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  1. Try HLJ, IIRC they do (did?) offer a spares service at a fee. Hasegawa themselves used (still do?) offer spare sprues at fee. Look at other Hsegawa Fw-190's as well as the parts should be (may be?) common
  2. Is that "allowable" variation against aircraft dimensions or between port and starboard measurements of the same aircraft to identify whether it is bent or not?
  3. Some do some don't, check with the museum about their rules. USAF museum allows tripods, NASM and Udvar Hazy don't. Most UK museums I have been to allow flash photography except in galleries. Modern digital cameras are great though,
  4. For those who have facebook https://www.facebook.com/brian.peter.spurr/media_set?set=a.10155707408101901&type=3
  5. I was looking at that the other day, surely they will come in due course.
  6. Generally quite happy with the schedule, Bulldog is a great kit (need one or two) , Buccaneer means I can stop rescribing my current (now stalled) project. the Demon is a nice to have as I can now build one again (nostalgic reasons) and would not mind a re-release of the original Hurricane mkIV (this is the first kit I ever built way back when) and P40E (this was the first kit I ever saw way back when) (this getting old thing and nostalgia is a bitch). Would love it if Airfix would re-release some of their other classics, I need a Cessna O2, their Avro 504 (need a couple) Dh-4 (retool to DH-9 would go down well) and Sopwith Pup are rather good. Yes like others there is a long list of new tool kits I would also like to see but other manufacturers are keeping that side supplied (have to keep H and Royal mail fed) but there is a limit as to how many (0) I can build in a year.
  7. sign up with Airfix for a pre-order with delivery to a friend in the UK then overnight DHL/whoever to you. Or even with a UK online retailer and specify courier delivery to you.
  8. To be pedantic (or pain in the a) there are 4, two from Airfix (S1 and S2) Frog and Matchbox
  9. Ohh yes, Now I can stop rescribing my old kit and no longer need to find aftermarket intakes. Thank me later
  10. Ohh I like that Typhoon and a number of re-releases that will go down well
  11. Nice, well that consigns the Smer kit to the pagesof history
  12. well we already have two of them (new tools) 1/24th scale Hellcat 1/48th scale Spitfire FR XIV and at least two potential modified tools 1/48 th scale Hunter F9 1/72 nd scale Wellngton MkII so how many left to ponder upon. 2 more? 1/72 Me262A Jabo 1/72 Ju88A
  13. I wonder how many of the old Arfix railway series will see the light of day through this. Although IIRC most (all) went to Darpol
  14. Dont have one so cannot comment
  15. Not bad overall, typical Airfix from the era, some scribed (soft) panel lines and limited rivits, Engine nacelles were complex to assemble and IIRC are supposedely oversize. limited cockpit detail, heavy tread details on the wheels, very much a product of its time.
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