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  1. New decal set out for Syrian Migs, I’ve bought a set for my BN kit, not arrived yet but look nice. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235076122-paulusvictor-decals-syrian-veterans-172-scale-preview/
  2. I’ve just ordered a set in 1/48, was looking to do my Mig-23BN in different markings, these look perfect!
  3. Closed in 2001, nearly 20 years ago!!
  4. Very, very nice! I love a Greek Phantom.
  5. I agree, you can see it’s the same four sprues piled on top of each.
  6. Nice, like the dual air to ground pylons, not seen them before in a kit, I like the way windscreen is moulded too.
  7. Unless your ordering direct from a Far East retailer, maybe not, some of GWH previous releases have taken an age to reach these shores, December/January anyone?
  8. Tamiya F-16 is certainly a good shout, on the cheaper end of the scale what about the Airfix Lightning F6 kit? It goes together pretty easily, it’s accurate and you should be able to pick up recent boxing with good decals for a reasonable price. If you’ve already built an Airfix Lightning then Kinetic kits are pretty decent I’ve built a few of their kits. Their instructions are never usually the best but the kits are decent, their Mirage III is a nice kit IMHO. Also just remembered about the Hasegawa F-104 Starfighter, building the Eduard boxing at the moment in RNLAF markings, lovely kit. The recent Kinetic F-104 is apparently a lovely kit too!
  9. Muzz

    Tornado F3 Paints

    If it were me I'd go for Hataka, I use there Orange line which are lacquer based, you can get individual paints or sets, the Typhoon one would suit your needs. Colours there for you to do a Barley Grey/LAG scheme or MSG. http://hataka-hobby.com/products/modern-royal-air-force-paint-set-vol-1/
  10. Muzz

    Reboxing, who makes what?

    According to Scalemates Eduard has done a boxing of the Airfix kit around 2008! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-a05119-supermarine-spitfire-prxix--174732
  11. Absolutely Cliff, everything fixed in place. Definately want to do one folded up at some point but it seems such a shame to break up the lines of the jet, maybe when someone eventually releases a new tool in 1/48!
  12. Muzz

    Hobby Bosss 1/48 A-10

    I had a similar issue lately with Buccaneer intakes, I sprayed the intake colour then hand painted the blades, those intakes were deeper than yours though so it was easier to hide any imperfections. I'd most likely mask the individual blades if I was in your position, will take a bit of time but be worth it.
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