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  1. For now the best MiG-29A 9.12 in 1:72 is the Trumpeter kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-01674-mig-29a-fulcrum-izdeliye-912--939754 Info about versions? Just try Wiki https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikoyan_MiG-29
  2. Of course! I deepen the lines with rescriber first. Then I fill them all with Mr. Surfacer 500. Then sand them with sandpaper and sandsticks when dry. You can see how I did it on my Airfix FRS.1 last year: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072750-172-sea-harrier-frs1-x-2-airfix-vs-italeri-comparative-assembly/
  3. Here is my latest "creation" - 1:72 BAe Sea Harrier FA.2 ZH803, 800 NAS - as seen on air shows in 2001 (with "dummy" AIM-9s and AIM-120s missiles and fuel tank in DSG). Airfix kit with a huge amount of fixes (really, REALLY huge!) + some scratch + Eduard PE set + Eduard PE UK RBFs + Aires resin nozzles + Aires resin outriggers + Hasegawa AMRAAMs + Pavla resin nose + Pavla resin ejection seat. Painted with Gunze Mr. Color (C series). Decals are mainly from the Airfix box with some adds from the spares. It took a lot of work, but I'm happy with the result. And now some photos: Thanks for watching!
  4. In 2020 I've completed 5 kits. First one was 1:72 F/A-18F Super Hornet (Hasegawa): Second one was 1:72 IA-58A Pucara (Special Hobby): Next 2 were 1:72 Falklands War Sea Harriers, which were built at the same time, Italeri (ex-ESCI): ...and Airfix: The last one was 1:72 BAE Hawk T.1 (Airfix) of RAF BF: Thank for your attention!
  5. Only 4 kits completed in 2019. First was 1/72 "Hot Shots!" Folland Gnat (Airfix): More pictures in this topic: Second one was 1:72 A-4Q Skyhawk (Airfix): Another Airfix Argentine Skyhawk in 1:72, this time A-4P: The last one in 2019 was 1:72 Phantom FGR.2 (Fujimi): Thank for watching!
  6. I think you get the shade quite right! Very nice Łoś!
  7. Great conversion to Ukrainian S-1M! Details are outstanding, so the paintjob! Ukrainian 1/72 Su-27UB in digital camo is in my near plans, just waiting for Foxbot masks. Have you used them or made your own masks?
  8. There should be no problem with 1/48 decals for 23 Squadron Phantom and 1435 Flight Phantom or Typhoon, as you can find them in Xtradecal offer. But for Tornado F.3 it would be harder - however I found quite old Czech "4+" publication with 1435 Flight decals. I don't know if it's still available. I had the same problem in 1/72, that's why I had to self-print some decals for Tonka and EF. Best regards, Alex
  9. Here is my 1:72 Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4, ZJ949 "H", No. 1435 Flight Royal Air Force, RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands, 2015. Hasegawa kit, which is a bit disappointing for the "best 1:72 Typhoon kit on the market" - yes, it's nice molded and quite accurate, but have some annoying fit issues and only "in-flight" configuration of engine nozzles. Nothing that you expect from 2012 Hasegawa kit priced about 30 GBP. Small Eduard brass for the cockpit, Reskit exhaust nozzles and Pavla MB Mk.16A ejection seat have been added. Painted mostly with Gunze C334 "Barley Grey". Decals are mix of Hasegawa, Revell and self-printed (1435 Flight emblems). It's the third (and probably the last) model in my little project "Falklands Guardians", which was to include all 3 types of fighters used by the RAF on Falkland Islands after 1982. So here they are together: Phantom FGR.2 of 23 Squadron, RAF Stanley 1983 (Fujimi), Tornado F.3 of 1435 Flight, RAF Mt. Pleasant 1999 (Revell ex-Italeri) and Typhoon FGR.4 of 1435 Flight, RAF Mt. Pleasant 2015 (Hasegawa): Thanks for watching!
  10. Yes, that is possible. I've read somewhere, that order for yellow ID bands was issued earlier (on 28th April), but I have no proof for that. And even if it's true we can not be sure that on 1st of May all FAA aircraft were already given yellow IDs. So now I think that I-015 or I-019 without yellow IDs is better choice for modeller - we can't be sure if they ever wore it. Unfortunately I can't find any photos of these particular Mirages from a war period.
  11. Yellow ID were on all Fuerza Aerea Argentina combat aircraft (Daggers, A-4s, Mirages, Pucaras, Canberras etc.) since April 1982. They were in different positions and shapes, depending on unit. Because they were considered ineffective or even harmful, all yellow IDs were overpainted about 25 May 1982. The FAA units were not prepared for this operation, so the yellow stripes were overpainted with random paints (that were supplied or that could be bought in nearby stores). That's why some Daggers and Skyhawks from the end of May had blue stripes and others brown or sand - it depended on the base where they were stationed. So if you see photo of FAA aircraft with yellow bands - it probably was taken in April or May 1982. If you see other color in place of yellow bands - it could be taken after 25 May 1982. All Mirage IIIEAs yellow bands were overpainted with brown, but on 1st May 1982 they should have yellow IDs, so both I-015 and I-019 were shot down with yellow IDs (probably the same shape and form as on my I-014 model). Zdravim! Alex
  12. In the last post on Facebook they wrote that W-3 Sokol and CASA C-295 in 1/72 are still in a design phase. Now they deal with much simplier TS-8 Bies in 1/72 and new versions of W-3 Sokol in 1/48. Overall, they had done only little over the past year. Some already thought that nothing would come of their planned projects. Let's hope they will somehow overcome this crisis, after all it is one of the largest paper model kits companies in the world.
  13. F-51D Mustang - Tamiya F9F-2 Panther - Trumpeter B-26B/C Invader - ICM La-9 - Mikromir F-84G Thunderjet - Tamiya Firefly Mk.5 - Special Hobby Meteor F.8 RAAF - Airfix AD-4 Skyraider - Italeri F-80C Shooting Star - Hobby Boss F4U Corsair - ???
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