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  1. Yes, in fact I plan to build 3 Sea Harriers (1x 1/72 Italeri, 1x 1/72 Airfix and 1x 1/48 Kinetic), but first I want to finish my 1/72 "Black Buck" Vulcan B.2 before Airfix will release their new kit. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235012564-avro-vulcan-b2-xm607-black-buck-172-airfix/ I don`t know how many lifes will I need to finish all kits in my stash, but over 20 of them are for my Falklands War collection, including 3x Sea Harrier, 2x Chinook, Dagger, Mirage IIIEA, 2x Lynx, Pucara, Wessex HU.5, Scout, Gazelle, Wasp, Neptune, Victor, 2x Sea King, Tracker, Nimrod, Hercules, Puma, Alouette III, MB.339, Learjet 35A, UH-1, Canberra etc. For now I`ve finished only 7: those 3 Skyhawks, Harrier GR.3, T-34C Turbo Mentor, Super Etendard and Wessex HAS.3. Vulcan should be 8th. PS: Thank you for your comments, guys!
  2. Here is another model from my Falklands War collection - 1/72 Douglas A-4P Skyhawk C-212 of V Brigada Aerea Fuerza Aerea Argentina, Rio Gallegos AB, May 1982. Airfix` kit, which needs a lot of work to look like A-4B. Built at the same time as my A-4Q - report here: https://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=851&t=87504 I think that it`s the last Skyhawk I`ve ever built. Now I have 3 in my collection: A-4C, A-4Q and A-4P: The other 2 models were also presented in this forum: A-4C Skyhawk 1/72 Fujimi A-4Q Skyhawk 1/72 Airfix Thank you for your attention!
  3. Thank you, guys! I hope I will finish my A-4P from Airfix soon.
  4. I`ve realized that nose is uncorrect after gluing the halves of the fuselage. It`s going too much down and is too flat underside. It`s more like nose of "C" version in shape, but lenght is accurate for "B" version. You can see all my corrections here: https://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=851&t=87504
  5. Here`s new model for my "Falklands War collection" - 1/72 A-4Q Skyhawk of Argentine Naval Aviation, code 3-A-305 (ex-US Navy A4D-2 serial 144929), Rio Grande air base, Falklands War, May 1982. Built of Airfix` kit A03029, which seems to be a quite nice kit, but requires a lot of work because of terrible and stupid errors (worst of them is bad nose angle). I think that old Fujimi from 1980`s is still much better than Airfix from 2012. I`ve used PE parts from Eduard, resin fuel tanks from Brengun, resin ejection seat from Pavla and decals from Condor Decals and DP Casper. Some scratch building was required (like Argentine antennas, guns etc.). Four Mk. 82 Snakeye bombs and MER are from Hasegawa`s 35001 set. You can see whole proccess of building here (in Polish): https://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=851&t=87504
  6. Here`s my interpretation of Oscar EW-5894 Fallus Tactical Fighter Bomber, USS Essess, 1991. I started to build this kit about 6 years ago (A01006 kit without "Hot Shots!" decals). Of course it was supposed to be fast and stressless project... It was not. I`m not happy with this kit, not happy with a final result, but I`m happy that I finished it and put it on the shelf. Model "out of the box" except decals and canopy (vacu from Pavla)
  7. Simple reason - they did not have stencils at this time!
  8. Great job, Wojtek! And it seems, that at last we will have very good kit of P-11c in 1/72!
  9. It`s not BM version, but I think that instructions are similiar:
  10. What a fantastic work! One of the greatest aircraft diorama I`ve ever seen! Congratulations!
  11. Here is my recently finished 1/72 Panavia Tornado F.3 ZG798 "Faith", which served in 1435. Flight at RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands in 1999. Model is made of 04375 Revell kit, which in fact is an old (late 1980s) Italeri kit with corrected canopy frame. It has nothing to do with superb Revell's 1/72 Tornado GR.1 - it's very simplyfied, has lot of mistakes and it's hard to build correctly, but it's still the best 1/72 F.3 in shape. I've used Eduard PE set, Pavla's MB Mk.10 ejection seats, some self-made parts (as flares dispensers) and decals (Maltese crosses). Painted with Lifecolor acrylics.
  12. Thanks, guys! I recognize this mystery as solved. I think I should include those Vortex generators in my model. Maybe it will be the first Vulcan model with them? Thanks once again!
  13. I`d like to ignore it, but I just can`t! Look at these pictures - all are from Operation Corporate period: I guess that it has something to do with refuelling system, which was added to Vulcans just before their road to Ascencion Island. Diffusers? But why they`re not visible on Vulcans after Falklands War?
  14. I will definitely continue my work! I hope the worst part of it has already passed... I have one question to "Vulcaonologists" - what are these dark points in front of windshield??? I didn`t see it on other Vulcans, on XM607 in other periods neither! So I think it`s temporary improvement for Black Buck missions` aerial refuelling. Any idea what it is? It doesn`t seem like paint...
  15. It`s a hard fight with this kit... Tons of putty and sandpaper. I pray for more patience... Now wings are assembled to the fuselage - fit is really terrible! It will take another tons of putty and sandpaper... Disastrous kit, but... what a fantastic plane!!! So maybe it will take a year to finish it, but I`ll do it! Vulcan is just worth it!!!
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