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  1. Charlie Hugo


    From uniforms I would suspect tropical or desert climates
  2. The spigots are most likely the hooks for the long range belly tank, and if so may be a good indication of a potential Malta release coming
  3. Well I have the latest (February edition) of AMW to hand. There is a second page of additional listings. The Moon Landing will make a re-appearance as well as the DH Heron to be re-released, as well as the MotorHead He111 that sold out. Personally I would love the Cessna O-2 to be re-released some day
  4. That is what ESCI did all those years ago, Released a slatted 6-3 wing and added a fence to depict the "hard" wing. Problem is with the slatted Sabre 4 you will need to modify the wing as well. I have pics of the work needed although not on-line. I can do so (I think) over the weekend
  5. I don't know what the CAD is trying to show but it is incomplete and there are a number of oddities. Here a real one albeit a Sabre 6 with slatted 6-3 wing
  6. Oh dear add two more Hawks to the want list (was one)
  7. No 1/72nd scale Hunter/Vampire/Venom/Sea Vixen/ what ever floats your boat (where the emojis?)
  8. What is interesting is that Wikipedia says the RAF aircraft were rewinged during refurbishment before being handed over to other NATO forces. Personally don't think so, not an area I investigated as I was only interested in SAAF usage of the Sabre.
  9. would require some fuselage changes a swell. Look at the leading edge of the wing and where/how it meets the fuselage, On the non 6-3 wing it is 3" behind the ammo tank and on the 6-3 wing 3" into the ammo tank, A portion of the leading edge drops down to allow the ammo bay to be opened on the aircraft. If you know about it, it is very obvious
  10. I for one would love a non 6-3 wing with slats, afterall most of the SAAF Sabres used in Korea had this wing and converting any of the existing kits is not fun. My first one I did I cut a section out of the ESCI kits wing and the second one used an aftermarket conversion part. I considered using the Revell D wing at one stage but decided against that in the end.
  11. The Canadair Sabre Mk4 is equivalent to the F86E, but Canadair as with the USAF rewinged the early slatted non 6-3 wing to the hard 6-3 wing with a wing fence. Great pity that the earlier wing is not modelled but the "hard" 6-3 wing seems to be the more the standard fitting for the Sabre Mk4. Not sure how many Canadair Sabre Mk4's were fitted with the early wing, and for how long before the refitting occurred. The CAD drawing seems to show the hard wing.
  12. Well it does complete Airfix's classic RAF jet fighters in 48th scale, now we need Airfix to downscale the Meteor, Hunter and Javelin to 72nd scale to complete the jet fighters in a classic scale..
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