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  1. Agree, their MF boxing is one of the most enjoyable builds I've done, I know you get a book with this release but it seems prrtty expensive regardless.
  2. Its £63 including tracked P&P to the UK, worth it IF you dont get hit with VAT or extra charges.
  3. Muzz

    RAF Jaguars

    Pretty certain the GW1 was CRV7 And BL755 Cluster Bombs predominately for the Jags, with some 1000lb'ers thrown in here and there.
  4. Muzz

    CBLS 200 with rocket panniers

    The CBLS with the rockets was in a Hasegawa weapons set, definately not a store used by the UK, think Japan used them and possibly Canada.
  5. The balloons definitely not burst for me and still highly anticipating the release but even I have to admit now that this release is turning into a total farce!
  6. Muzz

    Warthog Advice, Please?

    No expert but there fixed in place and don’t move so don’t remove the tabs that hold them proud of the main wing, also in the photo you show above it looks like you have them the wrong way round, the thicker leading edge should be facing forward. regards Muzz
  7. Muzz

    1/48 Su-33 Red 81

    Thanks for that.
  8. Muzz

    1/48 Su-33 Red 81

    Love it, the burner cans and bare metal engine area’s stand out for me, what paints did you use for this? I have one in the stash and have been looking at it recently with a view to starting, the instructions do look hastily cobbled together. Murray
  9. Muzz

    Why no current Tornado GR.4 decals?

    It’s a question that’s been relevant for nearly half the Tornados service life, very few current standard schemes released for the GR4 when they were displaying them, a few sheets being released years later. Only the special schemes seem to get attention.
  10. Muzz

    Gulf war Buccaneer

    The wings could be folded with stores attached, I seem to recall seeing them folded with Sea Eagles on the outboard pylons.
  11. And I’d be having one of you Duncan!
  12. Looks very nice and looking like I’ll have to break away from my normal genre and get one to go with my 48 TFW F-111. Shame there only seems to be marking options for 2 aircraft from the same Squadron, although great that it is the 48 TFW! Muzz
  13. Muzz


    H334, Barley Grey overall, (now referred to as Camouflage Grey) with a darker medium grey radome. Muzz
  14. Posts on Facebook, on a thread for Fightertown decals new Tomcat sheet indicate the kit is due for release on 31 August 2018!
  15. Muzz

    1:48 Harrier 500lb free fall bombs?

    The Airfix Buccaneer FAA boxing had 540lb bombs in it and possibly one of their other kits but can’t remember which one, Sea Vixen maybe? I certainly have the Airfix S2B FAA boxing and gave the 540lb’ers away to someone some time ago. Murray