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  1. Yes Duncan, can be made straight from the box with AM decals.
  2. For more detailed and knowledgeable answer than my attempt Warner, thanks. Muzz
  3. Think it's basically down to the fact there are not a great deal of users for the Su-30mkk. I encountered this very same issue when I bought the Academy release some years ago, I eventually built it as the demonstrator. I then made the same mistake and bought the HB release but have since sold it on. The Russian Air Force operate a small number of them which I believe were returned from India. Your best bet might be to check online for photos of these aircraft and use standard Russian decals/bort numbers. Other than that there's some sheets for Venezuelan or Chinese examples. I thi
  4. Thanks for the update Ali, glad to hear you and your Mrs are both getting better. Looking forward to seeing what's coming! Murray
  5. This photo might help but still hard to see the demarcation due to stains ....... Line drops down vertically with slight backwards angle from trailing edge of flap and then back up vertically just behind leading edge of rear stab. Also forgot I had this from Eduard GR7 boxing which is confirmed by above photo.
  6. Thanks very much for the info, appreciated.
  7. Excellent thanks, I think it the 5 Sqn one, does it have the white panel on the spine? Can you make out any serials/tail codes for the 5 and 23 Sqn machines? Thanks.
  8. No I don't think but thanks and the year is good to know. Cheers
  9. Look to see if anyone can tell me when the F6's overwing tanks started to be painted in Light Aircraft Grey? I'm thinking maybe early 70's. Ì have a copy of Fred Martins Lightning Force but can't find where I've put it. I know there's a photo in it of F6's from either 23 or 29 Sqn landing/taking off finished in NMF carrying gloss painted LAG overwing tanks. If anyone can find the photo would also be appreciated. Edit. Think it was maybe 5 Sqn as I've found a side profile on the Thunder & Lightnings site.
  10. Britmodeller’s very own walk around area has some great photos............... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234976256-english-electric-lightning-f6-xr728/ My understanding is the belly tanks were interchangeable, so an aircraft could have one with cannons fitted one day and changed for a full tank without cannons the next day, in theory!
  11. Can see the demarcation lines in this photo........ https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/5923484 MSG top fuselage, Barley Grey lower and Light Aircraft Grey under the wings and tailplane.
  12. Kits being re released by Eduard in March in what would appear to be another limited run, 200 editions with, questionable posters! The posters are apparently of 'Desert Babes' but only one actually features original Op Granby nose art.
  13. You never know, the fact they released the Pucara shows their quite happy to do kits of aircraft that are lesser known and had limited operators. I’m holding on to that hope anyway!
  14. VF-21, 51, 96, 111, 114, 142, 161, 213 all got Mig kills, VF-96 was apparently the most successful with 10. There may be a few more as some stats just show the type rather than the specific model.
  15. A better price than I seen elsewhere too. Much more like it!
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