be there as usual!
  12. Nope, as long as they continue as a 2 day show my club will not be attending.
  13. That looks lovely, the panel lines really finish it off!
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