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  1. Boman / Eng Thanks for the replies. Be interesting to know how you get on Eng. Muzz
  2. I believe Eduard are releasing a set for the Bucc this month.
  3. I'd definitely agree about not thinking of them as decals, I've used a few Quinta sets and they also recommend using PVA glue or similar which I was surprised at. I got away with using it on some their 'parts' as the adhesive is pretty good. I've used a Kits World set now too and to be honest it's like comparing the Revell Strike Eagle to the GWH one. The quality is just not as good with the Kits World items, the parts don't fit the kit cockpit as well and there a lot softer both detail wise and product wise. I will avoid Kits World 3D cockpit sets in the future but will definitely buy other manufacturers.
  4. I have the original release of the F and was looking forward to building it. I did however see a WIP for the kit that made mention of poor fit, particularly around the intakes where a lot of filling and sanding was required. I've seen no other such comments and wondering if this was just 'user' error, anyone any experience?
  5. From what I can see the pylons have small magnets so that stores can be changed. Not that this would likely be easily available anyway it states its only for sale to customers who pre order and Su-25 kit.
  6. Gun gas vents on the port side need changed. A.M.U.R Reaver did do a PE set for this, looks like it's still available but currently out of stock. http://amurreaver.ru/?p=995
  7. Potentially a requirement for them being allowed to release it, an airshow scheme, nothing 'war' like. Their Ukrainian Flanker release seemed to be on and off for a while and then finally on but only for export not for sale in China. I received my a Flanker a few weeks ago and was surprised to see there were no weapons in the kit at all. The instructions dont even show where to place the pylons although the pylons are included. Now this may have been for financial reasons but I suspect it was negotiated to allow the release to go ahead.
  8. This is apparently being released in October. Markings would appear to be the box cover marking, Op Telic Shark mouth and the 3 tone retirement scheme.
  9. Muzz

    RIP Jan Polc

    Sad news, condolences to his family, friends and the KP team.
  10. Had the D model previously been announced? Doesn't seem to have generated much chat.
  11. Cracking job David, worth all the effort.
  12. I've seen photos of RAF Buccs carrying that load out not sure if I've seen any with RN aircraft.
  13. Hi Steve Neomega do a resin Mk9 seat, here https://www.neomega-resin.com/mkix-236-p.asp Think maybe Pavla done one at some point but not sure.
  14. No mods required, built straight out the box other than the decals. Thanks for the kind comments & likes folks.
  15. The aircraft the pilot is seen climbing in to (with the cuddly on the dash) is definitely a single seater. When the pilots climbing the ladder you can see the gun port is forward of of the canopy rail, if it was a UB it would be behind.
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