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  1. Hobby Easy had said today for the kit arriving with them, now slipped to the 23rd.
  2. Waiting on an email from HobbyEasy myself, good to know their starting to get in contact with customers!
  3. In the interest of a balanced view, the Trumpeter Mig-23 MF kit is right up there as one of my favourite builds, I think it’s a cracking kit and once built it looks like a Mig-23! Same goes for their Mig-27/23BN, describing them as awful seems a bit on the extreme side!
  4. I had the CWS nose correction set and sold it on with the kit, as mentioned above the only way I could see me using it would involve filling all the detail and re-scribing from scratch, and my scribing skills aren’t all that! I’ve since bought the Flogger J kit and will wait and see what Ciro come up with.
  5. The instrument panel was different, a full set of pilots flight instruments meant that one of the LCD displays was removed and the centre console was a different shape. It slopes down on the port side I assume to give the rear seat a better forward view. There is photos out there, I’ll if I can find some. Found these photo’s which show the top of the console...... https://images.app.goo.gl/jMTCgZQ4hTESo73Z7 https://images.app.goo.gl/EzohXMaCLMMNwYVZ7 Here’s the view from the inside...... https://images.app.goo.gl/wxSLcbV6CkbVrD6r9
  6. The BD-3UMK and BD-4UMK adaptors as shown above are for the bombs and fit to the pylons on any number of stations, from memory I think the locating pins are perhaps spaced differently and give a guide to which adaptor can go on which pylon or as Werner says, I'd look at photos for the answer.
  7. Think it's quite common with manufacturers for samples to be sent out without the box and instructions.
  8. I'd agree the Kits World decals are the way to go, just leave off the 'No Step' stencils and the red fuselage stencils. The only stencils required are the ejection seat triangles, rescue arrow and the pink curved arrow denoting the angle of the tailerons.
  9. Eduard posted a video of Czech Mig-29's earlier today on their Facebook site, no explanation was given for it but people asking if this will be there next kit in 1/72 or 1/48. I dont think anything has previously been mentioned.
  10. It's not, its RAF Wethersfield according to a post earlier in the thread, someone with local knowledge.
  11. Don’t see anything wrong with the rear end either, think this picture shows how wide the rear end was/is.............. https://amp.businessinsider.com/images/52fb8449eab8ea323c5439ec-750-505.jpg
  12. Sure no problem, PM your address and I'll send them on.
  13. Found those decals, I take it I'm a bit late?! 31 and 9 Sqn schemes.
  14. There Squadron anniversary markings, I may have the decals for the 31 Sqn airframe in your second photo, left over from a Hasegawa kit. I’ll have a look.
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