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  1. It's just beautiful, Jurek! 44th model this year??? I've built 42, but in last 10 years! Best regards! Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
  2. Thanks for your comments, guys! I forgot that the WIP is on the forum here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072750-172-sea-harrier-frs1-x-2-airfix-vs-italeri-comparative-assembly/ I should wrote about the kit issues (only those that I've noticed), but I don't know if my English will be good enough too write it right. But let's try: - panel lines are much too wide, and not always correct; - fin under fuselage is too small in hight and has wrong shape (it's end should be more curved); - radar cone is too long and has wrong shape
  3. Quick project - Airfix 1/72 Hawk T.1, edition A50155 "RAF Benevolent Fund". Nothing special, but I saw XX278 and XX230 in this scheme at NATO Days in Ostrava-Mosnov in September 2012 and just loved it! I`ve started this kit years ago, but had no patience for those decals. Finished today. Thanks for watching!
  4. You are absolutely right! I don't know who at Pavla designed it, but I think he had the wrong glasses. When it comes to ladders, it should be like this in Sea Harrier: MDC is from Eduard set, line around edge is handpainted. Not very easy and not very pleasant work... Yes, ESCI is the best so far. I think Italeri will release it again in 2022. Well, it's time to summarize this comparison. Kits: Italeri/ESCI - Still the best 1/72 SHAR kit in accuracy. Yes, it needs some work, has a few shortcomings
  5. One of the two Sea Harrier models I managed to finish this week - 1/72 Airfix BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 XZ457 "14" of 800. Naval Air Squadron, HMS Hermes Air Group, Falkland Islands, May 1982. Airfix SHAR kit is a total disappointment. If you think that wide panel lines are its biggest drawback, you are wrong - this kit has so many different issues that it could cover 5 other kits with them! Although it's easy to assemble, it takes a lot of work to fix all the bugs and it still won't look as good as the old ESCI! Airfix, it`s time for a new SHAR, at least as good as your G
  6. One of the two Sea Harrier models I managed to finish this week - 1/72 Italeri (ex-ESCI) BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 ZA177 "77" of 800. Naval Air Squadron, HMS Hermes Air Group, Falkland Islands, June 1982. Old ESCI kit is simple and needs some work, but it's quite accurate. I`ve used Eduard PE set (poor), Pavla resin air intakes (awful) and exhaust nozzles (awful), Pavla resin gunpods (even more awful and innaccurate), Pavla resin MB.10H ejection seat (poor), Airfix AIM-9Ls (good after some work), Master Pitot tube (nice) and DP Casper/Xtradecal/Airfix decals. Painted with Gunze Mr.Colo
  7. Canopy in Italeri is finished. I wanted to make access ladders from Eduard PE sets, but it was beyond my abilities. They are very complicated and without a good PE bending machine, their assembly is almost impossible. But I remembered that I had Brengun BRL72017 PE set "Step ladders for Hunter/Harrier (2 pcs)". It was very easy and pleasant to assebly them! However, it soon turned out that they are not suitable for Harriers, because they only have 7 steps and a short headband at the top (it`s good for Hunters, but ladders for Harrier had 8 steps, longer headband and sm
  8. Aires resin (Quickboost QB 72 385) isn't so "sophisticated" as old Italeri/ESCI plastic parts (!), but is great improvement over Airfix. It's dedicated for SHAR FA.2, but in FA.2 and FRS.1 outriggers were the same. Meanwhile, work on Italeri comes to an end. First I attached weapons, antennas, and all the other stuff to the underside of the plane. I decided to extend a front wheel leg of about 1 mm because the front of the plane was a bit too low IMO. Then I mounted all the antennas on the top and sides of the airframe and a metal Pitot tube on
  9. Now is the time to assemble the gear. Take a look at the Airfix side wheels (on the right). This does not seem like a funny joke... And that's even less funny... The problem of too short side wheel struts is also in Italeri, but there it was enough to saw off the tires of the main gear. It turned out that in the Airfix, the main and front landing gear legs are little too long, and the side legs are little too short (and their wheels are too small). I tried to fix the problem by lengthening the side wheels struts and sho
  10. I had to correct the shape of outter pylons in Italeri, because after removing "bubbles" under the wings they don`t fit. After installing the pylons and engine nozzles, I was able to start "washing". Then I covered both models with a satin clear varnish. Minor corrections will be needed, especially in the areas of vortex generators. Next step will be landing gear, what is not easy in Harrier models. TBC.
  11. A busy Sunday is behind me. I've painted various small elements, "shined" the models with gloss clear and placed the decals. There was not much work with the ZA177, but much more with the XZ457. Airfix decals responded very well to the softener. In general, decals are the best element of the Airfix kit. ;-) TBC.
  12. In fact all Pavla resins for these kits are very poor... The only consolation for me is that they were quite cheap. As for the Airfix model, it is even worse than I thought! And I still have an Airfix SHAR FA.2 model to build, but I don't know if I'll ever want to start it, because it's based on the same parts as this FRS.1. But I am finishing whining now, because I wanted to show the progress in painting. Airfix first. It will be XZ457 black "14" of HMS Hermes Air Group. While sailing to Falklands all white undersides were manually overpainted with Extra Dark
  13. A little update. I finally got those gunpods fitted. And I got to the point where I could start painting. First - black radar covers and a little preshading. Airfix model will be all Extra Dark Sea Grey "14", while Italeri Medium Sea Grey / Barley Grey "77", both from Operation Corporate of course. In the meantime I`ve started working on the pylons. Main pylons are quite good in both models, but Sidewinder launchers in Airfix are much too short, too low and very simplistic (Italeri on left, Airfix on right): So I decide
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