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  1. The Ukrainian Su-27UB boxing appears to have been released, hopefully putting to bed the "will it, won't it" chat. Seen a photo of a boxing in someone's possession on a Flanker builders group on FB!
  2. That's interesting and a little concerning for me as I've bought HGW raised rivets in the past and couldn't really get them to work. And I'm not saying it was the product that was at fault may well have been my error. I'll wait to see a review or hear about someone else's experience before I part with that sort of money for them.
  3. Thanks to both, finally found it on the Hannants site, bit of a difference between the price on the Eduard (£39) site and that on Hannants (£56). I'm certainly not against paying a cost for them provided they are easy to use and effective.
  4. Was it my imagination or did Eduard announce a raised rivet decal set for the Hind to be released in May? Can't find the info about it now.
  5. I don't think they've been binned by the USAF completely just the (presumably huge) contract at Nellis AB which isn't being renewed when it ends in June and at the moment their not looking to start a new contract with anyone else.
  6. According to the Aviationist, Draken International have won a 3 year contract to provided red air to the MOD using L159E Honey Badgers based out of Teeside airport. https://theaviationist.com/2022/04/12/draken-will-provide-red-air-to-raf/
  7. That's what it was, thanks Richard. Getting the licensing bit confused with something else.
  8. I read somewhere, most likely on BM, that Airfix's current business model was based upon not releasing kits of aircraft that were currently in service to avoid licensing costs etc. I can think of only one release they've done in last 10 years which was a modern in service aircraft, the Merlin. Can't think of any others? (In fact the Merlin maybe older than 10 years now) I'd be very surprised if they did the Typhoon, after the Buccaneer it looks like the Jag will be the next fast jet IMHO.
  9. From looking at this quick you tube clip it looks like they still have the full stencils......... https://youtu.be/rGhq7O6wHBs Hopefully these will be covered by another decal sheet considering the price of the kit!
  10. This has been discussed elsewhere this week, apparently its been lost in translation. As Drake122 says its been cancelled for release in China, for export only to Europe/USA etc. A few traders who have been taking pre orders, and had stopped, have had this confirmed and pre orders are back on.
  11. There good, I used some on a build last year, pretty sure their the only company that provide the pink toned down panel markings for the grey scheme. Unfortunately they don't do the full set of stencil data for any of the schemes just a few here and there.
  12. Something very attractive about the Sudanese Air Force Fencers, lovely scheme.
  13. I think there will likely be at least one other sheet released by Xtradecal as there's no 12 Sqn or 237 OCU options on those sheets.
  14. From memory think white gear bays are correct with light grey landing gear. Intakes also camo colour on the inside, one side generally DG and other DSG. Sounds all correct to me. Muzz
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