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  1. Thanks guys. Got some weathering done, picked out some panels from looking at photos that are various shades of grey. Also applied a grey wash on the matt surface to darken it and give it some dirt!
  2. Very impressive, wow! Colours look spot on.
  3. Pretty pleased with the results, a few bits of tidy up required but happy with it.
  4. Started to get the Signal Blue on, Hataka again. The tail section and main canopy is straight forward.
  5. Got the radome painted then the main camo colour, Hataka's Medium Sea Grey. I then had to decide how best to spray the tail colours, went for the red first and relevant area masked off. Then on to spraying Hatakas Signal Red. The colour call out in the Xtradecal sheet calls for Cherry Red, Hataka do both colours and there’s a subtle difference between the shades, Signal Red looked the closer match so I went with that. Once on it looked slightly too dark so I lightened it with a touch of Tamyia Flat Red. Looks good and I’m happy how it went on, hopefully get
  6. Thanks, I noticed that the Tornado SIG state it’s DSG but I think that looks way too dark, I ended up using a mix Tamyia Sky Grey and DSG. I’ll see how it looks once the MSG is on.
  7. Greek F-4E’s are slatted as the original delivery start with the serial 72-01500. The later aircraft transferred from the Missouri ANG were made prior to the change but look to have been retrofitted with the slatted wing. I’m sure someone else will be able to confirm seeing as I only found out the difference 5 minutes ago!
  8. Does anyone have a decent colour match for the GR4 radome grey? Preferably in Gunze, Tamyia or Hataka. Everything I've looked at is either going to be too light or too dark compared to the main camo colour of MSG.
  9. Thanks Hopkp and Gene, so they did have a leading edge 'flap' but not slats? If that's the case, that's where I'm getting confused as I've seen photos of them with the leading edge dropping. I thought the 'hard wing' literally meant the leading edge was a fixed part of the main wing.
  10. Can anyone clarify something, the images of the new release F-4EJ Kai seem to suggest the kit has a hard wing but the real aircraft has slatted wings or have I got this wrong?
  11. Eduard mask applied and ready for a primer coat, I knew there would be some remedial work still to do afterwards...... Used Alclads Grey primer/micro filler as usual but they seem to have changed the formula, it's now a lot lighter in colour than the previous grey. I do like the new colour but not sure if the formula is as good, it might just be the lighter colour isn't giving you as much coverage.
  12. Tried to do the pre order this morning but the form you need to fill in just isn’t geared for English language and the European market, ended up giving in.
  13. It would now be great if someone (Eduard) made the following resin products in 1/32 and 1/48 scale...... TIRRS blister CAS sensors CBLS 200 TARDIS Display
  14. It's my 4th build, done two GR1's and a failed GR4 build, so it's not my first rodeo! Still doesnt make it straight forward. Front canopy on and seams cleaned up.
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