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  1. Sorry, no I never got the chance for an open bombbay
  2. Here are three preserved PV-1/Ventura aircraft in SA. The caveat around museum aircraft applies fully but it shows as follows Aluminium paint in one looks like RAF grey green in the Klapperkop one which I think is a Ventura and not a PV-1 and is/was most likely most original and the Cape Town museum one which appears as if the main wheel wells at least were painted in white whereas the tail wheel well was not The Klapperkop Ventura was photographed in the late '70's whereas the Moth Shellhole one was done after (original) restoration during the late '80's early
  3. Mine with the colour photograph is a hard cover edition. Original cost 10.95 pounds
  4. beaufighter cr.jpg (1024×625) (fritzjohl.yolasite.com) Well that did not work There is drawing which gives the serial as NV430 I also have a reference stating that A was NV481 with the name of BOBBIE on the nose. I think I have seen the pic somewhere
  5. When I did mine (late '90's) my reference said black spinner. Unfortunately the red wheel leg doors was missed as well as the code letter (I) on the door. The reference is my files somewhere
  6. If you are on facebook there may some inspiration on tis page Golden Eagle Artwork | Facebook Scroll down past the jets and there are a number of 2 Squadron SAAF aircraft
  7. If you have access to FRB you may want to take a peak into some of the artwork on this [age Golden Eagle Artwork | Facebook Scroll down past the Macchis and you will find 2 squadron SAAF
  8. Exactly one, and AFAIK never used in combat
  9. And for a brief period these pics from the now defunct IPMSSA website http://www.wildaviation.com/gallery3/index.php/Walkarounds/saafjets/Canberra-ex-IPMSSA-website#
  10. Yes it is an operational scheme and is PRU Blue overall. All the SAAF Canberras went into this scheme later in their lives. No, or very few national markings either.
  11. These may help as well Although it looks like a BI6 she actually started life as a T4. The nose of an ex RRhAf Canberra was grafted on to a T4 to give turn her into a bomber http://www.wildaviation.com/gallery3/index.php/Walkarounds/saafjets/Canberra-BI6-ex-T4
  12. The nose would need the removal of the clear view bombing panel. Biggest change is in the cockpit, two seats next to each other
  13. The Airfix Stirling engines and cowlings are quite useable if you have them available. Many Lancaster BII's were built using them in the past
  14. A lot of non modelers still consider them as toys, hell even some of my family still think I play with toys, even after 50 years of modelling.
  15. Except for the couple of before the war ones, not sure if there was a Hawker Hart one but there was a Bristol Bulldog (and couple other fighters) sheet
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