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  1. Very nice, can I ask what paint brand and colours you used?
  2. Muzz

    Su-33 paint schemes

    Nice reference material, thanks!
  3. Simples, he Eduard exterior set has the parts and the stencil for placement................ https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED48945
  4. I don’t have either kit but have been close to buying one on a few occasions, don’t really see the point in adding such a big kit to the stash and will buy one when the mood strikes to build one. After sizing up both kits kits from various reviews etc I will personally be going for the Kitty Hawk kit, I’ve built their Su-17 Fitter and Su-35 Flanker and enjoyed both builds. I think the detail looks better on KH and the nose and tail sting appear more accurate IMHO. Muzz
  5. I'll join the party, I've had the second kit from a two kit 1/48 Airfix boxing in the stash for a long time, need to get it built before a new kit is released. It'll be finished in either Gulf War colours or the ultimate grey scheme. Cheers Muzz
  6. I’ve recently painted a Phantom in the SEA scheme using Hataka Orange line, nice paints to use and the camo colours look right, the only issue I have with them is I believe the light grey they provide for the underside is too grey and not light enough. I bought their box set of paints which came with a couple of different shades of Tan so was handy for fading.
  7. Very nice, what’s the kit like to build? I have it waiting in the to do pile. Muzz
  8. Interesting build, is it really a ‘what if’? You are aware an Su-33KUB exists albeit not in production........ https://images.app.goo.gl/pWx93YdPTjLBsxS7A
  9. Not sure if its enhanced promo photos but the detail around the nose/radome looks like it's been refreshed. It would be good to see if they've modernised the countermeasures on the tail sting to the production variant.
  10. I think the fairing supplied in the Hobby Boss kit was intended for use with the ‘ECR’ version used by Germany.
  11. Thanks for your helpful input, I'll go and give myself 20 lashes for suggesting it.
  12. AMK have updated their Facebook feed with some great photos of the main fuselage and wing construction, looking very, very nice. I’ll let Homebee add the links in his professional manner!
  13. If your building a GR4 then it would have the refuelling probe fitted and it would either be fitted with all three under fuselage pylons or the two outer ones only. They never fly/flew with only the central pylon, I’d decide what weapons you want to add and that may help you decide about the adding the central pylon or not. Muzz
  14. Phantom, Skyhawk, Crusader, Bronco, Vigilante, HH-3E, T-33 Shooting Star, F-111 and HH-43 Huskie. Can’t make out what the fuselages are in front of the Shooting Star, possibly more Skyhawks.
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