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  1. Well, it's better than Italeri/Tamiya/Bilek kit, but still far from perfection. Overall shape is pretty good. The main issue is that the details on the underside of the airframe are reversed - what should be on the port side is on the starboard side and vice versa. There are also no suitable antennas, especially for the Czech version after modernization (9240 in this scheme should have them). Much better detail and sharpness of details could also be expected from the 2014 model - Revell had already made better models several years earlier. However, the quality of the moldings is the worst thing. My copy came from the beginning of production, and the parts had a lot of irregularities. The transparent elements required so much grinding and polishing, that I decided to replace the canopy with a vacuform. Overall, I had a lot of trouble with this model, and a few months ago I made Revell's F-16 and it went quickly and pleasantly. Therefore, I cannot say that this Gripen is a good kit. I wonder if quality issues have caused Revell not to reissue it.
  2. I finally managed to finish another model - 1:72 SAAB JAS-39C Gripen, serial 39240, 211th Tactical Squadron, Czech Air Force, Čáslav Air Base, Czech Republic, 2014. Revell 04999 kit (which was one of the biggest disappointments of the modeling market in 2014 - and now I know why), Eduard PE set, Master Pitot tubes, Part PE ladder, Maestro vacu canopy, Hasegawa missiles and some scratch. A lot of work, but the effect is not entirely satisfactory for me... But I hope it will look nice on the shelf. And here I wanted to show you the inspiration for making this model - my dog named GRIPEN: Thanks for watching!
  3. Wow! Beautifully made model and wonderful painting! Great job, Solo!
  4. After much effort I managed to finish another kit - 1:48 Atlas Cheetah D, no 859, 2 Squadron of South African Air Force, Makhado AB, 2007. Kinetic kit "out of the box", painted with Gunze Mr. Hobby C series. Thanks for watching!
  5. Thanks, guys! The kit itself is quite good - the only fit issues I had were around air intakes. The kit is rather simple - I had to correct a few panel lines and added a few elements that were missing, such as a gunsight, seatbelts or an AOA probe. The great advantages were the excellent masks for the canopy and wheels and decals (printed by Cartograph) included in the kit. To sum up - building this model was really enjoyable, that's why I finished it in 2,5 weeks.
  6. Hi! Here is my 1:72 North American T-2C Buckeye, serial 158889, 120th Air Training Wing, Hellenic Air Force, Kalamata AB, Greece 2007. Wolfpack kit "out of the box" with some scratch. Painted with Gunze Mr.Hobby C series. Thanks for watching!
  7. Hi! Here is the second kit I finished this year - 1:72 Northrop/CASA SF-5A Freedom Fighter, serial C.9-048, 464 Squadron Spanish Air Force, Gando AB, Gran Canaria, ca.1980. This particular plane can still be seen today at the Gando AB next to Las Palmas airport. All F-5s from Gran Canaria were entirely painted with aluminium paint (it`s not natural metal finish). Italeri kit, which is actually rebox of 40 years old ESCI. It's still quite good, but the mold wear is really noticeable. Model is "out of the box" except for Master Pitot tube and cannon barrels + antennas and gunsight from scratch. Nothing special, very quick project - simply to add to the collection on the shelf. Thanks for watching!
  8. Yes, I always add nose weight on model of aircraft with nose gear, even if the manual doesn't say anything about it. In this case, I added lead balls in the radome and in the fuselage in front of the cockpit, just in case.
  9. Oh, I forgot - strengthening plates are vinyl stickers from ModelMaker - they fit very nice and are relatively cheap. CMK interior set is nothing special - in fact not much better than Revell's plastic parts. Fit is very good, but I wish much more details there.
  10. My first kit finished this year, almost in time for the 50th anniversary of the first F-16 flight - 1:72 F-16AM Fighting Falcon, no 1615, serial 61-630, 53rd Fighter Squadron "Warhawks", Romanian Air Force, Borcea AB 2023. This is an ex-USAF 83-1077 and ex-Portuguese 15134 aircraft, delivered to Romania in 2021 after refurbishing and repainting. I chose this camo just because I simply like it very much. It's also nice to see an old plane with all this modern equipment. Revell kit, CMK resin cockpit, Master metal Pitot tube, AOA probes and static dischargers, Hasegawa missiles, Eduard Sniper ATP and some scratch. Painted with Mr. Hobby C series paints. Decals are from ModelMaker set. Thanks for watching!
  11. Thank you, guys! The blue color of Spanish Buchóns is still a mystery - in fact nobody knows the real shade of it. I found only one colorful photo of blue Buchón, but you know how it is with the interpretation of colors from old photos. In case of my model I mixed Azure Blue from Mr. Hobby with Tamiya XF-8 blue and used this mixture as a base coat. Then I added a few drops of red or green paint to it to get different shades. The final appearance is the result of applying layers (or spots) of different shades of paint, and the brown wash also did its job. So I don't have a good answer - the most important thing for me was that it corresponded to my idea.
  12. I managed to finish 10 model kits in 2023, which is my record! The first one was Eduard 1:72 MiG-21PFM: No. 2 was Hobby 2000 (ex-Hasegawa) 1:48 F-8E Crusader: The next one was Special Hobby 1:72 CASA C-212-100 Aviocar: No. 4 was Kinetic 1:48 Alpha Jet E: No. 5 was excellent Kinetic 1:48 F-104S Starfighter: Next one was Hasegawa 1:72 AV-8B Plus Harrier II: No. 7 was Kinetic 1:72 F-16D Block 52+ Jastrząb: No.8 was Revell (ex-Hasegawa) 1:72 SAAB J-35Ö Draken: And now number 9 - the larch. The larch. Or was it Meng 1:72 F-102A Delta Dagger?: And the last one this year, finished today - Special Hobby 1:72 HA-1112-M1L Buchón: Hope you liked it! Wish you all the best in 2024!
  13. My last kit finished this year - 1:72 Hispano Aviación HA-1112-M1L Buchón. My interpretation of aircraft no. 71-5 "MAPI", serial C4K-9, 71. Escuadrón, Ejército del Aire, Gando Air Base (Gran Canaria), Ifni War (Spanish Sahara), 1958. Special Hobby kit built "out of the box" with some scratch. Thanks for watching!
  14. Just finished - 1:72 Convair F-102A Delta Dagger, serial 56-0981, 342 AWS, Hellenic Air Force, Tanagra AB, 1975. Meng kit "out of the box" except Quickboost resin nose, Master Pitot tube, decals from Icarus Productions and some scratch. An unusual topic for me, but during this year's holidays I visited the Hellenic Air Force museum at the Dekelia AB, where I was enchanted by this extraordinary aircraft. Thanks for watching!
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