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  1. Hobby Boss' Lynx has a lot of issues, for example too high rotor head, too long main gear legs, bad nose shape and many more. I`ve tried to correct most of them, but it`s not easy. There were also some plastic cast inaccuracies and fit issues, so overall I don't rate this kit very well. That's not good news for me, because I had RN Lynx HAS.2 from the same kit in my plans. Oh, I missed that Falklands Group build. Thanks!
  2. Another one for my Falklands collection - 1:72 Westland Lynx Mk.23, Argentine Navy, Falkland Islands, April 1982. Slightly converted Hobby Boss Lynx HAS.2 kit with Eduard PE parts and some scratch details. Decals are mix of DP Casper, Xtradecal, HB and spares. Thanks for watching!
  3. Thank you for your kind comments! AMK kit (Eduard used their sprues for this kit) is just fantastic. It have some issues, but fit is very good and the level of detailing in this little kit is higher than in many 1:48 models. I bought this kit because of this "tiger" scheme - I've seen it "live" on 1993 CIAF in Hradec Králové when I was 16 yo and... just loved it! Unfortunatelly Eduard's decals for these tiger stripes are spoiled (all of them are just "very fat"), and hand-painting them in this scale was just impossible for me. That's why I get Kopro decal set for this scheme. Their stripes are also far from perfection, but after many corrections I was happy with their look.
  4. Really nice one! Very nice finish! I think I should get at least one Pony from AH!
  5. Here is my 1:72 Aero L-29 Delfin, a/c 2853 in "tiger" scheme, 1. Flight of 11. Fighter Regiment, Czech Air Force, Żatec 1993. Eduard kit (AMK plastic) + some extra decals for "tiger stripes" from Kopro (those from Eduard box were wrong). Nice, little kit. Thanks for watching!
  6. Thank you for your kind comments! Here is my Matador on the shelf with his cousins (and with part of extended family) I'm also planning to make a Harrier GR.9, AV-8B Plus (also Spanish) and an T-Harrier (in Italian uniform), but I don't think it will come soon.
  7. Yes, decals are from the kit, except "14" under the windshield, which are too large.
  8. My first kit completed this year - AV-8S (VA-1) Matador, 1:72 Italeri (ex-ESCI). My 5th Harrier so far! Built out of the box (except for Pitot tube from Master, resin ejection seat from Pavla and some scratch). Italeri's kit is old and needs some work, but I'm quite happy with a result. Thanks for watching!
  9. Yes, but I've read that they were used only on undersides. That's how I painted them:
  10. Here is another completed kit for my "Falklands War collection" - 1:48 English Electric Canberra B.62, B-105, Fuerza Aerea Argentina, Falklands War, May 1982. Airfix kit + Eduard PE set + some scratch. Painted with Gunze Mr. Hobby C series. Thanks for watching!
  11. For now the best MiG-29A 9.12 in 1:72 is the Trumpeter kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-01674-mig-29a-fulcrum-izdeliye-912--939754 Info about versions? Just try Wiki https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikoyan_MiG-29
  12. Of course! I deepen the lines with rescriber first. Then I fill them all with Mr. Surfacer 500. Then sand them with sandpaper and sandsticks when dry. You can see how I did it on my Airfix FRS.1 last year: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072750-172-sea-harrier-frs1-x-2-airfix-vs-italeri-comparative-assembly/
  13. Here is my latest "creation" - 1:72 BAe Sea Harrier FA.2 ZH803, 800 NAS - as seen on air shows in 2001 (with "dummy" AIM-9s and AIM-120s missiles and fuel tank in DSG). Airfix kit with a huge amount of fixes (really, REALLY huge!) + some scratch + Eduard PE set + Eduard PE UK RBFs + Aires resin nozzles + Aires resin outriggers + Hasegawa AMRAAMs + Pavla resin nose + Pavla resin ejection seat. Painted with Gunze Mr. Color (C series). Decals are mainly from the Airfix box with some adds from the spares. It took a lot of work, but I'm happy with the result. And now some photos: Thanks for watching!
  14. In 2020 I've completed 5 kits. First one was 1:72 F/A-18F Super Hornet (Hasegawa): Second one was 1:72 IA-58A Pucara (Special Hobby): Next 2 were 1:72 Falklands War Sea Harriers, which were built at the same time, Italeri (ex-ESCI): ...and Airfix: The last one was 1:72 BAE Hawk T.1 (Airfix) of RAF BF: Thank for your attention!
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