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  1. Muzz

    Best Su-17/22

    I take it your talking about 1/48 kits seeing as you mentioned the Kitty Hawk kit? I have built the KP (which is the SMER boxing), Kitty Hawk and Hobby Boss UM version. I found the Kitty Hawk to be the best for me but you have the issue of needing to buy an AM shock cone to complete the intake assembly. As long as your careful with construction (I assembled the fuselage half’s before joining the two fuselage half’s together.) You won’t have any issues. Muzz
  2. Welcome back to the hobby, nice Tomcat!
  3. Very, very nice. When I can't work out if a 1/72 kit is 1/48 or 1/32 it has to be an excellent finish!!
  4. Just finishing Hobby Boss Su-27 Flanker B and UB and I found them to be a pretty decent kits and both picked up for £30 mark which was a good price. Nearly finished the Kitty Hawk Su-35 Flanker but kinda lost interest and it’s sitting on the shelf of doom, not particularly the kits fault. Some areas suffer from KH’s lack of detail on fit and seem to recall the undercarriage is a bit lightweight. I sold my Kinetic Su-33 as the I have taken delivery of the Minibase kit, looks awesome but will be a lengthy build. I’d like to get a GWH Flanker kit in the future as
  5. The two tone grey scheme was introduced before the GR4 came online, some airframes may have been repainted in the scheme as they went through upgrade but there were plenty grey GR1's. Sure I read the two tone grey came about as it gives the impression of an all over uniform colour as the aircraft monouvres due to light/shadows.
  6. Always thought the G-91’s were obscure attractive little jets back in the day, remember seeing them at Leuchars airshows and also low level other my home village on one occasion. Quite a lot of awkward curves and details for the CAD designers to get right on such a small fuselage! I’ll be getting one, will look good sat next to my nearly complete Kinetic TF-104G in the Norm 63 scheme!
  7. The ASaC7 doesn't have the dorsal radome behind the rotar head. You'd also need the square style intake filters. Not sure if the Hasegawa kit provide the filters, hopefully just a case of leaving off the dorsal radome. Not sure about any other lump, bumps or antenna.
  8. It would appear Storm Shadow been used for the first time recently....... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/39792/british-typhoons-have-used-storm-shadow-cruise-missiles-for-the-first-time-in-combat?xid=twittershare
  9. A good read Mark, thanks for posting, enjoyed the photos too! I always thought the Sentinals were an UOR, purchased and rushed in for Op Herrick, clearly not the case from reading your text. Murray
  10. Kinetic are maybe slow releasing the kits to them to allow them to start the design process. That said the TF-104G Starfighter kit was out about the same time and the masks are available from Eduard and New Ware!
  11. Is it just me or has the Gr1/3 release been missed by a certain AM manufacturer, mine is nearly ready for paint but no masks! I’d normally bite the bullet and mask up myself but the front canopy looks tad on the awkward side. Nothing even showing up in future releases.
  12. The Bronze Tiger boxing will allow you to build an RAF FGR4 as much as the RAF boxing does, same plastic and contains the PIRATE sensor, you'll be missing the inner wing pylons the RAF use which Revell dont provide but can be bought as AM. Xtradecal do a few squadron schemes in standard markings such as 1 Sqn. The only issue you might have is with a full set of correct stencil data. https://the48ers.com/eurofighter-typhoon-inner-pylons.html https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48114?result-token=K8GoS Muzz
  13. Stick figure suggest possibly a 16 Sqn machine?!
  14. Great looking build, love the paintwork, so close to the real thing! Just taken delivery of this kit today!
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